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Surveyed 2004-2006 and
Contributed May 2006
by  Robert E. Torbert

Directions:   From Lexington, go north on AL 101 and immediately turn right onto CR 489.  After crossing the bridge, turn left at the top of the next hill.  Upon entering Tennessee continue to the cemetery which is on the left, about mail box number 300.

Layout of Cemetery:   There is a circular drive around the cemetery. 
Section A is to the left of the entrance, with rows numbered from the highway. 

Section B is to the right of the entrance, with rows numbered from the highway.  There are PVC markers at both ends of Rows 10 and 20 to help in locating tombstones.

Section C is beyond the circular drive, with rows numbered from the driveway.

This survey was compared with that done in the 1960ís which is recorded in the Lawrence County, TN Cemetery book.  Differences were rechecked and the correct reading recorded.  There were a number of earlier recorded tombstones which were not found or identified in this survey.  Those are included as Section X in this survey.

[Note from Lauderdale County, Alabama County Coordinator: Many of the families in and near the Greenhill and Lexington area of Lauderdale County have relatives buried in this cemetery which is why it is included on the Lauderdale County, Alabama pages. ]

             NAME                  DOB          DOD       SECTION              NOTES
                                                           & ROW
VANDERFORD, Irvin Olen            20JE1922     18Sep1982    A01    h of Mary
VANDERFORD, Mary Annie           20Apr1925     26Oct2000    A01    wife of Irwin
NORWOOD, Noah Dunn               29Jan1910     21Nov1974    A01    h of Evelyn; (m 2Aug1935)
NORWOOD, Evelyn Crabb            03May1912                  A01    w of Noah
NORWOOD, Bob Taylor              02Apr1912     26Sep1979    A01
EZELL, Melissa Davis             04Oct1966                  A01    w of Gary
EZELL, Gary Wayne                19Sep1963                  A01    h of Melissa
EZELL, William Dalton            06Apr1923     02Oct1977    A02    SSgt  USA  WW2
EZELL, John H.                   10Mar1897     07Sep1973    A02    h of N.E.; (m 25Dec 1919)
EZELL, N. Elizabeth              28Jan1902     27Oct1987    A02    w of John H.
EZELL, Joe W.                    14Aug1935     21Feb1992    A02    h of Betty; (m 27Aug1955)
EZELL, Betty J.                  28May1936     03Sep1997    A02    w of Joe
EZELL, Terry Joe                 20Sep1960     04Dec2002    A02
McDOWELL, John (Rev.)            15Oct1913                  A02    h of Maudine
McDOWELL, Maudine                29Dec1916     25Oct1979    A02    w of John
WRAY, Linnie May                 27Feb1906     23Nov1989    A02
BROWN, Roberta Norwood           22Oct1936                  A02    w of Walter; (m1Dec1951)
BROWN, Walter Vernon             16Feb1931     16Mar2000    A02    h of Roberta
GUTTERY, Vera Johnson            20Apr1909     19Mar1994    A03    w of John
GUTTERY, John Taft               29Jan1909     08Jan2002    A03    h of Vera
SADLER, Stephen A.                             02Jul1961    A03
JENKINS, Dillon Frazier                        05May1944    A03
JENKINS, Frazier                 28Aug1918     29Jan1988    A03    h of Odell
JENKINS, Odell                   01Jan1921                  A03    w of Frazier
EZELL, infant dau.                             05Oct1957    A03    dau of Thomas
EZELL, Thomas Hawford            24Jan1931                  A03    h of Doris
EZELL, Doris Fields              30Aug1932     29Jun1993    A03    w of Thomas
McCORMICK, Kevin Allen           01Feb1968     02Jan1969    A03
GORDON, Bob T.                   08Apr1918     02Nov1993    A03    h of Martha
GORDON, Martha V.                25Feb1925                  A03    w of Bob
WILSON, Ava Nell Robinson        23Jul1922                  A04    w of Ottis
WILSON, Ottis Dean               02Jun1919     16Jun1989    A04    h of Ava
WISENER, Lela                    28Jul1918     16May1987    A04    w of Woodrow
WISENER, Woodrow                 26Jan1913     18Oct1986    A04    h of Lela
EVANS, J. Herman                 24Dec1920     24Dec1920    A04    s of M.C. & E.C.
EVANS, Martin C.                 20Jun1895     18Oct1980    A04    h of Effie
EVANS, Effie C.                  10May1895     14Jun1967    A04    w of Martin
EVANS, Carl (Corky)                   1929                  A04    only one date
GARLAND, S.H.                    11Apr1885     08Nov1978    A04
GARLAND, Arizona                 14Feb1884     07Apr1970    A04    double w/S.H.
