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Township 1, Range 8, Section 33
Contributed 16 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Elgin and then go north on AL 101 to Lexington. Go right on CR 51 and then left on CR 88. The cemetery is about a mile on the left next to the road. This cemetery was listed in the Cemeteries of East Lauderdale County, Alabama book on page 141.  It was updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW NOTES
HOWARD, Ezra A.                  13MY1900      10DE1985    01  h of MM; m 25SE1921
HOWARD, M. Maybelle              08SE1899      06MY1980    01
COTTRELL, Kenneth Eugene         01JE1928      05JE1998    01  h of EP
COTTRELL, Edith Pauline          15NO1925                  01
COX, Kate                                                  01
COX, C.H.                                                  01
COX, baby                                                  01
COX, Johnie M.                   20MH1920      08AU1920    01  s of CH & KL
COX, baby                                                  01
TAYLOR, Roy Sr.                  01MY1911      01JE1981    01
HERMAN, Robert Steve                                       02  gf of Gilbert Herman
HOWARD, William Frank            30NO1907      04JL1981    03  h of LE
HOWARD, Louella E.               29MH1913      09JL1986    03
HOWARD, infant                                 12FE1936    03  s of WF & LE
HOWARD, infant                                 07NO1931    03  s of WF & LE
HOWARD, infant                                 15OC1930    03  s of WF & LE
HOWARD, infant                                 27AU1932    03  s of WF & LE
HOWARD, William Homer            20FE1937      23JL1941    03
HOWARD, Elbert T.                10JL1933      07NO1980    03
GARNER, Helen Merie *            07NO1937      08MY1944    04  d of Vera
GARNER, Vera Lucille             22JA1916      16SE2005    04
GARNER, son                                    06OC1929    04  s of Steve & Lucille
WALKER, James F.                 18OC1859      26SE1886    04
WALKER, Mary E.                  24OC1833      18OC1871    04  w of John
WALKER, John W.                  05MH1833      19NO1879    04
HOWARD, Peggy A.                 11MY1945      19JL1998    04  w of LT
HOWARD, Lowell T.                17JL1936      16NO1979    04
GARNER, Ellowee                  23DE1928      04NO1985    04  w of Louie
GARNER, Louie                    24JA1927                  04
HAMMONDS, Martha Ann             27JL1869      22MY1944    06  w of Geo
HAMMONDS, George W.              14MH1860      25OC1925    06
HAMMONDS, William A.             08AP1886      25AU1887    06  s of GW & MA
HAMMONDS, Floyd B.               19SE1910      04JE1911    06  s of RL & MA
STOUT, W. C.                     10JE1872      20MH1883    06  did not find
FORBUS, Arthur                   07MY1802      26NO1882    07  h of EA
FORBUS, Elizabeth Ann            18SE1809      29AU1884    07
FULKS, Georga A.                 03AU1837      04JL1888    07
FULKS, Mary J.                   22SE1839      11SE1921    07
FULKS, Mary S.                   25SE1873      13SE1894    07
FULKS, Nettie J.                 30MY1871      04AU1896    07
FULKS, Mahala C.                 14AU1881      20JA1900    07
FULKS, Rebechae                  24SE1871      20JL1900    07
GARNER, Theo                     16JE1917      07DE2004    08  w of Gillis
GARNER, Gillis                   23MY1915                  08  father
GARNER, William Steve            19NO1908      28AP1987    08  h of MB
GARNER, Mollie Bell              06FE1920                  08
SEGROVE, Lenora                    1872          1947      08  w of Albert
SEGROVE, Albert                    1870          1917      08
FULKS, G. Albert                 03SE1916      19SE1964    08
FULKS, Flora S.                  05NO1892      10JE1976    08  w of AJ
FULKS, Andrew J.                 24FE1865      30NO1950    08
FULKS, Bessie M.                 27JL1914      27JL1914    08
FULKS, Dessie F.                 06MY1926      06MY1926    08
McMASTERS, Ruby C.               06MY1922      26JA1999    09  w of PC; m 4NO1942
McMASTERS, Paul C.               13JL1914      27MH1978    09
GARNER, Nathan O.                27AP1917      06DE1987    09
GARNER, Lettie I.                09JA1920      20JE1969    09  w of NO
CUMBERLEDGE, Jackie Hunt         03JE1930      22FE2004    09
COTTRELL, Bobbie A.              27JE1953      24JE2005    11  w of LD
COTTRELL, Larry D.               06SE1948                  11
BROOKS, Gladys                     1931          2002          at flag pole

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