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Township 1, Range 7, Section 7

Contributed 19 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Elgin and go north on AL 101 to Lexington.  Turn east on AL 64 and go to Grassy.  The cemetery is on the left at the Grassy Memorial Chapel. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 and included in Cemeteries of East Lauderdale County, Alabama.  It was updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from east to west.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
VAUGHN, Timothy Woodrow          02FE1959      23JA1992     01
WHITE, infant                    26DE1937      17JA1938     02  s of Stancil
WHITE, Torris S. (Jack)          13NO1905      28JL1990     02  h of MH
WHITE, Mary Haney                19NO1913      26FE1998     02
WHITE, Junior                    08DE1929      10DE2000     02
WHITE, Osborne                   29JL1896      10JA1993     02  USA  WW-I
WHITE, Lennis Rice               26NO1904      19DE1993     02  w of O.
WHITE, William O.                05NO1901      08AP1985     02  h of LR
WHITE, Lorraine R.               20JL1905      10AP1997     02
BRALY, F.P.                      01JA1887      22FE1939     02
BRALY, Emma Kimbrough            17FE1866      27MY1937     02
BRALY, Solon N.                  27FE1893      30OC1982     02  h of PC
BRALY, Pauline Crawford          31JA1902      19SE1962     02
BRALY, Joseph Neal               06MH1927      11SE1989     02
COFFEY, Imogene Braly            23FE1925      26MY2004     02
BRALY, Lynn Crawford             07MY1941                   02  only one date
SANDERS, infant                  07JA1926      07JA1926     02  d of HA
NELSON, Gordon T.                04AP1908      14MY1984     02  h of LM
NELSON, Leta Mae                 15SE1909      12JA1976     02
NELSON, infant                                 03AU1927     02  s of GT & LM
NELSON, infant                                 08SE1930     02  s of GT & LM
NELSON, infant                                 15FE1934     02  d of GT & LM
NELSON, infant                                 18JA1937     02  s of GT & LM
ROGERS, Vona E.                  02JE1911      29JL1988     02
HAMMOND, Lecel Van *             20NO1881      28SE1970     02  h of MS
HAMMOND, Mary Susan              23OC1885      06NO1944     02
ALLEN, Fred Nelson               11AU1948      27FE2005     02
ALLEN, Imogene N.                08AU1928                   02  w of JB
ALLEN, Jesse B. Jr.              21AP1928      11NO1986     02
WHITE, Danny Paul                14JL1944      03MY1980     02  Pfc  USA  Vietnam
WHITE, Paul C.                   17JA1918      06AU1977     02  h of BC; m 6FE1944
WHITE, Birdie C.                 28SE1918      17OC1996     02
WEIGART, Roger D.                28JE1946      06OC1979     02  SSG  USA  Vietnam
STEEN, Jerry C.                  22NO1946      31DE2004     02  h of Charlotte
STEEN, Charlotte K.              24DE1949                   02
HAMMOND, Hoyt Glenn              26JE1925      13OC2004     02  h of EF
HAMMOND, Elizabeth Faye          04AU1933                   02
HAMMOND, James Reed              16AP1928      18AP1994     02  USA  Korea
HAMMOND, Ruble Davis             09OC1936      06JA2001     02  w of JR
TUCKER, Hobson W.                17JA1915      17NO2003     02  h of LN; Mason
TUCKER, Lucille N.               07SE1916      22AU2002     02
SANDERS, Bobby J.                21MY1933      24FE1995     02
WALKER, Jessie Ritter            24SE1911      28NO2004     03  w of CL; m 23AP1938
WALKER, Clivous Leo              10JA1908      16FE1997     03
HAMMOND, Myra Othell             02JA1935      08DE1991     03  w of CM
HAMMOND, Charles Morris          02FE1929      08SE2001     03
SEWELL, Daniel Franklin          19MY1986      20MY1986     03  s of Kenneth & Sarah
SEWELL, Faye R.                  21JL1921                   03  w of MF; m 23JA1948
SEWELL, Millard F.               29SE1917      31JA1983     03  Tec5  USA  WW-II
OWENS, infant                    20MH1935      20MH1935     03  s of Johnie
SEWELL, Doris White              23JA1929                   03  w of NR
SEWELL, Neil R.                  08NO1923                   03
TURNER, Adell H.                 30AP1913      12FE1998     03  w of JQ
TURNER, John Q.                  19JE1907      09MY1967     03
SHELTON, Willia Lee              04OC1931      28MY1933     03  d of Leo & Bertha
YARBROUGH, Thomas E.             17MY1938      20JE1938     03
SANDERS, infant                  02AP1924      02AP1924     03  s of WL & Ada
SANDERS, William L.              20JE1881      10MY1927     03  h of Ada
SANDERS, Ada T.                  22JE1889      06JL1956     03
OWENS, infant                                  15DE1941     03  s of OB
OWENS, Ezra B.                   08SE1903      15AP1962     03
OWENS, Ethel S.                  07SE1901      03MH1919     03
OWENS, Albert L.                 17JE1846      12SE1924     03  Mason
OWENS, Della                     21DE1888      06MH1958     03  w of Elijah
OWENS, Elijah                    18MH1878      18DE1963     03  Mason
OWENS, Vida Mae Ferrell          04OC1928                   03  w of LH
