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Contributed 29 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 and turn north on CR 31 before you get to Center Star.  Turn left on CR 428 and the cemetery is on the left. This cemetery was surveyed by Judy Mason & Muriel Barnett in 1995 and was updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east. Map.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
KRETZER, Annie Marie             01JA1874      07FE1954     01
KRETZER, William R.              19DE1893      09JL1915     01   s of G & A
KRETZER, Leo  (infant)                                      01
BEADLE, Patricia D.              23NO1952                   01   w of Jerry; m 1MY1990
BEADLE, Jerry O.                 18JA1951      30DE2005     01
LIGHTBLUE, Threase               23DE1873      10JA1969     02   w of Frank
LIGHTBLUE, Frank                 21MY1867      06OC1943     02
PECK, Hannah                                                02   w of Wm.
PECK, William                    15DE1839      06FE1932     02
HALE, James Monroe               10FE1880      29JA1898     02
PECK, Hannah                       1843          1921       03   w of Albert
PECK, Emma                         1885          1911       03   d of A & H
PECK, Albert                       1848          1909       03
PECK, Albert                       1881          1954       03
PECK, Tilda                        1879          1958       03
PECK, Dolph                        1876          1958       03
LIGHTBLUE, Mattie                31JA1899      02JL1976     03
MOORE, Mitilda                   23JA1901      11NO1968     03
MOORE, Russell                   18JL1909      13FE1994     03
THIGPEN, Faye Carlin             22JA1929                   03   w of CA; m 9JL1949
THIGPEN, Cecil Arvil             19MY1922      01OC2005     03
GIST, Emma                       28JA1905      29NO1994     04
TOMLINSON, Malena D.             23MH1856      18AU1857     05
TOMLINSON, Rebecca               31JA1818      17MY1859     05   w of Wm
TOMLINSON, John                  12NO1854      30JA1855     05   s of Wm & RA
JONES, Nancy R.                  20MY1864      16JA1872     05   d of Branson & Martha Jane
JONES, Martha Jane               12NO1836      09JA1907     05   w of Branson
JONES, Branson                   27DE1835      01SE1909     05
GLAZE, J. Carol                  03AP1981                   05   w of Leon
GLAZE, Leon E.                   01AU1972                   05   m 2MH2001
GLAZE, William E.                13NO1938                   06   h of EM; m 10AP1986
GLAZE, Effie M.                  29SE1940                   06
PETTIT, Nannie R.                18MY1840      07NO1903     06
EAST, Margaret L.                12MH1835      10DE1890     06
EAST, Thomas                     14SE1817      31DE1876     06
JONES, William J.                16AP1872      23AU1872     06   s of B & MT
JONES, Mary A.                   06OC1861      23JL1872     06   d of B & MT
TAPP, Frances                    04DE1807      16JL1856     06   w of John W.
TAPP, Martha T.                  28AU1842      08OC1846     06   d of John W. & Frances
CROW, Cynthia C.                 31MH1830      05MH1870     07   w of Aaron
CROW, Moses                      27AP1862      07OC1867     07
GRACY, Sarah                     30MH1788      30MH1843     07
GLAZE, Blanch O.                 03FE1916      12JE1999     07   w of JR
GLAZE, James R.                  27AU1910      22DE1985     07   Pvt  USA  WW-II
GLAZE, Samuel Franklin (Lee) *   11OC1995      13OC1995     07
GLAZE, James H.                  17OC1945                   07   one date
MILLER, Wesley N.                28MH1898      28AU1966     08
GLAZE, Robert                                               08
GLAZE, Roxie Ann                                            08
GLAZE, Elizabeth                 08SE1923      25JE1991     09
MILLER, Jim                      26MY1854      18JE1933     09   h of Elizabeth
MILLER, Elizabeth                11AP1863      16JE1944     09
MILLER, Robert W.                22JA1932      05AU1947     09
CROW, Rebecca                    cir1781       26DE1869     09   w of Sam; b Edgefield Dist SC
LeMAY, James E.                                             09   s of CW & RA
LeMAY, Rebecca A. Trousdale        15DE        22NO1868     09   w of CW
WILLBORN, Alabama C.             cir1851       11AP1854     09   d of John & EH
SKIPWORTH, Elizabeth A.          18AP1840      04AU1841     09   d of JW & MJ
SKIPWORTH, Sarah J.              10JE1844      19SE1845     09   d of JW & MJ
SKIPWORTH, John W.               02MH1842      03JE1852     09   s of JW & MJ
SKIPWORTH, Susan M.              21MH1851      13MH1853     09   d of JW & MJ
SKIPWORTH, Dillard Lee           12AU1901      14AU1901     09   s of CO & Ida
SKIPWORTH, John Wesley             1813          1867       09   h of MJ
SKIPWORTH, Minerva Jane            1822          1891       09
TROUSDALE, William                                          09   inf s of Wm & Elizabeth
VALLIANT, W.C.                   19SE1830      26MY1844     10
VALLIANT, James                  30MY1795      02OC1838     10   h of M. Thompson; m 30JA1817
HERMAN, infant                   02NO1843      08NO1843     10   s of Wm & L
BRIGGS, infant                   19AU1870      19AU1870     10   s of JH & M
BRIGGS, Mollie Herman            05JA1841      22AU1870     10   w of JH
MILLER, Wallace Edward                                      10   s of Jessie & Janie
