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Township 1, Range 7, Section 12

Contributed Dec 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go north on AL 207 about 13 miles to AL 64 and the Bethel Baptist Church. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Avon Hagood and Judy Mason.  It was updated in Nov 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

             NAME                 DOB         DOD      ROW              NOTES
McMEANS, Curtis                 01MH1943    20DE1995    01  h of Brenda
McMEANS, Brenda                 19AU1947                01  m 11SE1995
LONG, Jeanette M.               13AU1928    09JA2000    01
McCONNELL, Oneta                21MY1937                01  w of JP; m 25SE1954
McCONNELL, James P.             27JE1935    01FE1997    01
ANTHONY, Christopher Wayne      29JA1974    10MH1996    01
CHAMBERS, Robert                27JL1909    28OC1977    01  h of Polly
CHAMBERS, Polly                 01SE1910    03JE1991    01
FARMER, Wade A.                 02NO1957    18AU1977    01
THOMPSON, Alton C.              29SE1922    06JL2001    01  h of LW
THOMPSON, Lena W.               25JL1927                01
THOMPSON, E. Carter             31OC1910    03JE2003    01  h of Flarv
THOMPSON, Flarv                 27FE1917    28AP1974    01
McCRARY, Harold G.              25AP1937                01  h of JT
McCRARY, Judith T.              30AP1939    21DE1978    01
VENABLE, Rexford G.             15FE1907    02MH1990    01  h of MI
VENABLE, Minnie I.              10AU1904    21NO1989    01
McGRAW, Aubrey L.               18SE1906    13FE1972    01  h of AM
McGRAW, Annie M.                18AP1916    19AP2000    01
McGRAW, James Earl              19JE1938    06MH1999    01
JOHNSON, Folie M.               21MH1890    16JE1973    01  w of WH
JOHNSON, William H.             06SE1889    07MH1969    01
BURGESS, Ben                    11OC1891    12AU1975    01  h of Rossie
BURGESS, Rossie                 07MH1894    11SE1968    01
COCKRELL, Walter S.             27JE1914    02DE1978    01  h of ML
COCKRELL, Mary Lena             16MH1916    12AU2004    01
EMBRY, Robert B.                05AU1942                01  h of SJ
EMBRY, Shelby J.                28SE1942    20NO1975    01
McCONNELL, Marvin               16SE1909    02MH1998    01  h of BV
McCONNELL, Bessie V.            09AP1912    22MY1988    01
FACOK, Robbie J.                14AU1931    30AU2003    01  w of Charles
FACOK, Charles                  24OC1922                01
FACOK, John                     05JL1921    22MY1980    01  2nd Lt USA  WW-II
COCKRELL, Robert J.             21JL1915    20MH1978    01  h of SC
COCKRELL, Sylvia C.             21JE1917                01
COCKRELL, M. Cecor              04JA1907    07SE1984    01  h of MB
COCKRELL, Mauvalene B.          20SE1909    10OC2003    01
BURGESS, Elbert E.              30AP1913    27NO1973    01  h of OE; m 8NO1931
BURGESS, Otice E.               21JL1915    29MY1985    01
McCRARY, Amos                   25JA1913    27NO1973    01  h of CB
McCRARY, Catherine B.           30NO1917                01
NUNLEY, Andrew J.               26AU1898    05OC1975    01  h of BW
NUNLEY, Bessie W.               09AP1900    13AP1977    01
WORD, J.T.                      10DE1918                01  h of Josephine
WORD, Josephine                 25NO1909    20JA1975    01  m 21JE1942
WORD, James S.                  04JL1926                01  h of MM; m 24NO1945
WORD, Millinea Mc               10OC1926    24JE2002    01
SHELTON, David S. (not found)   04MH1910    27OC1978    01  h of LT; m 3JE1927
SHELTON, Lera T.                19FE1912                01  not found
BAILEY, R. Osbon                03DE1912    27NO1981    01  h of BB; m 24MH1934
BAILEY, Bernice B.              16NO1912    07JA1993    01
HESTER, Lawrence T.             04AP1930                01  h of BA
HESTER, Betty Ann               16JL1936    19FE1977    01
WORD, Everett C.                12SE1917    17SE1991    01  h of MB; m 25MY1944
WORD, Mattie B.                 26AU1917      2006      01
WORD, William Avery             08FE1896    31JA1986    01  h of TI; m 12NO1916
