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Contributed 5 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to the Killen Post Office, turn left and go over to J.C. Mauldin Road.  Turn right and the cemetery will be on your right. This cemetery was surveyed by Doris & Karen McGee in 1995 and updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates correction of an error in the earlier survey.  The rows are numbered from east to west. Map.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
HARRISON, Raymond Lee            24JA1910      26MY1911     01  s of Bernie L & Maggie B.
HARRISON, Stephen Earl           17FE1913      19FE1913     01  s of Bernie L & Maggie B.
HARRISON, Buford LaFayette       08AP1914      26JE1914     01  s of Bernie L & Maggie B.
HARRISON, Baby Boy               13OC1920      13OC1920     01  s of Bernie L & Maggie B.
WHIT, William Lois                 1921          1945       02
WHITE, Georgia                   09DE1895      09AP1945     02
NEWTON, Rose McP(eters)            1889          1975       02  w of EA
NEWTON, Edward A.                  1889          1983       02
JONES, Kate McPeters             04MY1899      24MH1988     02  w of CC
JONES, Clarence C.               26AU1898      17JE1968     02  Pvt STU Army Tng Cps AL WW-I
LITTRELL, Lora McCrory           25JL1908      07JL1939     02
LITTRELL, Lloyd                  28AU1920      19MY1971     02  TSgt  1150 Base Unit AAF WWII
LITTRELL, Bernice C.               1882          1973       02  w of KL
LITTRELL, Killen L.                1879          1948       02
FOWLER, Velma H.                   1885          1961       02  w of WH
FOWLER, Willie Harvy  *            1882          1951       02
MUNN, Elenora                      1909          1984       02
MUNN, Fannie B.                    1882          1964       02
MUNN, David M.                     1868          1947       02
McPETERS, Lena                   27AU1874      15MY1939     02  w of JC
McPETERS, John C.                25MH1861      04OC1949     02
STUTTS, Alan William             05JA1905      12SE1974     02  h of AL
STUTTS, Annie Laura              27OC1910      14MY1992     02
STUTTS, James H.                   1910          1974       02
STUTTS, William D.                 1874          1938       02  Mason; h of MS
STUTTS, Mollie S.                  1875          1963       02  Eastern Star
STUTTS, Bradley L.                 1918          2000       02  SSgt  USA  WW-II
STUTTS, Anna U.                    1920                     02  w of BL
McPETERS, Fannie E.              01NO1864      20JA1947     02  w of JB
McPETERS, J.B.                   12SE1858      05DE1931     02
HURD, James J. Jr.               10AU1913      31MY1917     02  s of JJ & Annie L.
HURD, Alice C.                   13MH1874                   02  w of WH
HURD, William H.                 23NO1873      05MH1938     02
HURD, Sam Sharp                  10MH1895      05FE1909     02  s of JF & ML
HURD, James F.                   28JL1850      05OC1917     02  h of ML
HURD, Margaret L.                06MH1852      21MH1921     02
HURD, Lucy C.                    21JA1879      04AU1940     02  w of JH
HURD, John H.                    11DE1869                   02
PACE, Verla Rose                 08JE1922      14DE1979     02  w of CF
PACE, Charles F.                 18JE1919      08AU1974     02
PACE, J. Michael                 14SE1943      17MH1990     02
DONAHOO, John                                               03  long cement slab
CROSS, Sarah A.C.                cir1828       14JL1850     03  w of CW
CROSS, Benjamin                  10OC1791      08OC1845     03  born Green Co TN;
CROSS, Martha                    23OC1795      08SE1873     03  w of Ben
CROSS, Ann Eliza                  JA1850       10FE1850     03  24 days old; d of SE & MJ
CROSS, Shadrach E. (Dr)            1824          1902       03
CROSS, Margaret Shelburne          1827          1905       03  w of SE
KILLEN, Robert Meade             30NO1912      21MH1996     03  h of EA
KILLEN, Edna Akin                18OC1906      18SE1982     03
KILLEN, Jennie M.                18AP1872      02SE1938     03  w of JS
KILLEN, J. Sharp                 01FE1868      28JA1949     03
PEDEN, Thomas H.                                            03
KILLEN, Corinne                  15JE1896      11JA1990     03
HARRIS, Thomas C.                25MY1885      28DE1974     03  h of AL
HARRIS, Annie L.                 07MY1883      11JA1936     03
COX, Bradley T.                  12OC1888      27MH1985     03  h of Bess
COX, Bess Stutts                 15JE1899      30NO1957     03
HEATH, Lila Stutts               29MH1907      02AU1972     03  w of Matson
