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Township 2, Range 8, Section 14/23

Contributed 4 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 through Elgin and turn north on CR 51.  Go about 2 miles and turn left on CR 53 and then right at the next paved road.  The cemetery is at the end of this road.  Section A is south of the driveway and Section B is north.  Rows are numbered from west to east. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Avon Hagood & Judy Mason and updated in Oct 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
SPRINGER, Virginia Burbank       27MH1932                   A01  w of DJ
SPRINGER, Darrell J.             16AU1926      05AP1993     A01  CM3  USN  WW-II
SPRINGER, Mary K.                24JA1919      22OC2004     A01  w of JM
SPRINGER, James M.               27SE1915      23SE1977     A01  Tec5  USA  WW-II
SPRINGER, Robet M.               14AU1914      25SE1980     A01  USA  WW-II
SPRINGER, Grace Grisham          29JE1919      04AU2002     A01  w of RM; m 15AU1941
SNIPES, Esta Lee                   1919          2005       A01  w of AJ
SNIPES, Alvin J.                   1914          1975       A01
SPRINGER, Gina Lou               07SE1965      20OC1985     A01
SPRINGER, Eartice L.             02FE1924      26FE1994     A02  Cpl  USA  WW-II
SPRINGER, Virdie I.              01AP1926      25AU1981     A02  w of EL
SPRINGER, Edward D.              07OC1930      01FE1987     A02  SS6  USA Korea Vietnam
SPRINGER, Il Sun (Kim)           15AU1930                   A02  w of ED
SPRINGER, Michael R.             22MY1962      21JE2004     A02
SPRINGER, Will David             04MH1941                   A02  h of LH; m 2JE1961
SPRINGER, Linda Haraway          10MH1941      16JL2003     A02
DAVIS, Donald Eugene             13OC1919                   A02  h of OS
DAVIS, Oleta Springer            18AP1921      01MH2006     A02
HARAWAY, Thomas Franklin         28AU1933      13MY1982     A02  USA
DRINKARD, Kelly L. Haraway       05MH1965      17NO1993     A02
HARAWAY, Luther W.               17SE1918      31MH1968     A02  CA Co C 7 Inf WW-II
HARAWAY, Gertie M.               16NO1917                   A02  w of LW
NUGENT, Joyce P.                 27FE1940                   A03  w of WE
NUGENT, Wesley Earl              30JA1925      03SE1971     A03  S1  USN  WW-II
FAVORS, Phyllis A.               21FE1942                   A03  w of JA
FAVORS, James A.                 24MY1940      20OC1993     A03  m 2SE1959
FAVORS, Edna S.                  06MY1916      28DE2005     A03  w of VA; m 15OC1937
FAVORS, Vinton Allen             12SE1911      14JE1983     A03  S2  USN  WW-II
SPRINGER, Lowell Ivie            04AP1917      18MY1995     A03
THORNTON, Demple Watson          27OC1924      12JL2006     A05  w of Billy A.
THORNTON, Billy A.               15SE1925      23DE1997     A05
KIRK, Mary C.                    03NO1934                   A05  w of CD
KIRK, Carson D.                  02MH1932      17OC1979     A05
KIRK, infant dau                 12SE1973      12SE1973     A05
HARVEY, Lee A.                   03MH1910      18SE1983     A05  h of Lela; m 28MY1932
HARVEY, Lela                     12JA1910      22JE1988     A05
CAMPBELL, Thomas G.              11AP1885      30NO1973     A05  h of LS; m 22MH1911
CAMPBELL, Lonie S.               26SE1889      21MH1981     A05
HARAWAY, Hollis (John)           22JL1918      23SE1996     A05  h of MG
HARAWAY, Mary Grisham            30AU1921                   A05
WHITE, Harold B.                 02SE1912      23MH1990     A05  h of Lila
WHITE, Lila E.                   07FE1917      09MH1964     A05
GRISHAM, Henry C.                11JA1891      10MH1964     A05  h of TO
GRISHAM, Tellie O.               02MY1895      16FE1976     A05
SLATON, Lillian G.               07DE1896      15OC1985     A06  w of OA
SLATON, O.A. (Rev)               02AU1894      19MY1964     A06
HOWARD, Dot S.                   07JA1930                   A06  w of Gene
HOWARD, Gene                     03NO1923      18JA1974     A06
SLATON, Theora                   28JE1923                   A06  w of Ethridge
SLATON, Ethridge  *              01SE1916      20JA1981     A06
McCARLEY, Lillian Iris           28AU1925      27JL1983     A06  w of Glen E.
