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Contributed 9 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Center Star and turn left on CR 33 and go about 3 miles.  Turn left on CR 425 and the cemetery is on the right. This cemetery was surveyed by Doris and Karen McGee in Sept 1995 and updated by Robert Torbert in Aug 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  The rows are numbered from the highway. Map

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
SWINEA, Ricky L.                 05AP1964      30AP1964     01
SWINEA, Willie D.                17JA1923      11NO1983     01  h of EI
SWINEA, Elizabeth I.             13JA1933      20FE1988     01
NEWBURY, Norma                   20JA1963      20OC1993     01
SWINEA, Annie L.                 11NO1909      15JL1998     01  w of HG
SWINEA, H. Grady                 11JL1902      06FE1969     01
WANNER, James Timothy            24OC1960      24DE1960     01  s of Jackie
WANNER, Wesley Steven            29MH1956      16SE1988     01
WANNER, James William            14DE1976      13JL1998     01
SWINEA, Lewis H.                 05MH1932      26OC2000     01
WILSON, Huston                   14AP1849      28JL1909     02  h of Cynthia
WILSON, Cynthia                  18MY1860      11MH1945     02
SEAL, Lizzie D.                  14MY1881      15MY1965     02
HANDLEY, Will                    30MH1872      17SE1929     02
HANDLEY, Rammon                  24DE1916      20AP1918     02
GLOVER, Ethel L.                 01DE1922      13DE1923     02  d of WC & LB
HENDON, Mary Evelyn              11SE1937      02JA1997     02  w of Bobby
HENDON, Bobby Myron              20NO1936                   02
HART, Jimmie                     03OC1932      21MY1939     02  s of EE & SL
STULTS, Raymond H.               17OC1905      08JE1989     02  h of Selma
STULTS, Selma K.                 20MY1915                   02
HENDON, Harold E.                16JA1908      17JE1983     02  S1  USN  WW-II
HENDON, Elsie K.                 11FE1910      26OC1989     02  w of HE
KELLEY, Freda Mae                12MY1915      17JA1997     02  w of JS; m 29FE1936
KELLEY, James Sidney             25OC1917                   02
STEEN, Gerald Dee                14JE1930      19OC1951     02  Cpl AL 19 Inf Div Korea
STEEN, Allen                     04JE1889      23AU1952     02  h of Swanie
STEEN, Swanie                    14NO1894      31JL1987     02
WILSON, Dessie M.                26AU1900      20NO1991     02  w of JL
WILSON, J. Lee                   09AP1896      20AP1967     02
TAYS, James Hassel                 1916          2006       02
TAYS, Thurston A.                11DE1918      02DE2000     02  USA  WW-II
COLLIER, Rebecca A.              06FE1905      09FE1991     02  w of OB; m 17FE1925
COLLIER, O. Bertis               15DE1904      14MY1979     02
COLLIER, Timothy Adam            12MY1982      03MH2002     02
KELLEY, Maudie J.                  1888          1963       03  w of SC
KELLEY, Sidney C.                  1878          1954       03
SWINEA, Lucy Elizabeth           21JA1911      26JA1911     03
KELLEY, Macy                     28JE1908      03FE1909     03  d of MJ & SC
SWINEA, George W.                31DE1856      19MY1937     03  h of Lucy
SWINEA, Lucy                     10MY1865      12SE1891     03
TAYS, Jane                       30DE1854      07MH1925     03  w of JW
TAYS, Thomas E.                  28MY1882      25JL1884     03  s of JW & TJ
TAYS, Mancel                     29SE1907      06SE1908     03  s of Adison & Addie
TAYS, Jack Wylie                 24DE1854      08JE1937     03
COMER, W.H.                      05NO1903      26FE1904     03
TAYS. John Calvin                03NO1876      24DE1909     03  double stone with Alice
TAYS. Alice Thornton             11DE1869      23AU1947     03
TAYS. Addison P.                 09NO1887      12OC1974     03  h of Addie
TAYS. Addie B.                   16JE1890      12OC1972     03
BLACK, Beckey                    12JL1878      08DE1881     03  d of George
HANDLEY, Percy W.                04FE1892      30FE1898     03  s of Will & SC
HANDLEY, Robert D.               01MY1901      09OC1908     03  s of Will & SC
HANDLEY, Hattie M.               01AP1906      30AP1906     03  d of Will & SC
COX, Lola M.                     01FE1883      03JL1913     03
COX, Uner D.                     23MH1913      28JE1913     03  d of ML & LM
CAMPBELL, J.C. Jr.               24DE1929      18JE1991     04  USMC  Korea
CAMPBELL, Corinne Steen          17DE1934                   04  w of JC; m 25NO1954
JOINER, Bessie Jewell            09AP1899      01AU1985     04
JOINER, Alice Velena *           07AU1908      31MH1985     04  w of Raymond L.
