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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Taylor's Company ~
Chisolm's Alabama Militia Volunteers


Captain William S. TAYLOR, under the command of Colonel William CHISOLM, led a volunteer unit during the Second Seminole War (a/k/a Florida War) in 1836.  Capt. TAYLOR was a prominent citizen of Fayette County at this time, so it is presumed that most – if not all – of the soldiers in his company also lived in the immediate area.  Their names appear below, followed by their military rank at time of enlistment.*  The designation "ofu" (original filed under) indicates that some names are repeated with different spellings.  Names/initials in RED are best guesses. — bjw
ALDREACH, Levi - Private
- Private (ofu AULDRIDGE)
- Private (ofu ALDREACH)
- Private
ARCHER, Thomas H.
- Private
ASTEN, Daniel
- Private
AULDRIDGE, David - Private 
BARTIN, Benjamin A.
- Private (ofu BARTON)
BARTON, Benjamin A.
- Private
BLYTHE, Andrew - Musician
- Private
BROGDEN, H. - Private
BROOKS, Z. - Private 
BROYDEN, H. - Private (ofu BROGDEN)
BRYON, Willie - Sergeant
CHANCY, Artemas - Private
CHAUNCEY, Artemas - Private (ofu CHANCY) 
CHRISTIAN, H.W. - Private
CLARK, Samuel - Private
CLIFFTON, George D. - Private
CLIFTON, George D. - Private (ofu CLIFFTON)
CONLEY, Preston - Private
COPLING, William - Private
COSLEY, William - Private
DAVIS, John - Private
DAVIS, John H. - Private
- Private
DICKSON, Hugh - Private
DUNN, Elisha - Private
DYER, William - Private
EARNEST, Robert - Private
ERNEST, Robert - Private (ofu EARNEST)
GILHAM, William -
GRACEY, Benjamin - Private
GRIFFIN, William - Private
GUM, Michael - Private (ofu GUNN) 
GUNN, Michael
- Private
HALL, William - Private
HARRIS, Andrew P. - Sergeant
HARVERY, Thomas - Private (ofu HARVEY)
HARVEY, Thomas
- Private
HARVEY, Wade - Corporal
- Private
JENT, Obed - Private
JOHNSON, H. - Private
KEYDENDALL, S. - Private
KILGORE, John M. - Corporal
KILGROVE, John M. - Corporal (ofu KILGORE)
KING, William - Sergeant
- Private
LANCASTER, Joel - Private
LANKFORD, E. - Private
LEATHERS, William - Private
LONG, William - Private
LOWREY, Edward - Private (ofu LOWRY)
LOWRY, Edward
- Private
LUSH, John - Private (ofu LUSK) 
LUSK, John
- Private
MASON, George - Private
MASON, Westly - Private
McCOY, John - Private (ofu McVEY) 
McKINNY, Robert - Private (ofu McKURY)
McKURY, Robert
- Private
McVEY, John - Private
MORROW, Samuel - Corporal 
ORE, Sample
- Private
PAGE, William C. - Private
PHILLIPS, William - Musician
- Private
PRESTRIDGE, James - Private (ofu PRESTRAGE) 
RECTON, Charles - Private (ofu RECTOR) 
RECTOR, Charles
- Private
RECTOR, Thomas J. - Corporal
RICE, Jeptha
- Private
RICHARDS, George W. - Private
RICHTON, Thomas J. - Corporal (ofu RECTOR) 
RYAN, William
- Private
SMITH, C.S. - Private
SMITH, Jesse - Private
SMITH, William - Private
STEAM, John - Private (ofu STEAN) 
- Private
TAYLOR, Charles M. - Ensign
- Private
TAYLOR, S.I. - Sergeant 
TAYLOR, William S. - Captain
- Private
TRAWICH, George - Private
TURKEYNOT, J.D. - Private
TUTTLE, McA___ - Private (ofu TITTLE) 
- Private (ofu WASHINGTON)
- Private (ofu WASHINGTON)
- Private
WASHINGTON, Jacob - Private
WASHINGTON, John - Private
WATERS, Hance / Hunce - Private
WEDGEWORTH, J.D. - Private
WELLINGTON, Elihu - Private
WHITTON, William - Private
WILLET, A.T. - Private
WILLINGHAM, Elihu - Private (ofu WELLINGTON)
WILSON, Moses - Lieutenant 
A few of these men later applied to the U.S. government for "Old War" pensions based upon their military service.  The application of Zachariah BROOKS (dated 03 Jun 1881 at Eastland Co., TX) reveals that he enlisted 20 Jan 1836 in Company A of the 1st Regiment of Alabama Volunteers and was discharged at Mobile, AL, in May 1836 after contracting measles: "I was treated in camps in 1836 by our Capt. W.S. TAYLOR, having no regular surgeon."  His pension record includes supporting affidavits from fellow soldiers, Daniel G. KIRKLAND (living in Fayette County in December 1881) and William C. PAGE (living near Aberdeen, Monroe Co., MS, in December 1890).  The pension record of Andrew BLYTHE's widow (dated 20 Aug 1881 at Union Co., MS) states that he served in Capt. TAYLOR's company from 27 Feb 1836 until 26 Apr 1836.  Andrew also contracted measles and was discharged near Tampa, FL.  Other soldiers mentioned here were (George) "TRAY WEEK, Jeptha RICE, James PRISTREDGE, Albert BARTON, Hardin JOHNSON ... the aboved name [sic] men left soon after the war / I cant find out whether they are yet living or dead."

"Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the Florida War in Organizations from the State of Alabama,"
Microfilm M-245, Roll 1

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