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Township 2, Range 7, Section 9

Contributed Dec 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go north on AL 207 for about 4 miles and turn right on CR 551.  Go to the Hurricane Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Judy Mason and updated in Nov 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from east to west.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
ROSE, Arthur L.                  02FE1903      09MY1979     01  h of EI
ROSE, Ellen I.                   10NO1903      05OC1962     01
PATTERSON, Sandra S.             14OC1947                   02  w of Don
PATTERSON, Don C.                23MY1942                   02
WHITMAN, Gearld Glenn Jr.        27NO1984      26MY1997     02
WHITMAN, Flossie Inez            21DE1924      25NO2002     02  w of EC
WHITMAN, Ernest Clayton Sr.      29MH1922                   02
WHITMAN, Billy Wayne             10FE1954      14FE1954     02
FINCHER, Allen G.                07JA1915      26AU1992     03
FINCHER, Homer L. Jr.            15DE1908      08OC1974     03  CM1  USN
FINCHER, Offie                     1904          1975       03
GAUTNEY, J.G.                    11SE1873      15JA1953     03  h of Ella
GAUTNEY, Ella                    28AP1879      20MH1954     03
TUCKER, Douglas W.               21AU1961      01OC1989     03
TUCKER, Eual W.                  05SE1903      23DE1977     03  h of MO
TUCKER, Mollie O.                18MY1906      27MH1996     03
CHAMBERS, Willa Dean             18JA1937      26JA2001     03  w of HR
CHAMBERS, Houston R.             30DE1931      30DE2001     03
TUCKER, Homer                      1900                     03  h of Ida
TUCKER, Ida E.                     1915          1965       03
RIGGS, Claude W.                 31MH1890      08JE1979     03  Pvt  USA  WW-I
RIGGS, Annie S.                  25MY1901      18OC1991     03  w of CW
TUCKER, Tanya R.                 08MH1980      11JL2000     03
TUCKER, Charles L.               11FE1941      01JL1964     03
MOODY, Donnie R.                 06JE1958      18MH1959     03
TUCKER, Theo                     27MY1942      06JE1942     03
THORNTON, infant                                            03  did not find
HAMLIN, Hildred Johnson          22NO1920      05SE1963     03
WEIGART, Peggy Berryhill         23DE1931      17AP1996     03
BERRYHILL, Effie P.              03FE1895      30SE1969     03  w of WE
BERRYHILL, William Emmett        07JL1892      25DE1953     03
WEATHERS, Porter                 29MH1908      13SE1992     03  Sgt  USA  WW-II
WEATHERS, Myrtle L.              26JA1917      17OC1999     03  w of Porter
BERRYHILL, Bella Williams        02JA1933                   03  w of Ray; m 18SE1955
BERRYHILL, Ray D.                03NO1929                   03
BERRYHILL, Billy Harvey          13JL1927      01AU1999     03
FINCHER, Clydie H.               02MH1929                   04  w of AL
FINCHER, Archie Leon             09JE1922      13MY1984     04  AMM 3 USN  WW-II
MICKLEY, Cathy Anita Fincher G   26SE1950                   04  w of Geo.; G=Griffin
MICKLEY, George Frederick        01JL1945                   04
CHILDERS, Millinea               09NO1926                   04  w of WO
CHILDERS, William Odus           26JL1923      04JE1984     04  USN  WW-II
MOODY, Lennice Rose              05JE1911      12JL1988     04  w of JM; m 6OC1928
MOODY, John Mack                 25DE1908      27DE1977     04
MOODY, Martha Jane               01OC1867      12AP1952     04  w of Jim
MOODY, Jim W.                    22SE1866      23NO1947     04
MOODY, Steven Douglas            02NO1966      01FE1998     04
WALLACE, Bonnie M. Moody         02AP1913      30AU1942     04
GRISHAM, Rossie Lue                1904          1936       04
WALDROP, Martha L.                 1843          1930       04
GRAY, Theodore R.                  1904          1930       04
TIPPER, Susie R.                   1881          1933       04
TIPPER, James S.                   1885          1962       04
TIPPER, Velma M.                   1905          1958       04
BELUE, Georgia E.                06NO1875      04MY1960     04
BELUE, Robert M.                 18SE1874      18SE1953     04  h of GE
FINCHER, Ruby Love               19DE1903      06JA1990     04
