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Updated Survey Contributed 18 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

To reach this cemetery from Florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn north onto Lauderdale 47; go 2.7 miles and turn left on Lauderdale 61 (Butler Creek Road) go 3.4 miles to the cemetery. The cemetery is on the right side of the road, beside and in back of Mt. Zion Church of Christ. It is shown on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map (and some others) as Mt. Zion church. It does not have a fence around it. The legal description is NW4, SE4, Sec 31, T1S, R10W.

              NAME                   DOB         DOD       ROW              NOTES
HEUPEL, Virginia Ruth             13DE1945     09AP1946    A-   d/o PI & GM
HEUPEL, Virginia Ruth             13DE1945     09AP1946    A01  d/o PI & GM
HEUPEL, Gertie M.                 06JA1923     05JE1990    A01  w of Phillip
HEUPEL, Phillip I.                25JL1920     09SE1990    A01  m 7 JA 1940
BEHEL, Nannie Jo                  09JA1929     04FE2005    A01
COLE, Shirley Ann                              06OC1949    A01  d of Hollis
CUMMINGS, infant                               12JA1946    A01  s of LT
CUMMINGS, L. Lucille              29JA1916     24AP2006    A01  w of Loyd; m 14MY1932
CUMMINGS, Loyd T. Sr.             24MH1910     08JA1991    A01
CHILDRESS, Brittany R.            26SE1989     16DE1989    A01
CHILDRESS, Justin R.              03NO1991     22JL2002    A01
WATKINS, Nancy A.                 06MY1924     17FE1957    A01  w of Thomas
WATKINS, Thomas E.                18JA1921                 A01
WATKINS, Marjorie D.              30DE1928     12DE1991    A01  w of Thomas
WATKINS, Jeffrey D.                            18FE1970    A01
STULTS, Annie Medley              05JE1922                 A01  w of Thomas
STULTS, Thomas Joel               01SE1922     21FE1989    A01
PATTERSON, Judy Stults            01SE1953     25JA2003    A01
HEUPEL, Charles Louis             13AU1927     20JE2001    A01  Tec4 USA WW-II
HEUPEL, Toney                     07JL1897     21NO1976    A01  h of Mary
HEUPEL, Mary E.                   01JA1903     22JA1979    A01
SMITH, Glenn F.                   19AP1958     06MY1977    A01
WHITE, Brenda Carol Davis         13SE1953     12MY1988    A02
DAVIS, Louis Lee                  19MH1922     02JL1993    A02  h of Catherine
DAVIS, Catherine L.               16NO1929                 A02
PURSER, Marlene & Charlene        29NO1969     30NO1969    A02
PEDEN, Tommie Jo Stults           16FE1942     16FE1984    A02
BILLINGSLEY, Dany T.                1958         1958      A02
BILLINGSLEY, Nelson E.            02NO1906     09FE1978    A02  h of Virginia
BILLINGSLEY, Virginia A.          06NO1911     11FE1947    A02
DICKENS, Robert A.                29AU1935     07JE1999    A02  h of Doris
DICKENS, Doris A.                 25MH1936                 A02
BEHEL, Hazel B.                   06FE1901     25FE1973    A02  w of RG
BEHEL, R. Granville               24DE1903     19JE1988    A02
BEHEL, Mary Magdalene             29MY1940     15AU1940    A02
McDONALD, Phillip Kyle                         23DE1991    A02
DAVIS, Ronnie Lee                 31JL1952     31JL1952    A02  s of Louis L.