McCARLEY, Glen E.                23OC1918      24OC1993     A06  Sgt  USA  WW-II  Vietnam
BROWN, Evelyn S.                 04OC1920      14FE2001     A06  w of OA
BROWN, Oscar A.                  07SE1914      15DE1984     A06
BROWN, Steven L.                 25SE1974      29JL2006     A06
SPRINGER, Carl A.                08JL1927      06JE1979     A06  did not find in 2006
KELLEY, Gerald Waymon            20DE1937      28AU1994     A07  h of IW
KELLEY, Imogene Wright           09JE1939                   A07
KELLEY, Maples (Bill)            17MY1909      16DE1990     A07  h of MP
KELLEY, Movaline P.              30DE1911      18MY2001     A07  m 21NO1931
HERSTON, Marie B.                21NO1938                   A07  w of JH
HERSTON, James H.                18JL1939      02FE1996     A07
HERSTON, Roy E.                  01NO1911      16FE1992     A07  h of IK
HERSTON, Irene K.                20AP1912      21AU1977     A07
SHOEMAKER, Leon                  21JA1937      23AU1971     A07
SHOEMAKER, Eula F.               06AU1942                   A07  w of Leon
MASON, Jimmy W.                  22MH1970      24MH1970     A07
SLATON, E. Oreville  *           24JL1912      20NO1973     A08  h of EO
SLATON, Ether O.                 06AU1914      20JA1998     A08
GRISHAM, Lydia D.  *             25OC1890      31DE1979     A08  w of JA
GRISHAM, J. Arthur               25OC1890      22NO1972     A08
GRISHAM, Dott White              21NO1927                   A08  w of Will; m 10JE1951
GRISHAM, Will  (Bill)            18OC1920      27AU1999     A08  USA  WW-II
SMITHERMAN, Eddice G.            25JE1911                   A08  w of PE
SMITHERMAN, Percy E.             05JE1907      20JA1975     A08
GRISHAM, Beth Cofield            14AP1962      23AP2006     A08  w of KW
GRISHAM, Kerry William           16NO1957                   A08
KELLEY, Eunice S.                07MH1921                   A08  w of OA
KELLEY, Obie Austin              15SE1918      01AP1990     A08  Pfc  USAAC  WW-II
RAY, William Edward              22MY1938      25MH2002     A09  h of MJ; m 21MH1957
RAY, Mary Jean                   07MH1938      23FE2005     A09
RAY, Marty G.                    11JL1960      01DE2000     A09  w of GD
RAY, Gaylia D.                   13AP1946                   A09
THORNTON, Hollis T.B.            08MH1915      12FE1993     A09  h of BM; Mason
THORNTON, Bessie Mae             02FE1915      19JE1975     A09
KELLY, Earl Lee                  03AP1948      24MY1998     A09
WHITE, William W.                08OC1917      24SE1986     A09  USA  WW-II
WHITE, Winona S.                 04SE1925                   A09  w of WW; m 1JA1946
FERRELL, Tommy E.                29JA1949                   A09  h of Cathy
FERRELL, Cathy W.                11FE1948      24JE1985     A09
DEAN, E.T. (Red)                 29SE1923      22FE1972     A09  h of CG
DEAN, Christine G.               16AP1926       2005?       A09
HARVEY, E. Latinee               13MY1919      12SE1993     A10  w of EJ
HARVEY, Ernest J.                14JL1916      07OC1990     A10
TROUSDALE, M. LaDon              05AU1951      31AU1983     A11  w of RL; m 18SE1970
TROUSDALE, Royce L.              01FE1948                   A11
TROUSDALE, Zachery Allen                       20JL1994     A11  s of Robert & Tracie
TROUSDALE, Heath Allen                         20JL1994     A11  s of Robert & Tracie
HUCKABA, Beatrice                01AU1933                   A11  w of Robert
HUCKABA, Robert                  09SE1925      04MH1984     A11  MOMM3  USN  WW-II
HUCKABA, Charles R.                            12NO1986     A11  inf s of Jerry & Sonya *
BOYKIN, Lucus James                            08AU1990     A12  s of James & Ginger
SPRINGER, Joseph A.                1929          1978       A12  h of VJ
SPRINGER, Vernice J.               1937                     A12
SPRINGER, Joe A.                 22MH1903      20JA1976     A12  h of GT
SPRINGER, Gladys T.              08JL1907      16JA1971     A12
GARRETT, Lois F.                 22JL1922                   A13  w of CW
GARRETT, Clifford W.             26MY1921      21FE1974     A13  Pfc  USA
ADAMS, Betty Anderson            08JA1939                   A13  w of AC; m 27JL1957
ADAMS, Amos Calvin               06OC1933      10MH2002     A13  SR  USN
SPRINGER, B.W.                   08FE1920      01MY1977     A14  Pfc  USA  WW-II
SPRINGER, Syble A.               05OC1925                   A14  w of BW
JERIGAN, Louis Wilburn           06AP1919      12MH1979     A14  h of MC
JERIGAN, Myrtle C.               21JA1918      25DE1979     A14
HOOIE, Reba White                15OC1918      18JA2005     A14  w of HM
HOOIE, Hollis M.  *              04FE1918                   A14
WHITEHEAD, Neta M.               09SE1917      02MY1992     A14  w of JI
WHITEHEAD, Jesse I.  *           21JL1911      22MY1993     A14  Pvt  USA  WW-II
JAMES, J.P.                      22JL1936      17JE1975     A16  h of JE
JAMES, Joyce E.                  11SE1937                   A16
JAMES, Carl A.                   07JL1927      06JE1979     A17  h of NM; m 25NO1950
JAMES, Norma Mae                 11SE1928      12JL1992     A17
HARVEY, Verlie Putman            31OC1911      18FE2006     A18  double with Euel
HARVEY, Euel (Porter)            02MH1914      25SE1996     A18
HARAWAY, Paul C.                 06OC1920      22JA1973     B01  h of Louise
HARAWAY, Louise                  22AU1930                   B01
RISNER, Little Don               20FE1952      22OC1952     B01
DAVIS, Taylor Christian                        22JL2004     B01
SPRINGER, John J. Jr.            11DE1883      04AP1947     B01  h of CE
SPRINGER, C. Estella             07DE1890      22DE1982     B01
SPRINGER, Jesse L.  *            11JL1907      11MY1967     B01
SPRINGER, William N.               1881          1942       B01
SPRINGER, Sarah F.                 1880          1965       B01  w of WN
SPRINGER, William A.             27AU1903      27OC1941     B01  h of NI
SPRINGER, Nora I.                01DE1911      17JA1993     B01
SPRINGER, James Beaver           01NO1924      06JL1928     B01  s of Lee & Sallie E.