VIOLET, Earl                     07Dec1913     01Dec1995    A04    h of Clora
VIOLET, Clora A.                 02Jan1910     04Dec1972    A04    w of Earl
HARLAN, Odus                     02Sep1914     20Sep1972    A04    h of Eva
HARLAN, Eva                      07Jan1911     05Mar2002    A04    w of Odus
EZELL, Will R.                   04Jul1899     27Oct1972    A04    h of Beatrice
EZELL, Beatrice J.               04Jun1904     22Dec1997    A04    w of Will; (m 26Jun1921)
WILBOURN, Dennis                 01Nov1902     14Oct1974    A04    h of Mammie; (m 10Dec1922)
WILBOURN, Mammie                 03Jul1901     03Aug1994    A04    w of Dennis
WILBOURN, W.G. (Winnie)          26Jun1926     19Oct1987    A04    h of Clara
WILBOURN, Clara S.               14Sep1930     24Feb2002    A04    w of W.G.
WILBOURN, Samuel M.              15Apr1924                  A04    h of Verta
WILBOURN, Verta H.               02Nov1924     22Apr2000    A04    w of Samuel
VOSS, Rayford D.                 10Apr1938                  A05    h of Emma
VOSS, Emma Jean                  08Jan1940     14Jul1996    A05    w of Rayford
EZELL, William Thomas            10Jan1942     28Sep1993    A05    h of Glenda
EZELL, Glenda F. Green           01Jun1945                  A05    w of Wm.
EZELL, Edward                    11Nov1909     17May1979    A05    h of Lessie
EZELL, Lessie Mae                06Oct1915     16May1989    A05    w of Edward
STAGGS, J. Earl                  01Sep1906     13Feb1975    A05    h of Elsie
STAGGS, Elsie J.                 06May1911                  A05    w of J.E.; (m 3Feb1927)
PARROTT, Mary Lee                09Apr1933     02Oct1984    A05
NEWTON, J. Kenneth               18Jul1913     29Apr1975    A05    h of Rhoda; masonic
NEWTON, Rhoda W.                 29Nov1913     31Jan1994    A05    w of J.K.; Eastern Star
NEWTON, William Robert           24May1920     16Jan2000    A05    h of Odessa
NEWTON, Odessa Davis             06Mar1926                  A05    w of Wm.
KING, William Stanley            10Dec1929     29Apr2001    A07    Cpl  USA  Korea
KING, William Byce               28Nov1904     21Sep1995    A07    h of Irene; (m 31Jul1926)
KING, Irene M.                   20Aug1905     04Oct1976    A07    w of W.B.
NASH, Maggie Ann                 07Jun1900     16Oct1983    A07    w of Frank
NASH, Frank Walker               31Dec1899     28Dec1980    A07    h of Maggie
NASH, Freddie Gene               02May1947     29Jul1988    A07
WILLIAMS, Villard  (Bill)        07Mar1909     20Jun1984    A07    h of Lucille
WILLIAMS, Lucille H.             26Jul1910     28Nov1992    A08    w of Villard
NEWTON, Odes Lee                 26Apr1927     15Aug1985    A09    h of Iva; (m 19Mar1949)
NEWTON, Iva Lee                  19Nov1926                  A09    w of Odes
LEATHERWOOD, B.P.                13Jun1907     13Aug1996    A09    masonic
NEWTON, Hassel F.                14Jan1944     26Jul1999    A09    Sgt  USA  Vietnam
NEWTON, Sondra D.                03Nov1949                  A09    w of Hassel; (m 11Jul1970)
GRIGGS, Tera Faith               24Nov1997     29Aug1998    A09
GARLAND, Laymon                  25Feb1946     14Aug1998    A09
LEE, Oneda                       26Feb1924     01Jul2000    A10
HICKS, Clint                     05Nov1908     15Jan1988    A10    h of Madie; (m 19Oct1932)
HICKS, Madie Turpen              24Nov1913     02Sep1991    A10    w of Clint
WEATHERS, Gloria  (Dodie)        03Jun1940                  C01    w of Thomas
WEATHERS, Thomas Rual            28Dec1941     21Apr1998    C01    SP4  USA  Vietnam
WEATHERS, Largus C.              22Oct1908     06Jun1989    C01    h of Daisy
WEATHERS, Daisy G.               29Mar1912     18Apr2001    C01    w of Largus
WEATHERS, Anna Faye              13Sep1934     08Dec1938    C01
MOORE, William Doyce             21Jul1924     24Aug1995    C01    S2  USN  WW2
MOORE, infant dau                              14Mar1951    C01    d of W.D.
MOORE, William Frank             25Jun1895     28Jan1966    C01    TN Cpl Co. I  324 inf WW1
MOORE, Clara McGuire             15Sep1901     28Mar1936    C01    w of W.F.
MOORE, infant                                       1933    C01    inf. of Frank & Clara
EZELL, S. T. Jr.                 26Oct1927     03Jan1932    C01    s of S.T. & O.E.
EZELL, S.T.                      05Jun1868     05Oct1950    C01    h of M.M.
EZELL, M.M.                      03Nov1868     26Sep1924    C01    w of S.T.
NEWTON, Clara M.                 08Mar1908     25Aug1909    B16    d of B.T. & M.H.
