Township 1, Range 8, Section 29

Survey Contributed 25 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Killen go east on US 72 to the edge of town; turn left on CR 71 and go about 8 miles.  The Church is on the right and the cemetery is behind it.  The rows are numbered from the church.

NAME                                DOB              DOD         ROW  NOTES
PHILLIPS, D.W.                   01JA1860         13OC1930        01
STUTTS, Daniel J.                20MH1901         12FE1932        01
SMITH, Zory A.                   02DE1890         01JA1950        01  w of GW
SMITH, George W.                 18JA1889         02NO1963        01
McGEE, Gracie S.                 03MH1910         21AP1989        01  w of AL
McGEE, A. Luceon                 13DE1903         23OC1953        01  Mason
DOOLEY, Wilma G.                 02JA1907         24JE1983        01  w of RH
DOOLEY, Robert H.                13JA1905         25JL1961        01
THOMPSON, Streetia               25JL1919         28NO1969        01  w of AB
THOMPSON, Attus B. *             14MH1905         27DE1979        01
THOMPSON, Glenn Allen            08JL1938         15SE2002        01
MICHAEL, Mary Ruth               02JL1923                         01  w of JO
MICHAEL, James O.                11OC1923         25NO1976        01  Pvt  USA  WW-II
THIGPEN, Almon Howard            11OC1940         14NO2000        01
THIGPEN, Lula Lee                24DE1919                         01  w of LE
THIGPEN, L.E. (Ed)               15JA1910         04JL1981        01
STAMPS, Arland Houston           29JL1930         23SE2004        01  Pfc  USA  Korea
STAMPS, Helen                    17AP1935                         01  w of AH; m 26AP1977
PETTUS, Mildred L.               23OC1912                         02  w of MC
PETTUS, M. Claiborne             09MH1912         11MH1968        02
PETTUS, Frances Jane             12JL1947         25DE1947        02
WHITE, Naomi A.                  14AU1875         25MH1958        02  w of JM
WHITE, Jessie M.                 12SE1870         10NO1951        02
HOWARD, Matthew Joseph           16MY1982         16MY1982        02  s of Jerry & Dorothy
McGEE, Nora R.                   07SE1895         15AU1962        02  w of JW
McGEE, J. Willie                 08AU1891         27MY1965        02
WILLIAMS, Roy R.                 19FE1903         03OC1983        02  h of Ruby
WILLIAMS, Ruby N.                05JA1900         18SE1980        02
WILLIAMS, Roger V.               15JA1892         28MY1975        02  USA  WW-I
WILLIAMS, Fannie E.              11JL1867         08JA1948        02  w of SM
WILLIAMS, Stith M.               25DE1852         07AU1921        02  Mason
WILLIAMS, Katie                  22FE1887         22SE1923        02
MICHAEL, Opha                      1893             1967          02  w of VC
MICHAEL, Vandy C.                  1890             1959          02  Mason
MICHAEL, Mary L.                 24DE1870         16JE1947        02  w of Henry
MICHAEL, Henry I.                21DE1853         20AP1930        02
MICHAEL, Missie                  11SE1886         18OC1930        02  w of Lee
MICHAEL, Lee                     11AP1885         25MH1968        02
MICHAEL, Pauline                 12MY1907         14FE1962        02  w of Dee
MICHAEL, Dee                     11JA1907         27MH1984        02
MICHAEL, Bessie                  03JL1926                         02  d of Dee & P
HOWARD, Streetee L.              11OC1909         05DE1949        02  w of FS
HOWARD, F. Steward               11OC1909         12DE1952        02
MICHAEL, Ida May                 03OC1888         14JE1953        02  w of Robert
MICHAEL, Robert C.               08AP1887         01SE1962        02  Mason
COX, Larry Gene                  24AP1958         02JL1958        02  s of Waylon
MICHAEL, Lillie Belle            08FE1915                         02  w of Dewey
MICHAEL, Dewey C.                15AP1913         16AU1964        02