HEATH, Matson Aubrey             16MY1906      05DE1991     03
ROWLAND, infnat                                19AP1970     03  infant of Linda Kay
SHERRARD, Richard                30JL1929      20MH1940     03  s of AR & Myra
SHERRARD, Arthur R.              21MY1899      10NO1970     03  h of Myra
SHERRARD, Myra P.                02NO1903      19AP1978     03
COOPER, Anson W.                 01NO1920      06JA1995     03  h of Helen
COOPER, Helen M.                 08MY1923      10MY1984     03
McCABE, Fred C.                    1887          1952       03  Woodman
McCABE, Ola M.                     1890          1974       03  w of Fred
McCABE, Larry M.                 28OC1914      15AP1994     03  h of Annie
McCABE, Annie M.                 15SE1907      15AU1993     03
McCABE, John W.                  29AU1925      25SE2003     03
JONES, John S.                     1900          1963       03  h of MM
JONES, Mae Munn                    1903          2000       03
GRISHAM, Veta Joyce Faires       27AU1935      11AU1957     03  w of Earl
FAIRES, W. Roy                   08JA1912      08MH1998     03  h of Kathleen
FAIRES, Kathleen                 23JA1917      31MY2004     03
FAIRES, Margaret Frances         17FE1884      14MY1967     03
HARRISON, James M.               26JE1901      06MH1965     04  h of ML
HARRISON, Myrtle L.              13NO1901      09DE1962     04
HARRISON, Ed C.                  16DE1902      01JA1988     04  h of Cora
HARRISON, Cora A.                01MY1904      07FE1959     04
ANGEL, Mayme Stutts              03JL1897      23JA1984     04  w of JA; stone in bushes
ANGEL, James Andrew              10MH1888      29SE1974     04  stone in bushes
HURD, Mary Sue                   06FE1887      29JE1968     04
STEVENSON, Bessie M.             22JL1901      11NO1989     04  w of JTB
STEVENSON, Joseph T.B.           03NO1894      31OC1945     04  Mason
PULLER, Mary C.                  30JE1911      10MH1970     04  w of HO
PULLER, Hardy Otis               21NO1908      23NO1984     04  Tec5  USA  WW-II
HARRISON, Maggie                   1883          1970       04  w of BL
HARRISON, Bernie L.                1877          1959       04
ROBERTS, Windell O.                1918          1977       04  Pfc  USA  WW-II
ROBERTS, Princess E.                                        04  w of WO
CROW, Mattie L.                  22AP1885      13SE1963     04  w of Wm
CROW, William Coleman            18MY1878      17JE1948     04
LEVISEN, Janie Doris  *          29AU1917      09FE1974     04
McPETERS, Louise A.                1895          1980       04  w of JA; Eastern Star
McPETERS, John A.                  1891          1955       04  Mason
RICHARDSON, Robert E.              1905          1945       04
TANNER, William A.               14FE1862      25JL1934     04  h of Ellen
TANNER, Ellen                    18AP1868                   04
McPETERS, Betty Ann      *       20MH1925      12DE1947     04  d of GL & ML
McPETERS, George L.              11FE1895      09DE1954     04  h of ML
McPETERS, Mary Lynn              19AU1897      07MY1988     04
SIMPSON, Avery L.                  1910          1939       05
SIMPSON, Tennie J.                 1866          1953       05
SIMPSON, John H.                   1898          1975       05
SIMPSON, Sherman J.                1903          1977       05
LeMASTER, James O.                 1886          1950       05  Mason & Woodman
LeMASTER, Annie B.                 1892          1970       05  w of JO
MOBLEY, Martha Ann               07AP1864      10AP1944     05
MOBLEY, Berry                    29JA1887      10MY1954     05  s of Martha
COX, Emma E.                     12SE1885      29MY1970     05  w of EG
COX, E. Guy                      01JA1887      10NO1964     05
RICHARDSON, Mima L.              19JA1911      07MY1949     05  w of JD
RICHARDSON, John Dee             30AU1911      07MY1949     05  s of JW
HARRISON, William M.             07AU1875      13MH1944     05  h of DB
HARRISON, Delilah Blalock        20FE1877      15AU1972     05
HARRISON, Henrietta              26MH1917      11OC1970     05
EZELL, Ruth Harrison             26FE1899      12OC1991     05  w of LJ
EZELL, Lawrence Jones            08OC1898      31OC1983     05
McGEE, Wanda K.                  14JE1952      23OC1994     05
TANK, Beverly A.                 10MY1935                   05  w of TO
TANK, Thomas O.                  29JA1933      18DE1987     05  Pvt  USA  Korea
TANK, Kathleen D.                01JA1919                   05  w of JE
TANK, James E. Jr.               03JE1921      01AU1984     05  USA  WW-II
TANK, Effie Alma                 25JL1892      11AP1974     05  w of JE Sr.