WORD, Tommie I.                 08JA1899    23NO1988    01
HARTSFIELD, Wilma Wynell Word   11MH1932    23MH1992    02
HARTSFIELD, Milton O.           25DE1924    12FE2001    02  h of Wynell
COOK, Clarence Ewing            21SE1919    05JA1996    02
RANEY, Barbara Lard             21SE1944                02  w of RJ; m 2JE1962
RANEY, Raymond Jr. (Jimmy)      19SE1941    26SE1997    02
RANEY, Betty  Word              06DE1920                02  w of JR; m 3JE1939
RANEY, James Raymond Sr.        20AU1912    25AP1998    02
GRIFFIN, James Martin           20AP1964    28MY2005    02  h of DE
GRIFFIN, Doris E.               08OC1936    11MY1997    02
ECHOLS, Nella M.                23JE1937    28OC1997    02  w of Aaron; m 29AU1958
ECHOLS, Aaron                   25SE1926    09JE1990    02
ECHOLS, Reba Flora              05AU1905    23AP1988    02  w of Dewey
ECHOLS, Dewey Edward            11MH1903    09JL2001    02
GULLETT, Dula B.                01MH1922    07AP2005    02  w of CT
GULLETT, C.T. (Pete)            12MH1917    06JL1980    02  m 1MH1941
McDOUGAL, Lila G.               12AP1915    28DE2003    02  w of WV
McDOUGAL, William V. (Rev)      15MH1911    19DE1979    02
GULLETT, Vera M.                21AP1893    07SE1969    02  w of Sam
GULLETT, Sam C.                 23JE1885    14AU1969    02
CAMP, Eloise W.                 14AU1918    25NO1998    02  w of EG
CAMP, Emmett G.                 17MH1914    22JA1985    02
CAMP, Willa Faye                29AP1926    13JE2001    02  w of TR
CAMP, Thomas Royce              01JA1924    14JL1976    02
AGONA, Leona M.                 28JE1914    17SE1993    02  w of Pat
AGONA, Pat G.                   25FE1901    25MH1981    02
COCKRELL, Europe E.             11JA1904    05JA1988    02  h of MM; m 21OC1923
COCKRELL, Mamie M.              17SE1907    04JL1999    02
CATES, Bobbie N.                16DE1929                02  w of JN; m 1FE1947
CATES, John Noah                05MH1922                02
CATES, Vona L.                  15NO1906    19OC2002    02  w of RE; m 7DE1924
CATES, Rufus E.                 01NO1908    19JA1988    02
GULLETT, infant                 17NO1947    17NO1947    02  d of GW
GULLETT, Flossie Cates          12MY1931                02  w of GW; m 11JA1947
GULLETT, G.W.                   22FE1920    08SE1993    02
KNIGHT, Ethel                   24JL1914    19SE2000    02  w of Clarence
KNIGHT, Clarence                22JE1910    09MH1997    02
HOLLANDSWORTH, Billy Ray        19JA1948                02
HOLLANDSWORTH, Elizabeth P.     29MH1926    03NO1990    02  w of GL; m 27OC1945 P=Pearl
HOLLANDSWORTH, George Lendon    23FE1922    07AU1977    02
HIGGINBOTHAM, Jeaneta M.        29JA1934                02  w of AL
HIGGINBOTHAM, Alton L.          26FE1927    28JE2006    02
MATTHEWS, Clara M.              25AU1913    08AP2002    02  w of OD
MATTHEWS, Ovitte D.             16JL1905    20DE1977    02
HOLLANDSWORTH, Deborah (Bassie  24JE1964    21AP2000    02
HOLLANDSWORTH, James Robert     10SE1936    14MY1995    02  brother of JE
HOLLANDSWORTH, James Timothy    02OC1959    11FE1983    02  s of JE
HOLLANDSWORTH, Johnny Eudene    05JA1924    11OC1993    02
HOLLANDSWORTH, Lovace M.        04MY1928                02  w of DM; m 8MH1952
HOLLANDSWORTH, Doyle M.         18JA1926    17JL1993    02  Tec5  USA  WW-II
McCONNELL, Mary E.              07AP1939                02  one date
HERSTON, Rasa Lee  *            30DE1924                02  w of WE; m 1FE1941
HERSTON, William Edward         05DE1922    13AU1993    02
FRAZIER, Troy Lee               22JA1936    03FE2006    03  h of SC
FRAZIER, Sue Carol              16NO1938                03
THORNTON, Tammy Susan           19AP1965                03  w of SM; m 11OC1996
THORNTON, Steven McKinley       14MY1964    21JE1998    03
THORNTON, Nathan                20JL1943                03  h of Sharon
THORNTON, Sharon                08AP1946                03
BAILEY, Edward Leroy            28MH1925    14FE2004    03  Pfc  USA  WW-II
McCAFFERTY, H.B.                25NO1925    04JL1997    03  h of Bertha
McCAFFERTY, Bertha              01JA1942    30JL2000    03
RIDGEWAY, W. Onis               13SE1910    06MY1985    03  h of LM
