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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Trull & Related Family Photos ~

The individuals and families pictured below are discussed in more detail at one or both of the following links:

Griffin & Sarah [Shepherd] Trull

Waldrop Family of Wesley Chapel

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Sarah Shepherd Trull
Sarah SHEPHERD TRULL (1811-1892)
~ photo circa 1870/1875 ~

The original of this tintype is owned by Gene Read,
widower of Libby Read, who was a great-granddaughter of Griffin & Sarah Trull.

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Cornelia Ann TRULL WOODS (1838-1902) and Jackson PRICE
~ photo circa 1875/1885 ~

The original photograph is owned by Helen Webster, a great-granddaughter of Cornelia and Jackson Price.

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Uncle Jake TRULL and WALDROP Family
~ photo circa 1895 ~

Standing Front, left-right
: Sally Waldrop, Kitty Waldrop, Charles Waldrop
Seated: Miles Calvin Waldrop, Elizabeth Trull Waldrop (1852-1938), Jacob Giles "Jake" Trull (1839-1908)
Standing Back: Henry Griffin Waldrop, Irene Waldrop

The original photograph is owned by Bill Shepherd, a great-nephew of Miles C. Waldrop.

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Lewellen Trull
Lewellen "Bad" TRULL (1842-1922)
~ photo circa 1885/1895 ~

The original photograph is owned by Fred Trull, a great-great-grandson of Lewellen Trull.

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Hon Trull & Em Guin

Mary Josephine "Hon" TRULL (1846-1920) and Amasiah M. "Em" GUIN (1844-1931)

The original photograph is owned by Dempsey Williams, a grandson of Em and Hon Guin.

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These photos were generously contributed to the Fayette County, Alabama, USGenWeb website by
Lynn Fusinato

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