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Township 2, Range 8, Section __

Contributed 6 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 through Elgin and turn north on CR 569.  The cemetery is on the right. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Judy Mason and updated in Oct 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east, with Row 18 outside the back fence.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
HOLLINGSWORTH, W. Charles        04MY1888      07AP1954     01   h of ME
HOLLINGSWORTH, M. Earline        18AU1897      07JL1982     01
HOLLINGSWORTH, Virginia          08NO1929                   01   w of WP
HOLLINGSWORTH, W.P. (Tab)        08AP1921      17MY1979     01
DAVIS, Risner Ann                24JA1946      26AU1983     01
BERRY, Jennifer (Cissy)          15MY1966      14JL1997     01
DAVIS, William Allen             20AU1942      14MY1992     01   did not find
McCRAIG, Robert Lee              30MY1947      08MY1966     01   SP4 Co A 502 Inf ABN Vietnam
MASON, Danny Edison              28SE1920      16JA1980     02   h of WA; m 24DE1956
MASON, Wilma Annett              15SE1935                   02
BARRINGER, Ernest Marshell       18AP1923      05OC1994     02   USN
BARRINGER, Claudia R.            01NO1931      21DE2004     02   w of EM; m 31DE1948
GRISHAM, Bill                    11JL1905      15FE1960     02   h of Gladys; m 20MY1928
GRISHAM, Gladys                  17DE1909      29AP1992     02
GREER, Braska                    25MH1916                   02   h of MH
GREER, Mildred H.                28AP1924                   02
HARAWAY, Ada C.                  23FE1877      06MY1950     02   w of Minor
HARAWAY, Minor                   10AU1862      18JA1928     02
TUCKER, George L.                30AP1872      16FE1953     02   h of MF; Mason
TUCKER, Mattie F.                07NO1874      16AP1942     02
TUCKER, Dora E.                  19JL1878      12JA1909     02   w of Rev JL
CORNELIUS, Thomas W.             19JA1892      13JE1964     02   h of SD
CORNELIUS, Sallie D.             22DE1906      14AP1962     02
CORNELIUS, Thomas I.             16DE1927      31OC2002     02   h of CD
CORNELIUS, Cornelia D.           24AP1925                   02
THORNTON, Augusta G.             07OC1912      31JA1986     02
THORNTON, infant                               14JE1958     02   s of Augusta G. Jr.
THORNTON, Thomas J.              02DE1919      04MH1975     02   Cpl  USA  WW-II
HOLLINGSWORTH, J.D.              28MY1916      28MH1968     02   h of EG
HOLLINGSWORTH, Estella G.        08JL1915      07FE1995     02
CORNELIUS, infant                              11SE1947     03   d of TI & CD
THORNTON, Catherine Udra         07AU1920      10MH1990     03
GRISHAM, Wanda Louise            02NO1941                   04   w of JR
GRISHAM, Pearline                11JL1923                   04   w of Dotson
GRISHAM, Dotson                  18JA1921      26JL1955     04   Tec5 Co C 819 Engr WW-II
GRISHAM, James Robert            26OC1941      13OC1999     04
GOODE, Thomas Auguston           06JA1890      19OC1967     04
GOODE, Georgoana S.  *           12DE1865      12JE1931     04   w of Charles
GOODE, Charles R.                01DE1865      06JL1899     04
MAHATHEY, Hollis A.                1917          1975       04   Pvt  USA
GREEN, Rebecca                                 31JL1940     04   w of John
GREEN, John                                    01JL1927     04
MASON, Cynthia                   16JA1875      21MH1922     04   w of James
MASON, James                     10AU1873      21JE1941     04
LOVELL, Leonard                  13NO1911      20MY1969     05
LOVELL, Myrtle J.                24AP1887      14MY1979     05   w of VW