COX, Rachel Okerlene             19FE1938         14JL2003        02  w of Earl
COX, Earl Waylon                 22JL1933                         02
WILCOXSON, Betty Jo              13OC1936         09AP2005        02  w of Ralph
WILCOXSON, Ralph G.              04MY1934                         02
BEAVERS, Zadie Pearl             12MH1913         20JA2001        03  w of JC
BEAVERS, Jessie Clyde            19FE1908         17SE1973        03
WHITE, H. Junior                 15OC1926         07JL1972        03  h of CF
WHITE, C. Flecie McGee           28AU1927                         03
HELTON, William Thomas           27OC1935         07JE1994        03  h of JM
HELTON, Jeannine M.              07SE1935                         03
McGEE, William Alvin             18JL1930         07JA1989        03  Mason
McGEE, Eveline Helton            25FE1934                         03  w of WA
KING, Arnold (Bud)               20OC1920         12AU1978        03  f of HG
KING, Harlan Glen                28JA1940         26JE1958        03
CLEMMONS, Lonies B. *            24AU1896         04DE1943        03  h of MM
CLEMMONS, Mamie M.               27JL1900         21OC1977        03
BARNETT, J.T.                    28MH1889         04AU1967        03  h of Lena
BARNETT, Lena Pearl              26MY1896         17AU1963        03
DOWLAND, M.J. Barnett            09JE1861         18AU1933        03  w of EE
BARNETT, Virta Elizabeth         22NO1922         03JA1985        03
THIGPEN, Elmira K.               23DE1878         11FE1955        03  w of GZ
THIGPEN, G.Z.                    29SE1876         11AU1949        03
KING, G.D.                       15MH1849         10DE1925        03  h of EE
KING, E.E.                       14JA1851         07AP1936        03
THIGPEN, Hellermay                 1920             1921          03  d of WC & ML
THIGPEN, Perline                 19JA1929         06JE1930        03
THIGPEN, W. Cape                 13JL1899         11JE1986        03  h of Mattie
THIGPEN, Mattie L.               21FE1899         26AP1960        03
WHITE, Vernon W.                 24NO1908         22JA1977        03  h of ML; m 18OC1925
WHITE, Minnie Lee                07MY1908         05NO1995        03
WHITE, infant                    23MH1928         23MH1928        03  d of WW & ML
WHITE, infant                    16JA1934         16JA1934        03  d of AM & RO
WHITE, Hermon M.                 24OC1921         19JA1999        03  Tec5  USA  WW-II
WHITE, Susie H.                  06AP1922                         03  w of HM
WHITE, Patricia W.               24JE1952                         03
PETTUS, Frank                    14SE1877         14JA1945        03  h of Callie
PETTUS, Callie                   19SE1879         12AU1966        03
McGEE, Bernon A.                 09OC1929         21JE1960        03  h of ML
McGEE, M. Lois                   01JL1929                         03
BEAVERS, Mary E.                 09FE1927         30AP1999        04  w of Hardie
BEAVERS, Hardie C.               03JL1914                         04
GRAY, Hattie C.                  28AP1909                         04
GRAY, Walter W.                  10JA1912         19DE1964        04  Pfc 85 Mtn Inf WW-II BSM&OLC
GRAY, Bertha E.                    1886             1957          04  w of AT
GRAY, A. Thomas                    1887             1964          04
OLDHAM, Melanie Dawn                              25AU1971        04  infant
GRAY, infant                                      21NO1942        04  s of FH & AV
McGEE, Martha J.                   1885             1967          04  w of HW
McGEE, H. Wesley                 23SE1870         18MH1950        04
THIGPEN, Fannie                  16JL1872         25OC1963        04
THIGPEN, Mattilla E.             15MH1856         02MY1935        04  w of BC
THIGPEN, Ben C.                  16OC1857         10FE1946        04
THIGPEN, Frances E.              27JA1889         28SE1976        04  w of HD