FINCHER, Fred A.                 03SE1906      30DE1970     04
FINCHER, Maggie M.               06FE1909      20AP1940     04  w of FA
FINCHER, Mary M.                   1887          1949       04  w of HL
FINCHER, Homer L.                  1878          1929       04
FINCHER, Ina S.                  30SE1904      24OC1929     04
FINCHER, James Millard           16MY1924      11OC1998     04
FINCHER, Lenin Burt              20OC1909      14MH1970     04
TUCKER, Bobby Joe                11AU1943      29MH1997     05
PATTERSON, Carl Ray              01NO1944      15JA2001     05
PATTERSON, Oleta                 25AP1913      15AP1992     05
PATTERSON, baby                    1922          1922       05
PATTERSON, Byrnie I.  *            1923          1923       05
PATTERSON, Willie L.               1905          1927       05
PATTERSON, Francis S.   *          1903          1928       05
PATTERSON, Orian                   1920          1996       05
PATTERSON, A. Guy                  1918          1982       05  buried in Los Angeles
PATTERSON, Sallie Belew          22FE1880      12MY1940     05  w of JM
PATTERSON, James M.              16JL1876      09NO1940     05  Pfc  USA  WW-II
PATTERSON, Noble O.                1906          1984       05  buried in Los Angeles
PATTERSON, Jerome F.               1902          1965       05  USA  WW-II
PATTERSON, George P.             02FE1911      29NO1979     05  Pfc  USA  WW-II
PATTERSON, C.O. (Dot)            17NO1908      23MH1996     05  h of MH; m 23NO1927
PATTERSON, Mildred H.            06JE1910      01JE1993     05
PATTERSON, H.M. (Mike)           25JE1945      24JL1993     05
STARR, Guy W.                    22JA1869      10JA1930     05
PITTS, George J.                   1862          1941       05  h of Eva
PITTS, Eva Starr                   1878          1962       05
MOODY, infant     *              07OC1932      10OC1932     05  s of SC
WALLACE, Betty Jean                            16MY1936     05  d of Lester
HOWARD, Rebecca E.               24NO1873      19MY1939     05  w of JW
HOWARD, John W.                  24OC1869      24DE1942     05
HOWARD, Quixie A.                  1909          1976       05  w of BH
HOWARD, Buster H.                  1907          1961       05
KELLEY, S. Walter                17AP1884      28DE1967     05
KELLEY, Sallie G.                23AP1885      23JL1962     05  w of SW
HOWELL, William Luster Sr.       20MY1912      22JL1977     05  h of NE; m 7MH1934
HOWELL, Nela Ellen Romine        29AP1918                   05
TIDWELL, Edgar James             04SE1924      03JL2003     05  h of CF
TIDWELL, Celestine Fincher       14OC1929                   05  m 26JA1946
TIDWELL, Jonathan James          09JA1955      02NO1977     05
EZELL, Alma                      14AU1912      01MY1995     06  w of Earlie
EZELL, Earlie                    08OC1904      04MH1983     06
VARNELL, Alice E.                28SE1892      08JL1942     06  w of WE
VARNELL, infant                  26JA1931      26JA1931     06  d of WE & Alice
VARNELL, Ida Frances             17OC1868      18MY1946     06  w of FF
VARNELL, Ferman F.               05JL1865      18MY1929     06
MOODY, C.R.                                                 06
MOODY, James W.                  15OC1900      22JE1928     06
MOODY, Henry Huston              15MY1905      07JA1967     06  h of AL
MOODY, Annie Lena                19MH1905      18OC1945     06
MOODY, Delmer C.                 07SE1931                   06  h of Sue; m 23NO1983
MOODY, Sue                       25SE1935                   06
EATON, Maude Adell               22AU1903      17DE1903     06
EATON, Grace Mabella             28JE1902      16AP1904     06
EATON, Francis Jane              20OC1904      15AU1905     06
M, M.S.                                                     06
M, C.D.                                                     06
LAMAR, Nellie Mae                21JL1917      06AU1917     06  d of MM & CL
LAMAR, Carry L.                  06JA1887      24MY1923     06  w of MM
SPRINGER, Oakie Lamar            18NO1902      28MH1982     06
LAMAR, Shirley Ann               01DE1936      25MY1996     06  w of WF
LAMAR, William Frank             02MH1931      16JE1996     06