BEECHAM, Samantha L.             14Jun1861     03Jul1930    C01    w of James
BEECHAM, James W.                23Sep1858     11Dec1924    C01    h of Samatha
NEWTON, Louella J.               27Feb1889     12Feb1925    C01    w of Jasper
NEWTON, Jasper Nola              18Sep1895     20Jan1975    C01    h of Louella
BEECHAM, Nora W.                 16Nov1904     08Oct1984    C01    w of Emry
BEECHAM, Emry S.                 20Sep1893     17May1990    C01    h of Nora
WILLIAMS, Henry T.               20May1894     03Mar1939    C01    h of Ola
WILLIAMS, Ola L.                 15Feb1897     02Mar1964    C01    w of Henry
JENKINS, Lawson                       1890          1968    C01    h of Rettie
JENKINS, Rettie                       1893          1945    C01    w of Lawson
NEWTON, Leonard Eugene           22Sep1921     01Apr2001    C01    Tec3  USA  WW2 Pearl Harbor
NEWTON, Dewitt Jenkins           13Sep1921     02Jan2002    C01    w of Leonard; (m 30Nov1946)
HARLAN, James R.                 19Feb1886     16Dec1951    C02    h of Hattie
HARLAN, Hattie W.                31May1891     16Oct1962    C02    w of James
WILLIAMS, Sharon Kay             20Dec1946     22Dec1946    C02    d of Robert
NEWTON, infant dau                             15Nov1926    C02    d of J.N.
NEWTON, Earl Eddy                11Apr1923     18Sep1928    C02
KINCAID, Jane Graves             06Apr1868     07Oct1938    C02
BOHANNAN, Juanita Pearl          06Aug1922     10May1924    C02
BOHANNAN, James Alphy            03May1899     22Sep1962    C02    h of Pearl G.
BOHANNAN, Mattie Pearl Graves    04Mar1899     08Jul1967    C02    w of James
NEWTON, Carolyn Sue              18Dec1932     12Jan1933    C02
NEWTON, Annie Mae                18Jan1917     25Oct1924    C02
NEWTON, Tennie                   23Aug1865     31Aug1930    C02    w of Avery
NEWTON, Avery                    04Oct1860     23Nov1935    C02    h of Tennie
NEWTON, Samuel S.                24Oct1886     18May1959    C02    h of Rhoda; masonic
NEWTON, Rhoda H.                 09Sep1890     25Jun1976    C02    w of Samuel
ROPER, Martha Lee                05Oct1927     05Oct1927    C02
ROPER, Helen Mazell              07Jun1929          1933    C02
ROPER, Tessie Harlan             15Aug1908     10Feb1945    C02
ROPER, Mary Ann Camilla          20Mar1932     08Jan1952    C02
HAMM, Hester McGuire             14Jul1921     04Jan1951    C03
HAMM, Frances Ann                10Mar1940     30Mar1940    C03
JOHNSON, Rutha M.                01Jan1870     24Jun1949    C03
JOHNSON, B.H.                    29Jul1874     08Jan1934    C03
JOHNSON, Nancy                   23May1900     07Jan1934    C03
NEWTON, Harrison                      1892          1962    C03    h of Eunice
NEWTON, Eunice                   22Nov1896     07Oct1929    C03    w of B.H.
JONES, Elizabeth                 16Oct1841     30Nov1924    C03
WATSON, Hettie Lee                    1887          1925    C03    w of L.L.
SWINNEY, Robert Maud             04Nov1891     12Dec1955    C03    h of Mary
SWINNEY, Mary Eliza              12Sep1893     08Jul1971    C03    w of Robert
SWINNEY, Lera                    17Jul1926     17Aug1926    C03    d of R.M. & Eliza
NEWTON, Samuel                   02Sep1867     03Oct1951    C04    masonic & woodman
NEWTON, Elizabeth                25Dec1879     21Mar1951    C04    w of Samuel
WILLIAMS, Joseph B.              15Dec1887     01Jun1957    C04    h of Sallie
WILLIAMS, Sallie M.              31Jan1887     16Aug1965    C04    w of Joseph
BEECHAM, Dillon O.               24Jan1926     23Sep1929    C04    s of E.S. & B.J.
WILBOURN, William Herbert        27Apr1897     21May1967    C04    h of Estelle
WILBOURN, Estelle                14Apr1902     12Sep1983    C04    w of Wm.
WILBOURN, infant son             04Mar1925     04Mar1925    C04    s of W.H. & E.
WILLIAMS, Earl Everette          30Oct1927                  C04    h of Maxine
WILLIAMS, Maxine Sloan           22Aug1925     19Oct2001    C04    w of Earl
WILLIAMS, Robert J.              12Aug1886     05Jun1960    C04    h of Fannie
WILLIAMS, Fannie S.              04Nov1895     28Jun1969    C04    w of Robert
WILLIAMS, Martha M.                Sep1863     12Aug1943    C04    w of W.J.
