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Survey Contributed 23 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Go north on US 43; turn right on AL 64 and then left on CR 25.  The cemetery is on the left side.  Rows are numbered from the highway. Map - Township 1, Range 9

             NAME                        DOB           DOD   ROW     NOTES
GANT, James M.                        JE1852      03MH1917    1    h of Eliza
GANT, Eliza D.                      04AP1854      20JL1941    1
STUTTS, Jacob G.                        1836          1910    1    h of Mary
STUTTS, Mary Ann Black                  1833          1911    1
STUTTS, Leonard                         1765          1856    2
GRAY, Mary F.                       02DE1872      28MH1877    3
McDONALD, W.W.                      05AP1882      25FE1883    3
STUTTS, Mary                                      04SE1845    3
GRAY, Jim W.                        20AP1846      12AP1889    4    h of Mary Martina Danley
McMURTREY, infant                   29JE1935      29JE1935    4    d of RH & Bammer
McMURTREY, Bammer E.                27DE1895      22JE1974    4    w of RH
McMURTREY, Raymon H.                11DE1882      12AU1899    4    Mason
WRIGHT, A.B.                        15JA1866      09OC1934    5    h of Lee
WRIGHT, Lee                         12JL1873      27SE1935    5
WRIGHT, Henry                       22AU1902      28AP1904    5
WRIGHT, Dewey                       07SE1901      10OC1901    5
MICHAEL, Zilpha C.                  03JA1902      03SE1902    5    d of CD & MF
HILL, Minnie Gray                   07DE1878      11AU1898    5    erected by Birdie M. Garrison
GRAY, Sarah C.                      17JL1873          1910    5    w of JW
GRAY, J. William                    03NO1870      08MH1928    5
DANLEY, Fannie                      17AP1871      09AU1925    6    w of WC
DANLEY, W.C.                        19MH1867      12AP1915    6
CLEMMONS, infant                    19MH1926      19MH1926    6    infant of EA & Sussie
DANLEY, Preston                     27JL1900      14FE1969    6
DANLEY, Earl R.                     03AU1927      16OC1979    6    Sgt USA WW-II Korea Vietnam
DANLEY, Flora G.                    30DE1903      02DE1996    6    w of Preston
BROWN, Nadine Danley                19MH1936      27JL1990    6
THIGPEN, Myra                       07JA1944                  6    w of JC
THIGPEN, J.C.                       18AP1940      03JA2003    6
PRATT, Prentis Ray                  20OC1930      19AU2000    7
BRADLEY, Jerry Neal                 27OC1946      27JA1950    7
DANLEY, infant                                    21FE1942    7
DANLEY, Jeanette Dixon              12MY1945      27AP1966    7
DANLEY, Mary D.                     20JE1932      06JL2005    7    w of Elmer
DANLEY, Elmer Clyde                 11MY1931      08JE1993    7
DANLEY, Velma N.                    06JA1905      28DE1932    7    w of JB
DANLEY, J. Bryant                   08MH1901      15NO1953    7
DANLEY, infant                      18DE1922      21DE1922    7    d of Bryant & Velma
DANLEY, Dora Evelyn                 06JL1917      06JL1917    7    d of Noah & Delphia
GRAY, Susie                          AU1909?      11AP1911    7    20 months old
GRAY, E.N.                          29MH1851      12NO1919    7    h of Rallie
GRAY, Rallie                        16MH1853      20AU1929    7
DANLEY, William                     03AP1830      26SE1909    7    h of Frances
DANLEY, Frances                     06MH1833      01MH1918    7
McDONALD, William Alonzo            17AU1858      20AU1921    7    h of Sarah
McDONALD, Sarah L.                  22OC1860      21JE1961    7    (100 yrs old)
McDONALD, infant                                              8    no dates
McDONALD, infant                                              8    no dates
McDONALD, Arlo                                                8    no dates readable
McDONALD, infant                                              8    no dates
McDONALD, Arlo                                                8    can't read dates
McDONALD, Virginia (Mrs)                                      8    can't read dates
McDONALD, W.A.                      17AU1858      20AU1921    8    same as Wm Alonzo stone
GRAY, twin sons                     18MH1922      18MH1922    8    s of Newt
DANLEY, Fannie Sue                  16NO1932      01FE1933    8    d of Lonza
DANLEY, infant                      17MH1940      17MH1940    8    s of LL & AT
DANLEY, Linda Lee                   08SE1944      17MY1945    8    d of LL & AT
DANLEY, A. Thelma                   23SE1916      24AU1978    8    w of LL
DANLEY, Labon L.                    26NO1914      20SE1982    8
TURRENTINE, Mildred C.              21AP1932      16OC2005    9
HIGGINBOTHAM, Randall Lewis         15DE1952      22MH2004    9    father of Adam
HIGGINBOTHAM, Adam                  19OC1976      01SE2002    9
GRAY, Dorothy L.                        1932                  9
GRAY, E. Thomas                         1914          1958    9    h of Dorothy
GRAY, Lando                         13FE1910      23AU1924    9
GRAY, Johnny Paul                   12MY1928      28JL1929    9    s of JC
GRAY, John C.                           1884          1965    9    h of Vernon
GRAY, Vernon                            1885          1965    9
McDONALD, Ethel                         1884                  9
McDONALD, Willie                        1883          1933    9    h of Ethel

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