JOINER, Raymond L.               11FE1903                   04  did not find stone
JOINER, Luther F.                23JL1897      05MH1976     04
JOINER, Annie Mae                27MH1892      11AP1971     04
COMBS, Linda Gail                15MY1956      02JA1957     04  d of GF & Verta
COLLIER, Jesse                   11SE1934                   04  h of Celestine
COLLIER, Celestine               18OC1936      16JA2001     04
COLLIER, Helen Marie             05AP1941      04MY1992     04  d of CW & Sallie
COLLIER, Sallie V.               17JE1899      31MH1960     04  w of CW
COLLIER, Charlie W.              27JA1882      03JL1958     04
COLLIER, Mattie Sue              17OC1918      29AP1946     04
COLLIER, infant of Mattie Sue                  15AP1944     04
COLLIER, infant of CW            10AP1930      10AP1930     04
COLLIER, Eunice R.               10FE1910      19JL1930     04
ALEXANDER, George W.             03FE1875      13DE1924     04  h of LV
ALEXANDER, Lelar V.              10MH1885      14SE1924     04
ALEXANDER, infant                28DE1921      01JA1922     04  d of GW & LV
ALEXANDER, Mary V.               17AP1916      24OC1916     04  d of GW & LV
ALEXANDER, William R.            24SE1908      29OC1919     04  s of GW & LV
RICHARDSON, Cynthia M.           25MY1853      31OC1931     04
ALEXANDER, Ollie M.                1884          1967       04  w of Henry
ALEXANDER, Henry P.                1881          1957       04
ALEXANDER, Buster                13NO1915      29MY1918     04  s of OM & HP
ALEXANDER, Jimmie Lee            07AU1912      24NO1913     04
WILLIAMS, Johnnie Lee            08DE190?      03JE1911     04  d of JN & SL; broker stone
TAYS, infant                     03JA1918      03JA1918     04  d of LC & NE
TAYS, Arlon                      31MY1921      19JA1932     04  s of LC & NE
JACKSON, John                    30JL1865      13MH1950     04
JACKSON, Mary Essie              27FE1874      13FE1946     04  w of John
RICHARDSON, David Jackson        18FE1845      22FE1890     04  Co G 11 AL Cav  CSA
RICHARDSON, Samuel H.              1808        25JA1873     04  born in SC; m 2JA1830
RICHARDSON, Mary Butler          1809 KY       aft 1880     04  w of DJ
HOLDEN, Lily                       1888          1905       04  d of GW & MF
HOLDEN, George W.                22FE1852      15AU1900     04  h of MF
HOLDEN, Mary F.                  12NO1854      09DE1936     04
COLLIER, Dona H.                   1883          1913       04  w of CW
HOLDEN, Ida L.                     1889          1912       04  w of Brant
HOLDEN, Brant                      1881          1954       04
HOLDEN, Lillie                     1896          1963       04
HOLDEN, Everette                 17OC1938      06AP2000     04
HOLDEN, Almon                    20MY1914      26AP1973     04
HERSTON, John Price              05MY1904      28JE1984     05
HERSTON, infant                  15JL1960      15JL1960     05  infant of Roy
HERSTON, James                   26SE1898      23DE1980     05
HERSTON, Virgie M.               10JA1896      17JA1975     05
HERSTON, Lonie B.                24JL1887      20JA1956     05
HERSTON, Robert P.               24OC1871      12MH1949     05
HERSTON, Sarah                     1880          1958       05
JOINER, Margie M.E.              02SE1914      27AP1916     05
RICHARDSON, Cleora Reeves        26AU1881      15MY1957     05  w of RT
RICHARDSON, Robert Tays          06FE1878      27AP1956     05
TAYS, B.B.                       23JA1878      18AP1929     05
RICHARDSON, Fred B.                1908          1928       05
TAYS, Luella                     23NO1883      20MY1909     05
RICHARDSON, Walter               19AP1914      24MY1915     05  s of RT & Cleora
RICHARDSON, Gertrude             13SE1903      09SE1908     05  d of RT & Cleora
RICHARDSON, Eva I.               04JL1898      02FE1901     05  d of RT & Cleora
RICHARDSON, Ollion               28JA1900      28JL1900     05  s of RT & Cleora
NIPPER, Margaret                   1851        18FE1891     05  w of WJ
NIPPER, W.J.                      JA1851        JA1926      05
NIPPER, Robert E.                16NO18??       11JE?       05  s of WJ & M
NIPPER, Talmadge                 18SE1901      21NO1902     05  gs of WJ
NIPPER, Sallie Carter            cir1831       25JA1916     05  w of WJ; about 75 yrs old
TAYS, Ella Wee                   14SE1925      19DE1951     05
TAYS, Verter B.                  10FE1919      19FE1919     05  d of SK & S
TAYS, Sallie A.                    1885          1973       05  w of Sam
TAYS, Sam K.                       1872          1952       05
TAYS, Nannie A.                  29AU1870      02MY1910     05  w of SK
TAYS, Carney P.                  24JE1903      19JE1904     05
PHILLIPS, infant                   1935          1935       05  infant of JP
PHILLIPS, infant of JP             1926          1926       05
PHILLIPS, James R.               30NO1885      31MH1976     05  h of MM