BERGIN, Florence D.              26SE1887      18MY1917     07  w of SD
SMALLWOOD, Mary                    1923          1924       07
SMALLWOOD, Omie                    1895          1924       07
SMALLWOOD, Jasper                  1918          1918       07
MOODY, Mary Hudson               22MH1861      14JL1933     07
HUDSON, Mary C.                    1862          1933       07  w of Mose
HUDSON, Mose D.                    1857          1898       07
GIBSON, Fannie H.                                1932       07  one date
GIBSON, Alex                       1883          1958       07  h of FH
TUCKER, James T.                   1882          1955       07
GIBSON, Edna Smith               01DE1912      11NO1994     07  w of WE
GIBSON, Willie Eddie             01JL1908      01DE1988     07
MOODY, R.L.                      18MH1868      07OC1923     07
GIBSON, James D.                 10SE1915      20JA1929     07
GIBSON, Bea L.                   30AP1884      06DE1924     07  h of JV
GIBSON, Julia V.                 19MY1877      06FE1958     07
GIPSON, baby boy                 30AP1937      30MY1937     07
VARNELL, Billy M.                13DE1929      25AU1997     07
VARNELL, Miles S.                  1868          1940       07  h of AE
VARNELL, Annie E.                  1868          1937       07
VARNELL, Artie L.                29MY1898      25OC1972     07
VARNELL, Georgia                 26MH1856      19MY1940     07
VARNELL, William R.              29MH1855      03MH1941     07
VARNELL, Ernest N.               07AU1897      05MH1966     07  Pvt HQ Det Svc Unit WW-I&II
McCAFFERTY, Leslie Reston        21MH1971      09SE1999     07
McCAFFERTY, Eroy P.              10MY1925                   07  h of DM
McCAFFERTY, Dorothy M.           02AP1929      12NO1967     07
FERGUSON, Ellen V.               14FE1881      03AP1974     07
WIGGINTON, Opal Beatrice         10MY1930                   07  w of OR; m 1OC1949
WIGGINTON, Obie Ray              27FE1931                   07
WIGGINTON, Elizabeth             06MH1947                   07  w of AG
WIGGINTON, Alvie Gene            28JA1935      11JA2002     07
LONEY, Grant                     04AU1956      29JA2005     08
CORUM, Shelby Jean               11AU1936                   08  w of TW
CORUM, Thomas William            22JE1934      27JE1992     08
CORUM, Evia M.                   03NO1913      12AP1988     08  w of WO; m 2MY1929
CORUM, William O.                27SE1910      23AP1984     08
WIGGINTON, Delbert Lawrence      18MY1940      19MY1999     08
WIGGINTON, Bertie Irene          10AP1912      23DE1998     08  w of BC; m 11OC1927
WIGGINTON, Bishop Calvin         22JA1911      29JE1985     08
WIGGINTON, Roy Carl              23JE1933      28MH1985     08
WIGGINTON, infant triplets       27JA1947      27JA1947     08  children of Bishop & Bertie
WIGGINTON, Harvel Lee            17JA1938      17MY1980     08
GOODMAN, L. Vernon (Elder)       11MH1912      15MY1992     08  h of Wilma
GOODMAN, Wilma I.                07SE1915      27OC1977     08
VARNELL, Pearl E.                22AU1912      15DE1980     08
VARNELL, Farland                   1901          1959       08
VARNELL, Susie                   27FE1903      31MY1929     08  w of JF
UNDERHILL, Sleetie Dell V.         1921          1950       08
THORNTON, Larry Vance            19NO1968      07JA1990     08
MORRISON, Barry Lance            02AP1962      22DE1992     08
GIPSON, baby girl                16FE1939      23MH1939     08
PHILLIPS, Leon F.                17MY1915      02JE1917     08
DAVENPORT, Mary A.               21MH1846      11OC1900     08  w of Ira
DAVENPORT, Ira H.                05SE1846      18FE1927     08  Pvt Co E 9 AL Cav CSA
DAVENPORT, Edward                  1838          1862       08  Pvt Co H 4 AL Inf CSA
TUCKER, Vona Webster               1913          1927       08
TUCKER, Vona's baby                1927          1927       08
TUCKER, baby                       1925          1925       08
TUCKER, Annie                      1927          1930       08
TUCKER, H.A.                       1877          1939       08  h of MB
TUCKER, Maude Bell                 1891          1979       08
POSS, baby                         1914          1914       08
FINCHER, Lula O.                   1894          1974       08
