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Township 2, Range 8, Section

Contributed 12 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Elgin and go north on AL 101.  Turn right on CR 50 and then left on CR 35.  The cemetery is on the left.  It has a circular drive through the cemetery. Section A is within and to the south of the circle, and Section B is to the north of the circle drive. This cemetery was surveyed by Avon Hagood and Judy Mason in 1995 and updated in Sep 2006 by Robert Torbert. An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  The rows are numbered from west to east.

Section A

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
CORUM, Almon E.                  25JA1920      25MH1990    A01  h of MP
CORUM, Mildred P.                12AU1923                  A01  m 4AP1947
CORUM, Leonard A.                11JA1911      12NO1965    A01  h of LE
CORUM, Leila E.                  09DE1911      26SE1990    A01
CORUM, infant                                    1935      A01  s of LA & LE
CORUM, Alton F.                  11JL1922      12JE2006    A01
CORUM, Homer F.                  31DE1943      13AU1967    A01  h of WJ
CORUM, Wanda J.                  26JA1947                  A01
RITTER, Hubert Lee               15JA1919      07MH2005    A01
SPRINGER, Duglas G.                1943          1946      A01
KING, Virta L.                   13DE1926                  A02
KING, Maggie L.                  20NO1891      25AP1969    A02  w of WA; m 30DE1909
KING, William A.                 03FE1889      20NO1969    A02
RAY, Dossie E.                   08DE1915                  A02  w of DD
RAY, Donel D.                    12FE1912      14JE1989    A02
RAY, infant                                    06JE1944    A02  infant of DD & DE
BROWN, Dewey D.                  29MY1916      20MY1978    A02  TSgt USA WW-II
BROWN, James D.                  15AU1935      17JE1987    A02
BROWN, Dessie M.                 98SE1916      10DE2004    A02
BROWN, Martha E.                 05NO1854      19OC1936    A02  w of GW
BROWN, G.W.                      05NO1854      26AU1933    A02
NUNLEY, Mary O.                    1921                    A02  w of FH
NUNLEY, Frank Hembree            09JL1919      15AP1993    A02  S1  USCG  WW-II
CORUM, infant                                              A02  s of SL
CORUM, infant                                              A02  s of SL
CORUM, Viola                       1889          1949      A02  w of SL
CORUM, S. Lon                      1879          1963      A02
CORUM, Emma Dean                 12SE1913      09DE1983    A02
CORUM, Lawrence                  30OC1909      18MY1968    A02
RITTER, Andrew Ryan                            08AP1987    A03  infant of Ronnie & Terri
CORUM, Louis Collins             28JE1896      27OC1980    A03  Pvt  USA  WW-I
CORUM, Carrie E.                 01MY1898      08NO1973    A03  w of LC
CORUM, Bertie                    08JE1922      28MY1923    A03  d of RL & CE
CORUM, Brenda  (baby)                                      A03
BROWN, Vinie E.                  28MY1861      02JL1946    A03
BROWN, Leller                    31AU1908      19SE1909    A03  d of RL & VL
BROWN, Elsea                     23JE1915      14NO1918    A03
BROWN, Robert L.                 25AP1886      24AP1963    A03  h of VL
BROWN, Lily V.                   24JL1888      19SE1954    A03
BROWN, Emmitt D.                 06MH1884      04FE1954    A03
BROWN, Rener M.                  01JL1898      22AU1920    A03  w of ED
CHILDERS, Martha                 11JL1863      30AP1928    A03
RAY, Reggie                      01JL1939      10JE2005    A03  h of Patricia
RAY, Patricia                    19DE1940                  A03
HOWARD, infant                                 04JL1931    A03  infant of EM & VM
HOWARD, infant                                 17AP1935    A03  infant of EM & VM
