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Contributed 26 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 through Killen and turn left on CR 71.  Turn left on CR 170 and the cemetery is at that intersection. This cemetery was surveyed by Judy Mason & James and Muriel Barnett in 1995; and was updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  The cemetery is divided into three sections.  Section A is the eastern third; Section B is the middle third; and Section C is the western third.  Rows are numbered from the south. Map.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
CROWE, Helen M.                  01NO1911      17MH1998     A01
WADE, Walter Frank               01JE1930      23AU1996     A01  USN
HORISON, Bertha R.     *         20AU1948      12NO1992     A01
KING, Laura E.                   27MY1914      03NO1998     A01
KING, Curtis Lee                 cir1940       30DE2001     A01
BAILEY, J.C.                     23SE1932      13MY1997     A01
ALEXANDER, Nellie                08AU1935      09OC1991     A01
MONROE, Sallie M.                  1914          1982       A02
HOUSTON, Tom                     08MY1891      21MH1982     A02  Mason
FUQUA, Dorothy                                 01SE1992     A02
BATES, Lois                      05MH1917      23SE1984     A02
JOHNSON, Otis                                  06AP1984     A02
McDONALD, Perry                    1911          1993       A02
HAMER, William I.                19JA1934      21DE1993     A02
HAMER, Robert James              23DE1936      11MH2002     A02
BAILEY, Maudie Reba              08JE1937                   A03  double with Tommie
BAILEY, Tommie                   31JA1904      21AP1995     A03
BROOKS, Lelia Belle              14MH1915                   A03
RUCKER, Leroy                      1926          1982       A03
ANDREWS, Shirley Jean Bankhead   cir1936       01AU2002     A03
SMITH, Mary Elizabeth            01JA1929      08SE1995     A03  2nd Lt  USA  Korea
BANKHEAD, Charlie C.             05FE1931      25JL1976     A03  SP3  USA  Korea
HOUSTON, Louvina                 25DE1877      14DE1972     A03
MONROE, James E.                 05OC1915      23JE1979     A03
HARRISON, Christine I.           24JE1918      28MH1977     A04
ABERNATHY, Roy Spencer           13FE1914      03MY1979     A04  Pvt  USA  WW-II
INGRAM, Willie James             15OC1914      21AU1980     A04
INGRAM, Daniel D.                24DE1925      01FE1986     A04
FIELDS, Hazel                    08DE1920      08JE1987     A04
INGRAM, Frankie L.               12OC1944      19JL2006     A04
HARDEN, Rosa Isbell              28MY1916      12AU2003     A04
BAILEY, Horace     *             21DE1895      03AU1985     A04  Pvt  USA  WW-I
FUQUA, Ben E. Jr.                06NO1926      25MH1987     A04  Tec5  USA   WW-II
WHITE, Narsissie S.              15AP1818      06NO1915     A05
SEAWRIGHT, Willie                15OC1874      10JL1930     A05
?, Sallie J.                                                A06
WHITE, Herbert                   04FE1898      02SE1898     A06  s of JW & SJ
WHITE, Thomas                    30MH1899      02AP1899     A06  s of JW & SJ
WHITE, J.W.                      02MY1873      21AU1901     A06
WHITE, Amanda                      1855          1944       A06  w of David Allen Sr.