KILLEN, Wilsey L.                 13MY1926     28AP1997    A02  h of EM; Sgt USA WW-II
KILLEN, Eunice M.                 02AU1926     09NO1996    A02
WEAR, Claude                      07AP1923     03FE1974    A02  h of Nellie; Pfc USA
WEAR, Nellie                      04MH1924                 A02
WEAR, Julia Ann                                13AU1944    A02  d of Claude & Nellie
HEUPEL, Joseph A.                 26MH1912                 A03
HEUPEL, Clifford E.               16NO1915     09JE1933    A03
HEUPEL, Ollie                       1891         1980      A03  w of Albert
HEUPEL, Albert J.                   1867         1950      A03
MEDLEY, Samuel S.                 10MH1891     19SE1955    A03  h of Lucinda
MEDLEY, Lucinda W.                14FE1893     02JA1994    A03  101 yrs old
HEUPEL, Octavie                   11SE1867     02FE1962    A03  w of Charles
HEUPEL, Charles                   22MH1866     22MY1950    A03
BILLINGSLEY, Louis Adrin          22JL1890     25NO1936    A03
BILLINGSLEY, Josephine Butler     19FE1871     15FE1938    A03
BILLINGSLEY, James R.             03JL1862     07JA1944    A03
HILL, Stanley Keffor              17AP1921     21SE2003    A03  h of Betty
HILL, Betty Hubbard               01AP1925     26OC2003    A03
HILL, Marvin O.                   05MH1916     01SE1979    A03
HILL, Hulen                       23OC1911     10SE1937    A03
HILL, James E.                    09AP1877     18DE1954    A03  h of Louizie
HILL, Louizie                     30AU1880     09DE1960    A03
PHILLIPS, Bessie L.               10MY1903     26JE1960    A03  w of Johnie
PHILLIPS, Johnie M.               08JL1903     22AU1974    A03
PICKENS, Arvil Glenn              22DE1948     17JE1952    A03  s of Arvil & Iva
PICKENS, Arvil                    29MH1917     19DE1995    A03  h of Iva;  USA  WW-II
PICKENS, Iva Wilson               11JL1915                 A03
BALENTINE, Ronald Kevin           10AU1964     23AU1978    A03  s of GW, Jr.
CARTER, Merl                      22JE1934                 A03  h of Elizabeth
CARTER, Elizabeth Balentine       29AU1923     19JL2003    A03
BALENTINE, Joan Elaine            18AU1954     29JA1955    A03
BALENTINE, Carl E.                12JL1938     18AP1994    A03
LAKE, Kenneth L.                  16FE1920     25AP1972    A03  h of Ruby
LAKE, Ruby M.                     20AP1928     07AU2005    A03
LINDSEY, Lucille Futrell          22JA1924                 A03  w of Ralph
LINDSEY, Ralph Nolan              15JE1918     06OC2002    A03  m 17JE1946; USA  WW-II
JOHNSON, Janice Faye              19AP1959                 A04  mother of Jason
JOHNSON, Jason Reed               23DE1977     24AU1995    A04
FUTRELL, Thomas Lee Jr.           18JL1960     03OC1971    A04
FUTRELL, Nadine                   17NO1935     10AU1977    A04
McBRIDE, Deborah Futrell          01SE1965     26OC2002    A04
HEUPEL, Ronald David                           26AP1968    A04  s of RD
HEUPEL, Faydyne Reed              25MH1950     18JA2004    A04
SMITH, James Wesley               01FE1975     10DE1975    A04
SMITH, Thomas A.                  05OC1891     26DE1965    A04
SMITH, Georgia A.                 29SE1915                 A04
SMITH, Debrah K.                               08AP1952    A04
SCOTT, Laura J.                   28MY1939     15DE1939    A04
SCOTT, Carolyn J.                 16JL1938     16JL1938    A04
WILSON, infant                                             A04  s of William & Neler
MEDLEY, Myrtle L.                 05JE1922     11FE1924    A04
CLEMMONS, Anna E.                 09FE1879     01AU1950    A05  w of JR
CLEMMONS, J. Raleigh              09NO1878     05AU1961    A05
CLEMONS, S.P. (Pink)              11NO1856     23MY1923    A05
CLEMONS, James Tollie             19FE1883     29AP1954    A05
CLEMONS, Louise                   26MY1919     10OC1925    A05
CLEMONS, Algie M. Hill            29OC1900     22OC1989    A05  w of Louie
CLEMONS, Louie M.                 01JE1896     12JL1965    A05
CLEMMONS, Ila C.                   JL1927       JE1930     A05  d of Louie
CLEMMONS, Fannie Jo                OC1934       JA1935     A05  d of Louie
KEETON, Ellie L.                  03AP1898     11DE1961    A05  h of Nellie
KEETON, Nellie W.                 14NO1899     24SE1964    A05
KEETON, infants                                 JA1929     A05  sons of Ellie & Nellie
FUTRELL, James William Sr.        13AU1922     16AU1989    A05  Tec5  USA  WW-II
FUTRELL, Willie P.                01OC1883     08AU1970    A05  h of Lona
FUTRELL, Lona L.                  22FE1894     25JA1976    A05
SMITH, James W.                   12OC1849     18MH1931    A05  h of Amanda
SMITH, Amanda E.                  29JE1859     04AP1939    A05
BREWER, Eligah C.                 24AP1880     20AP1941    A05  h of Madge
BREWER, Madge E.                  01JA1886     30AP1964    A05
LOONEY, infant                                 01JL1936    A05  s of M.D.
