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Township 1, Range Seven, Section 23
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Contributed Dec 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go north on AL 207 to mile marker 10.  The cemetery is on the left and has a drive way around half of it. The main part is divided into three sections, with Section A to the south and Section C to the north, and Section B between. Section D includes the graves outside the driveway.  All rows are numbered from west to east. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Muriel Barnett, Martha Rose Ezell, Mary Lois Graham, Judy Mason, Avon Hagood, Willa Vial, and Rayvella Romine.  It was updated by Robert Torbert in Nov 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey. Map

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
CAMP, Grady A.                   12MY1916      03DE2005    A01  h of Elberta; m 31JA1938
CAMP, Elberta Alabee E. Hagood   08OC1917      10MY1990    A01  E=Elizabeth
WILLIAMS, Hubert L.              05AP1924      25MY2005    A01  Pfc  USA  WW-II
WILLIAMS, Eulynn                 14MY1931                  A01  w of HL; m 23DE1947
WILLIAMS, Donald Ray             24DE1940      12JE1989    A01  h of PM; m 6JE1960
WILLIAMS, Patty McLemore         10AP1942                  A01
NOLES, Barbara Ann               18JE1949      15MY1991    A01
NOLES, Sam Houston               05JE1920                  A01  h of EA
NOLES, Estell Aldeen             02OC1926      06FE2003    A01
COLE, Pearl                      02MY1921                  A01  w of Howard
COLE, Howard                     26AP1929      14JE1994    A01
SMITH, Marshel Wayne             02AP1945      02AP1945    A02
SMITH, Reba Ann                  24MY1944      04AP2002    A02
RICE, Mary Kelley Smith          05JA1907      05SE1963    A02
SMITH, John R.                   27JE1970      14DE2002    A02
SMITH, John                      09JE1935      14FE2003    A02
KELLEY, Joseph D.                07AP1889      29MH1964    A02  h of AM
KELLEY, Anna M.                  22JA1904                  A02
LAMAR, Daulton L.                18SE1934      24MH1995    A02  h of JM; m 18NO1956
LAMAR, Janette M.                28OC1938                  A02
SWANNER, Franklin                10JE1939      31JL1982    A02  s of Kathryn
SWANNER, Kathryn                 09JE1917      11FE2003    A02
SHELTON, Raymond Calvin          12FE1902      02AP1977    A02  h of EL
SHELTON, Ellie Lorena            19JE1900      03NO1993    A02
ALEXANDER, Lura B.               29FE1898      18FE1975    A03
KELLEY, Alex                     28MH1867      09MH1932    A03
CATES, Callie Kelley             08JA1884      04FE1969    A03
KELLEY, Neal                     15AP1904      09JL1936    A03
LAMAR, John R.                   11JE1887      30MY1978    A03  h of BB; m 7NO1915
LAMAR, Bettie B.                 18MH1892      21MY1984    A03
RIDGEWAY, Thomas Randall         16FE1948      28JL2003    A03
PATTERSON, Reeder                20MY1920      18MY1994    A03  h of Dessie
PATTERSON, Dessie                09MY1920      09JA1994    A03
TIPPER, Charlie N.               25JL1935      01NO1974    A03
HUNT, Johnnie S.                 20DE1897      28MH1976    A03
HUNT, Lutie W.                   16FE1902      25JA1985    A03  w of JS
COX, Jessie L.                   27MH1921      28JL1952    A04  SSgt 363 Inf WW-II PH BSM
COX, Ethel                       14MH1878      12JA1960    A04  w of BB
COX, B.B.                        13AU1871      09OC1940    A04
COX, Benjamin C.                 20JA1909      25FE1988    A04  Pfc  USA  WW-II
COX, twins   *                   30SE1936      30SE1936    A04  infants of Joner
COX, Aileen Moore                01SE1921                  A04  w of JH
COX, Joner Henry                 26JL1911      23MY1993    A04
LAMAR, Martha B.                 11JE1849      18JA1938    A04
LAMAR, Tennie                    25DE1884      14JA1932    A04
LAMAR, John B.                     1835          1887      A04  Pvt Co H 26 AL Inf CSA
LAMAR, L.H.                      19JL1837      26SE1902    A04  Pvt Co F TN Inf CSA
LAMARE, Sarah Jane               20JE1857      25AU1925    A04
DOLLAR, Jessie F.                09JE1934      18DE1992    A04
DOLLAR, Jessie James             09JE1968      20AU1996    A04
RHODES, infant                   17OC1918      17OC1918    A05  infant of DW & Lizzie
MOORE, Henry Clay                06NO1923      22AP1951    A05
MOORE, Cassie D.                 29JE1926                  A05  one date
MOORE, Nora Lee                  18DE1895      06JE1941    A05
MOORE, Johnie B.                 21JL1879      12JE1969    A05
MOORE, Theodore *                21JL1879      16AP1942    A05
GARNER, Robert Lee               08JA1904      04NO1959    A05  h of IL
GARNER, Ivie Lou                 12JA1905      30NO2002    A05
GARNER, Roy Lelan                21JE1941      10MH1991    A05
McCONNELL, Marie                 13JA1918      02AP1948    A06  d of JR & Ethel
McCONNELL, Ethel                 29JL1885      06NO1971    A06  w of JR
McCONNELL, John R.               23JL1891      20NO1960    A06
HOLLANDSWORTH, Linda D.                        08MY1952    A06  d of Doyle & Lovace
EASTEP, J. Mansel                16JA1904      23FE1965    A06  h of CT
EASTEP, Clara T.                 04FE1905      04JL1954    A06
HENDRIX, Malisey A.              16SE1865      15SE1918    A06  w of JJ
HENDRIX, Cora F.                 19NO1891      10AP1892    A06  d of JJ & MA
FRANCIS, James S.                09AP1834      05JA1912    A06
EMBRY, Larry O'Neal              28JA1948      15SE1953    A06  s of Lurtis
EMBRY, James Lurtis                1921          1959      A06
McGARITY, Andrean Nichole        23MY1992      23MY1992    A06
McCRARY, Nadine D.               03MH1929                  A06  w of WA
McCRARY, William Austin          13AP1930      07NO2001    A06
BULLARD, Velma Roseman           14AU1910      16DE1996    A07
BULLARD, Sam O.                    1910          1973      A07  h of BS
BULLARD, Bracie S.                 1913          1950      A07
STANFORD, Carter                 21AU1908      17JE1926    A07