WILLIAMS, W.J.                   23Oct1861     07Jun1925    C04    h of Martha
NEWTON, Andrew J.                17Dec1878     12Apr1952    C04    h of Martha
NEWTON, Martha J.                01Dec1883     17Sep1931    C04    w of Andrew
NEWTON, infant son               28Jun1926     29Jun1926    C04    s of A.J.
NEWTON, Joseph Daniel            14Aug1915     19Jun1980    C04    Pvt  USA  WW2
NEWTON, S. Augusta               19Aug1916                  C04    w of Joseph
NEWTON, infant dau               04Aug1937     04Aug1937    C04    d of J.D. & S.A.
JOHNSON, Oce                          1901          1960    C04    h of Burtie
JOHNSON, Burtie                       1907          1974    C04    w of Oce
JOHNSON, Madelle                 12Jan1938     26Apr1939    C04
McGUIRE, Glindell Green          07Apr1923     29May1976    C04    Pvt  USA  WW2
McGUIRE, Mellie                  26May1928                  C04    w of G.G.
WILLIAMS, Lucy A.                15Oct1900     06May1989    C05    w of Lewis
WILLIAMS, Lewis Ramond           27Oct1897     26Mar1974    C05    h of Lucy
WILLIAMS, Eldred E.              06Sep1924     20Dec1944    C05    TN Pfc 157 Inf WW2
WILLIAMS, Willie G.              12Mar1941     22May1941    C05    twin
WILLIAMS, Billy R.               12Mar1941     17Mar1941    C05    twin
JENKINS, Baylous C.              07Sep1868     07Nov1943    C05    h of Millie
JENKINS, Millie M.               30Jul1873     01Oct1943    C05    w of B.C.
JENKINS, Ruthie                  01Sep1892     26Jan1969    C05    w of Roy
JENKINS, Roy D.                  24Nov1895     22Mar1935    C05    h of Ruthie
WALDRUM, L. Pearl Williams       22Jun1906     18Apr1981    C05
WILLIAMS, George L. (Elder)      19Mar1866     19Dec1929    C05    h of Mollie
WILLIAMS, M.A. (Mollie)          06Aug1870     03Aug1941    C05    w of George
WILLIAMS, Alice                  13Sep1873     02Jan1955    C05
WILLIAMS, E.T.                   17Dec1867     16Jul1925    C05
WILLIAMS, W.O.                   28Dec1893     01Apr1938    C05    h of Hattie
WILLIAMS, Hattie M.              05Jan1895     13Mar1979    C05    w of W.O.
GORDON, Mattie B.                     1892          1969    C05    w of James
GORDON, James W.                      1890          1939    C05    h of Mattie
GORDON, Sarah V.                 20Feb1924     16Jun1926    C05    d of J.W. & M.B.
FERRELL, J.F.                    17Apr1882     23Oct1933    C05
FERRELL, J.F. (Mrs.)             11Aug1883     07Nov1948    C05
ROBINSON, Mary Melissia          10Jan1853     26Apr1931    C05    w of J.W.
CLEVELAND, James J.                   1888          1953    C05    h of Nancy
CLEVELAND, Nancy D.                   1888          1954    C05    w of James
WILSON, infant son                    1939          1939    C05    s of O.D.
WILSON, Sandra B.                     1944          1944    C05
HALE, William R.                 07Oct1873     12Jun1953    C05    h of Jessie
HALE, Jessie Mae                 08Apr1878     25Jul1954    C05    w of Wm.
SHERRILL, Rivers Overstreet      05Aug1888     07Aug1975    C06    h of Ella
SHERRILL, Ella Jane              10Oct1893     23May1958    C06    w of Rivers
SHERRILL, Austin Orvis           20Jan1924     17Apr1995    C06    Cpl  USA  WW2
SHERRILL, Milton R.              29Mar1931     14Aug1995    C06    USAF  Korea
ROYSTER, Robert Benton           29Jun1894     17Dec1990    C06    Pvt  USA  WW1
ROYSTER, Mary E.                 01Feb1894     23May1983    C06    w of Robert
SILLS, Mattie E.                      1911          1926    C06
SILLS, Melvina                        1880          1960    C06    w of R.L.
SILLS, R.L.                           1879          1948    C06    h of Melvina
POWELL, R.B.                          1863          1926    C06    h of Delia
POWELL, Delia                         1870                  C06    w of R.B.
TRUITT, Dallas                   09Aug1919     09Feb1932    C06    d of C.J. & Lula
GRAVES, Turner B.                21Jul1889     10May1946    C06    h of Roeany
GRAVES, Roeany M.                07Aug1892     16Jun1970    C06    w of Turner
GRAVES, Buford F.                27Feb1925     10Jan1926    C06
GRAVES, Madeline                 16Jun1914     24Aug1980    C06
WILLIAMS, Jewel E.               28Jan1930     09Sep1930    C06    d of John E. & Virgie E.
WILLIAMS, Jerry E.               05Jul1939     01Apr1940    C06    s of John E. & Virgie E.
HALE, Charles Linden             31Aug1932     23Jun1933    C06    s of S.V. & G.I.