POSS, S.A.                         1895          1936       08
POSS, Johnnie Wiley  *           30DE1916      02FE1978     08
POSS, Janie Lee                  29MH1918                   08  w of JW
TURNER, Judy Carole              22OC1952                   08  w of BH
TURNER, Benny Howard             05FE1936      06JA1999     08
GOODMAN, M. Van Della            29OC1891      29FE1952     09  w of WO
GOODMAN, Winfred O.              06AP1889      21DE1951     09
GOODMAN, William Ray               1926          1934       09
GOODMAN, Nancy M.                  1855          1927       09
GOODMAN, James F.                  1855          1917       09  h of Nancy
GOODMAN, Mary L.                 27JA1895      22DE1895     09  d of JF & NM
VARNELL, Duel L.                 30JE1936                   09  w of HD
VARNELL, Horace D.               13JE1926      03DE2005     09
PARTRICK, Jesse Willard          29MH1915      18JL1915     09
PARTRICK, Wynoner                15MH1921      28FE1922     09  d of CM & ML
PARTRICK, Minnie L.              28AU1893      13MH1931     09
FLEMING, Jerry W.                06OC1943      04MH1985     09
STEPHENS, Thomas Brooks III      14JE1992      15OC1996     09
GROUSE, William C.               23JL1912      01NO1988     10  h of EI
GROUSE, Ester I.                 17MY1922                   10
GRISHAM, Freeda Faye             06SE1945                   10  w of Ollins; m 23NO1960
GRISHAM, Ollins                  18MH1940      22MH1997     10
MOODY, Alfred  9did not find)      1840          1920       10  Pvt Co C 1 AL Inf CSA
HUNT, Mary Ellen                 11MY1881      23JE1928     10  w of JF
HUNT, Jessie F.                  14JA1878      23MH1948     10
PARTRICK, Hubert R.              23MH1915      05DE1967     10
PARTRICK, Clara                    1885          1966       10  w of Robert
PARTRICK, Robert                   1885          1918       10
RIGGS, Mitt                        1857          1937       10
BOSTON, J. Wess                                             10  h of Ella
BOSTON, Ella L.                                             10
EASTEP, E.                       07JL1826      06DE1888     10  w of Isaac
EASTEP, William T.                 1840          1900       10  Pvt Co C 16 AL Inf CSA
BOSTON, V.A.                     25??1875      18SE1885     10
MOODY, infant                    18MH1907      14JL1907     10  s of JW & MJ
MOODY, George                    08JA1900      01JL1904     10  s of JW & MJ
DAVIS, Nora                      04JA1897      29MY1965     10
DAVIS, Richard                   07DE1881      16FE1952     10
DAVIS, Lillie                    07AP1886      28SE1910     10
DAVIS, Leo                         1909          1921       10
GOWEN, Rufus F.                  12AP1894      15OC1951     10  Pvt 121 Inf Div WW-I
DAVIS, Othella                   13SE1915      27JL1916     11
DAVIS, Dewey L.                  08JL1914      11SE1915     11
GOWEN, Martha U.                 05JA1860      11JE1914     11  w of MB
GOWEN, Marcus B.                 10DE1850      15OC1894     11
MOODY, R.L.                      09MY1889      15NO1889     11  d of JW & MJ
MOODY, Alfred                    15OC1840      25JL1920     11  Pvt Co C 1 AL Inf CSA
MOODY, S.A.                      15NO1840      01JL1921     11  w of Alfred
MOODY, Henry L.                  23FE1870      09FE1905     12
MOODY, William R.                08FE1872      15AU1888     12
MOODY, Georgie E.                10SE1879      10NO1880     12
WILSON, Wesley                   22DE1874      06MH1879     12
EASTEP, Moses                      1845                     12  broken stone
RIGGS, W.T.                        1861          1952       12
HARAWAY, James G.                08JE1865      10NO1934     12  h of SE
HARAWAY, Sarah E.                24OC1877      09MH1940     12
GOODMAN, James O.                28MY1931      06AP1976     12  Cpl  USAF  Korea
GROSE, Eva Marie                 23AP1966      14FE1998     12  question death date
GOAR, Otties L.                  03FE1938      18NO1998     12  h of Betty
GOAR, Betty S.                   04JL1943                   12
PERRY, M. Imogene                07NO1913      19NO1995     13  w of OA
PERRY, Odis A.                   27NO1904      31AU1983     13