STANFORD, infant                               08NO1896    A07  d of CJ & VV
MASSEY, Eugene                   24MY1924      19MY1984    A07
MASSEY, T.J.                     24NO1934      13DE1934    A07
MASSEY, G.N. (Nick)                1898          1982      A07  h of Victoria
MASSEY, Victoria                   1900          1991      A07
QUICK, Calidonia                 12DE1835      08AP1908    A08
PILANT, Mary V.C.                07FE1855      09MY1893    A08
HAMLIN, Effie                      1871          1951      A08
HAMLIN, Lura M.                    1900          1960      A08  w of AN
HAMLIN, Augustus N.                1889          1971      A08  Mason
HAMLIN, Oma L.                   05AU1902                  A08
McCONNELL, Amanda Jane           18MY1865      10AU1940    A08
McCONNELL, J.W.                  03JE1853      15JA1914    A08  h of AJ
JOHNSON, Sarah E.                17AU1861      25FE1949    A08  w of JH
JOHNSON, James H.                03NO1851      04AU1914    A08
KENNEMER, Mary                   18AP1868      02AP1930    A08  w of Sam
KENNEMER, Sam                    18DE1862      05OC1939    A08
RODEN, Abby Brooke                             24JE2002    A08  infant of Chris & Lania
RODEN, Christopher V.              1974          2006      A08
JONES, Harry Simpson             02JE1922      08DE1986    A09
WHITE, Tilmon A.                 07AP1925      01AU1991    A09
STACEY, Ellis Marion             17JE1896      04SE1983    A09
STACY, Elizabeth                 03JA1873      28OC1942    A09
WHITE, Arrazzia A.               16OC1895      03JL1964    A09  h of EF
WHITE, Evie F.                   03MY1901      29OC1982    A09
McCONNELL, George                19SE1888      13MY1910    A09
GRIFFIN, Gurlin H.                 1882          1951      A09  h of ME
GRIFFIN, Mary E.                   1883          1951      A09
THIGPEN, Mary Lee                19501950        1951      A09
GRIFFIN, Stella May              07OC1899      04DE1900    A10  d of George F & D
GRIFFIN, George F.               15DE1870      01FE1954    A10  h of Della
GRIFFIN, Della R.                01FE1875      22FE1956    A10
GRIFFIN, Mary A.                 31JL1850      07OC1905    A10  w of PP
GRIFFIN, Phillip P.              27JL1851      08JL1946    A10
GRIFFIN, infant                  14DE1892      14DE1892    A10  infant of PP & MAR
GRIFFIN, Georgey F.              01AP1875      24JA1892    A10  s of PP & MAR
GRIFFIN, John P.                 01JA1884      14OC1885    A10  s of PP & MAR
GRIFFIN, Jimmie                  25AU1875      17SE1882    A10  s of HD & MA
GRIFFIN, Mary Ann                30SE1879      31JA1880    A10  d of PP & MAR
GRIFFINE, Mary Ann               13JA1811      12FE1875    A10  w of A
GRIFFIN, J.A. Tone               16OC1810      16OC1905    A10
GRIFFIN, Eliza                   13JE1830      20AP1910    A10
ROBINSON, Rebecca E. Griffin     20AU1838      30OC1925    A10  w of TC; m 17OC1855
GRIFFIN, Henry D.                22AP1849      29DE1935    A10
GRIFFIN, Mary Amanda             16NO1850      11AP1929    A10  w of HD
APPLETON, America Hurzade        16NO1860      17MY1915    A10
McCONNELL, Hermon                21OC1909      05AU1910    A10  s of RL & LM
WHITE, James D.                  25OC1920      11DE1983    A10  SA  USN  WW-II
THOMPSON, W. Cecil               10AP1903      26NO1991    A11  h of GB
THOMPSON, Gladys B.              09AU1908      13MY1987    A11
CAMP, Wyatt E.                   19MY1882      26NO1957    A11  h of ML
CAMP, Montie Lou                 28AP1892      15JE1947    A11
CAMP, Louise                     24AU1920      04JE1939    A11
GARRETT, William M.              20FE1852      29AP1934    A11
WALKER, Mattie Word                1856          1946      A11  w of HS
FAVORS, Eva Jones                03NO1905      04NO1984    A12
WORD, William H.H.               03OC1833      11AU1912    A12  Pvt Co F 31 AL Inf CSA; Mason
WORD, Jurashie                   05JL1839      13JL1902    A12
YOCUM, Thomas Benton             17JE1843      27NO1917    A12  Pvt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
YOCUM, Ethalinda    *            11MY1840      28AU1909    A12  w of TB
BISHOP, W.J.                     27FE1840      18NO1913    A12
BISHOP, Mary Lee                 28JA1838      18AU1894    A12
HOWARD, M.E.                     11JL1871      27OC1892    A12  w of JN
THOMPSON, Wilton F. (Tad)        27JA1920      24AP1994    A13  h of NM; m 29OC1939
THOMPSON, Nadine M.              02NO1905                  A13
JONES, John J.                   15DE1842      01JL1916    A13  h of SJ
JONES, Senthey Jane Hurn         11DE1847      31MY1923    A13
JONES, Alice F.                  22MY1884      12OC1901    A13  d of JJ & SJ
GREEN, Daniel R.                   1897                    A13  one date
BAILEY, Martha L. Hurn             1860          1926      A13  w of George
HURN, William J.                 01OC1847      15MY1908    A13
RIDGWAY, David                   19SE1801      28AU1877    A13
WRIGHT, Lela Bassham             15OC1895      15MY1913    A13
BASSHAM, L.B.                    21OC1899      19JE1902    A13  infant of TH & MH
BASSHAM, infant                  10AU1916      13AU1916    A13  infant of LL & B
WORD, Ada L.                     16OC1881      01OC1910    A13
WORD, Maud E. Downs  *           06JE1878      28JE1903    A13
WORD, Maud E. Downs  *           06JE1878      28JE1903    A13
DOWNS, Thomas Matthew            22MY1840      20DE1900    A14  Pvt Co A 53 TN Inf CSA
DOWNS, Ezekiel                    AP1859         1907      A14
DOWNS, Miller F.                   1838          1863      A14  Corp Co H 50 AL Inf CSA
DOWNS, Vivian                     AP1894         1906      A14
DOWNS, Thomas L.                   1805          1894      A14
DOWNS, T.L.                        1811          1894      A14
DOWNS, T.L.                      13FE1873      27NO1899    A14
BLAKELY, G.A.                    11NO1879      28AP1901    A14
BLAKELY, Nora V.                 21MH1883      16AP1900    A14
BLAKELY, Edwin L.                09NO1881      03MH1882    A14
HURN, Edward L.                  15JL1843      27MH1866    A14  s of Fleming M. & Lincey E.