PHILLIPS, Mamie M.               01DE1889      29SE1975     05
McGEE, Frances                   07MH1931      31MH2006     06  w of EF; m 12JE1948
McGEE, Elmer F.                  01AP1930      01SE1981     06
McGEE, Ambrose F.                23AP1904      16FE1978     06  h of LM
McGEE, Lola Mae                  14AP1910      28DE1984     06
FINCHER, Kevin Glenn             27MH1974      28MH1974     06
TATE, Josephine                  01AP1928      10JE1973     06  w of PG
TATE, Paul G.                    27JA1930                   06
TATE, Johnnie L.                 16AU1903      09AP1982     06  h of VB
TATE, Vona Butler                12SE1903      24JA1969     06
HAZELWOOD, William T.            25OC1877      04NO1943     06  h of MN
HAZELWOOD, Maggie N.             20OC1887       JE1964      06
JOINER, Marie                    cir1919         1919       06  3 months old; d of Eli &Alice
JOINER, infant                      ?             ?         06  s of Eli & Alice
JOINER, Sarah Lou                07AU1876      16AP1916     06  w of EJ
BLAND, Lillie Joiner             08MH1905      22NO1967     06  d of Eli & Lou
SCOGGINS, Bessie E. Jacobs       20MH1923      20JE1992     06  w of LV
GRAY, Mattie                     01OC1876      10SE1965     06  w of Dan
GRAY, Dan G.                     07JL1879      14JA1915     06
REEVES, Inda                       1873          1915       06  w of Bat
DYER, Nancy                      cir1862       07JE1911     06  49 yrs old
WEEMS, David B.                  02FE1855      01AU1926     06  h of Emma
WEEMS, Emma                      22FE1853      15AU1937     06
BROWN, Julia A. Weems            30JL1881      15SE1913     06  w of SG
WEEMS, James D.                  19MY1895      13DE1904     06  s of DB & Emma
WEEMS, W.A.                      21OC1883      24SE1906     06  s of DB & Emma
HERSTON, William C.                1810          1879       06  h of Kate; Laud m 21JA1840
HERSTON, Kate (Catherine B.)       1812          1889       06  B=Bagget
HERSTON, Kate (Catherine B.)       1812          1889       06  B=Bagget
HERSTON, James S.                08NO1872      15JL1975     06  s of SB & Edney
HERSTON, Samuel B.               08NO1841      19AP1898     06
HERSTON, Edney B.                16SE1840      06AP1904     06  w of SB
HERSTON, Mark C.                 04JL1880      04SE1898     06  s of SB & Edney
RICHARDSON, Daniel *               1832          1878       06  Pvt Co E 9 AL Cav CSA
RICHARDSON, Sally Joiner           1832        cir1888      06  w of Daniel
RICHARDSON, John Gabe                                       06
LASH, William G.                                SE1909      06
LASH, Jimmy M.                                  OC1911      06  one date
LASH, Andy B.                    28MY1913      01JE1913     06
ROBERSON, Henry Oliver           23AU1903      11AP1974     07  h of MP; m 15OC1936
ROBERSON, Maggie Pauline         30JL1918      09JA1990     07
LASH, Susan J.                   09AU1875      20MH1967     07  w of WT
LASH, William T.                 15FE1878      02NO1927     07
JACKSON, Elmer Dee               14DE1920      24AU1921     07  s of Gabe & Mary Dee
JACKSON, Josiah                  cir1827       04AP1892     07  h of Margret
JACKSON, Margret                 cir1839       09MY1907     07  age 68 yrs
JACKSON, W.J.                    04JL1863      20JA1887     07
SWINEA, Sarah E.                 17SE1862      09AP1950     07
JOINER, E.J. (Eli Joiner)        23JA1844      05JA1927     07  Co E 14 Batt AL Cav CSA
JOINER, Eliza                    16AP1847      27OC1917     07  w of EJ
JOINER, John G.                  18SE1883        1904       07
JOINER, Susan Frances              1868          1879       07
JOINER, Mary Jane                  1877          1879       07  d of EJ & Eliza
JOINER, D.S.                     31AU1866      07OC1868     07
WEEMS, Mollie                    01AU1890      26SE1980     07
HOLDEN, infant                   11DE1923      16DE1923     07  s of CL
HOLDEN, Johnie Farris            30NO1904       DE1908      07
HOLDEN, Floyd Albert             26AU1899      17OC1900     07
HOLDEN, Ada                        1881          1970       07
HOLDEN, Lee                        1878          1952       07
SCOTT, Sterling O'Neal           13NO1893      10SE1938     07
SCOTT, Thilburn                  01SE1924      01SE1924     07  s of WT
SCOTT, Alma                      13OC1902      27FE1959     07
SCOTT, William T. Sr.            09SE1901      19OC1988     07  h of Alma
RICHARDSON, Aquilla B.           27MH1876      12MH1964     07  w of WD
RICHARDSON, William D.           22MH1868      26MY1941     07  Mason
PRENTICE, Annie                  08MY1838      26JE1916     07  w of James
RICHARDSON, Jessie L.            02OC1916      29MH1918     07  s of ND & BA
PRENTICE, J.F. (Buddy)             1874          1951       07
RICHARDSON, Johnie G.            30AP1901      01JE1926     07
