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Survey Contributed 24 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

LOCATION: From Killen, go north on CR 25 [known locally as "Bridge Road"] about 6 miles.  The cemetery is on the right.  This survey was started in the NE corner.  An attempt to number the rows from back to the highway proved impossible. Map

             NAME                  DOB         DOD      ROW               NOTES
CARTER, Henderson W. Jr.        15OC1974     16OC1974    1   s of George A.
CAMPBELL, George T.             09SE1913     16SE1976    1   Pvt  USA  WW-II
McGEE, Lessie B.                26AU1934     20JA1982    1   w of James; m 15AU1955
McGEE, James L.                 28JL1931     31MH1984    1
CURTIS, Sara Jane                            11JE1991    1
CURTIS, Jed Jr.                                          1   infant
BEAVERS, Irene                  12MH1907     06MY1994    1   w of Bennie
BEAVERS, Bennie Lee             04JE1906     06JL1979    1
BEAVERS, Wayne B.               15FE1959     27MH1980    1
BEAVERS, Bonnie                 18AP1932                 1   w of Wm
BEAVERS, William J.             11JA1934     15OC1993    1
BEAVERS, George Junior          01AP1951     02JE1980    1
MINYARD, O.B.                   03FE1942     30AU1985    1
BEAVERS, George W.              10OC1927     06DE1994    1   h of GE; m 27NO1943
BEAVERS, Gertrude E.            07OC1927                 1
BLAKE, Hazel                    23AP1926                 1   w of AL
BLAKE, Albert L.                16NO1923     21MY1980    1
THIGPEN, Thomas Edward          23MY1958      JA1959     1   8 months old
BEAVERS, George Wesley          22OC1924     05MY1994    1   SSgt  USA  WW-II
BEAVERS, James H.               16MH1909     02FE1910    1   s of DH & SC
BEAVERS, Johnnie W.             09AU1927     20AU1991    1
BEAVERS, Sarah C.               04FE1881     24DE1910    1   w of DH
BEAVERS, D. Houston             10MH1881     15SE1948    1
McCLANAHAN, Nettie Jane         22AU1890     20FE1987    1
BEAVERS, E. Oscar               19NO1921     01AU1941    1
BEAVERS, Willie L.              22MY1915     18MH1918    1   d of DH & NJ
BEAVERS, infant                 01JE1940     04JE1940    1   s of AD
BEAVERS, infant                 24JE1939     10JL1939    1   s of AD
ROBINSON, James A.              02MH1911     27NO1994    1   h of PR
ROBINSON, Pauline R.            07JA1920     04NO1988    1
ROBERTSON, Willie W.            27NO1901     02SE1972    1   h of Irene
ROBERTSON, Irene R.             28SE1900     02JA1976    1
BARNES, Gearlene Lash           19JE1933     07JL1998    1
BREWER, Alpha R.                01OC1881     23JA1970    1   h of CM; m 30MY1903
BREWER, Cisley M.               09JE1885     04AU1968    1
LASH, Joyce Faye                02OC1931     16MH1983    1   w of Cecil
LASH, Cecil L.                  08SE1929     18JL1973    1   Pfc  USA
SHOEMAKER, Willie B.            23AU1890     06AP1961    1   Pfc  20 Engr  WW-I
DOWNS, Mary N.                    1889         1990      1   101 years old
DOWNS, Ruth                                              1   no dates
DOWNS, William                                           1   no dates
DOWNS, Nellie                                            1   no dates
VAN DIVER, Kathleen Ivye                      MY1965     1
THORNTON, Phillip Wayne                      18AU1970    1   infant
THORNTON, Tammy Rena            17MH1966     20NO1966    1
JACKSON, Arnold B.              01JA1925                 1   h of Ila; m 1MH1947
JACKSON, Ila                    23DE1927     22AU1993    1
JACKSON, Shelia Lynn            08AU1957     14AU1957    1   d of Arnold
JACKSON, Debra Diane            19SE1956     27SE1956    1   d of Arnold
ROACH, William Laverne          20AP1921     26AU1954    1
CLEMMONS, Susie Simpson Roach   06JE1924     05JE1999    1   w of WL Roach
JACKSON-SOUTHERLAND, Martha C.  05NO1953     02FE1999    1   C=Carolyn
JACKSON-SOUTHERLAND, Walter L.               19AP1978    1   L= Lee (Bo); son of Martha
THOMPSON, Spencer Rufus         14SE1910     04AP2000    1   h of Abbie
THOMPSON, Abbie Ray             07MH1917     07MH1991    1
FAULKNER, Mary Emer             10MH1878     19JE1959    1   w of Dock
FAULKNER, S.W. (Dock)           07OC1875     08JA1944    1
SIMPSON, Gilbert                18AP1885     10JE1975    1   h of Ada
SIMPSON, Ada                    12AP1890     24JE1970    1
WRAY, William Paul              12SE1939     11SE1941    1   s of Chester
BROWN, Eddie D.                 03NO1912     19AP1970    1   s of Becky
