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Township 2, Range 8, Section 30

Survey Contributed 31 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 just past Bluewater Creek.  The cemetery is on the right next to the highway.  Rows are numbered from west to east.  An * indicates difference in the previously published survey. This cemetery was compiled Sept 1995 by Judy Mason, Traci Newton and Avon Hagood; and updated Aug 2006 by Robert Torbert.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW NOTES
?, Bobby G.                      04AU1935                  01  h of Patsy
?, Patsy L.                      30JE1942      20JE2001    01  no family name on double ston
SIMPSON, Rosie L.                10JA1909      07AU1981    01
DAVIS, William David             28DE1944      30JL2000    01
DAVIS, Hollis Washington         26SE1922      20FE1992    01  Pfc  USA  WW-II
DAVIS, Robbie A.                 13JA1932      01JA1977    01
DAVIS, William Arnold            31DE1904      20NO1975    01  h of MM; m 31DE1922
DAVIS, M. Maggie                 17FE1902      17SE1991    01
DAVIS, William T.                21SE1927      11MY2002    01  h of HI; m 28MY1952
DAVIS, Hattie Irene              10AP1933      08MY1991    01
DAVIS, Wallace H.                01JE1898      29MY1917    01  Pvt 1 TN Inf NG
DAVIS, May Bell                  15NO1895      16NO1912    01
DAVIS, James B.                    1877          1907      01
DAVIS, Laura A.                  11JA1880      19NO1970    01
DAVIS, Dalton Dennis             17DE1920      05DE1995    02
DAVIS, Ethel A.                  08JA1923                  02  w of DD; m 30OC1942
DAVIS, George W.                 29MH1898      30JL1975    02  h of FO
DAVIS, Frona O.                  12NO1902      18JA1975    02
DAVIS, David Virgil              28MH1955      23OC1998    02
DAVIS, twins (s & d)             13NO1914      13NO1914    02  s & d of CC & SJ
DAVIS, infant                    31JA1914      31JA1914    02  s of CC & SJ
DAVIS, infant                    24OC1918      28OC1918    02  s of CC & SJ
DAVIS, infant                    24OC1916      12MH1917    02  s of CC & SJ
DAVIS, Claude C.                 10MY1889      09JL1981    02  h of SJ
DAVIS, Sarah J.                  18JE1883      30AP1962    02
DAVIS, Charles G.                04DE1935                  02  one date
DAVIS, Mary                      23JL1905      03SE1931    02
DAVIS, James C.                  15NO1906      12MH1931    02
HARVEY, Huston                   09AU1920      12OC1920    02  twin s of OL & UB
HARVEY, Hubert                   09AU1920      10OC1920    02  twin s of OL & UB
HARVEY, Hattie Nadine            06NO1923      21MH1934    02  d of OL & UB
BUTLER, M.L.E. *                 30JA1904      13SE1923    02  d of WR & ME
BUTLER, Mary E. Nipper           12DE1874      15DE1933    02  w of WR
BUTLER, William Robert           06AU1875      13JA1942    02
MOORE, Hugh                      24MH1892      07AU1965    02  h of Ethel
MOORE, Ethel                     30MY1899      06FE1940    02
BUTLER, Alan                     24OC1898      10NO1940    02  h of Maggie
BUTLER, Maggie                   14FE1899      12OC1931    02
WARREN, Everett M.               20DE1900                  02  h of EM
WARREN, Emma M.                  21DE1906      30AU1968    02
GREER, O. McCoy                  27MY1934                  02  h of Edna; m 29JA1955
GREER, Edna Foust                27SE1940                  02
WHITE, Jewell Ray                10DE1906      11SE1994    02  w of Thomas T.