LOVELL, Van Wesley               27AU1883      11SE1960     05
LOVELL, Leroy L.                 06AU1917      16NO1987     05
HARAWAY, Harlet Buel             29AP1924      08MH1990     05   h of SF
HARAWAY, Syble Fulks             06AU1928                   05
SPRINGER, infant                               18JE1927     05   s of Frank & Josephine
BROWN, James H.                  22JE1874      13MY1897     05
BROWN, M.E.                      11MY1875      26JL1927     05   w of JH
COTTLES, Leonard L.              12JE1889      16JA1955     05   h of JH
COTTLES, Jessie H.               05JL1893      17MH1972     05
DAVIS, Alice E.                  12DE1899      27MY1985     05
HARAWAY, James H.                09JA1903      18MY1964     05   h of EG
HARAWAY, Effie G.                12AP1903      12AP1979     05
EZELL, Grady                     15JE1911      11NO1989     05   h of EH; m 22MY1932
EZELL, Etha H.                   07DE1914                   05
McCARLEY, Faye O.                26JE1923      30JL2000     06   w of RA
McCARLEY, Robert A.              19JA1922                   06
McCARLEY, T.V.                     1883          1971       06
McCARLEY, Margaret               05MH1857      24FE1933     06   w of Frank
McCARLEY, Sarah A.               16AU1882      14NO1888     06   d of Frank &MI
McCARLEY, John E.                17MY1898      03AP1920     06
HARAWAY, Annabel C.              12MH1898      01FE1967     06   w of TB
HARAWAY, Thomas B.               16SE1891      31DE1964     06
HARAWAY, Belle                   14OC1894      17AP1920     06   w of TB
PUTMAN, Lena V. McCarley         08OC1885      22JA1956     06
McCARLEY, Ruthie J.                1884          1966       06
McCARLEY, William                  1888          1920       06
McCARLEY, baby                                 01AU1944     06
MAHATHY, Lillie Pearl            25JE1926                   06   w of JE
MAHATHY, James Earl              08JE1927      22JE1973     06   F2  USN  WW-II
MAHATHY, Emma                      1887          1957       06   w of John
MAHATHY, John                      1884          1937       06
COVINGTON, James H.              24AU1860      22JE1929     06
LOVELL, Robert Clenton           18SE1928      13FE1963     06   Cpl  USA
GRISHAM, Wylodean Joiner         25JA1929                   06   w of JD; m 31MY1946
GRISHAM, James Dalton            15NO1926      08NO1994     06   S1  USN  WW-II
RICHARDSON, Brenda G.            11MH1951      14DE2003     06   w of GL
RICHARDSON, George L.            01MH1948                   06
HANNAH, Cassandra (Sandy)        26SE1954      06JE1993     07
HARAWAY, Margarette W.           28JL1918                   07   w of BC
HARAWAY, Braxton C.              09MH1915      27FE2002     07
HARAWAY, M. Newton               29JL1909      03MH1989     07   h of RS
HARAWAY, Rubye S.  *             25FE1912      07AU2002     07
HARAWAY, Justin W.               05OC1878      21DE1950     07
HARAWAY, Mose H.                 11AU1877      29AP1940     07
HARAWAY, Hughston I.             09DE1910      27JE1911     07   s of MH & JW
HARAWAY, Lorene                  03AU1916      03OC1916     07   d of MH & JW
HARAWAY, Coleman M.              10FE1918      27FE1918     07   s of MH & JW
GREEN, Cedric R.                 19MH1954      16FE1976     08   h of DG; m 10JE1972
GREEN, Deborah G.                15AP1954                   08
GREEN, William D.                27SE1917      04OC1989     08
GREEN, Virginia G.               26JL1922      07JE1994     08   w of WD
CAVANAUGH, Betty                 29OC1917      11MH1967     08
HARAWAY, Almon C.                10SE1926      24NO1979     08   USN  WWII
