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aka Gabe Butler Cemetery
Township 2, Range 8, Section 19

Contributed 5 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 and turn left on CR 421 just before crossing Bluewater Creek.  The cemetery is at the end of the road. This cemetery was surveyed by Doris and Karen McGee in Dec 1995 and updated by Robert Torbert in Aug 2006.  There is a circular drive thought the cemetery.  Section A is outside the circle and Section B is within the circle.  Rows are numbered from west to east in each section.  An * indicates a correction of an error in the earlier survey.

Section "A"

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
EDWARDS, Rebecca Idell           18DE1920      02OC1986    A01  w of AE
EDWARDS, Richard Nolen           24MY1962                  A01  s of AE & RI
EDWARDS, Arthur Elmer            08AU1922      16MY2003    A01
MORRIS, Jacqueline               05OC1950      07OC1950    A01  d of Johnny
MORRIS, Johnny                   29JL1931      10NO1997    A01  h of Joyce
MORRIS, Joyce                    12AP1932                  A01
MORRIS, Roxanne & Jetta          06AP1988      06AP1988    A01
MORRIS, Charles Roy              22JL1926                  A01  h of Mildred
MORRIS, Mildred (Billie)         16JE1926                  A01
LASH, Dennon Ray                 05NO1936      11OC1989    A01  h of SJ; m 27NO1954
LASH, Shelby Jean                16NO1936                  A01
HOLDEN, Georgie L.               22DE1923      08AU1999    A01  h of Reba
HOLDEN, Reba E.                  14AP1928      11MH1995    A01
BURNETT, Virginia L.             27AU1939                  A01  w of CH; m 21JL1960
BURNETT, Claudie H.              28FE1936      23MH2002    A01
ROMINE, Edgar Earl               18JA1926      21JE1999    A01  USA  WW-II
ROMINE, Jeanean H.               02MH1936                  A01  w of EE
DISON, Kitty Ann                 23FE1950                  A01  w of JC; m 12JE1965
DISON, James Crawford            14SE1945      07NO2003    A01
MYRICK, John Jr.                 29SE1965      20AP1995    A02
KIMBREL, Denny                   25JE1943                  A02  h of Johnnie
KIMBREL, Johnnie                 15MY1946                  A02
KIMBREL, Darryl                  22NO1967      21NO1999    A02  s of Denny
BUTLER, Marie H.                 21JL1922                  A02  w of JC; m 25DE1952
BUTLER, Johnnie C.               25OC1924      02MH2004    A02  USMC  WW-II Bronze Star PH
BUTLER, Joseph N.                19FE1961      30JA2002    A02  h of Mitze; m 4DE1999
BUTLER, Hansel Lee               30DE1932      17SE2005    A03  USA  Korea
BUTLER, Dillard R.               18FE1925      14AP2000    A03
BURNS, Robert S.T.               25MY1928      25NO1989    A03
WARREN, Eveny Lee                30JL1899      26AP1989    A03
STACEY, Delmar Eugene            04JA1923      24OC2000    A04  USA  WW-II
TAYLOR, J.T.                     17AP1923                  A04  h of LT; m 2JL1955
TAYLOR, Louise Tate              19SE1925                  A04
DISON, Timothy W.                03SE1967      05JA2002    A04
McKINNEY, Focie Marie            10AU1910      30JL1996    A04
WILLIAMS, Kenneth Leon           08MH1924      12DE2000    A04  USN  WW-II
MOORE, Charles David             02AU1945      11FE1995    A03
MOORE, Henry S.                  01JE1919      01JL1994    A04  Pvt  USA  WW-II
MOORE, Lillian E.                13JE1925                  A04  w of HS; m 17JE1944
COTTLES, Iva J.                  08JA1925      30JL1993    A05  double stone with Hazel
COTTLES, Hazel M.                20OC1924      27JL1992    A05
ROBERTS, Floyd William           03AU1956      05JL1996    A05  h of JS
ROBERTS, Joyce Sue               14FE1932                  A05