SPRINGER, Maudie A.              06OC1911      12OC1912     B01
SPRINGER, J.J. Sr.               24SE1854      07DE1918     B01
SPRINGER, Nancy A.               07FE1855      30SE1934     B01  w of JJ
SPRINGER, Ulon H.                28AP1910      25NO1925     B01  s of LD & BM
McCARLEY, infant                 18AU1934      18AU1934     B01
McCARLEY, infant son             14AP1942      14AP1942     B01
McCARLEY, Shirley Jean           28AP1947      28AP1947     B01
McCARLEY, Verdie C.              20AU1910      22SE1993     B01  h of VE
McCARLEY, Virta E.  *            26AP1914      13SE1989     B01
SPRINGER, Marion Franklin        20SE1892      13MH1978     B01  did not find
SPRINGER, Josephine              11JL1894      21NO1938     B01  did not find
SPRINGER, Hattie                 20JA1901      13MY1961     B01  did not find
KELLEY, Elizabeth Ann            06FE1941      26JA1943     B01  d of WA & AP
KELLEY, William A.               01MH1910      08JE1963     B01  h of PS
KELLEY, Pearl S.                 10MY1912      04AP1999     B01
KELLEY, Oscar L.                 20MY1915      25OC1963     B01  h of Sallie
KELLEY, Sallie                   11AP1915      02FE1989     B01
SPRINGER, Jesse Ott              05FE1917      04FE1991     B01  USA  WW-II
SPRINGER, Mae Herston            02MY1917                   B01  w of JO
SPRINGER, Luther D.              01MY1886      29JL1947     B01  h of BM
SPRINGER, Bessie M.               03OC15       29JL1947     B01
GRISHAM, Allie Ann               09FE1873      23AU1939     B02  w of WL
GRISHAM, William Lafayette       02MH1852      20JL1940     B02
GRISHAM, Jane                    02JL1904      20AP1972     B02
GRISHAM, Ella Mae                08AU1909      17OC1946     B02
GRISHAM, James C.                21MH1908      29MY1965     B02
HERSTON, Willie                    1875          1945       B02  h of Ada
HERSTON, Ada                       1876          1958       B02
HERSTON, Samuel H.               17JE1873      23NO1893     B02
HERSTON, William Earl            04DE1899      14OC1963     B02
HERSTON, James W.                 DE1845       09JA1904     B02
SLATON, W.B.                     16JL1882      06MY1907     B02
SLATON, Mittie Lela              25FE1884      23OC1918     B02
SLATON, M.J.                     11JA1858      02MY1921     B02
SLATON, Mary E.                  01NO1856      27OC1931     B02
SLATON, Eula B.                  04FE1890      24OC1918     B02  w of Tomie
SLATON, James Thomas             28MY1889      25DE1951     B02
SLATON, William Edison           02AU1925      02AP1985     B02  SN  USN  WW-II  Korea
GRISHAM, Pearl Thornton          01DE1889      25NO1908     B02
THORNTON, Cortez                 28SE1932      08NO1933     B02  s of WG & Elizabeth
THORNTON, M. Elizabeth           13AU1905      08AP1995     B02  w of WG
THORNTON, William Gilbert        28FE1902      08JA1971     B02
HARAWAY, Thelma Mae              19JA1930      28JA1930     B02  d of ML & Virta
HARAWAY, Edward Rae              19JA1930      18FE1930     B02  s of ML & Virta
HARAWAY, Virta O. Nugent *       17OC1898      01FE1960     B02  w of ML
HARAWAY, M. Lee                  03OC1896      19NO1962     B02
GREER, Esther B.                   1909          1959       B02  w of GJ
GREER, Gilbert J.                  1908          1993       B02
DAVIS, G.                                                   B02  did not find
DAVIS, A.                                                   B02  did not find
DAVIS, W.                                                   B02  did not find
WILBANKS, Marty L.               29SE1955      18MH1999     B03
NUGENT, Jean L.                  18MY1929      22OC1995     B03  double with Ann
NUGENT, Ann M.                   23FE1931      27FE2005     B03
NUGENT, John W.                  01FE1902      17DE1955     B03  h of Kate
NUGENT, Kate W.                  06FE1904      02OC1987     B03
THORNTON, Harold P. (Jack) *     02AU1917      06AU1985     B03
THORNTON, Pearl May              28OC1909      27JA1925     B03  d of LT & Ada
THORNTON, John Hoyt              17SE1904      20JA1925     B03  s of Lee & Ada
THORNTON, Nannie L.              25SE1898      07JL1923     B03  d of Lee & Ada
THORNTON, Lee T.                 03DE1876      29DE1938     B03  h of Ada
THORNTON, I. Deller Ada Nugent   29JA1877      09AP1922     B03
WEATHERS, Eula                   10OC1902      25OC1906     B03  d of MH & MS
SLATON, Pate                     17SE1895      28OC1915     B03  s of DW & SM
SLATON, Daniel Winston           11AP1862      14AU1945     B03  h of SM
SLATON, Sarah M. Kerbo           06FE1872      28DE1903     B03
SLATON, Minnie May               31MH1900      28OC1901     B03
GRISHAM, Z.P.                      1918          1975       B03
GRISHAM, Winfred B.              03DE1904      19JL1949     B03
GRISHAM, Okalona G.              05JE1888      10JE1976     B03
GRISHAM, Solon W.                22AP1882      11DE1967     B03
GRISHAM, Otice May               01JE1883      28OC1935     B03  w of Solon
GRISHAM, Floyd Olon              23AU1903      22JA1941     B03
GRISHAM, Neta Anna               23JL1905      17AP1990     B03  w of FO
GRISHAM, Anice M.                  1893          1948       B04  w of OO
GRISHAM, Olon O.                   1892          1954       B04
GRISHAM, Hoyt O.                 21AU1914      06AU1938     B04  s of OO & AM
GRISHAM, Zolon                   15OC1925      29NO1925     B04
GRISHAM, Horace H.               26MY1916      27AP1918     B04
WHITEHEAD, George W.             23MY1830      10NO1903     B04  5th Serg Co H AL Inf CSA
HERSTON, John B.                 12NO1882      07NO1909     B04
SLATON, Ben Frank                17AU1866      23JL1946     B04
SLATON, W.B.                       1860          1880       B04
SLATON, Alley                    20MH1835      07AP1901     B04
SLATON, George W.                15MH1898      17MH1898     B04
GRISHAM, Allie W.                23MH1817      aft1888      B04  w of AJ
GRISHAM, Andrew J.               14DE1814      aft1888      B04
NUGENT, Nancy A.                 29MH1851      12AP1906     B04  w of JW
NUGENT, John W.                  27OC1842      04JL1924     B04  Pvt Co I 9 AL Inf CSA
NUGENT, Daniel Porter            13FE1906      01SE1908     B04  s of SB & Addie
NUGENT, Addie                    01FE1876      07OC1915     B04  w of Samuel B.