HURN, Lincey E.                  11JA1821      20JA1879    A14  w of FM; Laud m 9JA1840
HURN, Fleming M.                 17MY1820      10DE1899    A14
BURGESS, Augusta A.              14JA1875      17JL1879    A14  d of BE & FE
WILLIAMS, J.A.S.D.               05SE1841      10OC1889    A14
WILLIAMS, Jesse                  10AU1838      20DE1923    A14
WILLIAMS, Ella                   27AP1866      19DE1959    A14
WILLIAMS, Sallie M.                1875          1960      A14  w of JF
WILLIAMS, John F.                  1868          1951      A14
THOMPSON, Betty Jane             18AU1942      02JL1989    A14  w of BR; m 18DE1959
THOMPSON, Billy Ray              17JL1940                  A14
EZELL, Beatrice                  13AU1909      14NO1909    A15  d of RA & GE
JACKSON, Jason                   12MY1851      28AU1905    A15
JACKSON, Travis W.               25SE1891      30JE1902    A15
JACKSON, Hanna E.                04DE1855      19MH1862    A15  2nd oldest marked grave
JACKSON, G.W.                    19MH1825      04MH1887    A15
JACKSON, Lucinda Belue           17MH1826      08JA1913    A15  w of GW
McCRAVY, Amanda C. Jackson       18DE1863      07SE1883    A15  w of JC
JACKSON, Rufus F.                31JA1882      13JE1882    A15
BURGESS, George E.               20AU1878      02SE1878    A15
BELEW, infant                    17JA1869      17JA1869    A15  d of WA & S
DENDY, Vera I.                   25JA1893      04SE1896    A15
BURGESS, Lena C.                 07AP1874      07JL1895    A15
DENDY, Mary E.                   17NO1871      12SE1900    A15
BAILEY, Lily O.                  26OC1892      26MY1986    A16
BAILEY, Walter W.                13OC1890      05JE1913    A16
BAILEY, G.G.                     23DE1885      09SE1886    A16  infant of WE & MA
BAILEY, M.A.                     01MH1862      28DE1885    A16  w of WE
BAILEY, W.E.                     05OC1856      05MH1921    A16
BAILEY, Nancy Jane               09SE1855      26MH1936    A16  w of WE
McCONNELL, Rebecca J. Pratt      12JL1833      01AP1910    A16  w of Andrew
P, T.                                                      A16
M, R.E.                                                    A16
McCONNELL, Andrew                19JE1835      22FE1910    A16
PATTERSON, Amy Belle               1907          1986      A16  w of Grady
PATTERSON, Grady                   1901          1952      A16
PATTERSON, Hartwell (Pat)        12MH1931      23OC1994    A16  Cpl  USA  Korea
PATTERSON, Jane                  06JA1932                  A16  w of Pat
BAILEY, O.B.                     07JA1935      09JA1935    A17  s of RO & Bernice
GRIGGS, George D. Sr.            03MH1897      09JE1966    A18  h of EE
GRIGGS, Emma E.                  16MY1901                  A18
GRIGGS, John T.                    1871          1952      A18  h of MM
GRIGGS, Mattie M.                  1873          1964      A18
GRIGGS, F.C.                     27DE1899      04MY1966    A18  h of FL
GRIGGS, Fannie L.                03JA1898      30JL1948    A18
GRIGGS, Little James             13SE1929      04JA1930    A18  s of FC & FL
GRIGGS, John N.                    1893          1950      A19  h of RV
GRIGGS, Retha V.                   1893          1976      A19
GRIGGS, Mary C. Dupree           23DE1857      02SE1919    A19  w of RC
GRIGGS, R.C.                     27MH1838      23FE1917    A19
GRIGGS, S.A. (Mrs)               02FE1845      20AP1891    A19
GRIGGS, infant                                             A19  infant of RC & MC
JACKSON, Mary E.                 30JA1872      12JE1934    A19  w of RE
JACKSON, Robert E.               15SE1866      17JL1953    A19
JACKSON, Robert E.               11JA1898      26DE1951    A19  h of Ida
JACKSON, Ida G.                  29AP1912      09FE1998    A19
TUCKER, Simmie Bryan             21SE1908      28MY1990    A19  Pfc  USA  WW-II
SINIARD, Samuel DeWayne *        13AU1933      19JA1955    A20  SN  USN
SINYARD, Andrew Simpson          23FE1879      19NO1964    A20  h of MA
SINYARD, Mattie Ada              08JA1886      05NO1927    A20
SINYARD, Mary A.                 14SE1826      21MH1919    A20
GRIGGS, Becky                      1844          1928      A20
GRIGGS, E.P.                     01SE1842      05AP1917    A20
BAXTER, Henry C.                 20JE1856      25NO1945    A21
STINNETT, Robert Lee             15FE1905      16NO1945    A21
STINNETT, Edna Clay              18MY1911      28SE1986    A21  w of RL
HICKS, Cleo                      20MY1916      13AP1940    A21  w of Len H.
