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Township 2, Range 7, Section 32

Contributed 1 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Rogersville and turn north on AL 207.  At the 4-way stop (Lee Street) turn left.  The cemetery is on the left.  It has a walled in area with about 18 graves that is listed as Section B.  Section C is the eastern part which had only four stones previously recorded as the Black section. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Mary Lois Graham & Eleatha Howard.  It was updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert and includes a number of old tombstones not previously listed.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
NUGENT, Mose Allen               06MY1882      15DE1958     A01
NUGENT, Velma Randolph           02JA1907      18MY1968     A01
WEAVER, John A.                  17OC1876      12OC1939     A01
WEAVER, George S.                20JE1879      13JA1946     A01  h of ZC
WEAVER, Zilpha C.                23OC1881      03AP1969     A01
MASON, Lynch N.                  10NO1908      03FE1959     A01  h of CW
MASON, Christine W.              17JA1912      10DE1979     A01
HOWARD, John W. Jr.              09AP1892      11AU1974     A01  WGR  USA  WW-I
HOWARD, Della Mae Ezell            1892          1957       A01  w of JW
OLDHAM, Sallie                   24OC1868      08JA1956     A02
NUGENT, William M.               24DE1896      23JA1949     A02
WEATHERS, Miria                  20AP1840      14MH1925     A02
HARVELL, Miles                   11JA1833      09OC1916     A02  Pvt Co E 9 AL Cav CSA
HARVELL, Clemmie J.              17JL1858      29MY1938     A02
OLDHAM, Hubert                   22OC1900      14MY1936     A02
OLDHAM, J.B.                     25DE1868      10JA1946     A02
PATTERSON, Ralph W.              13DE1905      01NO1961     A02
WARMACK, Mary A.                 07AU1844      11AP1919     A02
WARMACK, Edna Earl               02AP1873      19MH1962     A02
PATE, Lorena B.                  14JA1867      26JL1931     A02
PATE, Jesse A. (Dr)              02AU1845      21OC1929     A02  h of LB
EZELL, Lorena Pate               05MH1887      19OC1923     A02
EZELL, Sarah Elizabeth           31MY1914      07JL1915     A02
EZELL, James Murry               17JE1909      27AU1910     A02
WHITEHEAD, Jean Maurice                        31DE1927     A02  infant
WHITEHEAD, Thomas F.             08JA1920      08JA1920     A02
HARAWAY, Hattie Lue              04DE1871      18AP1955     A02
HARAWAY, John D.                 09SE1851      29MY1929     A02
NUGENT, William B.               08MY1837      16JE1914     A02  Pvt Co I 9 AL Inf CSA
ANDREWS, Bernice B.                1874          1948       A02  Eastern Star; w of TC
ANDREWS, Thomas C.                 1870          1939       A02  Mason
HARRISON, infant                               25AU1935     A02  infant of Roy A. & Lura R.
DEAN, Albert N.                  17NO1898      15DE1932     A02
DEAN, Betty Jean                 30OC1932      11AP1934     A02
PATTERSON, Mary K.               15SE1901      15MY1982     A03
PATTERSON, Maude Warmack         19JE1876      07JE1961     A03  w of Joe L.
PATTERSON, Joseph L.             11JE1873      15OC1918     A03  Woodman
PATTERSON, Russell L.            18MY1913      21SE1913     A03  s of JL & Maud
PATTERSON, Lena Mai              30JA1907      14MY1907     A03  d of JL & Maud
EZELL, Josephine                 26FE1861      18MH1951     A03
EZELL, Christopher C.            23OC1858      26JA1933     A03
EZELL, Jennie E.                   1877          1941       A03
EZELL, Samuel Thomas             12AU1862      09AU1907     A03
EZELL, James William             09OC1855      17JA1907     A03
HOWARD, Mollie G.                29NO1869      16JE1949     A03  w of JW
HOWARD, John W.                  29OC1860      08MH1914     A03
YARBROUGH, Anna Belle            09MH1863      20AP1933     A03
YARBROUGH, Penelophy A.          05MH1839      02AU1923     A03  w of WC
YARBROUGH, W.C.                  28DE1836      26JL1909     A03
YARBROUGH, Joseph Riddick        13AU1867                   A03
HARAWAY, W.B.                    18MY1856      17MY1922     A03
HARAWAY, Ida A.                  14DE1860      12MH1907     A03  w of WB
BRADLEY, Sarah Eileen     *      24AP1916      10FE1917     A03
HOLDRIDGE, Mary Glenn            04SE1909      25OC1913     A03  d of Rev WT & ME
HARAWAY, Sara Italine            28MY1909      08SE1909     A03  d of CE & SF
McMURRY, Lella L.                29DE1886      22AU1913     A03  w of WJ
McMURRY, Marjorie Fay            21AP1910      08SE1913     A03  d of WJ & LL
McMURRY, Anna Bell Briggs        19SE1844      20AP1920     A03
INGRAM, Carrie Fulks             12MY1876      17NO1922     A03  w of JL
FULKS, Thomas                    10OC1889      03MH1922     A03  Mason
BeBUSK, infant                                 07FE1912     A03  d of RE & FE
PATTERSON, Joe Ella              25MY1865      12SE1916     A03  w of Jeff
PATTERSON, Jeff Ross             29NO1860      12JL1942     A03
TROUSDALE, Edgar A.              02AU1880      22DE1963     A03
TROUSDALE, Joe L.                14MH1893      01JA1914     A03
TROUSDALE, Susan G. Weaver       08DE1848      27OC1904     A03  w of JF
TROUSDALE, John F.               07OC1842      19MH1938     A03  Co I 4 ARK Cav
KYLE, Bettie                     cir1844       21AU1917     A03
WHITE, infant                                  16OC1924     A03  s of TA Jr.
