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Township 3, Range 7, Section 11

Submitted 18 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go east on US 72 and turn south on CR 70.  Immediately turn left and go about 1/2 mile.  The cemetery is on the right. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Martha Ezell and updated by Robert Torbert in Oct 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
LENTZ, Thomas J.                 30MH1901      09FE1956     01   h of EG
LENTZ, Elizabeth G.              05NO1902      11JL1998     01
HAMILTON, James Ransom           16AU1922      09JL2003     01   Pfc  USA  WW-II
HAMILTON, Lila Brackeen          06MY1921                   01   w of JR; m 22JL1942
HAMILTON, Donna Lynn             07DE1962      08DE1962     02   d of Morris & Bonnie
GOODE, Kyle Pharus               12JA1911      14OC1992     02   h of LM
GOODE, Lucille McMurry           06OC1912      13AU1993     02
GOODE, infant                                  17SE1934     02   d of KP
GOODE, infant                                  18SE1933     02   s of KP
GOODE, Ellis Royden              26AP1919      16AU1931     02
GOODE, William R.                  1885          1954       02
GOODE, Clara C.                    1891          1976       02   w of WR
GOODE, James E.                  13MH1916      09MY1999     02   USA  WW-II
GOODE, Margaret M.               11AU1932                   02   w of JE
ALEXANDER, Pamela                29OC1949      02NO1949     02   d of BC & WB; did not find
HAMILTON, Colene B.              11DE1929                   02   w of BH
HAMILTON, B. Hubert    *         25OC1914      29FE1976     02
DAMON, Neil Russell              05FE1910      23JL1996     02   h of PH
DAMON, Pauline H.                02SE1912      26MY2003     02
HAMILTON, Charles Barbee         01MY1925      15DE1977     03   1st Lt USA Korea
HAMILTON, Rose B.                05JA1901      12NO1998     03
HAMILTON, Emmett                   1896          1949       03
HAMILTON, Mary M.                02SE1856      02JA1933     03   w of JM
HAMILTON, J.M.                   16MY1846      03FE1925     03
HAMILTON, James Franklin         06JL1892      14DE1916     03   s of JM & Mary
HAMILTON, Mattie Elizabeth       29OC1900      29NO1916     03   d of JM & Mary
HAMILTON, Ora Irene  *           01JL1898      23OC1911     03   d of JM & JE
HAMILTON, John Henry             26OC1868      04SE1934     03
HAMILTON, Joe Ella               01DE1874      03AU1955     03   w of JH
HAMILTON, J. Wylie               23JL1893      11MY1963     03   h of SG; m 19AP1923
HAMILTON, Susie Grisham          24JL1896      18NO1968     03
HAMILTON, infant of Robert                                  03   did not find
VAUGHN, Betty Lou                07FE1937      08FE1937     03   d of Leroy & Inez
CHEATHAM, Willie V.              12MY1884      02SE1964     03   h of VY
CHEATHAM, Vernice Y.             24AU1894      27MY1979     03
VAUGHN, Inez Mae                 27NO1908      09JE1970     03   w of JL
VAUGHN, James Leroy              30JE1912      17AU1996     03
WILBANKS, infant                 29NO1897      29MH1898     04   infant of WH & CE
WILBANKS, infant  *              26SE1892      29DE1892     04   infant of WH & CE
MILLER, Moses Homer              22MY1896      23FE1901     04
MILLER, William Ira              19JA1898      28AU1901     04
MILLER, Jessie Allen             27MH1889      05FE1906     04   s of WD & Sarah E.
MILLER, William D.               09AU1865      07FE1926     04   h of SE
MILLER, Sarah E.                 26JA1868      16JA1965     04   w of WD
MILLER, Cora Bertha              22JE1892      13SE1931     04   w of TJ
MILLER, Thomas Jefferson         27JL1891      04MH1941     04
MILLER, Grady H.                 06SE1928      17MY1951     04   Cpl 38 Inf Korea
MILLER, Ida Inez                 20JE1909      30JA1997     04   w of Marvin
MILLER, Marvin                   30JE1906      02MY1996     04
MILLER, Wilson D.                17DE1926                   04   h of LW; m 17DE1951
MILLER, Lucille W.               24AU1929                   04
POSS, T.J.                       01MY1979      13FE1980     04
PATRICK, infant                                             05   not found
MILLER, Joseph T.                  1885          1955       05   s of David & Mary E.