HARAWAY, M. Nell                 21JE1929                   08   w of AC
HARAWAY, Ricky Clay   *          19MH1950      20MH1950     08   s of Almon & Nell
BARNETT, infant                  12MY1951      15MY1951     08   s of Wm D,
BARNETT, infant                  10MY1950      13MY1950     08   d of Wm D,
BARNETT, Marion R.               07AU1897      07MY1974     08   h of LE
BARNETT, Lillian E.              10JE1897      08SE1961     08
BARNETT, Evelyn F.               19SE1925      27AU1926     08
KENNEMER, Emmet E.               24AU1907      05JE1909     08   s of MC & JA
BARNETT, William Doyce           23AU1927      22AU2001     08   h of Betty Davis
BARNETT, Betty Davis             09DE1928                   08
SNODDY, Irene                    23MY1902      05SE1902     08   d of TD & EE
SNODDY, Homer                    18MH1901      02AP1901     08   s of TD & EE
SNODDY, Liddie                   22AU1890      08SE1890     08   d of TD & EE
INGRAM, Benjamin                 07AP1782      11SE1849     08   b in Brunswick Co VA
INGRAM, Sarah                    10FE1789      25SE1852     08   w of Benjamin
CUNNINGHAM, Jessie L.            01SE1878      31OC1909     09
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah A.             24AP1846      09FE1892     09   w of JW
CUNNINGHAM, James W.             21SE1840      14NO1910     09   Ord Sgt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
HARAWAY, Emily I.                                1867       09   w of Walter
HARAWAY, Walter                                  1867       09
GRISHAM, Annie                   cir1850       28AP1884     09   w of WP
HARAWAY, Achilles David          25OC1870      13DE1886     09   s of B & SF
HARAWAY, Lizzie N.               17OC1895      20AU1895     09
HARAWAY, Thomas B.               25DE1881      30OC1896     09   s of B & SF
HARAWAY, infant                                08FE1902     09   s of WJ
HARAWAY, Sarah F.                28SE1846      19AU1918     09   w of Ben
HARAWAY, Benjamin                18AU1842      01MY1914     09   3rd Sgt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
HARAWAY, Walter J.               25MY1868      04JA1928     09   Woodman
HARAWAY, Sarah E.                23NO1873      13AU1959     09   w of WJ
HARAWAY, baby                    15AU1935      18AU1935     09
HARAWAY, James W.                11FE1939      11SE1939     09
HARAWAY, Franklin D.             16JE1937      22FE1940     09
GREEN, Thomas A.                 02DE1882      13SE1944     09   h of VO
GREEN, Virgie O.                 09MH1888      12MH1929     09
GREEN, Whittenm O'Neal           27OC1911      16NO1927     09   s of TG & VE
COVINGTON, Streetie T.             1899          1977       09   w of AJ
COVINGTON, Alonza J.               1895          1964       09
GREER, Henry L.                    1900          1959       09   h of WW
GREER, Wilma W.                    1902          1960       09
GREER, Alice N.                  23JL1927      30SE1987     09   w of CO
GREER, Clifton O'Neal            15JL1925      27MY1997     09   Pfc  USA  WW-II
GREEN, Mary M.                   08MY1918      17DE1988     09   w of Charlie; m 22AU1942
GREEN, Charlie                   07OC1914      14DE1982     09
GREEN, Robbie Michael            29MY1943                   09   w of TA; m 23NO1967
GREEN, Thaddeus A.               20JL1943      25JA2001     09
GREEN, Levon A.                  30SE1951                   10   w of RD; m 3JE1966
GREEN, Roger D.                  26SE1949      12JL1979     10
GREEN, Mary L.                   27SE1921                   10   w of BC
GREEN, Bolos C.                  07FE1914      26MH1981     10   Pvt  USA  WW-II
GREEN, Gary Wyman                14DE1943      11OC1968     10   Florida  USN
