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Fayette County, Alabama

~ County Treasures ~

Payne Family Clock
James A. "Jimmy" PAYNE
with 98-year-old family clock
~ Fayette County, Alabama ~

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Stacks Bar Bottle
(circa 1860)
This early American decanter was purchased from a STACKS descendant
by Frances (LOWREY) BRASHER in 1968.
It was already one hundred years old, having been owned
by Susan Terrell (HAND) STACKS, who was born in 1835.
It has been cherished through the years and was lovingly given
to Susan
Kristine BRASHER when she married Walter EVANS in June 1997.

Research found a photo of same bottle in Dorothy DANIEL's book about cut glass.

The curator of the Corning Museum of Glass wrote:
"I believe the decanter you refer to is likely to be of American origin
and date from the period of about 1850–1865.  Actually with the broad sloping lip
it is more properly termed a bar bottle and was probably used
on a bar for serving liquor, and probably never had a glass stopper.
Such bar bottles were produced by many glass factories,
both in the East and the Mid-West, so it is difficult to identify its specific origin."

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

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