NANCE, India A.                  28NO1874      26FE1946     05   d of David & Mary E.
MILLER, David F.                 05NO1834      23JA1908     05   s of Daniel
MILLER, Mary E. Northern         16MH1844      13MH1909     05   w of DF
MILLER, Little Joe               25MY1916      22JE1923     05   s of George & Donie
MILLER, George T.                12FE1877      10OC1940     05   s of David & Mary
MILLER, Donie Prickett           06MH1881      21MY1969     05   w of GT
MILLER, Reba Ethelyn  *          08SE1907      13JA1983     05
MILLER, Brian Kent               30DE1953      03JA1954     05   s of Miltn & Juanita
MILLER, Juanita                  13MY1924                   05   w of MG
MILLER, Milton G.                29AU1918      05OC1997     05   USA
HANSEN, Marion Ruby              28DE1923      14SE1995     06   w of ML
HANSEN, Marvin L.                19FE1920      22OC1989     06
TUTEN, Bessie M.                 31JL1901      20JL1978     06
MILLER, Robert R.                26MH1899      11FE1967     06
MILLER, Susie Lentz                1872          1955       06   w of WT
MILLER, William T.               24SE1866      27JA1930     06
MILLER, Milton G.  *             19AU1894      12JE1919     06   Pvt Co G 324 Inf 81 Div WW-I
MILLER, Naomi B.                 27NO1904      23MH1905     06   d of WT & SL
OWENS, Rosa A.                   16AU1877      07DE1950     07
OWENS, Matthew  *                10OC1873      23JL1948     07
OWENS, Mary Berta                01DE1879      01NO1943     07   w of Matthew
LENTZ, William H. *              20FE1855      10DE1921     07   h of MJR
LENTZ, Mary Jane Ramsey          01JL1858      01AU1932     07
LENTZ, Mary Goode                12OC1836      27FE1905     07   w of JH
LENTZ, J.H.                      08SE1828      11JE1905     07
MARTIN, Joseph J.                19FE1828      01MY1915     07
LENTZ, Charles T.                22SE1858      09MH1929     07
LENTZ, Ollie Belle               06OC1887      08JL1978     07   d of CT & LA
MASSEY, Emma Dell                06OC1899      12JE1901     07   d of IS & LE
MASSEY, Ives Shaler              17NO1876      22JA1963     07   h of LE
MASSEY, Laura Eugenia            25FE1877      16DE1965     07
MASSEY, Paul H.                  18AU1905      02FE1987     07   h of GB
MASSEY, Greta B.                 29OC1905      29AU1973     07
STOKES, Nancy                      1832          1906       07
MILLER, Robert C.                20SE1868      10DE1924     07   h of Rosa
MILLER, Rosa                     02OC1871      07MY1965     07
LENTZ, Clarence O.               18OC1881      23OC1951     07
LENTZ, Lela E.                   16NO1889      04FE1957     07   w of CO
HAMILTON, William Morris         09MH1935      04JA1936     07   s of JE & Mae
HAMILTON, Myrdie Mae             05FE1897      22JL1967     07   w of JE
HAMILTON, James E.               10JE1891      22JL1971     07   Cpl Co E 324 Inf WW-I
HAMILTON, Henry E.               30OC1920      08NO1967     07   Tec5  USA  WW-II
HAMILTON, Lella M.               07JL1929                   07   w of HE
HUDSON, Roy R.                   08DE1885      29OC1954     08
HUDSON, David H.                 25JL1908      03OC1909     08
HARAWAY, Solon M.                26JE1871      13JA1959     08
HARAWAY, Terior E.               03NO1878      24AP1948     08
HUDSON, Edeth K.                 31OC1887      05DE1900     08
HUDSON, Virginia M.              13SE1861      06JL1936     08   w of LR
HUDSON, Luther R.                18JA1856      09JA1884     08
HUDSON, Thomas J.                10DE1879      17AP1884     08   did not find
HUDSON, Henry C.                 19SE1881      21JE1882     08   did not find
GOODE, Nancy Elizabeth           13FE1868      15DE1945     08   w of WT
GOODE, William Thomas            19NO1867      02DE1953     08
ABERNATHY, Mial                    1835          1910       08   CSA 1862 - 1865