HOWARD, Emmitt                   05JA1909      27DE1977    A03  h of Marie
HOWARD, Marie                    20AU1915      28MY2001    A03
HOWARD, William Thomas           30MH1933                  A03
HOWARD, Patsy Alexander          27AU1933                  A03  w of WT
WATSON, Lola M.                  17JA1894      19JA1954    A04
WATSON, Amon D.                  24MY1914      02MY2001    A04  USAF  WW-II
KING, Mandy J.                   07SE1902      07MH1986    A04  w of RO
KING, Robert O.                  07JL1902      14JE1937    A04
KING, Medford T.                 02JA1926      10MH1926    A04
KING, Tip D.                     23JL1866      02JE1948    A04  h of Arnettie
KING, Arnettie                   05OC1868      12AU1945    A04
KING, Albert                     25JA1908      27MH1924    A04
KING, Edgar                      15MH1898      12JL1903    A04
KING, baby                       27AU1901      27AU1901    A04
WATSON, Martha E.                05AU1905      26NO1986    A04
CORUM,Lemmie (Edd)               01JA1906      16MY1978    A05
RITTER, Bonnie E.                08AP1898      25JE1997    A05  w of John
RITTER, John F.                  11JA1895      03SE1977    A05
CORUM, James A.                  09DE1900      20AU1976    A05
CORUM, J.T.                      18FE1873      28OC1925    A05
CORUM, Nanca J.                  15FE1870      26FE1920    A05  w of JT
CORUM, infant                    27AP1916      27AP1916    A05  infant of JR & NJ
CORUM, James Shelton               28MY        04JE1909    A05  Pvt 35 AL Inf CSA
CORUM, Anne                      13OC1847      28JA1931    A05  w of James
CORUM, Mary Ann                                            A05
CORUM, Bill                                                A05
CORUM, Lottie                                              A05
CORUM, Lula                                                A05
CORUM, infant                    28JA1908      22FE1908    A05  s of WA & Annie
CORUM, W.A.                      24FE1877      19MH1910    A05  h of AV
CORUM, J.H.                      25FE1909      19DE1910    A05  s of AV
LEWIS, H.F.                      04JA1860      02JE1945    A05
LEWIS, Annie V.                  14AP1892      18FE1973    A05
KING, infant                                   06JA1935    A05  infant of GK & LL
KING, George K.                  10MY1913      11JL2000    A05  h of LL
KING, Lura L.                    15MH1914      01JL1989    A05
BROWN, Nancy Eloise McCarley     14OC1942      13JE2005    A06
HAMMOND, Jennie                  07DE1885      12DE1969    A06  w of JH
HAMMOND, J. Houston              10MH1886      27JL1952    A06
HAMMOND, Herbert L.              17MH1912      08JL1965    A06
McCARLEY, infant                               15NO1940    A06  s of Arnold
McCARLEY, William Earl           08SE1937      30NO1937    A06
McCARLEY, Clessie A.             03MY1921                  A06  w of AO
McCARLEY, Arnold O.              13NO1915      11NO1968    A06
BARNETT, 4 infants & 8 adults                              A06  12 gravestones
CORUM, C.L.                      07DE1929      09DE1929    A06
PHILLIPS, infant                 08MY1924      11JE1924    A06  s of CD & EO
PHILLIPS, infant                                           A06  s of CD & EO
PHILLIPS, Etta O.                30AP1903      17DE1950    A06  w of CD
DAVIS, Hoyet E.                  01MY1919      24OC1980    A07  Pfc  USA  WW-II
DAVIS, Birdie O.                 11JL1920      30JL2000    A07  w of HE; m 20DE1936
DAVIS, infant                                  19OC1938    A07  d of HE & BO
JACKSON, J.N.                    18DE1898                  A07
JACKSON, Vernie Lee              01AP1901      26AU1919    A07  w of JN
CORUM, Elizabeth C.                1886          1951      A07  w of Columbus
CORUM, Columbus L.                 1876          1953      A07