ROBERTS, David Anderson          15MH1961      29DE1990    A05
SPRINGER, Woodrow W.             14NO1916      12MY1985    A05  Tec4 USA
SPRINGER, G. Othelia             12FE1920      19SE1987    A05  w of WW
PHILLIPS, Ottis F.               25JE1922      14SE1999    A05  USA  WW-II
PHILLIPS, Catherine E.           20MH1929      13AP2004    A05  w of OF
PHILLIPS, Margaret               13AU1936                  A05  w of JM
PHILLIPS, James M.               09MH1935      15AP1990    A05
PHILLIPS, Leamon L.              20MY1926      12FE2006    A05  h of AE
PHILLIPS, A. Effine              16AP1925                  A05
PHILLIPS, Ennis Gilbert          26JA1924      13JA2004    A05  PHM3  USN  WW-II
PHILLIPS, Mildred Barringer      14SE1927                  A05  w of EG; m 23NO1946
CURTIS, Howard E. (Buck)         23AU1923      24MY1991    A05  USN  WW-II
CURTIS, Agnes Barringer          20JE1925                  A05  w of HE; m 29JL1942
HOLDERFIELD, Pamela Y.                         24OC1951    A05  child
LARD, B.J.                       18DE1943      21AU2000    A05  h of BK; m 3JL1998
LARD, Brenda K.                  23NO1955                  A05
FREEMAN, Lois F.                 30DE1947                  A06  w of CH
FREEMAN, Charles H.              23AP1926      25AU1989    A06  F1  USN  WW-II
RAMEY, Connie V. (Dick)          25NO1936      22SE1991    A06  h of MF; m 21AP1962
RAMEY, Mary Frances              14NO1940                  A06
JONES, David A.                  30MH1951      28SE1995    A06  h of MA
JONES, Myra A.                   19JE1952                  A06
BUTLER, Jeffery Lynn             22DE1962      17JA1984    A06  s of Lynn & Janice; Pfc USMC
COX, Gaynell C.                  06JL1921      10NO1999    A06  w of JA; m 6OC1941
COX, James Almon                 04JL1916      20JA2004    A06  CWO4 USA WW-II Korea B-Star
BUTLER, Zachary Keith            23AU1985      01SE1985    A06  s of Tim & Sherry
McGEE, Mildred E.                21NO1928      18AU1999    A07  w of RW; m 4JL1944
McGEE, Robert W.                 14MH1924      28MY1994    A07
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth              08NO1940                  A07  w of GW
PHILLIPS, Gerald W.              29AP1937      29JL1998    A07
HATCHER, Virgil Conway           22MH1932      25NO1993    A07
WALKER, Janet Lynn               22MH1961      26NO1995    A07
WALKER, Johnny Dale              14JA1954                  A07  h of JL; m 14NO1975
BUTLER, Joyce Marie              20NO1942                  A07  w of JO
BUTLER, James Oliver             14AU1933      05FE2001    A07  Lt JG  USN  Korea
HODGES, Robert T.                07MH1941                  A07  h of Eva
HODGES, Eva M.                   23AU1923      24DE2003    A07
PHILLIPS, Bobby Ray              03AU1939      15JA2006    A08
COMBS, Wallace E.                01FE1948      18AU1994    A08  USA  Vietnam
COMBS, Sarinda                   08FE1959                  A08  w of WE
JACOBS, Edna Moore               26MH1938      20JE2004    A08  w of LF
JACOBS, Leonard F.               18MH1941                  A08
BUTLER, Herbert T.               19AP1931      27AU2003    A08  Sgt  USA  Korea
HERSTON, James Leon              05FE1918      02AP1994    A09  USA  WW-II
HERSTON, Edith Cottles           21AP1923                  A09  w of JL
HERSTON, James C.                27MY1946      18JL1976    A09  h of MA
HERSTON, Mary Ann                04AP1948                  A09
NICHOLS, Torry Jerome            18OC1960      17DE1982    A09
THOMAS, Sherry Butler            21NO1943      02JE2002    A09  w of HR; m 4MH1989
THOMAS, Herman R.                11DE1949                  A09
BUTLER, Paul Timothy             24OC1960      18JE1995    A09  s of Herbert & Dessire
BUTLER, Billy                    26JA1930      08MY1993    A09  SFC  USA  Korea