HAGOOD, Sam J.                   05MH1872      30OC1951     08
HAGOOD, Fannie                   07MH1847      10MY1942     08
LENTZ, Dessie Mae                15JL1908      16FE1909     08   d of JA & SA
LENTZ, Lora E.                   24SE1876      29DE1900     08   w of JA
LENTZ, James A.                  19JL1863      14MY1928     08
LENTZ, Addie Foster              13DE1871      27NO1936     08   w of JA
CLEMMONS, Ollie Lentz            06JL1911      13JL1999     08   w of WJ
LENTZ, Fannie B.                 02SE1900      23MH1993     08
GOODE, Alma O.                   23JL1900      21AP1990     09   w of Orville
GOODE, Orville                   30NO1897      29SE1971     09
WILBANKS, Fletcher O.            15JA1895      23JE1975     09   h of EP
WILBANKS, Eva P.                 10OC1895      03AP1971     09
GOODE, John C.                   15FE1874      22AU1947     09
GOODE, Nina Mae                  09AP1876      15JA1923     09   w of JC
GOODE, Nina B.                                 12JA1923     09   d of OO
LENTZ, Joseph R.                 07MH1924      17AP1945     09   Pvt 81 Cav RCN WW-II KIA
GOODE, J.C.                      25JL1916      15JL1944     09   Sgt  Killed in Action
GOODE, Ada Belle                 14AU1879      30JE1946     09   w of Robert Lee
GOODE, Robert Lee                20AU1872      09AP1930     09
LENTZ, Johnie Jr.                11JE1922      24JE1924     09
HOLMES, Ann                        1839          1915       09
GOODE, infant of John A & Sue                               09   did not find
HOLMES, Ann                        1839          1897       09
GOODE, Harriet Holmes            05DE1848      27JL1895     09
GOODE, James W.                                             09   Co C 16 AL EEA
GRANT, Peggy Ann Mason           13DE1933      13JA1955     09   w of Lester L.
MASON, Larry W. Grant                          31DE1954     09   s of Lester & Peggy Grant
MASON, Effer G.                  31MH1910      12MH2001     09
EUBANKS, Kenneth Wayne           06JE1944      18MY1998     09   Sgt  USA
EUBANKS, David Lynn              18NO1947      05JE1963     09
EUBANKS, Minnie B.                 1909          1984       09   w of JE
EUBANKS, James E. Sr.              1911          1955       09   Sgt MP Det 1463 SVC WW-II
EUBANKS, Arkie R.                24MH1909      26DE1911     09   s of JW & SS
EUBANKS, John Wesley Sr.         10NO1881      08JE1971     09   h of SS
EUBANKS, Sarah S. Dabbs          03MY1887      24JE1945     09
EUBANKS, Eula Vona Pitts         12NO1913      01JL1991     09
HAGOOD, infant                                              09   s of Allen
CUNNINGHAM, Lee                  27MY1895      07OC1953     09   Pvt 10 BN 157 Depot WW-I
CUNNINGHAM, Litha                21FE1900      20NO1970     09   w of Lee
CUNNINGHAM, Ceibert Thomas       14MH1920      23MY2005     09   Cpl  USA  WW-II
CUNNINGHAM, Mildred              16OC1922      29MY2006     09   w of CT
McMURRY, Houston B.  *           28AP1908      27DE1976     10   h of OW
McMURRY, Ollie W.                27FE1908      12NO2001     10
WILBANKS, Melissa D.               1871          1960       10   w of JW
WILBANKS, J. Wylie                 1871          1952       10
CUNNINGHAM, Lillie (Sug)         29AU1897      23SE1974     10
CUNNINGHAM, Samuel Thomas        31OC1860      09DE1942     10
CUNNINGHAM, Martha A.            26DE1866      15NO1924     10   w of Sam
WILBANKS, J.A.                   01NO1838      23OC1916     10
WILBANKS, Lizzie                 03AU1839      08NO1914     10   w of JA
WILBANKS, W.H.                   02FE1865      01AP1924     10
WILBANKS, C.E.                   21DE1867      20SE1927     10   w of WH
GARNER, Joseph Whitten           14JL1890      12NO1910     10   s of GW & SE
GARNER, Jessie P.                24JL1893       NO1894      10   s of GW & SE
GARNER, James E.                 22JA1886      13NO1888     10   s of GW & SE