RICHARDSON, Johnie Jr.           18NO1926      18NO1926     07  s of JC & LS
WILLIAMS, infant                 05AP1927      05AP1927     07  infant of OG & AE
WILLIAMS, Cloyd H.               12MH1933      20JE1934     07  s of OG & AE
WILLIAMS, Ella R.                29MH1908      12MH1993     07  w of GO
WILLIAMS, Gilbert O.     *       30SE1905      17JE1935     07
MICHAEL, Lois T.                 18OC1934      31MH1982     07  Mason; h of Ann
MICHAEL, Ann W.                  23JA1936                   07
BARNETTE, Mildred W.             23JA1936      27MH2006     07  w of Carlon
BARNETTE, Amy                    18MH1970                   07  d of Carlon & MW
BARNETTE, Carlon                 22JE1933                   07
HOVATER, Christopher Logan       11FE1988      15FE1988     08
HOLDEN, B. Price                 26JA1911      18OC1983     08  h of FM; m 22NO1931
HOLDEN, F. Magaleen              16JL1913      21SE1995     08
RICHARDSON, Holice R.            16AU1897      01MY1927     08
BUTLER, T. Luther                25NO1887      18OC1918     08  h of TA
BUTLER, Telia A.                 18SE1895      27SE1979     08
HERSTON, Mary Callie             23SE1900      01SE1986     08
HERSTON, William G.              29OC1870      23DE1952     08  h of ME
HERSTON, Mary E.                 31MY1870      23MH1939     08
WALTON, Sallie E.                08DE1871      04SE1956     08  sister of JW
WALTON, James W.                 27NO1865      21MY1937     08
WALTON, Ella                     06NO1880      09AU1901     08  w of BF
WALTON, Thomas H.                10SE1816      25MH1898     08
WALTON, Mary                     20JA1836      15JA1899     08  w of TH
YANCEY, H.N.                     20JA1854      09FE1880     08
BUTLER, Nannie                   04MY1856      01AU1901     08
KING, infant                     18FE1892      18FE1892     08  d of John H.
YANCEY, John W.                    1858          1940       08  h of SE
YANCEY, Sarah E.                   1859          1917       08
YANCEY, Mell R.                  27MH1868      05JE1934     08  w of JW
WILLIAMS, I.E.                   20JE1880      19MY1940     09  h of MF
WILLIAMS, Maggie F.              18MY1883      07MY1917     09
WILLIAMS, Erline M.              17JL1913      27OC1926     09  d of IE & MF
WILLIAMS, Willard H.             08JL1908      08AU1908     09
YANCEY, baby                     25AP1900      19JE1900     09
YANCEY, W.H.                     08JL1881      11OC1885     09
YANCEY, Nannie                   10JE1834      20FE1880     09  w of WB; Laud m 9FE1853
YANCEY, N.                       12MH1890      23MH1890     09
SCOTT, J.L.                      25AP1906      23SE1914     09
SCOTT, L.S.                      19JL1910      22AU1911     09
SCOTT, C.D.                      01NO1908      15AU1909     09
SCOTT, M.M.                      25AP1906      06MY1906     09
SCOTT, Mary S.                     1872          1942       09  w of TT
SCOTT, Thomas T.                   1877          1953       09
SCOTT, Mary A.                     1877          1911       09  w of TT
SCOTT, Mary Bell                 24JA1904      30MH1936     09  d of TT & MA
SCOTT, James Clarence            28JA1898      19MH1936     09  h of JK
SCOTT, Josephine Kennedy         01AP1901      18JA1977     09
SCOTT, Maureen                   28JE1918      14OC1918     09
SCOTT, Mary T.                   08MY1892      06OC1900     09
SCOTT, Mary H.                   13OC1853      11DE1919     09
SCOTT, J.R.P.                    30JE1843      12FE1897     09
DEAN, William Maples             27AU1920      17FE1978     10  h of VK; m 12MH1945
DEAN, Virginia K.                15SE1929                   10
RICHARDSON, Claudie R.           23JA1915      01JA1998     10  w of WD
RICHARDSON, William D.           01JL1912      06MH1960     10
BUTLER, Barbra Ann               08NO1945      08NO1945     10  d of JA & Florine
WATSON, Leila T.                 17DE1898      11DE1986     10  w of EE
WATSON, Earlie E.                03MH1896      29AU1967     10
WATSON, infant of EE             19AU1923      19AU1923     10
WATSON, William Earl             22SE1919      12MY1921     10  s of EE & LS
SCOTT, Charlie R.                06MY1881      30OC1959     10  h of FL
SCOTT, Fressie L.                15AU1888      26NO1941     10
SCOTT, Ruby Cleo                 29DE1916      08JL1918     10  d of CR & FL
JOINER, Hattie                   27AU1893      26DE1955     10  w of Lonnie
JOINER, Lonnie                   08JE1890      01MY1939     10
JOINER, Frank                      1868          1917       10  h of Lizzie
JOINER, Lizzie                     1868          1953       10
ROBERTSON, T.E.                  16SE1870      26JE1915     10  s of JT & Eliza
ROBERTSON, W.F.                  15SE1876      17NO1911     10  h of MV
ROBERTSON, M.V. Wright           27MH1882      02FE1919     10
ROBERTSON, Huldah J.             30SE1873      26JA1917     10  d of JT & Eliza
ROBERTSON, J.T.                  03NO1838      04SE1914     10  h of Eliza
