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Known locally as the Charles Bedingfield Cemetery
Township 2, Range 7, section 35

Submitted 23 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go east on US 72 and turn north on CR 70.  Go about 3 miles and turn right on CR 566.  The cemetery is about a half mile on the left. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Mary Lois Graham & Eletha Howard and updated in Oct 2006 by Robert Torbert. An * indicates a correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
SMITH, Clara                                                01
SMITH, F.E.                      16AP1875      01MY1954     01
GRAHAM, Delores P.                                          01   w of GG; m 4FE1959
GRAHAM, Gilbert G.               05NO1936      06AP1984     01   CM1  USN  Vietnam
BARR, infant                     23SE1894      23SE1894     02   s of HF & KA
Hardiman, Ines                   01JL1915      01JL1915     03   d of MN & MI (did not find)
ROMINE, infant                     1935          1935       05   s of JD & KP
ROMINE, Lella May                08SE1915      18MH1920     05   d of JD & KP
ROMINE, Ellaree                  01MH1921      10JE1922     05   d of JD & KP
BEDINGFIELD, J.D.                08SE1899      13SE1899     05   s of JW & IM
BEDINGFIELD, R.W.                22JL1915      01SE1915     05   s of JW & IM
BEDINGFIELD, Eueal                             26JL1918     05   s of JW & IM
BEDINGFIELD, Noal                07JE1913      22OC1918     05   s of JW & IM
WATKINS, Marie Bedingfield       06AP1919      01FE2001     06
BEDINGFIELD, John D.             17JE1888      01FE1941     06   h of Ina
BEDINGFIELD, Ina D.              05JL1891      30MH1987     06
BEDINGFIELD, Donald              06FE1921      26FE1922     06
BEDINGFIELD, Hase                14JA1872      07MH1895     06   s of John D. &  FG
BEDINGFIELD, Jeroam              27MY1873      24JA1900     06   s of John D. &  FG
BEDINGFIELD, John D.             03FE1843      27JA1900     06   Pvt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
BEDINGFIELD, Fannie G.           10FE1851      19MH1935     06   w of John D.
BEDINGFIELD, Guy                 04JE1922      17OC1977     06   Cpl  USA  WW-II
BEDINGFIELD, infant                            03MY1965     06   s of Guy & Ruth
BEDINGFIELD, Darryl Ross         18NO1967      28JL2004     06
BEDINGFIELD, C.V.                04MH1926      29JA1928     07   two stones
BEDINGFIELD, Mary H.             28JA1894      31JL1972     07
BEDINGFIELD, Coy Wayne           29OC1941      21FE1994     07
OWENS, Bessie                    12NO1911      07SE1999     08   w of WL
OWENS, William Lawrence          03FE1908      04JE1973     08   Pfc  USA  WW-II
BEDINGFIELD, Ella Mae            12MY1903      10FE1987     08   w of RE
BEDINGFIELD, Robert E.           24NO1909      12AU1994     08   Pfc USA & S1 USN WW-II
BEDINGFIELD, Lillie                1884          1961       08
BEDINGFIELD, Hamp                  1872          1951       08   h of Lillie
BEDINGFIELD, infant                1918          1918       08   s of DC & Lillian
BEDINGFIELD, A.J.                17MH1848      21FE1914     08   h of ME
BEDINGFIELD, M.E.                17NO1852      07NO1913     08
BEDINGFIELD, James                 1840          1862       08   Pvt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
BEDINGFIELD, Maude    *          13OC1879      16FE1907     08
BEDINGFIELD, Pearl               26JA1877      17JL1899     08
BEDINGFIELD, Embry               09AU1889      15NO1890     08
BEDINGFIELD, James               29AU1870      06AU1871     08
BEDINGFIELD, Alfred T.           05AU1917      06FE1989     08
EVANS, Virglyn Bedingfield       07FE1919      21MH2005     08
OWEN, James A.                   19JE1855      28JL1899     08
PERRY, Delmer                                  03NO1944     09   s of Ed
PERRY, Ed                        25JA1903      15DE1989     09   h of Edna
PERRY, Edna Earl                 07JE1906      05JL1967     09
GRAHAM, Nellie Ann               11SE1909      24JL1978     10   w of JD; m 24AU1927
GRAHAM, J.D.                     26AU1909      29OC1992     10
BEDINGFIELD, Mary V.             16FE1923      16JL1960     10
BEDINGFIELD, David               17OC1928      15JE1930     10   double with Betty
BEDINGFIELD, Betty Geanne        20SE1934      07MH1935     10
BEDINGFIELD, J.C.                15NO1920      04JA1939     10
BEDINGFIELD, Poney               02OC1892      12MY1946     10   h of Audrey
BEDINGFIELD, Audrey  *           14AU1899      07JE1992     10
BEDINGFIELD, Ira H.              23JA1875      19MH1931     10
BEDINGFIELD, Ira H. Jr.          10AP1911      11MH1977     10
BEDINGFIELD, Edith M.            08JE1913      29JA1997     10   w of Ira
BEDINGFIELD, Euell                DE1903        AU1904      10   s of Dora & AJ
BEDINGFIELD, Dora B.             09MH1886      18MH1920     10   w of AJ
BEDINGFIELD, Arthur Jackson      03NO1882      02AU1964     10
BEDINGFIELD, Mary Belle          01AU1899      08JL1986     10   w of AJ
JACKSON, Barbara                 16JA1934                   11   w of Ken; m 27FE1965
JACKSON, Kenneth                 11AU1945      21AP1997     11
JEWELL, Alice Lee                05SE1903      07JE1992     11   w of IL;
JEWELL, Irby L.                  20JE1897      23FE1973     11   Pvt  USA  WW-I
JEWELL, Allie Dell               24MY1884      15JL1965     11
HIGGINS, Gwendolyn Jo            20MH1956      12JE1990     11   w of RE; m 11JE1984
HIGGINS, Robert E.               22FE1947                   11
LEGG, J.E.                       10JA1836      02FE1888     11   Pvt Co D 19 TN Cav CSA
VAUGHN, Betty Joyce              31MY1938      10AU1940     11
VAUGHN, Jerry K.                 04AU1941      29DE1944     11
BEDINGFIELD, Frances               1809          1882       11   w of Charles
BEDINGFIELD, Charles               1809          1874       11
ESTES, Frankie Bedingfield       16OC1884      08FE1940     12
VAUGHN, Henry W.                 02JE1911      06OC1985     12   h of AL
VAUGHN, Alma L.                  23AU1918      20DE2005     12
WHITE, Clifford C.               27AP1909      10NO1974     12   h of Catherine
WHITE, Catherine                 25AP1923                   12
LEGG, D.H.                       09AP1861      14OC1894     13
REEVES, Ruth                     27AP1934                   13   w of Joe; m 1NO1953
REEVES, Joe                      11JE1929      25JA1997     13
TERRY, Estelle Perry             18DE1929                   13   w of RA; m 1MY1948
TERRY, Robert Allen              31MY1928      09DE2002     13
JEWELL, Theresa Ann              08JL1933                   15   w of HC
JEWELL, Horace Clayton           26JL1929      05AP2003     15

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