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Township 1, Range 7, Section 33-34?

Submitted 23 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go north on AL 207 to Anderson.  This cemetery is beside the Anderson Primitive Baptist Church on AL 207 just north of the Town Hall. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by James & Muriel Barnett and updated in Oct 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
INGRUM, Lawrence E.                            18MH1951     01   s of CD & VL
INGRUM, Ricky Lynn               22JA1953      28AP1953     01   s of CD & VL
GOODMAN, A.E. (Pete)             27SE1918      15MH1972     01
GOODMAN, Andrew B.               22DE1891      04MY1965     01   h of MH
GOODMAN, Myrtle H.               04FE1901      17NO1971     01
CAGLE, David Earl                01SE1942      02SE1942     01   s of EF & WT
GOODMAN, William T.              11FE1847      07JA1923     01   h of AE
GOODMAN, Annie E.                05MY1865      04DE1926     01
INGRUM, William Clarence         10MH1897      27SE1941     01
LELLIS, Stanley                  07DE1900      02OC1956     01
GRAY, Ada Lellis                 26DE1905      16JE1991     01   w of AE
GRAY, Albert E.                  08SE1899      30DE1963     01
BARNETT, Lee                       1880          1938       01   h of Emma
BARNETT, Emma                      1886          1959       01   m 30JE1903
KING, Sandra Jean                02OC1945      01JL1948     01   d of CG & Nell
WALKER, John H.                  22MY1904      30MY1953     01   h of LE
WALKER, Lou Etta                 24AU1901      30MY1977     01
SMITH, M.H.                      29MH1883      06AP1920     01   h of SM
SMITH, Sarah Maud                17NO1884      14SE1952     01
McLEMORE, Nancy Ellen            15MH1886      26FE1954     01
RIDGEWAY, Eldon P.               20FE1910      11DE2005     01
RIDGEWAY, Febbie Lee             01JA1904      07AP1964     01
RIDGEWAY, twin sons                            18MH1941     01   sons of FL
RIDGEWAY, John Eden              19AU1913      12NO1917     02
RIDGEWAY, Mamie S.  *            15MH1885      25DE1973     02   w of BL
RIDGEWAY, Ben L.                 10SE1879      01DE1971     02
NEWTON, Donie Johnson            13JA1884      31JA1970     02
JOHNSON, S.R.                    22NO1880      16AU1913     02   h of CD
JOHNSON, Allean                  31AU1908      08JA1912     02   d of SR & CD
JOHNSON, Odie B.                 06JE1911      01JE1912     02   d of SR & CD
BOSTON, Jonah Bonnie             01AP1903      23AU1903     02   s of BG
BOSTON, Nancy Phillips           14SE1843      31MY1911     02   w of HB
BOSTON, H.B.                     08OC1833      11AU1915     02
INGRUM, Minnie F.                15JA1878      18SE1957     02   w of WF
INGRUM, William F.               09MY1875      02AU1948     02
INGRUM, Eliza E.                 12DE1849      16JE1915     02   w of WF Sr.