ALLEN, David B.                  21FE1850      30MY1902     A06
HARRIS, Mary                                   17OC1927     A07  Harmony Chamber 2136
GRANT, Phoeba                    11MY1824      18JE1878     A07  w of WM
GRANT, William M.                29DE1818      15AP1891     A07
MITCHELL, Oggie                   JE1928                    A07  can't read
JACKSON, Ruth                    cir1915       26FE1995     A07  w of Rufus
JACKSON, Rufus Sr.               cir1903       22AP1983     A07
BROOKS, James                                  24NO1936     A07  Pvt 1 C1 366 Inf 92 Div
BROOKS, Dave                       1859        05NO1920     A07
McVAY, Mary                        1820        13NO1905     A07  w of Jerry
GARNER, Annie E.                 19AP1919                   A07  w of Jeff
GARNER, Jeff R.                  04JL1915      17MY1997     A07
JOHNSON, Mimie Hardin  *         16AP1908      26JL1995     B01
JORDAN, Frankie E.               05JA1920      19OC1996     B01
HARDIN, Lee Thomas               17OC1933      05JL1994     B01  Pvt  USA  Korea
HARDIN, Lena                     10JA1906      22AU2004     B01
HEWITT, Willie J.                08OC1936      21JE1993     B01  double with Ronnie
HEWITT, Ronnie L.                28DE1950      04NO1995     B01
ALLEN, Willie Sr.                27NO1898      29AU1975     B01
ROWLETT, Willis A.               13JL1882      10JA1976     B01
ROWLETT, Ella                    06AU1893      17JA1986     B01  w of WA
ROWLETT, Frances Earline         18NO1937      29SE1995     B01
HARDEN, Josie                    02NO1891      08AU1973     B02
SANDERS, Alice T.                  1923          1964       B02
SANDERS, Luster                    1899          1958       B02
BATES, Annie E.                  12JA1938      06MH1968     B03
MONROE, Cora                     19MY1889      04MH1968     B03
FUQUA, Earline                   09JA1934      27MH1966     B03
WOODS, Nettie                    11JA1891      18JE1965     B03
ALLEN, William                   10MH1872      08JL1969     B03
REYNOLDS, Willie                   1900          1964       B03
HOWELL, Junie A.  *              18JE1919      28JL1957     B04
HARRISON, Alberta A.                           17DE1957     B04
ALLEN, Ida                       18MY1882      07MY1966     B04  w of Lenord
ALLEN, Lenord                                  17JE1958     B04
NEWTON, Joe Nathan               22OC1927      05NO1968     B04  PA  SH2  USN  WW-II Korea
THORNTON, Louise A.              14FE1917      25NO1968     B04
HARRISON, Johnnie B.             13OC1910      21MH1964     B04
HARDIN, Sterling                 05NO1952      06MY1971     B04
HARDIN, Henry James              05JA1945      29DE1972     B04  SP5  USA  Vietnam
HARDIN, Rachel Olivia            15NO1913      04NO1986     B04  w of Charles
HARDIN, Charles                    1904          1995       B04
COGMAN, Estella H.               16SE1907      18JE1953     B05
HARRISON, Elviria                14JA1915      29JA1953     B05
HARRISON, Minervia               14MH1865      19AU1916     B05
HARRISON, Sam                    10JE1880      19JL1923     B05
HARRISON, Willie                 12JA1886      18AU1942     B05
BAILEY, Robert J.                24AP1908      06AU1981      B
BAILEY, Alice                    12SE1912      11MH1913      B   d of TM
BAILEY, John H.                  11FE1900      18OC1910      B   s of TM
GIST, Mattie                     07JA1872      19JA1901      B
HARRISON, Bell                   01JE1886      09JA1923      B
HARKINS, Sepney                  10AU1858      22JA1915      B
WREN, Richard                     MY1845        OC1889       B
WREN, Elizabeth                  25FE1846      28JA1894      B   w of Richard
GRANT, Sallie M.                 02AP1880      11AU1899      B   w of JW
INGRAM, S.                                                   B   Co H III  USC  I
CROW, Josie                                    30AU1924      B
GIST, Martha                     10JA1822      21NO1913      B
GIST, David                      25FE1824                    B   h of Martha
GIST, Rebecca                    27FE1877      18AU1903      B
GIST, Hugh                       18JA1849      17NO1913      B
McLONE, Mattie                   07JA1875      21JA1901      B
GORDON, Elizah                   27JL1926      07FE1946      B   Pvt  Air Corps WW-II
GORDON, Jennie                                 30AU1925      B   Nancy Washington Chamber
HARDEN, Carl                     12SE1921                   C01  h of Mosella
HARDEN, Mosella                  30JA1927      15JE2002     C01
HARDEN, Carl Jr.                 16MH1949      05MH2003     C01  h of Jeanell
HARDEN, Jeanell                  12MY1951                   C01  m 5JE1970
ALLEN, Ruby Earl                 18JA1952      16MY1992     C01