WHITE, George                      1755          1835      A21  Pvt Rev War- oldest grave
S, W.R.                                                    A21
JACKSON, infant                                11AU1868    A21  d of JM & MC
JACKSON, James M.                06OC1854      15FE1867    A21
JACKSON, Lousiana                07JA1866      12JA1866    A21
JACKSON, Mary M.                 12JE1852      15SE1869    A21
MOHON, J.H.                      09FE1854      19DE1894    A21
SHEDD, Nora Irene                22FE1921      01JA1972    A22  w of HE
SHEDD, Holice E.                 21JA1919      01NO1996    A22
SHEDD, Dalton Ray                12AU1956      17NO1962    A22
SHEDD, Cynthia Ellen             06AU1890      27AU1920    A22  w of WW
SHEDD, William W.                11SE1879      31AU1970    A22
SHEDD, Seburn E.                 08DE1890      18AP1913    A22
SHEDD, Polly                     18OC1823      21FE1910    A22
SHEDD, W.J.S.                    10MY1818      17SE1909    A22
McCAFFERTY, baby                               30JL1869    A22  infant of JS & SE
McCAFFERTY, Jonathan S. *        22OC1836      11JA1870    A22  Pvt Co B 26 & 50 AL Inf CSA
McCAFFERTY, Harrison             22MH1841      21OC1891    A22  Pvt Co B 50 AL Inf CSA
McCAFFERTY, Emma A.              14AU1847      14AU1898    A22  w of Harrison
WARREN, Henry L.                 21JL1863      27JA1926    A22  h of AM
WARREN, Amanda M.                22OC1865      15MH1945    A22
MOBLEY, Exer D.                    1892          1973      A22  w of Dolphus
MOBLEY, Dolphus                    1884          1957      A22
YORK, Nelson Lee                 16AU1923      10OC1954    A23  S1  USNR  WW-II
YORK, B.                                                   A23
YORK, Lucion W.                  03DE1894      24AP1947    A23
YORK, W.                                                   A23
YORK, M.                                                   A23
YORK, G.                                                   A23
PARRISH, Gladys McConnell        07DE1905      08JL1979    A23
BLAKNEY, Alice M.                20OC1901      08NO1974    A23
McCARTNEY, James F.                1865          1938      A23  h of MF
McCARTNEY, Mary F.                 1871          1946      A23
McCARTNEY, Ruthie                11NO1837      28JL1909    A23  w of RC
McCARTNEY, Robert C.             08FE1833      12JE1887    A23  27  AL Inf CSA
BELUE, Hosea                     01FE1793      17OC1875    A23  h of Salie
BELUE, Salie Nabors              20SE1796      28JA1876    A23  99 yrs old
PARTRICK, Viola                  18DE1874      03OC1876    A23
PARTRICK, Rossie                 13JL1880      29AU1886    A23
PARTRICK, infant                 16JE1895      20MH1896    A23  s of WF & MA
LEGG, Nima                       21JE1830      13JE1910    A23
McCRAVY, Carlena F.              18JA1866      11SE1933    A23  w of JC
McCRAVY, John C.                 03NO1859      22JA1934    A23
NEWBERN, Fannie Idell            09MY1909      25SE1912    A23
NEWBERN, Gertrude Luthene        18JL1917      26FE1920    A23
BYRAM, Lena Pearl                29JE1895      13AP1977    A24
BYRAM, Alice L.                  01FE1873      12NO1920    A24  w of EH
BYRAM, Edward H.                 30SE1872      01JA1959    A24
BYRAM, E.A.                      13JA1843      07SE1921    A24
BYRAM, J.K.P.                    24SE1844      25JA1914    A24  Mason
McCRAVY, Ada E. Patterson        12DE1869      29MH1914    A24  w of JC
PATTERSON, Carrie Blakley        17DE1877      31JA1925    A24  w of PS
PATTERSON, J. Polk               16SE1844      18AU1908    A24
BASSHAM, Myrtle B.               29DE1897      22JL1981    A24
BRACKEEN, James A.               15MY1856      22MH1933    A24
BRACKEEN, M.A.                   02MH1863      15AP1929    A24
BELEW, Nettie M.                 07SE1919      26DE1919    A24
BRACKEEN, Alex Z.                23JA1885      26JL1886    A24  s of JA & MA
McCAFFERTY, J.S.                 01OC1868      08DE1902    A24  h of HA
McCAFFERTY, Hannah A.            06OC1877      07FE1936    A24
McCAFFERTY, infant               23OC1917      27OC1917    A24  s of OD
McCONNELL, Edward F.             06AU1882      11AU1933    A24  h of Ora
McCONNELL, Ora E.                06MH1886      07AU1965    A24
McCONNELL, Idel S.                 1887          1962      A24  w of EL
McCONNELL, Ernest L. (Dr)          1879          1959      A24
McCAFFERTY, Lillian M.           10OC1898      04JL1959    A24  w of OD
McCAFFERTY, Odis D.              01JE1898      11JE1973    A24
MORRISON, John D.                23JE1876      19MH1948    A24  h of BA
MORRISON, Bettie A.              05MY1881                  A24
MORRISON, Calvin                 31JA1942      15DE1948    A24  s of FC & AL
MORRISON, Felix Calvin           15AP1905      11NO1980    A24  h of LB
MORRISON, Liza B.                  1907          1984      A24
McCONNELL, Porter                05JA1908      03JA1992    A25  h of Lerlene
McCONNELL, Lerlene               24DE1909                  A25
McCONNELL, infant                              09DE1931    A25  d of EP & LL
McCONNELL, William Perry         04NO1911      27DE1943    A25
McCONNELL, Bessie B.             29FE1888      11OC1972    A25  w of WP
McCONNELL, William P.            09JA1885      10AU1911    A25
McCONNELL, Louthene              31JL1910      17AU1910    A25  d of WP & BL
McCONNELL, S.P. (Rev)            04FE1844      05DE1921    A25  Mason
McCONNELL, Othella               02JL1844      09DE1932    A25  w of SP
DALY, Richard H.                 14DE1814      12JE1898    A25
DALY, Amanda A. Belue            08SE1821      04JE1898    A25  w of RH
DALY, Ed L.                      23OC1853      26MY1937    A25  h of Harriett
DALY, Harriett                   12DE1853      30DE1916    A25
DALY, Walter Russel              15SE1886      01NO1887    A25
DALY, infant                                   06MH1901    A25  d of LF & Louisa
DALY, infant                                   01AP1902    A25  d of LF & Louisa
WARREN, twin boys                               NO1902     A25  sons of Charlie B. & Alice D.