HALE, Stephen Virgil             15Sep1908     04Oct1987    C06    h of Gracie; (m 27Sep1930)
HALE, Gracie Irene               07Oct1913     08Mar1992    C06    w of S.V.
JOHNSON, Velina Nell             07Oct1957     10Oct1957    C07
RAGESTER, Vernon                 08Sep1930     12Aug1931    C07    d of Charlie
RAGESTER, infant                 11Jan1926     11Jan1926    C07    inf. of C.H. & F.B.
RAGESTER, C.W.                   09Mar1927     09Mar1927    C07
TRUITT, Celby J.                 17Oct1876     20Sep1964    C07    h of Lula; (m 13Jan1928)
TRUITT, Lula B.                  17Nov1880     15Jul1965    C07    w of Celby
TRUITT, Floyd G.                 25Nov1900     13Jun1930    C07
WILLIAMS, Robert Garrett         14Apr1904     01Nov1980    C07    h of Laura
WILLIAMS, Laura Caroline         26Feb1912     22May1973    C07    w of R. G.
MASHBURN, Jesse T.               28Feb1930     24Jun1931    C07
MASHBURN, Linnie N.              28Aug1910     12Jul1979    C07    w of W.E.; (m 13Jan1928)
MASHBURN, W. Earl                27Mar1905     15May1987    C07    h of Linnie
JOHNSTON, son                                       1926    C07    s of N.L.
GARLAND, Claud                   19Nov1905     07Feb1981    C07    h of Evaline; Pfc USA WW2
GARLAND, Evaline                 26Aug1907     23Dec2000    C07    w of Claud
SHELTON, Anna Pearline                         09Dec1926    C07    only one date
SHELTON, William M.                   1888          1961    C07    h of Ella
SHELTON, Ella A.                      1890          1978    C07    w of Wm.
MABE, H.N.  (Nutie)              20Jan1887     10Mar1967    C08    h of Della
MABE, Della Lee                  02Apr1890     21Nov1972    C08    w of H.N.
BARNETT, Joe                     05Aug1892     01Feb1961    C08    Pvt  USA  WW1
BARNETT, Martha                       1883          1960    C08    w of Joe
BEARD, James Matthew Jr. (Bo)    09Sep1932     08Oct1980    C08
BEARD, Jerry Wendell             06May1944     09Jul1966    C08
BIRDYSHAW, Jimmy  (Bud)          17Jan1929     12Aug1991    C08
BIRDYSHAW, James H.              22Mar1882     06Feb1936    C08    h of Ada
BIRDYSHAW, Ada P.                27Dec1887     27Sep1961    C08    w of James
BIRDYSHAW, J.T.                  05Aug1853     31Dec1934    C08    h of S.E.
BIRDYSHAW, S.E.                  28Sep1855     19Feb1930    C08    w of J.T.
CURTIS, Amanda                   12May1857     04Apr1929    C08
HARBIN, Emma                     30Mar1885     30Mar1950    C08
CLEVELAND, infant of J.L. & MC   17Apr1934     17Apr1834    C08
NEWTON-CLEVELAND, Minnie C.      01Jan1894     17Jul1934    C08    C=Caroline
CLEVELAND, Joseph Lee            01May1894     04Jul1960    C08
CLEVELAND-BROWN, Vera Mae A.     19Oct1914     01Apr1996    C08    A=Adair
SOUTH, Lucy S.                   14Aug1894     19Oct1982    C08    w of James A.
SOUTH, James A.                  25May1884     08Nov1938    C08    h of
BROWN, Lucille - South           02Mar1920     27Nov1970    C08
GUTTERY, W.H.                    21Oct1889     13Dec1946    C08
SOUTH, Ford E.                   29Apr1923     26Apr1999    C08    Pfc USA WW2
DANIEL, Tharon Opal              18May1928     07Jul1996    C09
WALDRUM, Karen Annette           19Mar1960     21Sep1960    C09
WALDRUM, Joseph Wendell          11Aug1937     11Dec1989    C09    SP3  USA  Korea
SOUTH, John Franklin             28Mar1928     25Apr1997    C09    Cpl  USA  Korea
SOUTH, Melvin Junior             20Aug1925     22Sep1991    C09    S2  USN  WW2  Korea
SOUTH, Loretta Eileen Lynch      13Nov1936                  C09    w of Melvin
CLEVELAND, James Autie           27Feb1927     18Nov1996    C09    Pfc  USA  WW2
CLEVELAND, Stella Augusta        25Jun1925                  C09    w of James; (m 27Feb1947)
SIMS, J.W.                                          1934    C09    s of Millard
HAND, Paul Augustus              09Oct1908     19Dec1991    C09
HAND, William S.                      1871          1949    C09    h of Lula
HAND, Lula G.                         1876          1955    C09    w of Wm.
