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Surveyed Oct 2003
by Sandra Tidwell

From Florence go East on hwy 72 past Killen, turn left onto hwy 71; go about 5 miles up hwy 71 to the cemetery & church. They are on the right side of the road. This cemetery is located in Township 2, Range 9 West.

Photo by Sandra Tidwell

   LAST         FIRST           DATE         DATE        SPOUSE      COMMENT
   NAME          NAME           BORN         DIED         NAME
Abernathy,Arvella H.        14-Jun-30    05-Jul-69   w/of C.R.
Abernathy,C.R.              23-Aug-29    *5/31/2000  h/of Arvella H.
Adomyetz, Dolph             1/27/1881    13-Apr-46
Adomyetz, Emma              1/4/1890     16-Jul-29
Akins,    Virginia Beavers  19-Nov-29    23-Dec-75
Allen,    Clifford W.       17-Dec-16    15-Mar-43
Allen,    Margaret B.       07-Jun-43    unknown
Allen,    Thomas Boyd       20-Nov-35    03-Apr-82                 A 2C US AIR FORCE
Aston,Carol Regina Clemmons 19-Nov-60    *8/31/2003
Beadle,   Mattie            born 1911    died 1931
Beadle,   Sam F.            12/3/1877    14-Dec-47   h/of Tuara
Beadle,   Turara            2/28/1888    06-Nov-69   w/of Sam F.
Beavers,  Bennie Price      8/29/1900    05-Oct-72   h/of Lola L.
Beavers,  C. Oliver         9/10/1902    21-Mar-77   h/of E. Theora
Beavers,  E. Theora         17-Oct-04    20-Mar-88   w/of  c. Oliver
Beavers,  Frances R.        01-Nov-33    26-Jun-34   d/of CO & Theora
Beavers,  Lola L.           29-Jan-04    *9/24/2000  w/of Bennie Price
Burnett   Irvin "Pete"      3/5/1871     06-Jan-46
Butler,   Bessie G.         06-Feb-10    29-May-80   w/of S.J.
Butler,   Dorothy M.        06-Aug-30    08-Jan-42   d/of SJ & BG
Carter,   Catherine         10-May-24    unknown     w/of Earl L.
Carter,   Earl L.           12-Dec-20    06-Jun-83   h/of Catherine PFC US ARMY WWII
Clements, Joyce A.          04-Aug-41    31-Oct-88   w/of Michael L.
Clements, Michael L.        17-Dec-37    unknown     h/of Joyce A.
Clemmons, Clara Lavonia     4/7/1900     10-Jun-75
Clemmons, Fred Wayne        03-Mar-40    10-Apr-99   h/of Sue Parker
Clemmons, Myrtle            08-Apr-23    02-Aug-94
Clemmons, Sue Parker        19-Jul-42    unknown     w/of Fred Wayne married Jun 20, 1959
Coggins,  Kayleigh Shantese *2/17/2003   *2/21/2003
Corum,    Maelene Jones     29-Oct-47    unknown     w/of Stanley
Corum,    Stanley           06-Jul-49    07-Nov-96   h/of Maelene Jones SP5 US ARMY VIETNAM
Craft,    Desiree Nicole    11-May-83    *5/1/2001
Crews,    Mary Herston      3/10/1881    16-Jul-80
Darr,     Bonnie Herston    04-Nov-04    10-Nov-27
Darr,     Mary Doris        28-Feb-25    28-Feb-25   d/of Mr & Mrs William
Davis,    Delbert C.        23-May-12    21-Jun-92   h/of L. Irene
Davis,    Dessie L.         28-Dec-08    10-Feb-92   w/of Wheeler  married Aug 22, 1926 
Davis,    L. Irene          04-Jul-17    10-Oct-81   w/of Delbert C.
Davis,    Wheeler           31-Dec-07    *2/15/2000  h/of Dessie L.
Faust,    James R.          22-Jan-20    17-Oct-99   h/of Lucille  US ARMY WWII
Faust,    Lucille           18-Jul-26    unknown     w/of James R.