BROWN, Becky J.                 17SE1890                 1
TWITTY, Rebecca Josephine       22JL1946     30DE2005    1
BROWN, Patsy Ruth               24NO1942     27FE1995    2
BROWN, Lillie C.                27FE1926     21MY1997    2
BROWN, David Wesley             13JL1948     04JA1992    2
BROWN, Leonard E.               16OC1904     13SE1994    2
WISDOM, Annie B.                02JE1890     07MH1965    2   w of Wiley
WISDOM, Wiley H.                30DE1886     01JA1980    2
SIMPSON, Lou                    21AP1876     28DE1956    2   w of Martin
SIMPSON, Martin W.              20OC1877     07JL1954    2
SHOEMAKER, Gracie               09JA1909                 2   w of Robert
SHOEMAKER, Robert               28AU1907                 2
SHOEMAKER, Ralph                09JL1938     06JA1939    2
BREWER, Doyce C.                10FE1931     30JE2004    2   h of Ruth
BREWER, Ruth D.                 27JA1942                 2
BUTLER, Patsy Ruth Brown        24NO1947     27FE1995    2
BEAVERS, J. West                  1870         1952      2   h of Mary
BEAVERS, Mary Sue                 1876         1959      2
BENEFIELD, William Z.             1885         1963      2   h of Alenmore
BENEFIELD, Alenmore               1896         1984      2
ROBERTSON, Luther               19MH1907     18MY1984    2   h of Bertha
ROBERTSON, Bertha               21MH1910                 2
SHOEMAKER, Julia                21JE1875     14AP1946    2
SHOEMAKER, Joe                    1856         1930      2
McGEE, J. Edgar                 11NO1895     10JE1965    2   h of Donia
McGEE, Donia                    02MY1892     01DE1975    2
BEAVERS, William R.             05JE1898     22MY1968    2   h of Mattie
BEAVERS, Mattie L.              08FE1906     01NO1969    2
BEAVERS, D.L.                   01JA1885     13JA1929    2
MICHAEL, Dora L.                20OC1891     03MY1966    2
BEAVERS, G.W.                   20AP1876     24JA1919    2   h of Susie
BEAVERS, Susie                  10NO1874     08MH1934    2
BEAVERS, James T.               05AP1851     19AP1939    2   h of CC
BEAVERS, C. Catherine           22FE1856     02JA1904    2
BEAVERS, Cathern L.             09AU1935     25SE1935    2
BROWN, Eddie D.                 03NO1912     19AP1970    2   s of Becky
BROWN, Becky J.                 17SE1890     01AP1987
McMURTREY, Ethel M.             14AU1914     09FE1982        w of Henry
McMURTREY, Henry L.             02MY1913     20JA1997
SCOTT, Anna                     21DE1945     31MH2003
LOVETT, Carl Calso              14AP1945     22DE1995        Pvt  USA  Vietnam
THOMAS, Charlie E.              29OC1907     04NO1974        h of BS
THOMAS, Beulah S.               11AP1909     31AU1990
McMURTREY, Jessie Lee           07JE1935     07AP1988        h of Mary
McMURTREY, Mary Ann             02DE1957
ROBNETT, Lonnie                 10AU1908     12AU1977        h of Ora
ROBNETT, Ora Mae                09JL1913     03JA1974
HEATHCOAT, Lenard               25JA1927     16SE1983        h of Maggie
HEATHCOAT, Maggie               27FE1931
ROBERTSON, Quin D.              23AP1915     29JA1960        Pfc  USA  WW-II
FURNARI, Michael L. (Louie)     26OC1959     16MY1984
URBAN, Albert Agee              26SE1884     15FE1951        h of Emma
URBAN, Emma                     04JL1886     15JL1961
URBAN, S.L.E.                   27MY1837     29NO1908
URBAN, Cassander                04JL1831     21JL1912
STUTTS, Samuel                  15JL1873     25MY1938        h of Malisa
STUTTS, Malisa                  26NO1871     23DE1925
STUTTS, Frank                     1897         1936
BEAVERS, Jesse J.               07NO1892     08AP1975        h of Velma
BEAVERS, Velma W.               14AP1893     27FE1976
BEAVERS, Ester L.               23AU1918     04SE1918
BEAVERS, Minnie L.              14AU1912     11SE1912
BEAVERS, Reba M.                06DE1910     17DE1910
BEAVERS, O.L.                   03DE1929     10DE1929
BEAVERS, Willie D.              06MY1922     15SE1974
BEAVERS, Dessie E.              27FE1916     12AP1988        sister of Ruby
BEAVERS, Ruby W.                20AU1924     24OC1989
MILLER, Patricia Faye                          1959
THIGPEN, William T.             16MH1879     10FE1952        h of MI
THIGPEN, Margaret Ida           24DE1887     08JL1964
RICHARDSON, Boss                06DE1915     30JE1994        Pvt  USA  WW-II
RICHARDSON, Claude P.           11JA1881     20DE1957        h of Nancy
RICHARDSON, Nancy L.            13DE1878     09FE1957
HILL, infant                                 11FE1956        s of Robert O.