WHITE, infant                                  17JA1918     A03  s of TA Jr.
WHITE, Callie Lou                30AP1892      14FE1963     A03  w of TA Jr.
WHITE, Thomas A.                 28AU1890      21MY1950     A03
LeMAY, Martha Ann                01JL1839      27MY1910     A04  w of Samuel
LeMAY, Samuel                    24FE1838      28SE1917     A04
LeMAY, Leon P.                   22SE1874      20JE1901     A04
LeMAY, Mattie                    12JE1875      31DE1957     A04  w of LP
WADDELL, Lillie May                1878          1942       A04  w of WF
WADDELL, W.F.                    12AP1881      16OC1930     A04  Woodman
WADDLE, A.D.                     27NO1853      02NO1906     A04
WADDLE, Margarett C. Weaver      03FE1853      13JA1900     A04  w of AD
ANDREWS, R.D.                    cir1832       23MH1904     A04
ANDREWS, Mittie                  13MH1839      04MH1907     A04  w of RD
FULKS, J.T. (Rev)                15JA1848      16FE1904     A04
FULKS, Fannie L. Weaver          01NO1850      03AP1918     A04  w of JT
INGRAM, Kate Lee (Daisy)         15AU1908      04SE1917     A04  d of JT & Carrie
FULKS, M.A.                      27JL1877      02OC1903     A04  s of JT & FL; Mason
HOGAN, Martha                    10DE1832      19JL1918     A04  w of SC
HOGAN, Samuel C.                   12OC        13MH1890     A04
WEAVER, Martha J. Briggs         29AU1853      15JL1916     A04  w of WJ
WEAVER, William Joseph           12SE1844      19MH1911     A04
GRAHAM, John A.                  31DE1879      08MH1959     A04
GRAHAM, Viola                    13MY1887      17SE1923     A04  w of JA; m 21JA1906
GRAHAM, Annie May                01NO1908      02NO1908     A04  d of JA & V
RICHARDSON, James C.             18AU1900      12OC1900     A04  s of JA & MD
HURN, Mary Cunningham              1836        05JA1900     A04  w of FM
CUNNINGHAM, Lizzie               25JL1890      30DE1899     A04  d of ST & MA
WARMACK, infant                  06FE1918      06FE1918     A04  d of BK & NV
WARMACK, Charles D.              20JE1920      04SE1920     A04  s of BK & NV
SPRINGER, William Marion         21AU1833      20OC1884     A04
SPRINGER, Rutha J. Oldham        14JE1826      09SE1896     A04  w of WM
FLANAGAN, Ann                    19SE1810      19JE1876     A05  w of Sam
FLANAGAN, Samuel (War of 1812)   17MH1793      30JE1871     A05  Pvt Buford's Co Lt Regt VA Mi
FLANAGAN, Martha F.              26JL1812      01JE1861     A05
PRINCE, Sarah E.                 15AU1856      16DE1856     A05  d of MW & MJ
STAMPS, Maranda J.               27DE1850      19JE1853     A05  d of Wm L & ML
STAMPS, Joshua D.                10JL1805      13JE1853     A05
STAMPS, Elizabeth                17JE1808      16AP1853     A05  w of JD
STAMPS, Martha L. *              15DE1827      06AP1853     A05  w of Wm L.
FUQUA, Albert Oliver             13JL1889      20DE1898     A05  s of WJ & NE
MOYLER, J.W.P. (Dr)                            25SE1847     A05
CRAMER, Mary E.M.                11OC1833      28JL1852     A05  Consort of Alvis
FUQUA, J. Ingram                 04DE1887      04MH1956     A06
FUQUA, Nellie W.                 14AU1864      21FE1947     A06  w of WJ
FUQUA, William J.                25FE1854      22FE1925     A06
OLIVER, Etoile                   25AU1882      25OC1890     A06
DAVENPORT, Thomas Luckey         12AP1845      07MY1845     A06  s of T & S
DAVENPORT, James                 19JA1843      17SE1852     A06  s of T & S
DAVENPORT, Lucrecia ESB          25SE1852      25AU1855     A06  d of T & S
HENDRIX, Martha Marbut           01FE1791      19DE1859     A06  w of Henry; d of John & Sarah
DAVENPORT, Thomas                31AU1810      31MY1854     A06
KELLY, Edith (Edy)               15JL1810      06DE1873     A06
KELLY, Henry J.                   24AU?                     A06  s of SJ
WEAVER, Caroline                 20OC1807      03FE1888     A07  w of Adam
WEAVER, Adam                     21AP1797      20AU1866     A07
PAGE, Janie Ivorea               03MY1924      27OC1924     A08
PAGE, Irene Cox                  28JE1901      25MH1938     A08  w of Luther
KENNEY, Mary Jane                25JA1836      21FE1860     A09  d of John & Jane G.