Frost,    Mary Jane         12-Jun-58    21-Jul-84
Gamble,   Julie             9/14/1899    03-Jan-35
Glover    Baby              no dates     no dates
Glover    Brian Thomas      19-Apr-80    19-Apr-80   s/of Percy & Jennifer
Glover    Carolyn S.        31-Mar-38    10-Dec-39   d/of Mr & Mrs JT
Glover    Herschel C.       03-Jun-23    31-Dec-26   s/of Mr & Mrs JT
Glover    JD                no dates     no dates
Glover    Perry Glenn       06-Nov-62    23-Dec-64   s/of Charlie & Geneva
Glover    Rufus J.          no dates     no dates
Glover    William E.        no dates     no dates
Glover,   Arthur "Sam"      8/27/1900    29-Jul-86   h/of Hazel
Glover,   C. E.             01-Feb-32    08-Jan-99   h/of Faye Cagle
Glover,   Cora B.           01-Jun-09    06-Jan-89   w/of Vollie C.
Glover,   E. Florence       8/22/1895    14-Jan-88   w/of Earl E.
Glover,   Earl Edward       8/27/1897    10-Sep-82   h/of E. Florence
Glover,   Faye Cagle        14-Feb-36    unknown     w/of C.E.
Glover,   Hazel             11-Mar-10    03-Mar-98   w/of Arthur "Sam"
Glover,   James Hollis      22-Mar-26    19-Mar-92   s/of Earl E. & E. Florence
Glover,   James T.          2/3/1894     04-May-70   h/of Tilda L. ALABAMA CPL 55 INFANTRY WWI
Glover,   Leo               18-Aug-38    23-May-74   s/of Earl E. & E. Florenc
Glover,   Linda Jean        25-Jan-47    25-Jan-47   d/of Mr. & Mrs. Harold
Glover,   Martha E.         14-Jan-43    unknown     d/of Earl E. & E. Florenc
Glover,   Roland O.         19-May-33    *9/21/2002  s/of James T. & Tilda L.
Glover,   Rose Marie        08-Apr-47    03-Dec-95   d/of James T. & Tilda L.
Glover,   Tilda L.          06-Dec-04    05-Sep-84   w/of James T. married Dec 25, 1921
Glover,   Vollie C.         2/9/1893     24-Dec-67   h/of Cora B.
Gray,     Alma Lee          21-Feb-10    26-Apr-39   w/of Solon
Gray,     Elewee Ray        25-Feb-39    10-Apr-39
Gray,     Evie Jones        21-Feb-08    21-Jan-94   w/of Herbert B.
Gray,     Herbert B.        11-Sep-06    29-Sep-90   h/of Evie Jones married May 29, 1927
Greenhill, Albert Braxton   20-Aug-09    *9/10/2000  h/of Ella King
Greenhill, Avis B.          28-Feb-39    09-Feb-70   h/of Syble S.
Greenhill, Barbara Jean     03-Oct-43    17-Apr-98
Greenhill, Ella King        11-Oct-11    09-Jun-94   w/of Albert Braxton
Greenhill, Larry Wayne      29-Jan-65    *5/14/2001
Greenhill, Syble S.         19-Mar-39    unknown     w/of Avis B.
Greer,    Billy E.          born 1934    died 1934
Greer,    Earl J.           10-Sep-07    29-Mar-66   h/of Ruth A.
Greer,    Infant            15-Sep-29    15-Sep-29   d/of EJ & RA
Greer,    Ruby A.           04-Dec-08    11-May-88   w/of Earl J.
Hale,     Amanda L.         12/12/1855   16-Feb-44
Hale,     Mary E.           12/14/1881   25-Dec-32
Hale,     W. E.             3/7/1877     18-Feb-24
Hamner,   Belinda Butler    14-Oct-55    unknown     w/of Charles Ray
Hamner,   Bruce C.          18-Oct-22    17-Mar-93   married Jan 20, 1951 PFC US ARMY WWII
Hamner,   Charles Ray       30-Oct-51    *7/18/2000  h/of Belinda Butler married Jun 4, 1976
Hamner,   Earline M.        26-Sep-31    unknown     w/of Mitchell E.
Hamner,   Eddie E.          25-Oct-13    19-Nov-99
Hamner,   Fred Clarence     3/1/1897     26-May-80   h/of Isabella Thompson
Hamner,   Gloria Dean       21-Oct-35    28-Dec-43
Hamner,   Infant            31-Aug-33    31-Aug-33   s/of WW & EE
Hamner,   Infant            09-Dec-10    09-Dec-10   d/of Mr & Mrs RC
Hamner,   Isabella Thompson 9/28/1899    03-Mar-88   w/of Fred Clarence
Hamner,   Jennie E.         18-Apr-32    25-Apr-32
Hamner,   John              10/8/1862    26-Dec-43
Hamner,   Mattie L.         1/25/1883    16-May-62   w/of Richard C.