McGEE, Lizzie T.                26OC1901     17MH1979        w of LC
McGEE, Luther Cager             16AP1890     16SE1966        Pvt Co A 60 MG BN WW-I
McGEE, Luther Coger             28AP1890     16SE1966        Pvt Co A 60 MG BN WW-I
McGEE, Patricia A.              06JE1943     13FE2001        w of James
McGEE, James R.                 25AU1939     29AP2004
RICHARDSON, Lutie               03JL1900     18OC1989        w of Hart; m 17MH1920
RICHARDSON, Hart                25MY1900     03OC1977
KUTZ, Stephen Peter             14JA1912     24JA1982
CARTER, Betty Sue               19JA1932     12MY2003        w of James
CARTER, James M. *              07SE1927     31JA1976        m 3NO1956
CLEMMONS, Alonza B. *           05JA1902     27JE1973
STELLGES, Joyce I.              20JL1961     04DE1961
CLEMMONS, Robert A.             15NO1935     05DE1935
CLEMMONS, Ida C.                08DE1910     19FE1972        mother of Robert
HAMM, Willie E.                 04NO1903     21JL1967        h of Lena
HAMM, Lena M.                   07JE1907     07FE1984
HAMM, Mary Louise               22FE1938     22FE1938
HAMM, Mettie Sue                31MY1934     08SE1993
HAMM, Bettie Sue                31MY1934     29NO1934
COUCH, Thomas                   16MY1832     18MY1916
COUCH, Martha Lou McGee         10JE1868     17FE1932        w of Thomas
COUCH, Noah W.                  10SE1906     16DE1969
COUCH, Audrey                   21JL1921                     w of Noah
McGEE, Albert J.                08JE1927     30JE1968
McGEE, Mollie                   20JA1881     31OC1955        w of John
McGEE, John B.                  24FE1884     19FE1946
McGEE, infant sons                                           s of JB
McGEE, Rose E.                  01DE1896     21FE1900        d of JO & SM
McGEE, J.O.                     02OC1858     15NO1925        h of SM
McGEE, S.M.                     05FE1862     18JL1922
DOOLEY, Dickie                  08OC1895     27SE1969
ROBERTSON, Raybern B.           16JE1930     05JE1961        A1C  USAF
PHILLIPS, Sally B. Robertson                                 w of Jim
ROBERTSON, N.F.                 24SE1879     25SE1937        h of MA
ROBERTSON, M.A. Urban           01MH1881
ROBERTSON, Ruthie O. *          07NO1917     18NO1918
ROBERTSON, Lillie M.            12SE1899     28MH1992
ROBERTSON, Eddison F.                          1923
ROBERTSON, Cass                                1935
ROBERTSON, Tommie F.            09SE1891     27NO1941        h of Lillie
PIERCE, Ike                       1893         1952
PIERCE, Willie                    1883         1970
PIERCE, Myrtle W.               20OC1913     07JA1993
McCLUSKEY, Iva Nora             13OC1913     28MY2006        w of Eugene
McCLUSKEY, Eugene               18AU1909     31AU1984
ABERNATHY, Cathy                20AP1952     11FE2002        w of Billy; m 30MY1970
ABERNATHY, Billy                01JA1952
PARRISH, Stella Mae             13JE1935     23JL1993        w of Daniel
PARRISH, Daniel Lee             28SE1929     19AP1965
WEEMS, Edna J.                  02FE1939                     w of Wm.; m 2JL1955
WEEMS, William L.               02AP1935     18NO2002
THIGPEN, John C.                02FE1915     01JE1987
THIGPEN, Robert Bruce           21NO1927
PARKER, Kathy Marie                          14NO1959        infant
COUCH, Jessie Lee               15OC1915     27AU1981        h of Helen
COUCH, Helen E.                 04JA1918
COUCH, Eulis L.                 17JA1943     02AP1966
COUCH, John W.                  18AP1870     20AU1962        h of ME
COUCH, M. Etta                  25JL1883     06AP1964