NUGENT, Samuel B. *              09DE1871      29MH1940     B04
NUGENT, Evaline                    1931          1934       B04  d of JW & Kate Whitehead
NUGENT, James R. Jr.             20AU1954      21AU1954     B04  s of Jimmy & Doris
NUGENT, Carla Joan               12JL1958      09MY1960     B04  d of Jimmy & Doris
NUGENT, infant                   09AU1918      09AU1918     B04  s of MS & ML
NUGENT, Minnie L.                12SE1888      16AU1962     B04  w of MS
NUGENT, M. Shannon               03DE1893      08AP1936     B04
GRISHAM, Minnie Lee              10JE1904      17OC1982     B04
GRISHAM, Olins K.                06DE1895      20DE1979     B04
HERSTON, Vivian                  11MH1892      19FE1948     B05  d of JW & MA
HERSTON, Lola L.                 05JA1894      23AU1919     B05  d of JW & MA
HERSTON, Julia E.                12NO1879      13JA1914     B05  d of JW & Frances
HERSTON, Ada M.                  24AP1896      11FE1911     B05  d of JW & Mary A.
HERSTON, Mary A.                 28AP1854      04JL1930     B05  w of James W.
HERSTON, James W.                01DE1845      09JA1904     B05  Mason
HERSTON, four infants                                       B05  infants of James & Mary
HERSTON, Piety Frances           18MH1850      22JE1884     B05  w of James W.
BARRINGER, Edmund       *        23SE1821                   B05
BARRINGER, Sarah Covington                                  B05  w of Edmund
BARRINGER, infant                                           B05  s of Edmund & Sarah
GRISHAM, Emmett O.               08AP1917      27MY1917     B05  s of JA & LD
TATE, Jesse O.                     1784          1845       B05  1st Lt 39 Reg US Inf War 1812
TATE, infant                     17JL1899      17JL1899     B05  d of JB & FA
RICE, Mozella Grisham            23NO1857      09JA1940     B05  w of YC
RICE, Y.C.                       06MH1859      21AU1924     B05
GRISHAM, Sleety M.               10NO1919      11NO1919     B05
GRISHAM, J.Y.                    15AU1893      15NO1924     B05
GRISHAM, Frauline                05AP1923      13DE1924     B05
GRISHAM, Mary F.                   1866          1950       B05  w of AE
GRISHAM, Andrew E.                 1859          1948       B05
GRISHAM, infant                                08MH1964     B05  d of HC Jr.
GRISHAM, Lena O.                 11AP1893      21JE1968     B05
THORNTON, Vonus E.               03JA1907      31MY1992     B06
THORNTON, Donnie F.              10AP1881      29JA1966     B06  h of Lula
THORNTON, Lula A.                23MY1886      03AP1962     B06
WALKER, Leatus E. Thornton       26OC1912      22AP1941     B06  ? death date
THORNTON, J. Nelson              18AU1876      07JE1947     B06  Woodman
THORNTON, Sallie A. Butler       02JA1871      05NO1937     B06  w of JN
BURNEY, Clayton Thornton         24MY1917      22SE1937     B06
THORNTON, Ely N.                 06JA1850      03SE1914     B06
THORNTON, Sarah                  10AP1854      04SE1926     B06  w of Ely
MOORE, Henry                       1858          1899       B06  h of HM
MOORE, Harriet M. Thornton       05DE1855      21OC1923     B06
SPRINGER, Leona Mae              14SE1908      08NO1912     B06  d of LD & Bessie
THORNTON, William Lee            16FE1903      27MH1903     B06  s of DF & AL
THORNTON, Andrue J.              03JE1885      19JE1901     B06  s of EN & SE
GRISHAM, Jessie M.  *            17JL1854      15JE1913     B06
GRISHAM, Georgia A.              17MH1864      14DE1936     B06  w of Jessie
GRISHAM, Zolon P.                11JE1890      23FE1918     B06
GRISHAM, Mack H.                   1860          1928       B06  h of Mary
GRISHAM, Mary A.                   1859          1953       B06
HARVEY, Dewie White              26JL1905      24AP2000     B07
HARVEY, Ira Delonie              31MY1906      04MY1945     B07  S1C KIA USS Morrison
CAMPBELL, Nannie A.              04AU1888      09SE1966     B07  w of JS
CAMPBELL, John S.                09NO1887      06MY1967     B07  Pfc  Co I 141 Inf WW-I
PATTON, Elfrida                  02OC1889      31JL1910     B07
GRISHAM, W.W.                    23SE1888      04DE1934     B07
HARVEY, E.J.                     15MH1885      25JE1916     B07
HARVEY, G.P.                     13FE1867      06FE1929     B07
HARVEY, Isabella                 01FE1861      31JA1938     B07
HARVEY, Arbella J.               26NO1856      10MY1897     B07
HARVEY, William A.               31OC1821      13NO1890     B07  h of Elizabeth Whitehead
HARVEY, Elizabeth Whitehead      28OC1832      19SE1869     B07  Laud Co m 16DE1846
HARVEY, John H.                  03MH1859      04MH1925     B07
HARVEY, Robert S.                17FE1852      22MY1853     B07  s of WA & Elizabeth
WHITEHEAD, James W.              23AP1854      02AU1859     B07
WHITEHEAD, W. B.                 25OC1857       FE1858      B07
THORNTON, infant                 03JA1881      04MH1881     B07  d of JH & JA
KELLEY, Adora I.                 18SE1880      08MY1881     B07  d of FM & LJ
THORNTON, Samuel B.                1882          1883       B07  s of JH & JA
THORNTON, Elfrider               28FE1869      05JE1892     B07