THIGPEN, Henry D.                06FE1884         26JL1922        04
MICHAEL, Buford                  13SE1925         15MH1926        04  s of Elwood & GB
WHITE, Luther C.                 25DE1907         17JA1996        04
WHITE, Alpha Elizabeth           16JL1927         01AU1934        04
COX, Katie                       13AP1909         29JA1997        04  w of Earl
COX, Earl V.                     21SE1898         24MY1978        04
COX, Lender                      07JA1947         24MH1947        04  d of Earl & Katie
KING, Harlan Glen                28JA1940         26JE1958        04
KING, Arnold (Bud)               20OC1920         12AU1978        04
PATTON, Bruce (Tiny)             31AU1945         12AU1988        05  h of Linda
PATTON, Linda Jean               23FE1946                         05  m 1NO1985
COX, Thomas Franklin             20JA1942                         05  h of BS; m 11JA1964
COX, Blendia Sue                 14JL1949                         05
COX, Rodney Thomas               02DE1968         08SE1996        05
BALENTINE, Gage Wayne                             11MY2005        05  s of Chris & Paula
KING, Beverly Kay                14DE1974         17DE1974        05  d of Ronnie & Redia
RICHARDSON, Gary W.              14SE1957         07AP1973        05
RICHARDSON, Kenneth E.           09AU1955         09AU1955        05
RICHARDSON, Bobby Gene *         15NO1932         07SE1992        05  USAF
RICHARDSON, Margie Lee           08MH1932         19OC1995        05  w of Bobby
MICHAEL, Luther D.               16JE1895         30DE1952        05  h of Flora
MICHAEL, Flora B.                18FE1893         20DE1985        05
MICHAEL, Mable L.                11OC1918         24OC2000        05
MICHAEL, Mildred                 04NO1921         22SE1922        05  d of CG & MB
JOINER, Charlie F.               31MY1884         25JA1963        05  h of DT
JOINER, Dorah T.                 24MY1887         03MY1978        05
MICHAEL, Sonny                   01AP1940                         05
THIGPEN, Joyce Ann               12AP1932         23JE1934        05  d of OE & A
THIGPEN, Arthur                  26AU1905         15AU1978        05  h of OE
THIGPEN, Ollie E. McGEE          01FE1905         28AP1988        05
OLDHAM, George K.                14OC1891         04MY1977        05  h of Lacy
OLDHAM, Lacy L.                  08AP1897         17MH1970        05
OLDHAM, Mary A.                  04SE1930         16NO1938        05  d of GK
WHITE, Brenda K.                 24NO1946         11OC1965        05
WHITE, Wanda N.                  25AU1935         14JE1961        05
WHITE, Willard O.                26MH1901         09SE1971        05  h of Lena
WHITE, Lena F.                   31JA1903         23JL1990        05
ROBERTSON, Birdie M.             26NO1916         17JA2006        05  w of BA
ROBERTSON, Buddie A.             24JL1917         21OC1960        05
THIGPEN, Birdie I.               30MH1925         18JL2004        05
THIGPEN, Bal Z.                  04AP1900         27AP1963        05  h of Lonie
THIGPEN, Lonie P.                05NO1903         15AP1966        05
WISDOM, Perry Sean               02AU1965         02AU1965        05
THIGPEN, Willard (Tootsie)       29AP1923         19MY1968        05
THIGPEN, Timothy Lynn            15JA1958         19MY1968        05
CLEMONS, Dora L.                 17DE1936         18JA2002        06  w of Wm
CLEMONS, William M.              30OC1935         30SE1996        06
BEAVERS, Connie Sue              09MH1961         14JL1983        06
LANIER, Dwight Lee               18AP1955         12FE2003        06
THIGPEN, Edna (Dink)             14OC1930                         06  w of Gip; m 22NO1947
THIGPEN, Gip S.                  17MH1913         01NO1978        06
LANIER, Dessie L.                29AP1937                         06  w of MA
LANIER, Mitchell A.              02AP1929         09NO1968        06
WILLIAMS, Dale                   27SE1959         01OC2001        06