Hamner,   Mitchell E.       08-Feb-28    *1/10/2002  h/of Earline M.
Hamner,   Nancy E.          7/5/1879     05-Jan-44
Hamner,   Odes J            born 1926    died 1952
Hamner,   Opal N.           10-Feb-25    unknown     w/of Richard C.
Hamner,   Ora Mae           21-Jan-23    20-Oct-26
Hamner,   Raymond P.        24-Dec-15    31-Jul-74                 SFC US ARMY
Hamner,   Reba Ann          born 1948    died 1962
Hamner,   Rebecca           12/26/1878   06-Oct-11   w/of FH
Hamner,   Ricahrd C.        20-May-19    27-Oct-98   h/of Opal N.  PFC US ARMY WWII
Hamner,   Richard C.        1/8/1869     23-May-45   h/of Mattie L.
Hamner,   Ruth Faust        31-Oct-29    unknown     Bruce C.
Hamner,   Tina R.           26-Sep-62    unknown     d/of Opal N & Richard C.
Hamner,   William Woodrow   29-Mar-14    08-Nov-41
Hargrove, Lettie Holt       05-Oct-22    13-Apr-83   w/of Marvin
Hargrove, Marvin            05-Nov-22    05-Nov-84   h/of Lettie Holt
Heathcoat,Emmett W.         28-Jan-41    14-Jun-84
Heathcoat,Florence A.       4/21/1892    04-Nov-66   w/of Robert W.
Heathcoat,Robert W.         9/15/1887    11-Aug-51   h/of Florence A.
Hill,     David Louis       05-Aug-07    28-Sep-72   h/of Edith Mae
Hill,     Edith Mae         22-Feb-13    25-May-76   w/of David Louis
Holden,   Ben               born 1884    died 1964   h/of Kitty
Holden,   Clifton E.        15-Jun-15    05-Apr-92                 US ARMY WWI
Holden,   Erastus           5/3/1896     06-Feb-61   h/of Viola
Holden,   Ettar             11/23/1892   10-Jun-84   h/of  Lesslie B.
Holden,   Glennis Elaine    11-Aug-47    unknown     w/of William Paul
Holden,   Herbert Roy       12-Mar-31    23-Feb-84   h/of Joyce Ann CPL US ARMY KOREA
Holden,   Horace R.         24-Jan-13    04-May-68   h/of  Pauline W.
Holden,   Joyce Ann         19-Feb-33    unknown     w/of Herbert Roy married Sep 25, 1951
Holden,   Kitty             born 1888    died 1959   w/of Ben
Holden,   Lesslie B.        9/10/1893    18-Oct-57   w/of Ettar
Holden,   Mary M.           11-Oct-33    11-Oct-33
Holden,   Olga L.           7/14/1897    08-Oct-96   w/of Johnie T.
Holden,   Pauline W.        18-Oct-18    *8/13/2000  w/of Horace R.
Holden,   Ruby M.           born 1917    died 1940   w/of  E.W.
Holden,   Son               02-Dec-37    02-Dec-37   s/of HR & PW
Holden,   Viola             7/29/1888    27-Nov-67   w/of Erastus
Holden,   Walter E.         04-Aug-26    05-Mar-80                 US NAVY
Holden,   William Paul      10-Jun-45    *6/21/2001  h/of Glennis Elaine
Horton,   Betty Sue Allen   16-Jan-41    28-Dec-77
Horton,   Clifford E.       15-Jun-15    05-Apr-92
Hubbard,  Harvey H.         08-Feb-42    unknown     h/of V. Juanita
Hubbard,  V. Juanita        05-Jan-45    13-Mar-84   w/of Harvey H.
Hughes,   Charlie           12/30/1865   07-Jul-41   h/of Martha & Sallie
Hughes,   Martha            12/19/1897   unknown     h/of Charlie
Hughes,   Patricia          19-May-45    19-May-45   d/of AD & VL
Isbell,   Eugene            18-Sep-20    28-Apr-87   h/of Frances
Isbell,   Frances           01-Jun-33    unknown     w/of  Eugene
Jaynes,   Annie K.          20-Nov-35    unknown     w/of Jimmy L.