LOONEY, infant                                 04NO1937    A05  s of M.D.
LOONEY, Reva S. Cochran           21JA1917     25NO1987    A05
LOONEY, Ettie B.                  28MY1899     20JE1963    A05  w of MD
LOONEY, M.D.                      19OC1917                 A05
LAWSON, Bertha L.                 08JL1922     23JE1999    A06
COLLINS, Timothy Eugene Jr.       11FE1957     06OC1993    A06
COLLINS, Timothy Eugene           01DE1934     16DE1979    A06
COLLINS, Lillie P.                29MY1898     11MY1994    A06  w of LC
COLLINS, L. Carson                16FE1892     23AP1969    A06
LEMAY, Annie B.                     1894         1953      A06  w of Willie
LEMAY, Willie S.                    1888                   A06
COATS, Bennie J.                  25AU1913     09FE1984    A06  h of Nellie; m 4JL1933
COATS, Nellie R.                  10MH1918                 A06
COATS, Doris Ann                  21FE1962     12MH1963    A06  d of Bennie
COATS, infant                                              A06  s of Bennie
MEDLEY, Robert Euel               22MH1912     06MH1978    A06  h of Clezell
MEDLEY, infant                                             A06  infant of Robert
MEDLEY, Clezell A.                17SE1913     28SE1996    A06
GRIGGS, Viva                      14MH1914     29JA1928    A06
GRIGGS, R.W.                                               A06
WATKINS, Norma L.                 28SE1912     18OC1918    A07
BETTS, Dorothy Terrell            27JE1920     22JA1993    A07  w of Fred
BETTS, Fred Russell               03DE1907     25AU1971    A07
TERRELL, Dexter Lee               15JA1922     02FE1927    A07
TERRELL, Myrtle Watkins           31MH1899     06DE1926    A07
WATKINS, Lucinda                  18SE1867     29NO1952    A07  w of John
WATKINS, John H.                  20AU1865     27FE1955    A07
PHILLIPS, Audie E.                01SE1910     01FE1991    A07  w of AL
PHILLIPS, Arthur Lee              06MH1908     25JE1954    A07
PHILLIPS, baby                                             A07
PHILLIPS, baby                                             A07
PHILLIPS, Grady C.                28AP1942     05JL1955    A07
PATTERSON, infant                                          A07  s of EH & Jessie
PATTERSON, infant                                          A07  s of EH & Jessie
PATTERSON, infant                                          A07  s of EH & Jessie
LONG, Sarah E.                    14DE1852     20DE1918    A07
OLIGER, Sara R.                   19MY1940                 A07  w of Julius
OLIGER, Julius A.                 09JE1929     08DE2002    A07
WILLIAMS, Benny Wayne             04OC1966     13JL1995    A07
HEUPEL, William Danny             17AP1961     07MY1964    A08  s of Wm.