CORUM, Elizabeth E.              12JL1872      20DE1910    A07  w of CL
CORUM, Odus Benton               05FE1908      09SE1909    A07
CORUM, Jesse                     05FE1908      02MH1908    A07  s of CL & EE
CORUM, Lottie                                              A07
HAMMONDS, infant                 14OC1906      14OC1906    A07  s of JH & VV
HAMMONDS, Dewy F.                14AP1910      21OC1912    A07
CORUM, Eliza                     10OC1859      28NO1922    A07
CORUM, M.J.                      06MH1853      13SE1915    A08
CORUM, Drewey Menton    *        30DE1873      29AP1918    A08  h of Florence
CORUM, Florence Collier          20AU1882      09MY1946    A08
BARNETT, Lutie V.                22MY1904      26JE1943    A08
CORUM, Adril                     17AU1913      09OC1993    A08
CORUM, Eunice I.                 22FE1910      14AU1938    A08  w of TL
CORUM, Thomas L.                 02MH1905      14NO1977    A08
BARNETT, Ida Robnett             12AP1885      10NO1963    A08  double with Ida Bell
BARNETT, Ida Bell                24JL1879      26SE1965    A08
BARNETT, infant                                            A08
BARNETT, D. Christine            27DE1923      06MY1966    A08
BARNETT, Hollis T.               20MY1915      01SE1999    A08  Pfc  USAAF  WW-II
RITHMIRE, Faye Lynne             03SE1965      03SE1965    A09
GARNER, infant                                   1935      A09  s of JG
CHILDERS, John C.                  1887          1954      A09  h of Vera
CHILDERS, Vera                   09MH1889      17AP1967    A09
CORUM, A.F.                      20SE1881      09JE1909    A09  h of Vera
CORUM, Jessie Lee                16SE1906      16FE1910    A09  s of AF & Vera
CHILDRES, Willie Mae             29OC1912      25OC1914    A09  d of JS & Vera
LITTRELL, Nancy Jane             03JE1869      28NO1937    A09
RAY, J.R.                        27AU1822      11AP1900    A09
HOWELL, Ed                                                 A09
LENTZ, Odie Corum                  1911          2001      A09
LENTZ, Felix H.                    1905          1955      A09
WHITLOCK, Judith Lentz             1946          1981      A09
PHILLIPS, James W.               24MH1860      02JA1936    A10
PHILLIPS, Jennie Phillips *      04MY1865      11AP1932    A10
PHILLIPS, John W.                11JE1891      01DE1925    A10
PHILLIPS, Hershel O.             02SE1922      14SE1922    A10
CORUM, Clyde A.                  06MY1909      26FE1944    A10
GARNER, Duel W.                  25JE1910      27NO1911    A10
GARNER, Bill                       1905          1930      A10
GARNER, George A.                05JL1903      16OC1934    A10  h of Rubie M.
CLARK, Rubie Mae                 16OC1906      15SE1987    A10
GARNER, Walter A.                  1877          1949      A10  h of Sarah
GARNER, Searah J.  *               1875          1944      A10
GARNER, Pauline H.               19AP1912      22MY2000    A11  Eastern Star; w of HD
GARNER, Herman D.                27NO1914      26MH1967    A11  Mason; Tec5  USA  WW-II
PHILLIPS, Royce A.               06FE1931      12FE1944    A11
PHILLIPS, Maudie L.              05DE1904      25MY1942    A11  w of Jeff
PHILLIPS, Jeff                     1898          1987      A11
GULLEY, John                       1877          1966      A11
GULLEY, Timpey J.                08MH1867      25DE1961    A11  w of Jack
GULLEY, Jack                     13MY1865      02AP1945    A11
GULLEY, Sally                      1873          1945      A11
GULLEY, C.L.                       1893          1942      A11
GULLEY, Hannah                   2?JA1849      16JL193?    A11  hard to read; w of JS
GULLEY, Cinda                    27JE1886      04FE1922    A11
GULLEY, William                  10NO1889      19JA1911    A11  s of JS & Hannah
GULLEY, infant                     1918          1918      A11  d of ?