OWENS, Laymon Horace             01AP1927      17JL2005     03  Mason
WHITE, Emmett Eugene                           27FE1920     03  s of Ida Lee Rice & Wm H
WHITE, Ida Lee Rice              20FE1877      19JA1936     03  w of Wm
WHITE, William Hardy (Rev)       13NO1864      02NO1945     03
WHITE, Elizann                   22MH1865      21FE1911     03  w of Wm
WHITE, Stella E.                   1912                     03  w of AL
WHITE, Ashford L.                  1907          1948       03
WHITE, Vivian L.                   1917          1920       03
WHITE, Bettie Harrison           07NO1886      27NO1920     03
WHITE, Edith E. *                11SE1909      30AP1910     03
WHITE, James R.    *             20AU1908      11DE1908     03
TAYLOR, infant                   03JE1919      03JE1919     03  s of DW & ML
TAYLOR, Urma Odell               14DE1911      21OC1914     03  s of DW & ML
TAYLOR, Mary Lee                 27NO1878      26JA1939     03  w of DW
TAYLOR, Dee Witt                 15DE1886      27JL1962     03
AKINS, infant                    27AP1924      29AP1924     04  s of WE & Lucy
OWENS, Frieda Gail               18MY1957      15FE1958     04  d of OB
OWENS, Ossie B.                  25SE1917      31MH1989     04  h of RT; m 29MH1940
OWENS, Ruby T.                   29SE1922      27DE1997     04
TURNER, James L.                 29OC1933      30OC1933     04
HOLLEY, Carolyn Ann              05NO1938      17NO1938     04  d of Edison
HOLLEY, Dessie Mae               23OC1902      05AU1989     04
HOLLEY, Fred E.                  27OC1899      28AP1934     04  h of Dessie
HOLLEY, Robert Lawrence          16SE1922      24OC1992     04  h of Odelle
BRIDGES, Frank                   28AP1848      25JL1921     05
BRIDGES, Nancy S.                10OC1848      23MY1908     05  w of Frank
TAYLOR, Ernest R.                23MH1908      31MH1942     05
WITTY, Edna Earl Bedingfield T   30JA1911      26OC1945     05  *  T=Taylor
WITTY, George Mark III                                      05  in grave with mother Edna
BRIDGES, Gilbert J.              03NO1915      04AU1916     05  s of JL & VA
SEWELL, John                     30AP1854      22JA1918     05  h of HL
SEWELL, Hannah L.                19NO1856      10NO1937     05
SEWELL, Albert Ray               28MH1897      05JA1909     05
SEWELL, Myrtie                     1881          1960       05
ROBINSON, baby                                              05  s of HA
ROBINSON, baby                                              05  s of HA
ROBINSON, Claudie R.             27AP1881      10JE1917     05
HAISTEN, H.H.                    09MY1843      12OC1918     05
WHITE, Glannie B.                30AP1899      16FE1977     05  h of SH
WHITE, Sallie Haisten            20FE1905      01OC1993     05
WHITE, Martha Ann                16FE1927      12OC2001     05
YARBER, Milford                  05OC1913      20OC1932     05
YARBER, Clayton                  01JL1918      11AP1921     05  s of M & J
YARBROUGH, G.W.                  02FE1850      15JA1920     05
WEATHERS, Mae Yarbrough            1890          1937       05
ALLEN, Mabel V.                  26FE1925      10AP1925     05
COMER, Parry (Mrs)                 1849          1935       05
WHITE, infant                    21MH1932      21MH1932     05  inf of PI & PT
WHITE, Elbert                    12NO1929      24DE1932     05  s of PI & PT
WHITE, Patrick I.                02MY1911      09JL1965     05  h of PT
WHITE, Pearl T.                  08OC1912      27FE1991     05
NEWTON, Annie Mae                  1938          1938       05
NEWTON, Bulah Mae                27AP1908      09JE1940     05  w of CJ
NEWTON, Claude J.                05JA1900      26MH1983     05
CASE, Peat                       01MH1899      19JA1977     05  h of MM
CASE, Mary M.                    04MH1908      05FE1996     05
SHELTON, Denzil T.               17FE1918      24FE2006     05
SHELTON, Ruby D.                 04AP1922      28AP1980     05  w of DT
ROBBINS, Olen Eugene             06AU1916      22AP1991     05  USA  WW-II
ROBBINS, Celestine D.            24AU1920                   05  w of OE
GATLIN, Tyler Dale               22MH1991      03OC1995     05
ELLIS, Marilee Turpen            11JA1934      07FE1999     05
STONE, Mary Clark                18SE1943                   06  w of EB
STONE, Elbert Branson            28MH1933      30SE2002     06
STONE, Ruby Roberts              13MH1928      21JL2003     06
O'BRYAN, Linda Faye              18OC1944      03OC2000     06
GATLIN, Charlotte Ann            03JE1948                   06  w of WT; m 22AP1966
GATLIN, William Troy             14JA1946      13AP2004     06
INGALLS, Kimberly Faye Hammond   11DE1960      04JA1994     06
HAMMOND, Curtis O'Neal           11JL1930                   06  h of AF
HAMMOND, Audrey Faye             20MH1933      12AP1992     06
HAMMOND, Rex Allan               17JL1955      14DE1984     06
HAMMOND, Tiffany Nichole         31AU1980      31AU1980     06  d of Rex & Teresa
McGILL, Berma L.                 13MY1918      07MH1988     06  w of Royce
McGILL, Royce                    09NO1916      28AP2001     06  Cpl 820 Mil Pol USA WW-II
McGILL, Wanda Jean               19DE1946                   06  w of TL; m 26FE1966
