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Survey Contributed 23 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Go North on US 43; turn right on CR 47; turn right on CR 144 and go 1/2 mile.  The cemetery is on the right.  There is a circular drive through the cemetery.  Section A is within the circle and Section B is outside the circle.  The rows are numbered from west to east.  An * is noted on entries where corrections were made to previously published data.

             NAME                  DOB          DOD        ROW              NOTES
BARNARD, Tonya Lynn Chandler    24FE1966      26JL2004     A01
CARTER, Christopher Scott       07MY1977      11DE2000     A01
FOWLER, Howard C. Sr.           01SE1924      23DE2004     A01  h of Juanell
FOWLER, Juanell E.              12JE1931
PASSARELLA, Thomas Malcolm      11JE1944      29NO2003     A01  h of VW, m 6JE1964
PASSARELLA, Virginia Waters
GRAY, Evit B.                   23AU1901      19AP1969     A02  h of Tina
GRAY, Tina E.                   17MH1905      30JE1985     A02
HUFF, Rufus L.                  30AU1908      05DE1985     A02  h of Letha
HUFF, Letha P.                  09AU1905      05DE2001     A02
CARTER, Everett D. Huff         20AP1930      07MH1996     A02
McCLUSKEY, W. Clyde             10JA1908      6NO1970      A02  h of Josephine
McCLUSKEY, Josephine            19MH1915      02JL1995     A02
GIST, James Allen               09JL1940      12DE1980     A02  h of Elizabeth; m 1MY1965
GIST, Elizabeth                 23SE1943      11FE1999     A02
GIST, Alfred Boyd               18NO1914      31DE1986     A02  h of Rose; m 30SE1937
GIST, Rose Virginia             17AU1918      09JA1981     A02
ROBERSON, Willie Tee            29JL1921      14FE2000     A03  w of RS
ROBERSON, Robert S.             28SE1921                   A03
HANNAH, Shelby L.               04FE1919                   A03  w of Floyd; m 3OC1937
HANNAH, Floyd Sr.               29MY1917      23DE1981     A03
McMURTREY, Martha G.            09JA1896      16OC1987     A03  w of RL
McMURTREY, R. Lawrence          26JL1891      28AP1975     A03
UNDERWOOD, Flora                03FE1909      19MY1969     A03  w of Joseph
UNDERWOOD, Joseph O.            11DE1910      31AU1997     A03
UNDERWOOD, Marcella J.          01JL1933                   A03  w of JJ; m 4AU1954
UNDERWOOD, John J.              19JA1934      24AU1982     A03
GREEN, Marcella C.              30OC1932                   A03  w of Dalton; m 20SE1952
GREEN, Dalton T.                16OC1920      13MY1979     A03  Pfc  USA  WW-II
GREEN, Reba P.                  26AP1918                   A03  w of Roy
GREEN, Roy H.                   20DE1911      01MY1987     A03  S2  USN  WW-II
HILL, Pearlene Clemmons         29AU1935                   A03  w of Robert; m 26JL1954
HILL, Robert Owen               26DE1934      13JE1999     A03  BM2  USN  Korea Vietnam
CANERDAY, Brenda                25JE1949      24MY1968     A03
CANERDAY, Eva May               14OC1914      15DE1967     A03  w of LO
CANERDAY, Leonard O'Neal        01AP1914      26NO1988     A03
GREEN, Melvin Edwin             04AU1936      16JE2003     A04
GREEN, Carlene                  31OC1934      30JA1968     A04
RICHARDSON, James Allen         14FE1916      04SE1992     A04
RICHARDSON, Esther Stutts       05SE1915                   A04  w of James
PUTMAN, Jean Edward             07SE1939      21NO1998     A04  MSgt  USAF  Vietnam PH
PUTMAN, Jewell Clemmons         12JA1941                   A04  w of JE
LILES, Wesley Z.                14AP1909      08DE1988     A04  h of LG
LILES, Lillie Gray              24JA1909      29AU1992     A04
HUNTER, Mary Alice Gray         09NO1916      26AP1972     A04
STEPHENSON, Ruby Pearl Gray     30SE1913      20MH1993     A04
LILES, Stacey Lynn                            03JE1967     A04  infant d of Charles & Barbara
ROBERSON, Robert David          24JE1943      25FE2006     A04  h of Sarah
ROBERSON, Sarah Clemmons        30AP1942                   A04
THORNTON, Alpha Omega           10JA1911      21JA1984     A05  w of John; m 1AP1928
THORNTON, John Minton           30JA1905      30JA1990     A05
