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Survey Contributed 24 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 just past mile marker 38 and Gray Family Furniture Store, and turn north on Bonita Drive.  The cemetery is in the second block on the right.  Within the main fence is a fenced area, herein listed as Section A.  The tombstones outside Section A are considered Section B.  Rows are numbered from the street.  An * indicates correction of an error or additional information from the previous survey by William Q. Hill.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
SCOTT, Lizzie A.                 19DE1874      02AU1932     A01
PHILLIPS, Harry                  03JE1914      15MH1971     A01  MM1  USNR  WW-II
PHILLIPS, Hiram S.               12SE1909      22JL1931     A02
PHILLIPS, Ella Scott    *        20JL1878      23DE1952     A02  w of John C.
PHILLIPS, John C.                10JA1868      08MY1922     A02
PHILLIPS, Nolan L.               20AP1916      15DE1918     A02
SCOTT, Robert A.                 22SE1846      01AP1910     A02  h of Annie
SCOTT, Annie Hough               26FE1847      09JA1909     A02
HOUGH, John R.    *              07MY1799      03MY1849     A02  Born in Chesterfield Dist SC
HOUGH, Anna Cockburn               1805          1892       A02  w of John R.
SMITH, Nancy                     20MH1837      31JL1894     A02  w of RH
SMITH, R.H.                      07OC1839      14SE1922     A02
THOMPSON, Edna E.                  1870          1914       A02  w of Rufus L.
BIRD, Johnnie (Miss)             25NO1858      21NO1934     A02
SMITH, Nannie                    08MY1873      13JE1937     A02
SMITH, Jennie                    28AP1875      04NO1937     A02
PEDEN, Nancy Elizabeth     *     06MY1814      03OC1913     B01
MOORE, Virgil                    16MH1922      17AP1996     B02  Cpl  USA  WW-II
PEDEN, baby                       22FE?         03DE?       B03
PEDEN, Shaler Huston  *          07MH1929      18FE1937     B03
PEDEN, Martha Ann *              16JA1931      16JL1940     B03
PEDEN, Mattie *                  24AP1895      13SE1944     B03
PEDEN, Shaler *                  03JL1876      29AU1951     B03
McCANN, John H.                  26AU1861      24NO1901     B04  Woodman
LACKEY, Anna M.                  19AU1807       buried      B04  w of James
FLIPPO, Richard     *            28AU1964      20OC1965     B04  s of Bob & Dean
SHOOK, Catherine Louise          15MH1923      05MY1995     B04  w of Homer
SHOOK, Homer Loyd                04MH1919      01OC1986     B04  Tec5  USA  WW-II
PERRYMAN, Leslie C.              04AP1923      22OC1987     B05
PERRYMAN, Mary J.                18AP1920      25JL1990     B05
MYRICK, Bradley                  23JL1888      23OC1957     B05  h of Laura
MYRICK, Laura                    19AU1899      13SE1992     B05
PEDEN, W.J.     *                 NO1848       07JA1922     B05
PEDEN, Calvin                    28DE1802      29MH1856     B05
BAUCH, W. McW.                                 31AP1856     B05  bad date inscribed
HIATT, Robert Eugene             11AU1992      11AP1996     B05
FRANCIS, Emmer                                  MY1940      B06  w of Jack
FRANCIS, A.J. (Jack)               1849          1939       B06
BANKS, Susan                     08JA1847      26AU1915     B06  w of Eli
BANKS, Eli  *                    09FE1845      30JE1895     B06
BANKS, William  (Will)           06SE1871      23JA1894     B06
BANKS, R.H. (Bob)                28DE1869      11AP1939     B06
BANKS, Beatrice Gray  *          14AP1883      01JA1958     B06
FRANCIS, Woodrow                 09DE1912      24FE1981     B07  h of Cymenthia
FRANCIS, Cymenthia               13DE1919      19MH2003     B07
