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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Temple of Education ~

Generously contributed by
Karen Melton Manasco

According to the Sesquicentennial Broadcaster (Sept. 1969): "Hal P. McDONALD was a colorful and sincere man.  He had a dream for years that one day Fayette would have a college of its own.  He built his own institution of higher learning many years ago on top of Ford's Mountain just off of Townley highway.  He named it the 'Temple of Knowledge'; spent years of hard work and no one knows how much money trying to get it started.  He advertised through newspapers and handbills and equiped it as money was available.  He gave guided tours to Sunday visitors."

Mr. McDONALD bought a 1000-acre tract of land on Ford Mountain.  He chopped timber on this land and sold it for more than $20,000 to help build the school.  His wife was the former Hattie Belle RAINWATER.  "He worked from 1936 until his untimely death in 1960."

Everyone around Fayette County has heard about Hal P. McDONALD.  Some say he never had a student, but I guess they were wrong.  Here is a "Certificate of Proficiency" that my aunt, Sarah Joyce SMITH, received in 1958.  The certificate also lists the courses that she took and the grades she earned.  I just thought others would like to know that something of that old school.was left behind.

Certificate (1958)


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