Mt. Olive

Surveyed June 2002
by Bob Torbert

Location: Mt Olive Cemetery is located in Section 22 Township 1 Range 15 west. For surveying purposes, the cemetery was divided into 4 sections:
Section A is North of Union Hollow Rd
Section B is the North 1/3 of the cem on the South side of the road; 
Section C is the middle 1/3;
Section D is the South !/3 next to the church.

NAME                         DOB       DOD    SECTION   NOTES
                                               & ROW
GIBBS, Gilbert             25OC1895  28FE1989   A01   h of Mamie; m 6FE1916
GIBBS, Mamie                6MH1900  20FE1986   A01   w of Gilbert
WINKLER, Mary Lard         16MH1905   1JA1989   A01
LEE, Juanita                6JE1927             A01   w of Johnie
LEE, Johnie                12SE1924             A01   h of Juanita
HANDLEY, Curt H.           14JE1889  28JA1969   A02   h of Betty
HANDLEY, Betty L.          28DE1899  16OC1983   A02   w of Curt
JONES, George C.            3NO1906             A03   h of Letha
JONES, Letha M.             5JA1910  27DE1997   A03   w of George
FAULKNER, Rinda Oma        24SE1908   4OC1983   A03
JONES, Clarence Dallas     12Ap1914  27fe1994   A04   h of Cloteel; USN  WW2
JONES, Cloteel Hodges      17FE1926  18AU2001   A04   w of Clarence
FRANKS, William Thomas     24FE1885  24FE1885   B01   s of T.F. & S.F.
QUALLS, Tom                                     B01   lists his children
SCOTT, Flossie Mae (Qualls 16OC1898  19JE1948   B01
QUALLS, James R.(s of J.R.&L.B        2MY1945   B01   Sgt Co G; died in Italy
AUSTIN, Oscar J.           26FE1909   4JA1975   B01   h of Frankie; m 8FE1930
AUSTIN, Frankie C.         11JL1914  17MH1998   B01   w of Oscar
BARRETT, Clarence B.       22FE1925  22AP1983   B01   h of Vivian
BARRETT, Vivian A.          8JA1934  27AU1971   B01   w of Clarence
HODGES, Ovid E.                1950      1950   B02
HODGES, Ovid V.            20MY1928   2DE1979   B02
REED, Artie Mae             9AP1927  11DE1994   B02   w of Earl
REED, Earl M.              18AP1915  11MH1998   B02   h of Artie
REED, Richard Thomas       12JE1957  23SE1964   B02
NORTHCUTT, Woodrow         30MH1916  27SE1935   B02
PARRIS, Oneita              2DE1931  10MH1962   B02   mother of Buddy
PARRIS, Buddy              12FE1951  10MH1962   B02   son of Oneita
CARNEY, Mattie C.           3MH1882  21MY1958   B02   w of Walter
FRANKS, Harriett           20FE1820  19FE1914   B02
CARNEY, Marian              2JE1837  29AU1918   B02
WHITE, Demsey              31MH1818  11MY1890   B02
SHARP, J.W.                    1879      1966   B03   h of Flora
SHARP, Flora E.                1880      1972   B03   w of J.W.
LEAN, Boyd                        ?         ?   B03   unable to read dates
LEAN, Minnie                      ?         ?   B03   unable to read dates
SANDUSKY, Ed               13JE1889  28SE1956   B03
VINSON, Callie J.                               B04
VINSON, Allen                                   B04
VINSON, Turner L.          13MY1906  23NO1942   B04   h of Mattie
VINSON, Mattie             18OC1909  31MY1996   B04   w of Turner
VINSON, Beulah M.           4FE1939   6MH1945   B04
HAIRELL, Velma Louise      15MH1929  11SE1958   B05
MANSEL, Paul M.            28JE1922  28DE1991   B05
MANSEL, Linnie A.          16JE1902  15JL1996   B05
MANSEL, Martin             29NO1893  30SE1945   B05   AL Pvt Cl 306 Sup QMC
MANSEL, Josephine          12FE1937  19FE1937   B05
MANSEL, Livingston          4JA1926  15OC1929   B05   double w/Josephine
SANFORD, Nina Condrey       5SE1906   9AP1962   B06   w of James
SANFORD, James Arthur          1896      1952   B06   h of Nina
CONDREY, Marvin Edward     27OC1911  19FE1974   B06
CONDREY, Emma Altha Hooten 19JA1878  14JA1958   B06   w of Thomas
CONDREY, Thomas Edward     14NO1877  12MH1951   B06   h of Emma
BUGG, Finley Arthur Jr.     2OC1926  10JE1976   B06
BUGG, Erma L.               2NO1903  24AP1989   B06   w of Finley; m 23DE1925
BUGG, Finley A.            22OC1901   2JE1999   B06   h of Erma
CONDREY, Louise Highland   22SE1912   4MH2002   B06   w of J.C.
