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Township 2, Range 8, Section 33

Contributed 27 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 just beyond Elgin and turn south on CR 84.  Turn left on the first paved road and go to the bottom of the hill.  The dirt road to the left, with a cable across it leads to the cemetery. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 and listed in Cemeteries of East Lauderdale County, Alabama.  It was updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from south to north.  A number of funeral home markers are unreadable.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
BAILEY, Dessie L.                24JL1927                   01   Eastern Star
BAILEY, William T.               23JL1919                   01   h of DL; Mason
FUQUA-LITTLETON, Priscilla Ann   22JL1957      02JA1996     01
FUQUA, Pauline Nance             16OC1932      13MY1996     01   Eastern Star
FUQUA, Herman                    31OC1932                   01   h of PN; Mason
NANCE, Raymon Elvis              07MY1957      10DE2002     01   USA
FUQUA, Stevenson Jr.                           05SE1992     02   s of Stevenson & Vivian
FUQUA, Howard Desmond            17JE1991      31JA1992     02
KOGER, Deshawn Obrain                          08MY2006     03
KOGER, Bertha Mae                18MY1963      21MY1977     03
KOGER, Flora Lee                 06AU1937      02SE1985     03   w of Marshall
KOGER, Marshall Sr.              09JA1940                   03
KOGER, Johnnie H.                30OC1882      24MH1976     04   double with BS
KOGER, Birler S.                 03OC1912                   04
FREEMAN, Sheri Renee             11JA1967      03JE1972     06
SMITH, William Lee               02AP1924      13JL2004     06   USA  WW-II
EDWARDS, Paulette S.             09AU1947      12SE2005     06
ELIUS, Vella S.                  09FE1947      16MH2003     07
SMITH, Clarence Robert           03OC1914      15JL1979     07
KOGER, Susie L.                  28FE1908                   08   w of JL
KOGER, James L.                  12AP1902      21NO1974     08
GARNER, Ludie                    10MY1885      11DE1950     08
SMITH, Vella                       1890          1961       08
SMITH, Nolan                       1888          1972       08
COFFEE, Henry T.                 24JL1937      27FE1969     09   h of Ida; did not find
COFFEE, Ida Mae                  09JA1939      12AP1987     09   m 15JE1959; did not find
COFFEE, Roxie Ann                09JE1900      22AU1976     09   did not find
COFFEE, Henry (did not find)     06JE1893      17DE1965     09   Pvt 43 Res Labor WW-I
COFFEE, Willie J.                11AP1929      20DE1957     09   did not find
KOGER, Dunk                        1878          1940       10   h of Sarah
KOGER, Sarah                       1875        16MH1930     10
KOGER, Artelia                   08JA1925      23MH1982     10
KOGER, Wilmer                      1892          1930       10   w of George
KOGER, George                      1894          1963       10
INGRAM, Ben                      14JE1859      16DE1903     13
COFFEE, Nelce                    08SE1902      27NO1935     14
KOGER, Wilmer Lee                  1892        20JE1930     17
KOGER, Estella                     1909          1948       17   w of Luther
KOGER, Luther                      1902          1958       17
KOGER, Samuel                      1941          1966       17
MITCHELL, Leroy                  06JA1952      18OC1969     17
MITCHELL, Calvin                 16OC1961      07AU1986     17
MITCHELL, Lillie Pearl           24DE1929      05AP2004     17
HAWKINS, Mary C.                 04MH1917      22JA2004     18
SMITH, Lula M.                   21AP1942      14DE1985     20
FUQUA, Linda J.                  04AU1950      11MH1990     20   w of JE; did not find
FUQUA, Jeff E.                   20JL1933                   20   did not find
SMITH, Boma Lee                  cir1903       19DE1991     20   did not find
McVAY, Richard (Rev)             06JA1886      21JA1943     20   did not find
SMITH, Aristeard E.              29JE1900      12SE1966     21
FUQUA, Mary Jane                   1889          1955       21
INGRAM, Eddie F.  *              10SE1903      30DE1907     21   s of H & EM
KOGER, Elmer Jr.                 30AP1928      07FE1961     22   Pfc  129 Ord Co
KOGER, Elmer Sr. (Rev)           30JA1892      29MY1966     22
KOGER, Lizzie                    10OC1897      12MY1978     22   w of Elmer Sr.
KOGER, Delia      *              11FE1922      08MY1980     22
CUNNINGHAM, Belton               28AP1913      17NO2000     22   USN  WW-II

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