ROBERTSON, Eliza A.              20JA1843      02MY1909     10
ROBERTSON, Bertie J.             21NO1902      05AU1903     10  d of JH & Rosetta
ROBERTSON, Jessie                26SE1903      25DE1903     10  d of WF & MV
J, Z.  (Joiner?)                 03AP1838      08OC1839     10  d of WJ & N
J, M.  (Joiner?)                 14AP1843      14AU1852     10
ELLIS, E.T. (Edwin T)            28JA1817      19AP1881     10  Laud m 23JA1840 Edney Herston
ELLIS, Robert Gilbert            19AP1902      13SE1902     10  s of JH & HA
ELLIS, infant                    28SE1888      28SE1888     10  s of JS & ME
ELLIS, James O.                  24DE1820      22AU1906     10
ELLIS, M.E. Phillips             08MY1848      01JE1911     10  w of JS
ELLIS, John S.                   21SE1846      23DE1939     10
ELLIS, Audie Lee                   1912          1912       10
ELLIS, William Edward            08FE1886      09AP1952     10
ELLIS, Maxie Forsythe            27JA1889      22JA1979     10  w of WE
ELLIS, Henrietta                 14AP1880      21MH1963     11  w of John
ELLIS, John H.                   16MH1866      02JE1941     11
ELLIS, Robert Huston             20SE1879      14MY1967     11
ELLIS, Eddice I. Martindale      01SE1889      19JE1924     11  w of RH
JOINER, J. Grady                 09MH1902      14OC1902     11  infant of JP & LA
JOINER, Edna E.                  25JA1873      15JL1896     11  w of JP
JOINER, Joe P.                   28AP1871      10MH1921     11
JOINER, Lizzie A.                16MY1878      08AU1923     11  w of JP
ELLIS, Margaret A.E.             27SE1850      27AU1882     11  w of WM
ROBERTSON, infant                27JL1920      27JL1920     11  s of JC & DA
ROBERTSON, infant                24JL1917      24JL1917     11  s of JC & DA
ROBERTSON, Floyd S.              24MH1913      24JE1914     11  s of JH & Rosetta
ROBERTSON, infant                06MY1911      06MY1911     11  d of JH & Rosetta
ROBERTSON, Della A.              02AP1891      29NO1978     11  w of JC
ROBERTSON, Jessie C.             19MH1888      16JE1964     11
STONE, infant                    24DE1910      23DE1911     11  s of JG & A
STONE, Annie W.                  07NO1884      23AU1938     11  w of JG
STONE, John G.                   29JE1869      07JA1953     11
MITCHELL, William E.               1915          1939       11
MITCHELL, Lillian D.               1898          1957       11
MITCHELL, Thomas V.                1891          1981       11
BUTLER, H. Allison                 1894          1957       11  h of AR
BUTLER, A. Reta                    1897          1987       11
BUTLER, Eder E.                  13MH1923      01MY1924     11  d of HA & Reta
BUTLER, H. Pershing              12JE1918      11JA1922     11  s of HA & Reta
JACKSON, James A.                30JE1879      11MY1948     11  h of Mary
JACKSON, Mary E.                 19AU1899      23DE1983     11
WISDOM, Jeffrey Craig            11MY1961      11MY1961     11
TAYS, John M.                    14JL1918      21OC1978     11  Pfc  USA  WW-II
TAYS, Mary F.                    12MY1919                   11  w of John
DEAN, Jesse C.                   07JE1893      06SE1963     11  h of LV
DEAN, Lota V.                    07JA1895      24FE1988     11
CALDER, Agnes Dean               19AP1923      02FE1971     11
DEAN, S. Mable                   06JE1917      15AP2001     11  w of JM; m 12OC1940
DEAN, J. Manon                   27FE1917      19AP2005     11
HOLDEN, R.H. (Sonny)             28OC1938                   12  h of BA
HOLDEN, Kimberly Ann             06JE1962      25JA1987     12  d of RH & BA
HOLDEN, Barbara Ann              01AP1941                   12
COMER, Larry R.                  02SE1942                   12  h of PD
COMER, Patricia D.               13JA1952      10OC1983     12
JACKSON, Gabriel                 15MY1870      10SE1942     12  h of Mary
JACKSON, Mary D.                 10AU1885      02FE1941     12
HOLDEN, Jesse R.                 08JA1910      01FE1984     12  h of Mary
HOLDEN, Mary M.                  09AU1914      18FE1991     12  m 1929
HOLDEN, infant                   29JE1929      29JE1929     12  s of Jesse & Mary
TATE, Weaver S.                  29DE1897      07MH1976     12  h of JN
TATE, Jonnie N.                  23AP1901      07FE1945     12
HERSTON, John D.                 13NO1868      25OC1943     12  h of Susie
HERSTON, Susie                   14OC1868      06AP1938     12
HERSTON, Vergia Pearl *          16MY1896      13JA1920     12  d of JD & Susie
WEEMS, Inez Marie                24FE1917      24JL1994     12
WEEMS, Henry M.                  25FE1917      11MH1917     12
WEEMS, John H.                   31AU1886      15DE1962     12
WEEMS, Inez B.                   07JA1894      27FE1917     12  w of JH
MITCHELL, Jefferson W.           11NO1920      04FE1944     12  Tec Sgt 563 AAF Bomb WW-II
MITCHELL, Lizzie Davis           06JA1897      01FE1927     12  w of James M.