CONDREY, J.C.              29JA1914   8JA1987   B06   h of Louise; Pvt  USA  WW2
CONDREY, Ruffard A.        17FE1937   9MH1937   B06   s of Marvin & Gladys
MERONEY, Martha A.         16AP1855  14SE1933   B06   w of George
MERONEY, George H.          4JL1854  15MH1902   B06   h of Martha
BRANNON, Mae Bell          12MY1912   6FE1994   B06   w of Clarence
BRANNON, Clarence W.       20JE1907  18OC1979   B06   h of Mae Bell
BRANNON, R.C.              17DE1935  10NO1954   B06   s of W.C. & Maybell
BRANNON, Gladys Lee        14AP1946  28NO1950   B06   d of C.B. & M.B.
LESTER, John D.             6DE1919  13JL1949   B06
LESTER, Jasper Lewis       24MH1891  19OC1962   B06
LESTER, Emma Pearl Hale    20NO1901  11DE1994   B06
LESTER, Wilson Theo         5AU1915  13OC1973   B06   AL Cpl USMC WW2
HIGGINS, Clenvil Ray                 15JE1948   B07
HIGHLAND, Hazel Mae        30SE1948   8JA1949   B07   d of H.R. & A.L.
BRANNON, Wilburn Lee       28MH1938  21SE1996   B07
CONDREY, Helen Eileen      24SE1950  25SE1950   B07   d of J.C. & Louise
TURNER, Vernetta O.        17SE1871   3JL1889   C01
TURNER, Thomas E.          21JA1905   3OC1906   C01   s of J.T. Jr. & D.E.
TURNER, Minnie E.          20MH1902   5MH1905   C01   d of J.T. Jr. & D.E.
TURNER, Vernetta O.        27MH1900  23FE1901   C01   d of J.T. Jr. & D.E.
BECKHAM, R.F.              18JE1864   8DE1889   C01
BECKHAM, S.R.               Mar1831  11MH1894   C01   h of Margaret
BECKHAM, Margaret          27FE1839  29JA1921   C01   w of S.R.
BECKHAM, Dollie            24DE1898  27MY1900   C01   d of L.S. & Ella
BECKHAM, L.S.               8OC1870  30JL1921   C01   h of Ella
LUTTS, Menervia                                 C02
PARKER, Sarah              15JA1810   1AP1878   C04   w of Alphens
PARKER, Arthur             11OC1876  24NO1877   C04   s of W.C. & Rebecca
PARKER, Owen B.             6SE1874   2SE1875   C04   s of W.C. & Rebecca
SHEPARD, Nannie            31DE1889  22FE1890   C05   d of James & Martha
SHEPARD, Chester A.         5MY1884  13MY1884   C05   s of James & Martha
MANSEL, A.J.               31JL1858  23AP1886   C06
MANSEL, Leonard M.             1860      1941   C06
PICKENS, Lillian Mansel    26AU1891  12AP1915   C06
MANSEL, Mary B.                1863      1940   C06
KIRKLAND, Myrtle G.        24NO1889  30SE1974   C06
HAIRRELL, Rinda J.          7JE1848  21DE1922   C06   w of John
HAIRRELL, John              4FE1850   7AP1892   C06   h of Rinda
HAIRRELL, infant son                            C06   s of John & Rendie
HAIRRELL, infant son                            C06   s of John & Rendie
HAIRRELL, infant son                            C06   s of John & Rendie
HAIRRELL, infant son                            C06   s of John & Rendie
HAIRRELL, Vernettie O.      3SE1877   8NO1878   C06   d of John & Rendie
HAIRRELL, Harriet E.        Sep1820  25MY1880   C06   w of John
HEARROLL, Okgon??          15FE1841  22MH1895   C06
HAIRELL, Dan               25DE1847  10JL1922   C06
HIGGINS, O.J.              15JE1913  11AU1916   C06
HIGGINS, Lillia Bessia      1AU1888  23SE1891   C06   d of A.D. & M.A.