TANK, James E.                   11OC1882      27FE1972     05
PHILLIPS, John Hough             20OC1910      04JA1997     06  h of MH; m 24DE1934
PHILLIPS, Mildred Holden         02OC1916      07FE1996     06
PHILLIPS, Don T.                 12JL1938      12AP1991     06
HALE, Alabama (Bama)             22AU1881      17MH1957     06  w of Wm
HALE, William (Bill)             15AP1874      05AP1957     06
MAHONE, William Bryan III        30MH1960      14MH1961     06
MAHONE, Amanda Bryan             06JA1884      27JA1946     06
COATS, Rena                        1876          1948       06  w of Tom
COATS, Tom                         1878          1948       06
COATS, Luther D.                 20MH1910      22JL1945     06
GOODWIN, Ethel M.                07AU1899      30SE1972     06  w of BD
GOODWIN, Bennie D.               19JE1897      29SE1972     06
GOODWIN, Ruth Parker             18SE1925                   06  w of Arnold
GOODWIN, Arnold                  22DE1923                   06
SEGERS, Douglas J.               12SE1961      07JE1974     06
SEGERS, Thomas G.                22MH1869      18DE1947     06
SEGERS, Sarah                    20JA1905      25DE1953     06
HENSON, Frona                    28MH1877      04JL1944     06  w of Sam; Eastern Star
HENSON, Samuel                   02NO1870      05JA1959     06  Mason
HENSON, Annie Leigh              10AU1907      26JL1995     06
HENSON, John                     30JL1912      28JE1951     06  h of Grace
HENSON, Grace                    27OC1915                   06
GIFFORD, Howard W.                 1895          1974       06  Cpl  USA
WHITE, Grady                     02OC1916      01JE1996     06  Cpl  USA WW-II
MILLER, Louisa                   04JA1880      25JA1961     06  w of Edward
MILLER, Edward                   01MY1880      24JE1948     06
PEDEN, Bobby Gene                16DE1934      08AU1936     06  s of DRed
PEDEN, Edward                    05SE1899      03FE1963     07
PEDEN, Haywood                                   1950       07  only one date
PEDEN, Mary M.                   30NO1880      17JE1934     07  w of Haywood
LOGAN, William Claude  *         14AU1895      14OC1950     07  h of LM
LOGAN, Lottie M.                 29DE1898      08JL1982     07
LISBY, Fred J.                   16MY1896      20NO1971     07  USA  WW-I
LISBY, Johnnie E.                29NO1900      10AU1965     07  w of Fred
LISBY, J.C.                      20FE1921      20OC1941     07
LISBY, Arnold E.                 15SE1939      03DE1984     07
PEDEN, Virgil L.                 22AU1908      19SE1994     07  h of Hazel; m 2JE1934
PEDEN, Hazel M.                  04AP1915      10JE1999     07
PEDEN, Percy C.                  24JL1921      25FE1954     07
PEDEN, Thomas C.                 29FE1872      12MH1935     07
PEDEN, Emma M.                   15MY1878      10JA1958     07  w of TC
PEDEN, James Sr.  *              12SE1900      24FE1988     07  h of BR; m 20SE1922
PEDEN, Beckey Ruby               18AP1904      16MY1985     07
GOOCH, Johnnie G. *                1910          1988       07  h of Hazel
GOOCH, Hazel                       1912          1989       07
GOOCH, infant                    16JE1937      16JE1937     07  s of JG & AH
PELT, Charlie O.                 05FE1881      07MY1947     07  h of MA
PELT, Mattie A.                  01OC1886      15MH1983     07
VAUGHN, William Lewis Jr.        23MH1962      27DE2003     07
ADOMYETZ, William M.             11JA1869      04SE1943     07  h of Lula
ADOMYETZ, Lula Mae               16DE1882      21DE1989     07
ADOMYETZ, Raymond B.             20DE1903      10FE1987     07  h of MI; m 26DE1926
ADOMYETZ, M. Idell               05OC1908      21DE1989     07
ADOMYETZ, John (Bill)            03NO1928                   07  h of Nell
ADOMYETZ, Nell J.                16MY1931                   07
STUTTS, Albert R.                01JL1896      05FE1969     07  h of MC; m 21DE1935
STUTTS, Mildred C.               17MH1906      20AP1984     07