INGRUM, Will F. Sr.              15AU1846      30DE1933     02
INGRUM, Connie                   12DE1907      05MH1927     02   s of WF & MF
INGRUM, Lucy E.                  28FE1902      13JE1945     02   d of WF & MF
INGRUM, Leona M.                 07AP1916      19SE1946     02   d of WF & MF
HOWARD, Stephen D.               27FE1882      07MH1968     03   h of Montana
HOWARD, Montana                  13MH1879      05DE1956     03
BARNETT, William L.              29JA1904      18MY1954     03   h of Clessie
BARNETT, Clessie                 29SE1906      13DE1971     03
HAMMOND, William Jason           01JL1874      15SE1934     03
WILLIAMS, W.J.                   21JA1861      09OC1914     03   h of Mattie
WILLIAMS, Mattie                 10DE1864      11JA1940     03
BARNETT, William Tom             15MH1868      04MY1952     03   w of AT
BARNETT, Alice T.                12DE1874      16MY1923     03
BARNETT, Zack  (2 stones)        13NO1838      30SE1927     03   Pvt Co E 27 AL Inf CSA 1929
BARNETT, Zacariah  (2 stones)    13NO1838      30SE1927     03   Pvt Co E 27 AL Inf CSA 1929
BELUE, Joseph Doris              29OC1921      11MY1945     03   Pfc  USA  WW-II
BELUE, William Oneal             14JA1918      30OC1981     03   Pfc  USA  WW-II
BELUE, Edna D.                   19DE1922                   03   w of WO; m 28DE1940
JOHNSON, Viva Lee                25AU1916      28MH1936     03   d of Joe & Bersie Gladney
HAYES, dau.                      22JE1921      14JE1922     03   d of J & L
CAMPBELL, Ida Viola              17MH1886      15MY1922     03   w of JW
CAMPBELL, J. Walter              07AU1878      06NO1939     03
CAMPBELL, Tinnie                 02AP1894      24DE1936     03
JONES, S.E.                      24FE1859      12MH1936     04   h of Maggie
JONES, Maggie                      1861        05AP1897     04
JONES, Pearl E.                    1883          1978       04
JONES, Willard C.                  1885          1947       04
JOHNSON, Delila Marie            02OC1935      10JA1936     04   d of NW & OE
JOHNSON, Robert Alton            13AP1932      23MY1934     04   s of NW & OE
THOMPSON, Orval Daniel           12AP1916      23SE1917     04   s of JM & AO
McGUIRE, Mary F.                 20MH1870      02JA1898     04   w of JD
McGUIRE, John D.                 05JE1860      14NO1950     04
CLEMMONS, Jeremiah Jefferson       1880          1949       04
CLEMMONS, Margaret Callie        27NO1877      02FE1967     04
CLEMMONS, Jerry Eroy             04MH1948      12SE1979     04
CLEMMONS, Laura Mae  *           25AU1908      18MY1934     04   w of JZ
CLEMMONS, Joseph Zack            21JE1908      20MH1963     04
JENKINS, Tabitha                   1836          1922       04   w of Legget
JENKINS, Legget (Rev)              1825          1896       04   Pvt Co C 32 TN Inf CSA
WALKER, Lawson Z.                14OC1901      04JE1903     04   s of CH & JI
WALKER, Willie C.                22SE1910      10MH1911     04   s of CH & JI
ROBBINS, Paul W.                 25SE1913      19JE1915     04   s of WL & ME
ROBBINS, Jefferson Reece         01MH1893      20JL1917     04
ROBBINS, Mollie E.               30AU1871      29MH1919     04
GURLEY, Myrtice                  11MY1912      17FE1920     04
GURLEY, Myrtle                   11MY1912      13JE1913     04   twin
STRICKLAND, Louisa               14NO1860      08MH1950     04   w of JN
STRICKLAND, J. Nelson            22NO1872      09AU1956     04
SPRINGER, Tonice                 11NO1904      08DE1985     05   h of Roxie
SPRINGER, Roxie                  25DE1906      27MY1980     05
SPRINGER, Wylie                    1884          1918       05
BARNETT, Onous Zack              11FE1904      04NO1906     05   s of WT & AT
BARNETT, Andrew                  07JA1896      18JA1896     05   s of WT & AT
BARNETT, Martha Anna             09AP1894      15MH1895     05   d of WT & AT
TRAYLOR, Douglas                                            05   s of Charlie & Dellar