BUTLER, Christopher Scott        04MY1976      26MY1993     14
CAMP, Aubrey Deryl (John)        24SE1939      08DE2005     14  h of RM; m 1JE1963
CAMP, Rachel Marie Jackson       11AU1940                   14
JACKSON, Richard M.              13AU1938      14MH1981     14  s of JF & MV
JACKSON, Minnie V.               14JA1910      02AU2001     14  w of JF
JACKSON, Jesse F.                18AP1903      09OC1986     14
WOOD, Norma E.                   18SE1928      15OC2004     14  w of DF
WOOD, Dale F.                    23JL1923      25SE1996     14  Cpl  USAAC  WW-II
GROSE, Bill J.                   01MH1949      29MH2002     14  h of PL; m 27MY1967
GROSE, Peggy L.                  12MY1949                   14
HUNT, Dennis Ray                 06DE1954      01AU1987     14
GRAEFF, Rhonda Lynn              24JL1965      08MH1969     14
EASTEP, Hollins W.               07MY1914      04OC1977     14
EASTEP, Dessie M.                  1884                     14  w of GW
EASTEP, George W.                  1876          1960       14
EASTEP, Solomon                  26AP1826      18NO1907     14  Pvt 16 AL Inf Regt CSA
BLAKELY, Millard                 05AP1889      15JL1902     14
BLAKELY, Mary Eastep             01JE1869        1925       14  w of JS
BLAKELY, John S.                 18FE1867      27NO1894     14
SLEDGE, Mary J.                  09JA1848      22MH1884     14
SLEDGE, Presley  *               21JL1840      09OC1879     14  h of MJ
SLEDGE, Jessie                   01AP1877      10SE1877     14
SLEDGE, William                  18AP1870      15AU187?     14
HAMMONDS, A.W.                   06DE1887      13AU1888     14
HAMMOND, Joseph M.               23AU1876      07MH1902     14
TALLEY, Christopher Robert       14DE1977      29SE2002     14
BOHANNAN, John                   19DE1814       OC1865      15
BOHANNAN, Amy                    17JE1825      21MY1905     15  w of John
JACKSON, Lucy Ann                22DE1843      17JL1910     15
MORGAN, Ella                                                15
EASTEP, William D.               22FE1879      17JA1930     15
EASTEP, Ellen S.                 25SE1881      12DE1969     15  double with LM
EASTEP, Lutie Mae                24JE1906      05DE1972     15
EASTEP, James S.                 30DE1838      30JE1918     15  2nd Sgt Co C 16 AL Inf CSA
EASTEP, Susan H.                 29DE1841      11MH1908     15  w of JS
EASTEP, Bernice                  13FE1904      08NO1907     15
EASTEP, Susie Lee                29OC1921      29OC1921     15
EASTEP, Willie D.                29OC1921      02MH1922     15
EASTEP, J. Vernon                  1909          1935       15
HARDIMAN, Mack V.                17MH1892      07OC1918     15
HARDIMAN, Della                  17MH1894      02FE1907     15  d of RH & MR
HARDIMAN, Richard H.             07JE1852      13OC1914     15  h of MT
HARDIMAN, Margaret T.            15JL1853      12JA1925     15
GIPSON, Bobby Joe                12AP1933                   15
ENGLAND, James F.                28JA1915      24AU1971     15  h of EE
ENGLAND, E. Evalean              29AP1917      27DE1990     15
GIBSON, Louis B.                 25DE1911      27JA1984     15  h of Evie
GIBSON, Evie                     08MY1917      14DE2005     15
GIBSON, Mason Louis              01DE1946      20DE1991     15
RICE, infants                                  05SE1901     16  s & d of GN & ME
MORRISON, Curtis                 30JE1921      04MY1995     17  h of Edna
MORRISON, Edna                   23SE1920      08NO1998     17
MADRY, Dorothy M.                18AP1938                   17  w of RJ
MADRY, Redus J.                  26MY1933      17JA2003     17
MOORE, Amanda Lou                25FE1968      09JE1995     17
GIPSON, Joyce Kelley             15MY1946      19AP2004     17
GIPSON, Jimmie Ruth Burney       29FE1940                   17  w of OU
GIPSON, Ollis U.                 01JA1936                   17
GIPSON, Marty Joe                02JE1958                   17
RUSK, Mary Lee                     1926          1926       17  d of JA & Magie
RUSK, Magie Lene                   1926          1926       17  d of JA & Magie
RUSK, Magie                        1888          1926       17  w of JA
FREEMAN, Christenia Jane           1836          1914       17  w of James H.
