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Surveyed Sep 2000 
by Robert Ellington Torbert

 From Cox Creek Parkway, go north on Chisholm Road (Hwy 17) about 7 3/4 miles; turn right on County Road 299, go about 2 miles. The cemetery is on the right side of the road. It is marked on the map in the W 1/2, Section 12, Township 1, Range 11.

     NAME                       DOB         DOD     ROW      NOTES
OLIVE, Effie L.                   1920               01  w of Melvin
OLIVE, Melvin T.                  1917       1979    01  h of Effie
FREE, Ethel Hubbert           23AU1928   17JA2000    02  w of Emmitt HUBBERT
HUBBERT - see FREE, Ethel                            02
HUBBERT, Emmitt L.            28OC1914   7JA1985     02  h of Ethel
DURHAM, Gladys R.             10MH1933   14JE1988    02  w of Buford
DURHAM, Buford                7SE1930    14JE1982    02  h of Gladys; RTC  USA
LAWSON, Grover Edison         22MY1921   8MH1991     03  Pfc  USA  WW2
PARTRICH, Allen Turner        26DE1932   1JE1996     04  h of Kathleen; Sgt USA Korea
PARTRICH, Kathleen Pearce     1NO1933                04  w of Allen; (m4AU1953)
TURNER - see PARTRICH, Allen                         04
PEARCE - see PARTRICH, Kathlee                       04
HANBACK, J. Lamon             1FE1921    18NO1973    04
LAMON - see HANBACK, J.L.                            04
WEST, James T.                25DE1924   8OC1996     04
McKELVEY, Jonathan Mark                  15NO1983    04
GRIMES, Irene Pruitt          1JL1916    6JL1988     05  w of Emmett
GRIMES, Emmett Randolph       1OC1908    15FE1988    05  h of Irene
PRUITT - see GRIMES, Irene                           05
RANDOLPH - see GRIMES, Emmett                        05
LAWSON, Bobby Lee             27DE1956    9FE1991    05
LAWSON, Joyce Ann                        10SE1972    05  next to Bobby
LAWSON, M. Shaler             28MY1924   19JA1983    05  double w/Atha
LAWSON, Atha                  18SE1927               05  double w/M. Shaler
LAWSON, Danny G.              9MH1964    15MH1969    05
SMITH, Justin Daniel          17FE1968   17FE1968    06
PURSER, William Thomas        22MY1913   21AP1971    06  h of Lorene; S1  USN  WW2
PURSER, Lorene                31DE1915   14JL1994    06  w of Wm. T.
LAWSON, Maggie Virginia       17JE1915               06  w of Thomas A.
LAWSON, Thomas A.             3JA1909    2DE1983     06  h of Maggie
LAWSON, Delbert Lee           8AU1923                07  h of Bertha
LAWSON, Bertha Corine         8AP1927    3AP1974     07  w of Delbert
LAWSON, Reeder Jason          1DE1913    29JE1991    07  h of Martha
LAWSON, Martha Mary           31JA1915   12JA1995    07  w of Reeder
REEDER - see LAWSON, Reeder                          07
PATTERSON, Homer D.           14OC1901   9JL1963     07  h of Ella
PATTERSON, Ella L.            31MH1904               07  w of Homer; (m1DE1930)
HOUSE, William C.             27JL1897   1978        08  h of Oma
HOUSE, Oma D.                 1896       1964        08  w of Wm. C.
OLMSTEAD, H. Marie            21FE1937               08  w of Wm.
OLMSTEAD, William A.          10AU1933   16SE1968    08  h of H.M.; TN SSgt 45  Med B
OLMSTEAD, Eddy Lee            15AP1963   18MY1992    08  s of Wm. A.
CLEMMONS, Henry Elbert        5MH1910    3SE1985     08
MORRISON, Patricia A.         1957       1969        08
MORRISON, Fannie Mae R.       1927       1969        08  double w/Kenneth
MORRISON, Kenneth Wallace     1908       1971        08  double w/Fannie
WALLACE - see MORRISON, Ken W.                       08
SCOTT, Mary Emma M(orrison)   7JL1947    13JE1977    08
RHODES, Grover E.             12OC1916   7MY1981     08  h of Myrtle; (m1JE1943)
RHODES, Myrtle F.             15AU1917   26JA1986    08  w of Grover
RHODES, Leatha Louise         12MH1925   14FE1996    08  s ister of Wm. C.