FLEMING, Ludie L.                10OC1940         23NO1998        06
LANIER, M. Belle                 07MH1907         06NO1962        06  w of WA
LANIER, Willie A.                28JA1897         01MH1963        06  Pfc 162 AL Dept Brig WW-I
LANIER, R.L.                     05AU1933         23AU2003        06
WILSON, Betty Sue                29NO1932         20FE1968        06  w of JT
WILSON, James Thomas             19FE1917         04JL1989        06
McGEE, Mable C.                  07AU1908         09AP1989        06  w of AM
McGEE, Andrew M.                 15JL1910         10MH1950        06
DAVIS, Era King                  23JA1888         16AP1972        06
KING, Maggie B.                  24NO1869         10MH1952        06  w of John
KING, John H.                    05AP1866         21FE1935        06
WILEY, Jennie                    29SE1853         13JA1929        06  w of Poke
WILEY, Poke                      13AU1845         22JA1929        06
COX, Ivy P.                      07OC1893         17SE1972        06  w of Thomas
COX, Thomas Franklin             01DE1894         09FE1966        06  Pvt  356 AL Inf WW-I
COX, T.E.                        07MH1938         24MH1938        06
COX, William Chesley             20JA1890         04NO1962        06  Pvt 39 AL Co157DepotWW-I
COX, Thomas G.                   18JL1858         29JL1923        06
COX, Bead Looney                   1843             1927          06
COX, Martin Lee                  21SE1877         19AP1953        06
MICHAEL, Carrie                  18JA1901         03AP1983        06  w of McKinley
MICHAEL, McKinley                04MH1897         13NO1951        06
MICHAEL, Lelloween               20DE1934         23DE1934        06
MICHAEL, Lillian Cox (Ambrose)    FE1930          24JA1997        06
THIGPEN, Joyce Ann               12SE1926         12SE1926        06
CHANDLER, Lola V.                09JL1925         27JL1967        07  w of Luther
CHANDLER, Luther W.              26AP1922         11FE1992        07
EGAN, Martha M.                  05AU1929         17SE1993        07  d of TG & MA
EGAN, Thomas G.                  16MY1902         09DE1943        07  h of MA
EGAN, Margaret A. Duke           23DE1903         31MH1942        07
CHANDLER, Bomer C.               03JL1888         18MH1948        07  w of Joe
CHANDLER, Joe J. *               06FE1885         23AU1964        07
CHANDLER, Emmer                  20MY1929         23MY1929        07
CHANDLER, infant                 29FE1923         01MH1923        07  bad birthdate
CHANDLER, Bessie M.              16MH1925         18FE1926        07
PARKER, infant                     1925             1925          07  s of CB & Lula
DEAN, Velma K.                   14SE1904         17MH1995        07
ROBERTSON, John H.               04AP1878         14FE1943        07  h of Etta
ROBERTSON, Etta                  29MY1885         13NO1972        07
ROBERTSON, Wiley D.              21SE1926         26OC1927        07
ROBERTSON, John D.               21SE1926         21FE1929        07  twin
WHITE, infant                    03FE1931         04FE1931        07  d of OE & GM
WHITE, infant                    13AU1933         13AU1933        07  d of OE & GM
WHITE, Odus E.                   31MY1907         25MH1981        07  h of GM; m 25JA1930
WHITE, Gertie M.                 02AU1911         27MH1983        07
WHITE, Maggie E.                 28MH1907         17FE2000        07  w of BC; m 24OC1926
WHITE, Benjamin Clarence         15JL1909         23JL1995        07
WHITE, Lonzo W.                  22DE1881         13OC1938        07  h of Lillie
WHITE, Lillie B.                 23JA1887         03NO1950        07
WHITE, Grady O.                    1905             1956          07  h of Stella; m 2AU1925
WHITE, Stella E.                   1905             2001          07
WHITE, Vicky D.                  26MY1957         26OC1964        07  d of Bertis