RICHARDSON, Wilma Dean          17JL1944     07JL1945        d of EP & EM
BILLINGSLEY, Emma Mae           15FE1924     20FE2006
JACOBS, Thomas E.               23AU1906     17MH1963        h of Maggie
JACOBS, Maggie L.               14SE1912     24DE1981
ROBERTSON, Alpha O.             05NO1932     21FE1933
ROBERTSON, Geneva               09JE1922     20JE1923
ROBERTSON, Odie J.              27NO1893     13JA1974        h of LJ
ROBERTSON, Lurie J.             06SE1893     26NO1945
ROBERTSON, Marthie *                         27JA1906        d of NF & MA
ROBERTSON, Eldon                02JL1914       1916          s of NF & MA
ROBERTSON, Margaret             01MH1881     25MH1969
ROBERTSON, Fird                 24SE1879     25SE1937        h of Margaret
ROBERTSON, Melvin Lee           05FE1937     16NO2005
McGEE, Susie Bogus              20JE1902                     w of JE
McGEE, Jessie E.                01JE1899     04FE1963
THIGPEN, Minnie *               15AP1902     06OC1928
THIGPEN, Cora                     1881         1930
HOLDEN, Kay                       1964       02MY1990
THIGPEN, George C.                1881         1957
THIGPEN, Lissie                                              w of George
THIGPEN, George Calvin (Buster  05FE1940     15SE1989
ROGERS, Ona                     03AU1893     08JA1981
ROGERS, Matilda M.                1862         1953          w of Wm.
ROGERS, William J.                1860         1948
BEAVERS, Hulda                  22JA1930     24JE1952
BEAVERS, Wheeler F.             16FE1901     24MY1954        h of GM
BEAVERS, Georgia Mae            09FE1902     20JE1972
BEAVERS, Flavil Sally           19JL1923     12OC1986
WEBB, Birdie                    03SE1921                     w of Marshall
WEBB, Marshall                  25SE1920     02JE1972
WEBB, David Neal                12SE1957     08JA1981        h of Rose
WEBB, Sherry Lee                             27FE1977        d of DN & RA
WEBB, Rose Aletha               25MY1957
McGEE, G.T.                     13JL1874     26FE1943        h of Viola
McGEE, Viola                    26DE1876     02MH1920
McGEE, James O.                 08JA1897     08JA1898
McGEE, Kathleen Pearl           26JL1927     05AU1927
BURGESS, Alma Mae               11DE1904     04OC1980        w of GL
BURGESS, Garrett Lacy           14JE1898     23NO1972
THIGPEN, Birdie Mae             23JL1929     23FE1977        w of Wm.
THIGPEN, William Maples         20NO1930     06FE1999
KILGORE, Lewis W.               28DE1904     01DE1954        Pvt  USA  WW-II
WALLACE, infant                                1953          s of Oscar & Ruthie
WALLACE, infant                              28AU1950        s of Ira
WALLACE, Mayme Lee              07MH1909     06SE1979        w of Ira; m 13OC1925
WALLACE, Ira Leland             13FE1904     04JL1984
ROACH, Virgie Mae               11MH1911     23SE1986
CROSSLIN, Mary                    1883         1949          w of Alex
CROSSLIN, Alex                    1871         1954
CROSSLIN, James Larkin          06JA1919     30MH1989
CROSSLIN, Robert Alex           11JL1916     24JA1998
PETTUS, George Franklin         19JA1906     15FE1986        h of Bertha
PETTUS, Bertha E.               20MH1901
THIGPEN, Joshua B.              08FE1828     02OC1905
PETTUS, infant                  29MY1949     29MY1940        d of GF & BE
GARDNER, Rena                   24JL1853     11DE1925        w of Harrison
GARDNER, Harrison               14AP1844     24NO1902
LANIER, Bertha                  18FE1882     30OC1884        d of PH & E
McGEE, Ollie                    15OC1869     05FE1945        w of Wm.
