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Township 1, Range 8, Section 33
Contributed 16 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Elgin and go north on AL 101 for about 5 miles.  Turn right on CR 82 and the cemetery is immediately on the left. This cemetery was surveyed by James & Muriel Barnett in 1995 and updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east. Rows 3 - 7 are hard to establish.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW NOTES
OWSLEY, C.J.                     19JA1994      21JA1994    01
HAMMOND, Joysan                                27OC1946    01  d of Willard
HAMMOND, Jessie Lee              30AP1952      04JA1992    01
WILLIAMS, Gertie M.              13OC1928                  01  w of CW
WILLIAMS, Charles W.             03JL1927                  01
WRIGHT, Emmett W.                29JE1893      10MY1986    01  h of MV; m 27OC1912
WRIGHT, Verna                      1916                    01  not found
WRIGHT, Lawton *                   1913          1944      01
SMITH, Louis O.                  16OC1913      13AU1976    01  USN  WW-II
SMITH, Lucile                    08NO1921                  01  w of LO
SMITHY, infant                   09MY1961      09MY1961    01  s of NE & Reba
SMITHY, infant                   05DE1962      05DE1962    01  d of NE & Reba
BAKER, William C. *                            04AU1966    01
PHILLIPS, Henry C.                 1878          1967      02  h of NA
PHILLIPS, Nellie A.                1880          1962      02
ROBERTS, Billy W.                04MH1935      06DE1992    02  h of PN
ROBERTS, Pauline N.              31OC1926      05JL1993    02  m 16AP1959
NEWTON, George F.                18MY1898      28FE1945    02  h of BB
NEWTON, Bessie B.                25OC1895      13MY1968    02
NEWTON, Carlyon J.               28FE1941      21MH1941    02  d of WR & GG
NEWTON, William Ray              24FE1920      26AU1998    02  h of GG
NEWTON, Gertrude Geneva          19FE1918      24NO1994    02
COX, John Minton                 13SE1899      06FE1970    02  h of BH
COX, Bessie Hammond              10MH1898      15FE1942    02
THIGPEN, David                     1889          1967      02  h of Emma
THIGPEN, Emma                      1885          1950      02
BUTLER, W.G. (Gabe)              27JE1872      07AP1928    02  h of FE
BUTLER, Fannie E.                15AP1882      08MH1971    02
BUTLER, Myrtle L.                16DE1899      21JL1976    02
HAMMOND, A. Moses                  1884          1967      02  h of LB
HAMMOND, Lula B.                   1889          1947      02
HAMMOND, J. Etison               02NO1910      24MY1990    02  Pfc  USA  WW-II
HAMMOND, Lettie B.               17JA1910      07DE1972    02  w of JE
BARFIELD, Lena Belle Weems       20AU1885      07JE1972    02
WEEMS, George                      1886          1938      02  h of Lena?
RIGGS, Vester (3 yrs old)                                  02
RIGGS, Andrew J.                 01OC1858      03JA1920    02  h of RC
RIGGS, Rowena Corum    *         13JL1872      27AP1943    02
HAMMOND, Samuel J.               16FE1918                  02  h of MR; m 29DE1939
HAMMOND, Montez R.               23NO1920      21JL2004    02
THOMPSON, Frances V. Kerbo       15NO1875      05NO1958    02  w of CN
THOMPSON, Charlie N.             03MH1872      07JE1947    02
HILL, Pascal K.                  08JL1897      09FE1963    02  h of ML
HILL, Mattie L.                  29SE1897      19OC1981    02
HILL, Elton                      27NO1923      25AP1948    02  h of Bonnie
HILL, Bonnie                     14NO1920                  02
PHILLIPS, Vernon                 19JL1899      30MY1966    02  h of Carrie