WHITE, Bertis O.                 25SE1926         14AP1986        07  Pfc  USA  WW-II
PETTUS, Robert L.                07FE1897         07MH1963        07  h of Lula
PETTUS, Lula M.                  10JL1902         22FE1987        07
JONES, June Robertson            19JL1943         24NO1969        07
BARNETT, Doris Jean              29DE1940         15JA1978        07
ROBERTSON, Willie Arvle          13NO1915         30JA2000        07  h of Neoma
ROBERTSON, Neoma Beavers         31JL1917         01FE2000        07
CHANDLER, Eunice T.              01MH1921         04MY1978        08
WILEY, Milford Lee               19FE1926         16SE2001        08  h of Elba
WILEY, Elba Christine            25JE1925                         08
CLEMMONS, Verlie W.              22JL1922         23AU1973        08  w of AL
CLEMMONS, Alfred L.              18JE1920         16AU1998        08  USA  WW-II
WILEY, Robert Onis                                17JA1931        08
WILEY, Thomas H.                 23JL1890         20MH1968        08  h of VW
WILEY, Vadie W.                  09JA1891         14SE1974        08
BENEFIELD, Millard P.            13MH1909         21JL1996        08  h of Maybell
BENEFIELD, Maybell               29AP1916                         08
GRAY, Lando                      31OC1880         18AP1959        08
GRAY, Mandy                      29NO1881         31OC1965        08
GRAY, Larry                      07AU1947         21JA1948        08  s of Leo
WILSON, Roger C.                 08JE1945         17MH1948        08
WILSON, Gladys H.                09OC1925         26AU1927        08  d of W & EL
PERRY, James Marion              26SE1923         10FE1927        08  s of ML & JM
JOINER, Clarence F.              15FE1937         15FE1937        08  s of BC & Ora
THIGPEN, Earline E.              27JA1927                         09  w of MO
THIGPEN, Milton O.               15AP1926         01AU1990        09
EAST, Ethel Bonnell              29AP1939                         09  w of Willie
EAST, Willie Thurston            11DE1933                         09
EAST, Velma M.                   28MY1903         18MH1988        09
EAST, Willie B.                  09JL1896         15JL1971        09  h of Velma
JOINER, Christine East           09FE1925                         09  w of GL; m 02OC1943
JOINER, Grovis L.                24DE1916                         09
GULLEY, Anthony O'Neal           18MH1972         19MH1972        09  s of Alton
RICHARDSON, Wonda Nell           04FE1955         27DE1955        09
RICHARDSON, Mildred Lash         07JA1923         16JA2005        09  w of JW
RICHARDSON, John Willie          07AP1917         09JA1989        09
BEHEL, infant                     JA1935           JA1935         09  s of Milton
BEHEL, Milton                    13MY1916         08MY1941        09
HOWARD, Gladys M.                22JA1895         12SE1981        09  w of WE
HOWARD, William E.               20JL1892         14NO1953        09
MICHAEL, Florence S.             23NO1910         24MH1982        09  w of JN
MICHAEL, John N.                 08MY1904         05OC1959        09
MICHAEL, Lessie Lorene           10JA1929         13JA1929        09
MICHAEL, Tressie Lorene          10JA1929         24FE1990        09  twin
WILSON, infant                   03MY1931         03MY1931        09  infant of WG
BARNETT, Alfred E.               12SE1941         06AU1971        09
BARNETT, William M.                1905             1975          09  h of Lacy
BARNETT, Lacy L.                   1903             1994          09
THIGPEN, John T.                 10OC1910         14NO1971        09  h of Lena
THIGPEN, Lena                    18OC1912                         09
FULKS, Robert N.                 31JA1902         02AU1993        10  h of EM
FULKS, Ethel M. Liverett         02JE1903         06SE1989        10
KING, Ottis Leon                 06FE1921         04MH2002        10  h of Agnes
KING, Agnes Fulks                20SE1924                         10