NIX, Charles Buford              26Feb1955     10Mar1986    C09    Pvt  USA  Vietnam
NIX, Roy Thomas                  01Apr1927     19Jul1992    C09
DANIEL, Adrian Kennette          10Dec1968     17Jan1969    C09
BEARD, James M. Sr.              15Jun1896     25Dec1977    C09    Pvt  USA  WW1
BEARD, Maude T.                  01Aug1906     08Mar1985    C09    w of James; (m 20Jun1925)
NEWTON, James Royce              04Aug1928     05May1986    C09    h of Mable; (m 6May1950)
NEWTON, Mable Taylor             24Mar1932                  C09    w of James
NEWTON, Terry Wade               22Sep1961     06Jul1963    C09
NEWTON, Mamie                    15Jun1903     12Nov1984    C09    w of Halley
NEWTON, Halley H.                15Sep1898     08Nov1956    C09    h of Mamie
WILLIAMS, Alton D.               16Sep1933     27Mar1982    B01    SP3  USA  Korea
WILLIAMS, Lonie L.               26Jan1915     18Apr1993    B01    w of Wm.
WILLIAMS, William Grover         03Jun1908     03Jun1996    B01    h of Lonie
WILLIAMS, F. June                17Jan1936     22Jun1989    B01    w of George
WILLIAMS, George A.              03Sep1938                  B01    h of F.J.
SHADDIX, P. Emmaline James       05Jan1868     01May1907    B01
SHADDIX, Benjamin                24May1889     16Dec1902    B01    s of A.W. & P.E.J.
POWELL, Lucinda                  16Apr1858     02Apr1907    B01
CRABB, James M.                  04Apr1851     23Jul1940    B01
CRABB, Ethea M. Newton           16Mar1849     25Oct1921    B01    w of James M.
POWELL, N.E.E.                   16Mar1867     13May1911    B01    w of J.M.
POWELL, J. Richard               05Feb1892     25Feb1921    B01
NORWOOD, Lucinda Sirena          13Jan1898     04Sep1907    B02    d of J.G. & A.F.
NORWOOD, Codelia                 07Jan1905     17Sep1907    B02    d of J.G. & A.F.
NORWOOD, Jno. Herman             24Sep1906     18Sep1907    B02    s of J.G. & A.F.
NORWOOD, Amanda F.               13Aug1868     15Nov1948    B02    w of Job
NORWOOD, Job G.                  21Oct1856     17Mar1925    B02    h of A.F.; masonic
GIBBONS, J.M.                    04Apr1827     16Aug1904    B02
JAMES, Thomas                    03Sep1865     30Apr1901    B02    s of C.C. & S.M.
JAMES, C.C.                      27Nov1827     17Aug1892    B02    h of Cynthia
JAMES, Cynthia M.                10Sep1827     01Oct1891    B02    w of C.C.
JAMES, William P.                              08Apr1881    B02    24y6m29d old
SHADDIX, Bettie                  30Aug1895     14Apr1896    B02
SHADDIX, Synthia                 07Sep1899     12Sep1899    B02
HUNT, Nathaniel G.               18Nov1818     27Dec1892    B03    Pvt Co F 7 MS Cav CSA
HUNT, Martha L.                  15Apr1822     02Jan1894    B03    w of N.G.
HOWELL, Elisabeth A. James       28Jan1851     21Aug1884    B03    w of J.B.; d of CC & Cinthy
PALMORE, D.C.                    07Apr1845     08Jan1885    B03
PALMORE, Robert C.               19Feb1878     11Oct1878    B03
PALMORE, Daniel C.               01Aug1876     11Mar1878    B03
CRABB, L.S.E.                    15Jan1876     26Jan1881    B03
CRABB, T.F.                      21Jul1874     12Mar1875    B03
CRABB, J.H.B.                    15Feb1878     28Jan1892    B03    13y11m13d
GIBBINS, L.F.                    15Feb1877     15Nov1895    B03
GIBBINS, W.H.                    11Nov1850     25Jun1893    B03    ? date of death
HOWARD, William Thomas           24Apr1886     04Jul1887    B03    stone broken- hard to read
GIBBINS, Mathey                  20Mar1823     20Dec1900    B03    w of J.M.
POWELL, Lonnie C.                26Jul1897     12Feb1919    B03    s of W.M. & Callie; woodman
POWELL, Charlie M.               18Oct1905     18Dec1906    B03    s of W.M. & L.G.
POWELL, Talie Moton              15Oct1899     20Aug1903    B03    s of W.M. & L.G.
POWELL, William E.               13Apr1911     28Apr1912    B03
POWELL, G.C.                     02Apr1897     28Jun1899    B03    s of J.M. & N.E.E.
POWELL, Eliza C.                 24Jan1839     28Sep1919    B04    w of Dr. J.M.
POWELL, Jacob M. (Dr.)           28Jan1834     21Aug1898    B04    Pvt Co I  5 TN Cav CSA, mason
POWELL, Mary A.E. (Pullen)       15Mar1830     04Dec1969    B04    w of Dr. J.M.
POWELL, M.J.                     08May1838     09Jul1883    B04
BELEW, infant son                20Jun1882     16Aug1882    B05    s of T.J. & M.L.