GOOCH, David L.                 02SE1962      03SE1962     A05  s of JW
GOOCH, James Walter             10MH1929      05AP2001     A05  h of Julia; m 31DE1949
GOOCH, Julia Inez               18AP1933      01MH1974     A05
WEDDINGTON, J. Harold           14SE1928      23MY1983     A05  m 28DE1974
MATHISON, Aaron Michael         13JA1994      21MH1994     A05
WYLIE, Marvin E.                07SE1919      11MY1985     A05  h of RM
WYLIE, Ruthie M.                07JE1922      09MH1979     A05
KOONCE, Tyler Doug *            09NO1974      25MY1983     A06
SNODDY, Fred Thomas             08MY1932                   A06  h of Hallie; m 9JE1955
SNODDY, Hallie Louise           05AU1936      15OC1994     A06  Kids: Susan & Lisa
CHANDLER, George W.             10NO1910      04MH1996     A06  h of GV
CHANDLER, Gladys V.             23DE1912      17AU1973     A06
MOODY, Max G.                   23SE1927      27AU1997     A06  h of Doris
MOODY, Doris G.                 10SE1931      27JA1995     A06
SPRINGER, Dock Lee              11JL1917      20JE2003     A06  h of Eula; m 14OC1939
SPRINGER, Eula Mae              02OC1921      02DE2003     A06
CLEMMONS, Johnie H.             30MH1906      25AP1974     A06  h of DM
CLEMMONS, Dessie M.*            25JA1913      02JA1996     A06  m 9OC1927
CLEMMONS, Willie Lee (Billy)    27JA1944      15OC1984     A06
GIST, Louise C.                 04JL1930      18SE2005     A07  w of LG; m 25SE1948
GIST, Luther G.                 18DE1918      22SE1988     A07
REDDING, Michael J.                           27JE1954     A07  s of Elmer & Ruth
REDDING, Nancy Ruth                                        A07  w of Elmer; m 5SE1953
REDDING, Elmer James            11JA1935      05MY1984     A07
MOODY, Clara B.                 23OC1903      20FE1958     A07  w of JA
MOODY, J. Allen                 01JE1898      16SE1956     A07
CANERDAY, Danny W.              27JE1959      05MY1975     A07
CANERDAY, Mary Alice            01MY1938                   A07  w of WL
CANERDAY, Wilburn L. Jr.        22NO1935      14JL1990     A07
WEAVER, Tamilia Michelle        17OC1963      03MY1967     A07
WEAVER, Lala June               19OC1938      03AP1997     A07  w of McCoy
WEAVER, McCoy                   26AP1938                   A07
CLEMMONS, Larry C.              23OC1939      21JL2005     A08  h of Betty
CLEMMONS, Betty Davis           03DE1940                   A08  m 18JE1966
MOORE, Hoyle H.                 25AU1912      12MH1967     A08  h of MV
MOORE, Maudie V.                20JL1911      17DE1984     A08
TAYLOR, Harley C.               19JL1909      28JL1984     A08  h of AE
TAYLOR, Avery E.                20JA1909      01AP1983     A08
COOPER, Joyce Ann Taylor        02OC1934      21AP1991     A08
TAYLOR, Silas P.                06OC1888      02AU1976     A08  h of Mary
TAYLOR, Mary E.                 23NO1907      05FE1973     A08
TAYLOR, Terry Ray               27SE1944      11OC1999     A08
HARDEMAN, Aubrey W.             01AU1911      04MY1995     A08  w of EL; m 23DE1933
HARDEMAN, Elsie L.              27OC1909      07JL1991     A08
JOHNSON, Charlie Ira            21NO1898      31JA1978     A08  h of Alma
JOHNSON, Alma Eva               15SE1902      04FE1978     A08  m 30MY1920
TAYLOR, Mack Dee                15NO1914      19OC1969     A08
GAMBLE, James Gifford           24JL1917      04JL1999     A08  h of Ruby
GAMBLE, Ruby Mae                25JL1920      08JA1998     A08
WALLACE, T. Alvin               28MY1910      20AP1992     A08  h of VM; m 26JE1932
WALLACE, Vernice M.             16SE1914      11NO1983     A08
DANLEY, Delphia M.              07SE1894      08DE1981     A09  w of Noah
DANLEY, W. Noah                 19OC1890      28MH1974     A09
JONES, Dennis Wayne             27JE1953      30JE1959     A09  s of Hubert & Marcella
CLEMMONS, Geneva F.             27JA1915      10SE1961     A09  w of WJ
CLEMMONS, Walter J.             14OC1914      12FE1979     A09
CLEMMONS, Susie                 30JA1896      21DE1977     A09  w of EA
CLEMMONS, Ernest A.             03AP1892      23SE1967     A09
ADAMSON, David N.               28OC1931      22JL1973     A09
KOONCE, Pauline L.              07AP1917                   A09  w of Cecil