FRANCIS, Richard                 19JE1946      20NO1946     B07
BANKS, R.H. Jr.                  15AU1915      15AU1915     B07
SCHAEFER, Amber                  29AP1991      26JE1991     B07
SANDERSON, Della R.              25MY1883      19MH1954     B08
SANDERSON, C.R.                   DE1887       18DE1959     B08
LANIER, Routha C.  *             07AU1852      18MH1870     B08
STAGGS, Lonnie H.                09OC1879      04AU1964     B10  h of Betty
STAGGS, Betty                    29JL1888      17DE1955     B10
SMALLWOOD, Fannie S.             22FE1875      01SE1934     B10
SMALLWOOD, Frances D.            19JA1844      08NO1906     B10
SMALLWOOD, Josephine             19JL1842      05MH1902     B10
SMITH, Mary Belle                04AP1873      13FE1914     B10
SMITH, W.D.                      01AU1868      05FE1919     B10  h of MB
THOMASON, Ed                       1875          1957       B10  h of Martha
THOMASON, Martha                   1879          1957       B10
THOMASON, Virgil                   1924          1973       B10  Sister
THOMASON, George E.              20SE1908      27AU1989     B10  Brother
THOMASON, Leslie I.              17JL1920      31DE1990     B10  Sister
RICKARD, Edgar Hugh                            17DE1925     B11
LANIER, Florence E.              22NO1897      08SE1969     B11
SANDERSON, Bobby Eugene          10JA1950      12JL1951     B11
SANDERSON, J. Noah               22MY1867      23NO1956     B11
BONDS, Thomas Howard  *          10AU1918      30JE1960     B11
SANDERSON, Ella                  02JE1871      27NO1933     B11
SANDERSON, Homer E.                1910          1938       B11
SANDERSON, Josie V.                1879          1951       B11
SANDERSON, John H.                 1871          1945       B11
HALL, Bonnie M.                  23SE1906      15AP1983     B11
HALL, Iver R.  *                 17OC1901      23JL1968     B11
HALL, Don Gayle                  01JA1930      20AU1977     B11  SN  USN
MINOR, William M.                18MY1857      20FE1934     B12  h of Sallie
MINOR, infant                                  31MH1898     B12  d of WM & SA
MINOR, Sallie Ann                18JL1861      18SE1906     B12  w of WM
MINOR, William P.                10NO1902      04SE1904     B12  s of WM & SA
HILL, Lalla C.                   01NO1895      23SE1896     B12  d of JR & JL
ROBINSON, Walter *               27NO1898      19FE1936     B12
SANDERSON, James A. Jr.          07JA1919      29OC1971     B12
MUSE, William Samuel Jason       29AP1841      18MY1918     B12  h of Annie
MUSE, Annie Eliza                07DE1859       JL1944      B12
FLIPPO, Charles                  05AP1965      05AP1965     B13  s of Owen & Etta
FLIPPO, Patsy Ann                20AP1972      20AP1972     B13  d of Owen & Glenda
McGEE, Gladys L. Flippo          28JA1933      03FE2001     B13
JAYNES, Isaac David                1856          1940       B13
JAYNES, Liza Gilbert               1865          1925       B13
SMALLWOOD, Jane                                             B13
SMALLWOOD, G.W.                  04MH1832      22FE1907     B13
JAYNES, Emma E.                    1884          1919       B13
JAYNES, Paul                       1911          1932       B13
JAYNES, Sidney                     1907          1932       B13
ROBINSON, Liz                                               B13
ROBINSON, Bob                                               B13
MINER, Dorothy Leona             08SE1914      10MY1916     B13
MINER, Ella May                  18MY1921      11JE1922     B13
STEVENSON, Pearl                 31JA1900      06NO1926     B14  d of JT & Fannie
JAYNES, T. Willard                 1882          1939       B14
FLIPPO, Rufus N.                 29FE1876      05DE1957     B14  double with Cora