PHILLIPS, Carrie                 29FE1900      23AU1978    02
PHILLIPS, Annette                19JL1936      15AU1942    02  d of WV & CE
HOVATER, Shirley Ann             15JE1951      06SE1951    02
PHILLIPS, Lella Parum            05FE1912      24JE2003    02  w of JH
PHILLIPS, James Hershel          04NO1908      03MY1948    02
BEAVERS, Ruby M.                 03FE1924                  02  w of WL
BEAVERS, William L.              10MY1922      27JA1990    02
HOVATER, Curtis                  06AU1900      08AU1943    02
BAUGH, John Billy                10DE1888      21JL1966    02  Cpl  USA  WW-I
BAUGH, Lela Ann                  27NO1908      17DE2004    02  w of JB
SCHULDTS, Gottfrid               08FE1889      19DE1929    02
LANIER, Herschell Osborn         24AP1891      20NO1935    02  h of Pearl
LANIER, Pearl                    13JL1894      30JA1985    02
BELEW, Hose                      12OC1857      22AU1943    02  Mason
BELEW, Mary A.                   19OC1868      12NO1954    02  w of Hose
RICHARDSON, Osker                09MH1920      25OC1989    02  h of BL
RICHARDSON, Birdie Lee           08JL1926                  02
RICHARDSON, infant               04NO1946      04NO1946    02  d of Osker & BL
GRIFFIN, Mary A. Stout           01AU1875      21AP1966    03  w of HP; m 22NO1894
GRIFFIN, Henry P.                29SE1873      20JL1964    03
RICHARDSON, Mattie M.            11JA1890      06MH1945    03  w of JL
RICHARDSON, Johnie L.            06SE1885      23AP1962    03
KIZER, Pearl Griffin             13MY1908      08OC1995    03  w of OV; Eastern Star
KIZER, Onus V.                   25JE1901      15DE1955    03  Eastern Star
FORSYTHE, Mattie L.              25OC1887      29JA1967    03  w of JW
FORSYTHE, John Wesley            24FE1886      26JE1979    03
FORSYTHE, Pauline                28AU1911      03AP1926    03
FOX, Levenia K.                  07AU1927      14FE2005    03
BEAVERS, Judy Ann                12OC1952      13OC1952    03  d of WL
BEAVERS, Donnie Ray                            28DE1960    03  s of William
THIGPEN, Mary Odelle             03DE1919                  03  w of WP
THIGPEN, Wilson Porter           14DE1913      13AP1988    03
HAMMOND, J.D. (Rev)              20FE1849      22DE1931    03  h of Mrs JD
HAMMOND, J.D. (Mrs)              14AP1852      07AP1930    03
PHILLIPS, J.C.                   04DE1936                  04  h of MJ
PHILLIPS, Marsha Johnson         03AU1939                  04
PHILLIPS, Oliver S. (Pete)       21AU1914      20AP1988    04  h of Ony; m 3FE1935
PHILLIPS, Ony Lee  *             07NO1910      11AP1996    04
PHILLIPS, infant                               06JL1963    04  d of Ray & Hazel
NEWTON, Rufus A.                 13MH1895      16AU1980    04  h of HE
NEWTON, Hattie E.                25MH1896      28AP1965    04
NEWTON, Willie                   16AU1893      02DE1918    04
NEWTON, Mary Jeanettie C. H.     04DE1866      03AU1936    04  w of JA; H=Hammond
NEWTON, James A.                 15SE1863      20JE1945    04
CLARK, Grady                     01JL1902      26FE1980    04
CLARK, William F.                15NO1872      15MY1950    04  h of Ella
CLARK, Ella                      06JA1877      19JA1923    04
CLARK, Thomas                    20OC1841      20DE1905    04
CLARK, N.C.                      02FE1854      07AP1918    04  w of TF
WEEMS, Clifton                     1906          1914      04  s of George & Belle
KING, Quinton                      1874          1959      04  h of Sarah
KING, Sarah                        1874          1938      04
KING, S.J. (Mrs)                 01AP1873      27MY1938    04  w of J.