MITCHELL, James M.               15JE1875      03FE1951     12
MITCHELL, Emma E. Butler         17NO1877      18OC1913     12  w of JM
JAMES, Jesse                     05DE1840      06DE1891     12
BEAVERS, Q.                        1842          1888       12
TAYS, J.W.                       20SE1877      03DE1940     12
TAYS, Nannie J.  *               12JA1873      28OC1908     12  w of JW
JOINER, Drury R.                   1841          1862       12  Pvt Co I 9 AL Inf CSA
JOINER, Drury                    04OC1801      19OC1869     12  Uncertain about death year
JOINER, Roy W.                   15JL1906      28FE1907     12  s of WD & Lucy E; didn't find
JOINER, Lucy E. Phillips         14JL1875      16JE1907     12  w of Wm
JOINER, William D.               26NO1872      06DE1951     12
JOINER, Mary E. Herston          17NO1877      27NO1964     12  w of WD
JOINER, Stancil L.               12OC1915      27NO1940     12  h of Rosalee; s of WD & ME
SHARPSTON, Rose Lee              21AP1916      16JL2001     12
RILEY, Bennie F.                 11AU1903      18FE1977     13  h of BT
RILEY, Birdie T.                 23JA1910      17NO1961     13
TAYS, Birtus J.                  23JE1884      02JA1957     13  h of Gretchen
TAYS, Gretchen                   23DE1888      28FE1966     13
TAYS, James A.                   02JE1912      30JL1937     13
TAYS, Roy A.                     03SE1908      18AU1912     13  s of BJ & ZB
TAYS, S.J.                       07NO1858      02AU1925     13  w of GA
TAYS, George A.                  14SE1859      20JA1935     13
GAUTNEY, Georgia V. Tays         23MY1889      02SE1911     13  w of DA
JOINER, Benjamin                 26JA1828      05JE1883     13
JOINER, Tellitha (Fisher)        25DE1829      02SE1915     13  w of Ben; Laud m 12JA1851
WHITE, Sally                       1871          1950       13
McMEANS, Melisa                    1900          1978       13
KING, William Luther             02OC1889      17SE1972     13  h of LB
KING, Lena Butler                10DE1889      23DE1978     13
KING, infant                     24MH1916      24MH1916     13  s of Luther & Lena
KING, Edith                      05MY1914      05MY1914     13  d of Luther & Lena
MITCHELL, infant                 19AP1916      19AP1916     13  infant of TJ & WM
MITCHELL, Willie T.               FE1928        MY1928      13  d of TJ & WM
MITCHELL, Willie Mae             26JE1899      06FE1971     13  w of TJ
MITCHELL, Toliver Jones          20AU1896      08JA1966     13
MITCHELL, R.C. Jr.               01SE1918      19DE1922     13  s of RC & Mary
MITCHELL, Martha D.              07MH1863      19AP1928     13  w of JD
MITCHELL, J.D.                   02OC1861      23MY1935     13
RAY, Nora Lee                    29MH1898      19SE1977     13  w of JL
RAY, John Lewis                  07DE1894      20DE1980     13  m 17AU1919
COMER, E. Irene Ray              19NO1920                   13  w of GR; m 11JA1941
COMER, G. Roland                 09AP1918      07MH1997     13
WILLIAMS, Vera H.                17AU1917      08AU1992     13  w of RE
WILLIAMS, Raymond E.             13JL1910      21OC1979     13
WILLIAMS, George Ivan            22AP1934      07JE2003     13
YANCY, Debra Lynn                17NO1954                   13  w of GN; m 5JE1970
YANCY, Grady Beil                01DE1946      05OC2003     13
SCOTT, Jerry Ray                 03OC1954      30OC2005     14
SCOTT, Arvin Lee                 11MH1922      24JE2003     14  h of TW
SCOTT, Theldia W.                01OC1926      14JE2000     14
HOLDEN, Robert Oliver            30NO1908      10NO1986     14  Pfc  USA  WW-II
HOLDEN, Mattie Lee               28JL1912                   14  w of RO; m 10NO1929
HOLDEN, Thomas Hilton            01JE1937      27JA2005     14  h of VB
HOLDEN, Verta Butler             25JA1940                   14
HOWARD, Ora                      06JA1921      04MY2005     14  w of Harlond
HOWARD, Harlond                  11AU1921                   14
RAY, William B.                  08NO1915                   14  h of Lula
RAY, Lula I.                     01OC1917      06OC1982     14
COMER, Anthony H.                08FE1959      23MY1996     14
COMER, Ora I.                    03NO1931      06OC1967     14
RAY, H. Marvin                   22JE1907      29SE1978     14  h of EG
RAY, Emma G.                     13DE1906      20MY2004     14
COMER, James Ronald              29OC1947      02MY2004     14