RHODES, William C.            29MY1920               08  brother of Leatha
PURSER, Charlie Thomas        10OC1903   15JL1982    09
PURSER, Reba                  24MY1904   11AP1972    09  w of Floyd
PURSER, Floyd A.              4AP1905    24AP1981    09  h of Reba
CARPENTER, Tecumseh C.        15AU1917   9MY1968     09  h of Lucille
CARPENTER, Lucille Pruitt     13JE1922               09  w of Tecumseh
TECUMSEH - see CARPENTER, T                          09
PRUITT - see CARPENTER, Lucill                       09
RHODES, Patsy Renee           25SE1962   17JE1967    09
RHODES, Nannie D.             24JE1929   12JL2000    09  w of Grady
RHODES, Grady C.              14AU1929   21JL1967    09  h of Nannie
LILES, George I.              30AP1883   19FE1968    10  h of Artensie
LILES, Artensie D.            30AP1886   24JE1969    10  w of George
PRUITT, A.H.                  3MY1957    5JA1982     10
PRUITT, Lowell Wayne          19JE1930               10  h of Edith
PRUITT, Edith Jerrell         17MH1934   29JL1997    10  w of Lowell
JERRELL - see PRUITT, Edith                          10
RHODES, Janice L.             24JA1958   9FE1958     11
PRUITT, Myron Earl            8NO1956    13MY1973    11
PRUITT, Daniel Orbia          15OC1924               11  only one date
PRUITT, Aldern B.             8OC1893    28AP1975    11  h of Ima
PRUITT, Ima M.                12OC1897   24JA1981    11  w of Aldern
ALDERN - see PRUITT, Aldern                          11
PRUITT, Jerry G.              11FE1949   6JL1972     12
PRUITT, Beatrice B.           29AP1920   6DE1998     12  w of W. Roy
PRUITT, W. Roy                24AP1919               12  h of Beatrice
HADDOCK, Herbert Calvin       15SE1894   1FE1968     12
HALL, Edd                     2MY1908    25SE1937    12
HALL, Omie Dee                19FE1933   2AP1934     12
SCOTT, Warren G.H.            27AP1921   1OC1944     13  TN Pfc 81 Inf WW2
SCOTT, Linda Marie            2OC1943    2OC1943     13
BRADLEY, infant               6NO1930    6NO1930     13  d of O.P. & L.D.
BRADLEY, Edith E.             1NO1934    5SE1935     13  d of O.P. & L.D.
BRADLEY, Owen Porchus         16OC1909   14DE1938    13  h of Lonie
PORCHUS - see BRADLEY, Owen                          13
RULO, Lonie D. Lawson Bradley 18MY1908               13  w of Owen B. & Arthur Rulo
RULO, Arthur Eugene           16OC1901               13  h of Lonie
LAWSON - see RULO, Lonie                             13
BRADLEY - see RULO, Lonie                            13
RHODES, Donald L.             27MY1955   23AP1985    13
HALL, Lela P.                 21DE1921   7NO1972     13
HALL, Elber                   1889       1953        13  double w/Tom
HALL, Tom                     1899       1971        13  double w/Elber
HALL, Buford Earl                        MH1930      13
DICKEY, Lucille C.            22MY1906   12MY1968    13  w of Wm. R.
DICKEY, William R.            16DE1903               13  h of Lucille
DICKEY, Jimmy                 10AP1932   2MY1932     13
DICKEY, Jackie G.             9FE1940    10AP1943    13
HUBBARD, Juanita              28MY1923   2JE1984     13  w of Marvin
DICKEY, James Oscar           7FE1899    26FE1965    13  h of Frankie
DICKEY, Frankie Lee           22OC1903   8AP1940     13  w of James
DICKEY, Dorothy Nell          8AP1940    29JL1940    13  d of J.O. & F.L.