KING, L.T.                       09JE1888        1896      04
MICHAEL, Delcie I.E.             30JE1917      18JL1917    04  d of EW & GB
GARRISON, infant                 10OC1935      10OC1935    04  d of Grady
HILL, Felix Corbin               12OC1926      02FE1946    04  Killed in Action  S 1/c
HAMMOND, Gertrude                06DE1927      06DE1927    04  d of RM & MA
HAMMOND, R.M.                    17JA1889      16SE1934    04  h of Mary
HAMMOND, Mary                    10MH1886      02DE1965    04
KING, George F.                  23JL1870      27AP1942    04  h of Effie
KING, Effie                      01JA1873      25MH1937    04
TOMLIN, Ruby Roberson            04JE1906      30NO2000    04
ROBERSON, Lillie C.              31DE1884      20AU1986    04  w of HD
ROBERSON, Henry D.               05MH1880      28JA1948    04
ROBERSON, infant                 04MH1927      05MH1927    04  inf of HD & LC
ROBERSON, infant                 15MH1925      15MH1925    04  inf of HD & LC
GARNER, Maloy                                  03AU1938    04  s of LM & DS
ROBERSON, Patricia                             17DE1941    04  d of MB & SD
ROBERSON, Maloy B.               31JL1918      23SE1998    04  USA  WW-II
ROBERSON, Sula D.                04SE1916      05FE1969    04  w of MB
BURCH, Claude F. *               25SE1904      07FE1935    04  Mason
BURCH, Neacie                    26NO1902      15JL1988    04
WILLIAMSON, infants              28AP1952      30AP1952    05  sons of FL & ME
COLLIER, Willie Arthur           01NO1912      12MY1983    05  h of ZB; m 13JL1930
COLLIER, Zora Beatrice           31MH1916      25SE2002    05
COLLIER, Dennon                  22OC1937      20OC1944    05  s of WA & ZB
McGEE, Mauvolene                 12OC1910      25FE1978    05  w of Roy
McGEE, Roy C.                    31OC1905      25AU1980    05
McGEE, Oma                       21SE1905      28JE1927    05  w of Roy
KING, Edward                     20MY1928      10OC1987    05
KING, Shaler                     28MY1924      11JE1924    05
KING, Delphie S.                 09NO1909      10MH1994    05  mother of Shaler & Edward
KING, Gilford D.                 01MY1901      10FE1997    05  h of DS
WILLIAMS, William R.             22JE1881      29MY1882    05
COMER, E. Curtis                 05NO1902      16JE1964    05
WILLIAMS, J.W.                   24SE1852                  05  w of ME
WILLIAMS, M.E.                   15FE1841      30JL1911    05
WILLIAMS, Martha                 07JE1831      30DE1895    05  w of William
COMER, Neomia O.                 29MH1905      22JE1906    05
COMER, James T.                  20MY1907      21NO1907    05
COMER, Margrete                  17SE1911      21JE1913    05
COMER, Audie P.                  01JE1913      28JE1914    05
COMER, Chester H.                09OC1921      05NO1922    05
COMER, W. Dan                    30MH1878      29FE1964    05  h of Ora
COMER, Ora Emma                  23MH1883      23AP1973    05
PUTMAN, Streetie                 20AP1906      20NO1907    05  d of J & E
PUTMAN, Robert                   28NO1911      09SE1913    05  s of J & E
THIGPEN, Hattie L.               28JL1896      09SE1922    05  w of GR
THIGPEN, G.R.                    20SE1891      27OC1975    05
THIGPEN, Blanche  *              02AP1892      05FE1979    05  w of GR
THIGPEN, Lela E.G.               28AP1920      26NO1923    05
THIGPEN, Cleo                    09AU1930      16JL1931    05
THIGPEN, Virgie I.               19FE1926      25MY1927    05
PUTMAN, Jesse                    06OC1870      14NO1955    05  h of Elizabeth
PUTMAN, Elizabeth                08OC1870      22NO1935    05
YEAST, Lacy                      24FE1886      28MY1920    05
RICHARDSON, F.A.                 28FE1855      18MY1918    05
RICHARDSON, W.R.                 14FE1852      17JA1926    05
RICHARDSON, Louis W.             23JA1919       FE1920     05
RICHARDSON, Harse Franklin       18MH1921      07DE1928    05  s of EW & C
RICHARDSON, Billie Ray           08OC1938      15MH1939    05  s of FE & C
RICHARDSON, Charity              19SE1895                  05  w of Emeitt
RICHARDSON, Emeitt               19SE1895                  05
ALEXANDER, Jimmie V.             31MH1944      13DE2003    05
ALEXANDER, Virgil L.             08AU1913      05AP1989    05  h of SL
ALEXANDER, Swanie L.             10AP1916      16NO2005    05
COMER, Jesse P.                  30JE1889      11NO1944    05
COMER, Bessie E.                 05DE1893      17OC1935    05  w of JP
COMER, John C.                   14FE1891      12JA1953    05  h of MA
COMER, Mettie A.                 30JL1892      17DE1970    05
COMER, Jesse C.                  10NO1917      24AU1979    05  Pfc  USA  WW-II
COMER, J.B. Harlon               14MY1926      19JA1998    05  Pfc  USA  WW-II
ALEXANDER, infant                              20AP1938    05  s of HE & VA
WILSON, William S.               17JL1928                  05  h of DP
WILSON, Delores Putman           22AU1932                  05
HILL, Thomas C.                  19FE1860      22AU1934    06
HILL, Fannie Lou                 17DE1884      24FE1967    06
HILL, Julie E.                   04JE1851      12JL1924    06
HILL, J.L.                       04JA1858      30AU1925    06
HILL, Ollis F.                   21DE1929      04OC1958    06
HILL, Rella G.                   28FE1893      15JA1968    06  w of Geo.