RAY, Thomas Henry                04DE1868      05JA1946     14  h of SA
RAY, Sarah Adline                30NO1875      17SE1963     14
JOINER, Necie                    16AP1895      14SE1929     14  w of EP
JOINER, Ernest P.                22FE1894      20JA1931     14
RAY, infant                      28FE1926      28FE1926     14  s of HM
TATE, Belle J.                   09NO1865      04DE1951     14  w of JS
TATE, J.S.                       15DE1865      21FE1916     14
HERSTON, Jack                    27OC1876      28AU1932     14  h of Ella
HERSTON, Ella                    12MH1880      23MY1966     14
WRIGHT, Mable Arlene             13JE1916      11NO1918     14  d of EB & FB
WRIGHT, infant                   11AP1924      11AP1924     14  s of EB & FP
MOATES, Vanessa                  31AU1961      12FE1962     15
CHILDERS, Marvin G.              09JE1893      20FE1979     15  h of DV
CHILDERS, Della V.               05OC1890      05DE1971     15
CHILDERS, Geneva C.              24JA1930      27FE1932     15
PHILLIPS, W.W.                   03SE1856      05JL1928     15
PHILLIPS, Mattie L.              24DE1857      21SE1910     15  w of WW
PHILLIPS, infants                05MY1895      25SE1896     15  infants of WW & ML
COMER, Sallie                      1879          1965       15  w of JC
COMER, J. Collins                  1875          1950       15
WALTON, Blanche M.               04MY1917      16FE1994     15  w of James
WALTON, James E.                 19OC1909      15AP1991     15
WALTON, Gertrude R.              09JL1913      15DE1971     15  w of LB
WALTON, Lennis B.                27JE1907      06SE2005     15
WALTON, Minnie V.                20NO1880      23MH1961     15  w of TE
WALTON, Thomas E.                02FE1875      25OC1933     15
PETTUS, Mancell                  11SE1932      11SE1932     15  s of MW & LK
PETTUS, Mance W.                 20AP1894      02FE1985     15  h of LK; m 28DE1919
PETTUS, Lula K.                  13DE1900      08SE1989     15
HOLDEN, Maggie M.                  1906          1931       15  w of JL
HOLDEN, Jessie L.                  1903          1956       15
HOLDEN, Robert Lee                                          15  infant s of JL & MM
THIGPEN, Bertis R.               14DE1906      12DE1907     16  s of CW & LB
THIGPEN, infant                  26JE1905      26JE1905     16  s of CW & LB
EICHFILET, E.C.                  16AP1865      28JE1888     16  h of MHA
JONES, Charles T.                20NO1861      15SE1900     16
POWERS, Rosie                    01JA1839      15JA1900     16  w of J.
WALTON, Mary Kathryn             05JL1953      09MH1956     16  d of CR
WALTON, Jerry Don                02FE1942      20JL1942     16  s of CR & RA
WALTON, Larry & Garry (twins)    07MH1940      07MH1940     16  s of CR & RA
COMER, infnat                    04MY1935      04MY1935     16  d of EA & Irene
COMER, Jenelle                   09AP1939      12AP1939     16  d of WP & OK
COMER, Judy                      04JE1940      04JE1940     16  d of WP & OK
TATE, Cecilia                    07AP1943      07AP1943     16  d of JC & BL
TATE, Betty L.                   28NO1921                   16  w of JC; m 29MH1941
TATE, James Cecil                27JE1920      03AU1992     16  USAAC  WW-II
ALEXANDER, Willard R.            03OC1917      24OC1950     16  Sgt 184 AAA Gun BN CAC WW-II
ALEXANDER, Roy T.                24SE1922      30NO1987     16  Cpl  USA  WW-II
ALEXANDER, Gertrude                1894          1987       16  w of RA
ALEXANDER, Rufus A.                1893          1952       16
ALEXANDER, Sarah M.              23SE1930                   16  w of HD
ALEXANDER, Holland D.            08SE1920      23FE1982     16  Cpl  USA  WW-II
WALTON, Jewel D.                 11NO1947                   16  w of BW
WALTON, Billy W. Sr.             24NO1945      07DE1980     16
WALTON, Essie L.                 19NO1922                   16  w of TE; m 4AP1942
WALTON, Thomas E.                16SE1902      19OC1984     16
THIGPEN, Lettie Ray              15JL1924                   16  w of JF; m 18SE1943
THIGPEN, James Farley            06MY1921      26MH1991     16
HOWARD, infant                   04JL1945      04JL1945     17  s of JW & DL
WILLIAMS, Nelson E. Jr.          26AU1937      07JE1938     17  s of NE & GL
WILLIAMS, Gerald Ray             04AU1940      12DE1940     17  s of NE & GL
CRYMES, Annie B.                 12FE1909      23NO1945     17  d of WT & Mary S.