BUTLER, Lee                      15MH1906      02FE1976     10   h of LS
BUTLER, Leona S.                 03DE1912      31DE1972     10
GREEN, Tera                      16JE1895      10MH1962     10   w of Will
GREEN, Will                      27FE1885      29AU1950     10
GREEN, Audine                    03NO1919      27OC1920     10
GREEN, Rachel                    19FE1921      31DE1924     10
GREEN, Paula Fay                 13JE1945      29JL1945     10   d of Douglas & Lottie
GREEN, Douglas C.                19DE1924      10AP1950     10   s of WA & TD
LAKEY, Ada Mae                   05MY1925      18FE1991     10   w of TD
LAKEY, Tony Douglas              28MH1965      04MH1994     10
HOLLINGSWORTH, Jimmy Dale        30OC1947      25FE1948     10   s of WP & Virginia
GREER, O. Clifton                25JL1913      29JL1948     10   h of CG
GREER, Captola G.                03JA1915      10MY1993     10   h of CG
THORNTON, Ken Audry              25NO1936      22JE1938     10   s of WG & EM
SNODDY, Felix J.                 30JA1904      11FE1995     10   h of VD; m 11NO1923
SNODDY, Velma D.                 02NO1905      16SE1979     10
SNODDY, Archie J.                19AP1878      15NO1907     10
SNODDY, Julia A.                 03FE1855      11OC1941     10
SNODDY, Sarah J.                 27OC1833      05OC1901     10   w of TA
SNODDY, Thomas A.                17MH1823      18DE1878     10
GREER, infant                                  21MY1943     11   s of OC
GREER, infant                                  25FE1947     11   s of OC
GRISHAM, Ostelene                28AP1919      04JL1920     11   d of CE & MT
GRISHAM, Marjorie F.             22AP1923      29SE1923     11   d of CE & MT
GRISHAM, Vance P.                  1918          1933       11
GRISHAM, Thetus                  27SE1897      09SE1985     11   w of Elmer
GRISHAM, Elmer                   15NO1896      20SE1972     11
COUNTS, Dot G.                   18JE1929                   11   w of BA
COUNTS, Buford A.                23JL1914      16MH1976     11
BARBER, Marvarie E. Grisham      16NO1925      07SE1979     11
RICHARDSON, John D.              04AP1916      29DE1984     11   USA  WW-II
CUNNINGHAM, J.W.                 21SE1840      14NO1910     12
INGRAM, Lucy C.                  29MY1855      17DE1881     12
INGRAM, George M.                23FE1814      19JL1887     12   h of LD; Lau m 4DE1845
INGRAM, Lucy D. Crittenden       01FE1827      25MY1881     12
CREEL, Alice                     09NO1870      25AP1881     12
CREEL, Georgia Ingram            07AP1847      14SE1875     12
INGRAM, George C.                02MH1860      07JE1861     12
RICHARDSON, Zona                  JA1859       30AU1911     12
CREEL, Thomas B.                 20SE1841      08SE1915     12   Pvt Co C Morgais Sqd CSA
CREEL, Sallie P.                 27NO1848      29JA1929     12   w of TB
CRITTENDEN, Alma                 09NO1870      13JA1938     12
CREEL, George Ingram             10AU1874      15MH1949     12   h of LK
CREEL, Lillie Kershaw            07AU1884      17JA1971     12
WALKER, Constance Ann                            1946       12   d of Ertis & Eula
WALKER, Mollie                   06JL1905      11SE1977     12   w of JC
WALKER, J. Curtis                21OC1898      01DE1943     12
WALKER, Mary E.                  12MH1881      02FE1957     12   w of JR
WALKER, John R.                  30AU1876      29DE1951     12
WALKER, Delmer                   21FE1910      14SE1929     12
WALKER, George S.                10NO1910      07JE1967     12
GRISHAM, V. Della                07NO1879      05OC1939     12   w of Joe
GRISHAM, Joe A.                  05OC1875      22MH1969     12