HILL, George Wylie               23OC1890      16NO1957    06
HILL, infant                                   13JA1936    06  s of GW & RG
HILL, Luther R.                  08MY1912      05JL1912    06
HILL, Virgie Lue                 14JE1920      04AP1921    06
THIGPEN, infant                  06MY1917      06MY1917    06  infant of WG & ML
DAVIS, infant                    07AU1938      11AU1938    06  d of Jesse
DAVIS, Annie B.                  04DE1878      02AU1962    06  w of Sam
DAVIS, Sam M.                    15NO1872      17AU1930    06
DAVIS, Jeffie                    28JE1900      12JL1900    06  s of SM & AB
RICHARDSON, Andy Joe             11JE1976      09SE2002    07
HARVEY, Lola E.                  20DE1912      13DE1998    07
KING, Sarah Ellen                24FE1877      26AP1945    07  w of Will
KING, Will F.                    05MY1871      27MH1951    07
RICHARDSON, Lurene M.            06OC1939                  07  w of CA
RICHARDSON, Cletus A.            30AU1940      11FE1993    07
RICHARDSON, Louissa M.           29MY1937      29MY1937    07
RICHARDSON, Mary M.              28JL1918      06AP1976    07  w of Buford
RICHARDSON, Buford A.            25DE1912      09NO2001    07
ALEXANDER, Billie C.             03SE1935      03JA1936    07  s of VL & SL
ALEXANDER, Birtie O.             15NO1902      07DE1975    07  w of JL
ALEXANDER, Johnie L.             15DE1901      16AU1992    07
ALEXANDER, infant                16DE1934      16DE1934    07  s of JL & BO
DAVIS, Lenie B.                  10NO1903      02AP1949    07
DAVIS, Carl Hayden               02AU1934      02AP1949    07
DAVIS, Agnes Mae                 30JL1924      13DE1926    07  d of JO & LB
SIMPSON, Elaine C.               08AP1935      01MY1951    07
CHANDLER, Pearlie K.             11NO1913      03MY1939    07
CHANDLER, Claudie                07FE1935                  07  only one date
KING, Myrtle                     01MY1892      24FE1963    07
KING, Andrew                     06JE1888      15MH1921    07
KING, Leadie Mae                 10OC1918      15AU1936    07
SPRINGER, Marvin R.     *        16AP1928      04MH1951    07  Pvt 9 Inf 2 Div Korea PH
SPRINGER, infant                                           07  s of JL
BERGIN, Girtie                   28MH1906      14AU1908    07
BERGIN, Manda E.                   1879          1914      07  w of JP
BERGIN, John P.                    1867          1944      07
BERGIN, Oscar                      1874          1941      07
BERGIN, Samuel D.                07OC1887      03SE1947    07
BERGIN, Lura Lavanna             02FE1888      04SE1913    07
BERGIN, Sally                                  23JE1933    07
BERGIN, Amanda J.                 OC1854       13SE1898    07  w of Thomas
BERGIN, Thomas B.                22AP1836      09JA1921    07  Pvt Co F 2 KY Cav CSA
WERLEY, Loreta                   14OC1837      19JE1886    07
BARNETT, William W.              15OC1849      23JE1902    07  w of FM
BARNETT, Francis M.              18SE1846      09AP1889    07
BARNETT, John T.                 23AU1872      28JL1897    07
HARVEY, Nora L.                  28JA1902      18OC1902    07  d of PH & MR
BARNETT, Erskin                  11OC1912      15NO1912    07  s of HL & EM
HARVEY, U.G.                     16AU1903      01DE1923    07
BARNETT, Elsie M.                24SE1888      14MY1943    07  w of HL
BARNETT, Henry L.                19MH1883      19DE1970    07
PUTMAN, Lera Elna                28AP1915      19JA2000    07  w of HS; m 6NO1936
PUTMAN, Herbert Spencer          31MY1914      29JA1987    07
PUTMAN, infant                   05DE1937      05DE1937    07  s of HS & LE