McGILL, Terry Lee                24MH1947      11JE1974     06
JACKSON, Neter Vone              02SE1935      13JL1936     06  d of LA & BL
JACKSON, Erma                    27JL1927      03SE1934     06  d of LA & BL
JACKSON, Odie W.                 26MH1919      08DE1945     06  s of LA & Bertha
JACKSON, Bertha Lou              01MH1897      25JL1967     06  w of LA
JACKSON, Leonard A.              16JE1891      30JL1979     06
JACKSON, Roger G.                19NO1950      20DE1970     06
WALKER, Ada C. Hogue             27AP1911      29JL1987     06
CASE, Sarah                      29SE1872      21FE1930     06  w of Joseph
CASE, Joseph P.                  19OC1867      01JE1932     06
CASE, Willie P.                  05FE1901      10FE1939     06
CASE, Flois Erma  *              29JA1907      02FE1995     06  w of TO
CASE, Thomas Olen                22JE1903      10JA1983     06
ROBERTS, William Madison         25FE1929      27FE1929     06  h of NL
ROBERTS, Nanie Lou               25FE1909      25FE1929     06
FOSTER, Louvella                 04JL1921      11OC1923     06
WIMBS, Carl F.                   20DE1933      16JA1998     06
WIMBS, Dayton Lee                05FE1906      26JE1968     06
WIMBS, Hattie C.                 18NO1899      21MH1926     06  d of EC & ML
McCAFFERTY, Ella June            28AU1940      30JE1968     06
McCAFFERTY, Blanche Cox          23FE1900      08AU1971     06  w of JF
McCAFFERTY, Joseph Felix         01DE1889      27JA1971     06
McCAFFERTY, Tinty Olivia         31MY1892      16JA1923     06
McCAFFERTY, Valton H.            25JL1914      17JE1919     06  s of JF & TO
McCAFFERTY, William Tonice       20AU1919      10JA1987     06  Sgt  USA  WW-II
SEWELL, Lila                     16AU1893      11AP1965     06
SEWELL, Byrd                     21FE1892      14MH1976     06  h of Lila
SEWELL, infant                                 17MY1922     06  s of Owen
SEWELL, Lawrence                 26AU1915      08AP1916     06
SEWELL, Mamie                    04AU1885      16FE1946     06  w of Owen
SEWELL, Owen                     24JE1883      06DE1956     06
BARR, Luther Laken               09DE1904      04MH1936     06
BARR, infant                     22SE1909      22SE1909     06  inf of WF & ME
BARR, Anna E.                    18AP1906      27JE1907     06  d of WF & ME
BARR, W.F.                       03MH1866      04AU1931     06  Mason
BARR, Mary E.                    24JE1873      11JL1952     06  w of WF
HAMMOND, Ralph J.                07MY1927      04JA1956     06
HAMMOND, Malcolm Hugh            10OC1916      27NO1943     06  Pfc  USA  WW-II
WORD, Stella Bell                18SE1884       JL1906      07
FOWLER, Columbia J.              30NO1848      01JL1929     07
GUTHRIE, Horace W.               01NO1913      05AP1971     07
GUTHRIE, Mary E.                 20FE1881      13JL1968     07
GUTHRIE, Rivers                  30MH1910      21AU1911     07
GUTHRIE, W.M. (Mack)             22MH1901      31JA1986     07
TOMLINSON, Burleson Sewell       15SE1909      03MY2002     07  h of Lois
TOMLINSON, Lois Newbern          22FE1907      22JE1997     07
GREEN, Virgil A.S.               02MH1837      30DE1914     07  Pvt Co I 3 TN Inf CSA
GREEN, Mary F.                   14FE1844      24FE1919     07  w of VAS
GREEN, J.F.                        1866          1955       07
GREEN, Iva                         1873          1955       07  w of JF
WIMPS, Effie M.                  07AU1908      05MY1933     07  d of EC & ML
WIMPS, W.F.                      23SE1911      24NO1932     07  s of EC & ML
WIMPS, M.L.                      18DE1869      25NO1918     07  w of EC
WIMPS, E.C.                      11MH1870      04DE1947     07
GILLEY, Tharon N.                31OC1922      01NO1922     07
KING, Elizabeth                  05FE1878      10JE1935     07  w of JV
KING, Julian V.                  27DE1876      02FE1954     07
HURN, Thomas                     19JL1923      24JL1924     07
HAMMOND, Benjamin Ernest         22AP1903      15JA1973     07
HAMMOND, David Newton            28DE1877      30AU1944     07  h of SE; m 1898
HAMMOND, Sarah Elizabeth         03FE1879      22FE1970     07
WOOD, Rubin J.                   04JA1862      06FE1930     07  h of FA
WOOD, Fearba A.                  01DE1859      06SE1946     07
NELSON, Luther Martin            14JA1882      01DE1967     07  h of JB
NELSON, Jessie Bell              23AU1885      01NO1939     07
COLE, Luther Dale                19OC1921      19OC1921     07
HURST, infant                    31JL1974      01AU1974     07  s of Ray Jr. & Tammy
GOAD, Coleen Trousdale           05JA1929                   07
NEWTON, James Turner             06MY1921      20FE1987     07  Sgt  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Estella                  24FE1925                   07  w of JT; m 14AP1951
NEWTON, Leo (Jack)               01AP1925      15NO1992     07  h of MS; m 11DE1948
NEWTON, Mildred S.               19FE1929                   07
NEWTON, Clifton                  02AP1929                   07  h of Arnie
NEWTON, Arnie B.                 20SE1927      21MH1991     07