HUBBARD, Billy Joe            13OC1938   18MY1956    13  s of H.H. & Letha
HUBBARD, Margaret M.          6MY1934    13AU1935    13  d of H.H. & Letha
HUBBARD, Letha M.             9AU1908    22DE1989    13  w of Hershel
HUBBARD, Hershel A.           4JE1908    11AP1971    13  h of Letha
PRUITT, Marshel H.            1889       1942        13  h of Mattie
PRUITT, Mattie L.             1894       1973        13  w of Marshel; (m5DE1927)
WATKINS, Rhoda L.             28JE1911   15AU1996    13  w of Owen
WATKINS, Owen                 28AP1910   17MH1956    13  h of Rhoda
OWEN - see WATKINS, Owen                             13
LARD, Brandon Dwight          20NO1979   20JE1980    13
LARD, Mattie                  4AU1895    28SE1979    13  w of Garfield
LARD, Garfield                1NO1892    1NO1954     13  h of Mattie
LARD, Clyde Thomas            5DE1918    6AU1989     13  Pfc  USA  WW2
PHILLIPS, Eva A.              24DE1909               14  w of Hulet
PHILLIPS, Hulet J.            18JL1905   26JE1986    14  h of Eva
PHILLIPS, Ernest Henry        13JL1930   22NO1953    14  s of H.J. & Evie
RHODES, Emma                  2JL1917    13MH1967    14  w of John T.
RHODES, John T.               21AP1918   26SE1951    14  h of Emma; Tec 4 USA
RHODES, Ruby Jean             17FE1943   17FE1943    14
HUBBARD, infant               1932       1932        14  infant of C.L. & S.E.
HUBBARD, infant               1931       1931        14  infant of C.L. & S.E.
HUBBARD, Peggy Jean           25AP1952   31MH1964    14  d of C.L. & S.E.
HUBBARD, Sarah E.             2JL1910    27OC1997    14  w of Cecil
HUBBARD, Cecil L. Sr.         6DE1911    15MH1981    14  h of Sarah
HUBBARD, Kenneth D. (Butch)              30AP1939    14  only one date
RHODES, Ethel                 18AP1887   11JL1981    14  w of Wm. T.
RHODES, William T.            9DE1890    7NO1971     14  h of Ethel; AL Pvt Co E WW1
HUBBARD, Melvin T.            17SE1914   9OC1946     14  h of Odell;  USA
HUBBARD, Odell                3AP1912    13JL1983    14  w of Melvin
HUBBARD, Emory S.             13JL1912   24NO1981    14  h of Mary
HUBBARD, Mary P.              19AU1921   24AU1975    14  w of Emory
HUBBARD, Girtrue              12MH1922               14  w of Thomas D.; (m2MY1970)
HUBBARD, Thomas D.            14MY1925   2MY1973     14  h of Girtrue
HUBBARD, Tolbert T.           22AP1888   19FE1960    14  h of Nancy L.
HUBBARD, Nancy Lou            13FE1892   19MY1938    14  w of Tolbert
HUBBARD, Virgil               1927       1956        14  s of John M. & Bertha
HUBBARD, Rollen Neal          1JA1928    19MY1929    14  s of T.T. & Nancy
HUBBARD, Clarence             17AU1917   2MH1928     14  s of B.M.
ODELL- see HUBBARD, Odell                            14
TOLBERT - see HUBBARD, T.T.                          14
NEAL - see HUBBARD, Rollen                           14
FINNEY, Lola Hubbard          4AU1922                14  only one date
HUBBARD - see FINNEY, Lola                           14
RHODES, Leroy Clay            11MY1885   6AP1928     14  h of Pearl
RHODES, Pearl Hipps           21MH1887   16JE1944    14  w of Leroy
HIPPS - see RHODES, Pearl                            14
CLAY - see RHODES, Leroy                             14
HIPPS, Celia  (Grandmother)              1925        14  w of T.L.
HIPPS, T.L.  (Grandfather)               1929        14  h of Celia
RHODES, Franklin              16MY1907   10JA1932    14  s of Clay & Pearl
OLMSTEAD, E. Elizabeth        17SE1905   10DE1957    14  w of Albert
RHODES, B. Harvie             28AP1911   15MY1963    14  h of E.E.
RHODES, William H.            21DE1921   22DE1921    14
LAWSON, Robert Lee            24OC1913   18SE1955    14  h of Ada
LAWSON, Ada Lee               31DE1914   26AU1941    14  w of Robert
LAWSON, infant                17AU1941   31OC1941    14  s of R.L. & A.L.
RHODES, M. Lizzie             6FE1900    17MY1969    14  w of Wm. H.