THORNTON, J.H.                   22MH1841      13AP1903     B07
THORNTON, Julia A.               15MY1841      29AU1904     B07  w of JH
KELLEY, Robert L.                26JL1894      25AU1917     B07
KELLEY, D.C.                       1881        18DE1925     B07  h of Mattie Tomlinson
WALKER, Betty Jean               02AU1938      03JA2003     B07  w of RE
WALKER, Royce E.                 23DE1934      13JA1970     B07
THORNTON, Geraldine (Jeri)       12AU1954      02OC1993     B07
THORNTON, Clayton Julian         02MY1987      19NO2005     B07
THORNTON, Billy Anthony          16AP1947                   B07
KELLEY, Felix M.                 10FE1892      09AU1946     B08
KELLEY, Rebecca Butler           21SE1891      18JL1931     B08
KELLEY, Willodean                14MY1923      23MH1926     B08
KELLEY, F.M.      *              29MH1848      24JA1926     B08  h of Lucy Whitehead
KELLEY, Lucy Jackson             01SE1861      24JE1913     B08
THORNTON, Jack                   14FE1875      18JE1943     B08
THORNTON, Lillie                 10AP1874      27JA1948     B08  w of Jack
DAVIS, Huschel C.  *             31OC1925      31OC1925     B08  s of CH & AD
THORNTON, infant        *        15DE1896      15DE1896     B08  s of JC & LI
THORNTON, Sleetie   *            30MH1898      15JE1898     B08  d of JC & LI
THORNTON, infant                 14FE1897      14FE1897     B08  s of JC & LI
THORNTON, William S.       *     15NO1895      01JA1896     B08  s of JC & LI
CAMPBELL, infant       *                       03FE1883     B08  infant of JP & Mary
DAVIS, Nancy Emmo  *               1875          1939       B08  d of George W. Whitehead
WHITEHEAD, George W.  *          23NO1830      14FE2001     B08  Co H 26 & 50 AL Inf CSA
WHITEHEAD, Eliza West                                       B08  w of GW; no marker
WHITEHEAD, J. Walter             12OC1861      17NO1934     B08  h of Willie
WHITEHEAD, Willie                14DE1872      15FE1938     B08
HARVEY, Eliza A.    *            04DE1862      30DE1886     B08
HARVEY, Wilma E.    *            25SE1891      17FE1886     B08  w of HV
HARVEY, Herbert V.               27JL1882      28JA1917     B08
HARVEY, Elley                    15MH1890      11MY1901     B08  d of WW & Sallie
HARVEY, Maudie                   18JE1896      20JE1897     B08  d of WW & Sallie
HARVEY, James T.                 14AP1854      27FE1929     B08  h of AS
HARVEY, Alice S.  *              10MY1859      12DE1933     B08
WHITE, Verta W.                  10NO1906      28JA1997     B09  w of TR
WHITE, Thomas R.                 06MH1905      13MY1960     B09
WHITE, Lucendia Nugent           25NO1873      26FE1931     B09  w of TA
WHITE, Thomas A.                 28JA1870      09DE1944     B09
WHITE, Hershel                   06SE1901      12MH1902     B09  s of TA & L
WHITE, A.S.                      19OC1843      24FE1918     B09
WHITE, James W.                  29JL1916      01OC1916     B09  s of OS & AV
WALKER, James P.  *              09NO1907      09NO1915     B09  s of WJ & E
WALKER, Alex Gillis              07FE1902      24OC1903     B09  s of WJ & Lizzie
WHITE, May Belle                 13JL1883      16MH1899     B09  d of AS & ME
WHITE, Essie Othoney             04DE1887      28DE1888     B09  d of AS & ME
WHITE, Susie Banna  *            15JE1885      24DE1885     B09  d of AS & ME
WHITE, Mary E.                   08MH1848      17OC1917     B09
DAVIS, Irvan L.                    1863          1915       B09  h of Nancy Whitehead
KELLEY, Jane  *                    1846         AP1883      B09
KELLEY, B.F.   *                   1871          1887       B09
KELLEY, W.T.                                                B09
KELLEY, infant                   17MH1903      24AU1903     B09  s of GV & SF
WHITE, Doris Lorene              07JE1922      07AU1923     B09
KELLEY, Sarah F.                 06AP1874      14AP1942     B09  w of GV
KELLEY, George V.                15MY1874      09DE1951     B09
NIPPER, Verta May                01DE1914      01DE1920     B09
SHOEMAKER, Eula F.               06AU1942                   B09
CLEMONS, Golden S.     *         30AU1930                   B09  w of JR; m 02OC1948
CLEMONS, James R.                10AP1928      03JE1980     B09
DAVIS, Leroy                     31AU1929      23AU1958     B10  A2C  USAF
DAVIS, Grady H.                    1906          1965       B10  h of AL
DAVIS, Ada L.                      1905          1984       B10
WHITEHEAD, Billy J.              21FE1934      30JE1934     B10
THORNTON, John D.                18SE1876      23NO1939     B10  h of Pearl
THORNTON, Pearl                  11JE1886      15JL1921     B10
THORNTON, infant                               26MY1917     B10  s of JD & MP
THORNTON, Juley  *               17AU1906      15AP1926     B10  d of JD & Pearl
KELLEY, John H.                  25AP1877      03OC1965     B10  h of MA
KELLEY, Mary A.                  24AU1875      25DE1966     B10
KELLEY, Johnnie G.               08NO1904      07AU1905     B10
SPRINGER, infant                 20JA1884      21JA1884     B10  s of JM & Lucy E.