McMEANS, William Oliver            1860          1937       17
McMEANS, W. Ross                 22OC1888      21SE1955     17  h of NL
McMEANS, Nettie L.               16MY1895      16OC1987     17
SMITH, Emma S.                     1874          1961       17  w of TB
SMITH, Thomas B.                   1882          1957       17
WILSON, Lela Mae                 03JL1923      16FE1994     17  w of TT
WILSON, Teddy T.  *              04DE1919                   17
SMITH, infant                    16JE1910      16JE1910     18  d of TB & Emma
McMEANS, Annie Pearl             01MH1907      06SE1908     18  d of SH & LB
McMEANS, Lydia Myrtle            09MH1900      09JL1921     18  d of SH & LB
McMEANS, Samuel H.               15JL1874      05JA1948     18  h of LB
McMEANS, Laura B.                15MH1877      02JL1963     18
HOOIE, Andrew J.                 16NO1854       OC1925      18
HOOIE, Luvina Birdwell           20AU1858      15JL1920     18  w of AJ
HOOIE, Marvin A.                 11MH1897      22OC1899     18  s of AJ & LF
HOOIE, Paul M.                   03DE1887      07JL1900     18  s of AJ & LF
SMITH, Barnie T.                 19MY1911      04FE1920     18
SMITH, Chester G.                13MH1899      01AP1920     18  Woodman
SMITH, H. Comer                  18AP1906      19SE1960     18
SEYMOUR, A. Dellia               03FE1899      27FE1971     18  w of LA
SEYMOUR, Lewis A.                12MY1891      30NO1975     18  Wagr  USA  WW-I
SEYMOUR, Lester J.               28JE1934      17MY1981     18  double with MS
SEYMOUR, Mary S.                 01FE1927      06JL1997     18
SEYMOUR, Monroe A.               12OC1931                   18  h of BL
SEYMOUR, Betty L.                03FE1935      17AP2005     18
CARLOCK, Darcus                  10JL1917      07JA2000     19  w of RE
CARLOCK, Richard E.              08OC1917      24MY1991     19
CARLOCK, Sallie Myrtle           23FE1901      15JA1983     19  w of RF
CARLOCK, R.F.                    05NO1891      07JA1947     19
CARLOCK, Delphine                05AP1934      30MH1936     19  d of RF & SM
REED, Annie R.                   18NO1880      25JE1963     19
CARLOCK, Mary J.                 14AU1853      27FE1928     19  w of RE
JACKSON, S.C.                    24JA1863      16SE1929     19  w of DJ
JACKSON, D.J.                    12JE1867      29JA1950     19
FAVORS, Elzie                      1909          1910       19
ROGERS, Clayborne K.             25SE1825      05MH1872     19
SMITH, Jesse M.                  28AP1884      03NO1884     19  s of JF & MS
SMITH, Mark A.                   23MY1881      20MH1892     19  s of JF & MS
SMITH, Blanche J.                14JA1896      12DE1899     19  d of AK & AV
SMITH, Hettie M.                 22JA1899      22MH1900     19  d of AK & AV
WILSON, Lizzie                     1885          1953       19  w of GW
WILSON, George W.                  1877          1950       19
HUNT, Grady Lee                  05AU1914      11AU1979     19  h of SJ; m 16OC1959
HUNT, Sarah J.                   23MY1911                   19
WILSON, Minnie Evaline (Miss)    16AP1902      23MY1997     19
CARLOCK, Evelyn Wilson           30JE1921      15MY1991     20  w of Ellis
CARLOCK, Ellis L.                15JA1920      19JL1994     20
CARLOCK, Cathy Ann               11FE1953      14FE1953     20
HAGOOD, James Oather             01AP1911      28DE1974     20  Pfc  USA  WW-II
HAGOOD, Pitts                    03NO1864      09JA1933     20  h of Luella
HAGOOD, Luella                   26OC1880      13DE1937     20
FAVORS, Ellen                      1866          1915       20  w of Frank
FAVORS, Frank                      1854          1947       20
FAVORS, Nan                        1835          1913       20
FAVORS, Nancy Jane Downs         09NO1837      11MH1913     20
FAVORS, Thomas                     1833          1890       20  Co I 48 TN Inf CSA
WEATHERS, Patricia Ann           14JL1947                   20
NEWTON, Lou R.                   24NO1878      17DE1944     20  w of ED
NEWTON, Ernest D.                15NO1876      24OC1973     20
HUNT, Duey J.                    20JA1909      17JA1918     21
NEWTON, Nancy (Wilburn)          25JA1823      12AP1861     21
NEWTON, George S. (Dr)           15AP1819      17DE1895     21  h of Nancy; m 15JA1839 Laud.