MOORE, Earl W.                   27NO1899      24JE1981    02  double stone with Leo
MOORE, Leo R.                    17AU1904      02MY1981    02
BUTLER, Tamzie Jane              15NO1876      30AP1951    03  w of WW
BUTLER, W.W.                     20AP1868      29NO1934    03
BURNS, Dorothy Lee               12AU1934      12AU1934    03  d of OP & TE
BURNS, Perry                     31DE1896      02MH1970    03
BURNS, Tamsie                    04JA1900      17MH1982    03
DAVIS, Susie                     03MY1869      10JL1954    03  w of Andrew
DAVIS, Andrew                    10MH1863      16OC1922    03
DAVIS, infant                                   AU1892     03  d of AD & MS
ISBELL, Octavia Kelley           12OC1879      03JL1903    03  w of JL
ISBELL, James L.                 15JA1878      06DE1906    03
ISBELL, Willie C.                05DE1879      12FE1908    03
ISBELL, Alabama Hudson           27NO1879      28NO1903    03  w of WC
DAVIS, Freeman                   07JL1915      09AU2003    04  h of Juanita; m 14DE1935
DAVIS, Juanita                   08JL1917                  04
CAMPBELL, Rhoda  (Croney)          1831          1903      04  w of Huey; Laud m 10JA1849
ISBELL, Zack                     11AU1842      29MY1906    04
ISBELL, Mary S.                  04AU1847      30MY1886    04  w of Zack
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth                1854          1900      04  d of Huey
CAMPBELL, Huey                     1813          1881      04
KELLEY, Georgia E.               14AP1914      29JE1916    04  d of HH & TE
KELLEY, Dewie E.                 10AU1908      04AP1909    04  s of HH & TE
KELLEY, George Washington        15DE1843      30MH1920    04  Pvt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
KELLEY, Sarah E.    *            08AP1863      04JA1928    04  w of GW
KELLEY, William T.               27MY1910      13OC1996    04  h of ML
KELLEY, Minnie L.                08MH1910      21DE1992    04
CAMPBELL, Jessie C.              20MY1904      25OC1993    05  w of BS
CAMPBELL, Bayless S.             05MY1893      11MY1962    05
CAMPBELL, Jemma                  27DE1850      13AP1918    05  w of TH
CAMPBELL, Thomas H.              01JA1845      03JA1912    05  Pvt Co A53 TN Inf CSA
HARVEY, Gilbert O.               18MH1904      06JL1906    05  s of LC & LB
HARVEY, Loner B.                 24JL1885      02JA1911    05  w of LC
HARVEY, Dillard B.               08NO1907      21DE1913    05  s of LC & LB
HARVEY, Collins                  12NO1887      23FE1943    05
HARVEY, Ada                      27MH1890      23AP1950    05  w of Collins
GARNER, Walter H.                06FE1931                  05  one date
DAVIS, Dorothy M.                14AU1931                  05  w of CD; m 5MH1947
DAVIS, Charles D.                06JL1929      11JA1987    05
NEWTON, Ricky Dale               06SE1954      10FE2003    06  h of DJ; m 20FE1984
NEWTON, Donna Jean               26MY1958                  06
GIBSON, Charlotte Ann            27MY1945      06JA1992    06
CAMPBELL, Ada Ethel              19AP1891      14JA1892    06  d of TJ & OT
H, G.O. (initials in stone)                                06
C, I.E. (initials cut in stone                             06
HARVEY, Eliza    (White)         16JL1837      12NO1912    06  w of RW; Laud m 21DE1854
HARVEY, Robert W.                25JE1832      25JA1914    06
HARVEY, Robert S.                10AU1861      20FE1927    06
HARVEY, Mary                     12MY1856      07AP1937    06
GIBSON, Greaty John              16AP1907      18MY1955    06  Sgt  14 Base HQ8 AAF  WW-II
WATKINS, William P.              07AU1946                  06  h of NF
WATKINS, Nellie F.               06JE1946                  06
WATKINS, W. Levi                 23MH1906      11AU1968    06  h of Mittie
WATKINS, Mittie                  05JL1906      17AU1997    06
WATKINS, Charles N.              16AU1936      04JE1992    06
PATTON, Brandy Nicole            18SE1978      05MH1995    06
HOLDEN, Cecil                    06FE1928      20MH1995    06
HOLDEN, Edith Nell                                         06  w of Cecil
COVINGTON, Josh                  28FE1879      24AU1954    06  h of Dora
COVINGTON, Dora                  17MY1881      26JA1943    06
COVINGTON, Buford (Buck)         23AU1913      03SE1983    06