McGEE, William W.               02FE1869     30OC1949
McGEE, R.L.                     08MH1894     20MH1918
McGEE, Elmer A.                 20MH1913     20AU1916
McGEE, John H.                  07SE1888     02AU1892
WEST, Jonnie                                   1881          s of BC & Callie
JAMES, Esther                   cir.1806     11JL1881        w of Joshua
JAMES, Joshua                   cir.1808     26JA1881        73 yrs old
McGEE, J. Leo                   25AP1917     01JE1951
JONES, M.B.                     08FE1859     01DE1931        h of AH
JONES, Alfareta Hill            22SE1859     23JA1927
McGEE, Mettie Cora              23JE1893     02MH1981        w of RG
McGEE, Raymond G.               09SE1892     28MH1948
McGEE, Lonus                    17AP1915     11FE1919        s of GR & MC
McGEE, infant                                                s of GR & MC
McGEE, David Franklin            JE1858      21JE1917        h of Alma
McGEE, Alma B.                  08JE1873     03MH1916
THORNTON, Mirian Lee            01MH1881     10MY1962        w of Dee
THORNTON, Dee H.                20SE1878     27NO1965
McGEE, Jesse B.                 26AU1903     26AU1908
ENGLISH, Andria M.              14FE1912     24FE1912        d of JC & LM
ENGLISH, J. Charlie             17OC1885     11NO1932        h of LM
ENGLISH, Lillie M.              17AU1889     05JA1977
HARVEY, Louise English          31AU1910     19JL1944        w of CO
HARVEY, Cleveland (Whitt)       16DE1907     21AP1988
HARVEY, Willie Elizabeth        14JE1923     30NO1990
THOMPSON, Cynthia E.            06OC1878     12DE1963        w of Wm.
THOMPSON, William N.            23FE1874     17AP1935
WRIGHT, Rebecca C.              29MH1859     04JA1944        w of TJ
WRIGHT, T. Jeff                 15MY1861     19JL1936
VAN PELT, Lola                  29FE1888     31AU1948        w of Dee
VAN PELT, Dee                   12MH1883     04MY1949
CHANDLER, Mattie                22MY1883     13DE1951
CHANDLER, Bethel D.             25MH1893     06JL1963
MANCE, Lillie Pearl             02NO1926     09AP1977
MANCE, Ruth A.                                 1949          infant
MANCE, Elizabeth L.                            1952          infant
HOLDEN, Bobby Eugene            12MH1941     02MH1993
HOLDEN, Claud                   05MY1915     22NO1974
HOLDEN, Edith                   18JE1917     18SE1997        w of Claud
HOLDEN, Claud Jr.               09JE1938     11SE1945
CLEMMONS, infant                             10MH1947        d of JH
CLEMMONS, Jimmie S.             16JE1942     31DE1942
WILLIAMS, James Lee             07AU1918     04JA1990        Tec5  USA  WW-II
WILLIAMS, Bessie Goode          21DE1929                     w of James; m 20FE1947
WILLIAMS, Reda V.               03MY1899     01JA1967        w of JY
WILLIAMS, J.Y.                  11JA1894     11SE1925
WILLIAMS, James C.              27JA1853     17FE1911
KING, S.E.                      12AU1832     14AU1923        w of Hinton
KING, Hinton                    11OC1816     12SE1901
WILLIAMS, M.A.                  04FE1856     18MH1922        w of JC
KING, James W.                  20NO1850     20JL1884
KING, Oscar E.                  01NO187?     24SE188?        s of JW & MA Can't read
McGEE, Matilda E.               16SE1860     22DE1886
McGEE, J.J. Wesley              12AP1862     26AU1887
McGEE, Marthey A.               10JL1834     22NO1915
McGEE, John                       1829       25AU1879
HILL, Sarah C. James            23JL1830     10MH1906        w of AG
HILL, Alfred G.                 17OC1825     27SE1898
HILL, Lavara F.                 02DE1911     08AU2003        Eastern Star; w of PH
HILL, Percy H.                  21FE1903     20FE1968        Mason
HILL, Mattie L.                   1873         1935          Eastern Star; w of AH
HILL, Alfred H.                   1864         1916          Mason
PECK, William R.                06NO1911     19AU1988        h of Lillie
PECK, Lillie L.                 14NO1913     18SE1982        m 10JA1932
ENGLISH, Alma A.                  1891         1983          w of James
ENGLISH, James A.                 1883         1942
ENGLISH, Margaret W. Clemmons   15AP1850     25MH1915        w of JS
ENGLISH, J.S.                   19JL1854     18NO1939
ENGLISH, Delphia E.             01JL1910     16NO1911        d of JA & AA
ENGLISH, Jessie A.              18JE1914     25OC1916        d of JA & AA
COMER, John D.                  02MY1899     09SE1937
COMER, Ella Fry                 05NO1869     08AP1930
COMER, W.F.                     01MH1873     09NO1933
HAMILTON, Sarah E.                           27OC1938        d of JD & SA
HAMILTON, Sarah Ann             08SE1910     11AP1999        w of JD
HAMILTON, James D.              11MY1895     01MH1965
HAMILTON, Mary Maud             20NO1900     10AU1935        w of JD
GIST, Herbert                   13JA1905     30MH1952
GIST, Sarah E.                    1886         1965          w of James W.