SWAN, William Clarence                           1991       C01  could not read
HARDIN, Thomas L.                27OC1922                   C01  h of Almeater
HARDIN, Almeater                 28AU1927      18JE1992     C01
CRAYTON, Florence I.             09NO1905      18MH1990     C01
COLEMAN, Deidre D.               31MH1963      18JA1995     C01
COWAN, Vester Lee Sr.            09MH1914      30JA1986     C01
ALLEN, Glen                      10OC1926      27AU2003     C01
LILES, Grace                     10AU1913      29SE1986     C02
HARDIN, Bennie                     1899          1985       C02
COLEMAN, Juanita H.              26AU1939      11JE1984     C02
HARDIN, James B.                 14MH1902      10MY1982     C02
HARDEN, Walter J.                06MY1905      02SE1979     C02  h of ME
HARDEN, Mary E.                  18AU1905      15JE1981     C02
ALLEN, Richard Alexander         12AU1902      08AU1981     C02
ALLEN, Samuel Earl               09MH1927      07SE1981     C02  A2C  USAF
ALLEN, Pearline                  29MH1929      13FE1991     C02
HARRISON, Spencer A.             15JE1917      22MY1988     C02
HARRISON, Clara Hodges           07SE1918      24AP2004     C02
NOTTAGE, Jennie Harrison           1920          1991       C02
NEWTON, Luezenia (Bennie)        07AP1919      26JA2003     C02
BAILEY, Willie J.                28AU1951                   C03  s of Emma
BAILEY, Emma Jean                02DE1908      01AU2000     C03
HOWELL, Cassie L.                20MH1902      20JE1993     C03
TURNER, Leslie James             13AU1932      14OC1984     C03  A2C  USAF  Korea
ALLEN, Jeff                      22JE1916      08OC1996     C03  Sgt  USA  WW-II
ALLEN, Glen Earl                 08OC1958                   C03
ALLEN, Esther Willie T.          06SE1907      16JA1994     C03
ALLEN, Press                     14OC1888      17OC1976     C03
ALLEN, Carrie L.                 03JL1908      02AU1979     C03
JACKSON, Evelyn L. Rowlett       06AP1928      15FE1999     C03
ALLEN, Hugh                      23DE1887      06AU1979     C03  s of Alex
COLE, Cora Allen                 23MH1917      28NO1978     C03  d of Hugh
ALLEN, Julia Bell                10AP1916      26MH1974     C03
ALLEN, Ruth                      14MY1909      25AU1977     C04
ALLEN, Sinclair                  31JL1923      22DE1973     C04
ALLEN, Conrad                    11JE1971      14JE1971     C04
LILES, Oscar                     08JE1894      06MY1974     C04  Pvt  USA  (did not find)
BRANNON, Jessie P.               09AP1901      25MY1974     C04
BRANNON, David Rayfield          03MH1895      14DE1981     C04
BRANNON, Treemanuel              25FE1889      22JL1988     C04
HARRISON, Thomas                 28AP1910      19MH1990     C04
BAILEY, Jack                     31DE1894      10DE1974     C04  Pvt  USA
BAILEY, Abbie                      1882          1979       C04
HOWELL, Willie Calvin            29MY1924      21AP1978     C04  USA  WW-II
HUTCHERSON, Josephine            11MY1924      14JE1978     C04
BROWN, Lawyer                    15JL1915      08JL1978     C04  h of Annie
BROWN, Annie Mae                 28JA1919      24JA1984     C04
?, Jessie (Mrs)                  09JE1926        13JL       C04  can't read
WATKINS, Jasmine Adale (Tellie   09MY1995      09MY1995     C04
THOMPSON, Louise (Gert)          12JE1927      22MY1999     C05  w of Earnest
THOMPSON, Earnest (Bob)          17MY1914      30DE1997     C05
HARDIN, Arrie B.                 14JL1896      16JL1971     C05
SMITH, John X.                   08DE1884      23OC1967     C05
McKINNEY, Omelia J.              02MY1920      17JA1974     C05
TURNER, George Jr. (Duck)        02NO1937      07JL1999     C05
TURNER, Margaret Harrison        02DE1915      22OC1993     C05  w of Geo.
TURNER, George (Elder)           11MY1911      18NO1971     C05  Mason
BAILEY, Minnie L.                23AP1904      10SE1973     C05
LILES, Marvin Kenneth            cir1940       10JA2006     C05
LILES, Nettie                    07JL1903      03OC1983     C05
ALLEN, Avery                     12JE1904      29JA1969     C05
ALLEN, Wash                      08JL1892      28AP1965     C05
ALLEN, Mattie                                               C05  w of Wash
MORTON, Margaret                 02MY1913      08JL2003     C06  w of Laymon
MORTON, Laymon                   19OC1906      29SE1969     C06
ROWLETT, John C.                 07AP1888      09JA1968     C06  h of DB
ROWLETT, Dora B.                 02OC1890      05JL1967     C06
ALLEN, Emmer                     06SE1863      19NO1960     C06  d of Geo & Easter Chisholm
GLAUSE, Lewis                      1902          1997       C06
ROWLETT, Henry B. (Mutt)         26SE1920      25NO1970     C06  s of Willis & Ella Allen
ROWLETT, Delma Oddits (Dale)     10MY1950      26JE1996     C06