SPRINGER, James M.               13NO1856      21SE1934     B10
COVINGTON, Mollie                10AP1867      13JA1900     B10
WHITE, infant                                  16SE1900     B10  s of GP & GE
WHITE, Dessie A.                 20JL1901      06AU1901     B10  d of GP & GE
WHITE, Georgia E.                04AU1879      13OC1936     B10  w of GP
WHITE, George Price              21FE1877      31OC1938     B10
THORNTON, Thomas E.              31MY1908      08DE1968     B11  S2  USN  WW-II
THORNTON, Mary J.                06MH1909      06AP1987     B11  w of TE
GRISHAM, Dott White              21NO1927                   B11  w of Will; m 10JE1951
GRISHAM, Will (Bill)             18OC1920      27AU1999     B11  USA  WW-II
KELLEY, Sam E.                   15DE1900      09AU1954     B11  h of MU
KELLEY, Marvella U.              27OC1899      12DE1973     B11
KELLEY, Marice Lee  *            08MH1928      11MH1928     B11  s of Sam & MU
GRAHAM, Bama M. Johnson            1891          1933       B11
FAVORS, Vannie Alvy   *`         23SE1904      02SE1905     B11  s of JH & LE
WHITE, Mary Kathleen             10JE1921                   B12  w of PB; m 20SE1941
WHITE, P.B. Jr.                  26MY1920      23AP1991     B12  USA  WW-II
WHITE, James C.                  19NO1926      21JL1928     B12  s of PB & V
WHITE, Vivian H.                 13AP1884      10NO1961     B12
WHITE, Patrick B.                08AP1868      21OC1957     B12
WHITE, Anna Dessie  *            01MY1869      12JL1911     B12  w of PB
WHITE, Frances                   12OC1906      29JA1924     B12  d of PB & AD
WHITE, Winston Lee               24MH1895      19JE1928     B12  h of EP
WHITE, Exie Patrick              09JL1897      25MH1985     B12
TATE, Frances A.                 02MY1865      03AP1952     B12  w of JB
TATE, J.B.                       16JE1855      07NO1943     B12
DAVIS, Lota F.                   13OC1892      31AU1977     B12  w of EO
DAVIS, Edward O'Neal             14MH1894      25MY1953     B12  Pvt 106 Tn HQ 31 Div WW-I
DAVIS, Mary Isabell              29JA1921      04NO1922     B12
DAVIS, Anglea C.                   1858          1919       B12
DAVIS, William T.                  1857          1899       B12
DAVIS, Jesse F.                  27JL1916      27JL1916     B12
DAVIS, Martha E.                 28OC1884      12JE1925     B12
DAVIS, George W.                 30JA1882      11FE1953     B12  h of ME
DAVIS, William J.                25SE1903      07NO1953     B12  h of SR
DAVIS, Sula R.  *                20JA1911                   B12
SPRINGER, infant                               01AU1935     B12  d of JD & MO
SPRINGER, infant                               09AU1924     B12  d of JD & MO
SPRINGER, Mary Oma                 1892          1952       B12  w of JD
SPRINGER, Jeff D.                  1889          1961       B12
WHITE, Nancy Lois                18AP1919      26SE1983     B12  w of WG; m 29NO1945
WHITE, William Grady             02OC1916      01JE1996     B12
MEREDITH, Morris Lynn            04MY1952      17JA1953     B12  s of ER
MEREDITH, Janet Gay              22FE1948      26AU1948     B12  d of ER
MEREDITH, Hildred Oleta          28FE1919      10MY1973     B12  w of ER
MEREDITH, Eugene Ralph           26JL1918      10MY1999     B12  S1  USN  WW-II
MEREDITH, Bruce O.               05JA1877      16JE1947     B13  h of SF
MEREDITH, Sarah F.               15MH1886      03FE1975     B13
SPRINGER, Gertrude               02AP1898      06MY1992     B13
SPRINGER, Esthers                  1910          1954       B13
SPRINGER, Ben                      1861          1939       B13  h of Ella
SPRINGER, Ella                     1865          1938       B13
SPRINGER, W.L.     *             29OC1921      02MH1924     B13
SPRINGER, Evelean                27OC1919      17JA1921     B13
SPRINGER, W.L.                   05NO1882      05JE1921     B13
GRISHAM, Beth Cofield            14AP1962      23AP2006     B13  w of KW
GRISHAM, Kerry William           16NO1957                   B13
GREER, Odus E.                   18FE1893      24MH1957     B13  w of BC
GREER, Bayless C.                30JE1890      22MH1934     B13
GREER, Earnest C.  *             25JA1920      07OC1921     B13
DAVIS, Winferd  *                27OC1922      18AU1923     B13
DAVIS, infant                                  03MH1929     B13  d of Walter & Lillie
DAVIS, Lillie A.                 30MY1897      18MH1978     B13  w of WW; m 26AP1916
DAVIS, W. Walter                 06JA1891      28FE1987     B13
TATE, Luther E.                  30AP1895      16DE1950     B13  h of HC
TATE, Henrie C.                  06JE1903      28JE1993     B13
TATE, Carl                       24DE1925      14JE1926     B13  s of LE & HC
TATE, John S.                    18MH1889      12DE1918     B13
PIERCE, Gertrude Tate            06DE1891      09MY1934     B13
FOSTER, David A.                 10AU1915      11AU1915     B13  s of AJ & Callie
JOHNSON, Melissa G.              06OC1861      15JL1919     B13
GRISHAM, William A.  *           16MH1878      09FE1917     B13  Woodman