HEUPEL, Hattie L.                 12AU1936                 A08  w of WJ
HEUPEL, William J.                03MY1932     03NO1985    A08
HEUPEL, Tony Lynn                 08FE1972     20AP1998    A08
COLLIER, Robert Joe               07JA1945     11OC1982    A08
COLLIER, Eliza Louise             14OC1911     25FE1989    A08  w of Otha
COLLIER, Otha C.                  15OC1914     28NO1988    A08  m 18AP1935
STOWE, Bobby Lyndon               23FE1967     02MH1991    A08
STOWE, Kenneth Wayne              07MH1964     09NO1997    A08
STEWART, Whitney Marie            26MY1992     27MY1992    A09  d of jonathan & Lisa
WILSON, Christopher F.            10AU1979     10AU1979    A09
WILSON, Lois Jean                 21AU1959     14MH2002    A09  w of RF; m 31AU1978
WILSON, Robert F.                 25NO1956                 A09
PHILLIPS, Peggy Jean              08AP1940     03AU1962    A09
PHILLIPS, Jesse Howard (Nig)      30NO1937     12NO1990    A09  h of Hazel
PHILLIPS, Hazel L.                17MH1932     13FE1997    A09
RILEY, Elba E.                    09SE1908     01DE1997    A09
PURSER, George                      1885         1958      A09  h of Betty
PURSER, Betty W.                    1884         1954      A09
ANDERS, Dessie P.                 06MH1907     20NO1997    A09
ANDERS, Paul Ray                  14NO1931     15AP1961    A09
ANDERS, infant                                 02AP1933    A09  s of LR & Dessie
ANDERS, infant                                 16AU1925    A09  s of LR & Dessie
PURSER, Eliza L.                   OC1846      01JL1923    A09  w of James
PURSER, James P.                    1847       26JA1923    A09
WATKINS, Gladys Marie             17NO1912     28JL1998    A09  d of Perry & Myrtle
WATKINS, Perry                    19MY1889     02FE1974    A09  h of Myrtle
WATKINS, Myrtle                   29OC1892     07DE1965    A09
WATKINS, Peggy                    27SE1932     29SE1932    A09
WATKINS, Eveline                  04AU1914     29NO1930    A09
WATKINS, Margaret A.              10OC1860                 A09  w of RW
WATKINS, R.W.                     13JA1859     05FE1929    A09
BILLINGSLEY, Sam C.               14SE1872     17JA1953    A09  h of Rosa
BILLINGSLEY, Rosa                 21AU1878     14DE1916    A09
WATKINS, William L.               06DE1928     25MY1987    A09  h of Dorothy
WATKINS, Dorothy S.               09AP1930                 A09
WATKINS, William Neal             20MY1951     12OC1987    A09
WATKINS, William B.               11JA1891     18MY1953    A10
WATKINS, Vera A.                  11JA1891     22FE1969    A10
WATKINS, infant                                13FE1917    A10
WATKINS, infant                                02MH1916    A10
WATKINS, Cecil                    09DE1914     19AU1915    A10
HILL, Josiephine                  22MY1855     28NO1922    A10
MOORE, Mary A. Watkins            17JE1900     24OC1925    A10
WATKINS, Frances C. Hill          14FE1876     23MH1943    A10
WATKINS, Thomas J.                10JL1868     12MY1946    A10  h of Frances
GIST, infant                                   04FE1936    A10  s of JI & Regena
GIST, Regina P.                   12JL1920                 A10  w of John
GIST, John Ison                   31MY1914     21JE1983    A10  m 18MH1934
COATS, Loyce Ray                  19MY1934     02JL1934    A10  s of CA & Alta
COATS, Alta Purser                04MH1916     29MY2003    A10  w of CA; m 15JA1933
COATS, Charlie Alexander          23MY1911     11FE2003    A10
BOGUS, Lula                                      1927      A10
BOGUS, Alma G.                    05AP1908     13MH1999    A10
BOGUS, baby                                                A10
RICHARDSON, Rebecca D.            02JA1955     23AP1956    A10  d of Alvin Jr.