ROWLETT, Benjamin C.             15JA1914      23AU1989     C06  Pvt USA WW-II(did not find)
TURNER, Minnie                    MY1881       28AP1963     C06
WILLIAMS, Annie Harrison                       20SE1962     C07
HARRISON, Louise                 02JE1880      14AP1959     C07
BROOKS, Sam                      17FE1889      22AU1961     C07
HOWELL, Alex P.                  29AU1874      12DE1962     C07
HOWELL, Issac C.                 07AU1922      18MH1961     C07  Pfc Btry B 466 AAA AW WW-II
HARRISON, Guy                    01JA1888      20DE1960     C07
FLOYDE, Robert                     1944          1960       C07
ALLEN, Andrew                    26FE1874      05JE1958     C07
ALLEN, William Andrew            22MH1908      24AP1996     C07
BONDS, w of Charles                                         C07
JOHNSON, Henry Clayton *         06AP1892      24MH1953     C08  w of Luther
HARRISON, John A.                01FE1885      01MY1955     C08
HARRISON, Henry V.               21SE1889      04MY1970     C08
BROOKS, Nettie                     1898          1956       C08  w of MCK
ALLEN, Robert L.                 11JE1913      03MY1955     C08
ALLEN, Birdie                    02MH1896      17OC1966     C08
BANKHEAD, Berry                  03JA1892      10JL1957     C08  Cpl MG Co 366 Inf WW-I
GORDAN, Dezzie                   09DE1888      22SE1922     C09
HARRISON, Percy L.               02MH1893      09SE1918     C09
HAMER, Lillian                   02DE1883       MY1950      C10
FUQUA, Lonnie L.                 22SE1906      22NO1912     C11
HOWELL, Oeney                    09JE1823      05MY1899     C11  w of Ike
FUQUA, Kizzie                                  27JA1921     C11
FUQUA, Joe                       06FE1870      02FE1923     C11
KEY, Emma T.                     24JA1865      21JE1944     C11
JONES, Mary E.                   cir1852       20SE1901     C11
HOWELL, Jennie L.                              23MH1919     C12
KEY, A.J.                        22OC1858      19OC1929     C12
KEY, Frances                     15JL1898      21FE1917     C12
KEY, Percilla                    15JE1896      03AP1930     C12
HAWKINS, Nora Lee                29SE1886      18NO1938     C12
JONES, Claud                     08MY1908      19DE1959     C12
JONES, Della                     05JL1883      15JL1951     C12
JONES, Rosco Jr.                 06SE1921      25OC1921     C12
JONES, Irene                     12JA1912      02SE1913     C12
HARRAWAY, Nan                     SE1846        OC1920      C14
BUTLER, Mattie                   15NO1872      29NO1912     C14
BAILEY, Amos                       1824        08AU1904     C14
BAILEY, Thomas J.                09AP1870      22AP1956     C14
HARDIN, Howard                   17MY1920      24SE1952     C15  Pfc 784 Sanitation Co WW-II
PETTUS, Mariah                     1870        03DE1914     C15
SMITH, Eddie L.                  08JE1888      05JA1950     C15
SMITH, Edward L.                 17AP1918      28NO1935     C15
JONES, Amanda                    05JL1879      04JE1918     C15  Nancy Wash. Chamber 2747
BAILEY, Lizzie                                 19DE1899     C15
HANNER, Carrie                   21JL1876      07JL1917     C15
HAMER,                            MH1909                    C15  one date
HAMER, Annie                     25OC1913      16NO2000     C15
HAMER, James Jr.                 31AU1910      04FE1983     C15
HAMER, Parnell                   20DE1937      02JE1984     C15
HAMER, William Edward            23AP1956      15FE1986     C15  Pvt  USMC  Vietnam
HAMER, Marvin Eugene             28JE1958      05AU1998     C15
NEWTON, Hattie Allen             09MY1909      13AU1943     C15  d of Wm & Ida Allen
ALLEN, Nannie                    09MH1888      18DE1967     C16
GOWAN, Charlie                   06MH1881      28JL1917     C16
GOWAN, Peter M.                  10DE1876      23DE1909     C16  s of Fannie
GOWAN, Leona                     24NO1911      27JA1912     C16
GOWAN, Charlie Jr.               01AU1917      18OC1917     C16
HARDEN, Nina Jackson                           27MH1932     C16  w of TP
HARDEN, Thomas Pete               JA1887       09MY1973     C16
HAMER, Robert                    15AP1860      04AP1915     C17  Nancy Wash. Chamber 2747
NEWTON, John W.                  23MH1909      31MH1925     C17
ALEXANDER, Mary                    1872        05JE1922     C17  Nancy Wash. Chamber
WILSON, Etta                                     09AU       C17  broker stone
HARREWAY, W.M.                   28OC1877      11JA1923     C17  Nancy Wash. Chamber
GORDON, Jennie                                 30AU1925     C18
?, Ed                              1857                     C18  broken stone
DOUGLASS, Alex                   15SE187?      17JL19??     C18  Center Star Chamber

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