FOUST, Margaret Ann              16NO1867      28AP1959    06  w of James
FOUST, James G.                  12FE1864      13MH1936    06
FOUST, Ruth Ann                  17MH1934      17MY1934    06  d of Gilbert & Pearl
FOUST, Mary Agnes                17MH1934      16MY1934    06  d of Gilbert & Pearl
FOUST, infant                    31MH1933      31MH1933    06  d of Gilbert & Pearl
BERRY, Mary A.                   12JL1880      11JA1935    06  w of JW
BERRY, James W.                  29MH1879      25OC1957    06
FOUST, Milton C.                 06JL1935      21NO1939    06  s of Gilbert & Pearl
FOUST, Gilbert S.                09AP1902      27AU1982    06  h of PB; m 29JL1923
FOUST, Pearl B.                  07FE1905      22JE1997    06
DAVIS, Dessie M.                 06JA1910      24FE1993    07  w of Lonie
DAVIS, Lonie                     28JL1909      09JL1999    07
DAVIS, Lena Thornton Garner      28AP1911      23SE1989    07  w of AB
DAVIS, Andrew Brown              09SE1907      21MY1941    07
DAVIS, Doil H.                   07JL1932      27NO1987    07  Pfc  USA  Korea
DAVIS, Doil H. (military stone   07JL1932      26NO1987    07  different death date
SIMPSON, Oliver                  23MY1930      23MY1930    07
GARGIS, Onna Lee                 28JA1908      26AP1952    07
PUTMAN, infant                   05FE1946      05FE1946    07  s of JE
PUTMAN, Verlie                     1905          1941      07  w of Jessie
PUTMAN, Jessie E.                  1898          1970      07
PUTMAN, Ora E.                     1914          1971      07  w of Jessie
PUTMAN, Nobie D.                 13AP1937      01SE2000    07  w of DM
PUTMAN, Dennis M.                04FE1931                  07
FRASEMER, Sharon Watkins         04JE1965                  07  w of David; m 25FE1983
FRASEMER, David G. Jr.           18JE1961                  07
WRAY, Bertha                     20JL1897      29SE1957    07  w of EE
WRAY, Ernest E.                  10OC1892      05OC1967    07
HOLDEN, Harlon D.                10FE1943      12NO2005    07
HARVEY, infant                   26NO1912      28NO1912    07  d of ML & Nannie
HARVEY, infant                   10MH1916      10MH1916    07  d of ML & Nannie
HARVEY, Luther                   01JL1882      12SE1939    07  h of ND
HARVEY, Nannie D.                07FE1893      13OC1973    07
HARVEY, Golden V.                25DE1924      07JL1996    07
THOMPSON, Edna Ruth              16JA1934                  07  w of WO; m 30MY1953
THOMPSON, Walton O.              02SE1931      18AP1996    07
BROWN, Jesse Coleman                           04JL2000    07  infant s of Russell & Lena P.
ADAMS, Elmer A.                  02JE1935      30SE2003    08  h of MD
ADAMS, Mary Darlene              02AP1939                  08
WHITE, Joshua Matthew            06MH1985      12MH1985    08
WHITE, Joy Lee                   13SE1978      13SE1978    08
PORTER, Vernie Davis             16NO1911      11MY2000    08
DAVIS, Geneva N.                 03AU1888      28NO1981    08  w of SS
DAVIS, S.S.                      12SE1887      31JA1919    08
DAVIS, infant                    24JE1907      10JL1907    08  d of SS & GN
WHITE, Eliza Elizabeth T.        18DE1847      28JA1870    09  w of AS; T=Thornton
RYLAND, Richard Coleman          17AP1871      17FE1942    09  2 stones
BOYER, Jennie L.                 06FE1935      17JL1958    09  w of David K.
NEWTON, Cansda Foust                                       09
NEWTON, Calvin C.                28JL1927      30DE1966    09  h of MJ
NEWTON, Mary J.                  26JE1930      25JE1997    09
SPARKS, Marlon K. (Stumpy)       08JL1964      02DE1984    09
BARGA, David Ray                 20MY1970                  09  only one date
GAUTNEY, Thomas Edison           02AU1919      22JE1984    09  Sgt  USA  WW-II
GAUTNEY, James T.                08SE1943      17OC1980    10
GAUTNEY, Lucy C.                 29MH1910                  10  w of BL
GAUTNEY, Bennie L.               03AP1908      22NO1969    10
GAUTNEY, infant                    1939          1939      10  d of Ben & Lucy
GAUTNEY, infant                  14JL1929      14JL1929    10  s of Ben & Lucy
NEWTON, Emma Leigh               16FE1899      13JA1985    10  w of Eaf
NEWTON, Eaf                      10NO1885      27DE1933    10