BUTLER, Hisako                   05FE1934                  A09  w of Billy; m 18FE1957
BUTLER, Shannon O'Neal           30OC1970      27SE1997    A09
BUTLER, Donald G.                05AP1947      04NO1989    A09  h of PA; m 6JA1966
BUTLER, Patricia A.              24AU1949                  A09
LOVELL, Albert Gerald            30DE1939                  A10  h of JB
LOVELL, Judy Butler              09MY1946                  A10
HERSTON, John Coy                06JA1928      29JE1991    A10  h of Hattie
HERSTON, Hattie                  25JL1931      05SE2003    A10
DISON, Jean                      04JL1941                  A10  w of JL
DISON, Jesse L. Jr.              10FE1938      03SE1991    A10
ALEXANDER, Pauline Louise        22JE1915      10OC1988    A10
DISON, Gerald Dee                14JA1941      22JA1941    A10
DISON, Addie C.                  12NO1919      01MH1993    A10  w of JK
DISON, James K.                  12FE1912      13FE1997    A10
COLLINS, Venela Jarvis           15MY1926                  A10  w of RW
COLLINS, Rudolph Wilson          18JL1914      10AU1984    A10  SSgt  USA  WW-II
WEEMS, Billy                     07AP1934                  A10  one date
WEEMS, Bobby                     30AU1938                  A10  one date
WEEMS, Beatrice B.               28MY1916      05OC1995    A10  w of JS
WEEMS, John S.                   08MY1912      28SE1978    A10
WEEMS, Jimmy                     27JL1940      12JA1998    A10
BUTLER, Doris Goode              12AU1926                  A10  w of ER
BUTLER, Ernest R.                09NO1923      16SE1973    A10  Tec5  USA
BUTLER, Jacqueline                             26MH1948    A10  d of Olie & Fraulein
BUTLER, Fraulein                 20OC1927                  A10  w of Olie
BUTLER, Olie                     04SE1929      12MH2006    A10
BUTLER, Vickey Lee               15JL1949      07MY1978    A10  s of Olie & Fraulein
THORNTON, Luther Sheral          01MH1935      01JL1997    A11  A2C USAF Korea
THORNTON, Tonis B.               30OC1914      21DE1998    A11  Pvt 1st Class USMC WW-II
THORNTON, Pruda L.               10JE1918                  A11  w of TB; m 7JA1934
DISON, Herman Lowell             27DE1947      03JA2001    A11  h of Cathy
DISON, Cathy Sue                 15OC1952                  A11
SLEDGE, Betty M. Tate            15SE1927                  A11  w of CA
SLEDGE, Larry Don                08MH1948                  A11  s of CA & BM
SLEDGE, Charles Allen            29AP1928      09OC1995    A11
COX, James                       05AU1923      17FE2006    A11  h of TS; m 2NO1946
COX, Thetus Scott                11AP1927                  A11
SCHNEIDER, Eleanor Louise        14OC1925      31MY2001    A11
MURKS, Melvin Milton             23FE1926      11OC2005    A11  h of MJ; m 18JL1953
MURKS, Mablean Johnson           04JE1932                  A11
WITTHOFT, Herman A.              24DE1930      11MY1998    A12  USAF
WITTHOFT, Ruby L.                25FE1923                  A12  w of HA; m 17OC1955
GRIMES, Allen J.                 02AP1944      26MY1994    A12  h of JS
GRIMES, Juanda S.                05MY1946                  A12
KIDD, Annie P.                   23AP1914                  A12  w of GG
KIDD, Grady G.                   18FE1915      03SE1985    A12  Sgt  USA  WW-II
FARRIS, Thomas M.                16JL1937                  A12  h of MK
FARRIS, Mary Kathleen            06NO1942      05SE2000    A12
PRATER, Pauline                  19MH1924                  A12  w of Haskel
PRATER, Haskel                   24MH1916      12OC1989    A12  m 7NO1939
PHILLIPS, Alice W. (Neathy)      29DE1929      09OC2000    A12  w of LM
PHILLIPS, Loice M. (Marshall)    23AP1930      06DE1990    A12
JONES, Mary L.                   22OC1923      20MY1995    A12  w of AH; m 28OC1939