HIGGINS, baby                                   C06
HIGGINS, Cecil                                  C06
HIGGINS, Roy                                    C06
HIGGINS, Archie Lee Sr.    21JA1919   9MY1995   C06
PARKER, Roxie A.            4FE1883  18MH1959   C07   w of W.O.
PARKER, William O.         25SE1854   4JL1947   C07
PARKER, Alice Ross                              C07
HAILELL, Emmett C.         21NO1893  23OC1939   C07
HAILELL, G.W.               7AP1865  17NO1904   C07   h of Cythia
HAILELL, Cythia B.         17OC1873  25DE1894   C07   w of G.W.
HAIRRELL, infant           20JA1904  20JA1904   C07   d of H.W. & H.R.
HAIRRELL, infant           20MH1917   2AP1917   C07   infant of H.W. & H.R.
HAIRELL, infant                          1944   C07   d of E.C. & Beulah
HAIRELL, Deloris Elaine        1929      1930   C07
HAIRELL, Hulet W.          13FE1879  13FE1939   C07
HAIRELL, Edgar (Cliff)     29JE1907   5SE1990   C07   h of Beulah; m 16DE1928
HAIRELL, Beulah             7FE1908  17DE2001   C07   w of Edgar
FOSTER, infant                        7AP1927   C07   s of Daniel
FOSTER, Daniel              9OC1905  12SE1954   C07
WHITE, John E.             18NO1882   6AP1970   C07   h of Janie
WHITE, M. Janie            19AU1887  22JA1965   C07   w of John
SWINFORD, Martha Lard          1857      1926   C07   w of Thomas
SWINFORD, Thomas               1835      1907   C07   h of Martha; CSA
FISHER, J.W.               15JA1923   2MH1925   C08   s of Louis
GIBBS, George W.           25AP1900  26FE1974   C08
JONES, Gladys Austin       14AU1894  18MY1965   C08   w of W.C.
JONES, W.C. Jr.            21AP1926   4DE1980   C08
JONES, Mavis M.             6AP1939  11JE1941   C08
JONES, Vylona W.           14AU1912  10NO1994   C08
JONES, G. Odell            24AP1911  23JL1967   C08   double w/Vylona
ROBBINS, Minnis F.         18JE1899  14SE1904   C08   s of J.W. & I.V.
ROBBINS, infant            18OC1917  22OC1917   C08   infant of L.E. & A.P.
PARKER, Mary Elizabeth      5DE1863  24MY1940   C08   w of T.C.
PARKER, T.C.               15DE1856  30MH1929   C08   h of Mary
PARKER, J.N.(Jasper)       30OC1831  19FE1915   C08
PARKER, Catharine          12DE1833  10MY1905   C08   w of Jasper N.
PARKER, E. Odell            2OC1906  19AU1994   C08   h of Odessa
PARKER, Odessa B.          18DE1923             C08   w of E. Odell
PARKER, Luther A.          26JL1870  17MH1936   C08   h of Ora
PARKER, Ora                15JE1875  15AP1910   C08   w of Luther
HIGGINS, Gyle B.               1905      1987   C08
HIGGINS, Annie P.              1899      1977   C08   double w/Gyle
LUCAS, Manza                   1898      1900   C08   d of Hugh & Alice
GANN, Christeen             8OC1920  24FE1923   C08   d of C.H. & L.H.
TILLEY, Larry M.                      4OC1972   C09
LARD, William W.           24JL1898  14DE1948   C09   h of Maggie
LARD, M. Maggie            14MY1901  18JL1971   C09   w of Wm.