GOODE, William H.                14MH1813      18SE1885     10   h of Martha York
GOODE, Ollie S.                  22MH1839      28AP1916     10   w of WH
GOODE, Sarah A.                  16DE1861      07FE1898     10   w of Joseph
GOODE, Leona                     25JE1902      28JE1903     10   d of Joseph & MF
GOODE, Joseph                    05MY1858      19MY1938     10
GOODE, Martha F.                   1867          1955       10   w of Joseph
GOODE, infant                    13SE1911      25OC1911     10   s of JM & Inice
CHITTAM, George W.               19AU1875      16JL1937     10
CHITTAM, infant                  19AU1927      19AU1927     10   s of GW & Beatrice
CHITTAM, Sallie B.               12JA1877      06JL1919     10   w of GW
SMITH, Mattie                    10OC1837      27MH1912     10
GOODE, infant                                  11MH1918     10   s of Orville & Alma
GOODE, infant                                  03OC1922     10   d of Orville & Alma
CHITTAM, Odie C.                 24AP1882      25SE1927     10
FAGAN, Effa C.                   18OC1905      30SE1938     10
HUDSON, Betty Joyce              03AU1932                   11   w of JT; m 17FE1953
HUDSON, John Terry Jr.           18JA1922      15MH1993     11
GOODE, Inice N.                  26JL1894      18AU1972     11
GOODE, Juddie M.                 21SE1889      30AU1972     11
CHITTAM, Alma G.                 24JE1885      26MY1961     11
GOODE, James Douglas             06MH1929      16JA1931     11
GOODE, Ruth                      30JL1923      14MH1930     11   d of Norman & Eva
SNODDY, Mark Lynn                29OC1964      17JA2000     11
GOODE, Elease                    29SE1909      23MH1999     11   w of AF
GOODE, Allen F.                  01FE1906      27MH1961     11
CRAMER, Dorcas M.                  1875          1953       11
MILLER, Thomas Pleasant          11AP1833      05OC1917     11
MILLER, Sallie Goode              FE1844       20DE1902     11   w of TP; d of Wm & M
MILLER, John                     14OC1876      20DE1884     11   s of TP & SG
BEDINGFIELD, Osie Lillian        21OC1887      02SE1985     11   w of EF
BEDINGFIELD, Eugene F.           03OC1884      23AP1933     11
WILBANKS, Rosa Ethel  *          12AU1897      19MY1998     11   d of FF & LF Varnell
WILBANKS, Whitten A.             16DE1890      14MH1978     11   s of WH & CE; h of RE
VARNELL, Lillian M.              14MY1893      28MY1970     11   w of AC
VARNELL, Arna C.                 11MY1886      25AU1951     11
CUNNINGHAM, Charlie              02MH1888      09AP1962     11
TANNER, Edgar M.                 27FE1920      22JA1993     12   h of AW
TANNER, Antonia W.               17JL1913      15AU2005     12
BEDINGFIELD, Irene Barnett       15JL1892      02SE1974     12   w of Obiadiah
BEDINGFIELD, Obiadiah            10MY1887      30NO1963     12
BEDINGFIELD, Johnie Halbert      29AU1902      01FE1940     12
BEDINGFIELD, John A.             07OC1853      14AP1939     12   h of SE
BEDINGFIELD, Sarah E.            27DE1865      16AP1932     12
BEDINGFIELD, James               17JA1798      21JL1855     12   h of Hannah Speagle;5MY1827
ALLEN, infant                                               12   infant of GS & HE
ALLEN, Hannah E.                 16DE1832      02AU1860     12   w of Geo. S. (Rev)
OWENS, Tommie K.                 22JA1907      22JA1907     12   s of JW & DM
OWENS, John W. (Bud)                                        12
OWENS, Dora Mae Foster                                      12   w of JW
BARNETT, Emma Priscilla  *       03SE1868      08JE1930     12   w of Robert L.
BARNETT, Robert L.               29JL1863      26MH1932     12
BARNETT, Victor E.               21MY1923      21FE1944     12   1st Lt 327 AAF Bomb WW-II
COLEMAN, Gene M. *               01SE1949      01SE1949     12   s of RC & LB
BARNETT, Robert Kyle             20MY1964      20MY1964     12   s of Samuel L.