TATE, Molly Leanne               21DE1965      04JE1997     07  w of RF
TATE, Russell Francis            17SE1961      09JE2003     07
WHITE, Ernest R.                   1894          1978       08
WHITE, Jesse P.                    1899          1977       08
WHITE, Ada J.                      1886          1972       08
WHITE, Sam S.                      1881          1967       08
WHITE, Clifford S.               28FE1853      09JA1923     08
WHITE, Eliza A.                  23JA1856      04OC1931     08  w of CS
WHITE, John Edgar                22DE1888      12AU1968     08  h of CH
WHITE, Carria H.                 15OC1895      28FE1980     08
WHITE, Ader May                  25JL1914      02DE191?     08  d of JE & CH
HENRY, Lori Diane                26JL1975      04JE1976     09
HAMMOND, infant                                26JA1942     09  s of Grady
HAMMOND, Aileen                  11JA1945      24JA1945     09  d of Grady
TURPEN, Willie B.                22FE1909      28AP1998     09  w of Luther; m 21DE1929
TURPEN, Luther                   09FE1909      19NO1982     09
HAMMOND, Freddie M.              21JE1951      31JL1965     09
HAMMOND, Irene T.                11OC1923      31JL1965     09  w of WH
HAMMOND, Wallace H.              13OC1920      31JL1965     09
HAMMOND, T.W.                      1922          1934       09
HAMMOND, V. Vona                 31DE1904      11FE1923     09  d of JM & ME
HAMMOND, Mollie E.               06JL1885      28FE1964     09  w of JM
HAMMOND, James M.                10JA1880      31JL1965     09
GLADIN, J.L.                       1864          1934       09
GLADIN, Addie Lee                30AU1909      08MY1918     09  d of JL & ME
GLADIN, Gracie                   30NO1903      03MY1918     09  d of JL & ME
YARBROUGH, Winford               26FE1922      25AP1944     09
YARBROUGH, Opha P.               01AU1901      23FE1991     09  w of GL
YARBROUGH, Graydon L.            28MY1900      29MH1963     09
BUNT, Sara Jane                  09MH1857      27JA1916     09  w of RD
BUNT, R.D.                       13AP1857      29MH1925     09
WHITE, Sarah V.                  24DE1881      27AU1943     09  w of WA
WHITE, William A.                03AP1878      08JE1945     09  Mason
TUCKER, Esther                   04FE1910      30JE1910     09  d of Rev JL & Mattie E
TUCKER, Mattie E.                  1876          1940       09
WALKER, Lily B.                    1878          1941       09
WALKER, J.N.                       1875          1972       09  h of Lily
WALKER, Odell                    27NO1905      27OC1909     09  d of JN & LB
WALKER, Royce V.                 23OC1918      05AP1987     09  USA
LANSDELL, Irene Walker           25FE1912      03OC1996     09
McGOVERN, Grace Walker           25SE1901      17AU1996     09
WALKER, Horace L.                08OC1903      23JE1987     09  Capt  USA  WW-II
WEIGART, Sharon Hammond          02DE1955                   10  w of TM
WEIGART, Timothy M.              27OC1953      29NO2001     10
HAMMOND, Carol Sue               28OC1933                   10  w of GA; m 9AP1949
HAMMOND, Glen A.                 07MY1926      05SE1998     10  F1  USN  WW-II
HAMMOND, Wilma R.                20MY1922                   10  w of AC
HAMMOND, Alton C.                06MH1917      30SE1988     10  USN  WW-II
HAMMOND, Virginia W.             18JE1926      11JL1994     10  w of WD; m 14NO1943
HAMMOND, William D.              10AU1922                   10
JACKSON, Grady James             02JL1927      03MH1971     10
JACKSON, Abraham L.              30JL1906      15SE1947     10  h of NA
JACKSON, Naomi A.                12JE1908                   10
JACKSON, baby                                               10  s of AL & MN
WILSON, Lola W.                  12FE1906      15FE1996     10
WALKER, Jessie E.                04JL1908      21JA1973     10
WALKER, Jennie I.                30OC1877      03OC1969     10
WALKER, George H.                20FE1878      18NO1940     10
WALKER, Vena                     03AU1915      30AP1936     10
IVIE, infant                                   03MH1926     10  s of Birt & Laura
IVIE, Ray Osborn                 21JE1927      08SE1927     10  s of Birt & Laura
McCAIN, Ruby                     07DE1928      28JA1929     10
McCAIN, Lorene                   14NO1927      28JA1928     10  d of HC & MJ
McCAIN, Ethel                    16FE1920      19FE1920     10
McCAIN, Elaine                   16FE1925      12FE1943     10
McCAFFERTY, Willie Belle         26DE1915                   10  w of Cleo; m 2AP1949
McCAFFERTY, Cleo                 21NO1916                   10
HAMMOND, Ricky Dale              01JE1954      04NO1954     10
HAMMOND, Reba                    13DE1918      28OC1919     10  d of WO & MB
HAMMOND, Mary B.                 07MH1896      19JA1929     10  w of WO
HAMMOND, William O.              25DE1887      10OC1974     10
STONE, Susan Newton              23AP1892      07JL1984     10  w of WE
STONE, Winnice Edward            22AP1895      30MY1970     10  Pvt 129 Fld Art WW-I
DAUGHTERY, infant                              26AP1929     10  s of TH
STONE, Collins C.                19MY1904      09MH1965     10  s of Lawson W. & Amanda B.