LARD, Reuben E.            19MY1922  24JL1945   C09   AL Pvt 12 Cav WW2
LARD, Patti Rena                     21JA1965   C09   d of H.E. & S.E.
HAIRRELL, Wilmer L.        28MH1889  20MY1975   C09
HAIRRELL, Chester T.        7AP1885   1SE1966   C09
DALEY, Edward               3MY1926  19MH1932   C09   s of Clarence & Jimmie
TURPIN, Tishie L.          12AU1883  12NO1949   C09   w of John
TURPIN, John W.             8AP1881  28JL1942   C09   h of Tishie
TURPIN, W.T. Jr.            2JA1938   9JA1938   C09
TURPIN, Mertie                                  C09   d of John & Tishie
TURPIN, Zellie                                  C09   d of John & Tishie
TURPIN, Billy                                   C09   s of John & Tishie
JONES, Hulet E.            28SE1916   6MH1920   C09   s of W.C. & V.E.
JONES, Vada E.             12MH1885   9JE1941   C09   w of W.C.
JONES, W.C.                 6AU1882   6AU1973   C09   h of Vada
JONES, Wilson H.            5JL1937  10DE1952   C09
JONES, Donald Wayne Jr.    14AU1975  16AP1987   C09
JONES, Donald W.           10SE1947   5OC1978   C09
RETHERFORD, Ada J.         10JA1915  24JA2002   C09   w of Charlie
RETHERFORD, Charlie A.     21JE1905  18NO1968   C09   h of Ada
RETHERFORD, Nancy M.        7AU1871   9JE1929   C09   w of J.M.
RETHERFORD, John G.         4JL1894   4JE1919   C09   s of J.M. & N.M.
RETHERFORD, James O.                            C09   s of Jim & Johnnie
RETHERFORD, Johnnie H.      8FE1891  26OC1974   C09
KEETON, Abraham Lincoln     7SE1921  17MY1988   C09   Pvt  USA  WW2
CHEATHAM, Ruby V.          11JL1930  31JA1998   C09   w of Harvis; m 18SE1946
CHEATHAM, Harvis M.        26AU1918  27AU2000   C09   h of Ruby
HIGGINS, Mary Ann          15SE1835   5DE1899   D01   w of John
HIGGINS, John               9OC1822   1AU1904   D01   h of Mary
HIGGINS, Randall            4JL1893   1AP1936   D01   AL Pvt 30 Inf 3 Div WW1
HAIRRELL, Lillie D.        18OC1880   7JE1922   D01   w of A.B.
HAIRRELL, Goldie Loreine   30JE1910   9MH1912   D01   d or Arthur & Lillie
HAIRRELL, Gorden           29MH1914  23AP1915   D01
J, M.V.                                         D01
J, J.                                           D01
MANSEL, Doyce              28JA1928   1AP1950   D01   s of Thomas O. & Isabelle
BECKHAM, Myra B.            8JE1875  21DE1967   D01
EVANS, Rosa                 2FE1893  22JE1973   D01
EVANS, Guy W.              30AU1913   1MY1953   D01   AL Pvt 1852 Serv  WW2
EVANS, W.H.                26JE1883   7JE1972   D01
JONES, Kate L.             14JA1857  25MH1952   D01   w of Matt
JONES, W. Matt             11MH1860  20SE1940   D01   h of Kate
JONES, Clarence W.          6DE1934  19FE1992   D01
EVANS, Elder               13SE1919  16FE2001   D02
SKINNER, J.B.                 1874?     1874?   D02   s of T.H. & S.A.E.
SKINNER, Martin H.          5JE1860  30MY1873   D02   s of T.H. & S.A.E.
SKINNER, S.A.E.             7DE1833   4AU1900   D02   w of Thomas H.
SKINNER, Thomas H.          8DE1829  20FE1906   D02   h of S.A.E.
SKINNER, Rosa Cathrine     21JA1881   7AP1961   D02
SKINNER, Rosie Lee         15OC1916  28FE1918   D02   d of T.D. & R.C.
SKINNER, Lizzie C.          2MH1876   7AU1904   D02   w of Thomas D.