DAUGHERTY, Luther H.             28JA1903      19NO1928     B13  h of TG
DAUGHERTY, Thetus G.             30JA1905      20NO1991     B13
WHITE, Martha Nell               30MY1923      16JA2004     B14  w of DB
WHITE, Dallas Buel               29AP1920      30OC2005     B14
WHITE, Sue Anna                  20JA1896      09AP1964     B14  w of GS
WHITE, G. Sherwood               08OC1893      05DE1944     B14
WHITE, Alice P.                  04FE1917      30AP1917     B14  d of Sherrod & Anna
TATE, Izora W.                     1895          1980       B14  w of TJ
TATE, Thomas Jesse                 1891          1957       B14
HANEY, Thomas F.                 14OC1918      21NO1969     B15
HANEY, Thonie Walker             17JA1894      07OC1942     B15
HANEY, Thomas F.                 16NO1894      30MH1919     B15
HANEY, Para Inez   *             02JA1916      12JE1918     B15
WALKER, W.J.                     07AU1873      06MY1919     B15  h of EW
WALKER, Elizabeth White          29JE1875      26JA1918     B15
WALKER, Johnnie Gilbert          17OC1901      17FE1990     B15  USA  WW-II
WALKER, J.                                                  B15
WALKER, F.                                                  B15
WALKER, Billy Joe                08AU1943      28SE1996     B15
WHITE, Charles Raymond           07AU1937      31JA1981     B15
WHITE, Leeta B.                    1901                     B15  w of AP
WHITE, Alex P.                     1898          1950       B15
WALKER, J. Andrew                03FE1915      22NO1973     B15
WHITE, Vera                                                 B15
WHITE, Lanie G.                  25SE1891      09JA1968     B15  double with AW
WHITE, Alison W.                 23FE1889      03MY1942     B15
WHITE, Edward D.                 22MY1921      26DE1989     B15  Tec4  USA  WW-II
WHITE, A. Dessie                 12AU1914      03AU1993     B15  sister of ED
WHITEHEAD, Flora                 31AU1905      29JL1992     B15  w of Lee
WHITEHEAD, Lee                   16SE1904      15AU1976     B15
WHITEHEAD, Nella                 09OC1910      22DE1963     B15  w of Lee
JOHNSON, Sonnie                  05SE1935      26OC1950     B15
JOHNSON, baby                                  20MH1936     B15
JOHNSON, baby                                  15MH1927     B15
JOHNSON, Nora Mae                15SE1896      28JA1987     B15  w of JC
JOHNSON, James Connie            24FE1891      23OC1978     B15
SPRINGER, Sherry Ann             31OC1935      23MY1937     B15
SPRINGER, Inez W.                26AU1910      17DE1987     B15
SPRINGER, James L.               27NO1909      21FE1969     B15
SPRINGER, Donald R.              16JL1941      08JL1988     B15  Sgt SFC  USA  Vietnam
SPRINGER, Carlton G.             27DE1932      13JE1998     B15
SPRINGER, Joyce W.               02JL1935                   B15
WHITE, Georgia Ada               01AP1913      22SE1989     B16
SLATON, Pearl N.                 16JL1912      16AP1973     B16  w of JA
SLATON, James A.                 01NO1905      03MH1978     B16
SLATON, Mamie Lou                12MH1902      26DE1995     B16  w of EM
SLATON, Emria M.                 14AU1896      11MY1958     B16
SLATON, Imogene                  13OC1927      14JE1929     B16  d of EM & ML
SLATON, Shirley Ann              27AP1941      01JL2003     B16  w of AE; m 01OC1957
SLATON, Archie E.                31AU1935                   B16
SPRINGER, Ora                    27MY1915      06MY1924     B16  d of JP & MV
SPRINGER, Mary Velia             29AP1890      12OC1954     B16  w of JP
SPRINGER, James P.               10NO1887      06JE1958     B16
GREEN, Sherley Mae     *         30SE1934      12NO1935     B16  d of LJ & ME
GREEN, Eula                      04JA1912      22JE1996     B16
GREEN, Leo                       11OC1911      08JL1977     B16  h of Eula
WILLIAMS, Velia Doris            04AP1939                   B16  w of BC; m 10MY1957
WILLIAMS, Bobby Clay             13JL1937      13MY1990     B16
WILLIAMS, Rhoda Kay              07JL1960                   B16  one date
WHITE, Leo Mae                   23FE1905      11JA1992     B17
WHITE, Willie E. Clem            27JA1881      04MH1967     B17  w of FM
WHITE, Francis M.                09DE1878      21DE1950     B17
WHITE, Azilee G.  *              16JA1906      05OC1983     B17  w of VW; m 18AU1926
WHITE, Vernon W.                 24DE1902      22MH1974     B17
WHITE, infant                                  01JL1927     B17  s of Vernon & Azilee
WHITE, James T.                  05JL1908      14AP1920     B17
WHITE, Virgilin Grisham  *       17AP1884      08NO1926     B17  w of TH
WHITE, Thaddeus H.               05JE1881      23DE1947     B17
WHITE, Ulysses L.                10OC1910      09AU1933     B17
WHITE, Harvel S.                 24SE1897      28JL1980     B17  h of SJ; m 2DE1917
WHITE, Sarah J.  *               07MH1896      07AU1989     B17
WHITE, Cellie                    11OC1919      05DE1971     B17
WHITE, infant                    22MH1923      23MH1923     B17
WHITE, Wyvona   *                30SE1934      18DE1934     B17