BELEW, M.L.                      02Mar1854     23Dec1929    B05    w of Thomas J.
BELEW, infant daughter           05Dec1880     05Dec1880    B05    d of T.J. & M.L.
BELEW, Albert                    18Jul1875     14Sep1876    B05    s of T.J. & M.L.
BELEW, infant daughter           18Sep1872     18Sep1872    B05    d of T.J. & M.L.
POWELL, Cathrine                 08Sep1790     08Dec1874    B05
POWELL, Benjamin                 27Apr1787     24Apr1871    B05
NORWOOD, Charles                 20Feb1888     02Oct1892    B05    s of J.G. & A.F.
NORWOOD, infant of J.G. & A.F.   29Feb1897     29Feb1897    B05    bad dates - not leap year
NORWOOD, William J.              09Mar1895     09Mar1899    B05    s of J.G. & A.F.
WILLIAMS, Rutha J.               24Apr1840     27Dec1881    B05    w of Robert
WILLIAMS, Robert A.              02Jan1840     18Jan1921    B05    h of Rutha
WILLIAMS, Lawson                 25May1803     16Jul1886    B05
WILLIAMS, Malinda                11May1813     12Jul1892    B05
CRABB, Oslie H.                  25Jul1911     07Mar1912    B06    s of A.B. & D.A.
MOODY, W.L.                                                 B06
MOODY, S.C.                      01Dec1831     08May1886    B06
NEWTON, David                    31Mar1869     31Mar1869    B06
NEWTON, Johnathan                31Mar1869     14Apr1869    B06    children of R.R. & L.
NEWTON, Louisa M.                06Oct1879     05Apr1880    B06    ? dates
NEWTON, Nancy E.                 04Apr1878     31May1880    B06    d of R.R. & L.
NEWTON, Louisa                   05Jul1837     31May1881    B06    w of R.R.
NEWTON, R.R. (Elder)             12Dec1833     25Feb1916    B06    h of Louisa
NEWTON, Joseph L.                20Jan1875     11Jul1891    B06    ? dates
AUGUSTIN, Caroline               16Aug1873     03Jan1924    B06    w of L.P.
MABE, P.N.                       04Jun1869     08Dec1874    B06    ? date of death
MABE, E.                         16Jan1792     08Aug1876    B06
MABE, R.L.                       02Oct1828     06Jun1879    B06
MABE, Roeney                     22Nov1837     08Sep1889    B06
MABE, W.R.                       03Sep1883     18Sep1886    B06
MABE, infant                                                B06
MABE, J. Oliver                  21Oct1901     12Jul1912    B06    one date
POWELL, Sarah L.                      1825     27Jan1902    B06
POWELL, James Madison            20Jul1819     26Mar1876    B06    Pvt  Co D 4 TN Cav CSA
COMER, Sarah Powell                   1852          1882    B06
HAMMONDS, Nancy                       1841          1918    B07
HAMMONDS, Frank                       1841          1920    B07
HAMMONDS, Kissiah E.             17Jan1845     19May1866    B07
MABE, W.                                                    B07
SPRINGER, S.A.                   16Mar1818     23Mar1856    B07
SPRINGER, J.S.T.                 10Aug1846     04Aug1848    B07
SPRINGER, W.N.                   23Oct1851     21Feb1865    B07
JENKINS, John D.                      1848          1875    B07
JENKINS, Beedy                   09Feb1825     09Sep1864    B07
J(ENKINS), infant                                           B08
J(ENKINS), infant                                           B08
J(ENKINS), infant                                           B08
J(ENKINS), infant                                           B08
MABE, William                    25Nov1786     08Oct1853    B08
BELEW, William                   13Jul1816     08Sep1884    B08
HAMMONDS, Eleanor                23Sep1811     01Nov1893    B08
HAMMONDS, Miles                  29Jun1815     20May1888    B08
HOURD, S.T.                      04Dec1857     20Mar1885    B09
FLATT, Nelly E.                  25Jan1850     28Aug1884    B09    w of J.B.
B(ELEW), R.                      20Aug1783     11Mar1787    B09
BELEW, Elizabeth                 14Jun1791     16Sep1856    B09
E, T.C.                          04Oct1856     13Sep1857    B09
E, E.L.                               1846         1848?    B09
PALMORE, Hannah                  29Jun1816     13Mar1870    B09
PALMORE, C.                      17Jan1808     09May1884    B09
DAVIS, M.B.                                    26Sep1876    B10    one date
BEAN, T.J.                       09Aug1831     19Feb1862    B10
POWELL, B.D.                     07Mar1826     24Sep1834    B10
B.B.                             28Jan1826     02Sep1864    B10
JACKSON, S.A.                    27Dec1835     05Sep1857    B10
JACKSON, James                   23Jun1784     17Oct1858    B10
N or H, S.A.                       08M1851     22Nov1854    B10
HOWARD, N.                                                  B10
HOWARD, Mary                     12Aug1825     14Jan1908    B10
HAMMONDS, infant                 24Dec1908     28Dec1908    B10    inf of R.M. & M.A.