BARNETT, Kimberly Diane          20MY1964      20MY1964     12   d of Samuel L.
BARNETT, R. Vernon               04DE1897      18NO1977     12   h of DM
BARNETT, Dezzie M.               22JA1897      18NO1977     12
BARNETT, Samuel Larry            30NO1933      07MH1994     12   SP3  USA
BARNETT, Janice Goode            11NO1937      27AU2000     12   w of SL
WHITE, Gerald O.                 11JA1929      12JA1991     12   Sgt  USAF  WW-II
WHITE, C. Louise Barnett                                    12   w of GO
BARNETT, Martha Chandler         01JA1932                   13   w of AE; m 5FE1949
BARNETT, Almon Everett           02MY1921      26FE1991     13   Pfc  USA  WW-II
BARNETT, Alta Snoddy             07SE1924                   13   w of RV; m 7AP1942
BARNETT, Robert V. Jr.           14JE1919      05OC1999     13   Tec4  USA  WW-II
HOOIE, Charlie P.                27MH1878      27MH1880     13   s of MP & TE
LITTLE, B.H.                     08JA1857      01DE1951     13
WILBANKS, Ricky Dale             16OC1965      17OC1965     13
WILBANKS, Patsy Glover           16JE1947                   13   w of Morris; m 19JL1961
WILBANKS, Morris (Bullet)        11MY1941      07OC2000     13
CRAIG, Elizabeth                 02FE1934      09JE1998     14   w of CE; m 30AP1955
CRAIG, Charles E.                11MH1935                   14
SWAN, Audrey Mae                 28MY1937      11MH1999     14
SWAN, Chuckey Wayne              03AP1971      01DE1995     14
SWAN, Arthur L.                  11NO1904      24AP1976     14   h of LM
SWAN, Lillie M.                  31OC1904      12NO1987     14
BEDINGFIELD, James H.            29MH1919                   14   h of SD; m 30MY1942
BEDINGFIELD, Sarah D.            12OC1923      02JL2003     14
MILLER, Susanna R.               07JA1830      28SE1873     14   w of Thomas P.
SHOEMAKER, Martha E.J.           01OC1850      27FE1875     14
CANNON, Nancy M.                 04FE1870      17MH1943     14
McMURRY, Carlos                  20JL1874      05DE1926     14   h of Nellie
McMURRY, Nellie                  04SE1878      15DE1957     14
McMURRY, Paul Miller             13MH1899      26MY1969     14   CSF  USNR  WW-II
PARKER, Willie W.                15AP1905      20JL1976     14   h of AM
PARKER, Annabel M.               17AP1906      05JA1979     14
WHITSETT, J. Clarence            05SE1911      13NO1969     14
WHITSETT, S. Pearl               12MY1889      31JL1968     14
WHITSETT, J. Turner              30MY1866      08MH1941     14
WHITSETT, Johnny B.              22JA1915      14FE1935     14
OWENS, Nezzie N.                 18NO1903      12SE1976     15   w of JS
OWENS, James S.                  03MH1896      25NO1955     15
PHILLIPS, Bettye Nance           10AP1902      26AP1979     15   w of Fred
PHILLIPS, Fred L.                27OC1898      11SE1960     15
BURGETT, John L.                   1881          1935       15   h of Joanna
BURGETT, Joanna  *                 1879          1953       15
THORNTON, Eula Nora  *           27OC1919      13MH1981     15   w of Albert
THORNTON, Albert M.              25AU1925      28MY1993     15
McKINNEY, James E.               13MH1923      25MH1999     15
McKINNEY, Mary E.                22AU1898      03MH1969     15   w of CE
McKINNEY, Charles E.             26DE1896      27FE1965     15   Pvt Co I 323 Inf WW-I
McKINNEY, J.C. (Mutt)            25SE1939      15DE2000     15
McKINNEY, Archie W.              09SE1925      12FE1996     15
McKINNEY, Richard H.             19SE1960      17AP1977     15
McKINNEY, Sarah J.               08FE1943                   15   w of JH; m 23DE1958
McKINNEY, Johnney H.             27SE1928      20AP2005     15
GOODE, Kathleen Trousdale        10OC1949                   16   one date
TROUSDALE, Preston W.            28SE1943                   16   h of Lola