NEWTON, Martha Annie             17NO1886      06DE1918    10  w of Eaf
NEWTON, Nettie L.                12MH1917      26MH1917    10  d of Eaf & A
NEWTON, George Maples            20FE1925      01OC1925    10  s of Eaf & Emma
THOMPSON, Derrell O.             18SE1957      18SE1957    10  s of WD
GLOVER, E. Roger                 20AU1948      23JL1966    10
CRUNK, Virta M.                  10JE1925                  10
MANUS, E. Odell                  16FE1905      02OC1991    10  w of LN
MANUS, L. Nathan                 19AU1888      01MH1965    10
MANUS, Wiley J.                  05DE1930      06OC1986    10  Pfc  USA  Korea
WILLIAMS, Newton C.              27OC1834      8AU1841     10  s of James & Mary
WHITE, William                   18MY1855      20MY1859    10  s of S & J
WHITE, Elizabeth                 18JE1850      20MH1860    10  d of S & J
WHITE, Jane                      05AU1819      17DE1884    10  w of Sherwood
WHITE, Sherwood                  09MY1818      16DE1900    10
WHITE, Tina Arlene               14NO1964      14NO1964    10
WHITE, Troy Don                  17NO1966      28NO1966    10
WHITE, Shelia Ann                07AU1947      26JL1997    10  w of DE; m 29SE1962
WHITE, Don Edison                21DE1944      25MY2003    10
DRANE, Frances B.                01OC1943                  10  w of ED
DRANE, E. Donald                 05DE1937      19JA1973    10
DRANE, Elsie                                     2006      10  w of Comer
DRANE, Comer                     20DE1908      03JL1978    10
COLE, Donna Jeffreys             31MH1961      26JA1980    10
ANDERSON, James Dean             15JA1985      15JA1985    10
ANDERSON, James E.  (Foots)      28JL1915      02AU1983    10
WEEMS, James                     07DE1938      15SE1994    10  h of Judy; m 20OC1956
WEEMS, Judy                      18JE1939                  10
PUTMAN, Randell Elsie            20AU1941                  11  h of BJ
PUTMAN, Betty June               24NO1945      04AU2005    11
MASON, Mary Lee                  02JE1916                  11  w of Elbert
MASON, Elbert (Bully)            04DE1910      18SE1990    11
PUTMAN, Thomas A.                18OC1888      30OC1966    11  h of Georgia
PUTMAN, Georgia I.               23JA1896      05JE1971    11
PUTMAN, George W.                22JE1858      14JE1942    11  h of MI
PUTMAN, Mary I. Thornton         11NO1856      06JA1928    11
PUTMAN, Eli N.                   15OC1885      15OC1886    11
PUTMAN, Eugene                   15AU1896      20JE1904    11
PUTMAN, Dorsella                 20JE1890      20AU1890    11
HERSTON, Linda A.                13SE1942                  11  w of JD; m7JE1958
HERSTON, Jessie D.               18AU1938      15JE1995    11
HERSTON, Curtis D.               06JL1913      17OC1964    11  h of SL
HERSTON, Susie L.                11SE1906      30DE2003    11
NEWTON, Homer                    12FE1913      23NO2001    11  h of Lorene
NEWTON, Lorene                   16JE1920      18FE2003    11
NEWTON, infant twins             30DE1938      30DE1938    11  s of Homer & Lorene
GRAY, Buford D.                  11SE1906      14JL1931    11
GRAY, Edward Lee                 16AP1928       JA1929     11
PUTMAN, George E.                07JE1912      03AP1996    12  h of KM
PUTMAN, Kathleen M.              02MY1914      05JE2006    12
COBB, Nellarene                  07JE1931      11OC1999    12
DABBS, Tom J. (Junior)           18MH1926      07MY1999    12  h of DM
DABBS, Dorothy Mae               17JE1928      04AU2002    12
BUTLER, Wiley G.                 14JA1902      29MY1969    12  h of Mildred
BUTLER, Mildred                  15FE1905      18FE1988    12
JACKSON, Lorene                  06SE1929      17JE1954    12
PUTMAN, infant                   07SE1926      07SE1926    12  d of JL & Verlie
RAY, M.J.                        18SE1841      07DE1914    12  w of John
RAY, Cleo                        17AU1904      20AU1904    12
RAY, Mittie                        1883          1948      12  w of Mack
RAY, Mack                          1876          1959      12
WHITE, Sarah C.                  12AP1872      01NO1945    12  w of John P.
WHITE, John P.                   30AP1862      07MH1937    12
WHITE, Texanna                   25MY1860      12JE1893    12  w of John P.
