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Survey Contributed 24 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

LOCATION: From Killen, go east on US 72 to the edge of town; turn left on CR 71 and go about 6 miles.  The cemetery is on the right behind the church.  Rows are numbered from North to South.  An * by the entry indicates correction of an error in the previously published survey. Map

        NAME                       DOB          DOD     ROW    NOTES
ADAMS, Samuel Allen             25DE1914     15FE1939    01
GRAY, infants of Grady *        11NO1942     11NO1942    01
STUTTS, Mary M.                 10NO1851     16JA1932    02
RITTER, M. Ollie                                         02  w of John
RITTER, John Wesley Hiram         1840         1914      02  Pvt Co E 27 AL Inf CSA
JOINER, L.A.                    12NO1854     21MY1936    02
JOINER, Mose                    19DE1859     24JA1940    02
HOLDEN, Vernie L.               18JE1899     06NO1987    03  w of EJ
HOLDEN, Edgar J.                30MY1901     06MY1965    03
WRIGHT, John H.                 20FE1860     27AP1951    03  h of Margaret
WRIGHT, Margaret                04MY1876     18FE1940    03
MICHAEL, B.L.                     1846         1938      03  h of Elizabeth
MICHAEL, Elizabeth                1851         1922      03
MICHAEL, Lou Viner                1884         1969      03
GOODWIN, infant                              15DE1929    03  d of JA & Lillie
GOODWIN, Homer                  07NO1910       1912      03  s of Johnnie & Lillie
GOODWIN, Ethell E.              18DE1922     16FE1935    03  d of Johnie & Lillie
GOODWIN, Johnnie A. *           03JE1891     17SE1944    03  h of Lillie
GOODWIN, Lillie B.              19FE1892     02FE1983    03
GOODWIN, Henry D.               04SE1916     24AU1918    04  s of WO & ML
LITTRELL, Bobby Carter          18FE1933     01NO2004    04  USA; m 5JL1952
LITTRELL, Joy Barnett           06AU1935     27JA2000    04  w of Bobby
BARNETT, Bennie W.              18MY1896     03DE1991    04  Pvt  USA  WW-I
BARNETT, Lula                   05SE1901     26DE1964    04  w of BW
MILLS, Willodean (Deanie)       31JA1929     02DE1975    04
GROSSHEIM, Helen Hammond        04SE1933                 05  w of Carl; 5JL1951
GROSSHEIM, Carl Edward          25DE1933     22MY2001    05
HAMMOND, Irene                  29AP1913     27DE1963    05  w of Luther
HAMMOND, Luther                 25SE1910     01MH1987    05
BEAVERS, Clayton Goodwin        24FE1916     25OC2005    05  w of James; m 21OC1934
BEAVERS, James Veston           25JE1912     14JA1999    05
BEAVERS, infant                              31OC1943    05  d of JV & MC
GOODWIN, Mattie A.              16FE1865     28JE1945    05  w of AD
GOODWIN, A.D.                   11MY1865     13MH1928    05
THIGPEN, Georgia O.               1903         1992      05  w of Luther
THIGPEN, Luther F.                1899         1954      05  Mason
THIGPEN, Homer R.               04SE1919     09DE1996    05
PUTMAN, Dovie Forsythe          16SE1898     09MH1966    06
FORSYTHE, Hollie                05OC1927     29SE1932    06  s of Willie & Dovie
FORSYTHE, Harvel                05SE1922     19JA1923    06  s of Willie & Dovie
FORSYTHE, J.A.                  30SE1853     06FE1922    06  s of Willie & Dovie
FORSYTHE, Martha Ann            12AP1853     25NO1927    06  w of JA
WRIGHT, Robert L.               10FE1882     26AP1949    06  h of Dora
WRIGHT, Dora L.                 17FE1884     21MH1965    06
GRAY, Solon William             03JE1909     28AP1993    07  h of LL
GRAY, Leona LeMay               23JL1910     13MH1984    07
LeMAY, Evelyn                   16JA1922     25JE1989    07
LeMAY, Nancy                    20NO1881     07JE1958    07  w of Wm
LeMAY, William H.               12MH1870     15FE1924    07  Mason
LeMAY, James C.                 07NO1913     29JA1924    07
LeMAY, Mary D.                  28FE1919     29AU1923    07
HILL, Mary L.                   07SE1922     29AU1923    07  d of OD & AP
BURBANK, Walter Huston          13JA1904     08OC1979    08  h of Maymie
BURBANK, Maymie Irene           01DE1905     01DE1999    08
BURBANK, Margarette             25MH1925     04AP1925    08
BURBANK, Johnnie A.             11AU1929     23DE1929    08
SMITHERMAN, Johnny F.           19SE1904     07JA1985    09
SMITHERMAN, Edward L.           07FE1936     17AP1971    09  SP4 Co A 279 Sig BN
McGEE, Andrew W.                10MY1898     30JA1968    09  h of JL
McGEE, Jessie L.                04DE1913     27DE1988    09
SMITHERMAN, Ben A.              20JA1912     23SE1992    09
SMITHERMAN, Tessie Lou          29AP1915     26OC1997    09  w of Ben
SMITHERMAN, Lois                17DE1923     20DE1926    09
SMITHERMAN, Chestena            07DE1880     29JA1964    09  w of Wm
SMITHERMAN, William Hughey      16DE1875     27SE1941    09
SMITHERMAN, Bessie              17OC1900     06FE1996    09
SMITHERMAN, William T.          19OC1917     15FE1983    09  Cpl USA WW-II; Mason
SMITHERMAN, C. Louise Condra    01NO1931                 09