HARVEY, M. Rebecca               01OC1873      31JL1953    07  w of PH
HARVEY, P. Henry                 22MY1871      05JA1950    07
HARVEY, Doyce E.                 08OC1924      20JA1925    07  s of JE
SMITH, infant                                  15SE1936    07  d of OL & Lora
JOHNSON, T.J.                    10JE1866      28MH1940    08  h of Emmaline
JOHNSON, Emmaline                03DE1865      21JL1944    08
YOWELL, Velma M.                 23DE1907      03AU1975    08
NOLEN, Dennis Dale               20MY1949      23MY1949    08
NOLEN, James O.                  22JE1878      11SE1963    08
BARNETT, Fannie Lue  (Francis)   06FE1894      16FE1937    08  w of Bosco
BARNETT, Bosco                   22FE1889      30MY1941    08
LUFFMAN, William M.              01MY1908      27FE1990    08
LUFFMAN, Mary E.                 01SE1916      14JL1976    08
LUFFMAN, infant                  12MY1941      12MY1941    08  d of WM & ME
LUFFMAN, infant                  15SE1936      15SE1936    08  s of WM & ME
LUFFMAN, infant                  26AP1935      26AP1935    08  s of WM & ME
BARNETT, Minnie M.               16SE1897      04MH1985    08  w of AL; m 6NO1918
BARNETT, Audie L.                25MH1899      __DE1951    08
DEAN, Vernon L.                  30AU1905      28JL1932    08
BARNETT, Oliver L.   *           28MH1903      27JA1925    08  h of MV
BARNETT, M. Velma                16JA1904      18NO1985    08
COLLIER, Selora                  01MH1891      17FE1920    08  w of PW
COLLIER, Percy W.                16AP1889      20JA1951    08
SPRINGER, Jewell                               25JL1937    08  d of JG & Leona
EDDIE, Lois E.                     1944          1947      08  d of GH & Dean
EDDIE, Robert A.                   1950          1950      08  s of GH & Dean
THIGPEN, Ben F.                  27JL1869      28FE1942    08
MARONEY, Roeine E.               08JE1867      23DE1941    08
THIGPEN, M.E.                    12NO1840      26FE1918    08
THIGPEN, R.F.M.                  24AP1835      02AU1917    08
THIGPEN, Mary Lanier             22NO1866      15NO1912    08
THIGPEN, Lizzie E.               24AP1904      19DE1920    08  d of AC & Sarah
LONGSHORE, Ida R.                28SE1877      14SE1947    08
LONGSHORE, John David            26AU1862      06MH1943    08
LONGSHORE, Miriam                03JA1869      04AP1912    08  w of JD
SMITH, Anna Powell               12JE1870      12JE1905    08
WHITE, Ethel Lou                 08AU1898      14SE1956    08  w of WO
WHITE, Willie O.                 24AP1901      14JL1983    08
WHITE, Lula U.                   08NO1885      27JL1962    08
WHITE, Louisa B.                 27SE1862      18MY1947    08
WHITE, B.B.                      04OC1862      10NO1922    08  h of LB
WHITE, A.W.                      07SE1880      13JL1920    08
WHITE, Reeder L.                 01JL1912      21JL1912    08  s of NG & CE
THOMPSON, infant                 21JA1912      21JA1912    08  s of WL & MN
THOMPSON, Jessie F.              27SE1898      17JL1899    08  s of GL & JE
WHITE, infant                    05JA1894      14JA1894    08  inf of BB & LB
WHITE, Dossie E.                 11SE1887      19AU1888    08  d of BB & LB
WHITE, V.J.                                                08  1 yr 10 days old
WHITE, John Bradford             11MY1800      02SE1874    08  w of SB; m 18DE1822; b=NC
WHITE, Sintha Barnett            10AU1807      12NO1882    08  born in SC
WHITE, Nancy                     30DE1839      27JE1899    08  w of GW
WHITE, George W.                 17MY1837      25MH1904    08  Pvt Co G 11 AL Cav CSA
DAVIS, Lola V.                   04AP1891      24FE1900    08  d of John D.