WHITE, Gladys L.                 22FE1903      23AU1908    12
WHITE, Clara T.                  30MY1890      19JA1910    12
WHITE, Horace P.                 17JA1905      22JE1929    12
WHITE, Eddie G.                    1888          1930      12
WHITE, Lois B.                     1910          1988      12
ALEXANDER, Sue                     1860        26NO1932    12  w of WR
ALEXANDER, Memphis               22SE1927      12OC1927    12  d of OY & Polly
ALEXANDER, infant                06JE1923      06JE1923    12  s of OY & Polly
NEWTON, William Wheeler          12SE1915      08DE1945    12
BUTLER, Dorothy                  27AP1927      18DE1927    12
THORNTON, Lonas F.               14SE1902      02JE1974    12  h of HL
THORNTON, Hazel L.               21MY1908      17NO1951    12
THORNTON, Dorothy Sue            06FE1930      22OC1995    12
GREGORY, Evelynn                 28MY1929      05FE1989    13
GREGORY, Clarence (Punkin)       28NO1923                  13  h of Evelynn
WHITE, Jones Villard             17MY1896      12JE1899    13  s of FM & OR
WHITE, Fannie                    15DE1869      13AP1895    13
WHITE, Elzira R.                 05JA1840      21AP1909    13
WHITE, Burgess Nealy             11DE1845      10JE1916    13  Pvt Co G 11 AL Cav CSA
WHITE, Vandon                    26JA1870      07MH1902    13  s of BN & ER
WHITE, Mattie F.                 03NO1874      10MY1918    13  w of TB
WHITE, Thomas B.                 21AP1868      19SE1949    13
WHITE, William Arnold            25AP1899      02AP1965    13  Pfc  USA  WW-II
PUTMAN, Lutie                    02SE1892      11NO1971    13  w of GG
PUTMAN, G. Garven                21JA1886      25NO1947    13
PUTMAN, Lindle Gale              03MY1955      11DE1958    13  d of ?
PUTMAN, Clayton E.               18MH1914      07MY1984    13  h of RM
PUTMAN, Ruthie Mason             21FE1916                  13
LARD, Barbara K.                 31OC1948                  13  w of JE
LARD, James Edward               20OC1941      04MH1994    13  Sgt  USA  Vietnam
LARD, Mary Magdeline             05MH1920      08JE2002    13
VARNELL, Bart Franklin           07FE1928      04MY1988    13
PUTMAN, Florissa Romine          22JE1932      06MY1973    13
MARTINEZ, Joey Dale              18AU1958      17JL1976    13
HIGGINBOTHAM, Shirley            09JL1937                  13  w of IR
HIGGINBOTHAM, Isaac R.           05MH1934      03NO1975    13
STAGGS, Milburn Nicholas         01JE1920      13AU2000    13  USA  WW-II
MYRICK, infant                                 11MH1961    14  s of Lunsford
WHITE, W.L.                      05JA1878      17SE1956    14  h of Mae
WHITE, Mae E.                    09NO1885      07OC1918    14
WHITE, Jones Almond              24FE1909      22AP1925    14
WHITE, Ruby Mae                  26DE1921      04OC2002    14  w of Van
WHITE, Van C. Sr.                23AP1905      05JL1971    14  Mason
WHITE, Susann Luella             02SE1964      03SE1964    14
WHITE, James Patrick             19AP1868      19MY1952    14  h of SL
WHITE, Luella                    17AP1874      05JL1950    14
WHITE, Uless Arlene              20JA1889      01OC1892    14  d of JP & SL
CLEMMONS, Vergie                 15MY1893      22JL1909    14  d of RL & MA
HARVEY, Margaret Ann             19DE1868      16JA1959    14  same stone as FM
HARVEY, F.M.                     09MH1880      15JA1939    14
SWEATT, Betty                    14SE1864      23JE1945    14
WHITE, Laura Oneda               27JL1932      07SE2002    15
WHITE, Darnce Eugene             06MY1932      24FE1988    15  h of LO; AB  USAF Korea
BUTLER, Curtis E.                01SE1925      02SE1976    15  Pfc  USA  WW-II
BUTLER, Careen C.                02JA1927                  15  w of CE
BRACKIN, Waymon                  31AU1927      08JE1987    15  h of JF
BRACKIN, Jessie Faye             07MH1931                  15
BRACKIN, Deborah Lynn            19MH1953      13AP1969    15  d of Waymon & Jessie
BUTLER, J.D.                     14JA1923      15SE1972    15  h of JN
BUTLER, Juanita N.               12AP1920                  15
SNODDY, William J.               07OC1903      19JL1973    15  h of AP
SNODDY, Annie P.                 21AP1909      24FE1995    15
SNODDY, Leon                     10AU1934      12OC1961    15
DEAN, Edith Faye                 01AP1930      03MY1973    15  w of JB
DEAN, Joe Billy                  11FE1928      16JE1975    15
DAVIS, Eddie D.                  20MY1895      08JL1971    15  h of Burdean
DAVIS, Burdean                   30SE1895      03MY1973    15
DAVIS, Mary O.                   28MY1927      25DE1928    15  d of ED & BN
DAVIS, Leloren                   17DE1919      18DE1919    15
DAVIS, Andrew Rouesseau          10MY1923      19AU1941    15  s of ED & BN
DAVIS, Eddie Ray                 13FE1933      03DE1992    15  SD4  USA  Korea