WARREN, twin girls                              OC1902     A25  sons of Charlie B. & Alice D.
DALEY, infant                                  01MH1905    A25  s of HM & Lella
DALEY, Mabel Astor               21AU1912      06JE1914    A25
DALY, infant                                   22FE1915    A25  d of LF & Louisa
BISHOP, Will L.                  19SE1890      04JA1916    A25
BISHOP, James L.                   1867          1938      A25  h of EE
BISHOP, Ella E.                    1873          1945      A25
ADAMS, Brown C.                  17OC1883      24SE1952    A25
ADAMS, Bertha                                              A25
ADAMS, Louise                    07SE1912      18FE1919    A25
ADAMS, Nola Bee                  18AU1906      23MH1915    A26
EASTEP, James Cebran             31MY1930      11MY2004    A26  TSgt  USAF  Korea
RACKLEY, Elmer B.                02MY1889      17SE1890    A26
GULLETT, Madison                 22AU1840      12NO1905    A26  Pvt Co G 9 AL Inf CSA
GULLETT, M.E.                    05JE1847      29FE1928    A26  w of Madison
JONES, Cora M.                   23DE1886      28JE1970    A26  w of NC
JONES, Noble C.                  10MH1886      26NO1925    A26
JONES, Paul McConnell            24SE1918      25SE1918    A26  s of NC & CO
JONES, Leta O.                   14JA1916      28JE1919    A26  d of NC & CO
JONES, Harold Young              11AP1925      16FE1928    A26  s of NC & CO
PATTERSON, Leland Paul           11NO1924      11AU1925    A26
PATTERSON, Dewey Holland         13SE1898      29AP1949    A26
PATTERSON, Robert Ursery         24OC1873      21OC1955    A26  h of ME
PATTERSON, Mary Emma             22NO1876      23DE1963    A26
THORNTON, Elva P.                13JE1910      09DE2004    A26  w of JM
THORNTON, J. Marvin              22SE1906      31MY1986    A26
PATTERSON, Viola C.                1898          1976      A27  w of CM
PATTERSON, Charles M.            26DE1895      21SE1950    A27  Woodman
PATTERSON, Lella Maybell         21AU1916      01NO1917    A27
BURGESS, Odelle                  10JE1921      21MH1932    A27  d of WH & LV
BURGESS, Edna                    26JE1924      17DE1924    A27  d of WH & LV
BURGESS, infant                  12JA1918      12JA1918    A27  d of WH & LV
BURGESS, William H.              16MY1881      14MY1961    A27  h of LV
BURGESS, Lillie V.               29SE1889      15MY1961    A27
BURGESS, Elliott E.              16DE1878      22SE1902    A27  w of WH
BURGESS, Callie                  08DE1885      17SE1902    A27  d of BE & FE
BURGESS, Bart E.                 23NO1852      22FE1925    A27  h of FE
BURGESS, Frances E.              11JA1858      10SE1902    A27
McCRARY, Edward (Heavy)          28OC1930                  A27  h of BB; m 2JL1951
McCRARY, Bonnie Bullard          15OC1935                  A27
McCONNELL, infants (3)                                     A27
McCONNELL, infant)               17OC1911      17OC1911    A27  infant of JR & EM
McCONNELL, infant (2)                                      A27
JACKSON,                                                   A27
EASTEP, children (3)                                       A27
McCONNELL, teen                                            A27
RUSS, John T.                    13MY1883      18JA1937    A28  h of Lucenia
RUSS, Lucenia                    17FE1880      29OC1961    A28
RUSS, Lonnie David               17MH1931      06AU2001    A28
PHILLIPS, Alvin Lee                            16OC1934    A28  one date
RANEY, Virginia                    1841         JA1929     A28
RANEY, Albert F.                   1842         SE1908     A28  h of Virginia
RANEY, John E.J.                   1875          1910      A28
PATTERSON, infant                              15AP1941    A28  d of Loyce & Ossie
PATTERSON, infant                              06FE1939    A28  s of Loyce & Ossie
PATTERSON, Eunice A.             09FE1889      07JA1985    A28  w of JM
PATTERSON, John M.               20MH1887      25NO1918    A28
JOHNSON, Elizabeth Jane          11JE1820      26AU1899    A28
PATTERSON, Mary E.                 1851          1928      A28  w of BF
PATTERSON, B.F.                    1851          1927      A28
PATTERSON, Delila E.             29MY1927      28JA1928    A28
PATTERSON, Thomas F.             24AU1878      14FE1948    A28  h of MV
PATTERSON, Meedy V.              07AP1883      29NO1956    A28
PATTERSON, Etta R.               02AU1903      18NO1984    A28  w of Velpo
PATTERSON, Velpo                 23OC1902      08FE1983    A28
BULLARD, Opal F.                 09JA1929                  A28  w of LH
BULLARD, Lawrence H.             28DE1925      18DE1987    A28  S2  USN  WW-II
JOHNSON, James Tolbert           06SE1926      12MY1998    A29  h of DR; m 4DE1950
JOHNSON, Doris Roden             04DE1930      07NO2005    A29
GLASS, James Buford              10NO1906      28OC1973    A29  Mass CB1  USN  WW-II