GRISHAM, Joesph M.               11AP1919      31MY1920     12   s of LJ & AM
GRISHAM, Ada Mae                 20AU1901      24OC1960     12   w of LJ
GRISHAM, Lenon J.                14FE1899      06DE1989     12
GRISHAM, Lawana                  24FE1966      24FE1966     12   d of LJ & BJ
GRISHAM, Brenda J.               17JL1947                   12   w of LJ
GRISHAM, Lenon J.                06FE1946      09JE2003     12
THORNTON, Kathleen                 1929                     12   w of JA
THORNTON, J. Austin                1928          1979       12
THORNTON, Timothy                09NO1953      07JL1962     12   s of Austin & Kathleen
THORNTON, Charlotte              04NO1954      20AP1959     12   d of Austin & Kathleen
THORNTON, Elaine White           15NO1905      25SE1999     12   w of JT; m 16OC1923
THORNTON, James Timothy          28AP1901      25DE1982     12
THORNTON, Michelle Lynette       17SE1967      08JE1986     12
ARKLE, Angela Thornton           01SE1961      14OC1991     12
GREER, Mary Lois                 18NO1924                   12   w of EO
GREER, Emmett O'Neal             14AP1921      31JL2000     12   USA  WW-II
THORNTON, McCoy                  25FE1933      13JE1961     13
THORNTON, infant                 01SE1929      10SE1929     13   s of ID & VO
THORNTON, Adcar C.               11NO1880      25OC1948     13   h of Izora
THORNTON, Izora                  31AU1889      14MH1952     13
THORNTON, Bular Ann              17OC1917      07DE1918     13   d of AC & Izora
THORNTON, William P.             28DE1912      17OC1914     13   s of AC & Izora
THORNTON, Levi Patrick           03AU1850      14MY1915     13
THORNTON, Bettie Anne            17NO1859      06MY1932     13   w of LP
GRISHAM, James (Jack)            19MY1912      23OC1984     13
WALKER, Birtie                   08OC1900      31DE1991     13
WALKER, William T.               04NO1902      10AU1921     13   s of JR & ME
WALKER, Virta M.                 13NO1920      30JA1921     13   d of JR & ME
WALKER, Clinton R.               28FE1916      17FE1918     13   s of JR & ME
WALKER, infant                                 11MH1921     13   d of JC & MF
WALKER, infant                                 12MH1926     13   s of JC & MF
INGRAM, Beulah E.                31JL1888      24SE1891     13   d of BM & WL
INGRAM, Willie Lenorah           22JL1862      19FE1940     13   w of BM
INGRAM, Benjamin Mason           12AU1858      16JA1891     13   h of WL
INGRAM, T.E.                     10JE1866      03SE1888     13   s of Moses & ME
INGRAM, Julia                    27SE1857      17SE1859     13   d of GM & Lucy AD
INGRAM, Mozella C.               15OC1856      20SE1859     13   d of Moses & Mary A.
INGRAM, Mary E.                  11NO1861      05JE18??     13   d of Moses & Mary E.
INGRAM, Moses                    22JL1863      29JE1866     13   s of Moses & Mary E.
INGRAM, Moses                    15SE1829      14MH1869     13
INGRAM, Mary E.                  13MH1832      17JA1891     13   w of Moses
McGWIER, J.R.                    04NO1854      07DE1914     13
THORNTON, Precella               01JL1915      20MY1916     14
THORNTON, Lattinee               01AP1917      29JA1918     14   d of BE & ME
THORNTON, Bennie E. Sr.          27JA1895      04MH1926     14   h of ME
THORNTON, Mary Emma              05MY1895      31MH1947     14
THORNTON, Sarah                  17MH1814      28FE1893     14
THORNTON, infant                               08OC1896     14   s of ID & SI
THORNTON, Lellie                 06OC1901      24AU1903     14   d of ID & SI
THORNTON, Cleo P.                07JA1895      05MH1911     14
THORNTON, Sophia I.              25AP1872      28AP1924     14   w of Ingram D.