KOONCE, Cecil A.                05JL1915                   A09
HIPPS, Cecilia K.               05NO1942                   A09  w of CR
HIPPS, Clifford Ray             24MH1941      19JA1987     A09  m 25FE1961
CLEMMONS, Maurice A.            22JL1936      01MY1987     A10  h of FL
CLEMMONS, Frances L.            25OC1937                   A10  kids: Ernie & Kevin
POSS, Noble A.                  28MH1924      29OC1965     A10  USN  WW-II
FOWLER, John Irvin              03AU1890      01AP1940     A10  h of Alice
FOWLER, Alice                   27MY1893      29AP1972     A10
FOWLER, James E. Sr.            27SE1928                   A10  h of WS
FOWLER, Wynell S.               20MH1932                   A10
JONES, Reeder                   02DE1919      18NO1981     A10  h of Julia
JONES, Julia F.                 18JL1922      27NO1998     A10
PETTUS, John T.                 06OC1893      09DE1971     A10  h of GD
PETTUS, Georgia D.              19JL1895      02JA1968     A10
PETTUS, Eugene H.               19JA1922      09MH1983     A10  Sgt  USA  WW-II
PETTUS, Martelle J.             23MH1925                   A10  w of EH
ADKINS, Frances Pettus                        02JA1927     A10
CASTEEL, Margene Pettus                       09MY1950     A10
FOWLER, John Irvin III          21MH1943      05JA1963     A10
MILLER, Carlon A.               20FE1925      11AU1999     A10  SSgt  USA  WW-II  PH
MILLER, Lola                    26MY1920      23MH2003     A10  w of CA
DANLEY, Floyd N.                10MH1893      02DE1973     A10  h of FE
DANLEY, Frankie E.              23DE1892      22JA1988     A10
DANLEY, Lones (Buddy)           25SE1928      22OC1978     A10  h of EL
DANLEY, Eva Lorine              25SE1928      17MY1991     A10
OWENS, Lillian Danley           12AU1931                   A11  w of Harvey
OWENS, Harvey Jr.               30JL1924      18AP2005     A11
McMURTREY, H. Clyde             19JA1889      29OC1969     A11  h of Rosie
McMURTREY, Rosie A.             24NO1889      30AP1981     A11
REVELS, Lynda Kay Bryan         20SE1947      30MH2004     A12
PARKER, Flora Clemmons          28MH1923                   A12  w of Jesse
PARKER, Jesse J.                24OC1919      28FE2003     A12  USA  WW-II
PARKER, Royce W.                16AP1941      08SE1942     A12  s of JJ & FE
POSS, John Kohl                 19FE1992      19JE1993     A12  s of Steve & Becki
MILLER, Allene                  17AP1945                   A12  w of Earl
MILLER, Allene                  17AP1945                   A12  w of Earl
O'DELL, Pauline                 03JA1912      15FE2006     B01  w of Clarence
O'DELL, Clarence                23MY1907      13JA1994     B01
KELLEY, Bobbie Nell Odell       09JA1934      02JE1997     B02  w of Wm; m 9SE1951
KELLEY, William J. (Sonny)      23MY1931                   B02
ROBISON, Ida Sue Howard         28JE1931      30AU2001     B02
THIGPEN, Mildred E.             24OC1937                   B02  w of MH
THIGPEN, Melvin H.              26NO1936                   B02
DAVIS, Helen Wright             21JE1928                   B02  w of James; m 01OC1952
DAVIS, James Wesley             19SE1924      01FE2002     B02  S2  USN  WW-II
MONCERET, Felix                 27OC1895      07MY1976     B03  F1  USN  WW-I
MONCERET, Bessie                07DE1902      22NO1995     B03  w of Felix
GIBBS, Lorene Monceret          30NO1928      05SE2001     B03
LOWRY, Lillian Elna             28NO1914      11FE2005     B03  w of JL; m 2SE1933
LOWRY, J. Leonard               02FE1906      08NO1996     B03
SPICKARD, Kathleen M.           24OC1928                   B03  w of George; m 18DE1948
SPICKARD, George M.             10SE1925      29SE2005     B03  AVN Cadet USAAF  WW-II
BELEW, Frances Wilodean         01AP1930      30JE2004     B03  w of Robert
BELEW, Robert Everett           21OC1926                   B03
HUGHES, Richard W.              14DE1938      16AP1995     B03  h of Melba
HUGHES, Melba J.                20MY1954                   B03
COUNTS, John D.                 09JL1960      06NO1997     B04
McLAURINE, Mary Thornton        12FE1925                   B04  w of HL
McLAURINE, Horace L. III        23SE1919      05JL1998     B04  Cpl  USAAC  WW-II