WHITE, Herschel D.               04AU1911      16SE1919    15  s of WS & AV
WHITE, Helen V.                  30MH1908      01FE1909    15  d of WS & AV
WHITE, Emma S.E.                 10AP1903      11OC1904    15  d of W & A
WHITE, William S.                01DE1872      23JL1912    15  h of AV
WHITE, Alice V.                  19AP1878      13AP1948    15
MURKS, Martha                                    1929      15
MURKS, Robert L.                 29NO1885      28JA1968    15  h of Nellie
MURKS, Nellie                    29JA1888      27SE1967    15
MURKS, Everlean                  17SE1917      19MY1926    15
OLDHAM, Margaret                 22OC1849       JL1917     15
OLDHAM, Sarah Rebecca Moore      12AU1890      27NO1910    15  w of GK
MURKS, Eulus                     05SE1906      10SE1907    15
OLDHAM, George                     1857          1905      15
DAVIS, Percy                       1930          1930      15  s of Arnold
WHITE, Della M.                  22JE1891      26JL1967    16  w of BA
WHITE, Burgus A.                 27FE1891      28AU1946    16
WHITE, Estella                     1914          1915      16
WHITE, Inez                        1912          1915      16  d of BA & DM
WHITE, T. Clinton                27AP1918      21AU1918    16  s of Thomas T. & Nannie
WHITE, Nadine                    21JE1923      20OC1923    16  d of Thomas T. & Nannie
WHITE, Thomas T.                 13MH1894      16JL1978    16  h of NJ
WHITE, Nannie J.                 31DE1894      13FE1947    16
DAVIS, infant                                  01JE1943    16  d of Lonie
DAVIS, infant                                  20OC1929    16  s of Lonie
DAVIS, Jack L.                   26OC1937      20JE1939    16
HASCOAT,                           1860          1940      16
BUTLER, daughter                                           17  d of JP & RE
DAVIS, Berty M. Butler           02JA1911      22AU1931    17  w of LE
DAVIS, infant                    04JE1929      04JE1929    17  s of LE & BM
SWEATT, Roscoe                     1883          1907      17
TATE, Annie M. *                 15NO191?      18OC1918    17  d of SO & Velma
KELLEY, Bertha                   10JE1898      11DE1986    17  w of Jake
KELLEY, Jake T.                  20OC1895      03AU1960    17
TATE, Nancy E.                   11JA1868      09JE1952    17
TATE, Jesse P.                   04AU1891      23SE1943    17
WHATLEY, Lewis E.                21JE1901                  17  h of LM
WHATLEY, Lillie May              01MY1896      19JE1964    17
WHITE, Sarah E.                  16MH1854      03NO1935    17  w of DB
WHITE, Daniel B.                 29JE1848      26DE1924    17
WHITE, Dempsey D.                14JE1916      14JE1917    17  s of NC & VL
WHITE, Sarah Mamie               16DE1917      26MY1926    17  d of NC & VL
WHITE, Virgie L.                   1881          1938      17  w of NC
WHITE, Norman C.                   1879          1952      17
McCARLEY, Gertie C. White          1911          1943      17  w of JC
WHITE, Sarah Lucille             13NO1915      03JE1987    17  w of NC Jr.
WHITE, N.C. Jr.                    1909          1945      17
WHITE, Katie V.                  12SE1898      07OC1973    17  w of DB
WHITE, Daniel B.                 06SE1885      21JL1975    17
HENDON, Lola Davis               11NO1917      17MY1986    17  w of RA; m 22MY1943
HENDON, Roy Arthur               30JE1924      09FE1997    17
BUTLER, Charles W.               04NO1947      05NO1947    17  s of EF & AR
BUTLER, infant                   23DE1948      23DE1948    17  d of ET & AR
BURNS, Gregory Lynn              12OC1969      28FE1972    17  s of Horace
BURNS, Pamela Kay                28JA1971      29JA1971    17  d of Horace
SLEDGE, Vella C.                 12MY1922      03JE1998    17  w of AO; m 13DE1947
SLEDGE, Arthur Oneal             29NO1921      31OC1996    17  FC1  USN  WW-II
WATKINS, Bobby J.                21JA1939                  18  h of Lorene; m 8MY1954
WATKINS, Lorene                  06MY1938                  18
MICHAEL, J. Almon                20OC1930                  18  h of Corene; m 17DE1952
MICHAEL, Corene                  06MY1938                  18
SLEDGE, Margaret                 05FE1943      21NO2000    18  d of JR & L
SLEDGE, Lavada                   18AP1920                  18  w of JR
SLEDGE, Jimmie Roy               27AP1919      29NO1993    18  Pfc  USAF  WW-II
BREWER, Jesse S.                 19MY1907      09FE1981    18  Pfc  USA  WW-II
BREWER, Sarah E.                 20AP1916      15DE1995    18  w of JS
KIRK, Patricia Ann               12MY1944      19JL1971    18
COATS, Randy D.                  04DE1956      21FE1980    18
COATS, James Howard              26DE1922                  18  h of Margaret; m 7DE1942
COATS, Margaret (Dot)            24DE1922      28AP1995    18
JACKSON, Laura                   11NO1872      21OC1947    18  w of A.