SKINNER, Thomas D.         23SE1864  18NO1951   D02   h of Lizzie & Rosa
HIGGINS, James H.              1914      1920   D02
HIGGINS, Cyntha            17SE1863  15JA1901   D02
HIGGINS, Aner              14NO1889  23SE1900   D02
HIGGINS, Joe S.                1867      1918   D02
HIGGINS, Ruben              5DE1900   9AU1920   D02
HIGGINS, Audrey Z.             1904      1943   D02
HIGGINS, Maggie G.             1906      1952   D02
MANSEL, Margaret                                D02
MANSEL, William D.                              D02
TAYLOR, Frank                                   D03
TAYLOR, Mary                                    D03
LEDGEWOOD, Martha J.                            D03
LEDGEWOOD, John W.         10JE1875   6NO1933   D03   h of Ida
LEDGEWOOD, Ida B.          13SE1873  12JL1941   D03   w of John
WEBB, W.J.                 30JE1827  27AU1902   D03
WEBB, Burt                 18AP1889  14AP1942   D03
FRANKS, Marvin G.          10DE1894   5MH1947   D03   AL Pvt Develop WW1
FRANKS, Thomas M.          23JL1939             D03   AL Pvt 324 Inf 81 Div
FRANKS, Jennie             13JE1869  13FE1926   D03
SKINNER, Pheobe A.         13MH1872  16FE1933   D03
SKINNER, Henry             12AP1872  12FE1962   D03
EAVES, Ada L.               5OC1890  11FE1980   D04   w of Joe
EAVES, Joe R.               4AP1885  18FE1962   D04   h of Ada
EAVES, Billy Joe                                D04
EAVES, W.D.                    1906      1944   D04
AUSTIN, Alvie J.           28NO1867   2MH1929   D04
PHILLIPS, Asbery A.        28AU1909  28AP1911   D04
CULVER, Thomas              1848/49             D04   h of Isabella Webb
YOUNG, Dora Lee            13JE1876  21MY1922   D04   w of Edward K. Parnell
PARNELL, Oma M.            24MY1908   8FE1919   D04   d of E.R. & D.L.
PARNELL, Turner W.         21JE1905  21JL1907   D04   s of E.R. & D.L.
SHAW, G.W.                  5FE1825   4SE1901   D04   h of S.A.
SHAW, S.A.                 25AP1832  11JA1903   D04   w of G.W.
SHOOK, Mattie Parnell       2JL1884  20AP1917   D04
PARKER, Mary Alma          20OC1887  15SE1959   D04
PARNELL, Henry             20JE1894  27SE1900   D04   s of W.W. & L.
PARKER, infant                                  D04   s of Luther & Ora
WEBB, Louisa                   1852      1917   D04   w of Wm. Parnell
WALKER, Minnie Ford         4JA1913             D05   w of Robert; m 17JE1933
WALKER, Robert Daniel       2JE1914   2DE1993   D05   h of Minnie
WEBB, Sallie               26MH1862  12AP1927   D05   w of J.B.
WEBB, J.B.                 18AP1858  30AU1916   D05   h of Sallie
WEBB, Rubie J.             30JL1892  15SE1915   D05
WEBB, Bates                26JE1906  22SE1934   D05
HANDLEY, E.F.              22DE1886  29OC1929   D05
CRAVEN, Viola R.           22OC1879  26JL1923   D05
FONVILLE, Edna (Rutherford)                     D06   mother of O'Neal Rutherford
FONVILLE, Annie Elizabeth      1900      1978   D06
CLEMMONS, Robert T.        24JE1884  13AU1962   D06   h of Omie
CLEMMONS, Omie C.          30MY1890  19NO1922   D06   w of Robert
CLEMMONS, infant                     16NO1922   D06   s of Robert & Omie
LARD, John Robert          30JA1885   1JL1944   D06   h of Mamie
LARD, Mamie Alice           6AP1886   1JA1950   D06   w of John
EPPES, Edd                 10OC1868   4NO1927   D06   h of Jennie
EPPES, Jennie L.           24AP1870  21NO1922   D06   w of Ed
TALLEY, J.R.               28JL1899   5DE1901   D07

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