TROUSDALE, Lola J.               14MY1949                   16
TROUSDALE, C. Junior             23JA1934      30SE1987     16
TROUSDALE, Bessie L.             15AU1912      21FE1988     16   w of WB
TROUSDALE, Willie B.             06NO1912      10MY1979     16   F1  USN  WW-II
TROUSDALE, Robert Lee            25FE1938      14SE1978     16
WADDELL, infant of Clyde                                    16   did not find
WADDELL, Clyde Victor            11OC1888      06FE1958     16   Pvt Co B 106 Ammo WW-I
CLARK, John E.                   19AP1920      22MH1998     16   USN  WW-II
CLARK, Elizabeth Lee Phillips    19NO1926      06JA2006     16   w of JE; d of Fred & Bettye
BROWN, Merle V.                  31MH1931                   17   w of BL; m 15JL1949
BROWN, Bennie Lee                30OC1925      28FE1990     17   F1  USN  WW-II
McMEANS, Reba Lillie             19JE1940                   17   w of Joe
McMEANS, Joe Ross                07OC1930      07DE1988     17   USAF  Korea
BALENTINE, Elizabeth McMeans     12AP1958      05AP1999     17   w of BW
BALENTINE, Burt Wayne            17NO1955                   17
NASH, David Elston               07DE1961      28OC1993     18   h of JT; m 19NO1983
NASH, Jennifer Thigpen           02MH1963                   18
LEGGETT, Emma Jean               06AU1934      03MH2001     19   w of JH
LEGGETT, James Hiram             20NO1932                   19   m 14FE1964
GRAY, Rochelle                   28JA1943                   19   w of Donald; m 23DE1982
GRAY, Donald                     13AU1931      18JL1987     19
SMARTT, Mabel G. Barbee          08FE1933                   19   w of Bobby
SMARTT, Bobby                    03JL1927      27JL1991     19   m 7JL1956
BARBEE, Annabel M.               05FE1909      14JE1989     19   w of JA
BARBEE, Joseph A.                09MH1903      09AU1982     19
HARRISON, Mary Hamilton          16NO1918      17MY2000     19
NASH, Laura Mae                  01OC1923      17AU1981     19
YEAGER, Cherrie L.               21OC1934                   19   w of CL; m 30JE1951
YEAGER, Charles L.               10JL1929      28JA2001     19   SSgt  USAF  Korea
WARD, Elmer Dean                 18OC1936      31MY1987     19   SR  USN  Korea; m 27NO1957
BEDINGFIELD, Thomas P.           29NO1911      01DE1973     19   h of DN
BEDINGFIELD, Dessie N.           23DE1913                   19
GRISHAM, Mauris C.               31JA1929      05AP1988     19   EN1  USN  WW-II Vietnam
GRISHAM, Frances Eubanks         03FE1934                   19   w of MC
MAZZARINI, Joseph M.             05MY1928      03NO2001     19
WORKMAN, Shirley Nash            05NO1935                   19   w of Floyd; m 1AP1960
WORKMAN, Floyd Jr. (Bud)         27OC1935      04JL1998     19
MILLER, Lucille G.               21FE1913      23JL2000     19   w of WF
MILLER, William F.               21MH1903      25AP1973     19
MILLER, Kathryn E.               02AU1943                   19   w of ES
MILLER, Edward S.  *             26MY1936                   19
MILLER, George Louis             30AU1960      03JE2005     19
CALLIER, Rayford O.              08DE1948      30NO1975     19   Pvt  USA  Vietnam
KELLEY, Eddie Martin             17JL1964      19OC1992     20   Cpl  USMC  Grenada
KELLEY, Stuart Alan              17AU1983      29JL2003     20
BURNS, Thomas A.                 27JE1939                   20   h of RE; m 17AU1958
BURNS, Ruby Eubanks              09JL1940                   20
BURNS, William J.                02MH1937                   20   h of AE; m 29OC1960
BURNS, Anne Eubanks              03JA1944                   20
WHITE, David E. (Shorty)         11AP1934      14SE1999     21
MATTHEWS, Billy Jr.              29SE1971      11OC2001     22
MICHAEL, Dennis Shane            06MH1963      17JE1998     22

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