GRAY, Leo                        01AU1922         16FE1989        10  h of Vernon; m 2AU1942
GRAY, Vernon                     20FE1928                         10
WILSON, Ethel                    15FE1909         21AU1995        10  w of WB
WILSON, William B.               04FE1905         13DE1984        10
WILSON, James R. Jr.             27DE1957         27DE1957        10
WILSON, James E.                 07FE1907         15JA1980        10  h of VR
WILSON, Verta Rea                23MH1914         25MY1994        10  m 1929
WILSON, infant                   18SE1947         18SE1947        10  d of JE & VR
?, infant                                         10SE1931        10
WILSON, Alvis C.                 14DE1924         18OC1940        10  s of WJ & Dora
WILSON, W.J.                     26JE1877         01DE1952        10  h of Dora
WILSON, Dora                     23OC1884         02MY1970        10
HILL, Reba N.                    04MY1920         09OC1941        10
HILL, Thomas C.                  21JE1888         31DE1951        10  h of Lena
HILL, Lena E. McGee              04MH1884         02MY1970        10
HILL, Harald Dean                11SE1947         19OC1947        10  s of AL & NM
LANIER, Lola M.                    1920             2000          10  w of Bennie
LANIER, Bennie F.                  1902             1965          10
LANIER, Lela Neacie              19JL1910         03FE1936        10
MICHAEL, Tilmon Lee              13AU1901         28SE1976        10
MICHAEL, Neddies                 15AP1906         01MH1990        10
MICHAEL, Elizabeth               07DE1937         23JA1938        10
BEAVERS, Turner                  10NO1880         29OC1944        10  h of Sally
BEAVERS, Sally                   11MH1880         12AP1965        10
BEAVERS, Wilson F.               07JE1906         13JL1952        10  Pfc 1489 AL Svs Cmd Uni WW-II
MICHAEL, Charles Wayne           18JL1951         13JA1971        10  s of Ethel
MICHAEL, Ethel Corean            11SE1915         02JA1983        10
MILLER, Samuel R.                26MH1936         26JA1984        10  SP4  USA
MILLER, Clayton M.               08MH1944                         10  w of Sam; m 1JL1983
GRAY, Annie Vella McGee          20AP1918                         10  w of FH
GRAY, Fowler H.                  21JA1919         23JE1993        10
WESTBROOK, James E.              26JA1922         21JE1974        10  h of DM
WESTBROOK, Delsie M.             07NO1921                         10
MICHAEL, James A.                21OC1919         21OC1994        10  USA; h of DE
MICHAEL, Dorothy E.              07JA1927         05MY2004        10
DAVIS, Timothy Alan              02JE1974         26JE1996        11
ROBERTSON, Tommie Johel          24JL1969         24NO1987        11
ISBELL, infant                   22MH1945         22MH1945        11  d of JH
ISBELL, Jessie H.                21NO1902         05AP1992        11  h of LC
ISBELL, Lutie C.                 16MH1903         15MY1972        11
SIMS, Dessie L.                  04OC1918                         11
SIMS, Eugene                       1911             1972          11  h of IL
SIMS, Ines L.                      1916             1955          11
HILL, Andrew L.                  24OC1907         04AU1977        11  h of MM
HILL, Martha M.                  01AP1915         02AP1994        11
SWINEA, Wiley E.                 18AU1888         27SE1979        11  h of LE
SWINEA, Letha E.                 10MY1916         27JA1970        11
STAMPS, Carlon E.                09AU1961         28MH1962        11
WILSON, Mary Elsie               29JE1914         27AP2000        11  w of WG; m 22MH1929
WILSON, Walter G.                29JA1910         06AU1996        11  Mason
ROMINE, James Maron              02JA1930         15JL1997        11  h of CW
ROMINE, Christine Wilson         27MY1934         15JL1997        11  m 6AP1953
ROMINE, Wade C.                  20MY1963         21MY1963        11  s of James N.