TRAYLOR, Hubert                                             05   s of Charlie & Dellar
WILLIAMS, Sarah     *            16JA1836      26SE1895     05   w of WR
WILLIAMS, W.R.                   31AU1834      03DE1919     05
HAGOOD, W.A.                       1857          1894       05
HAGOOD, Cansada                    1883          1901       05   d of WA
HAGOOD, Mildred C.               22DE1833      10MY1892     05
PARTEN, Elizabeth B.             20NO1798      24NO1872     05
HAGOOD, James J.                 07MH1829      29MY1910     05   h of SC
HAGOOD, S.C.                     11FE1837      17DE1910     05
TIPPER, Nancy Ann Elizabeth      07DE1858      15AU1936     05
JONES, Ephriam                   14MH1819      10NO1901     05   h of Martha
JONES, Martha                    18NO1820      16MY1892     05
NIX, L.N.                        06AU1859      06JE1935     05   h of Callie
NIX, Callie                      03OC1862      26AP1919     05
KENNEMER, Jacob  (18 kids)         1774          1856       06   lived Sugar Cr; 1812 War
KENNEMER, Eldridge W.              1820          1862       06   s of Jacob; died in Civil War
KENEMUR, E.W.                    08AP1820      22FE1862     06   s of Jacob; died in Civil War
HERSTON, Charles E.                             FE1931      06   infant s of Willie & Sallie
WILLIAMS, Fannie Eula              1874          1944       06   w of JO
WILLIAMS, John Oliver              1869          1932       06
WILLIAMS, infant children                                   06   infants of JO & FE
BARNETT, infant                    1926          1926       06   d of JT
WILLIAMS, Frank                    1896          1943       06   h of Beulah
WILLIAMS, Beulah                   1900          1980       06
FRANKLIN, Claudine                JL1920        AP1950      06
WILLIAMS, Edward Leo             24OC1921      06JE1991     07   Sgt USA WW-II PH
INGRUM, Julia Ann                23DE1882      27MY1940     07   w of ML
INGRUM, Mack Lonnis              01AP1878      28JE1935     07
BOLES, Terry Cellus              06NO1942      08NO1942     07
ROBISON, Cynthia C.              10MH1864      09JA1928     07   w of BL
ROBISON, Lola V.                 26AU1898      11NO1901     07   d of BL & CC
ROBISON, Oral L.                 25MH1896      03AP1896     07   s of BL & CC
ROBISON, Minnie B.                 1888          1896       07   d of RC & VL
ROBISON, Mary V.                   1886          1887       07   d of RC & VL
ROBISON, Robert C.               16DE1848      10MY1916     07   h of VL
ROBISON, Virginia L.             09FE1851      28MY1942     07
ROBISON, Robert Brinkly          04OC1922      22JA1923     07
LEMAY, L.J. (Mrs)                19JE1873      28MH1941     07   w of JL
LEMAY, J.L. (Elder)              29OC1866      18MY1942     07
TRAYLOR, Della V.                24OC1899      21MH1986     07   w of WC
TRAYLOR, William Charlie         16OC1899      09NO1967     07
W, P.H.                                                     07
ROBISON, David                     1812        10MH1871     08
HOWELL, T. Buster                08JL1909      11JL1971     08   h of AM
HOWELL, A. Marie                 04JE1912      24MH1949     08
COFFMAN, David                   03JA1791      10AU1869     08   Baptist
AKERS, Nancy A.                  22JA1825      23NO1887     08   w of AH
AKERS, Alfred H.                 19SE1822      06SE1865     08
JONES, James                                                08
JONES, William R.                22JL1833      23FE1855     08   h of NL
JONES, Nancy L.                  30DE1830      04FE1859     08
PATTERSON, P.S.                  15FE1875      25DE1946     09   h of Rena
PATTERSON, Rena                  08JA1890        1954       09
SMITH, Etha                      17DE1882      28OC1898     09
SMITH, Mamie A.                  06FE1890      13FE1911     09
SMITH, B.Z.                      20MH1862      31AU1918     09
SMITH, Rebecca                   01AP1862      28JE1946     09   w of BZ