MORRIS, Lois Josephine Lawson     22NO1937     12OC2000    A10
LAWSON, Robert E.                 01DE1933                 A10
LAWSON, Sherrie Mae               02JE1959                 A10
BLACKBURN, Brandy Nicole          19JA1979     15FE1982    A10
BLACKBURN, Danny Phillip          18MH1957     31MH1963    A10
BLACKBURN, Emma                   13JA1907     28MY2005    A10  w of Miley
BLACKBURN, Miley                  03SE1896     20MY1968    A10
BLACKBURN, Shelby Hill            02FE1923                 A10  w of Elwood
BLACKBURN, Elwood                 30JL1923     30JA1985    A10  m 25DE1942
BLACKBURN, Cleo                   13FE1938     22JE2005    A10  w of Robert
BLACKBURN, Robert                 15OC1930                 A10
MASON, Myrtle D.                  29JA1929     23NO1995    A10  w of HE
MASON, H.E. (Pete)                25OC1929     14NO1985    A10
WATKINS, infant                   28OC1954     28OC1954    A11  d of Wm. & Dorothy
WATKINS, Gloria Dean              23SE1956     28SE1956    A11
GIFFORD, Vernon L.                  1921         1921      A11
CLARK, Charley                    18DE1856     12JA1924    A11
CLARK, Lusinda                    16MY1853     06JA1916    A11
LAWSON, Annie E.                    1878         1961      A11  w of Robert
LAWSON, Robert B.                   1874         1918      A11
LAWSON, Velma A.                  18OC1901     23MY1904    A11
WRIGHT, Natasha Ann               04NO1986     04NO1986    A11  d of Cedric & Becky
LITTLETON, Annis R.               07JA1933     19DE1985    A11  w of Wm.
LITTLETON, William H.             16AP1935                 A11
LITTLETON, Frank H.               26JL1911     27JA1972    A11
LAWSON, J. Alex                   03MY1857     09JA1929    A11  h of Elizabeth
LAWSON, Elizabeth                 06MH1867     21MY1936    A11
LAWSON, Lex A.                    31MY1895     09NO1972    A11
LITTLETON, William Lee            03MY1963     03MY1963    A11  s of WH & Annis
LAWSON, G.W.                                               A11  inf s of Tom & Annie
LAWSON, Lonnie Edward             05JE1955     07JE1955    A11
LAWSON, Annie A.                  18OC1900     25JA1983    A11  w of Thomas
LAWSON, Thomas M.                 15NO1887     07DE1967    A11
LAWSON, Myrtle C.                 03SE1917     26SE1995    A11
LAWSON, Dewey Lee (Sonny)         24JL1937     12OC1971    A11
LAWSON, Deward Cecil (Dude)       01AU1915     17MY1982    A11  King of Mt Zion
POUNDERS, William H.              30JE1940     28SE1963    A11
POUNDERS, Joseph L.               08JL1944     28SE1963    A11
POUNDERS, Louise                  08JL1920                 A11  w of Wm.
POUNDERS, William                 23NO1918     19MY1993    A11
WILSON, Julia L.                    1915         2000      A11  w of Robert
WILSON, Robert E.                   1895         1980      A11
WOODEN, Thomas Eugene Sr.         17NO1941     13AP2004    A12
WOODEN, Dorothy L.                  1969         1969      A12
WOODEN, Mary Sue Myrick             1946         1971      A12  w of Thomas
MYRICK, Johnny                    11MH1916     03NO1983    A12  h of Lillie
MYRICK, Lillie Mae                13OC1919     12MH1996    A12
LAWSON, Charles William           12MY1942     22OC1981    A12
LAWSON, infant                    20JA1991     22JA1991    A12  s of Wm. Wade
LAWSON, infant                                 15JA1949    A12  d of Kenneth & Bertha
LAWSON, infant                                 05MY1973    A12  d of CW
LAWSON, Helen M.                  04JE1923     28AP1980    A12  w of Archie
LAWSON, Archie D.                 15NO1917     01AP2005    A12
LAWSON, Effie M.                  21OC1894     07JA1957    A12
LAWSON, Azie A.                   15NO1890     09MY1953    A12
LAWSON, Elizabeth L.              20MH1896     06MY1918    A12
LAWSON, Kenneth M.                07NO1925     31JL1966    A12  Pfc 280 Station Hosp. WW-II
LAWSON, infant                                 15JA1949    A12  d of Kenneth & Bertha
LAWSON, Charles F.                19MH1865     02AU1945    A12