GLASS, Nola K.                   21AP1917      21JE1998    A29
GLASS, Eural T.                  05JE1904      02OC1940    A29
GLASS, S.G.                      19JL1854      17MH1926    A29
GLASS, Mattie                    24MH1879      17AP1967    A29
WHITLEY, Velmer Gladis           21JA1913      17JA1914    A29  d of TM & EJ
PATTERSON, Amanda                  1882          1917      A29
WADDELL, Lona E. Christopher     16OC1874      08DE1914    A29  w of JF
CHRISTOPHER, C.S.                29NO1845      04NO1904    A29
CHRISTOPHER, E.T.                29AU1842      06JL1904    A29
CHRISTOPHER, Exie E.             16NO1874      16FE1896    A29
CHRISTOPHER, Martha E.           04AP1885      16NO1889    A29
WHITE, John A.                   10JA1862      04JA1914    A29
WHITE, Zula C.                   08SE1868      20MH1931    A29
WHITE, infant                                              A29  infant of ?W & Bonnie
RANEY, Mary C.                   15FE1851      22AP1914    A30  w of JS
RANEY, James S.                  16MH1846      04DE1915    A30
RANEY, Franklin Mancel           24JA1916      25JL1917    A30  s of FP & SJ
RANEY, Samantha                    1881          1943      A30  w of FP
RANEY, Frank P.                    1881          1941      A30
SHELTON, Lula V.                 22AU1881      31MH1965    A30
SHELTON, Mack C.                 20AP1856      15NO1935    A30
SHELTON, R.R.                    13JA1871      17SE1904    A30  w of MC
KELLUM, Roy                      26AP1910      22FE1930    A30
KELLUM, Andrew J.                10JL1860      25OC1949    A30
MORRISON, J.C. (Tad)               1869          1926      A30  h of Mahaley
MORRISON, Mahaley                  1875          1969      A30
BELUE, Lorena C.                 26SE1906      25AP1980    A30  w of TR; m 4MH1932
BELUE, Ted R.                    25DE1901      12MH1993    A30
HOWARD, R.M.                     16MH1871      08JL1923    A30  w of JN
HOWARD, J.N.                     24AU1867      07AU1955    A30
HOWARD, Mary A.                  24NO1847      25NO1914    A30  w of SD
HOWARD, Stephen D.               29MH1847      09JL1914    A30
BELUE, William Horace            18MY1915      25NO1998    A31  Pfc  USA  WW-II
BELUE, Christine Camp            30NO1921                  A31  w of WH
BELUE, Thomas O.                 12DE1911      04JL1981    A31  Tec5  USA  WW-II
BELUE, Signa S.                  29NO1923                  A31  w of TO
SINYARD, Lawrence H.             03AP1915      20AU1997    A31  Pfc  USA  WW-II
SINYARD, Inez Denham             13OC1918      19JA1999    A31  w of LH
BELUE, Alexander J.              01FE1898      19JL1986    A31  h of ML; m 12JA1935
BELUE, Minnie Lee                23AU1904      14MY1980    A31
MOBLEY, M.                       15JA1855      04MY1928    A31  h of Martha
MOBLEY, Martha                   19FE1856      18NO1917    A31
MOBLEY, Ada Jane                 26AP1899      20JL1936    A31
McCARTNEY, Robert Gilbert        14JE1899      29DE1965    A31  h of EC
McCARTNEY, Euna Cole             16JL1901      22AU1992    A31
McCARTNEY, Robert E.             16JL1929      07SE1935    A31
PARR, Roy Edward                 02JA1901      13AP1902    A31  s of Freeman & Ophelia
PARR, Hattie V.                  27MY1887      05AP1902    A31
McGARITY, Flora Waddell          28DE1905      24MH1967    A31  w of KM
McGARITY, Kenneth Monroe         27JL1941                  A31
PARR, F.P.L.                     28OC1830      01OC1903    A31
PARR, Emerline                   12MH1850      02JE1906    A31  w of FPL
SHELTON, Wess Jr.                25AP1930                  A31  h of PD; m 26NO1948
SHELTON, Pauline Dendy           17SE1932                  A31
COOK, William E.                 21JE1918      29JL1918    A31
COOK, Wilton J.                  03OC1925      21FE1926    A31
COOK, Alvin C.                   04JE1922      03OC1925    A31
COOK, Clayton E.                 29JE1915      29JA1936    A31
JONES, Ollie B.                  02MY1931      11NO2004    A31  Sgt  USA  Korea
JONES, J. Albert                   1885          1950      A31  h of Rhodia
JONES, Rhodia Mc.                10MY1884      04MY1927    A31
JONES, Leroy                       1910          1910      A31  s of Rodie & Albert
JONES, W.V.C.                    17FE1859      15MH1929    A31
JONES, H.C.                      23MY1892      18JL1965    A31  h of Bobie
JONES, Bobie L.                  09NO1911                  A31
MORRISON, David Gerstel          29FE1908      16NO1996    A32  h of FE
MORRISON, Frances Earline        05OC1912      20FE1996    A32
MORRISON, Billie Joe             04JL1933      09AU1950    A32
COOK, Milton L.                  03OC1925      20AU1950    A32
COOK, Rosa Jane Roberts          05JL1898      18MH1983    A32  w of ER
COOK, Eddie Richard              20MY1893      19DE1945    A32
McCONNELL, Mollie Jones          19MY1884      20JE1950    A32  w of TJ