BEASLEY, Mae                     12JL1893      03NO1969     09
HOWARD, T.L. Jr.                 31JL1925      20JL1926     09   s of TL & NM
HOWARD, infant                                 27NO1928     09   s of Huston & Zada
HOWARD, Patricia                   1935          1936       09   d of Huston & Zada
EMBREE, Myrtle C.                05SE1911      14MY1986     09   w of AE
EMBREE, Arthur E.                18NO1906      17AP1971     09
WILLIAMS, Edward L.                1876          1949       10   h of Attie
WILLIAMS, Attie E.  *              1880          1930       10
WILLIAMS, Clara E.               30MH1908      07SE1919     10   d of EL & EA
WILLIAMS, infants                                           10   infants of EL & EA
EMBREE, Charles E.                 1947          1947       10
HOWARD, Children of JJ & SO      30NO1890      07AU1891     10
HOWARD, Children of JJ & SO      20DE1897      24DE1897     10
HOWARD, James J.  *              04OC1874      17JA1938     10
JACOBS, Lila W.                  31MH1914      12DE1975     11
HAMMOND, Lacy Irene              06AU1898      26SE1943     11   w of AH
HAMMOND, Aaron Henry             24DE1891      06FE1937     11
HAMMOND, infant                  18OC1916      18OC1916     11   s of AH & LI
HOWARD, Thomas B.                04JE1851      06AU1885     11   h of Caroline
HOWARD, Caroline                 28JL1852      12AP1944     11
HOWELL, Julian Hewitt            08MH1919      31JL1919     11   s of SV & FA
HOWELL, Vannie                   07OC1874      12AP1941     11   h of Bama
HOWELL, Bama                     07MH1882      25AP1973     11
HOWELL, infant                   01MH1935      03MH1935     11   d of TB & AM
LEMAY, infant                                  05JE1933     11   infant of Floyd & Lula
LEMAY, Floyd A.                  03DE1903      11JA1956     11   h of Lula
LEMAY, Lula Jane                 03JA1910      30SE2000     11
LANDMAN, Samuel                  09DE1812      24OC1889     11   h of Marial
LANDMAN, Marial                  11NO1817      10JE1896     11
GLOSSUP, Mary M.                 02DE1848      15MH1893     12   w of MV
PATTERSON, Eliza J.              20AP1839      29NO1878     12   w of BL
PRINCE, E.J.                       1807         MH1862      12
PRATT, Lewis Eldridge *          26NO1928      14JE1992     12
PRATT, Jesse J.                    1919          1920       12
PRATT, Blanche Brackeen          22FE1902      08NO1997     12   w of WD
PRATT, William Dewey             24JL1898      06FE1967     12
PRATT, J.J.                      15JA1869      25MY1923     12
PRATT, S.E.                      09MH1871      03FE1913     12   w of JJ
PRATT, infant                    13MY1895      03AP1896     12   infant of JJ & SE
PRATT, infant                    20MH1896      20MH1896     12   infant of JJ & SE
GIBBONS, William Franklin        08NO1888      15FE1889     12
McCAFFERTY, Telithah H.            1867          1938       12   w of WB
McCAFFERTY, William B.             1860          1928       12
PHILLIPS, Othella                06SE1886                   12   w of JT
PHILLIPS, James Taylor           24MY1888      09OC1944     12
DOWNS, Joseph T.                 27MH1880      03OC1881     12
HOWARD, T.C.                     04MH1843      01NO1910     12   w of PH
HOWARD, P.H.                     26JE1848      28AU1910     12
HOWARD, William                  20JE1828      07FE1889     12   h of Narcissa; m 13FE1846
HOWARD, Narcissa Sulivan  *      02AU1830      12AP1905     12
DAVIS, Nancy C.                  11NO1863      28MH1893     12
HOWARD, Estella                    1875          1950       12   w of WR
HOWARD, William R.                 1872          1955       12
HOWARD, Banner                     1860          1895       12
BELEW, Jennie                    03JA1884      18JE1941     13   w of Tilden
BELEW, Tilden                    30JL1878      10MH1959     13
BELEW, Julia F.                  07MY1856      29SE1926     13   w of JW