DAVIS, Alice S.                  26JA1873      19AU1900    08  w of JD
DAVIS, John D.                   28OC1865      29DE1946    08
THOMPSON, G.A.                   14OC1900      25DE1929    08
THOMPSON, J. Elizabeth           08AP1868      25MY1936    08  w of GL
THOMPSON, George L.              03OC1862      03MY1931    08
McGEE, infant                    14SE1934      14SE1934    08  inf of LL
SPRINGER, J. Gilbert             16SE1906      09AU1968    08
SPRINGER, Leona C.               26MH1910      26MY1990    08  w of JG
EDDIE, Gilbert Henry             22FE1919      18FE1992    08  Pvt  USA  WW-II
EDDIE, W. Dean                   19MH1927                  08  w of GH; m 27FE1942
EDDIE, Earl Glenn                08FE1947      06AP2000    08  h of BB
EDDIE, Blanche Bond              06SE1938                  08
WRIGHT, Fannie E.                04AU1888      19OC1928    08  w of RD
WRIGHT, Robert D.                08MY1883      25JE1961    08
WRIGHT, Raymond Dearl            18MH1937      16JL1978    08
STAGGS, Elvira W.                28JL1918                  08  w of WD
STAGGS, William D.               18JA1929      20JL1975    08
LANIER, John William             01OC1858      22DE1938    09  h of MA
LANIER, Mary Agnes               14AP1859      28JA1929    09
LONGSHORE, Jessie L.             30MY1898      01MH1905    09  d of JD & Miriam
LANIER, Jesse Steel              18OC1899      31MH1901    09
LANIER, Turley Odessie           13OC1897      26JA1898    09
LONGSHORE, Bertha N.             03FE1891      02JE1896    09  d of JD & Miriam
LANIER, Vernon Odes              02AP1893      22JL1894    09
LANIER, R.T.                     25JE1816      25JL1892    09
LANIER, Miriam                   04FE1829      21DE1905    09
LONGSHORE, Clarence B.           25MH1889      27JL1890    09  s of JD & Miriam
LANIER, Turner Harrison          18MY1888      13SE1888    09
LANIER, Charley Edward           08JA1887                  09  s of JW & Mary
DAVIS, G.W.                      24SE1857      11AU1932    09
DAVIS, S.A.                      03DE1859      20MY1937    09
WHITE, infant                    15MH1908      15MH1908    09  inf of IB & TJ
WHITE, J.M.                      13MY1906      08AU1908    09
WHITE, infant                                              09  inf of TJ & IB
WHITE, infant                                              09  inf of TJ & IB
WHITE, Tamsy J.                  14JL1883      27SE1941    09  w of IB
WHITE, Ira B.                    21OC1877      16SE1953    09
McGEE, Ottis                     22JE1922      23OC1922    09  s of EJ & LE
McGEE, James                     05FE1933      21MH1933    09  s of EJ & LE
McGEE, Travis                    02MH1938      14JL1938    09  s of EJ & LE
McGEE, infant                                  21SE1941    09  d of EJ & LE
BROWN, Thomas J.                 12NO1883      13JE1968    09  h of TO
BROWN, Tamsy O.                  09DE1882      09AP1918    09
BROWN, Leatie E.                 15JA1915      07JE1918    09
DAVIS, William I.                07JE1882      17DE1969    09  h of MA
DAVIS, Mollie A.                 02FE1888                  09
DAVIS, infant                    18AU1918      14SE1918    09  d of WI & MA
DAVIS, infant                                  13NO1932    09  d of WA
DAVIS, George W.                 10JL1916      19FE1945    09  Sgt Cav WW-II
DAVIS, Eugene                    13JL1885      23OC1959    09  h of Ella
DAVIS, Ella                      13SE1885      06DE1987    09
DAVIS, infant                                  16AU1935    09  d of HL & LM
JOINER, Dell                       1932          1960      09
JOINER, Ophelia                    1928          1936      09