RHODES, William H.            12JL1896   19MY1972    14  h of M.L.; AL Pvt USA WW1
LAWSON, Nannie Lee            12NO1890   4OC1964     14  w of Rannel L.
LAWSON, Rannel Lee            28JL1876   19FE1940    14  h of Nannie
LAWSON, Grady Earl            8AP1927    15JE1927    14
LAWSON, Rannel D.             27AU1935   27JE1936    14  s of H.C. & E.E.
LAWSON, Harald C.             24JL1906   9NO1988     14  h of Emmer
LAWSON, Emmer E.              10JA1911   6OC1992     14  w of Harald
LAWSON, Nannie D.                        28MH1929    14  only one date
SCOTT, James E.               14OC1939   19JL1983    15
STRICKLIN, Stacy                         2FE1984     15  twin
STRICKLIN, Tracey                        2FE1984     15  twin
DICKEY, Kay Howal             MY1879     AP1939      15
DICKEY, Ellar Mae             MH1880     SE1935      15
DICKEY, infant                           7JE1917     15  infant of C.H. & R.L.
DICKEY, Elmer C.              22NO1901   4AP1946     15
DICKEY, infant                1MH1914    1MH1914     15  infant of W.E. & S.A.
DICKEY, W.T.                  7DE1918    11FE1919    15  s of W.E. & S.A.
DICKEY, Addie                 23FE1898   17DE1985    15  w of Elbert
DICKEY, Elbert                6OC1892    6JA1973     15  h of Addie
RIDINGER, J.B. (Buck)         9DE1875    5SE1922     15
RHODES, Ollie                 9JL1915    1OC1993     15  w of Clay
RHODES, Clay                  4FE1910    14SE1986    15  h of Ollie
RHODES, Lurley R.             1OC1911    7JL1994     15  w of Neal
RHODES, Neal R.               11AU1909   4JE1962     15  h of Lurley
RHODES, Willie D.             7AP1884    2JL1924     15
RHODES, Virgil L.             9AP1929    9FE1938     15
CRAFT, infant                                        15  s of Ed & Ida
BEASLEY, James Elmer          31AU1908   28OC1974    15
BEASLEY, Dora                 28SE1869   19JA1960    15  w of Posey
BEASLEY, Posey                10JL1877   17MY1947    15  h of Dora
RHODES, Willie T.             22MH1928   26MH1928    15  [son of Lurley & Neal
                                                         per Lisa Dillingham]
PRUITT, Letha                 2DE1905    23JE1993    15  w of John W.
PRUITT, John Wesley           3JL1908                15  h of Letha
RHODES, Dalton R.             9SE1931    26MH1963    15
RHODES, Florence D.           21DE1905   24DE1967    15  w of John H.
RHODES, John H.               22AU1905   2MH1962     15  h of Florence
RHODES, James Larry           16OC1937   25MH1939    15
MELTON, Leonard Snow          2SE1890    10MY1964    15  Al Pvt Co B WW1 PH  OLC
SNOW - see MELTON, Leonard                           15
RHODES, Lucille D.            14JA1912   13OC1965    15
PRUITT, Odis Ray              18DE1932   22FE1933    15
PRUITT, Randy Bill            8JA1954    12JA1954    15
PRUITT, Randy Ray             14NO1954   14NO1954    15
PRUITT, Robert A.             3JE1913    10SE1959    15
PRUITT, Dora E.               29AU1915   7JA1972     15
CRAIG, Della Pruitt           24JL1936   17JA1993    15
PRUITT - see CRAIG, Della                            15
McWILLIAMS, Lela B.           1912       1996        15
OLIVE, William Thomas         5MY1934    13FE1987    15
PURSER, Bertha                26MH1908   2JA1990     15  w of Harvey
PURSER, Harvey                6JE1900    16AP1965    15  h of Bertha
PURSER, Margarett Sue                    6JA1945     15  d of Harvey & Bertha
OLIVE, Houston                11NO1909   13MH1980    15
HOUSTON - see OLIVE, Houston                         15
OLIVE, Eulalie  (M.)          4NO1884    8JA1970     15  w of Jimmy
OLIVE, Jimmy (James S.)       11SE1882   8JA1935     15  h of Eulalie
OLIVE, Frances                3MY1912    30MY1929    15  d of J.S. & E.M.