CRYMES, Mary Minor               13MY1886      10JE1962     17  w of WT
CRYMES, William T.               22MH1882      15OC1950     17
WILLIAMS, Gladys Crymes          11FE1919      04MH1996     17  w of NE
WILLIAMS, Nelson Edward          11SE1916      05AP1997     17
ADAMS, E.L. (Jack)               24FE1925      19JA1998     17  s of Inez
ADAMS, Inez                      19AU1884      28MH1963     17
HOLDEN, James                      1862          1941       17  h of Mattie
HOLDEN, Mattie                     1864          1938       17
KILLEN, Verta Tate               14DE1922      14MH2005     17
HOLDEN, James D.                 21JL1895      14AP1964     17  h of EI
HOLDEN, Elsie I.                 06OC1900      05DE1968     17
ENGLAND, George L.               21NO1906      28FE1909     17
WOODARD, Mary E.                 15MH1900      15MH1948     17
HOLDEN, infant                   20JE1924      02JL1924     17  d of JD & ME
HOLDEN, Benford Leo              19AU1916      03FE1917     17  s of JD & ME
MICHAEL, Clifford                14MH1928      08JE1929     17  s of HN
PHILLIPS, infant son                                        17  s of Henry & Nellie
PHILLIPS, infant                                            17  d of Henry & Nellie
THIGPEN, J. Grady                07MY1912      25OC1918     17  s of CW & LB
THIGPEN, C.W.                    10JE1877      14MH1943     17  h of LB
THIGPEN, Lillie B.               25FE1880      06OC1944     17
SCOTT, William T. Jr.            26MH1926      26AP1996     18  h of EL; m 14MH1945
SCOTT, Edna L.                   13DE1926                   18
WHITEHEAD, Arlon Gene            18JE1932      17NO1995     18  Sgt  USA  Korea
WHITEHEAD, Robbie                26AP1934                   18  m 20DE1952; wife ?
WHITEHEAD, Hazen Leon  *         21JE1919      30AU1991     18  Sgt  USA  WW-II Korea
COFIELD, Marilyn R.              28AU1947      06JA1992     18
PETTUS, Dorothy Lynn             23DE1926      03NO1990     18
TAYS, Edison P.                  17JE1918      07DE1985     18  h of MV
TAYS, Mary V.                    11OC1920      21JL1990     18
TAYS, Mary Tate                  14MY1906      20NO1991     18  w of WK; m 4NO1923
TAYS, William Knowlus            17FE1901      28OC1981     18
BUTLER, Elsie Nipper             07AU1916      17DE1994     18  w of PS; m 31OC1934
BUTLER, Preston Samuel           28NO1915      29SE2000     18
HOLDEN, Dannie Don               23AP1950      23DE1978     18
HERSTON, Warren W. Jr.           25JL1949      30MY1976     18
HERSTON, Myrtleen H.             19DE1926                   18  w of WW
HERSTON, Warren William          05NO1922      25JE1985     18  Pvt  USA  WW-I
McCLANAHAN, Mary Evelyn          20SE1921      02MH2001     18
WILSON, Mataline                 16AU1895      04JA1990     18  w of WS
WILSON, Willis S.                11OC1893      16OC1984     18
WALTON, H. Reeder                17MY1913      26AP1982     18  h of Era; m 14MY1933
WALTON, Era Mae                  08FE1917      26DE1994     18
TATE, Lonus F.                   21OC1893      29JA1976     18  Pvt  USA  WW-I
TATE, Lula Marie                 20AU1901      06OC1978     18  w of LF
McLAUGHLIN, Ouwida LouiseLiles   01AP1917      22MY2004     18
COLE, Delbert A.                   1924          1961       18
COLE, Delmer Adrian              25DE1895      07MH1988     18  Pfc  USA  WW-I
COLE, Clifford Ray               31DE1926      04FE1991     18
WEATHERFORD, Annie Utine M.S.    30DE1920      04DE1984     18  M=Matheny; S=Smith
MATHENY, Lucy Grigsby Peck       09JE1889      12NO1967     18  w of John
MATHENY, John L.                 13FE1891      28SE1970     18
WEEMS, Homer L.                  18MY1909      28FE1985     18  h of WT
WEEMS, Willie T.                 16OC1918      03AU1978     18
WILLIAMS, J.W. Jay               05MH1925      16MH1999     19  USN  WW-II
WILLIAMS, Elmo Jean              10JL1935      18DE2001     19  w of JW
SCHAUB, Wanda C.                 01JA1950      19DE1999     19
JACKSON, Missie Artrue           13MH1925                   19  w of TL
JACKSON, Thurman L.              25JE1925      13OC1988     19  Pfc  USA  WW-II
HOLDEN, Byron Lee                21SE1968                   19
HOLDEN, Ruth Davis               28MY1931                   19
HOLDEN, James Barry              05JA1963                   19
HOLDEN, James Earl               20OC1929      04JL1999     19
HOLDEN, Ruemae Bevis             16JE1937                   19
WILSON, James Reeder             21NO1916      05AU1988     19  SSgt  USA  WW-II
HERSTON, Lee Wilson              05JA1915      16DE1987     19  USN  WW-II
HERSTON, Maxine B.               28JE1924                   19  w of LW
HERSTON, Collins O.              27MY1911      17FE2004     19  Mason
HERSTON, Ruby B.                 19AU1915      29MY1973     19  w of CO
HERSTON, James T.                06MH1913      23DE1984     19  h of MO
HERSTON, Marguerite O.           23JL1916      23JE1989     19
SMITH, Dale B.                   05SE1977                   19  w of Hollis
SMITH, Hollis W.                 19FE1973      08OC2003     19
SMITH, John E.                   17JL1936      07JL2002     19  h of MM
SMITH, Mildred M.                30MY1954                   19
HERSTON, James S.                16DE1907      17MY1990     19  h of PO; m 28JE1925
HERSTON, Pearl O.                29JA1908      15JE1993     19
MITCHELL, Jimmie O'Neal          26SE1904      15AU1986     19  h of VK
MITCHELL, Virgie King            05OC1905      04SE1990     19

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