CARROLL, Barbara Price          14MH1933      22JA1990     B04  w of TJ
CARROLL, Thomas Joe             27JL1936                   B04
JOHNS, Edith Louise             03FE1936                   B04
FORSYTHE, Evelyn L.             29MY1916      10NO1987     B04  w of EL
FORSYTHE, Emory L.              03MH1909      29JE1979     B04  Mason
GREEN, Lola Mae                 20OC1900      16FE1990     B05  w of John
GREEN, John Thomas Sr.          24FE1896      17MH1973     B05
GREEN, Sarah                    19NO1944      14DE1993     B05  w of Leonard
GREEN, Leonard                  20NO1939      17AU1981     B05
SAINT, Carolyn                  28JA1940      30SE1986     B05  w of Ray; m 28SE1958
SAINT, Ray                      09AP1937                   B05
HOWARD, Shirley F. Biggham      04AU1953      13AP2004     B05  d of VD
HOWARD, Virginia D.             01DE1931      23FE1995     B05  w of Edwin
HOWARD, Edwin Lewis             02SE1926      11OC2000     B05
WILLIAMS, Hilton Virgil         14MH1942      01NO1991     B05  MM3  USN
WILLIAMS, Alton Alfred          14JL1933      07NO1998     B05
QUILLEN, Willie Alan            01OC1910      15JL1987     B06  h of Ila
QUILLEN, Ila Hill               13AU1910      09NO1994     B06
RICHARDSON, Frances E.          11MH1928      25NO1994     B06
WHEELER, Morris Lee             14JL1936      31OC1992     B06  h of Joyce; m 24AU1957
WHEELER, Joyce Marie            18AU1937                   B06
WHEELER, Edgar J.               15JL1908      29DE1985     B06  h of Neomi
WHEELER, Neomi                  15AU1910      10FE1993     B06
GRIGSBY, Barry W.               19JL1923      22FE1989     B06  h of Mary; m 30DE1950
GRIGSBY, Mary E.                30JA1929                   B06
DAVIS, Robert A.                21OC1900      19OC1979     B06  h of Annie
DAVIS, Annie Lee                10FE1906      23DE1996     B06
CLEMMONS, Emma H.               23AP1899                   B07  w of Emmitt
CLEMMONS, Emmitt P.             26JA1899      26OC1970     B07
CLEMMONS, Porter F.             06JA1922      04NO1978     B07  Tec5  USA  WW-II
TRUITT, Robert Carthel                        21AP1996     B07  infant s of Jim & Kay
TRUITT, Katherine Clemmons      12MH1929      06AU2000     B07
TRUITT, William Howard          27AU1921      14AU2000     B07
DAVIS, Willie Ruth              22DE1935                   B07  w of Arvil
DAVIS, Arvil Lee                29JA1932                   B07  m 15JL1991
CLEMMONS, Paula Mae             28AU1955      11FE2002     B07
BEHEL, Markel D.                11MH1970                   B08  h of Lea; m 6OC1990
BEHEL, Lea Oma                  06OC1971      23JL2005     B08
BEHEL, Markel (Kain)            06SE1994      11SE1994     B08
ANDREWS, Patricia Dell          25FE1935      13DE2005     B08
THIGPEN, Tonis E.               17JL1918      05MH2001     B08  h of VM
THIGPEN, Verdie Mae             02JE1919      11JA2003     B08
CRUNK, William V.               04MH1927      16JA1987     B08  Cox  USN  WW-II
CRUNK, Bobbie Johnson           11DE1930                   B08  w of Wm.
McGEE, Dennis Allen             15JL1925                   B08  h of MG; m 20FE1945
McGEE, Marguerite Gray          20NO1925      22AP1998     B08
DICKERSON, Jesse N.             16AU1903      27SE1976     B08  h of Edith
DICKERSON, Edith Q.             20JE1909      17MY1988     B08
CROSSLIN, Cloyd M.              18MH1924      10JL1999     B09  h of JM
CROSSLIN, Juanita M. Wilson     20SE1926                   B09  m 16FE1947
CROSSLIN, Donald G.             17JL1952                   B09  one date
BELK, John Wadsworth            25SE1929      09NO2005     B09  Cpl  USA  Korea
BELK, June Mitchell             31AU1938                   B09  w of John
CLEMMONS, James Hershel         10FE1934                   B09  h of Peggy
CLEMMONS, Peggy Thompson        31JL1935      12MH2002     B09
ROSS, Catherine Marie           27FE1934                   B10  w of George; m 8MY1954
ROSS, George W.                 12DE1926                   B10
ROSS, William Randy                           26JA1955     B10

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