GULLEY, Georgia Anna              JA1900        FE1920     A11
GULLEY, Pearl Irene              21JA1913      21AU1996    A11  w of LJ
GULLEY, Leonard Johnson          27OC1916      02OC2004    A11
BROWN, William J.                02AP1889      13MY1967    A12  h of BA
BROWN, Bertha A.                 05DE1894      15JA1968    A12
BROWN, Buford                    26NO1926      12JE1927    A12  s of WJ
COTTLES, Irmus V.                29JA1933      31JL1934    A13  d of Fate & Flora
COTTLES, Chisholm Lafate         22DE1908      01SE1981    A13  h of FA: m 8OC1929
COTTLES, Flora Alen              11OC1913      21AU1996    A13
BROWN, Carol Shay                26AU1962      10MY1963    A13
LOTT, Ellis James                04AU1881                  A13  h of Ida
LOTT, Ida                        12MY1881      02FE1945    A13
GARNER, Ural                     25JE1910      23JA1977    A13  double with Ular
GARNER, Ular                     26NO1907                  A13
CRITTENDEN, Charles E.           15OC1928      12MY1998    A13  Pfc  USA  Korea
CRITTENDEN, Mary E.              14FE1932                  A13  w of CE
GARNER, Benji                                  20SE1969    A14  s of Charles
TUCKER, Katy A.                  16AP1923                  A14  w of TD
TUCKER, Thomas D.                22SE1919      18MH1967    A14
MURDOCK, Parrish D.              05AP1966      16JA1975    A14
MURDOCK, Roger Dale              14MH1945      17MH1983    A14
VAUGHN, Elton L.                 16OC1932      17FE1979    A14  SSgt  USMC  Korea
WRIGHT, Missie Ann               13MH1886      09DE1977    A14
VAUGHN, Lura                     27AP1892      06MH1985    A14  w of JD
VAUGHN, James D.                 04JE1886      30JE1955    A14
VAUGHN, Olabee                   20MY1924      02DE1941    A14
ROBISON, Ethel B.                13JE1931      10JL1936    A14  d of LC & Ira
ROBISON, Lillie M.                 1879          1946      A14
ROBISON, B.L.                      1872          1953      A14  h of Lottie
ROBISON, Lottie                    1870          1954      A14
PHILLIPS, Henry L.               22MH1919      12JL1964    A15  h of Mary
PHILLIPS, Mary C.  *             19JL1918      08AP1986    A15
PHILLIPS, infant                               25OC1952    A15  d of HL
PHILLIPS, Orrin Gilbert          07FE1944      07FE1944    A15  s of HL
GULLEY, Elin                     01JL1921      01AU1947    A16
GULLEY, William E.               29AU1891      08AP1986    A16  h of ML
GULLEY, Mary Lee                 31AU1895      18JE1970    A16
GROSE, Lizzie                    16JL1888      01JE1961    A16  w of Elmer
GROSE, Arlene                    26JA1910      08AU1996    A16
RAY, Hershel                     14JE1914      11MY1967    A16  h of LM
RAY, Lena Mae                    02JA1917                  A16
DEAN, William Preston            11JA1926      23AU2006    A16
BOND, John M.                    20AP1936      06DE1992    A16  h of Virginia
BOND, Virginia P.                27AU1936                  A16
GREGORY, Marie W.                27AP1939      29AP1994    A16  w of CL; m 16JL1960
GREGORY, C. Lacey                26DE1933                  A16
YOUNG, William E.                22SE1948      18MY1970    A18  h of BL
YOUNG, Brenda L.                 14MH1950                  A18

Section "B"

McGEE, Kimberly A.               21AU1968      21AU1968    B01  d of Donnie; lived 10 hours
SIMS, Lonnie (Rev)               28JA1902      24SE1976    B01  h of Ora
SIMS, Ora                        08DE1903      29JA1988    B01
HOWARD, D. Paul                  10AU1913      06AP1972    B01
JAMES, Billy Daniel              31OC1968      24NO1968    B01  s of Billy D.
