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Survey Contributed 29 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

From Killen go north on US 43; turn right on AL 64 and go about 6 miles.  As soon as you cross Blue Water Creek turn left and go to the top of the hill.  The cemetery is on the right. Rows are numbered from north to south. Map

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW       NOTES
BALCH, Brenda L.                 10JE1946      29NO2000     01  w of RA; m 31MH1966
BALCH, Ralph A..                 14MY1939                   01
ALLEN, Henry Davis IV            11MH1843      02JL1928     02  Sgt Co E 27 Ala Inf CSA
ALLEN, Elizabeth                 09JE1853      12JL1937     02
McCAFFERTY, R.M.                 25JL1884       OC1948      02  h of CV
McCAFFERTY, Clora V.             19SE1886      02JL1961     02
McCAFFERTY, Bailey J.            02JA1907      24DE1979     02  h of JI
McCAFFERTY, Jessie I.            05JL1913      27OC1995     02
GARNER, James W. (Jamie)         12FE1969      20JE1989     03  s of Dorris
GARNER, Dorris Allen             16MY1937                   03
COX, William M.                  17SE1869      07JE1950     03  h of AS
COX, Ann Scott                   11NO1872      28DE1895     03
THOMPSON, C.C.                   06AP1866      16DE1913     04
ALLEN, Harold Spencer            07OC1939      23SE1998     04  s of Velma JL & Buford Thomas
ALLEN, Velma Jeannette LeFan     05MH1906      18AP1995     04  w of BT; m 27NO1921
ALLEN, Buford Thomas             29AU1897      08MY1980     04
ALLEN, James Paul *              21JL1923      23NO1994     04  h of LC; m 16NO1944
ALLEN, Lucille Curtis            17SE1928                   04
PHILLIPS, Albert J.              02FE1850      02NO1930     05
ELLISON, Mary Jane Phillips      22JE1852      03AP1942     05  w of Samuel
ELLISON, Samuel                  13JA1844      18MY1919     05
ELLISON, Mary F.                 14JE1873      09FE1912     05
PHILLIPS, Wilson                 04JL1818      05AU1882     06
PHILLIPS, Nancy                  06AU1815      10MY1895     06  w of Wilson
PHILLIPS, infant                 02AP1884      01AP1884     06  s of ML & LL
WILSON, Mary                     15MY188?      11MY1885     06
PHILLIPS, Mary Lee (Springer)    22FE1864      02MY1895     06  w of AL; d of Wm  & J.
PHILLIPS, William Lee            02AP1895      15JE1895     06  s of AL & ML
YOUNG, Dempsey R.                11AU1943      19JL2000     06  h of CB; m 3AU1963
YOUNG, Carol B.                  15DE1944                   06
ALLEN, Mary P.                   04NO1919                   07  w of GS
ALLEN, George S.                 16MH1919      21JL1978     07
BRIGGS, Lula                     08NO1890      01SE1948     07
BRIGGS, Alma D.                  10AU1899      21JL1900     07  d of WS & AT
BRIGGS, Annie B.                 04FE1885      12JE1891     07  d of WS & AT
BRIGGS, Henry D.                 22NO1887      09MY1889     07  s of WS & AT
BRIGGS, Mary E.                  10SE1880      06JE1881     07  d of WS & AT
BRIGGS, John M.                  23SE1877      05MH1881     07  s of WS & AT
BRIGGS, Etta L.                  07JL1879      23SE1879     07  d of WS & AT
BRIGGS, Adeline T. *             16OC1857      30JE1935     07  w of WS
BRIGGS, William S.               13AU1853      03FE1944     07
CHISHOLM, Rufus M.                                          07  11 yrs 4 mo; s of BF & MN
CHISHOLM, Joseph B.                                         07  9 yr 1 mo; s of BF & MN
ALLEN, Henry Davis               26MH1782      25MY1873     08  Capt TN Mil 27 Reg War-1812
ALLEN, Polly                     15DE179?      11AU1856     08  w of HD
ALLEN, J. Henry                  11SE1877      14JA1878     08  s of LH & EF
ALLEN, Maudie H.                 11DE1886      26JE1887     08  d of LH & EF
ALLEN, Eudora F.                 19MY1858      16JE1888     08  w of LH
ALLEN, L.H.                      14JL1853      03DE1920     08
ALLEN, Annie E.                  11NO1878      21OC1900     08  d of LH & EF
ALLEN, Martha F.                 20JE1869      01MH1921     08  w of LH
ALLEN, infant                    13JA1896      13JA1896     08  s of LH & MF
ALLEN, Walter L.                 20AP1912      22SE1913     08  s of GL & LA
ALLEN, Lou Stutts                03FE1885      23DE1923     08  w of GL; m 24JA1907
ALLEN, G. Lonzo                  11FE1883      02JA1982     08
ALLEN, infant                                  31AU1922     08  s of BT & VJ
ALLEN, infant                                  22MH1933     08  d of BT & VJ
ALLEN, Maudy D.                  25AU1917      14OC1918     09  d of WT & GL
ALLEN, infant                    25MY1913      26MY1913     09  d of WT & GL
ALLEN, B.T. Sr.                  29JA1815      22MH1902     09
ALLEN, Tibitha                   cir1821       18AP1852     09  w of BT
ALLEN, John M.                   11NO1850      29JA1866     09  s of BT & Tillitha
ALLEN, Nancy                     01MY1848      29JA1966     09  d of BT & Tillitha
KILLEN, Henry A.                 10JE1864      05JL1884     09
KILLEN, Mary                      AP1841        MH1865      09
KILLEN, William T.                 29JL        11SE1869     09
BORROW, A.E.  (Allen)            30JE1852      16AP1875     10  w of JA; d of NG & MA
ALLEN, N.G.                      23JL1819      05AP1878     10
ALLEN, Mary A.                   28OC1825      18AU1896     10  w of NG
PETTUS, M.J.                     16JL1824      07NO1854     10  w of WW
KILLEN, Annie M.                 26NO1882      04FE1883     10
ALLEN, Lou                       03FE1885      20DE1923     10  w of GL
ALLEN, Charlie P.                21MY1852      25JE1919     11
ALLEN, R.E.                      25FE1843      17DE1920     11  w of CP
TODD, Elizabeth A.               01JA1822      04AP1914     12
McGUIRE, W.R.                    19DE1810      07OC1857     12
JONES, Sarah                     12SE1828      11JA1852     13
WILCOXSON, Margaret              20SE1829      22JA1854     13  consort of WJ
WILCOXSON, I.N.                  22AU1850      10SE1926     13

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