CARTER, Thomas W.                08DE1848      03JL1873     A09  s of MJ & MA
INGRAM, Mozella                  03FE1845      17FE1907     A09  w of Joseph
INGRAM, Joseph                   07SE1825      12MH1912     A09  Pvt Co E 9 AL Cav CSA; Mason
Hazle?, Mollie E.                05MY1859      17JE1861     A10  d of TB & SC
YOCUM, Thomas R.                 27AP1881      25OC1898     A10
OLIVER, Emma L.                  27MY1863      08AP1939     A10
OLIVER, A.O. (Dr)                08SE1855      13AU1888     A10
OLIVER, William                                25OC1849     A10
GILBERT, William Boutla          30JA1843      15DE1844     A10
YARBROUGH, William Lenwood       26AU1910      12OC1910     A14  s of SE & ML
YARBROUGH, Alexander Carr        29AU1903      06SE1903     A14  s of SE & ML
YARBROUGH, S.E.                  15JA1874      26JE1913     A14
SHOLAR, William                  20NO1785      06JE1845     A14
S, A.R.                                                     A14
LANIER, Rosa                     16FE1867      12OC1886     A15  w of TO
LANIER, T.O.                     15MY1862      26MY1895     A15
APPLETON, Lolalee Lanier         05MY1858      01OC1895     A15
LANIER, Cylvester E.     *       14AP1827      28FE1901     A15
SIMMONS, Anna W.                   1878          1934       A15  w of Woodrow
SIMMONS, Woodrow Jr.             28OC1875      10MY1954     A15
HARAWAY, Bayless S.              27NO1882      10DE1919     A16
HARAWAY, John Albert             25AP1840      23FE1913     A16  Serg Co E 9 AL Cav CSA
HARAWAY, Martha                  09SE1839      23NO1888     A16  w of JA
LANSFORD, William B.             04JL1835      17SE1837     A18  s of TA & Mary
ROGERS, Elvira I.                cir1837       04AU1861     A18  w of SH;d of J & Esther James
JAMES, Harriett S.               27FE1832      11OC1853     A18  d of Joshua & Esther
CRUCHER, Mary H. (James)         cir1836       02JE1858     A18  w of Wm H; d of Joshua
LANSFORD, Mary H.                27AP1814      05AU1844     A18  w of TA
LANSFORD, Martha J.              25MH1839      18JL1840     A18
LANSFORD, infant                 09SE1841      09SE1841     A18  s of TA & Mary
HUDSON, Joshua                     1804          1886       A19
HUDSON, Martha Ann Dukes           1821          1879       A19
STANFORD, Jemima                 20SE1820      29JA1840     A19  consort of JW
GOOD, infant                     01AU1908      01AU1908     A19  infant of RE & LE
GOODE, William A.                19JA1872      19JL1893     A19  s of C & MS
ARNETT, William                  11MH1787      20FE1855      B
SHANE, William R.                03SE1827      03AP1848      B
PARTRICK, Phronissa Texanah      27NO1849      27SE1850      B   d of PF & E
PARTRICK, Elvira                 28AU1825      17AU1852      B   w of PF
PARTRICK, Alis Medoria           18JL1851      03MH1853      B
PARTRICK, P.F.                   15JL1806      17JL1857      B
COFFEE, Elizabeth P.             12OC1829      27AU1860      B
SHEFFIELD, Arthur C.             13JE1853      08JE1856      B   s of AC & Mary Ann
SHEFFIELD, Mary Ann              21OC1831      23OC1855      B   w of AC
SHEFFIELD, Arthur C.             18SE1818      26JE1853      B
SHEFFIELD, Benjamin W.           09JE1850      01JL1854      B   s of AC & MA
COX, James Bryant                15NO1837      29JA1921      B   Pvt Co E 7 AL Cav CSA
COX, Permela A. Shane            11DE1836      11FE1925      B   w of JB
McMURRY, W.A.                    26AP1830      05JA1890      B
SHANE, Bayless B.                04JA1842      29OC1905      B   Pvt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
SHANE, Robert                    02JE1799      12JE1879      B
SHANE, Margaret                  28SE1802      16MH1875      B   w of Robert
STAMPS,                          14JA1858      17DE1860      B
PARTRICK, Mason                                              C
DAVIS, Homer                                                 C
FUQUA, Sally                                   13MY1943      C
FOSTER, Jean Delores             08AU1944      09FE1945      C   d of HL & MG; not found

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