GRUBER, Gregory Allen                    15MH1963    15  s of Charles & Alice
MILLER, Neva Lois             16DE1931   30MY1988    16  w of Benjamin
MILLER, Benjamin W.           22MH1924   17MH1988    16  h of Neva
MILLER, Helen Louise          6MH1946    24MH1946    16  d of Ben & Neva
JOHNSON, Lettie E.            16MH1911   11DE1971    16
JOHNSON, Charity C.           24FE1922   15JA1987    16
JOHNSON, Thomas R.            21AU1920   11NO1927    16
JOHNSON, Nancy J.             18SE1900   3OC1938     16  w of James; (m10AU1918)
JOHNSON, James R.             22NO1898   21JE1978    16  h of Nancy
McKEY, Minnie                 1888       1981        16
CURTIS, Eliza                                        16  mother of Bud
CURTIS, Bud                                          16  s of Eliza
LeFAN, Velma                  1896       1974        16  sister of Raymond
LeFAN, Raymond                1897       1JE1929     16  brother of Velma
SIMPSON, Willie M.            24SE1869   29JA1921    16  (female)
LAWSON, Mattie A.             12NO1889   3FE1973     16  w of James
LAWSON, James E.              30JL1879   10JL1949    16  h of Mattie
WALTERS, Sarah                                       16  foot stone only
HADDOCK, Lillian R.                      1925        16
HADDOCK, Emett J.                        1917        16
HADDOCK, Mary E.                         1920        16
WHITEHEAD, Gregory Lowell                16JE1952    16
LAWSON, James Oliver          3OC1915    18JE1917    16  s of J.E. & Mattie
DICKEY, Geneva E.             10AP1910   21MY1978    16  w of Malcom; (m12AU1928)
DICKEY, Malcom (Mack)         16DE1907   28NO1977    16  h of Geneva
LEWIS, Christiana Louise      16AU1982   16AU1982    16
RHODES, Cecil                 22AP1904   12MY1982    17
RHODES, J.H.                  25DE1919   15JL1962    17
RHODES, James Levi            21DE1877   26JE1958    17
RHODES, W.J.                  4MH1873    19FE1954    17
WILSON, Matilda               19MY1903   1FE1984     17  w of Frank
WILSON, Frank T.              1MH1902    28JE1971    17  h of Matilda
WILSON, William Clay          15OC1938   25JA1958    17  s of F.T. & M.M.
DICKEY, Ellis Ray             18SE1930   14JE1999    17  h of Alta; Cpl  USA  Korea
DICKEY, Alta Mae              30MY1933               17  w of Ellis; (m6MY1953)
McGUIRE, Nancy Elizabeth      12MY1936   20JA1937    17  d of O.C. & Pauline
LILES, Nancy E.               14JL1851   16SE1934    17  w of Julius
LILES, Julius C.              5MY1850    9MH1933     17  h of Nancy
LILES, Walter E.              11JL1897   4AU1917     17  s of J.C. & N.E.
PURSER, Della                 24FE1898   1MY1985     17  w of John
PURSER, John L.               2MH1886    1MY1953     17  h of Della
PURSER, Jimmy Ray             13JE1935   3JA1938     17  next to John
PURSER, Ollie May             27JA1920   15AU1921    17  next to Jimmy
HADDOCK, T.A.                 24FE1898   6NO1913     17  s of S.A. & M.E.
HUBBERT, Nannie Dee           1908       26SE1910    17
LAWSON, Emma Hubbard          9AU1886    18JE1909    17  w of Joe R.
HUBBARD - see LAWSON, Emma                           17
HUBBERT, Mary Annie           1906       11FE1918    17
DICKEY, Elvis H. (Samson)     12JA1929   6JE1929     17
HUBBERT, William P.           3MY1922    9AU1942     17
HUBBERT, Gerture              21FE1890   18DE1962    17  w of Haroldo; (m22OC1905)
HUBBERT, Haroldo L.           26FE1885   27AU1964    17  h of Gerture
FREE, Lee Roy                 21JA1922   3JE1973     18
HUBBARD, Frances              1884       1915        18  w of John M.
HUBBARD, John M.              1883       1957        18  h of Frances & Bertha
HUBBARD, Bertha               1895       1979        18  w of John M.