STONE, Opal I.                   12JL1892      06OC1975     10  w of WC
STONE, William C.                11AU1889      10MY1935     10
SIMS, R.H.                       14OC1912      04FE1913     10
SIMS, L.I.                       18JE1910      20AU1910     10
SIMS, E.E.                       20FE1909      29MY1909     10
DUPREE, Margaret H.              27JA1859      19AP1930     10
GILES, Lidy Francis              18FE1850      28AU1904     10  w of JW
PIERCE, Alton Barker             14JL1904      04AU1904     11  1st grave in this cemetery
SHELTON, infant                                28JA1949     11  d of DT
ROBBINS, Elizabeth J.            30AU1941      01SE1941     11  d of OE & C
DUPREE, J. Wilson                20AP1895      12NO1933     11  h of LM
DUPREE, Lizzie M.                12MY1899      14JE1998     11
DUPREE, John Wilson              18MY1926      17JA2000     11
LITTRELL, Sarah E.               19MH1888      10FE1912     11  d of JA & FE
HAMMOND, Reed Jr.                              23OC1967     11  s of Reed & Ruble
COSBY, S.G. (Rev)                09MH1846      31JA1917     11  h of NA
COSBY, Nancy A.                  07OC1849      20AU1932     11
JAMES, Herbert                   11FE1920      14FE1920     11  s of PI & Ruby
RATCLIFF, Harriet                  1845          1921       11
RATCLIFF, George G.                1863          1939       11  h of LE
RATCLIFF, Lissie E.                1868          1956       11
EDDY, Doke                       21OC1882      13NO1954     11
EDDY, Martha                     01SE1889      07SE1923     11  w of Doke
COLE, William Bobby              01MH1932      14MH1932     11
COLE, Mattie J.                    1907          1982       11  w of HG
COLE, Herschell G.                 1903          1969       11  m 1NO1922
HAMMOND, Lona Alibee             10MY1925                   11  w of JR
HAMMOND, James Reeder            26NO1925      20JL2004     11  USA  WW-II Bronze Star
EDDY, Ross                       14AP1896      22JE1978     11  h of Bertha
EDDY, Bertha                     02SE1900      21OC1932     11
HAMMOND, Van A.                  22AU1887      13NO1987     11  100 yrs old
HAMMOND, Lola Belle              28JL1888      31MY1981     11  w of VA; m 6JA1914
MARLOW, Charles E.               09MY1921      16SE1999     11  USA  WW-II
MARLOW, Lillian M.               03SE1923                   11  w of CE; m 30JE1944
BARTON, Marion H.                  1861          1937       11  h of Ida
BARTON, Ida                        1872          1952       11
JACKSON, Earnest E.              11AP1925      23OC1987     11  h of RO
JACKSON, Ruby O.                 11FE1926                   11
McCAFFERTY, Paul E.              02MH1931      04JA2005     11
McCAFFERTY, John W.              29JA1904      16MY1987     11  h of Nola
McCAFFERTY, Nola                 12AU1907      28JL2002     11
ROBINSON, Henry Grady            16FE1924                   11  h of NL
ROBINSON, Netus Lorene           06JA1926      18NO1998     11
MEWBOURN, Lual B. (Mutt)         15JL1922                   11  h of EM; m 5FE1943
MEWBOURN, Ellen Mildred          04AU1920      22JE2003     11
MOSLEY, Velton Hamilton          05AU1930      08FE1993     12
MOSLEY, Ruthie Mae               04AU1933      13JA2004     12  sister to Ruby
MOSLEY, Ruby Genell              25DE1926      19DE2004     12
JACKSON, Nancy Jane              24DE1881      10MH1944     12  w of WF
JACKSON, William F.              09NO1875      14MY1958     12
MOSLEY, Bertha C.                25JA1904      28AP1995     12  w of OL; m 21MH1922
MOSLEY, Odis L.                  07FE1900      27SE1980     12
MOSLEY, Wyonett                                             12
MOSLEY, infant                   15MY1926      15MY1926     12  inf of OL & BC
MOSLEY, Millard                  15FE1929      25FE1929     12  s of OL & BC
FAVORS, Violet                   08NO1919      22FE1920     12
STANFORD, Mae Wilson             17MY1903      17JE1927     12
STANFORD, Cora Marie             16AP1920      16AP1920     12  Mae's baby
WILSON, Martha Cora              06DE1875      23NO1960     12  w of AJ
WILSON, Andrew J.                26AP1875      14JE1914     12
KELLEY, James Loyd                 1926          1927       12  s of JC
ADAMS, Maggie                      1880                     12
ADAMS, Ollie                       1884          1922       12  h of Maggie
ADAMS, Leroy                     22FE1915      13JE1922     12
ADAMS, infant                    04AP1910      04AP1910     12  d of OS & MF
ADAMS, Jessie D.                 12SE1921      14JA1945     12  KIA at Luzon; Pvt USA 43 Div
JENKINS, Lawson W.               03AP1867      21FE1928     13  h of RM
JENKINS, Rhoda M.                01MY1858      28JA1939     13
HAMMOND, Ben F.                  07JE1880      13OC1941     13
SEWELL, John Clifton             13JL1894      18JL1982     13  h of SD; m 23MH1922
SEWELL, Susie Dell               19AU1898      26OC1989     13
HAMMOND, Joe                     08OC1896      04JE1981     13
HAMMOND, Luther Eugene           23NO1890      08FE1973     13  Pvt  USA  WW-I
HAMMOND, Mollie E.               10JA1869      06AP1955     13
WILSON, Willodean                22NO1927      25JL1929     13  d of JA & LB
WILSON, infant                                 20NO1923     13  inf of LA & LB
BURNEY, Odis J.                  07OC1911      15AU1912     13  s of PE & JV
GRUBBS, Hurbert                  29MY1921      07JE1922     13  s of AA & TR