JENKINS, Kyle                      1895          1970      18
HERSTON, Henry P.                15AU1912      31OC1973    18  h of NP
HERSTON, Nora P.                 19DE1929      06AP1997    18
TAYLOR, Tommie F.                21DE1938                  18  h of Nora P.
PUTMAN, William H.               14AP1904      10JE1963    18  h of AM
PUTMAN, Alta Mae                 03OC1907      20AP1976    18
GLOVER, John A.                  06MH1888      16NO1950    18  h of ML
GLOVER, Madgie L.                03SE1905      23DE1975    18
PUTMAN, W. Sherwood              17AP1881      30DE1949    18
PUTMAN, Dora L.                  20FE1882      26JE1942    18  w of WS
PUTMAN, infant                   17AP1923      17AP1923    18  infant of WS & DL
WHITE, Janie B.                                            18
WHITE, Sarah B.                                            18
DAVIS, Ida                       10DE1869      02JE1945    18  w of TH
DAVIS, T.H.                      01JA1871      12OC1934    18
JACKSON, infant                  11JL1917      13JL1917    18  s of EC & JL
JACKSON, William L.              15MY1928      14NO1985    18
JACKSON, Josie L.                04JL1898      19DE1946    18  w of EC
JACKSON, Edgar C.                07NO1892      21JE1967    18
DAVIS, Thomas F. (Pappy)         28OC1903      28SE1966    18
DAVIS, Winona H.                 11FE1916      02JA1978    18  w of OL; m 4JLl1931
DAVIS, Oplen L.                  07JL1915      28DE1986    18
DAVIS, Emmit O'Neal              21SE1885      18MH1971    18  h of FM
DAVIS, Florence Mae              17MH1891      21OC1943    18
DAVIS, Millard O.                06SE1906      06AP1924    18
ALEXANDER, Henry Edison          24JA1906      31MY1972    18  h of VA; m 30JL1927
ALEXANDER, Virginia Austerlean   15NO1909      03AP1971    18
EZELL, Hugh Campbell             31MY1919      03JL1921    19  s of Lem & Lizzie Lou
CAMPBELL, infant                 31MY1919      20NO1910    19  d of KG & FO
CAMPBELL, Lurean                 12FE1929      30MY1929    19  d of KG & FO
CAMPBELL, Florence O.            08SE1887      24JE1940    19  w of KG
CAMPBELL, Killis G.              16JA1884      02JL1960    19
CAMPBELL, Gladys A.              14AU1913      11FE1994    19  w of OF
CAMPBELL, Oscar F.               13OC1906      30MY1972    19
DAVIS, Orene E.                    1911          1985      19  same stone as DC
DAVIS, Delmer C.                   1912          1971      19
DAVIS, Aurby Lee                 02MH1931      18SE1950    19  s of DC
DAVIS, M. Susie                  05AP1868      16DE1945    19  w of BF
DAVIS, B. Frank                  16OC1867      31MY1935    19
CAMPBELL, Otha                   03AP1893      22DE1980    20  w of Thomas
CAMPBELL, Thomas                 29JL1886      24MY1929    20
MERCKS, Velma                    16FE1905      20DE1911    20  d of WM & EJ
EZELL, Christy Michelle          28FE1974      07JE1997    20
DAVIS, Barbara Jean              15SE1946      01DE1987    20  w of SJ
DAVIS, Shelton J.                07NO1944      10AP1969    20
EZELL, Kathryn R.                24MH1930                  20  w of LA
EZELL, Lonnie A.                 11AU1925      07NO1980    20
EZELL, Lizzie Lou                06OC1888      18AP1967    20  w of Lem
EZELL, Lem A.                    20AU1877      05FE1938    20
EZELL, Dewey L.                  21FE1921      03FE1970    20
EZELL, Neoma Jewell              24DE1925      22OC2000    20  w of RM
EZELL, Robert Miley              28JE1911      07AU1975    20
EZELL, Neoma Frances             02DE1918      21JL1952    20  w of RM
EZELL, Carolyn Jane              17AP1940      12MY1946    20  d of RM & NF
GARGIS, Lessie                   08JA1911      20NO1988    20  w of Charlie
GARGIS, Charlie                  02JE1908      12MY1975    20
GARGIS, Robert                     1921          1952      20
FOUST, Louise G.                   1909                    20  w of Teen