THORNTON, Ingram D.              05MY1872      11FE1955     14
THORNTON, Denny C. Sr.           29NO1908      25FE1990     14   h of EB
THORNTON, Edith B.               24JA1915      28MH1999     14
SNODDY, Betty Ann                15AP1971      27AU1971     14   d of Danny Ray
SNODDY, Ruby T.                  18FE1900      22FE1978     14   w of AR
SNODDY, A. Raymond               17AU1898      08AP1978     14
SNODDY, William Thomas           18OC1919      27SE1994     14   USA  WW-II
SNODDY, Annie W.                 17SE1920                   14   w of WT
THORNTON, Luther G.              27JE1908      18JA1986     15   h of ML
THORNTON, Mattie L.              10MH1904      13AP1969     15
THORNTON, Sarah Alma             25SE1878      20AP1968     15   w of TJ
THORNTON, Thomas J.              08JE1878      25FE1936     15
THORNTON, Thellie I.             03MH1905      25SE1926     15
THORNTON, Viola                  26FE1915      23FE1918     15   d of TJ & SA
THORNTON, infant                 19AP1907      23MY1907     15   d of TJ & SA
THORNTON, Colbert                21JA1899      14FE1899     15   s of TJ & SA
THORNTON, infant                 06FE1898      08FE1898     15   s of TJ & SA
THORNTON, Ada                    18FE1897      30AP1897     15   d of TJ & SA
GRISHAM, Lonzo P.                07JL1902      17JE1903     15   s of JA & VD
THORNTON, Erister                23NO1913      10FE1918     15   s of BT & AA
THORNTON, Benjamin T.            17DE1868      13AP1927     15   h of AA
THORNTON, Annie A.               25AP1870      04AU1916     15
THORNTON, infant                 13OC1897      13OC1897     15   s of BT & AA
WHITE, Ora                       16AP1899      17OC1959     15   w of EP
WHITE, Edwin P.                  27JL1888      29DE1952     15
FUQUA, Georgia                   24SE1844      27FE1895     15
FUQUA, John C.                   17MH1802      09MY1860     15   b Prince Edward Co VA
FUQUA, Julia A.    *             26MY1817      20DE1862     15   w of JC; m 6NO1835
FUQUA, Ada I.                    07NO1860      15NO1862     15   d of I & MAE
FUQUA, infant                    29AP1862      21FE1863     15   d of I & MAE
FUQUA, infant                    06AP1868      06AP1868     15   s of I & MAE
SCOTT, Clinton L.                12AU1912      27JA1990     16   h of MT
SCOTT, Marguerite Thornton       17MY1912      27JA1985     16
THORNTON, Nebraska               10AP1898      15FE1952     16   TN PHMI  USN   WW-I
THORNTON, Eva A.                 27AU1874      22JA1929     16
THORNTON, William Mose           16OC1870      22MH1918     16   h of Eva
THORNTON, infant                 16MY1909      16JE1909     16   infant of WM & EA
COVINGTON, Nancy L.              22JE1853      17FE1915     16
GRISHAM, infant                  31AU1916      31AU1916     16   d of AL & SB
PAGE, infant                                   25JA1917     16   s of WC & NE
PAGE, infant                                   13OC1921     16   d of WC & NE
PAGE, William C.                 05NO1888      16JL1971     16   h of NE
PAGE, Nellie E. Thornton         23JA1891      04OC1926     16
PAGE, Eliza Othellie             18AP1886      06JA1939     17   w of JJ; m 18JA1905
PAGE, James J.                   15NO1879      28MH1971     17
GRISHAM, Lena                      1895          1970       17
GRISHAM, Alonzo L.                 1875          1955       17   h of SB
GRISHAM, Sallie B.                 1877          1952       17
MASON, Bryan Almon               30SE1925      26JL2002     18   SFC  USA  WW-II
MASON, Pearl Christine           04DE1923                   18   w of BA; m 12AP1942
LOVVORN, James L.                10SE1941                   18   h of FG; m 21JL1961
LOVVORN, Frances G.              12AP1943      29MH2005     18

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