JOINER, Birdie                     1905                    09  w of Willie
JOINER, Willie  *                  1900          1962      09
SAVAGE, Shelia                                 30JE1956    09  d of VW
SAVAGE, Larry Brown              19FE1947      21FE1947    09  s of VW & MB
BOGGUS, Raymond C.               19MH1918      02DE1981    09  Pvt  USA
BOGGUS, Millinea C.     *        31AU1917      03MY2004    09  w of RC; m 31AU1940
ALEXANDER, Mary E.                 1881          1953      10  w of WB
ALEXANDER, William B.              1873          1953      10
McCORMICK, O.L.  (Red)    *      30NO1931      28AU1989    10
McCORMICK, Rosa L.               26OC1902      24MY1976    10  w of WB
McCORMICK, Willie B.             27SE1905      02AU1982    10
McCORMICK, David Lee                           10MH1947    10  s of WB
McLEMORE, L.C.                   30MY1937      25JL1937    10
McLEMORE, Lucille                02OC1919      01JE1937    10
McLEMORE, Vona A.                12DE1920      17AP1945    10
KENNEDY, Ella O.                 14JL1886      28SE1962    10
MATTHEWS, Neta O.                10AU1924      07DE1968    10
PUTMAN, son of AF & Bell                                   10
PUTMAN, infant                   25MH1930      25MH1930    10  s of AF & Bell
PUTMAN, infant                   23AP1924      23AP1924    10  d of VL & MB
PUTMAN, infant                   05MY1928      05MY1928    10  s of VL & MB
PUTMAN, infant                   10JL1921      10JL1921    10  d of VL & MB
PUTMAN, infant                   13JL1920      13JL1920    10  d of VL & MB
MOODY, Hollis                      1909          1910      10
MOODY, Jax                                       1910      10
MOODY, infant                    25JL1910      25JL1910    10  s of TA & ME
MOODY, Elsie E.                  10AU1923      13FE1928    10  d of TA & ME
MOODY, Mary E.                     1887          1952      10  w of TA
MOODY, Thomas A.                   1882          1969      10
MOODY, W.F.                      05AU1873      29OC1910    10
MOODY, infant                                              10  inf of WF
MOODY, Emaline                   21SE1848      07JA1936    10
WILSON, Ludie                    15OC1896      15AP1982    10
WILSON, Willie F.                07MY1899      24AP1971    10
WILSON, Viola                    21DE1870      02NO1941    10  w of Ben
WILSON, Ben F.                   20NO1853      21JE1933    10
WILSON, Susie                    05AP1859      22NO1884    10  w of BF
WILSON, Drewsillar               07DE1812      06SE1900    10
WILSON, Robert                   18SE1808      17MH1874    10  h of Drewsillar
COUCH, Martha Rose Wilson        cir.1846        1881      10  w of Thomas
BROWN, Donie E.                  20AU1880      24MH1942    10
DOTSON, Lee Omie                 24DE1893      27MY1946    10  w of AE
McCAFFERTY, infant               17JA1900      17JA1900    10  s of WJ & LL
JACKSON, David Monroe            05NO1857       AP1900     10
HOWARD, Homer Lee                18MH1917      02SE1919    10
HOWARD, infant                   14AP1916      19AP1916    10  s of JW & FC
PERRY, Annie Lou                 24AU1909      28AU1909    11  d of AL & AN
PERRY, Albert                    19AP1879      27JL1970    11  h of Amanda
PERRY, Amanda                    30JL1874      11DE1963    11
PERRY, Samuel G.                 26JA1846      04FE1902    11
PERRY, Elvira                    29MH1851      01JA1944    11  w of SG
McGEE, B. Cross                  12JL1877      29AU1954    11  h of HV
McGEE, Hulda V.                  22AU1875      29MH1949    11
McGEE, Doris A.                  05JE1924      26JL1924    11