BELEW, J.W.                      02JE1847      03MY1922     13
BELEW, Louis N.                  22DE1906      11JA1957     13
BELEW, William                   06DE1876      12JA1898     13   s of JW & JF
RIDGEWAY, Winford                11MY1886      29JL1889     13   s of JR & MJ
RIDGEWAY, M.J.                   09MH1847      21JA1923     13   w of JR
RIDGEWAY, J.R.                   18FE1850      29DE1931     13
BELUE, Lizzie M.                   1890          1917       13   w of TB
BELUE, Thomas B.                   1881          1951       13
BELEW, Jennie L. Moore           27NO1899      08JA1925     13   w of JP
BELEW, Joseph Patrick            10AU1890      11JE1987     13
TREADWAY, Margie                   1905          1906       14
TREADWAY, William                  1885          1909       14
RIDGEWAY, Odes H.                27FE1909      13AU1911     14
RIDGEWAY, Bessie B.              18MH1887      11MY1917     14
RIDGEWAY, S.R.                   04JE1878      24AU1916     14
HOWARD, ?                        29JA1904      29JA1904     14
HOWARD, Lila                     24AU1904      16SE1904     14   d of JL & SH
HOWARD, G.O.                     26JA1901      31MY1902     14   d of FL & MA
HOWARD, Susan H.                 19NO1876      17SE1960     14   w of JL
HOWARD, Joseph L.                17JE1872      12MH1943     14
D, J.T.                                                     14
BELUE, Brannon D.                06AP1930      12JE1953     14   s of Joe P. & Bertha
RAGLE, Mary P.                   18AU1861      12MH1887     14
PRATT, William Miles             11SE1820      11AU1888     14   Pvt Co H 50 AL Inf CSA
PRATT, Matilda C.                05OC1823      10MY1902     14   w of WM; m 3NO1843 Laud Co
PRATT, William A.                27AU1856      18FE1905     14   h of AC
PRATT, Amelia C.                 06FE1872      09SE1952     14
PRATT, Priscilla                  MY1921        JE1949      14   w of Fred
PRATT, Fred                       JA1898        MH1964      14
HESTER, W.N. (Bud)                 1883          1939       14   h of NA
HESTER, Nancy Ann                  1874          1917       14
McGRAW, A.M. Jr.                 08AU1924      03JE1926     14   s of AM
HESTER, Gilbert A.               17JL1890      15NO1895     14
HESTER, William F.               12DE1898      23MH1904     14
LEMAY, W.T.                      28MY1893      22MY1962     14   h of Maudie
LEMAY, Maudie L.                 26MY1893      23MH1943     14
LEMAY, Lou Vera                  20MH1908      03NO1961     14
DAVIS, C. Clifford (Runt)        28AP1898      07AP1985     14   h of VM
DAVIS, Vera Mae Hester           18AU1902      15AP1988     14
DAVIS, infant                                  07DE1918     14   s of CC & Vera
P, R.                                                       14
BELUE, J. Clarence               05SE1935      29SE1973     14   h of LS; m 28DE1966
BELUE, Linda S.                  29OC1944                   14
CLEMMONS, Earnest W.             10AP1922      09OC1994     14   h of LM
CLEMMONS, Lucille M.             13SE1926      27NO1986     14
SHELTON, H.K.                    17FE1857      30JL1906     14
KENNEMUR, Eutilla M.             08OC1860      01AU1955     15   w of JL
KENNEMUR, Jacob L.               10JA1844      14MH1912     15   Pvt Co B 26 & 50 AL Inf CSA
KENNEMUR, L.E.                   18NO1889      25SE1890     15   infant of JL
KENNEMUR, O.E. Marbutt           18AP1849      18SE1887     15   w of JL
KENNEMUR, P.A. Morgan            16DE1846      08DE1879     15   w of JL
KENNEMUR, C.E.                   26MH1887      27AU1887     15   infant of JL & OE
KENNEMUR, infant                 15JA1884      27JA1884     15   infant of JL & OE
KENNEMUR, L.C.                   12NO1875      18DE1875     15   infant of JL & PA
KENNEMUR, J.E.                   27SE1867      28SE1867     15   infant of JL & PA
MORGAN, Sarah Anne Marbutt       28OC1827      11JL1915     15   w of James A.