PRUITT, Nelson                                       18  s of Marshall & Mattie
HALL, John A.                 12JA1853   14JA1927    18  h of Maggie
HALL, Maggie                  5MH1850    4JL1924     18  w of John A.
LILES, Lizzie D.              25MH1882   3JL1963     18  w of Marion
LILES, Marion H.              2FE1882    20AP1963    18  h of Lizzie
LILES, Paul Pruitt            13DE1912   16OC1916    18
PRUITT, Thomas L.             13FE1869   18NO1922    18
HOLLIS, Dewey Reginald        31JA1930   25JE1950    18
HOLLIS, Nadine                27MY1910   11JA1996    18  w of Dewey R.
HOLLIS, Dewey R.              19FE1905   16OC1992    18  h of Nadine
PRUITT, William H.            5FE1883    18AU1962    19  h of Lula
PRUITT, Lula E.               24MH1890   9MH1948     19  w of Wm. H.
PRUITT, Columbus W.           13NO1907   25FE1925    19  s of W.H. & L.E.
PRUITT, William E.            19AP1922   16MY1922    19  s of W.H. & L.E.
KELLEY, Charles M.            18MH1892   15JE1972    19  h of Mattie;   WW1
KELLEY, Mattie Pruitt         2MH1890    5FE1967     19  w of Charles
RHODES, Martha A.             30JA1850   17MY1920    19  w of B.F.
RHODES, B.F.                  13AU1850   1MY1929     19  h of Martha
PRUITT, A.E.                  7FE1835    29SE1916    19  double w/Henry C.
PRUITT, Henry Clay            30MH1844   29OC1926    19  Pvt Co B 32 TN Cav CSA
SCOTT, D.S.                   20MH1875   30AP1903    19
RHODES, Callie                26OC1869   18JL1918    19  w of Thomas
RHODES, Thomas F.             8FE1869    25OC1948    19  h of Callie
STAMPS, Marie                 27AP1937   28OC1992    20  w of Laymond
STAMPS, Laymond               25FE1932               20  h of Marie; (m24MY1952)
STAMPS, Mattie M.             5MY1906                20  w of George
STAMPS, George W.             7MY1909    24AP1990    20  h of Mattie
REYNOLDS, M.J.                10AP1859   6JA1924     20
PATTERSON, Emma                                      20  Aged 75 yrs.
PATTERSON, Columbus M.        17MY1834   15MY1910    20  Pvt Co H 32 TN Inf CSA
PATTERSON, Isabelle           5JA1833    25MY1910    20  w of Columbus
PRUITT, P.I.                  8DE1885    14MH1919    20  d of W.J. & L.C.
PRUITT, W.J.                  13MY1863   10AU1939    20  h of Laura
PRUITT, Laura                 2JL1860    13DE1930    20  w of W.J.
PRUITT, John                                         20
PRUITT, John  (Mrs.)                                 20
PRUITT, Wilma J.              8DE1927    17OC1988    20  w of Hardison
PRUITT, Hardison (Doc)        14FE1920   20DE1984    20  h of Wilma; Pvt USA WW2
PRUITT, Judith F.             21AP1946               20  w of Loyd
PRUITT, Loyd N.               29MY1941   19JL1998    20  h of Judith; BTC USN Vietnam
COX, M. Nadine                23MH1940   27OC1997    21  w of Marvin; (m9NO1957)
COX, Marvin O.                22MY1936   29MY1989    21  h of M. Nadine
GOAD, Thomas J.                          30JA1929    21  one date; AL Pvt 1 Cl 65 Aer
GOAD, Della Dimple            8AP1928    4OC1930     21
GOAD, Sarah Ann               1MH1878    14JA1961    21  w of Albert
GOAD, Albert S.               20AU1871   20AU1950    21  h of Sarah
GOAD, Estella May             5JA1909    13FE1911    21
GOAD, Velma L.                15JL1901   17OC1901    21
GOAD, Marvin                  30MH1900   31JL1900    21
GOAD, Allen S.                28NO1898   15JL1900    21
GOAD, Sarah F.                14FE1901   13DE1984    21  w of Wm. C.; (m27DE1924)
GOAD, William Clarence        28NO1898   23JA1996    21  h of Sarah; Pvt USA WW1
PHILLIPS, Thomas A.           1861       1913        21  h of Betty
PHILLIPS, Betty               1873       1937        21  w of Thomas
HARDISON, Phillip Clyde       3JE1930    3OC1930     21
LARD, Betty Andrew            15AP1866   29MY1939    22  w of George
LARD, George Richard          14JE1862   29JA1940    22  h of Betty
ANDREW - see LARD, Betty                             22
LARD, George S.               13DE1889   13SE1890    22
RHODES, Jessie S.                                    22  w of W.T.