MOSLEY, Dalton                                              13  s of Marvin & Annie
MOSLEY, Annie M.                 30SE1903      20SE1989     13  w of MH
MOSLEY, Marvin H.                01OC1901      31OC1968     13
MOSLEY, infant                                 26AU1932     13  inf of HT
GLASS, Hubert E.                 14SE1936      27DE1936     13  s of CA & LM
COLE, Sarah Ann                  05NO1881      25SE1970     14  w of JH
COLE, James H.                   18JA1871      01JL1953     14
GABLE, C. Willow                 01MH1934      13MH1934     14
COLE, William O.                 03SE1907      05AU1909     14  s of JH & SA
COLE, Cora S.                    12DE1912      03JA1915     14
COLE, Duie F.                    21JA1915      10MH1915     14
COLE, infant                     22JA1916      22JA1916     14  inf of JH & SA
COLE, infant                                                14  inf of JH & SA
COLE, infant                                                14  inf of JH & SA
JOHNSON, Gladys Mae              10AU1906      29OC1990     14
COLE, William I.                 20MY1867      23OC1912     14
COLE, George W.                  15DE1864      26MY1950     14  h of SG
COLE, Sallie G.                  02FE1874      13MY1961     14
SHELTON, Milton Leroy            25MH1926      02JL1990     14  h of EH
SHELTON, Eunice Hammond          26MH1927      11JL1992     14
SHELTON, M.B.                    15AP1887      05FE1917     14
SHELTON, Robert G.               06DE1890      23SE1961     14  h of ME
SHELTON, Mary E.                 27JE1894      17SE1958     14
TURPEN, infant                   04SE1924      04SE1924     14  s of WO
COTTRELL, infant                               04SE1936     14  d of OS & OE
COLE, James H.                   18JA1871      01JL1953     14  h of SA
COLE, Sarah Ann                  05NO1881      25SE1970     14
SHADIX, Hollis W.                12AP1916      17FE1994     14
SHADIX, Mattie Wright            13JL1922      13JE1998     14  w of HW
SHADIX, Shelby Jean              09FE1938      26JL1938     14  d of HW & ME
SHADIX, Fowler Warren            10SE1936      20JL1998     14  A2C  USAF
MOSLEY, Homer                    09DE1922      07MH1964     14  h of Frances
MOSLEY, Frances                  07NO1924      15JA1995     14
MOSLEY, Robert Anthony           12FE1963      07OC1984     14
MOSLEY, Brian Calvin             01JA1966      30JE1986     14  h of FL
MOSLEY, Fannie Lorene            12OC1939      07MH1999     14
HOWARD, Earnesteen               25JA1922                   15  w of VO
HOWARD, Virgil O'Neal            05FE1918      14MY1993     15
HOWARD, Duel Gene                06MH1948      11JE1964     15
HEATHCOAT, Doney Wayne           21JA1947      11JE1964     15
HEATHCOAT, Fred R.               01JE1913      16MH1990     15  h of BA
HEATHCOAT, B. Arline             17OC1919      26DE2000     15
CRANE, Jeffie Mae Heathcoat      26AU1942      15MY1995     15  w of JO; m 11FE1983
CRANE, Jefferson O.              08NO1943      02AP2005     15
COTTRELL, Ona E.                 18JA1911      08OC1991     15  w of OS; m 21DE1935
COTTRELL, O. Spencer             12OC1914      15SE1977     15
COTTRELL, Thomas J.              12NO1877      30NO1944     15  h of EE
COTTRELL, Eliza Ellen            25SE1887      28JL1961     15
TYLER, Lige & Nora                                          15  in memory
SHELTON, infant                    1938          1938       15  s of RG & ME
STOVER, Elmo Prentice  *         24MH1922      06JE1923     15
STOVER, Kenyth Oneal             14SE1920      14SE1920     15
FREEMAN, Sarah M.                25NO1874      08JA1919     15  w of JB
FREEMAN, John B.                 19MH1866      20JA1929     15
HAMMOND, Lessie E.               11NO1888      10AU1959     15
HAMMOND, L. Houston              09MY1886      30MY1948     15  h of LE
HAMMOND, Tennie May              10OC1930      10OC1930     15  d of LH & LE
HAMMOND, Henry A.                22DE1860      26DE1929     16  h of NE
HAMMOND, Nancy E.                16OC1860      08JA1947     16
HAMMOND, Elizabeth M.            10FE1850      01NO1925     16
GREEN, James H.                  05DE1850      04JL1911     16
GREEN, Delila                    10NO1851      21JE1927     16  w of JH
WILLIAMS, Almon D.               05MH1908      26NO1964     16  h of AB
WILLIAMS, Agnes B.               24OC1919       2004?       16
WILLIAMS, Altha Florence         08DE1916      05JE1986     16
WILLIAMS, infant                 03SE1911      08OC1911     16  s of RL & MC
WILLIAMS, Robert L.              11NO1876      29JA1950     16  h of MC
WILLIAMS, Margaret C.            28JE1878      01JA1939     16
COLE, William Edward             22DE1901      16JA1975     16  h of EO
COLE, Eva Odell                  27AP1908                   16
COLE, George Melton              09FE1928      29JE1929     16  s of WE & E
COLE, infant                     19JA1925      19JA1925     16  s of WE & E
TURNER, Madison Glenn            07JE1942      20JA1980     16
TURNER, infant                                 30SE1940     16  d of Ray
TURNER, Ruby Cole                04DE1913      09AP1999     16
KRUSE, Robert F.                 07JE1936                   16  h of JP
KRUSE, Judy P.                   13AP1947                   16
GRUBBS, Jeffery Lynn                           22OC1971     17  one date
WHITE, Obediah F.                03FE1893      17OC1981     17  Pvt  USA
WHITE, Lellia H.                 27AP1903      25SE1988     17  w of O.