MORGAN, James A.                 29JL1822      14AU1901     15   9 AL Regt CSA
MORGAN, Ida B.                   07JA1881      01JL1891     15   d of JE & FE
JACKSON, Forney                  22AU1892      06JL1913     15   s of FM & SE
JACKSON, Otis O.                 19AU1912      20MH1929     15
JACKSON, Sarah E.                26OC1870      26AP1935     15   w of FM
JACKSON, Flemming M.               1870          1951       15
NIX, Ruben F.                    16JA1870      22MH1938     15
NIX, Nettie I.                   01FE1899      10JE1923     15
NIX, Joseph F.                   06FE1886      02JE1945     15
HOOIE, Betty Jo                  18JL1933      15JL2005     16   w of HG; m 7JL1956
HOOIE, Harold Glenn              11SE1932      02JE1992     16   A2C USAF Korea
HOOIE, Mattie J.                 18NO1905      17MH1985     16   w of HH
HOOIE, Herman H.                 06MY1902      16MH1985     16
BELEW, Leona                     27NO1906      13DE1947     16   w of Dalles
BELEW, Dalles                    22JA1893      25MY1979     16
PARTRICK, Lucinda                25DE1804      17MY1841     16   consort of PF
MORGAN, Ruth Elmra               04OC1848      01FE1914     16   w of MM
MORGAN, M.M.                     30OC1844      09AP1911     16
BELEW, Pauline S.                22NO1914      01MY1971     16
BELEW, Lucy L.                   07MY1892      11DE1962     16   w of NH
BELEW, Noah H.                   05MY1883      18NO1959     16
JACKSON, ?                       05MH1899      10OC1900     16   infant of FM & SE
JACKSON, Bama                    13SE1907      23SE1909     16   d of FM & SE
LEE, Lona A.                     16JE1906      19FE1908     16   d of JR & SL
NIX, Jennie                        1887          1927       16
NIX, Mae                           1913          1932       16
NIX, Thomas                        1911          1930       16
NIX, Odell M.                      1916          1940       16
LIVERETT, Henry Talley           10AP1899      10MH1994     17
LIVERETT, Andrew Davis           16MY1897      13OC1989     17
SHEPHARD, M.L. (Mrs) *             1849          1923       17
LIVERETT, William W.             07SE1862      02NO1913     17
LIVERETT, Mildred F.             20MH1909      09JL1909     17
LIVERETT, Milton C.              20MH1909      13JE1909     17
LIVERETT, Mollie E.              16NO1867      29AP1921     17   mother
BELEW, Bertha R.                 06OC1900      22JE1974     17
MORGAN, Oley                     03DE1896      22SE1924     17
TRAYLOR, Eunice Mae              14JE1921      20JL1945     17
TRAYLOR, Jr.                                                17
HOWARD, William H.               04AU1869      24JE1944     17   h of SL
HOWARD, Sallie L.                31DE1871      23MH1954     17
HOWARD, Corrine                  25FE1909      13AP1909     17
HOWARD, Arnold Thomas            10NO1901      21AU1902     17   s of WH & SL
HOWARD, Orville Dewey            01MH1899      19JA1903     17   s of WH & SL
HOWARD, Otto                     07AP1904      06AU1944     17A
BELUE, Alma J.                   20DE1896      27JA1977     17A
BELUE, Verna M.                  10MH1894      17FE1961     17A
BELUE, Sarah M.                  11AU1867      12DE1925     17A
BELUE, William Asa               07DE1861      27MH1919     17A  h of Sarah
BELUE, Huston E.                 01AU1889      09NO1894     17A
BELUE, Austin H.                 25MH1899      01OC1899     17A
BELUE, infant                    09OC1903      09OC1903     17A  s of WA
BELUE, Zodie Vaughn              12FE1915                   18   w of Asa; m 20AP1935
BELUE, Asa Corbett               11JE1907      11JA1991     18
HENDRIX, Julia                   cir1844       06SE1866     18
BELUE, L.O.                      24DE1856      07NO1857     18   d of WA & S
BELUE, Sarah                     27MH1833      08JL1872     18   w of WA
BELUE, W.A.                      02JL1832      27AU1901     18   Mason
BELUE, Hosea L.                  13SE1882      28MH1895     18
BELUE, Lucy                      20MY1844      02JL1926     18   w of WA
GRIFFIN, Mattie Belue            09JA1866      28SE1953     18
GIBSON, Nancy A.                 26AU1862      18FE1934     18   w of James
GIBSON, James S.                 19SE1858      27FE1953     18
KENNENUR, infant                 03FE1916      18FE1916     18   d of CW & WL