CLEMONS, Nellie Lue              22NO1905      16SE2005    B02  w of Ben
CLEMONS, Ben C.                  28JA1899      13FE1971    B02  Mason
CLEMONS, W.T.                    03MY1924      07AU1999    B02
CORUM, J. Gary                   25MY1952      15SE1970    B03
CORUM, Carolyn A.                09JL1946                  B04  w of CL
CORUM, Curtis L. Sr.             07SE1936      03FE2005    B04
PIERCE, James A.                 08MY1920      21MY1992    B05  h of Lois
PIERCE, Lois J.                  11SE1929      07SE1975    B05
PIERCE, Solon J.C.               29JE1928      27JA1978    B05  Pfc  USA  WW-II
PIERCE, Hazel P. Gautney         12AP1933                  B05  w of SJC
GARNER, Keith R.                 21JA1934      05DE1978    B05  Pfc  USA  Korea
GARNER, Nell W.                    1933          2005      B05  w of KR
GARNER, Jean C.                  12AU1929      23FE1999    B05  w of Joe
GARNER, Joe Abe                  21JL1928      11DE1977    B05
GARNER, Abe B.                   07JA1904      25NO1970    B05  h of Nell L.
GARNER, Nell L.                  16JL1907      31MH1999    B05
WRIGHT, Odell                    16AP1912      03NO2003    B06  w of Neal
WRIGHT, Neal                     08JL1907      17AP1972    B06
WRIGHT, Chester C.               11AP1922      09MH1999    B06  USA  WW-II
WRIGHT, Doris M.                 02FE1928                  B06  w of CC
WRIGHT, Lonis  (Shorty)          11AP1920      23AU2002    B06  h of ND
WRIGHT, Nadine Davis             04AP1927                  B06
WRIGHT, Joseph Samuel                          29OC1994    B06  infant s of Terry & Anita
WHITE, Eliza Jane                25JL1933      09JE1987    B07  w of Elmer; m 13OC1958
WHITE, Elmer                     05JL1935                  B07
WHITE, Charlotte S.              27AP1941      24AU2005    B07  w of Elmer; m 22JA1988
CORUM, Millard (Jack)            03FE1924      03JL1972    B07
CORUM, Vernaice (Polly)          10JA1924       2005?      B07
VARNELL, Chris L. (Rue)          26AU1978      23MH2006    B08
FERGUSON, Ronald Glenn           10NO1950      22OC1993    B08  USN  Vietnam
GRAY, Rachel G.                  02DE1931      06NO2003    B08
HYDE, Geneva Phillips            18AU1935      21JA1994    B08
PHILLIPS, Clara I.               12JA1913      07OC1979    B08  w of AL
PHILLIPS, Almon Lee              01JL1910      20OC1983    B08  Pvt  USA  WW-II
BELUE, Elston C.                   1929          1975      B09  h of MV
BELUE, Margie V.                   1937                    B09
WOODS, A. Reese                  24JL1938      04JL2004    B09  SP4  USA
WOODS, Billie Davis              03AU1933                  B09  w of AR
DAVIS, Luther L.                 25DE1905      15SE1991    B09  h of LM
DAVIS, Laura M.                  28JL1895      30MH1974    B09
BARNETT, Mable E.                24JL1925      19AP1976    B10  w of JW
BARNETT, Johnny W.               03MY1920      06JL1985    B10
MOODY, Reba                      30OC1946      21SE2000    B10  w of DD; m 2NO1962
MOODY, Donald D.                 31MY1945                  B10
BARNETT, James Logan             24DE1908      18AP1978    B11
BARNETT, George T.               25MH1910      12SE1983    B12  h of LT
BARNETT, Lorine T.               14JE1915      26MY2004    B12
GARNER, Bobby Joe                31AU1931      18MY2005    B12
GARNER, Pearl C.                 08SE1912      06DE1993    B12  w of Ben
GARNER, Ben F.                   11JA1908      08MH1991    B12
CORUM, Floyd Wilson              23NO1915      31JA2004    B13  S1  USN  WW-II
CORUM, Mary Pearlean             09NO1916      30NO2000    B13  w of FW
EVERETT, Jessica Renea           14AU1993      19MH2004    B14
DAVIS, Jo Ann                    17NO1953      29MH2006    B14
PURSER, Patricia Mae             05JA1950      30MH2004    B14
DAVIS, Wayne O.                  25DE1912      17NO1989    B14  h of ME
DAVIS, Mary E.                   12JE1913      18JE1997    B14

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