GIST, James W.                    1872         1959
COMER, Clora V.                 07SE1880     30NO1971        w of Felix
SMITHERMAN, Clayton Ruth        01AU1909     16DE1991
COMER, Clara Cox                16FE1905     16JA1970        w of CD
COMER, Mary Vernice             11MH1901     01AU1955        w of CD
COMER, Ceaf D.                  20JL1899     24MH1966
ROBNETT, Edward B.              28AP1870     29JL1948        h of Sarah
ROBNETT, Sarah B.               25SE1883     24DE1974
WATSON, baby
BREWER, Miney Staggs              1894         1935
BREWER, Evelyn                    1927         1931
WATSON, Curtis                  20JL1934     09SE1962        SN  USN
WATSON, Lona B.                 25AP1902     12MH1966
FRYE, Elizabeth Ann             01MY1934     17NO1954        d of CM
FRYE, James M. Sr.              13AU1879     09AU1977        h of Mary
FRYE, Mary Ella                 02DE1880     18OC1927
MELTON, Payton                    1893         1951
FRYE, James Mitchell            02AU1907     23JA1983
EZELL, Sula K.                  12AU1878     28JE1963        w of John
EZELL, John M.                  22MH1870     12DE1935
EZELL, Clyde F.                 03DE1910     19SE1911
HILL, Virginia J.               26JL1868     06AU1909        w of BF
HILL, Benjamin F.               13FE1856     05DE1914
HILL, Lydia N.                   JA1828      17FE1873        w of AG
HILL, Sarah Aurelia             19DE1860     23JL1944
HILL, Lucinda                   25JL1822     22FE1856        w of Alfred
HILL, infant                    13FE1856     13FE1856        s of Alfred & Lucinda
HILL, James H.                  10NO1848     29JL1849        s of Alfred & Lucinda
McGEE, Andie                    22AU1886     21OC1889        s of JJ & ZC
McGEE, Willie                   15DE1873     05MH1877        s of JJ & ZC
McGEE, James J.                 15OC1851     06JL1908        h of ZC
McGEE, Z.C. King                05NO1849     06JA1914
KELLEY, Joshua Norman           10JE1979     05JE1995
WILLIAMS, Marcia                20JA1950                     w of YL
WILLIAMS, Yancey L.             29JL1948     07JE1991
McGEE, infant                                25MY1942        s of WL & NE
McGEE, Jerry Lee                             13JE1946        s of MM & RF
PARKER, Pearl                   25MH1902     07MH1952        w of Collins
PARKER, Collins                 09JA1898     23JL1963
BALENTINE, Tommy Glen           19DE1986     29AU2005
ROACH, James                    11JL1942     18JL2000
PARKER, Lula E.                 07JA1907     04SE1945        w of CB
PARKER, Charles B.              09AU1903     09JE1964
TROUSDALE, Quinton              08SE1960     14MY1961        s of JR
ROBERSON, Homer J.                1921         1950
ROBERSON-MORRISON, Frankie B.   21JL1925     12MY1998        B=Beavers
GILLIS, Ruth Ann                31MY1935     08DE1979
VINSON, Lois Marie              09JL1931                     w of VJ
VINSON, Virgle James            24FE1924     30JE1991
VINSON, Janice Marie            09NO1956     30MY2004
OLIVE, William Brice            13JE1925                     h of Wilma
OLIVE, Wilma Dee                05SE1934
WILLIAMS, Lena Comer            15JL1904     17JA1954        w of John
WILLIAMS, John Henry            28MH1910     17JL1980
HOOD, Randle C.                 13NO1887     31JA1969        h of Emma
HOOD, Emma E.                   15MY1891     15JE1951
HOOD, R.F.                      20AP1936     16JE1937        s of HC & AE
HOOD, Hollis C.                 09SE1914     22FE1944
GOFF, Joe W.                    07NO1897     21DE1956        Pvt  Co D 162 Depot Brig WW-I
BREWER, James E.                09MY1861     28DE1928        h of Lou
BREWER, Lou                     24DE1877     18AP1941
McGEE, Bill                     01FE1906                     h of WM
McGEE, Willie Mae               11MY1910     15AP1953
LASH, Gentry                    30AP1899     08AP1974        Mason Eastern Star
LASH, Mary V.                   05OC1907     26JE1987        Eastern Star; w of Gentry
CLEMONS, Charlie T.             18AP1887     08AP1955        h of Nettie
CLEMONS, Nettie C.              10AU1894     18FE1984