McCONNELL, Thomas J.             18NO1866      25DE1949    A32
McCONNELL, Lula A.               02OC1890      13JL1892    A32  d of TJ & MJ
GARDNER, Cyrus F.                15JE1899      13OC1932    A33
PATTERSON, James A.              12MY1937      03JL1950    A33
PATTERSON, Franklin              21MH1909                  A33  h of Pauline
PATTERSON, Pauline               06JL1914      05JL1972    A33
PARTRICK, Paul Moses             29AU1912      07MY1942    A33
PARTRICK, Dent                   20MY1875      24JA1970    A33  w of MC
PARTRICK, Mose C.                14NO1873      13OC1943    A33
PARTRICK, Dewey                  21AU1926      13OC1928    A33  s of ME & OV
BEAVER, W.C.                     17AP1841      15SE1895    A33  Mason
MORRISON, Willa Mae                1932                    A33  w of JL
MORRISON, James L.                 1931          1954      A33
PARUM, James W.                  23MH1868      19AU1904    A33
BAGGETT, Jessie Mae              24JA1928      30DE2000    A33  w of EW
BAGGETT, Eugene W.               06DE1931                  A33
YEAGER, Mary A.                  17MH1877      12JA1909    A33
CAMP, Nancy                        1864          1943      A33
CAMP, Thomas                       1864          1948      A33  h of Nancy
DENHAM, Ozzie G.                 18SE1901      30AU1917    A33
DENHAM, Evie                       1884          1943      A33  w of Henry
DENHAM, Henry                      1882          1953      A33
JONES, Quinnie E.                17JA1899      21JL1973    A33
CAGLE, Mattie Lou                25FE1908      22AP1908    A34  d of GB & MA
THORN, James Alfred                1885          1943      A34  h of CM
THORN, Cora M.                   15FE1886      27JA1958    A34
MOBLEY, Sephus                   19AP1883      23JL1905    A34
MOBLEY, Luther E.                16AU1904      03FE1905    A34
THORN, infant                    23JE1911      23JE1911    A34  infant of Avery & Cora
THORN, infant                    11MY1922      11MY1922    A34  s of JA & CE
THORN, Leo Alton                 05AP1909      17AU1935    A34
WEST, Walter Alfred              01MH1916      25NO1984    A34  USA  WW-II
WEST, Lois D.                    27JE1914                  A34  w of WA
RODEN, Dalton E.                 15JA1931                  A34  h of LV; m 26NO1948
CATES, infant                                  09MH1903    A34  s of FC & B
CATES, James                     03JE1917      13OC1917    A34
COCKRELL. R.D.                     1886          1953      A34  h of Montana
COCKRELL. Montana                  1889          1968      A34
VENABLE, child                                             A34
MORRISON, Beverly Kay            14AP1950      15AP1950    A34
JOHNSON, Thomas F.               02JE1920      08MH1974    A34  Tec4  USA  WW-II
McCRARY, Flora M.                10JA1910      24OC1989    A34
BAILEY, Alfred B.                15SE1920      28DE1989    A34  Pvt  USA   WW-II
SCOTT, S.A.                      26NO1850      09DE1939    A35  w of JC
SCOTT, J.C.                      25JA1846      30SE1922    A35
SCOTT, Bula Mae                  08JA1905      10FE1905    A35  d of WH & LB
THORNTON, Thomas Elmer           03DE1904      11SE1905    A35  s of JP & CS
THORNTON, Bula May               22JL1908      17NO1909    A35  d of JP & CS
THORNTON, Capernia S.            11DE1886      21JA1919    A35  w of James P.
SYLVESTER, N.E. (Miss)           11AP1858      19MY1923    A35
GLASS, W.W.                      23DE1875      18DE1940    A35  h of Inous
GLASS, Inous                     02JA1881      27MH1919    A35
HEATHCOAT, Toney                 24JE1941      24JE1941    A35  6 hours
MORRISON, Tom Reid               17SE1871      04AU1933    A36
MORRISON, George W.                1837          1919      A36  32 TN Inf CSA
MORRISON, Susan F.                 1852          1935      A36  w of GW
CARTER, Effie F.                   1889          1981      A36  w of MR
CARTER, Mack R.                    1879          1959      A36
THORNTON, Ruben D.                 1887          1951      A36  h of Alma
THORNTON, Alma                     1893          1967      A36
THORNTON, David Ray              01JA1848      22AP1947    A36  dates as on stone
THORNTON, Thomas Arnold          25MH1920      01JE1936    A36
THORNTON, M.E.                     1853        28AP1928    A36  w of JM
THORNTON, J.M.                   02NO1852      26JL1916    A36  Mason
McCRARY, Lilbern H.              03AU1916      14JL1918    A36  s of GH & MB
BAILEY, R.H.                     21NO1858      16DE1939    A36
BAILEY, Elliot                   27MH1858      20MY1927    A36  w of RH
SHELTON, Herbut E.               03AP1903      04MH1905    A36  s of GC & HJ
SHELTON, Hattie                  25MH1883      23MY1917    A36  w of Calvin
SHELTON, Calvin                  09NO1879      19AP1961    A36
PIERCE, Etheridge L.             15SE1922      08FE1953    A36  h of Doris D.