JONES, Almon H.                  19JA1913      25SE1993    A12  Pvt  USA  WW-II
JONES, Patricia                  08DE1959                  A12  w of Roy
JONES, Roy                       25JE1958      30MY1980    A12
TROUSDALE, Mary J.               23JA1934      25MH1974    A12  w of LR
TROUSDALE, Louis R.              24JL1933                  A12
TROUSDALE, N. Joyce              18MH1943                  A12  w of LR
HERSTON, Lena Sledge             22JE1926                  A12  w of VM
HERSTON, Virgil M.               08OC1901      03MY1983    A12  Pvt  USA  WW-II
TROUSDALE, Lillie M.             11JA1929      07AP1996    A12
TROUSDALE, Alice J.              21AP1934                  A12  w of HL
TROUSDALE, Hubert L.             03JE1931      18JL2005    A12
SLEDGE, Mary Rebekah             05DE1912      05AU1991    A12  w of GR
SLEDGE, Grady Roy                19JL1909      05AU1974    A12
SLEDGE, Grady Jr.                13AU1931      28JL1987    A12  h of ML
SLEDGE, Martha L.                01JL1935                  A12
MILLER, Bernice M.               20JL1912                  A12  w of JA; m 15AU1934
MILLER, Jordan A.                06DE1903      16DE1993    A12
CLASSEN, Jean                    31MH1939      25AP1990    A12
BARRINGER, Martha Lane           26JE1930      19NO1994    A12  w of JE
BARRINGER, J.E.                  28MH1928                  A12
BARRINGER, Guyula E.             16JE1902      29MH1994    A12  w of James
BARRINGER, James E.              14AU1899      20FE1973    A12
COTTLES, Johnnie F.              26JA1904      06DE1985    A13  h of LB; m 24FE1924
COTTLES, Leona B.                22DE1906      16AP1993    A13
COTTLES, Burns Floyd             20MH1907      12NO1989    A13  h of BH
COTTLES, Beulah Hammond          16AP1908      22NO1989    A13
JOINER, Curtis E.                15NO1919      17DE2000    A13  h of MH; m 13JE1942
JOINER, Maudene H.               16AU1925      27MH1991    A13
BARRINGER, Robert Dale           31MY1955      17AU2002    A13
DISON, William Steven            06FE1971      01AP1978    A13
BUTLER, Jeanette N.              26JE1924                  A13  w of JT; m 2MY1977
BUTLER, John T.                  10SE1924      04JA1986    A13  Pfc  USA  WW-II
BUTLER, Minnie Herston           09JA1904      28OC1996    A13  w of FG; m 2DE1923
BUTLER, Floyd Gabriel            06MY1905      23JA1997    A13
TROUSDALE, Nicky Alan            23OC1960      13JL1980    A13  s of Albert J. & Nancy
BUTLER, C. Casper                24JE1908      09JE1993    A13  h of DI; m 25DE1927
BUTLER, Dulius Idell             20AU1910      19AU1982    A13
STEEN, James T. Jr.              23AU1917      22FE1991    A13  Tec5  USA  WW-II
STEEN, Lennie B.                 05AU1924                  A13  w of JT; m 6AP1946
STEEN, Shirley Faye              22AU1948      22OC1992    A13
BURKS, Edgar William             06JL1903      13SE1979    A13  h of Mable
BURKS, Mable                     03JL1906      25MY1988    A13
PRATER, Mitchell Dean            22NO1947      10NO1995    A13  Pvt  USA  Vietnam
PRATER, Jack                     22JA1946      09JA1997    A13  Sgt  USA  Vietnam
PRATER, Racine                   21FE1943      02JL2004    A13  w of Jack; m 22JE1988
SWEENEY, Woodrow                 03FE1928      20OC2004    A13
CLEMMONS, Gardis Bee             07NO1929      01DE1998    A13  h of Nellie; m 22DE1948
CLEMMONS, Nellie Scott           09JA1931                  A13
LAWSON, Donna Jean               22JA1950      11AU1987    A13
RUTLEDGE, Elbert Odell           29MY1933      13FE1995    A13  USA

Section "B"

DAVIS, Gary W.                   10AP1960      12AP1960    B01  s of JC & JJ
DAVIS, Gregory C.                04AU1961      29JE1998    B01  s of James C & Joyce J.