HAISCH, Jessie J.                06AP1927      26NO1974     17
CRAIG, John H.                   11AU1911      10JL1943     17  Sgt
BLACKWOOD, Albert R.               1879          1946       17  h of NC
BLACKWOOD, Nancy C.                1885          1956       17
DZIAT, Michael Howard            08JE1945      03NO2004     17
HOWARD, Rufus A.                   1887          1951       17  h of LH
HOWARD, Lela Hammond               1888          1973       17
HOWARD, Morris Stanley           17JL1918      06DE1987     17  h of OO
HOWARD, Othella Owens            15AP1920      01MY1972     17
HAMMOND, infant                                17MY1939     17  s of EL & RI
HAMMOND, Earl L.                 23AU1908      07JE1994     17  h of RI; m 24DE1932
HAMMOND, Ruby I.                 04NO1912      16FE2004     17
RODEN, Nettie                    22DE1898      17FE1922     17  d of SE & E
RODEN, Semmie E.                   1871          1955       17  h of EC
RODEN, Effie C.                    1890          1987       17
SHELTON, John E.                   1889          1967       17  h of AB
SHELTON, Annie B.                  1887          1954       17
FARR, I.C.                       28AU1854      23JA1923     17
FARR, Clara Mae                                             17
SHERRILL, Mable F.                 1901          1930       17  w of AM
SHERRILL, Arthur M.                1891          1955       17
POWERS, Douglas Wayne            06AU1935                   17  h of JV
POWERS, Joyce Viola              19MH1935      01NO1983     17
COLE, Earnest C.                 21AP1907      10JA1978     17  h of LS
COLE, Louise S.                  14AP1907      06JE1989     17
COMBS, Ethel Louise              28JA1927                   17
COLE, Mary Agness                12JA1927      13JA1929     17
COLE, Billy Ray                  18NO1933      18NO1933     17
COLE, James Hollis Cecil         07JE1930      18DE1958     17  Cpl  USA  Korea
COLE, Darlene                                               17  did not find
BRIDGES, John L.                   1875          1950       17  h of VC
BRIDGES, Vera C.                   1886          1956       17
WRAY, Charles L.                 29MH1937                   17  h of SL; m 29DE1964
WRAY, Stella L.                  16OC1942                   17
BOLLING, Clarence W.             08MH1936      03AP1994     17  A1C  USAF
BOLLING, Sarah Shadix.           03FE1939                   17  w of CW; m 15NO1958
COLE, James Spencer              25FE1919      13AU1991     17  Pfc  USA  WW-II
COLE, Ethel Childersr            05MH1925      31MH2005     17  w of JS
COLE, Horace L.                  30MY1909      19AU1979     17  h of LM; m 9DE1928
COLE, Lela M.                    27JL1908      21JE1981     17
CASHION, Rebekah Sue  *          21DE1977      07FE1984     17
SHERRILL, Abigail Larue          30JE1930      28MH1997     17
SPRINGER, Carolyn                20JE1939                   18
SPRINGER, Carl W.                16MH1936      25NO1989     18
CORUM, Crystal Dawn              08DE1988      06JA2002     18  d of Donna
CORUM, Donna Jo                  30JA1967                   18  w of JL
CORUM, Johnny Lee                28OC1966                   18
HALL, Brittany Nicole            09DE1987      03MH2005     18
TITTLE, Willie F.                12SE1935                   18  w of CM
TITTLE, Clarence M. (Red)        15SE1934      17DE1999     18
NEWTON, Dora Fay Collier         04MY1937                   18  w of Leldon; m 7JE1954
NEWTON, Leldon                   18SE1931      19AP2001     18  USA  Korea
TRUITT, Connie Lynn              02MH1961      18JL2002     18
JENKINS, Jennifer L.             27JA1967      12MH1967     18
JENKINS, Sarah White             28MH1927        2006       18  w of RC
JENKINS, Reece C.                16AP1924      15JE1996     18
SPRINGER, Carolyn                20JE1939                   18  w of Carl
SPRINGER, Carl W.                16MH1936      25NO1989     18
COLE, Cecila G.                  16SE1944                   18  w of LW; m 30NO1982
COLE, Larry Wayne                24AU1949      30MH2002     18  Sgt  USAF  Vietnam
NEWTON, Fermon Aldon             28MH1924      28NO1996     18  h of DE
NEWTON, Devonal Estelle          28JE1924      18JL1988     18
NEWTON, Edna S.                                             18  w of WJ
NEWTON, William Jesse            08MH1920      17AU1979     18  Sgt  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Eroy                     02OC1923      18AU1991     18
MORIARTY, Ruthie Marie           24OC1937                   18  w of WA; m 29OC1955
MORIARTY, William Almon          08OC1929      14AP2005     18
MORIARTY, Lillie M.                1905          1976       18  w of JH
MORIARTY, James H.                 1897          1965       18