CLEMONS, Oscar Lafate                        16JE1926        s of Charlie & Nettie
CUMMINGS, Frances D.            14DE1924     09JL1986        w of Paul
CUMMINGS, Paul Lee              25AU1929     17FE2006
JOHNSON, Nancy Stem               1845         1910
SLEDGE, Bessie                  03JA1908     04SE1929        w of GR
SWINEA, Margaret                14NO1901     08NO1923        mother of Ruby & Willodean
LASH, Nan                         1865         1928          w of Frank
LASH, Frank                       1852         1928
LASH, Nora                      10DE1895     01NO1919        w of JH
LASH, Willow D.                 17SE1918     14MH1919
LASH, Joe H.                      1890         1965
LASH, Nellie L.                   1904         1993          w of Joe
HILL, Rebcca                    12JE1873     02JL1873        d of WH & R
HILL, infant                    20JL1880     20JL1880        s of JA & ML
HILL, W.H.                      17SE1827     06FE1888        h of Rebecca
HILL, Rebecca                   29AP1833     14AU1921
THOMPSON, Homer W.              15JE1894     02MH1937        h of Kate
THOMPSON, Kate M.               02AP1894     03JL1954
ENGLISH, Dorothy                27SE1934     19OC1986
ENGLISH, Anthony G.             27SE1934     13MY1946        s of CM & VM
ENGLISH, Charlie M.             02FE1923     19MY1992        h of VM; USA  WW-II
ENGLISH, Virginia M.            18DE1921     14SE1961
WHITE, Bartley                    1866         1945          h of Amanda
WHITE, Amanda A.                  1864         1933
PARKER, Royce W.                16AP1941     08SE1942        s of JJ & FE
PARKER, infant                               06OC1947        s of HL
ROBERSON, Willie Joyce          08JE1941                     w of JE; m 21JE1958
ROBERSON, James E. (Peter Bob)  11JL1941     09FE2000
JOHNSON, John G.                14OC1873     07JA1961        h of Elizabeth
JOHNSON, Elizabeth              08JA1878     22DE1950
WATERS, Pauline J.              28AU1913     04SE1976
HILL, Lucille                   13DE1911     06AU2001        w of Wayne
HILL, Wayne                     04DE1910     06FE1967        Pfc  Co D 41 Armd Inf WW-II
VINSON, J. Andrew               01JA1890     21JL1980        h of Mattie
VINSON, Mattie L.               13SE1892     13AP1941
VINSON, Bessie Gladys           25NO1900     20MH1988        w of CL
VINSON, Charles Lonnie          20MH1895     27MH1970
VINSON, Jackqueline               1941         1941          d of LC & Dessie
HAMNER, infant                    1952         1952          s of Hunter & Gladys
McMURTREY, Willie D.            15AU1915     16MY1946
COMER, James D.                   1878         1953          h of Lucy
COMER, Lucy                       1877         1940
COMER, Ezra                     22OC1910     03FE1937        26yrs 3mo 11da; w of SA
COMER, infant                   01FE1898     01FE1898        d of JD & LM
STUTTS, George W.               22JA1833     22NO1897        h of Nancy
STUTTS, Nancy R.                16FE1841     06AP1878
BEAVERS, Mary R.                  1872       19NO1879
HILL, James                       1798       28FE1878        h of Catherine
HILL, Catherine                 16NO1802     21SE1872
HILL, Uncle Albert
THOMPSON, Ben F.                  1874         1941          h of Mary
THOMPSON, Mary E.                 1874         1944
THOMPSON, Cecil                 28MY1907     16AU1952        h of Pearl
THOMPSON, Pearl                 23FE1906     28DE1953
HILL, James H.                  30NO1869     08FE1870        s of T & ML
WILSON, James D.                04AP1858     04MH1910
HILL, Artielue J.               30MY1878     14JE1921        w of JJ
HILL, J.J.                      23AU1868     15FE1950
MYERS, John B.                  30AU1946                     h of Betty; m 16FE1980
MYERS, Betty C.                 16MY1953     22SE1997
CLEMONS, Frankie Clevie         23SE1890     13MY1969
CLEMMONS, Eliza F.              15MH1858     01OC1925        w of Aron
CLEMMONS, Aron D.               29OC1866     17JA1943
CLEMONS, Cora                   06AU1894     13OC1963
CANERDAY, Ella                  17OC1889     09NO1988        w of Wm.