FLIPPO, Cora G.                  27SE1900      30AP1983     B14
FLIPPO, Thomas Owen              16MH1942      08JL2006     B15
FLIPPO, Jimmy Ray                08JL1935      13AU2002     B15
CRAMER, Charles M.                 1862          1928       B16
CRAMER, Fannie L.                  1873          1909       B16
CRAMER, Frank                    15AU1894      05SE1913     B16
CRAMER, Melvin                   29JE1906      05JA1934     B16
HALL, Mattie Jones                 1861          1917       B16
JONES, Leila                       1917          1917       B16
JONES, Felix E. Jr.                1919          1919       B16
JONES, Gladys M.                   1922          1922       B16
JONES, Felix E.                  03SE1891      27FE1924     B16
SHOOK, Charlie Ray               02NO1962      06SE1986     B16
SHOOK, Carl Edward               13JA1929      19AP1986     B16
SHOOK, Charles Franklin          01MH1859      06JE1951     B16
CARTER, W.J.                     29DE1861      29JE1947     B16
CARTER, Sarah E.                   1870          1917       B16  w of WJ
CARTER, Jinney E.  *             09AP1903      10FE1917     B16
MAHATHA, Thomas Ray              21NO1940      24DE2000     B16
MAHATHA, Walter C.               11JL1908      05DE1970     B16
McCOY, Lucial  *                 03NO1935      08DE1935     B16
BASSHAM, William Melvin  *       20MH1916      27JL1917     B17  s of Ashford & Lizzie
MAHATHA, Lue M.                    1886          1942       B17
MAHATHA, William F.                1880          1960       B17  h of Lue; m 1JE1901
ALEXANDER, Jean Johnson          12AU1904      05SE1955     B17
PERRYMAN, David L.               20SE1947      14JL1973     B17
HOLLANDER-RISNER, Margaret B.M   23FE1860      27NO1973     B17  M=Maxwell
TIDMORE, Leannie Peden           19NO1939      22JE1999     B17
RICKARD, Lilie  *                              13AP1919     B17
RICKARD, Alice                                 10DE1919     B17
RICKARD, Pink                                  25SE1952     B17
YOUNG, Mallie Rickard            31MH1908      28FE1968     B17
STEVENSON, Lillie                11SE1874      18OC1936     B18  w of Joseph
STEVENSON, Joseph B.             17JL1875      25SE1961     B18
SMITH, Norma J.                  23JA1930      13SE1966     B18
SMITH, Paul Ray                  11DE1955      25MH1956     B18
KIMBRELL, Jessie (Mrs)           24DE1900      17MH1925     B18
RISNER, Mandy  *                 22DE1880      14MH1943     B18  w of Dock
RISNER, Dock  *                  02DE1877      01JA1953     B18
PIGG, infant                     09JA1920      09JA1920     B18  infant of R & A
MUSE, baby                                                  B19
SWINEA, Georgia L.               10MH1882      08AU1979     B19
SWINEA, Will C.                  20MH1882      26DE1921     B19  h of GL
SANDERSON, Charles (baby)                                   B19
SANDERSON, Ray  (baby)                                      B19
HATHCOATE, O.T.                  15FE1887      05AP1938     B19
HENDON, Paul F.                  19OC1916      17FE1941     B20
THOMPSON, William R.             16SE1938      02JA1993     B20  USN
THOMPSON, Mettie Clyde           10AP1898      19JE1975     B20
PAYNE, Lynn Muse                 01MY1914      04FE1964     B20
MUSE, Carrie                     16JL1877      14NO1942     B20  w of JW
MUSE, James W.                   31JL1871      07NO1944     B20
MUSE, Mattie Ruth                26AU1910      09JL1949     B20
MUSE, Jesse D.                   27FE1896      26NO1956     B20  h of Mattie
MUSE, Hollis T.  *               13NO1893      16MY1946     B21

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