TRAYLOR, Jerry Ray               26JE1950      22MH1955     18   s of Avery & Gladys
GARNER, Edna                     20AP1909      04MH1940     18   w of JB
GARNER, John B.                  01JL1906      03SE1972     18
GARNER, J. Villard               10JL1928      09AU1971     18
EASTEP, Curtis Leon              03FE1908      03OC1908     18   s of JL & AD
EASTEP, Jessie Hollon            13SE1906      24MY1907     18   s of JL & AD
HARRISON, Joe                    11JL1913      21OC1914     18   s of Robert & Gracy
HARBISON, Malinda C.               1878          1918       19
HARBISON, Samuel                   1857          1934       19
HARBISON, Annie                    1855          1930       19
LAY, Lucinda Harbison            21AU1885      24FE1907     19   w of JD
EDDY, Loney                      20OC1879      12DE1958     19
EDDY, Bose                       17FE1881      20OC1912     19   2 stones 20NO1912
NEWTON, Alice                    25DE1901      18FE1963     19
EDDY, Luther C.                  13FE1900      06NO1952     19
BOTTOMS, Velma M.                23FE1900      07OC1900     19   d of CE & ML
STONE, Lawson W.                 14AP1860      25NO1934     19
STONE, Amanda R.                 03JL1870      04SE1920     19   w of LW
BELUE, John E.                     1885          1954       19   h of EA
BELUE, Elsie A.                    1890          1969       19
BELEW, Alvin                     09MH1920      29NO1921     19
BELEW, Violet Fay                29JL1924      09AU1924     19   d of JE & EA
HAMMOND, Willie Eroy               1918          1947       19
BELUE, infant                                  26AP1900     19   infant of RW & GE
BELUE, Maudie                    15JA1877      04OC1898     19
BELUE, T.F.                      24NO1854      25AU1898     19
BELUE, A.E.                        1853         JA1890      19   w of TF
FOSTER, William T.               28MH1828      11JE1863     19
FOSTER, Booker                   15JL1795      25MH1870     19
FOSTER, Lucinda                  22NO1803      24DE1870     19   consort of Booker
FOSTER, Asat                     26AU1838      11JA1901     19
FOSTER, Roscoe M.                09AP1881      13AU1900     19
McADAMS, Eliza                   18MY1918      18MY1918     19A
McADAMS, Pearly                  26JE1902      08SE1903     19A
McADAMS, Arthur                  10AU1900      21AP1902     19A
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth              01AU1830      02AU1905     19A
STONE, Mary E.                   28JA1888      09JE1889     19A
STONE, George R.                 24FE1891      01AP1892     19A
EDDY, Ada Ladora W.              08FE1869      10MH1946     19A  w of BA
EDDY, Benjamin A.                09MY1866      08JA1927     19A
GOODE, Ray                       04MH1939      04MH1939     19A  s of JM & GE
GOODE, Barbra Sue                10DE1940      13DE1940     19A  d of JM & Gladys
HULSEY, infant                     1909          1909       20   infant of Thomas & Martha
HULSEY, infant                   10SE1914      17SE1914     20   d of JA
HULSEY, Clifford Leon            07JL1931      16SE1934     20
HULSEY, Thomas W.                01MH1896      17OC1918     20   Co L  1 Prov BN SC WW-I
HULSEY, Martha                   11MY1869      06AU1928     20   w of TW
HULSEY, Thomas                   09JL1870      26JA1954     20
HULSEY, Jesse P.                 03SE1905      26NO1936     20
BELUE, Thelma                    06AU1910      13DE1910     20   d of WO & SM
BELUE, S. Mauvolena              24DE1892      28AU1967     20   w of WO
BELUE, Willie O.                 11FE1884      11JE1969     20
FELKER, Sarah G.                 24JL1886      22SE1962     20   w of RA
FELKER, Reedy A.                 21SE1879      16MY1965     20
SMITH, Lena Mae                  21AP1921      24MH1936     20
SMITH, James Thomas              24JL1910      25AU1916     20
SMITH, Eliza Jane                10AU1891      12OC1974     20   w of FA
SMITH, Felix Andrew              19OC1887      24JE1971     20
EMBRY, William Linton            22AU1875      01MH1963     20   h of AC
EMBRY, Annie C.                  22SE1880      24MY1931     20
ALEXANDER, Addie C.              29OC1897      28AP1926     20
LEE, Little Roxie                30AP1914      04MH1918     20   d of EO & HB