RHODES, Lizzie                1888       1890        22
RHODES, Lolie                 1878       1944        22  w of Henry
RHODES, Henry                 1865       1946        22  h of Matilda & Lolie
RHODES, Matilda               1869       1900        22  w of Henry
RHODES, infant                           14DE1912    22  infant of J.H. & L.O.
PATTERSON, J.D.               14FE1903   23JL1905    22  s of T.M. & L.E.
PATTERSON, Lulie C.           29JA1875   5JL1922     22  w of Thomas
PATTERSON, Thomas M.          16AU1875   14JL1958    22  h of Lulie
WATKINS, Gillis Edwin         4AP1913    28AU1914    22
GILLIS - see WATKINS, Gillis                         22
JONES, Bessie                 1924       1999        23
HARRIS, W.M.                  21NO1900   8AU1984     23  h of Vellar
HARRIS, Vellar                9FE1900    5AP1995     23  w of W.M.
HARRIS, V.M.                             25JA1923    23
HARRIS, Reba Ann                         25NO1946    23
WATKINS, H.R.                 1884       1953        23  h of Bell
WATKINS, Bell                 1876       1954        23  w of H.R.
HOUSE, Annie                  1860       1937        23  w of J.L.
HOUSE, J.L.                   24AP1859   18FE1926    23  h of Annie
PATTERSON, Grover Cleveland   1891       1909        23
PHILLIPS, Ida May             26JA1908   5MY1908     23  d of D.J. & L.D.
HOUSE, Claude                 8JL1897    FE1898      23  s of J.L. & N.A.
HOUSE, Clyde                  8JL1897    27JL1897    23  s of J.L. & N.A. (twin)
PRUITT, infant son                                   23  s of Marshall & Mattie
PRUITT, infant son                                   23  s of Marshall & Mattie
PRUITT, Mildred               24JA1892   24OC1895    23  d of W.J. & L.C.
HALL, Odell                   5AP1879    15NO1962    23  w of Levi
HALL, Levi                    24AU1875   21OC1962    23  h of Odell
HALL, Lizzie                  5MY1902    20JL1903    23  d of L.W. & Odell
HALL, infants (L.W. & Odell)  20JL1904   20JL1904    23
CHAMBLESS, Tommie             2AP1899    15SE1900    23  s of Tom
HUGHES, Olles B.              24MH1900   26SE1900    23  s of J.W. & L.E.
HUBBERT, Gertrude Rhodes      23JE1927               23  w of Alvin
HUBBERT, Alvin Lee            8SE1925    3SE1990     23  h of Gertrude
RHODES - see HUBBERT, Gertrude                       23
HUBBERT, William Paul         7DE1951    15JA1995    23  Pvt USMC Vietnam
PRUITT, Betty Oliva           17MH1907   14SE1918    24
PRUITT, Hattie D.             20OC1897   18SE1898    24  double w/George H.
PRUITT, George H.             7JA1903    17NO1903    24  double w/Hattie
PRUITT, Thomas Perry          25JE1896   20MH1906    24
PRUITT, Drushy Norine         15FE1910   22AP1911    24
PRUITT, George W.             26DE1872   30AP1952    24  h of Roxie
PRUITT, Roxie D.              27AU1874   18JA1938    24  w of George
PRUITT, Thomas David          5OC1842    16MH1905    24  Pvt Co C 16 AL Inf CSA
PRUITT, Sallie A.             11SE1846   26AP1923    24  w of Thomas D. (? death date
LILES, Thomas R.              1876       1954        24  h of Mary D.
LILES, Mary D.                1879       1953        24  w of Thomas R.
PRUITT, Eliza E.              4OC1873    16JE1879    24  d of T.D. & S.A.