JONES, Bertie M.                 25OC1914      20SE1989    B01  w of CT
JONES, Charles T.                18JA1911      01MH1978    B01  S2  USN  WW-II
KIMBRELL, Sonia Kay              19AP1969      17MH1993    B01
JOINER, Rosa Bell                14MH1908      21AP2005    B01  w of CF; m 25JE1927
JOINER, Charlie F.               01MH1901      24OC1972    B01
JOINER, Gene Edward              23MY1938      06JA2002    B01
SCOTT, Bobby Gene                12FE1936      09OC1995    B01  USAF
SCOTT, Barbara A. Kelley         28JL1936                  B01  w of BG;m 24DE1957
SCOTT, Mary Eveline              21AP1939                  B01  d of WO & VO
SCOTT, Walter O'Neal             03MH1916      12OC1988    B01  h of VO
SCOTT, Velma Oleter              12MY1915                  B01
SCOTT, Willis Dale               23NO1946      14DE1946    B01  s of SE; did not find
SCOTT, Thomas O'Neal             18MY1960      20AU1978    B01
BUTLER, Arnold G.                19JL1914      01FE1988    B01  h of Earline; m 6OC1934
BUTLER, Earline                  11JA1914      16FE1989    B01
LASH, Marie                      11JA1914      01AU1980    B01  w of James; m 20MY1933
LASH, James F.                   13AP1915      06FE2001    B01
LASH, Fred L.                    15MH1934      29DE1963    B01  A1C USAF
STEEN, Lucy                      08OC1904      04JE1981    B01  w of JS; m 18AU1924
STEEN, Johnie S.                 19MH1905      19OC1986    B01
STEEN, William E.                22MY1916      17NO1983    B01  h of TE; m 17OC1936
STEEN, Tavie Ezell               05FE1917      01FE1985    B01
HOLDEN, Annie L.                 13AP1908      15MY1976    B01  w of Tommie
HOLDEN, Tommie                   04SE1902      21OC1974    B01
HOLDEN, Thomas C.                07DE1940      29DE1990    B01  h of JK
HOLDEN, Jimmie Kaye              12JA1948      01MY1992    B01
RICHARDSON, Kenneth Wayne        06JE1934      20MY1985    B02  h of JM; m 16JE1955
RICHARDSON, Janice Marie         07AU1939                  B02
WILEY, Robert Obie               29JL1907      17JL1945    B02  h of HM
WILEY, Hattie Marie              07JE1911      30JL1986    B02  m 18NO1928
BUTLER, Neal Eugene              28AU1973      28AU1973    B02
BUTLER, Jerry Eugene             21JA1977      12NO1992    B02
SCOTT, Robert Kenneth            06DE1942      08JE2006    B02  h of JM; m 22FE1964
SCOTT, Joyce Marie               21JE1947                  B02
SCOTT, Christopher J.            29AU1933                  B02  h of JG
SCOTT, Janice G.                 12JA1935                  B02
SCOTT, Avis C.                   14OC1923      14NO1983    B02  double stone with Elder
SCOTT, Elder S.E. Jr.            22MH1924      08FE1993    B02  BM3  USN  WW-II
STEEN, Cecil F.                  01NO1918                  B02  h of Mae
STEEN, Mae W. Butler             02JE1924      16DE1999    B02
STEEN, Susanne                                 13SE1955    B02  d of Cecil
BURNEY, Mildred B.               14JL1928                  B02  w of Fred
BURNEY, Fred J.                  25OC1936      27MY1997    B02
YARBROUGH, Florence              14AU1909      16AU1994    B02  w of AR
YARBROUGH, Alton R.              04AU1904      25MY1969    B02
YARBROUGH, James R.              04SE1873      09JA1960    B02
JACOBS, Delmear A.               05SE1903      12DE1975    B02
HANKS, Jennie Lee                09MH1882      08JA1968    B02
MITCHELL, Willie M.              20JL1909      23MH1958    B02  h of Beatrice; m 25OC1931
MITCHELL, Beatrice               15MY1915      26OC1998    B02
MITCHELL, Charles Eugene         06MH1935      03MH2001    B02  Pvt  USA  Korea
MITCHELL, William Fred           28AU1932                  B02
COUCH, Willard                   02DE1945      03AP2000    B02
BARRINGER, Martha Sue                          19OC1952    B02  d of MJ & CS (infant)
BARRINGER, Clemontine            08JA1935                  B02  w of MJ
BARRINGER, Marion Johnnie        28NO1915      25AU1988    B02
JONES, Charles E.                19DE1935                  B02  h of Ann; m 31OC1959
JONES, Ann                       26OC1943      27JL2004    B02
MARTIN, infant                                             B03  d of Marvin & Estella
MARTIN, infant                                             B03  d of Marvin & Estella
MARTIN, Marvin                   01AP1907      01AU1950    B03  h of Estella
MARTIN, Estella                  14AU1915      20MY1988    B03
HAZELWOOD, Tommy Ray             03SE1958                  B03  one date
HAZELWOOD, Ruby V.               20MH1924      16FE1988    B03  w of WD
HAZELWOOD, William D.            01JL1923      28DE1992    B03
FOUST, Hurn Carlos               17SE1923                  B03  h of LJ; m 28OC1944
FOUST, Lucille Joiner            24SE1918      12FE2004    B03
FOUST, Carlos E.                               14NO1945    B03  s of HC & LC
JOINER, Mae E.                   27AP1899      25SE1961    B03  w of LF
JOINER, Luther F.                17AU1895      13NO1973    B03
JOINER, L.C.                                   06OC1926    B03  one date
BURNEY, Susie J.                 11JL1917      14SE1970    B03  w of JW
BURNEY, Jim W.                   29JL1911      11OC1984    B03
LEE, Pauline Butler                1931          1999      B04  w of JT
LEE, James Thomas                29NO1930      19OC1997    B04  Cpl  USA Korea
JACKSON, Leonard Jr.             21JA1929                  B04  h of EJ; m 19JL1948
JACKSON, Emer Jean               27DE1931      02SE1980    B04
JACKSON, infant                                17JA1966    B04  s of Leonard Jr.