RIDGEWAY, Lella M.              01JE1913    28MH1997    03
CATES, James Alvon              19OC1926    10OC1986    03  Sgt  USA  WW-II
CATES, Patricia L.              13JL1930                03  w of JA; m 28DE1950
MIDDKEBROOKS, Ronald C.         01JA1925                03  h of MM; m 3NO1951
MIDDKEBROOKS, Mildred M.        23SE1923    08MY2004    03
McCONNELL, Pamela               06DE1955                03
McCONNELL, Melinda              07FE1955                03
McCONNELL, Charlie              28OC1916    27MH1998    03  h of Dorothy
McCONNELL, Dorothy              04NO1919                03
McCONNELL, Dillard              12OC1920                03  h of LC; m 4MY1940
McCONNELL, L.C.                 23DE1922    10MY1999    03
McCONNELL, Thomas J. (Rev)      09NO1897    23FE1980    03  h of VL
McCONNELL, Vera L.              06SE1901    27OC1983    03
FORRESTER, Willis C.            16JA1916    27DE1989    03  h of MN
FORRESTER, Margaret N.          10NO1923    25AP1977    03
BAILEY, Winford E.              15SE1927    02NO1985    03  S2  USN  WW-II
BAILEY, Letha Mae               14AU1930                03  w of WC; m 24FE1948
THACKER, Bollin                 24JA1917                03  h of Elese; m 2AP1966
THACKER, Elese                  22AU1918                03
BAILEY, Ernest Alton            30JL1921    02MH1987    03  SK1  USN  WW-II
BAILEY, Katherine A.            17AU1917                03  w of EA; m 6JE1942
BAILEY, Leo C.                  09MH1918    30OC1991    03  h of MA; m 25DE1936
BAILEY, Margaret A.             02FE1915    08SE1989    03
BAILEY, Dewey D.                14SE1899    12JA1979    03  h of LB; m 30DE1923
BAILEY, Lucile B.               15OC1906                03
McCONNELL, Harold E.            13OC1942                03  h of BG; m 18JA1963
McCONNELL, Brenda G.            25MY1944    21AP1977    03
EADY, George C. (Rev)           05SE1906    31MY1974    03  Mason
EADY, Amy Mae                   27AP1900    21MH1981    03  w of GC
PHILLIPS, Amos H.               13AU1907    29JA1977    03  h of PL
PHILLIPS, Pearlie L.            02MH1909    21MH1994    03
McCLUSKEY, Robert Alvin         15AP1905    16SE1980    03  h of ME
McCLUSKEY, Mary Elizabeth       21AU1921                03
BURKS, E.M. (Dick)              28JL1904    06SE1985    03  h of TL; m 26AP1930
BURKS, Thurza L.                05JE1911    04SE1993    03
BULLARD, Jim D.                 13SE1912    25SE1990    03  h of Lucille
BULLARD, Lucille                21JE1915                03
NEWBERN, Vernon Ollis           25JL1919    30AP1998    03  h of JJ
NEWBERN, Joyce Jackson   *      12JA1920    25AP1994    03
BALCH, John B.                  19AP1919    25OC1998    03  h of CM
BALCH, Clara M.                 07DE1918    01NO1978    03
DAVIS, Melinda K.               21SE1962    28AP1980    04
DAVIS, Mamie Lou                21DE1929    18JA2000    04
GRISHAM, Willa Mae              28JE1913    31MH1991    04  w of Nolon; m 18MH1933
GRISHAM, Nolon (Jaybird)        06OC1911    17AP1998    04
THOMAS, Cleatus E.              08AP1906    17FE1979    04  h of Lucille
THOMAS, Lucille                 06AP1913    25SE1995    04
ECHOLS, Lily Bell *             30OC1917    03NO1987    04  w of OB
ECHOLS, Osbon Brock             02MH1916    19MY1996    04
PHILLIPS, Margaret Burgess      25JA1926                04  w of JN; m 7SE1943
PHILLIPS, Jasper Nelson         11JE1921    07DE2000    04  Pfc  USA  WW-II
DAVIS, Charles E. Jr.           28JL1928    07SE2002    04
STARK, Odes M.                  31JL1907    27SE1977    04  h of CM
STARK, Clara M.                 20SE1913    14JL2000    04
GULLETT, Mary Hill              18MH1922    03AP1998    04  w of EM; m 23AP1949
GULLETT, Emmett M.              10MY1913    25SE1995    04
STEWART, Peggy Ann              02NO1939                04  w of CD
STEWART, Charles Douglas        11DE1939                04
McCONNELL, Irris Delane         14MH1934    04JA1992    04  w of LL
McCONNELL, Louie Lee            11NO1926    08OC1989    04  Pvt  USMC  WW-II
St CLAIR, Lennie Bell           02SE1922    29DE1982    04  w of WM
St CLAIR, William M.            15OC1910    29AP1993    04