LAWSON, Elizabeth                  cir1832     26JE1906    A12  Age 74 yrs
LAWSON, Andrew J.                 02MH1827     02NO1914    A12  h of Elizabeth
LAWSON, Henrietta                 07MH1871       1887      A12
SAXTON, Jesse W.                  03DE1919     25AU1986    A12  Pfc  USA  WW-II
SAXTON, Maye H.                   08JL1921     06JE1994    A12  w of Jesse
SAXTON, Bertha                    15SE1892     15JA1981    A12  w of James
SAXTON, James E.                  07AP1877     31AU1951    A12
LAWSON, Bertha                    23JL1884     14AU1914    A12
LAWSON, Lando P.                    1878         1961      A12
LAWSON, Virgie Clark              22JL1888     02FE1937    A12
BURGESS, Alma P.                  04FE1906     03JA1972    A12  w of Alvin
BURGESS, Alvin E.                 11AP1909     30MH1969    A12
BURGESS, Catherine J.             17NO1932     21FE2001    A12
GIFFORD, Lawrence H.              08NO1889     02JA1974    A12  h of Irene
GIFFORD, Irene Hardwick           30MY1892     08AP1963    A12
GIFFORD, Jesse Howard             01AP1915     16JL1916    A12  s of LH
PURSER, Tilda E.                  16OC1919                 A13  w of Clarence
PURSER, Clarence H.               11MH1911     28JL1960    A13
PURSER, Olie                        1887         1957      A13  w of Wylie
PURSER, Wylie                       1882         1964      A13
WADE, William Burros              16JA1874     23MH1954    A13  h of LK
WADE, Louella King                27JE1880     17MY1958    A13
WADE, Thomas H.                   29MH1880     15MY1961    A13
MYRICK, Edward O.                 16MY1906     26MY1940    A13
CALL, Nancy                       23FE1862     25DE1946    A13
RILEY, Carrie J.                  10MY1894     20MH1980    A13  w of Johnie
RILEY, Johnie W.                  06MH1890     17MH1954    A13
MYRICK, Laymon E.                 28FE1932     22JA2001    A13
MYRICK, Vonda Lois                  1958         1960      A13
LAWRENCE, Vonda Elizabeth                      27MH1984    A13  nick name Hope
DISHON, Anthony                                            A13
MYRICK, Michael Tyler                                      A13
POWELL, Brittany Hope                          13MY1991    A13  d of John & Rhoda
GRIGGS, Jimmy Ray                 07FE1978     27MY1978    A13
BOGUS, Brack J.                   23AP1901     27MY1979    A14  h of LE
BOGUS, L. Esther                  01FE1906     27JE1983    A14  m 8AP1923
CRAIG, William C.                 15DE1909     27AU1976    A14  h of Bertha
CRAIG, Bertha L.                  21DE1910                 A14
IVY, Thomas E.                    18SE1925     27MH1976    A14  h of Blanch
IVY, Blanch D.                    21MY1925     03AP1992    A14
SIMPSON, Bessie Loo               11SE1882     21NO1965    A14
SMITH, Earl John                    1932       29MY1984    A14
COBB, Mary Lee                    17JL1905     23JE1973    A14
MYRICK, Mary Lou                    1886         1958      A14
WADE, J. Andrew                   15AP1876     17SE1966    A14  h of Minnie
WADE, Minnie F.                   08JA1882     21JE1937    A14
WADE, Nannie P.                   29NO1903     08MY1905    A14
WADE, William H.                  21NO1807     29DE1885    A14  h of Sabranah
WADE, Sabranah H.A.F.             05AP1819     01MH1894    A14
WADE, infant                                               A14  s of Samuel & Nannie
PURSER, Levenia Faye              27FE1928                 A15  w of MF; m 10JL1967
PURSER, Malcolm F. (Mack)         03AU1925     10AP1984    A15
WADE, infant                                               A15  d of Samuel & Nannie
WADE, Nannie P.                                            A15  w of Sam; Age 55 yrs
WADE, Samuel A.                                            A15  h of Nannie; Age 73 yrs
BEHEL, infant children                                     A15  children of Ed & Waymon
BEHEL, Waymon E.                  02JL1903     03NO1984    A15  w of Edward
BEHEL, Edward M.                  26JE1910     31OC1996    A15
STUFFLEBEAM, Calvin Coolidge      11JE1925     29NO2002    A15