PIERCE, Doris D.                 02DE1921                  A36  did not find
JOHNSON, Charles D.              17AP1932      07JE1990    A36  Pfc  USA  Korea
JOHNSON, James O.                15DE1923      22DE1923    A36
HOGUE, Joseph Bailey             09MY1860      04AU1931    A36
HOGUE, Nancy Melinda             15JE1876      16MY1930    A36  w of JB
JOHNSON, Thomas F.               10AU1889      08JA1941    A36  h of SM
JOHNSON, Sylvania M.             18DE1894      19DE1977    A36
McCRARY, Orville G. Jr.          23FE1933      15AU1973    A36  MSgt  USAF  Korea Vietnam
BAILEY, Lester P.                12MH1907      21AU1909    A36  s of ST & JA
BAILEY, Sam T.                   01AP1874      13JE1963    A36  h of JA
BAILEY, Julia A.                 28NO1877      09MY1958    A36
JONES, Grover S.                 31JA1893      18MH1949    A37  h of GF
JONES, Gracie F.                 10SE1897      11OC1980    A37
JONES, Ozella                    20SE1921      13JA1922    A37  d of GS & GF
JONES, Lucile                    31DE1919      03FE1922    A37  d of GS & GF
JONES, infant                    28SE1922      28SE1922    A37  s of GS & GF
CRABB, Buford M.                 17AU1922      19JL1928    A37  s of RH & LM
MUSE, Frankie                    27NO1934      07JE1935    A37
SINYARD, Eliza Jane              20OC1876      03DE1961    A38  w of WR
SINYARD, William Riley           27DE1872      28OC1958    A38
BAGGETT, Martha                                            A38  w of JA; 65 yrs old
SINYARD, Corilla                 14NO1904      08MY1979    A38  w of Griffin
SINYARD, Griffin                 18MH1896      23AU1943    A38
SINYARD, Harold G.               26DE1925      08MY1987    A38  h of MD; m 25DE1948
SINYARD, M. Delora               24FE1932                  A38
SYLVESTER, Jerry D.              09AP1931      06JA1967    A38  USA  Korea
SYLVESTER, Lella M               20DE1895      13JE1953    A38  w of RB
SYLVESTER, Roy B.                12NO1890      25MY1969    A38
SYLVESTER, Almon                 05AU1918      25FE1924    A38
McCONNELL, Hughlon E.            28DE1922      30NO1924    A38  s of EL & MA
WARREN, Alice Daly                 1875          1952      A38  w of CB
WARREN, Charlie Briscoe            1869          1919      A38
WARREN, Irene                      1910          1933      A38  w of HA Alexander
McCRAVY, Charles Wesley            1937          1938      A38
THORNTON, Claude T.              16OC1906      29AU1968    A38
THORNTON, Dock                   03OC1891      01AP1924    A38
BURCH, James W. Jr.              01JE1918      15AP2000    A39  Tec5  USA  WW-II
BURCH, Corene Weigart            26MY1917      03JL1993    A39  w of JW
WEIGART, John Horace             10AU1879      01FE1956    A39
WEIGART, Vonnie                  01OC1882      11FE1943    A39  w of JH
WEIGART, Bonnie Pearl            03JA1904      01DE1918    A39  d of JH & Vonnie
WEIGART, L.B. Jr.                09JE1943      06JA1944    A39  s of LB & Gladys
CAMP, Elna S.                    26OC1900      20MY1992    A39  w of OH
CAMP, O. Herbert                 08NO1900      25JE1962    A39
CAMP, infant                     01MY1919      01MY1919    A39  s of OH & EO
MOORE, Ethel Snoddy              27FE1883      26MY1936    A39
MOORE, O'Neal                    09OC1922      01NO1931    A39
SNODDY, James Q.                 05NO1926      07NO1926    A39  s of RO & OD
SNODDY, Roy O.                   12NO1905      07MY1976    A39  h of OD
SNODDY, Olma D.                  17JL1908      06JL1988    A39
SNODDY, Eugene E.                19JL1902      13MY1983    A39  h of GH
SNODDY, Gurtie H.                16OC1906      11JL2001    A39
SNODDY, Thomas A.                              01SE1938    A39  s of EE & GC
McCONNELL, Edgar Louis           10FE1896      22NO1980    A39  h of MA
McCONNELL, Mazie Arraro          29SE1898      02AU1972    A39
WILLIAMS, Adran                    1927          1930      A39
ROBINSON, John C.                03JA1871      02JE1925    A39  h of Donie
ROBINSON, Donie                  30JA1882      17DE1968    A39
SWANNER, Harvey                  12AU1871      04MH1933    A40  h of Ann
SWANNER, Ann A.                  15FE1875      16OC1963    A40
SWANER, infant                   22DE1937      23DE1937    A40  infant of Loyd
THORNTON, Mamie Lou              13FE1911      27AP1957    A40  w of Leo
THORNTON, Leo                    13NO1908      12NO1976    A40
CHAPMAN, Laura                   01AU1899      26DE1994    A40
LOVELL, Eugene                   09OC1915      25MH1928    A40  s of Tom & Laura
LOVELL, John Thomas              11JA1895      01JL1940    A40
SCOTT, Arthur E.                 01JE1924      20OC1924    A40
WEATHERS, Lula Snoddy            14AU1907      07JA1990    A40  w of CL
WEATHERS, Clarence L.            19NO1905      10NO1947    A40
THORNTON, David G.               20MY1950      22MH1971    A40
BOYD, Sabrina W.                 21AU1914                  A40  w of TV
BOYD, Thomas V.                  05FE1910      15DE1978    A40  m 1AU1934
BOYD, Jerry Don                  11MY1938      29MY1945    A40  s of Tom & Brina
HAMMOND, J.P. (Pat)              14JA1915      04SE1974    A40
SMITH, Mary Lucy                 13JL1882      15JA1931    A40
SMITH, Herbert E.                09MY1907      30NO1986    A40  h of ML
SMITH, Mamie Leo                 08FE1908      19JA1999    A40

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