Jaynes,   Jimmy L.          13-Sep-31    03-Apr-61   h/of Annie K.
Jaynes,   Maudie V.         4/24/1892    13-Aug-53
Johnson,  Betty Greer       19-Oct-33    *3/4/2000   w/of Fred K.
Jones,    A.C.              10/29/1882   05-Jun-28   h/of Emma
Jones,    Annie T.          19-Nov-08    13-Apr-92   w/of Willie M.
Jones,    Baby              04-Jan-33    04-Jan-33   d/of Mr & Mrs Charles T.
Jones,    Blanche S.        12-Dec-06    31-Jan-86   w/of Clarence
Jones,    Buford            11/121904    17-Mar-08   s/of AG & EB
Jones,    C. Henry          10/10/1888   26-Jun-76   h/of M. Lizzie
Jones,    Clarence          04-Jul-06    04-Jun-72   h/of Blanche S S2 US NAVY WWII
Jones,    Clifton Dewey     15-Aug-20    25-Dec-92                 SGT US ARMY WWII
Jones,    Edna Marie        03-May-20    12-Nov-98   w/of Jesse V  married Jan 3, 1937
Jones,    Eli               6/6/1900     03-Mar-95   h/of Oma
Jones,    Emma              3/28/1882    28-Apr-18   w/of  A.C.
Jones,    Esther Heathcoat  27-Nov-19    26-Jun-94   w/of Floyd Reed
Jones,    Floyd Reed        24-Mar-15    13-Aug-91   h/o Esther Heathcoat
Jones,    Fred A.           25-Jan-16    28-Jun-72   h/of Irene H. married Oct 2, 1938
Jones,    Gladys Mae        05-Oct-12    28-Dec-87
Jones,    Irene H.          22-Feb-16    unknown     w/of Fred A.
Jones,    Jackie W.         12-Nov-45    10-Jan-97                 SGT US ARMY VIETNAM PURPLE HEART
Jones,    James Henry       12-Sep-49    28-Nov-49
Jones,    Jesse V.          31-Mar-18    unknown     h/of Edna Marie
Jones,    Jessie D.         07-Feb-21    07-Nov-57
Jones,    M. Lizzie         6/26/1894    28-Dec-83   w/of C. Henry
Jones,    Marilyn D.        05-Apr-56    31-Jan-70
Jones,    Mary Ann          29-Sep-40    07-Oct-40   d/of Reed & Esther
Jones,    Maudie            10/9/1889    08-Oct-35   w/of A.C.
Jones,    Myrtle Mae        7/6/1893     09-Dec-77
Jones,    Nora B.           10/20/1888   28-Oct-28   w/of Thomas E.
Jones,    Oma               13-Feb-06    22-Nov-90   w/of Eli      married May 6, 1923
Jones,    Rubbie Mae        02-Mar-45    09-Dec-49
Jones,    Susie             4/11/1866    28-Mar-41
Jones,    William Jackie    12-Nov-45    10-Jan-97
Jones,    Willie M.         10/17/1902   24-Nov-84   h/of Annie T.
Jones,    Thomas E.         1/28/1886    02-Nov-67   h/of Nora B.
Kretzer,  Dewey             27-Aug-29    08-Jan-36
Kretzer,  Edna              5/27/1898    29-Jun-22
Kretzer,  Hollice           23-Oct-20    04-Nov-33
Kretzer,  Infant            20-Jul-28    20-Jul-28   I/of A & M
Kretzer,  Mittie H.         10/29/1903   21-Dec-97   w/of Otto
Kretzer,  Otto              11/14/1896   29-Oct-65   h/of Mittie H.
Lanford,  Aquilla P.        24-Mar-30    unknown     w/of C. Elbert married Apr 26, 1950
Lanford,  C. Elbert         25-Sep-20    19-Dec-87   h/of Aquilla P CPL US ARMY WWII
Lawson,   Andrew M.         2/7/1897     09-Aug-71   h/of Emma L.
Lawson,   Emma L.           12-Apr-05    13-May-88   w/of Andrew M.
Lawson,   Mary J.           born 1869    died 1952   w/of Thomas L.