SMITHERMAN, Telia L.            03FE1902     19MH1985    09
SMITHERMAN, Lillie V.           29NO1909                 10
SMITHERMAN, James Henry         25JA1920     07JE1993    10
GRAY, J.H.W.                                 14AP1941    10
GRAY, Martha J.                 15JA1866     09MH1943    10  w of WH
GRAY, W.H.                      23JA1859     07JA1939    10
PHILLIPS, infant                             03SE1927    10  infant of WC & Pierce
DURHAM, Tommy                   06FE1952                 11  h of TR
DURHAM, Thelma R.               15MY1951     28OC2002    11
LeMAY, Johnnie Paul             04JL1928     21JL1928    11
RODEN, L.A.                     29SE1926                 11  h of VN
RODEN, Virgina Nancy            05MY1933     01MY1989    11
GRAY, Villard                   01OC1908     01JE1993    11  h of Emma
GRAY, Emma                      12JA1908     14AP1996    11
GRAY, Villard R.                17AP1936     07JE1936    11  s of Emma & Villard
GRAY, Thelma L.                 29AU1930     25DE1933    11  d of Emma & Villard
BURBANK, Myrtle D.              22MY1905     19NO1987    12
GRAY, Ella                      03AU1881     12MY1946    12  w of JJ
GRAY, J.J.                      03JA1879     21DE1959    12
GRAY, Mary Etta *               06MH1908     05MY2005    12  w of JM
GRAY, Jessie Minton             10OC1899     12FE1982    12  m 2JA1923
GRAY, Virginia                  30DE1928     21JA1929    12  d of JM & ME
GRAY, Clifton M.                27SE1926     02JL1980    12  h of FM
GRAY, Freddie M.                21AU1931                 12
BURBANK, infant son                          03NO1962    13
BURBANK, infant son                          02JA1966    13
WHITE, Earl M.                  27JE1919     16NO1980    13
BURBANK, Irene M.               05AP1920     09AP2003    13  w of WR
BURBANK, W.R.                   22FE1920     21JL1967    13
BURBANK, Dovie S.               19MY1895     05AU1974    13
BURBANK, George N.                1892         1963      13  h of Velma
BURBANK, Velma H.                 1894         1953      13
BURBANK, George Huston          13JA1922     18AU1993    13  Cpl  USA  WW-II
BURBANK, James M.               25MY1900     02AU1951    13
BURBANK, Theodore R.            26MH1906     09AP1974    13
MICHAEL, Wayne                  21AP1954     22AP1954    14  s of HL & Betty
MICHAEL, Herbert L.             24JA1927                 14  h of Betty
MICHAEL, Betty Gray             21JE1934                 14
BURBANK, Dorothy L.             05SE1916                 14  w of WE
BURBANK, Willard E.             03AP1915     08JL1985    14
JOINER, John Henry              12OC1904     15AU1983    14
JOINER, Sallie                  29NO1882     04DE1971    14  w of LD
JOINER, Lonzo D.                27AP1882     28AP1973    14
JOINER, Lou Ella Davis          05MH1913     29MY1995    14  w of EO; m 18JL1934
JOINER, Emmitt O'Neal           06JL1913     08AU1993    14
OLIVER, Augazell Burbank        13MH1932                 15  w of Henry; m 18JL1953
OLIVER, Henry Russell           07AP1928                 15
BURBANK, George William         16SE1954     07JE2004    15
CURTIS, Ronald C.               14OC1970     14OC1970    16
GRAY, Almon                     30JL1912     25FE1988    17  h of Pearlean
GRAY, Pearlean                  28AU1919                 17
BURBANK, Henry Lee              20JE1946     22DE1974    18  h of Joyce
BURBANK, Joyce Ann              28JA1949                 18
SIMPSON, James M.               26NO1920     08MY1986    18  Pfc  USA  WW-II
SIMPSON, Empress N.             15JL1930     25OC1991    18  w of James
MILLER, Lynn Ann                             06JA1979    18  infant
MERKLING, Jennifer Layne                     23JE1977    18  infant
MILLER, Raymond                 21AP1927     16JL1997    18
MILLER, Evelyn L.               23AU1935     21AP1976    18
MILLER, April Dawn                           26FE1975    18
BURBANK, Paul Huston            12MH1926     08NO1988    19
BURBANK, Ester Imogene *        12JL1928                 19  w of Paul
BURBANK, Donnie Ray             28DE1959     19JL1996    19
BURBANK, Dustin E.              16OC1989     18OC1989    20  inf twin of Edward & Denice
BURBANK, Bobbie Jean            26MY1939                 20  w of James
BURBANK, James R.               28AU1937     28NO2002    20
BURBANK, James Ray              23AU1970     13NO1995    21
HUMPHREYS, James C.             11FE1923     19MH1992    21
BURBANK, Kenneth Edward         08JA1946     04FE1992    21
HINES, Heather Michelle         23FE1990     22MH1991    22
TEDFORD, Christine              04AU1967     16AP2002    22
GRAY, Carl                      17SE1914     15JA1999    23  h of Nettie
GRAY, Nettie Nolan              18DE1919     10JA1995    23
WRIGHT, Tony Andrew                          02JL1999    23  infant
LAWSON, Charles W.              17JA1952     16SE2001    24  h of Sarah
LAWSON, Sarah Nell              11JE1951                 24

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