NEWTON, James H.                 05OC1844      09FE1893     21
NEWTON, Elizabeth                28AP1853      01NO1899     21  w of JH
NEWTON, R.C.                     19JE1842      30MY1917     21
NEWTON, Rebeca                   19JE1842      16MH1928     21
NEWTON, Euen R.                  19DE1881      06NO1971     21  h of NL
NEWTON, Noma L.                  18JE1886      17MH1935     21
NEWTON, Idell                    12NO1908      08SE1909     21  d of ER & NE
NEWTON, infant                   30AU1905      30AU1905     21  infant of ED
NEWTON, Berta Irene              02JA1917      03JE1941     21
NEWTON, James D.                   1880          1931       21  h of Eliza
NEWTON, Eliza L.                   1889          1973       21
NEWTON, infant                     1950          1950       21  s of Ralph & Iva
NEWTON, Commodore R.             13DE1912                   21  h of Ruby
NEWTON, Ruby E.                  19DE1924                   21
NEWTON, James Dalton             07JL1952      06NO1992     21
NEWTON, Ralph D.                 13JA1927      10JA1983     21  Pfc  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Iva Nell                 07AU1932      06MH2003     21  w of RD
NEWTON, Noble James              07MY1925                   21  h of Ruby; m 25OC1945
NEWTON, Ruby E. Gray             14FE1927                   21
SHEDD, Buell Alton Sr.           07AU1919      20AP2004     21  Tec5  USA  WW-II
SHEDD, Arlie McCafferty          07MY1920                   21  w of BA; m 7JE1947
McCAFFERTY, Josephine Evans      27DE1928      03AP1997     21  w of Arlin; m 19AU1960
McCAFFERTY, Arlin                07MY1920      02SE1996     21  S1  USN  WW-II
McCAFFERTY, William Alton        12OC1922      05MH1984     21  Pfc  USA  WW-II
McCAFFERTY, Delsie Elaine        19JL1917      26JA1984     21  w of WA
McCAFFERTY, Thomas I.            05JA1914      09JE1981     21  h of Ruth
McCAFFERTY, Ruth N.              12MH1916      04FE1988     21
McCAFFERTY, Angela McGill        20AP1968      18SE2003     22  w of AK; m 31MH1994
McCAFFERTY, Arlin Keith          06MH1965      18SE2003     22
BELUE, E. Ellaree                10SE1916      23DE1997     22  w of TN
BELUE, Theron N.                 11JL1913      20JL1993     22
BELUE, Ruth                      26SE1915      08FE1916     22  d of RM & GE
WHITE, W. Lewis                  12MH1912      09JE1914     22  s of Huston & Ina H.