Lawson,   Rufus             26-Aug-05    21-Oct-26   s/of TL & Mary
Lawson,   Thomas L.         born 1864    died 1911   h/of Mary J.
Mance,    Mattie            30-Mar-10    04-Dec-85
Manous,   Bamer             7/12/1902    25-Jul-77   w/of Henry
Manous,   Edna Mae          02-Jan-34    unknown     w/of L. O'Neal
Manous,   Henry             6/29/1900    24-Dec-81   h/of Bamer
Manous,   Infant            17-Mar-29    17-Mar-29   d/of Mr & Mrs Henry
Manous,   L. O'Neal         26-Feb-34    03-Oct-81   h/of Edna Mae
MartindaleInfant            no dates     no dates    s/of GA & BC
Masonia,  Annie M.          5/16/1883    20-Feb-19   w/of OS W.
Masonia,  Charlie E.        31-Oct-07    15-Apr-23
Masonia,  Mary V.           02-Feb-12    28-May-17
Masonia,  OS W.             10/26/1877   05-Jun-51   h/of Annie M.
Masonia,  Shelby Gene       02-Dec-36    02-Dec-36   d/of RW & ML
May,      Charlie  Tilton   05-Nov-32    03-Jun-89   h/f Gertie Mae
May,      Gertie Mae        27-Oct-37    unknown     w/of Charlie Tilton
McBride,  Steven L.         19-Apr-60    *7/23/2002
McGee,    Tambra Brianna    08-Nov-95    19-Mar-96
Miller,   Mattie F.         24-May-20    15-Sep-80   w/of Willie T.
Miller,   Willie T.         12-Nov-16    unknown     h/of Mattie F. married Dec 26, 1946
Miner,    Emma M.           5/18/1886    29-Nov-37
Miner,    Wylie E.          2/2/182      01-Feb-30
Mitchell, Robert Stephen    12-Sep-52    10-Mar-53   s/of Mr & Mrs RH
Nichols,  Larry Joe         02-Jul-46    26-Oct-46   s/of Mr & Mrs Jessie H.
Parker,   Butris H. Sr.     15-Jan-12    05-Dec-76   h/of Dulus G.
Parker,   Carl B.           12-Feb-21    *2/12/2001  h/of Evalyn  Barnett
Parker,   Catherine         9/14/1860    11-Sep-37   w/of W.C.
Parker,   Dewey G.          10/9/1903    05-Jul-94   h/of Hattie S.
Parker,   Doyce Almon       07-Jun-20    *1/4/2000   h/of Louise Trousdale US ARMY WWII
Parker,   Dulus G.          01-Jan-17    unknown
Parker,   Edna E.           4/29/1886    26-Feb-81   w/of Clark O.
Parker,   Evalyn Barnett    25-Oct-22    unknown     w/of Carl B.
Parker,   Evelyn A.         07-Jul-22    unknown     w/of Herbert D. married Nov 16, 1940
Parker,   Glenda L.         22-Jan-57    23-Jan-57
Parker,   Harlon            18-Nov-23    30-Nov-23
Parker,   Harriet T.        11/7/1891    19-Mar-85   w/of Thomas Eli
Parker,   Hattie C.         6/17/1889    24-Feb-70   w/of John H.
Parker,   Hattie L.         13-Mar-04    01-Aug-36   w/of D.G.
Parker,   Herbert D.        09-Mar-15    27-Sep-94   h/of Evelyn A.
Parker,   James H.          18-Apr-24    16-Sep-25   s/of JR & E
Parker,   James O.          05-Jan-28    27-Apr-28   s/of G.O. & E.E.
Parker,   Jessie E.         20-Jan-11    30-Jan-11
Parker,   John H.           1/20/1885    18-Nov-72   h/of Hattie C.
Parker,   John Henry        16-Sep-07    14-Dec-97   h/of Naomi R. married Nov 7, 1928
Parker,   Louise Trousdale  29-Aug-22    unknown     w/of Doyce Almon
Parker,   LuAnn             01-Feb-66    *2/26/2000
Parker,   Luther J.         12-Jun-19    26-Jun-96   h/of Ruth H.