MASON, Carlos Hoyt               08AP1933      14DE1980    B04
BUTLER, S. Carroll               07FE1910      04JE1971    B04  h of MG
BUTLER, M. Gertrude              19FE1911      29JA1979    B04
KENNEDY, infant                                03JL1943    B04  d of JA
GLOVER, Janette M.               13MY1924      05MH2006    B04  w of HH
GLOVER, Harold H.                24JL1935                  B04
HOLLINGSWORTH, Patsy Sue         06DE1943      26DE1943    B04  d of WC & Edith M.
SCOTT, Gertrude                  14MY1938      15MY1938    B04  d of WO
HERSTON, Floyd W.                24SE1905      19JE1976    B04  h of MB
HERSTON, Mary Butler             24JE1907      14JE1994    B04
BUTLER, Johnie N.                14NO1900      29AU1945    B04
BUTLER, William F. (Babe)        07AP1927      21SE1952    B04  FA  USN  WW-II
BUTLER, Jemmie A.                25AU1935      19JA1984    B04  SP4  USA
COTTLES, Floyd C.                04OC1928      08OC1928    B04
PHILLIPS, Henry R.               08MH1924      03JL1925    B04
PHILLIPS, infant                   1922          1922      B04  d of HA
PHILLIPS, Bertha G.              28AU1897      03SE1975    B04  w of HA
PHILLIPS, H. Albert              08DE1902      08AU1986    B04
BARRINGER, Arthur L. (Bud)       26AU1920      23SE1985    B04
MURKS, Melvin M.                 27JE1903      02MY1963    B04  h of LH
MURKS, Lonus H.                  25DE1904      19AP1930    B04
MURKS, three infants                                       B04  Melvin & Lonus
HICE, Timothy James              12MY1964      18MH1995    B04
BUTLER, S. Floyd                 13MY1905      05FE1974    B05  h of RT
BUTLER, Rosie T.                 22AP1908      15MH2002    B05
SIMPSON, Delana                  11JL1933      03SE2004    A05
SIMPSON, Betty F.                01NO1937      09SE1966    B05
SIMPSON, Baby Frances                          05AU1961    B05
MASON, Charlotte J.              24SE1954      08JL1955    B05
MASON, James T.                  25MH1958      24AU1975    B05
FLEMING, Eleanor Butler          23JA1907      12NO2003    B05
BUTLER, J. Harold                30SE1939      22JE1962    B05
BUTLER, Johnnie F.               14JL1907      19FE1979    B05
BUTLER, infant                                 25JA1921    B05  s of AD & Nona
BUTLER, infant                                 17MH1930    A05  d of AD & Nona
LAMAR, infants (2 boys -1 girl                             B05  children of Edgar (not found)
LAMAR, Lizzie Lena               14JA1903      27AU1939    B05  w of Edgar
WARREN, J. Albert                11AU1913      24SE1966    B05  h of Polly
WARREN, Polly E.                 15MY1915      04AU1966    B05
WARREN, Margaret Ann             23AU1934      08SE1934    B05
WARREN, infant                                  MH1935     B05  d of JA
SCOTT, infant                    24MH1926      24MH1926    B05  d of SE & LG
SCOTT, Lela G.                   28JE1899      26JL1975    B05  w of SE
SCOTT, Elder S.E.                28JL1899      04SE1975    B05
BARRINGER, Leona                 06DE1900      10NO1940    B05  w of FM; m 8JL1922
BARRINGER, Felix M.              26DE1896      16JL1964    B05  Pvt  USA  WW-I
BARRINGER, Elmer E.              22AP1923      14MH1994    B05  s of Felix & Leona
BAUGHER, John Randale            09JE1958      25JA1983    B05
JOINER, John H.                  30MY1912                  B05  h of GM; m 13SE1930
JOINER, Georgia M.               22OC1913      14JA2006    B05
JOINER, Bobby E.                 03OC1933      13AU1938    B05  s of JH & GM
HAMBY, Sandra Ann                08SE1952      28DE1952    B05  d of JD & RN