NEWTON, Gary Lane                19AU1972      09MY2006     18
NEWTON, John Lecil                             31JA1970     18  one date
OSBORN, William Daven                          10JA1961     18  did not find
NEWTON, William Ottis            03JE1925      17JL1957     18  Tec5  USA  BSN FH WW-II
NEWTON, Jessie M.                22FE1904      03MY2001     18  w of LL
NEWTON, Lannie L.                21NO1898      14NO1969     18
TOMLINSON, Lucile                21MH1886      22MH1976     18
TOMLINSON, W.L.                  08DE1873      10FE1925     18  h of Lucile
HAMMOND, Ivene Owens             18JE1914                   18  w of FS
HAMMOND, Foster S.               27NO1913      13JL1944     18
HAMMOND, Reba B.                 22MH1917                   18  w of LL
HAMMOND, Lester L.               03OC1915      27JL1955     18
HAMMOND, Roxanna S.              21MH1892      28SE1962     18  w of SJ
HAMMOND, Stephen J.              24JE1886      12DE1955     18
NEWTON, Elsie M.                 20JA1916      05SE1999     18  w of RF
NEWTON, Reeder F.                23OC1915      17JA1999     18
NEWTON, Susie M.                   1895          1967       18  w of WT
NEWTON, W. Tommie                  1891          1949       18
GREEN, Paul E.                   04AU1899      28NO1955     18
GREEN, Mary Isabella               1869          1939       18  w of John A.
GREEN, John A.                     1869          1945       18
WHITE, Leta G.                   16DE1893      30OC1970     18  w of RA
WHITE, Richard A.                26JA1887      26JA1972     18
WHITE, infant                                    1946       18  d of Paul C.
HANKINS, Joel R.                 26JA1952      26MH1971     18  Cpl Co L75 Inf Vietnam BSM PH
HANKINS, Nellie M.               20DE1921      04MY1995     18  w of JB
HANKINS, James Bryan             22JL1917      03JE1965     18  AMM1  USN  WW-II
WHITE, Inez Owens                18JE1906      26DE1998     18  w of Spencer
WHITE, Spencer (Peanut)          06JE1910      02AU1975     18
WHITE, William Richard Houston   30MH1938      09JL2001     18
WALKER, Jeffrey Wayne            05FE1961      07JL1982     19
WALKER, Margreet                 05SE1918      22AU1976     19  w of Dewell
WALKER, Dewell                   25AP1915      28DE1989     19  USMC  WW-II
MEWBOURN, Christie Lynn                        02FE1975     19  d of David & Sue
MEWBOURN, Joshua Dale            27AU1976      25SE1994     19
MEWBOURN, Carolyn J.             06MY1944                   19  w of WL
MEWBOURN, W. Larry               10JA1944      04NO1968     19
COTTRELL, Ora A.                 04DE1923                   19  w of RF
COTTRELL, Reeder F.              18DE1923      17AU1974     19
COTTRELL, Jerry F.               07MH1943      02AP1968     19  AB  USAF
WARREN, Albert                                 21MY1925     19  s of KL & Ninnie
HAMMOND, Henry L. (Hank)         10DE1931      13DE2003     19  SMSgt  USAF  Korea Vietnam
HAMMOND, Millinea McCrary        12MH1934                   19  w of HL
HAMMOND, Emily B.                18JA1903      01OC1988     19  w of OA
HAMMOND, Onus A.                 27MY1902      02SE1978     19
NEWTON, Movlean M.               15OC1904      03JA1994     19  w of JJ
NEWTON, John J.                  17SE1894      25NO1966     19
NEWTON, Presley P.               04JA1897      30NO1956     19  h of HL
NEWTON, Hattie L.                25MH1900      11JA1949     19
JOHNSON, Oscar (Dick)            16AU1922                   19  h of Reba
JOHNSON, Reba Butler Hammond     22MH1917      05JA1999     19
BUTLER, Nona E.                  11SE1890      31DE1969     19  w of AD
BUTLER, Allen D.                 24DE1887      03SE1943     19
BUTLER, Mildred W.               25AU1918      23MH1996     19  w of PA
BUTLER, Paulie A.                10MH1919      26MH1988     19  S1  USN  WW-II
BUTLER, Celestine H.             17NO1918      15JA2004     19  SP1  USN
BUTLER, Onus Horace              26JL1915      09AP1984     19  Tec4  USA  WW-II
BUTLER, Claudia Hope             28JA1949                   19  w of AD
BUTLER, Allen Dawson             13JL1946                   19
CRAIG, C. Estes                  27FE1913      28MY2000     20  h of MC
CRAIG, Myrtle C.                 12NO1918      18JE2001     20
NIX, Grady L.                    26MH1915      05MH1978     20  h of LM
NIX, Lizzie Mae                  25FE1916      20OC1976     20
CRAIG, Ida L.                      1884          1965       20  w of EC
CRAIG, Edward C.                   1880          1961       20
NEWTON, William Thomas           26DE1932                   20  h of JoAnn
NEWTON, JoAnn Jackson            23FE1939      24MY2004     20

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