WRIGHT, Mary E.                   08JE1940     21MH2002    A15  w of Paul
WRIGHT, Paul J.                   08JL1937     22OC1997    A15
WELLS, Steven Kyle                             28MH1997    A15  s of Billy & Misty
NORRED, Ophelia Christine         31AU1926     28AP1986    A16  mother of David
NORRED, David Allen               22FE1985     06FE2002    A16
HAYGOOD, William Elton            20AP1923     13JA2001    A16  h of Rubye
HAYGOOD, Rubye Irene              26MH1923     03JA2005    A16
BEHEL, Edward McKindley           03JA1926     09JL1990    A16  s of CC & Lucinda
BEHEL, Charles C.                 30JE1897     31AU1955    A16  h of ML
BEHEL, M. Lucinda                 10AP1902     08FE1984    A16
BEHEL, Levora Ann                 24NO1940     30NO1940    A16  d of CC & ML
BEHEL, Harry Benton               29JA1922     24NO1922    A16  s of CC & ML
BEHEL, Harvey B.                  12AP1874     27NO1947    A16  h of Mary
BEHEL, Mary S.                    18MY1875     02MH1950    A16
BEHEL, Nannie H.                  04FE1876     12NO1965    A16  w of Ira
BEHEL, Ira B.                     27NO1878     01AU1931    A16
GARNER, Lois Arlan                23OC1917     23FE1918    A16  s of HE & BB
BEHEL, E.J.                       18OC1853     24SE1917    A16  w of Wilbert
BEHEL, Wilbert M.                 15FE1853     15AU1900    A16
BEHEL, Dice                                    17DE1892    A16  s of WM & EJ
PURSER, Paul H.                   15JL1922     12NO1986    A16  h of MR
PURSER, Mildred R.                04FE1932                 A16  m 10AP1954
BEHEL, Verlie Mae                   1917         1918      A17  d of Homer & Lonie
BEHEL, Annie                      18NO1897     03JA1898    A17
BEHEL, infant                                   SE1896     A17  s of WM & MJ
BEHEL, Albert                     16NO1895     23NO1895    A17
QUILLEN, Viola                    13AP1914     07FE1915    A17
BEHEL, Martha J.                    1868         1945      A17  w of Wm
BEHEL, William M.                   1873         1938      A17
BEHEL, Vera Heupel                13NO1905     03JE1937    A17
HEUPEL, Edgar George              22AU1910     21FE1973    A17
BEHEL, Bobby Neal                 12OC1937     16SE1938    A17  s of JA & BM
BEHEL, infant                                    1940      A17  d of JA
BEHEL, Beulah F.                  09JL1910     13AP1988    A17  w of Joseph
BEHEL, Joseph A.                  21OC1907     25AP1986    A17
BEHEL, Jerry Reed                 14JA1946     17AP1988    A17
HOLLMAN, Billy Ray                06FE1954     06FE1954    A17  s of WS
HOLLMAN, Ethel N. Quillen         13AP1914     13AU2003    A17  w of WS
HOLLMAN, Willie Sabastian         30OC1912                 A17
YORK, James E. Sr.                28AU1913     24AP1986    A18  h of Audrey
YORK, Audrey N.                   01JA1925     07FE1985    A18
SMITH, Mildred B.                 14AP1884     08MY1961    A18  w of Albert
SMITH, Albert C.                  03DE1883     18DE1935    A18
SMITH, Clara Mae                  15NO1906     22SE1908    A18
GOODMAN, Jimmy                                             A18
GOODMAN, Andrew L.                  1874         1935      A18
GOODMAN, Vernon A.                  1983         1955      A18
HODGES, Eddie Howard                           05MH1965    A18
COOPER-JOHNSON, Mary McDonald     15FE1908     30AU1988    A19
McDONALD, Mattie L.               04MY1877     19AP1954    A19  w of WS
CURTIS, Robert                    04JA1854     04OC1917    A19
CURTIS, Dora L.                     1886         1912      A19
GOODMAN, Everett A.               16JL1905     21MH1988    A19
FOWLER, George W.                 25NO1866     22AP1952    A19  h of Mary
FOWLER, Mary Alice                01JA1872     05FE1944    A19
FOWLER, Homer                     15MY1906     01OC1906    A19
LAWSON, Mary Ann                  07SE1949     10DE1955    A20  d of Thomas B. & Mattie
LAWSON, Mattie Belle              17DE1930     11MY1987    A20  w of Thomas

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