FOUST, Teen G.                   19071952                  20
HERSTON, Margaret A.             24JL1934                  20  w of EB
HERSTON, Ermon B.                17NO1929      21FE2004    20
WHITE, Hollis B.                 05JA1922      16JA1953    20  Tec4 Co D 795 MP BN WW-II
GLOVER, Georgia Alice            08SE1890      08MY1959    20  w of LE
GLOVER, Lucian Earl              23AP1901      14DE1961    20  Pvt  USA  WW-II
SHELTON, Clinton Phillip         28OC1964      13OC1988    20
WILSON, Betty N.                 07FE1934      27OC1994    20
BARRINGER, Edna L.               22FE1892      19JL1966    20  w of JJ
BARRINGER, John J.               12JA1885      21JE1968    20
WHITE, Maeola G.                 23OC1909      31OC1985    20  w of WC; m 28NO1929
WHITE, William C.                01FE1905      15AP1975    20
WHITE, Frances Delores (Lois)    17SE1933                  20  w of Wm
WHITE, William Carl              25NO1932      05AP1989    20  Sfc  USA  Korea
WHITE, Donald Amos               01FE1935      31MY2001    21
WHITE, James mark                07AU1960      19NO1993    21
NEWTON, Thomas Jr.               14JE1933      06MH2002    21  h of SJ
NEWTON, Shelby Jean              09JL1937                  21
NEWTON, Gene                     17OC1954      18NO1993    21
NEWTON, Robert                   09AP1912      17OC1963    21  h of Virgie
NEWTON, Virgie                   19OC1913      11NO1997    21
WHITEHEAD, Villard E.            09SE1908      05AP1969    21  h of JN
WHITEHEAD, Juanita N.            15OC1912      02AU1992    21
NIPPER, Thomas D.                01MY1890      12NO1961    21  h of VK
NIPPER, Vesta K.                 11OC1893      12DE1959    21
NIPPER, Thomas D. Jr.              1922          1962      21
NIPPER, Billy Shirrell           24MY1935      02SE1976    21  Pfc  USA
EZELL, Willie Jo                 07OC1945                  21  w of RL
EZELL, Robert Lee                03FE1943      29SE1982    21
HALL, John T.                    29NO1926                  21  stone with Cambell
CAMPBELL, Edna L.                09OC1920                  21  w of AE
CAMPBELL, Arnold E.              02JA1918      24JA1958    21
CAMPBELL, William C.             13FE1910      08SE1957    21  h of Marie
CAMPBELL, Marie B.               19AU1914      13MH1999    21
CAMPBELL, T. Andrew              03JE1913      23MY1947    21  h of PF
CAMPBELL, Pauline F.             07DE1913      25OC1983    21
DAVIS, Cleatus                   03FE1912      28FE1973    21  h of SA
DAVIS, Sleetie A.                06JA1912                  21
DAVIS, infant                                  10NO1933    21  d of CD & SA
KELLEY, infant                   10AP1916      10AP1916    21  s of LF & ML
JONES, infant                    15JA1924      15JA1924    21  s of Claude
NIPPER, Edison D.                18SE1927      28FE1995    22  Tec4  USA  WW-II
WHITE, Judith Ann                20DE1944                  22  w of DE
WHITE, David Ezell               11NO1941                  22
WHITE, William Raymond           16MH1971      01FE1999    22  SSG  USA  Persian Gulf
WHITE, Susie E.                  02AP1906      09MY1986    22  w of RI; m 11MY1930
WHITE, Randle I.                 04JA1908      29SE1981    22
WHITE, Charlotte Colene          15MY1937                  22  w of RA; m 12SE1952
WHITE, Robert A.                 09FE1932      19JL1988    22
BIRDYSHAW, Virginia              16AU1914      27FE1991    22  w of SG; m 15AU1975
BIRDYSHAW, Silas G.              24SE1903      10NO1983    22
EZELL, Rosalie Marshall *        05MH1916      18JE1999    22  w of James
EZELL, James P.                  05MH1913      24DE1993    22
NEWTON, Janice Campbell          05JL1940                  22  w of Billy
NEWTON, Billy Gerald             15FE1936      17MH2001    22
WHITMAN, Joyce Ann               03JL1955      15JL2006    22  w of EC
WHITMAN, Ernest C. Jr.           23JA1952                  22

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