WHITE, infant                    05DE1907      05DE1907     22  d of HF & IL
HAMMONDS, Ivie Belle             27SE1903      30MH1904     22  d of WC & LV
TUCKER, Lolar                    11SE1885      21FE1926     22  w of JA
TUCKER, Violer                   12JL1919      27DE1924     22  d of JA & LV
TUCKER, Elcie                    26OC1913      25MH1917     22  d of JA & LV
McMEANS, A.J.                    20FE1856      28JA1920     23
McMEANS, Eliza A.                04JA1852      14JL1908     23  w of AJ
M, L.O.                                                     23
M, D.M.                                                     23
McMEAMS, Lydia (Varnell)         18SE1834      15NO1905     23  w of WC; m 5JA1853 Laud Co
McMEAMS, W.C.                    20DE1822      07MH1897     23
McMEAMS, M.S.                                               23
McMEAMS, Permelia A.             13JE1858      20??1962     23
McMEAMS, Daniel R.               01MH1854      29MY1858     23
McMEAMS, Jessie G.               28FE1878      15SE1879     23
McMEAMS, Keziah V.               20OC1870      15AU1872     23
McMEAMS, Carson R.               11DE1867      15AU1872     23
TUCKER, James A.                 14AU1877      06JA1962     23
VARNELL, R.O.                    03JL1874      13AP1943     24
VARNELL, William H.              19JL1829      09JE1907     24  Pvt Co E 9 AL Cav CSA
VARNELL, Martha E. (Weathers)    07AP1833      21FE1907     24  w of WH; m 13JA1853 Laud
BRADLEY, Hattie                  14JE1884      25FE1949     24  w of Owen
BRADLEY, Owen                    14DE1884      13DE1962     24
OAKS, Marie                      16SE1930      16SE1930     24
VARNELL, Martha Elaine           16SE1925      14AP1993     25
VARNELL, Oneida Mc                 1893          1960       25  w of WB
VARNELL, W. Blanchard              1890          1949       25
VARNELL, Grady                   15JA1896      15NO1927     25  h of JS
VARNELL, Jennie Sinyard          07MY1898      06JA1993     25
VARNELL, H.G.                    15JA1896      15NO1927     25
VARNELL, J.M.                    24JA1862      11AP1923     25
VARNELL, Mary F.                 29OC1859      07AP1911     25  w of JM
VARNELL, Bruce M.                12FE1924      19MY1973     25  Tec4  USA  WW-II
FOWLER, Mary Tennel               JE1773       07DE1855     25  w of Robert
McKEE, Derrell                     1818          1864       25  h of Keziah
McKEE, Keziah                      1810          1859       25
NUGENT, Mose P.                    1856          1896       25
NUGENT, Mary Wilodean              1890          1895       25
PERRY, Dosha Lee                 19MH1906      19JL1923     25  d of GP
PERRY, Mary F.                   12SE1871      17JA1964     25
PERRY, G.P. (Rev)                25JL1868      16FE1945     25
PERRY, George S.                 11JA1903      11FE2005     25  102 years old
PERRY, Kate Waddell              10AP1910      12FE1996     25  w of GS
PERRY, Otis A.                   27NO1904      31AU1983     25  h of MI
PERRY, Martha Imogene            07NO1913      19NO1995     25
WEATHERS, Robert A.                1900          1955       26
WEATHERS, Lula Belle             16MY1878      27MY1934     26  w of Bayless
WEATHERS, Bayless                07FE1872      14DE1934     26
PERRY, infant                    26DE1919      30DE1919     26  s of MC
WEATHERS, Kizie E.               16JE1896      26JL1897     26  d of BB & LB
WEATHERS, William Samuel         02FE1839      16SE1879     26  Corp Co C 16 AL Inf CSA
MARTIN, Claude                   14OC1896      06MH1961     26  h of Ruth
MARTIN, Ruth                     21FE1900      28FE1974     26
GAUTNEY, Robert Levern           07OC1949      16MH1950     26
WEATHERS, William P.               1805          1877       28  h of MA; m Laud Co 22MY1828
WEATHERS, Mary Ann (Burney)        1805          1877       28  h of MA; m Laud Co 22MY1828
WEATHERS, Rebecca C.               1835          1919       28
DABBS, Tanya Lee Moody           12DE1973      23SE1992     29
WEATHERS, Eunice Velma                                      29  d of BE & Mary
WEATHERS, Mary E.                  1855          1884       29  w of BE
WEATHERS, Sarah F.               04MH1875      30AP1966     29  w of WR
WEATHERS, William R.             11AU1875      15AP1950     29
ALRED, Ellis C.                  05MH1942      28AP2004     30  h of JG
ALRED, Joyce Gibson              23DE1944                   30

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