BARROW, Laura L.                27JA1920    16FE1989    04  w of Prentice
BARROW, Prentice                06MH1918    23MY1981    04  Pvt  USA  WW-II
VENABLE, Eunice C.              15NO1907    15FE1990    04
ADAMS, Sandra June              19JE1941                04  w of Robert
ADAMS, Robert Jr.               17FE1935                04
SIDES, Paula Elaine             27JL1981    23MY1984    04
TERRY, O.T.                     30JE1920    11JA2001    06  h of NO
TERRY, Nelldean Owen            09NO1925                06
KENNEMER, James Edward          19OC1930    05SE1994    06  SFC  USA  Korea
KENNEMER, Helen Ridgeway        02JL1930    30AU2005    06  w of JE
PUTMAN, Joshua Donovan          25SE1980    02MY1994    06
WHITE, Henry C. Jr.             13SE1922    13SE1988    06  SSgt  USA  WW-II
WHITE, Hazel  *                 18FE1926                06  w of HC; m 3AU1946
McCONNELL, Sanford (Sanky)      15MH1916    05JA2001    06
McCONNELL, Mauvine Cockrell     29DE1918                06  w of Sanford
ADAMS, Minnie Mattie            01JA1900    25JA1987    06
COCKRELL, James H.              06MH1921    24DE2004    06  h of Thelma
COCKRELL, Thelma                08AP1926    23OC1981    06
JONES, Johnnie A.               27MH1927                06  h of BN; m 8JE1947
JONES, Burnice N.               08NO1924    23JA1986    06
JONES, Grady W.                 10JA1957    07AP1983    06  h of NB; m 25SE1980
JONES, Nancy B.                 12MY1962                06
PATTERSON, Arvel L.             25NO1923    13JL2002    06  Tec4  USA  WW-II
PATTERSON, Dorothy V.           08AP1926    26AP1988    06  w of AL
ECHOLS, D. Arland               08NO1908    04MY1996    06  h of BV
ECHOLS, Bernice V.              23OC1915    01MY1991    06
THACKER, Henry Alex             21SE1913                06  h of MC; m 12NO1938
THACKER, Mildred Camp           29AU1918    15JA1989    06
McCONNELL, Dwight W.            07OC1944    03JL2003    06  h of WS; m 18MH1966
McCONNELL, Wanda Sue            05JE1947    05AU1997    06
KENNEMER, George J. Jr.         14MY1925                06  h of Imogene; m 29JL1944
KENNEMER, Imogene P.            10JA1925    23NO1998    06
LAXSON, John William            30SE1935    29JE2004    06  SP3  USA
LAXSON, Reba Joan               17JA1941                06  w of JW; m 9AU1958
LAXSON, William Keith           26FE1961    09SE2003    06
WINNETTE, William               19MH1932    07DE2002    06  Mason; SSgt  USAF  Korea
WHITEHEAD, Mary Laurene         26AU1918    18JA2002    06
SCOTT, Jerry Allen              17JL1943    31DE1991    06  h of DE
SCOTT, Doris Elaine             30AU1943                06
SCOTT, Arthur                   19MY1900    04SE1985    06
BOYD, Thelma Scott              03MY1923    30DE1981    06
KENNEMUR, Amos Leon             29JL1914    11SE1999    06  h of CO; m 1DE1934
KENNEMUR, Clarice Oleta         22FE1916                06
McMEANS, James                  01MH1943    20DE1995    07  did not find
KENNEMER, Annie Parker          21JA1904    22MH2000    07  w of GJ; m 4MY1924
KENNEMER, George J. Sr.         07JE1897    15AU1989    07
JONES, Gerald B.                01NO1938    01MH1992    07
JONES, Allene B.                05MH1919                07  w of ML
JONES, Mitchell L.              18JE1911    01MY1993    07
BURKS, Jimmy Ray                26OC1936    22AU1996    07  h of BJ
BURKS, Bobbi J.                 09DE1948                07
GROSS, Dianne                   26FE1947                07  w of Charles
GROSS, Charles                  09MY1945                07
McCONNELL, Della Mae            09NO1920    04AU2005    07  w of RA
McCONNELL, Rufus Albert         12OC1920                07
KELLEY, Estelle Hallmark        28OC1925    25SE2000    07  w of CJ; m 28AU1946
KELLEY, Clifford Joseph         20NO1921                07
McINTEAR, Erica Michelle        10JA1991    15JA1991    07
McCONNELL, Ora Bell             13OC1914                07
COCKRELL, James Edwin           25SE1931    04DE1999    07
COCKRELL, Isabell M.            26OC1910    25OC2003    07  w of JW
COCKRELL, Jessie W.             13DE1909    07NO1989    07

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