CANERDAY, William H.            05MY1888     21FE1935
CANERDAY, Willie Pearl          21JA1917     01MY1964
CROSSWHITE, Angazelle Canerday  19JE1920     25JL2002
GOOCH, Leo B.                   15DE1904     26DE1943
GOOCH, Thomas C.                20AU1870     14JA1944        h of Lonie
GOOCH, Lonie                    13JL1876     08FE1954
GOOCH, Margaret Christine       17NO1898     06SE1904        d of TC & Lonie
OLIVE, Emma R.                  03MH1906     24MY1995        w of Tom
OLIVE, Thomas (Monty)           27JE1934     19JE1973        s of TD & ER
OLIVE, Tom D.                   02FE1901     12MY1968
COMER, Verda Mae                05FE1905     10JA1984        w of JR
COMER, J. Raymond               20MH1901     28OC1967
COMER, Overton L.               11JA1924     10JL1944        Pfc  Co D 88 Div 351 Inf KIA
ROSS, William D.                28SE1866     09MY1948        h of Lutie
ROSS, Lutie S.                  03JL1897     31JL1987
McDONALD, Marcell V.            06AU1922                     w of Bruce; m 23OC1938
McDONALD, Bruce C.              09MY1913     07SE1999
OLIVE, Eugene                   07MY1911     06MH1964        h of Rosie
OLIVE, Rosie A.                   1911         1939
VINSON, Eula C.                 15DE1903     20MY1956        w of John
VINSON, John W.                 04JE1898     09JL1975
COMER, Wylodean                   1925         2006          w of Sam
COMER, Sam                        1905         1958
LILES, Susan M.                 17FE1838     02FE1914        w of Stephen
LILES, Stephen                  18JE1836     21AP1901
LILES, J.A.                     11MH1870     07OC1881
SCOTT, Jesse C.                 01MH1885     21NO1951
VINSON, Annie C.                11OC1868     22JA1956        w of CC
VINSON, Charles C.              04AU1868     20FE1955
HILL, Alfred Hugh               20JL1864     07JL1916
CURTIS, Becky                   18JE1910     14MY2001
CURTIS, Irene                   31MH1922
CURTIS, James Earl              07MH1918     08AU1990        Pfc  USA  WW-II
CURTIS, Maggie                  25MY1886     12MY1967        w of BV
CURTIS, B.V.                    25JE1886     08FE1957
CURTIS, infant                  07MH1918     07MH1918        s of BV
CURTIS, Sarah                   16DE1850     25DE1937
BEAVERS, Becky                  23MY1857     13DE1940
THORNTON, Reeder E.             23JL1913     29JE1992        h of CE; m 4OC1933
THORNTON, Charity E.            27AU1914     08JA1991
MAY, M.B.                       01JE1879     08DE1928        w of WL
CLEMONS, Dommie L. *            09JE1942     03JL1983
HOLDEN, Magielean                 1922         1955
McMURTREY, James H.             06AP1888     03MH1971
McMURTREY, Lucinda A.           10JA1858     26JE1930        w of RB
McMURTREY, Richard B.           11JE1858     27MY1939
McMURTREY, Mattie Lee           05OC1895     07AU1943        w of John
McMURTREY, John N.              23MH1890     02JA1985
McMURTREY, Carrie Lois          19JE1911     01AU1983
McMURTREY, George Travis        13NO1938     16JL1961
THIGPEN, Julius R.              10JE1895     23MY1933        h of Myrtle
THIGPEN, Myrtle E.              27NO1897     11JA1991
PEDEN, George T.                27FE1957     01SE2001        h of DG; m 17JL1976
PEDEN, Dorothy G.               11AP1957     24MH2005
STUTTS, Wiley W.                16MY1891     02MY1939        TN Pvt 168 Inf 42 Div
STUTTS, Velma R.                23AP1895     21DE1975        w of WW
STUTTS, Floyd L.                26MH1926     03JL1980        Sgt USMC WW-II Korea Vioetnam
WRIGHT, Billie E.               07JL1936     17JL1936
WRIGHT, Nellorine               11AU1933     21AU1933

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