HARLAN, Sarah E.M.               19Nov1822     01Nov1894    B11    2nd w of James HARLAND
HOWARD, M.T.                                                B11
BELEW, Zachariah (Rev War)       21Apr1758     09Feb1845    B11    Pvt Col Brandon's Reg SC Mil
HARLAN, James                    24Nov1801     13Oct1874    B11    h of Elizabeth; born SC
HARLAN, Elizabeth Ezell          15Aug1798     04Apr1843    B11    w of James
HARLAN, Susannah D.W.            02Sep1837     26Sep1838    B11
NEWTON, Sarah                    05Jan1793     03Jun1835    B11
NEWTON, James                    02Jan1788     23Jul1861    B11
W, N.A.                          09Sep1843     14Apr1844    B11
W, S.C.                          21Jul1838     15Dec1854    B11
GIBBINS, Louisa                  07May1839     06Nov1867    B11
SPRINGER, Rachel                 18Sep1793     09Oct1865    B11
COTTRELL, Susan E.               12Mar1862     22Feb1920    B11
COTTRELL, A.B.                   26Sep1871     05Jun1907    B12    s of G.W. & L.M.
COTTRELL, George W.              28Oct1828     21Jul1906    B12
BARNETT, Mary L.E.               17Sep1835     09May1897    B12
BARNETT, G.W.                    19Sep1829     22Feb1893    B12
NEWTON, Robert Henry             29Dec1838     26Nov1899    B12
NEWTON, Susan M.                 20Apr1843     10Mar1895    B12    w of R.H.
W., M.O.                         08Feb1820     29Oct1857    B12
TODD, P.N.                       31May1814     20Dec1851    B12
TODD, J.J.                       05Feb1847     02Jun1849    B12
JONES, Kisiah                    10May1789     06Oct1857    B12
NEWTON, William Edward           12Oct1812     05Jul1877    B12
NEWTON, Rutha                    04Jul1812     04Feb1852    B12
SPRINGER, Aaron                       1781     03Mar1852    B12
SPRINGER, Ruth Little                          24Nov1834    B12
ELLISON, Samuel                  15Dec1808     02Nov1864    B12
ELLISON, John D.                 15Mar1833     15Dec1862    B12    Pvt Co K 3 TN inf CSA
M.L.L.                           05Nov1810     09Mar1880    B12
ELLISON, Daniel C.               07Sep1846     09Mar1880    B12    Pvt Co B TN Cav CSA
EZELL, Susan Jane                25Aug1836     28Jan1891    B12
DOVET, Arminda Emeline           04May1890     17Jun1892    B12    d of C.M. & A.E.
DOVET, Minnie J.                 15May1897     26Sep1899    B12    d of D.J. & I.E.
DOVET, William G.                19Oct1894     23Apr1895    B12    s of D.J. & I.E.
R.N.                                                        B13
EZELL, C.G.                      22Dec1845     17Jul1852    B13
EZELL, Sarah                     01Jun1813     07Dec1886    B13
JONES, Allen                     01Jun1793     19May1866    B13
J.E.C.                           30Jul1836     20Aug1836    B13
HSON, A.B.                       12Nov1850     12Nov1850    B13
H.                               24Sep1847     01Oct1847    B13
H., M.J.                          16M 1854     25Aug1854    B13
ROBERTSON, James T.              15Jan1852     04Aug1852    B13
ROBERTSON, Martha                  31M1831     21Aug1853    B13
WILLIAMS, Mary                   14Oct1858     14Apr1863    B13
WILLIAMS, Eliza E.               01Jun1863     24Dec1863    B13
W., L.J.                         28Jul1842     11Jun1853    B13
W., M.M.                         23Apr1853     14Jun1853    B13
NEWTON, M.B.                     01Sep1857     31Oct1868    B13
WILLIAMS, T.N.                   24Nov1808     24Dec1869    B13
WILLIAMS, Julie                  12Mar1853     22Dec1873    B13
A.M.M.C.                         02Jun1828     30Dec1870    B13
JONES, William C.                19Jun1871     14Jun1956    B14
JONES, Mary E.                   18Aug1872     21Jan1936    B14
JONES, infant                                               B14
WILLIAMS, Lucy R.                03Apr1857     04Mar1924    B14    w of P.N.
E.C.M.C.V.                       08May1837     19Dec1878    B14
MECAEFTY, M.E.                                 10Jun1864    B14
ROPER, Edney                     22Jan1811     23Jun1866    B14
ROPER, Eliza E.                  04M  1837     29Jan1853    B14
HYATT, A.E.                      07Nov1844     13Dec1851    B14
H., W.                           13Apr1794     08Mar1856    B14
H(YATT?)., C.                    04Jun1838     21Oct1842    B14
COX, Ursly Elizabeth             16Jul1853     13Apr1855    B14    d of Samuel & Nancy Catharna
H(YATT)., J.G.                   17Jan1831     11Aug1857    B14
C., J.E.                         30Jul1833     20Aug1836    B14

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