GRAY, Vicki A.                   08FE1961         26MH2003        11  w of HL
GRAY, Harold L.                  14JA1954                         11  m 14AU1979
WILSON, Denice A.                12JE1959                         12  w of CE; m 4JL2001
WILSON, Christopher E.           27JE1964         07JE2005        12
YOUNGBLOOD, Louis (Otis)         10SE1930         25MH1990        12  Cpl USA Korea
CHANDLER, Onus Walter            20JL1908         06JL1987        12  h of Mattie
CHANDLER, Mattie (Pearlie)       17MH1917         03AP2003        12
CHANDLER, Walter R.              10MH1941         15AP1970        12
CHANDLER, Billy Joe              06JL1942         05MY1965        12  PCT  USA
COX, Martin D.                   24NO1937                         12  h of FS
COX, Frances S.                  08JL1941                         12
COX, Reggie M.                   21OC1967         05MH1992        12  Desert Storm Vet
COX, Edward J.                   24JL1897         24JL1963        12  h of Addie
COX, Addie M.                    07SE1906         06MH1994        12
WELDON, Demies                   30AU1892         31AU1968        12  h of Bertha
WELDON, Bertha                   11OC1899         11MY1990        12
WRIGHT, Mamie Sue                17OC1936         16FE1957        12
WRIGHT, Michael D.               11OC1956         16FE1957        12
WHITE, Beverly A.                18JL1954         16FE1957        12
WHITE, Larry Gene                11AP1933         21SE1991        12
TRUITT, James Ruford             31AU1911         25JA1993        12  h of DE; m 22JA1936
TRUITT, Dessie E. McGee          12DE1914         23NO2003        12
MORRISON, Earline Robertson      13MY1915         18SE2001        13  w of Quincy; m 6NO1937
MORRISON, Quincy Edward          24AP1917         13DE2000        13
GRIFFIN, Cecil O.                30MH1913         04FE1978        13  h of ML
GRIFFIN, Mildred L.              07DE1915         04AP1986        13
MICHAEL, Roy Ottis               05JA1920         23JA1996        13  USA  WW-II
MICHAEL, Don Leslie              31JL1947         08AP1967        13  SP4 Co C4 Inf Vietnam PH
MICHAEL, Vernacile               04MY1925         26AU2000        13
WRIGHT, Ashley Brooke            03OC1984         28SE2005        13
McGEE, Ruby E.                   14DE1917                         13  w of JC
McGEE, J. Clellan                12MH1917         04JL1964        13
VINSON, Mary Elizabeth           06JA1934         05OC1992        13  w of BL
VINSON, Buster Lee               31MY1928         20AU1991        13
OLDHAM, Jimmy David              21JA1939         03MH2006        14
PAULK, Deborah O.                10MH1956         15JA2005        14
OLDHAM, Mozelle F.               11NO1927         26JE2001        14  w of Doris
OLDHAM, Doris Gail               14MH1928         15DE1995        14
OLDHAM, Sherry D.                17SE1954         26AU1993        14  w of Bobby
OLDHAM, Bobby O.                 23SE1950         28AU1990        14
FAULKNER, Elaine                 14MY1919                         14  w of Wade
FAULKNER, Wade F.                22JA1912         30AU1989        14
MURKS, Mamie                     15DE1909         10MH1990        14  w of Otis
MURKS, Otis                      09SE1911         30AP1992        14
KING, Luther W.                  14JL1930         05AP1992        14
KING, Mildred Marie              22OC1933         13MY2002        14  w of LW
KING, Wayne                      20AP1956         08DE1972        14
McGEE, Della R.                  03JE1904         19OC1993        14  w of FS; m 18OC1923
McGEE, Freddie S.                10MH1902         22DE1982        14
McGEE, Lonus Leo                 29JA1909         04JL1981        14  Mason
McGEE, M. Luella                 02JE1915         31AU1998        14  w of LL
McGEE, Ernest J.                   1899             1966          14  h of LE
McGEE, Lula Ethel Howard           1899             1982          14
MURKS, Duel Lonnie (Snooks)      28AU1922         01AP2005        14  USA  WW-II
MURKS, Ostilene                  06OC1926                         14  w of DL
McGEE, T. Faye                   20MH1933                         15  w of JG; m 19AU1950
McGEE, Jessie Gilbert            04JL1929         02MY2003        15  GY Sgt USMC Vietnam
McGEE, Millard                   13JA1925         27NO1980        15  h of Elna; m 15MY1943
McGEE, Elna                      25OC1922         15JA1989        15
RICHARDSON, Lillian M.           30JA1912                         15  w of LW; m 23MH1930
RICHARDSON, Luther W.            19OC1904         24JE1996        15
HANBACK, W.C.                    02JE1939         04NO1969        15  h of JN
HANBACK, Jerrie Nell             07SE1943                         15
WEEMS, Annie C.                  09AP1912         09MH2003        15  w of FG
WEEMS, Frank G.                  27MY1912         11MH1993        15
WILSON, Horace D.                28OC1930         29AP2003        16  h of OM; m 1JE1951
WILSON, Onita M.                 25FE1933                         16
YOUNG, Lawrence Arnold           29JE1924         12NO2000        16  h of NV; m 5FE1974
YOUNG, N. Vertie McGee           13SE1923         28JE2000        16

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