PRUITT, Dora A.               30MY1885   22JL1886    24
RHODES, J.M.                  2FE1825    12NO1901    24  h of Sallie
RHODES, Sallie G.             20MH1830   22JE1903    24  w of J.M.
WATKINS, H.B.                                        24
WATKINS, Mitey D.             28JE1899   3OC1899     24  d of W.L. & E.
HOLT, Leoler                  28JA1907   19MH1925    24  w of Jodie
COLLINS, Conney               1897       1911        24
WATKINS, Jesse W.             24FE1913   30AU1968    25  MO Pvt USA WW2
WATKINS, Betty Ann            1881       1959        25  w of W.L.
WATKINS, William Lewis.       1877       1949        25  h of Betty
PRUITT, Huldy                 1DE1887    8OC1890     25  d of W.J. & L.C.
RHODES, Fannie                13MH1870   13DE1898    26  double w/Mattie; mother
RHODES, Mattie                           31AU1908    26  double w/Fannie; stepmother
RHODES, John Duckett          7AP1843    23FE1924    26  Pvt Co A 4 AL Cav CSA
RHODES, Artilla               2DE1843    21DE1921    26  w of John D.
DUCKETT - see RHODES, John                           26
RHODES, Roger Dale            14JE1954   26JE2000    27
HUBBERT, J.W.                 13AP1862   12AP1898    28
HADDOCK, Betty                8MY1863    13AU1938    28
HADDOCK, S.A.                 1AU1868    25FE1942    28  h of Betty
RHODES, Monroe E.             13SE1885   26JE1900    29
RHODES, Leeland W.            21JE1889   15JE1900    29
RHODES, Eliza M.              20OC1848   6NO1917     29
MATTSON, Nannie Hines         18AU1896   2AP1979     29  w of John E.
MATTSON, John E.              13DE1887   22OC1964    29  h of Nannie
HINES - see MATTSON, Nannie                          29
HIPPS, Lula Hines             28FE1873   7MH1947     29
HINES - see HIPP, Lula                               29
HINES, J.M.                   25MH1866   15AP1900    29  s of J.G. & M.A.
HINES, Brantley                          1892        29  infant
HINES, Leni                   6AU1893    13AU1893    29
HINES, Gettis                 FE1898     25JL1903    29
COBB, D. Evelyn               2MH1921    29DE1922        info from Faye Richey
COBB, James R.                6DE1924    18DE1924        info from Faye Richey
COBB, James R.                6DE1924    18DE1924        info from Faye Richey
HOUSE, Thomas A.              3DE1893    5FE1916         info from Faye Richey
KELLEY, infant                25AP1924   29AP1924    19  s of C.M. & M.M.
LAWSON, Lonie C.              18MY1908                   info from Faye Richey
LEWELLYN, Paul B. Sr.         24JA1920   11MY1972        info from Faye Richey
PHILLIPS, Walter Edison       12MY1909                   info from Faye Richey
PHILLIPS, Clyde H.            3JE1930    3OC1930         info from Faye Richey
RHODES, Mattie R.                         3AU1898
RHODES, David                 25FE1905   16JA1906        info from Faye Richey
RHODES, Homer                  5OC1923   26AP1924        info from Faye Richey
RHODES, Oma                   21NO1909   23JA1911
OLMSTEAD, Albert Ray          26JL1881   16AU1956    14
WATKINS, infant son                      13DE1935    13  s of Owen & Rhoda
GOAD, Harrie L.               13JA1904   23NO1958    21
MELTON, Bessie                7DE1900     3SE1943    15?
RHODES, Jewell                22FE1932                   info from Faye Richey
HUBBARD, Marvin Henry         14MH1917    2OC1981    14  info from Jenny McCrory
   husband of Juanita
HADDOCK, Betty - buried between two husbands, J. W. Hubbard
  and ________ Haddock. Mother of Tolbert Thomas Hubbard  info from Jenny McCrory

UPDATE: Additions to row 18:

BUTLER, Virgil H.              4OC1932    ---------    h of Jessie; m 29JL1958
BUTLER, Jessie Lean           29JL1936   18MH1989      w of Virgil
RHODES, Allen J.              31AU1907   29AU1980
RHODES, David Allen           17MY1942   17FE1981
VINES, Martha L.               7JA1915    6NO1986      w of Wm.
VINES, William S.             28FE1911   26JE1986      h of Martha

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