WHITE, Billy Joe  *              24SE1936      05OC1936     B17
TATE, Flora H.                   03FE1919      05JE2001     B17  w of JE
TATE, Jesse E.    *              04NO1917      13AP1969     B17  Pfc  5 Ord Med Maint Co WW-II
SLATON, Billy Joe (infant)                     10JL1940     B17
SLATON, Jimmie Doris             15OC1937      20AU1938     B17
SCOGIN, Jonathan                 23MY1953      24MY1954     B17  s of George & Frances
SPRINGER, B.F.                   30SE1890      24SE1972     B17  h of Georgia
SPRINGER, Georgia                18JA1898      19MY1954     B17
TATE, Loyce A.                   16AP1922                   B17  h of CS
TATE, Cornez Slaton              26JE1924      21MH1978     B17
SLATON, J. Hebron       *        06AP1895      20JE1977     B17  h of LK
SLATON, Lillian King             10NO1897      03JA1977     B17
SLATON, Babe O.        *         30JA1898      12NO1924     B17
SLATON, J.M.                     23JL1855      20AP1933     B17
SLATON, Eliza A.                 22MY1870      04JL1956     B17
SLATON, Clay                     29AP1925      02MY1925     B17
SLATON, Jeson Ralph              13AP1923      03JL1925     B17
SLATON, J.E.                     13AP1925      03JL1935     B17
SLATON, Ethie                    31JA1903      19JA1945     B17  w of Cleo
SLATON, Cleo        *            03JL1891      13FE1973     B17
SCOGIN, Frances Slaton           02MY1935                   B17  w of George
SCOGIN, George                   28AU1930      12SE1998     B17  Pfc  USA  Korea
SMITH, Maybell                     1900          1948       B18
SMITH, infant                      1923          1923       B18  d of CC
WHITE, Thelma Jewell             18JL1928                   B18  w of DD
WHITE, Doyce Dayton              23JA1921      20MY1989     B18  Sgt  USA  WW-II
MASON, Bertie T.                 04MH1915      30OC1993     B18  h of LM
MASON, Lizzie Mae                08AP1915      29AP1996     B18
WHITEHEAD, Chisholm C.           09DE1899      27JE1979     B18  h of AC
WHITEHEAD, Annie C.              20SE1906      18DE1981     B18
LOVELL, Robert F.                  1891          1924       B18  h of RE
LOVELL, Rosa E.  *                 1894          1953       B18
LEE, Carl                        14JA1927      11AU1997     B18  h of Betty; m 27NO1993
LEE, Betty                       30MH1941                   B18
GRISHAM, Tom                       1903          1953       B18  h of Tavie
GRISHAM, Tavie  *                  1908          1975       B18
GRISHAM, Dennis Scott            29JL1955      26MH1983     B18  A1C  USAF  Vietnam
GLASS, Darren C.                 29SE1967      15AP1995     B18
THORNTON, Herbert Presley        25AP1934      02JA1957     B19
THORNTON, Essie G.   *           21FE1898      19NO1983     B19  w of PH
THORNTON, Paul H.                04MY1896      11OC1977     B19
WHITEHEAD, Janice                  1939          1939       B19
WHITEHEAD, Sandra Sue              1938          1939       B19
WALKER, D.                                                  B19
WALKER, G.                                                  B19
WALKER, Nita G.                  05SE1914                   B19  w of GC; m 26NO1931
WALKER, George Clellon   *       04FE1912      25FE1978     B19
JARMUTH, Blanche Dorothy         28JA1913                   B19
TATE, Vickie Lynn                05AU1958                   B19  w of RC; m 01OC1976
TATE, Randy Carl                 03SE1952      22DE1993     B19
LEONARD, Millinea T.             21JE1922      23JA1999     B19  w of WE
LEONARD, Wayne E.                03SE1913      25MY1991     B19  Tec4  USA  WW-II
THORNTON, Herschell L.           06OC1915      05JL1977     B19  Tec5  USA  WW-II
THORNTON, Lee S.                 31JL1891      09AP1974     B19
THORNTON, Earnest P.  *          29JA1888      02SE1961     B19
SIMPSON, Theadus S.              21OC1920       2006?       B19  double with FG
SIMPSON, Frankie G.              16AP1914      30NO1984     B19
SPRINGER, Clayton H.               1906          1993       B19  double with LE
SPRINGER, Luther E.                1900          1955       B19
GARNER, William Almon            05FE1920      19JA1946     B19
WHITE, Sharon Jo                 22JA1961      22JA1961     B20  d of Roland & Blanche
WHITE, Oma L.                    16AP1913      08JA2003     B20  w of ME; m 27OC1955
WHITE, Marvin E. (Greasy)        17OC1910      06DE1986     B20
HENDRIX, Betty Olma              18MH1933                   B20  w of Harold; m 27OC1955
HENDRIX, Harold L.               26SE1927      18NO1995     B20  USA
JAMES, Minnie Mae                15SE1907      23NO1982     B20  w of HF
JAMES, Hershel F.                24JL1905      13AU1986     B20
JAMES, Mary Ann                  09SE1882      20AU1955     B20  w of RW
JAMES, Robert W.                 14AP1879      29JA1946     B20
DAVIS, Mary                        1930          1984       B22  w of George
DAVIS, George                      1926                     B22

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