Parker, Martha Ann Hamilton 08-Oct-24    unknown     w/of William Burtis married Dec 21, 1942 
Parker,   Naomi R.          22-Nov-10    unknown     w/of John Henry
Parker,   Natheren          16-Sep-15    12-Jan-17
Parker,   Nettie E.         19-Jun-09    02-Jan-11
Parker,   Oscar Bennett PFC 04-Feb-29    24-Jun-52
Parker,   Ruth H.           unknown      24-Aug-83   w/of Luther J.
Parker,   Thomas Eli        8/30/1889    07-Feb-64   h/of Harriet T.
Parker,   W.C.              3/17/1858    28-Apr-35   h/of Catherine
Parker,   William Burtis Sr.27-Dec-16    *8/15/2000  h/of Martha Ann Hamilton PVT US ARMY WWII
Parker,   Willie            22-Dec-05    06-Jul-07
Parker,   Wm. Eli           born 1906    14-Oct-06
Peck,     Albert Leo        21-Nov-17    13-Sep-83   h/of Helen Smith married Mar 19, 1939
Peck,     Buford            06-Oct-21    01-Feb-81   h/of Helen Lamar
Peck,     Christopher A.    21-Aug-67    *11/30/2002
Peck,     Clara M.          7/3/1897     29-Nov-81   w/of Herman R.
Peck,     Floyd             07-May-26    died 1927   s/of RJ & ME
Peck,     Helen Lamar       15-Sep-24    unknown     w/of Buford   married Jan 19, 1946
Peck,     Helen Smith       24-Jan-21    unknown     w/of Albert Leo
Peck,     Herman R.         5/31/1897    13-Sep-74   h/of Clara M.
Peck,     Infant            17-Feb-25    17-Feb-25   I/of RJ & Me
Peck,     Katherine         16-Nov-23    14-Nov-95   w/of Raymond
Peck,     Lena              1/24/1862    14-Sep-39   w/of Robert
Peck,     Mamie             born 1890    died 1943   w/of P.W.
Peck,     Mamie E.          6/19/1903    03-Jun-85   w/of Rhinot J.
Peck,     P.W.              6/11/1891    26-Dec-67   h/of Mamie
Peck,     Raymond           11-Mar-22    14-Feb-53   h/of Katherine
Peck,     Rhinot J.         8/27/1901    18-Jun-73   h/of Mamie E.
Peck,     Robert            11/2/1865    26-Feb-49   h/of Lena
Peck,     Robert H.         26-Jan-23    01-Mar-23
Phillips, Shannon Dee       27-Jan-74    21-Mar-74   s/of Kenneth & Ellen
Phillips, Viola Worley      12/10/1875   19-Jun-65
Ray,      Myrtle Hamner     13-Oct-06    15-Dec-98
Redmond,  Frankie Hamner    07-Jan-18    *6/30/2001
Richardson, George W.       1/20/1888    19-May-65   h/of Lessie R.
Richardson, Lessie R.       9/8/1894     22-Oct-69   w/of George W.
Ridling,  Shanna Leigh      18-Sep-93    18-Sep-93   d/of Shane & Connie twin
Ridling,  Tyler Gene        18-Sep-93    18-Sep-93   s/of Shane & Connie twin
Shook,    Jean              13-Apr-37    unknown     w/of R.L.
Shook,    R.L.              27-May-32    05-Sep-76   h/of Jean
Skipworth, Burttie L.       20-Nov-10    died May
Skipworth, Ella T.          born 1887    died 1986   w/of M.H.
Skipworth, Evelyn C.        09-Nov-14    *2/11/2000
Skipworth, Gertrude C.      27-Jan-20    unknown     w/of Willie E. married Jan 15, 1942
Skipworth, Jessie Lela      19-Mar-12    03-Dec-93   w/of Roy Oliver
Skipworth, John T.          born 1879    died 1960   h/of Ollie E.
Skipworth, M. H.            born 1885    died 1962   h/of Ella T.
Skipworth, Meggie B.        04-Apr-13    06-Sep-14
Skipworth, Ollie E.         born 1882    died 1971   w/of John T.
Skipworth, Roy Oliver       22-Aug-08    27-Aug-83   h/of Jessie Lela
Skipworth, S.J.             10/2/1855    27-Feb-41
Skipworth, Sam P.           born  1920   17-Jun-55                 ALABAMA BM2 USNR WWII
Skipworth, Samuel P.        4/5/1853     11-Mar-19
Skipworth, Turner H.        06-Aug-15    29-Sep-91                 TSCT US AIR FORCE WWII KOREA VIETNAM
Skipworth, Willie E.        3/7/1890     11-Mar-85   h/of Gertrude PVT US ARMY WWI
Smith,    Andrew            born 1900    died 1970   h/of Lizzie
Smith,    Annie J.          29-May-14    20-Dec-67
Smith,    Carney W.         9/26/1898    03-Jan-71   h/of Lillie M.