MILLER, Janie                    21FE1883      07MY1963     10   w of Jessie
MILLER, Jessie                   08AP1883      27JE1964     10
VARNELL, C.L.                    15JL1911      05AU1960     10   Cpl  USA  WW-II
VARNELL, Audie                   29FE1914      01MH1982     10   bad birth date
NELSON, Jesse M.                 11MH1945      23AP1979     10
NELSON, McKinley                 25JA1923      08JA1984     10   h of Lessie; m 14FE1944
NELSON, Lessie                   14JE1926                   10
BASS, Jackie L.                  15MY1964                   11
BASS, Rachel Renea               20AP1967      02JE1994     11   w of JL; m 3AP1982
BASS, Jackie F.                  04JL1939      28MH1992     11
BASS, Sissy A.                   09SE1944                   11   w of JF
BASS, Dustin Lynn                17NO1982      20OC1984     11
SIMPSON, Annie R.                08AP1916      09DE1957     11
BASS, Roger Kelvin               16OC1967      27JL2000     11
MILLER, Cecil W.                 04MY1919      05DE1984     12   h of Ruby; m 11JA1941
MILLER, Ruby E. *                03FE1924      13JA1972     12
MILLER, James W.                 01DE1922                   13   h of Bonnie
MILLER, Bonnie M.                06AU1923      09OC1988     13
MILLER, Robert Nicholas          01JL1987      01JL1987     13   s of Bobby & Beverly
MILLER, Mary Amanda              11FE1977      06AP1977     13
HALE, Ead                        14FE1885      09FE1922     13
HALE, Eliza                      12JL1849      10FE1921     13   w of JJ
HALE, Joshua                     15JA1847      04JA1908     13
HALE, Leven Manous               06DE1935                   13   w of JH
HALE, Jimmy Howard               19SE1935      19JE1998     13
MICHAEL, Mary E.                 15JA1922                   14   w of HE
MICHAEL, Hollis E.               28JA1921                   14
SHEREA, Glenda                   20JE1948                   14
HUESTON, John Wesley             04JL1887      29MH1918     14
HALE, Jeff (Mrs)                 26MH1900                   14   one date
HALE, Edith Louise               26FE1917      10MH1993     14   w of WM
HALE, William Mathie             19OC1910      02AP1994     14
WILSON, Amberly J.               07AU1976      11DE1996     14
HALE, Jackie Wayne               06JE1940      19AU2003     14
MILLER, William Kenneth E.       29AU1944                   15   h of CF
MILLER, Carolyn Fay              23AU1946                   15
MILLER, Lawson Jr.               14JE1936                   15   h of HR; m 16DE1954
MILLER, Harriet R.               06AP1936      12OC2005     15
MILLER, Lawson                   11MY1911      10NO1973     15   Pfc  USA  WW-II
MILLER, Ada                      09SE1914      10NO1983     15   w of Lawson
MILLER, J.W. Franklin            08MH1934      01FE1986     15
MILLER, Jo Ann                   09MY1939                   15   w of JWF
HALE, infant  *                                17OC1916     15   s of Horace
HALE, Julia Crunk                                           15
HALE, J.T.  *                    11MY1924      24JL1993     15   h of VT; m 11MH1950
HALE, Virgiline T.  *            06FE1922                   15
TINGLE, Joyce                    28SE1942      08SE2006     15
TINGLE, Gary Keith               21JL1966                   15   h of TL; m 27AU1985
TINGLE, Tracey Lynn              27DE1967      18JL2003     15
TINGLE, Richard Lee              22JL1983      04DE1986     15   s of Gary & Tracey
TINGLE, Ricky Wayne              04AU1986      04DE1986     15   s of Gary & Tracey
GAUTNEY, Flossie I.              24MH1918      08MH1986     15   w of CH
GAUTNEY, Cecil H.                29NO1916                   15
JOHNSON, Brenda J.               22OC1950                   16   w of Ernest
JOHNSON, Ernest (PeeWee)         16AU1944      08AU1991     16
JOHNSON, Joe W.                  20OC1916      17OC1996     16   h of Nellie
JOHNSON, Nellie                  03MY1916      06JL1999     16
RAINEY, Eddie Wayne              01DE1942      06JL1986     16   PC3  USN  Vietnam
RAINEY, Ed James                 14JA1917      08FE1960     16   1st Sgt Co G 343 Inf WW-II BS
ASHLEY, Lillie Mae               04SE1919      15MY1994     16
RAINEY, Joseph W.                16DE1894      08FE1959     16
GAUTNEY, Christopher Scott       04FE1976      12AU1985     16
GAUTNEY, William O. Jr.          08JA1955      19FE1981     16
GAUTNEY, Mary Edna               17AP1932                   16   w of Wm
GAUTNEY, William O. (Jabo)       23MY1929      31JA2001     16   Cpl USA Korea; mil.b 26MY1929
ARMSTRONG, Richard Jeremy        18JA1980      20FE2002     16
LOVELACE, Christa Jatanna        14MY1986      14MY1986     17
McCULLOUGH, Florine B.           17AU1924      26AP2006     18
HAMPTON, Ricky Lynn              29JA1961      13MY2003     18
HAMPTON, Marion                  13DE1920      10AU1996     18   USA  WW-II
PEDEN, Arter                     22FE1910      13MY1977     18   h of Rena
PEDEN, Rena                      03SE1916      02AU1999     18
CROWDEN, Marylin G.              11MH1942      10AP2001     18
PEDEN, Timothy Wayne             08AU1965      31AU1983     19
CURTIS, William Albert           27AU1914      25SE1999     19   Pfc  USA  WW-II
CURTIS, Betty Ann                15DE1929                   19   w of WA
McCLENDON, James E.              09NO1935      15AP1990     20   h of SM; m 23JE1965
McCLENDON, Stella M.             09JE1943                   20

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