BURCH, Otis R.                   14NO1924      22SE1925     20   s of Gus & JE
BURCH, Guy C.                    13MH1921      20JE1922     20   s of Gus & JE
BURCH, infant                    08MY1914      08MY1914     20   s of Gus & JE
BURCH, Gracie M.                 21JL1910      05OC1912     20   d of Gus & JE
BURCH, Chester C.                06NO1908      24JE1910     20   s of Gus & JE
LEE, S.L. (Mrs)                  03FE1852      06OC1909     20
LEE, W.W.                        17FE1850      17DE1929     20
LEE, Tranquilla                  25SE1863      27AP1929     20
JOHNS, Mary S.                   03MH1868      10JA1938     20
NESMITH, E.E.                    18MH1887      15JE1901     20   d of TO & EJ
BATES, Verah M.                  16SE1901      08AU1903     20   d of JG & JF
MEWBOURN, Vanetta M.             02JA1925                   21   w of GW
MEWBOURN, Gurlin W.              30SE1917      26JA2001     21
DOLLAR, Sylvia M.                19MH1923      21JL1923     21   d of M & FE
NESMITH, John W.                 19AP1889      23NO1918     21   Pvt  USA  WW-I
NESMITH, Thomas O.               19JL1856      10FE1931     21
NESMITH, Emily J.                06MY1862      05NO1934     21   w of TO
CLEMONS, Buford H.                 1906          1962       21   h of BL
CLEMONS, Bertha L.                 1908          1974       21
McGRAW, R.J.                       1859          1910       21
McGRAW, Charter E.               14AP1899      24DE1958     21   h of SE
McGRAW, Sarah E.                 16JE1907      06OC1962     21
EMBRY, infant                                  26JA1923     21   s of Linton & Annie
ALEXANDER, J.C.                  02AU1892      21NO1917     21
MORGAN, Edna F.                  18AU1915      24DE1915     21
CATES, Bula Dafine               03JE1937      09JA1938     21
CATES, infant                    11FE1931      12FE1931     21   infant of WL & LE
WILLIAMS, infants                24JE1918      24JE1918     21   infants of GT & Lillie
WILLIAMS, infants                11JE1919      11JE1919     21   infants of GT & Lillie
RAY, Lonel L.                    02NO1899      15AU1926     21   s of WE & MA
RAY, William E.                  12FE1872      14FE1943     21   h of MA
RAY, Margett A.                  31OC1872      27SE1953     21
ALEXANDER, Minnie Ola            01JA1872      13JA1944     21A  w of EW
ALEXANDER, Ralph                 12NO1902      17NO1929     21A
COTTLE, Thomas Monro             13JE1925      21JE1927     21A  s of Johnie
URBAN, Linda Fay                 01AU1947      17JE1995     21A  w of MD; m 2JL1965
URBAN, Marion Daniel             10JL1941                   21A
BELUE, Willard Sloan             16JE1921                   22   h of GB; m 15AP1942
BELUE, Geneva Barnett            22JA1923      07NO2005     22
BARNETT, Georgia P.              24JA1907      10FE1998     22   w of PM; m 18DE1921
BARNETT, Pinkey M.               11JA1902      12JE1990     22
SINYARD, Eloise B.               01SE1926      30MH1996     22   w of HD
SINYARD, H.D.                    12MH1918      23JE1996     22
BELEW, Neva Goodman              31MY1933                   22   w of JA; m 7JL1953
BELEW, James Amos                04FE1929      31MY1995     22
BELEW, Wylie                                   23JA1932     22   one date
SHELTON, Movilee Felker          10OC1915      12JA1996     22   w of RH; m 2AU1938
SHELTON, Robert Harvey           06MY1911      28AU1990     22
TRAYLOR, William Hollis (Red)    16AU1935      15MY1986     22
TRAYLOR, Gladys E.               07AU1930                   22   w of AJ; m 25JA1947
TRAYLOR, Avery J.                07AU1920      04JA1995     22
JUSTICE, Peggy Springer          13FE1939      25JA1990     22
BARNETT, Lillie Smith            11MH1906      16FE1992     22   w of JT
BARNETT, James Thomas            14MH1907      22AP1984     22
YOUNG, Barry Lane                16JL1940      30SE2004     22   h of DA
YOUNG, Doris Ann                 19MH1942                   22
FLEMING, Peggy Bassham           20MH1936                   22   w of JH; m 5JL1952
FLEMING, John Henry              02SE1933      23FE1998     22
GOODMAN, Chesley Buren Jr.       18JA1947      24NO1992     24   SSG  USA
GOODMAN, Chesley Buren           28OC1921      03AP2000     24
GOODMAN, Sibyl Sherrell          27JA1927                   24   w of CB Sr.

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