Smith,    Charlie E.        born 1877    died 1957   h/of Mary E.
Smith,    Edna V.           01-Jan-33    22-Jan-33
Smith,    Elvin G.          born 1907    died 1960   h/of Ozella S.
Smith,    Emmett O          4/17/1879    06-Mar-46
Smith,    Hauttie B.        12-Apr-24    11-Apr-26
Smith,    Henry Jesse       03-Sep-12    31-Aug-92   h/of Idell Jones married Nov 15, 1931
Smith,    Herman            born 1902    died 1931
Smith,    Idell Jones       06-May-13    04-Mar-91   w/of Henry Jesse
Smith,    J.F.              11/27/1852   17-Sep-08
Smith,    James B.          10-Oct-16    08-Mar-73   h/of Eunice L.
Smith,    James F.          born 1913    died 1971   h/of Maudie B. "Dollie"
Smith,    James H.          07-Oct-16    02-May-80   h/of Ruth
Smith,    James Oran        19-Sep-25    31-Jul-84                 CPL US MARINE CORPS WWII KOREA
Smith,    Josephene         4/12/1857    29-Oct-39
Smith,    Lillie M.         08-Aug-08    24-Feb-97   w/of Carney W.
Smith,    Lizzie            born 1890    died 1951   w/of Andrew
Smith,    Marty P. "J. J."  29-Jul-61    28-Sep-97
Smith,    Mary E.           born 1884    died 1963   w/of Charlie E.
Smith,    Mary E.           5/29/1903    25-Jan-76   w/of Rufus O.
Smith,    Mary Lynn         20-Aug-60    20-Aug-60
Smith,    Mason Grant       21-Jun-84    *5/1/2002
Smith,  Maudie B. "Dollie"  born 1915    died 1997   w/of James F.
Smith,    Nelson Walter     27-May-22    14-Mar-49
Smith,    Ozella S.         born 1910    died  1991  w/of Ozella S.
Smith,    Preston Lee       29-Jan-37    09-May-96   s/of James F. & Maudie B
Smith,    Robert L.         07-Jun-11    04-Jan-34
Smith,    Rosia Mae         25-Nov-11    23-Jun-12
Smith,    Rufus O.          27-Nov-06    29-Apr-96   h/of Mary E.
Smith,    Ruth              28-Nov-16    unknown     w/of James H.
Smith,    S. Elizabeth      16-Dec-59    14-Jan-61
Smith,    Walter D.         born 1896    died 1937
Smitherman Infant            no dates     no dates    s/of John & Clayton
Smotherman                  born 1873    died 1944
Smith,    Eunice L.         18-Feb-27    *5/14/2003  w/of James B.
Spears,   Henry M.          20-Sep-26    *4/4/2001
Spears,   Lary Larue        30-Sep-55    20-May-74
Tate,     Bessie H.         24-Apr-18    10-Feb-68   w/of Ralph A.
Tate,     Ralph A.          16-Jun-34    unknown     h/of Bessie H.
Thigpen,  Donnie K.         11/13/1899   01-Nov-82   h/of Walter H.
Thigpen,  Elizabeth         3/27/1873    20-Mar-20
Thigpen,  Eula Mae          14-Oct-24    16-Mar-30   d/of RL & MB
Thigpen,  H. Dennis         18-Jul-49    17-Aug-92   s/of H.O. & Louise
Thigpen,  H.O. "Neal"       06-May-26    *11/26/2001 h/of Louise Glover
Thigpen,  Infant            28-Jun-28    28-Jun-28   s/of JH & ML
Thigpen,  Infant            no dates     no dates    d/of Mr & Mr  Paul
Thigpen,  James Berlyn      08-May-31    30-Jun-97   h/of Norma Crumley
Thigpen,  Kathy Noblitt     28-Apr-55    20-Jun-94
Thigpen,  Lena C.           9/11/1899    22-Mar-20
Thigpen,  Louise Glover     01-Jun-31    unknown     w/of H.O. "Neal"
Thigpen,  Mary Pearl        21-Jan-33    09-Apr-79   w/of Elbert Paul
Thigpen,  Norma Crumley     18-Jun-35    unknown     w/of James Beryln
Thigpen,  Raymond L.        11/19/1896   10-May-68                 ALABAMA PVT CASUAL CO 158 WWI
Thigpen,  W. Oscar          17-Aug-23    17-Mar-24   s/of RL & MB
Thigpen,  Walter H.         3/21/1899    26-Nov-74   h/of Donnie K.