HICE, Mattie Lou & baby            1884          1922      B05
HICE, Dan Thomas                 16FE1909      20DE1978    B05
BARRINGER, Thomas M.             23MH1891      14SE1955    B05  h of FL
BARRINGER, F. Lula               19FE1897      13AU1973    B05
BARRINGER, Irene                 29AU1930      28JA1975    B05
BARRINGER, Thomas                22JA1922      19SE1982    B05  Pvt  USA  WW-II
MURKS, Vaudie Jefferson          26AP1891      17AU1959    B05
MURKS, Lizzie Odella             13AP1894      28MY1952    B05  w of VJ
MURKS, Daniel                    25OC1958      25OC1958    B05
MURKS, T. Pearline               18OC1919                  B06  w of BB
MURKS, Buster B.                 02OC1914      18OC1975    B06
BARRINGER, Franklin                            17FE1917    B06  s of TM & FL
BARRINGER, Dorothy                             19AP1934    B06  d of TM & FL
BARRINGER, Dessie Lee                          20DE1918    B06  d of TM & FL
BARRINGER, infant                                          B06  gs of TM & FL
BUTLER, Maples Joiner            15JE1909      16JE1937    B06  w of O'Neal
JOINER, Dessie Lee               12MH1907      22AU1929    B06
JOINER, Elmer T.                 03JA1898      18NO1918    B06
JOINER, James C.                 11SE1872      24JE1971    B06
JOINER, Mary S. Steen            24OC1875      02JE1944    B06  w of JC
YARBROUGH, Roxie E.              25DE1877      29DE1962    B06
HERSTON, W.A.                    01AU1849      10NO1910    B06
EZELL, Bessie Joiner             20MH1905      18SE2001    B06  w of Dan
EZELL, Dan                       17JA1903      24JE1972    B06
BUTLER, Willie L.                  1912          1971      B06  h of EE; m 25DE1946
BUTLER, Edith E.                   1922          1961      B06
BUTLER, infant                                             B06  d of John
BUTLER, Nannie                   17FE1879      06JL1966    B06  w of JW
BUTLER, J.W.                     12FE1877      06SE1923    B06
STEEN, Fannie A.                 18MH1880      13JE1931    B06  w of CF
STEEN, C. Frank                  24MY1877      30MH1972    B06
STEEN, infant                    04JA1910      11JA1910    B06  d of CF & FA
STEEN, Cleao                     07MH1911      01JA1912    B06
STEEN, Hurshel                   12NO1912      11MH1913    B06  s of CF & FA
BUTLER, Beatrice                   1908          1909      B06  d of GC & SL
BUTLER, James W.                   1917          1918      B06  s of GC & SL
BUTLER, G.C.                     02MH1885      24NO1918    B06  h of SL
BUTLER, Sarah L.                 05SE1888      08JA1977    B06
PORTER, Eliza                    03JL1885      28AU1921    B06
SCOTT, Farlin                    12NO1932      24AP1933    B06
SCOTT, Linda Faye                22FE1948      11FE1953    B06
SCOTT, O. Rogers                 03DE1912      24FE1978    B06  h of TB; m 8NO1931
SCOTT, Theley B.                 28AU1912      09AU2001    B06
GOOCH, Nellie E.                 06NO1902      17OC1979    B06  w of JW
GOOCH, John W.                   29JL1900      12JA1963    B06
GOOCH, Richard D.                29MY1950      23FE1970    B07
GOOCH, John W. Jr.               23AU1924      19OC1960    B07  h of Alma
GOOCH, Alma E.                   10SE1930      05SE1991    B07
GOOCH, Brenda Lee                              23OC1952    B07  d of John W. Jr.
ROBISON, William                   1963          1963      B07  s of W G
WALLACE, Gregory                   1958          1958      B07  s of George & Patsy

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