CROWE, Boyce W. (BW)             23FE1908      18NO2001     07  h of AL; m 9JE1934
CROWE, Allie L. (Rena)  *        28JA1910      21JE1992     07
CROW, John H.  *                 11MH1910      21MY2002     07  Mason
CROW, Louise L. *                27AU1915      26AP1973     07
KILLEN, Patricia Flynt           18MY1945                   07  w of WF
KILLEN, W.F. Jr.                 30JA1932      22DE1993     07  Cpl  USA  Korea
GOOCH, Ruby B.                   19DE1925      06JL1998     08  w of JB
GOOCH, J.B.                      05OC1926      06AP1963     08
GOOCH, Michael J.                              30JE1949     08
SHARER, Beatrice Grigsby         30MY1911      14MH1996     08
GRIGSBY, Buford L.               07JL1915      04JA1979     08  Mason
GRIGSBY, Ethel Alicia            08DE1888      02AP1978     08  w of WH
GRIGSBY, Wiley H.                11NO1884      29NO1949     08
SIMPSON, Harry E.                13FE1923      29AP1990     08  Pvt USA  WW-II; Mason
SIMPSON, Columbus M.               1888          1953       08  h of MC
SIMPSON, Madge C.                  1886          1947       08
GOOCH, Cicero V.                   1875          1946       08  h of KO
GOOCH, Katie O.                    1888          1950       08
PARKER, Harold W.                20FE1922      22FE1989     08  Tec5  USA  WW-II
PARKER, Sybil Peden              04FE1925                   08  w of HW
PARKER, Tony Lee                 14JA1955                   08
AMBURGEY, Gertrude Gooch S.      20FE1923      13DE2005     08  S=Sparkman
SPARKMAN, Doris Jean             10NO1942      07OC1947     08  d of JD
MILLER, Wylie D.                 15FE1913      18OC1947     08  w of AL
MILLER, Annie Lucille *          27AP1921      09JA1962     08
SIMPSON, Roxie Ann               22FE1894      29DE1967     08
HAYES, Reeder Dee                16JA1927      24OC1969     08
HARRIS, Mary Laura               18JA1948      22FE1948     08
HARRIS, Cecil A.                 17JA1918      15JA1985     08  MSgt  USA  WW-II
HARRIS, Cecil Milton             19OC1942      24MY1996     08
TIDWELL, Sue Bretherick          22JL1942                   08  w of RH
TIDWELL, Robert Herman           15DE1942      13NO1998     08
LARD, Roy Eugene *               05AU1946      21JA1951     09
GRIGSBY, Burchell Wayne *        18NO1932      03JA1991     09  Pfc  USA  Korea
MILLER, Brenda Parker            16NO1949                   09  w of James; m 7NO1965
MILLER, James (Wylie)            26NO1947      24JA2005     09
PEDEN, Tomy Lee *                23DE1905      25JA1988     09
PEDEN, Inez                      12AU1891      28NO1976     09  w of Doxie
PEDEN, Doxie                     20AU1881      04JL1962     09
COX, Mattie Elizabeth            11NO1906      25JE1995     09  w of HR
COX, Herbert Roy  *              12DE1898      06JA1984     09
GIAMBRA, Joseph G.  *            18JL1950      24NO1966     09
BENEVIDEZ, Anna Maria            09JL1982      07JA1983     09  d of John & Phillis
STEPHENS, Ella Lorene            21AU1919      17JL1997     09  w of WD
STEPHENS, Wilson David           04FE1917      09JE1984     09
VALENTINE, Sebastien R.          28AP2004      28AP2004     10
MOON, Charlotte Smith                                       10  w of Wm
MOON, William Larry              07MH1940      18SE1999     10
LEWIS, Blanche M.                06MH1897      25DE1986     10  w of Emil
LEWIS, Emil P.                   30JA1889      09SE1970     10
CASTLEBERRY, Marion A.           17JA1889      05MH1951     10  h of AV
CASTLEBERRY, A;ice V.            29JL1893      13DE1954     10
MYRICK, John B.                  27JL1892      09AU1963     10  h of MS
MYRICK, Mattie S.                27AU1897      18MY1980     10
KILLEN, Clifford L.                1900          1949       10  h of FE
KILLEN, Fannie E.                  1899          1951       10
GRIGSBY, Emma Coats              22AU1898      04AP1990     10  w of BB
GRIGSBY, Bernie B.               04OC1897      17NO1987     10

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