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Township 1, Range 8, Section 9

Survey Contributed 27 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From AL 101 in Lexington, go west on AL 64 for 1 block, turn right on CR 136 and go one block; turn right on CR 48.  Stay on CR 48 until you pass CR 162 going west; turn left on the next paved road which is CR 160 (no sign).  The cemetery is immediately on your left.  Rows are numbered from east to west.

NAME                                DOB             DOD        ROW  NOTES
WILEY, Minnie A. Smith              1882            1947        01  w of Jim
WILEY, Jim R.                       1882            1947        01
WILEY, James Morris               22OC1954        02SE1972      01
WILEY, Sara Louise                27DE1918                      01  w of Wm.
WILEY, William Alford             08FE1915        05MY2000      01
WILEY, Barbara O'Connor           30JE1940        07MY1997      01  w of WC
WILEY, William Carmon             03OC1936                      01
MOORE, Leoma Wiley                18FE1919                      01  w of James
MOORE, James Sherman              24NO1910        06FE1974      01
MURKS, James Cleveland            04JA1915        11FE2001      02  h of AW; m 4JA1936
MURKS, Andora Wiley               10JA1917        25JE1993      02
COLLIER, Kenneth H.               05JA1921        26JL1990      02  Pfc  USA  WW-II
COLLIER, Viola Murks              29MH1924                      02  w of KH
MURKS, William M.                   1882            1959        02  h of EJ
MURKS, Effie J.                     1885            1965        02
MURKS, Lonnie                     29MY1923        07MY1941      02  s of WM & EJ
MURKS, infant                                     29OC1951      02  d of DT
MURKS, Dillard T.                 11FE1911        14SE1982      02  Pfc  USA  WW-II
MURKS, Lillian Pettus               1918          26NO1991      02  w of DT
PETTUS, infant of EA                                            02
ROBERSON,  (no info)                                            02
WILEY, Lewell                       1945            1946        03
WILLIAMS, infant                                                03
McCARTY, Betty W. Wiley           03FE1935        26AU2002      03
DAVIS, Luther O.                  09JE1888        27FE1971      03  h of RM
DAVIS, Rosella McGuire            30JA1891        08FE1953      03
GRIFFIN, infant                                                 04
McGUIRE, Mary S.                  09OC1870        10MH1938      04  w of JW
McGUIRE, J.W.                     30MY1861        21FE1952      04
DAVIS, Sallie Jane                20OC1853        15AP1931      04  w of Bud
DAVIS, Bud                          1854            1891        04
DAVIS, Janie A.                   02AU1827        02JL1906      04  w of JT
DAVIS, J. T.                      18FE1823        22FE1893      04
MITCHELL, M.R.                    cir1769         26MY1945      05  Age 76 yrs
TALIAFERRO, A.M.                                  20JL1884      05
S.T.  (no info)                                   20JL1884      05
DAVIS, Texie L.                   06OC1883        17OC1884      05
DAVIS, Ina C.                     18MH1891        26MH1892      05
DAVIS, infant                                      AP1901       05  d of WW & ME
DAVIS, W.W.                       18MH1851        06JA1919      05  h of Mary
DAVIS, Mary E.                    09FE1860        08OC190?      05  can't read death date
MURKS, Maebelle White               1909            1995        06  w of LH
MURKS, Lenord Hebron                1908            1962        06
WHITE, Lee L.                       1885            1959        06  double with Rollie
WHITE, Rollie L.                    1885            1966        06
WHITE, Velma E.                     1905            1952        06  w of WR
WHITE, W. Rudolph                   1906            1998        06
SHELTON, Willard                  16FE1922        29JL1988      07  h of TW
SHELTON, Theresa Williams         01OC1920        05SE2004      07
SHELTON, Lee                      01SE1884        29JA1958      07  h of EC
SHELTON, Ella Corum               07AU1888        15AU1973      07
SHELTON, Lois Cleo                03OC1942        07AP1949      07  d of AL & Leona
SHELTON, Audie L.                 31MH1915        06AP1989      07  h of Leoma
SHELTON, Leoma Littrell           26MY1920        07JE1965      07
ELLS, Bruce Alvin                 08AP1932        26AU2002      07  h of DV; USA  Korea
ELLS, Dorothy Virginia            24OC1937                      07
GUTIERREY, William                29OC1965        25MY1992      08
SHELTON, Luther C.                  1911            1964        08  S1  USNR  WW-II
SHELTON, Sallie Mae Springer        1911          30DE1994      08  w of LC
ALLEN, Almon                      17OC1910        02JE1967      08  h of Eunice
ALLEN, Eunice                     08AP1913        13AP2001      08
ROBERSON, Clayton                 07OC1907        31MH1988      08  w of GW; m 14OC1923
ROBERSON, Gilbert W.              18JL1904        16SE1972      08
ROBERSON, Christopher Lamar       30OC1978                      08  only one date
ROBERSON, Charles Edward          28JL1953                      08
BARNES, Robert C.                 17AP1906        16OC1978      09  h of LM
BARNES, Lonie M.                  13MH1918                      09
DAVIS, Robert E. Jr.              27JE1957        28AU2002      09
DAVIS, Robert E. .                06JA1929        07OC1972      09  h of RS
DAVIS, Rebecca S.                 30JL1936                      09
STUTTS, William L.                15JL1939        29FE2004      09
THOMPSON, Esther M.               25DE1918        20JA1998      10  w of JB
THOMPSON, Joel B.                 20JL1919        23JL2000      10
McGUIRE, Ruby E. Porter           09JL1898        12SE1995      10  w of GF
McGUIRE, George F.                23MH1895        19OC1980      10
ROBERSON, James Orville           01JE1925                      11  h of Ellen
ROBERSON, Ellen Murks             02FE1928                      11
ENGLISH, Oliver Jackson           24DE1915        06FE1992      12  Tec5  USA  WW-II
ENGLISH, Vella Rhea Murks         02MY1919        06AP2004      12  w of OJ; m 23AU1941
CHILDERS, Jesse Calvin            21DE1919        09SE1994      12  h of Ora

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