Thompson, Annie Lee         22-Oct-22    24-Nov-95   w/of William A.
Thompson, Janet Marie       08-Jun-54    08-Nov-57
Thompson, Paul E.           13-Feb-49    24-Apr-85
Thompson, William A.        03-Apr-20    02-Nov-58   h/of Annie Lee
Tidwell,  John R.           9/14/1871    04-Jan-53   s/of Thomas T & Nancy
Tidwell,  Nancy             9/25/1852    21-May-30   w/of  Thomas T.
Tidwell,  Roxie             11/13/1887   09-Oct-58   d/of Thomas & Nancy
Tidwell,  Thomas T.         5/15/1847    03-Jun-18   h/of Nancy
Trousdale, Annie L.         born 1895    died 1979   w/of Jesse F.
Trousdale, Boyd M.          20-Feb-09    02-Mar-09   s/of BJ & PL
Trousdale, Gilbert          23-Nov-17    02-Dec-88   w/of Gilbert
Trousdale, Jesse F.         12/25/1895   24-Jun-62   h/of Annie L. ALABAMA PVT 167 INFANTRY WWI
Trousdale, Joe C.           3/3/1893     13-Apr-71   h/of Selma
Trousdale, Marguerite       23-Jan-28    14-Apr-99   w/of Gilbert  married Jul 5, 1960
Trousdale, Myrtle E.        06-Apr-06    07-Jun-44   d/of BJ &PL
Trousdale, Selma            12/17/1893   17-Apr-71   w/of Joe C.   married Jan 31, 1916
Tucker,   Leo D.            25-May-24    09-Aug-91   h/of Opal Irene
Tucker,   Opal Irene        16-Oct-23    unknown     w/of Leo D.
Tucker,   Shirley A.        17-Sep-46    unknown     w/of Wallac C.
Tucker,   Wallace C.        05-Apr-43    *3/12/2000  h/of Shirley A.
Walker,   Lyzenia           11-Sep-22    *8/9/2002   w/of Ray      
Walker,   Roy               19-Jul-24    unknown     h/of Lyzenia
Warren/Riner Lawrence E.    05-Nov-41    *2/17/2003
Warren/Riner M. Janette     31-Mar-47    18-May-96
Warren/Riner Mary Jane      31-Mar-47    unknown
Wells,    Billy R.          27-Nov-31    01-May-94   h/of Earline M.
Wells,    Earline M.        17-Oct-34    unknown     w/of Billy R. married Dec 19, 1959
Wells,    Emil              born 1898    died 1970   h/of Myrtle
Wells,    Myrtle            born 1905    died 1950   w/of Emil
Williams, Edgar B.          7/7/1895     24-Nov-73   h/of Lena T.
Williams, Hallie S.         8/23/1903    20-Sep-62   w/of Lucien
Williams, Lena T.           4/22/1896    21-Feb-84   w/of Edgar
Williams, Lucien            7/9/1899     unknown     h/of Hallie S.
Williams, S.E.              7/22/1864    29-Feb-28   w/of WC
Williams, WC                8/8/1860     05-Jun-47   h/of SE
Wilson,   Bertha V.         11-Dec-08    unknown     w/of Terry V.
Wilson,   James Doyle D.V.M.12-Feb-48    14-Aug-95   h/of Judy Kay
Wilson,   Judy Kay          18-Apr-49    unknown     w/of James Doyle DVM
Wilson,   Terry V.          20-Oct-20    *12/28/2002 h/of Bertha V.
Worley,   Curtis J.         10/26/1844   15-Jun-12                 PVT CO D 27 NC INF CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY
Worley,   Emily J.          10/7/1849    03-Jan-36
Worley,   J. Taylor         7/31/1877    24-Jul-26

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