McGEE, B.F.                      23FE1907      20JE1914    11
McGEE, infant                    08MY1900      10MY1900    11  s of BC & HV
BEAVERS, infant                                23NO1902    11  d of JT & SE
BEAVERS, Elmer                   28FE1904      20OC1906    11  s of JT & SE
OLDHAM, Arnold                   12AP1914      02DE1918    11  s of GK & LL
OLDHAM, Verbon                   23OC1915      29NO1918    11  s of GK & LL
WHITE, infant                                  20OC1911    11  s of JM & NA
WHITE, Verley                    09DE1891      11NO1892    11  d of JM & NA
WHITE, Ernest M.                 24SE1915      20AU1919    11  s of LW & LB
WHITE, Delma O.                  11MH1921      25JA1923    11  s of LW & LB
WHITE, G.F.                      30DE1873      07FE1891    11  s of DF & SJ
WHITE, D.F.                      09AP1846      19OC1892    11  h of SJ
WHITE, S.J.                      15AU1845      14JA1923    11
HICE, James Franklin               1871          1935      11
WILSON, Mae                      28AP1834      01MH1859    11
DAVIS, Fannie                      1886          1950      11
DAVIS, Warren L.                 18311887        1950      11  h of SW
DAVIS, Susan W.                    1858          1902      11
DAVIS, Lucinda                     1806          1886      11
HERMAN, Sarah A.                 20AP1825      09MY1900    11  w of Stephen
BARNETT, Irvin Y.                31MY1815      19MY1903    11
COMER, Nancy O.                  16JE1851      25DE1904    11
COMER, W.P.                      26JL1848      27NO1923    11  h of NO
WILLIAMS, Marvin T.              02NO1912      06JL1913    11  s of JH & Ines
WILLIAMS, William Herbert        02JA1908      28MH1908    11
TAYS, Janie Audry                07SE1907      29JA1908    11  d of GH & Ella
CAMPBELL, Horace                 08NO1928      21JL1930    11  s of EM & VE
TAYS, George H.                  15NO1873      03JA1947    11  h of Ella
TAYS, Ella                       05AP1880                  11
HERMAN, J.F.                     10DE1854      12MH1914    11
PUTMAN, infant                                 18JL1918    11  d of JW & MR
PUTMAN, infant                                 31MY1920    11  d of JW & MR
PUTMAN, Virgie L.                13DE1903      30DE1982    11  w of James W.
PUTMAN, James W.                 13JE1889      22JE1962    11
PUTMAN, Mary R.                  13AP1889      01MH1927    11  w of James Wilson
FIELDS, Nora B.                  03JA1889      08AU1918    11  w of LS
FIELDS, Lewis S.                 05FE1887      21MH1962    11
FIELDS, Zora G.                  16JE1893      28MH1993    11
PUTMAN, James Don                25NO1938                  11  h of LP
PUTMAN, Linda Phillips           22DE1940                  11
NEWTON,                                                    11  d of Vadie Lee
RAY, Doyce White                 20JA1929      27FE1929    11  s of Andy & Rosie
RAY, Thomas Loyd                 03JA1931      03FE1931    11  s of AZ
RAY, Rosie Mae White             05DE1903      03SE1932    11  w of AZ
RAY, Andy Zachariah              10AP1897      23MH1989    11
RAY, Willie Henry Butler         13MH1910      24FE2002    11
McLEMORE, Charles Edward         16JE1938      31JL1994    11
NIX, infant   *                                17FE1941    11  s of Sidney & Ola
NIX, infant   *                                10JA1940    11  s of Sidney & Ola
NIX, Sidney E.                   22MY1916      21JA1992    11  h of Ola
NIX, Ola Boston                  14OC1917      27OC2001    11
McCORMICK, Opel L.               30NO1931      28AU1989    11  S3  USN  Korea

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