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Contributed 19 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 through Killen and turn left on CR 103 just before Brooks High School.  Go about one mile. The cemetery is on the left of CR 103 just past the intersection of CR 440. This cemetery was surveyed by Judy Mason in 1995 and updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  The rows are numbered from the entrance gate. Map.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
OLIVER, Spencer K.               07MY1925      27MY2005     01  Pfc  USA  WW-II
OLIVER, Esther P..               08OC1922                   01  w of SK
MARONEY, Joshua David                          05NO1983     02
MARONEY, James T.                14AP1922      18SE1966     03  Tec 5 Co C 163 Engr BN WW-II
PECK, Kyle James                 10JA1992      15JA1992     03  s of Ronald & Jamie
PECK, Elizabeth                  16MH1929                   03  w of LD
PECK, Lenon D. *                 01JL1922      16SE1972     03  GM2  USN  WW-II
SEGARS, John                     09MY1929      15MY1991     04  Cpl  USA  Korea
SEGARS, Nancy                    10MH1942                   04  w of John
PECK, Willie T.                  01OC1888      03NO1975     04  h of FG; m 8JA1911
PECK, Fannie G.                  13OC1890      09DE1975     04
PECK, Granville                  28SE1893      22MY1977     04  h of LA
PECK, Lucy Ann                   07OC1900      15AU1959     04
KASHA, Theresa                   23AU1857                   05
KASHA, Joseph                    22DE1855      20MY1929     05  h of Theresa
McCABE, Mattie Rice              01JA1859      02AU1925     05  w of JH
McCABE, John Henry  *            17JE1853      09FE1930     05
McCABE, John P.                  09JL1890      10MH1963     05
McCABE, Emma L.                  19MY1883      27JA1971     05  w of JP
McCABE, Thomas M.                05JA1893      29AU1969     05  Pfc 106 Supply Trn WW-I
PECK, infant                                                06  s of B & E
PECK, infant                                                06  d of B & E
PECK, Andrew                     01DE1857      13DE1890     06  h of Oma
PECK, Oma                        14NO1868      14JA1926     06
COVINGTON, Lucile                21JL1905      08AP1986     06  w of EL
COVINGTON, Earl L.               19SE1898      09AU1952     06
COVINGTON, Earl                  10JA1923      29MH2001     06  Pfc  USA  WW-II
GLOVER, Dewey T.                 12JA1907      10JE1993     07  h of NO
GLOVER, Nancy Ophelia            13NO1908      27SE1977     07
PECK, John Mack                  23DE1886      11AU1918     07
PECK, Nancy                      01JE1862      13OC1892     07
PECK, John S.                    13SE1861      15NO1939     07  h of Nancy
PECK, Hiram                        1902          1904       07
PECK, Lucian                       1900          1904       07
PECK, Fred T.                    31JL1907      26OC1926     07
PECK, Walter Lee                 11MH1911      18MY1978     07  Sgt  USA  WW-II Korea
PECK, Bama S.                    31MY1896      27JL1971     07
PECK, Dolph W.                   13AP1894      29NO1974     07  h of Bama
MARTINDALE, George A.            25SE1891      23JE1971     07  h of BP
MARTINDALE, Bessie P.            26MH1898      05MH1980     07  w of GR
MARTINDALE, George Raymon        12NO1926      24FE1988     07  Tec5  USA  WW-II
SCOTT, Bessie M.                 03NO1922      23SE2002     07  w of Lenual; m 18SE1950
SCOTT, Lenual                    18JA1926                   07
COVINGTON, Mattie                15AP1913      17AP1973     08
PECK, Ida Mae                    18MY1895      06MH1925     08
PECK, Annie Catherine            06OC1922      26MH1924     08  d of Ida
WRIGHT, Andrew Wayne             02NO1964      09JL2004     09
WRIGHT, Andrew Freeman           09AU1931      10AU1995     09  USAF
WRIGHT, Nellie                   02JA1941      27JL1991     09  w of Freeman
PECK, Gene E.                    23JA1938      25AP1947     09  s of AZ & HM
PECK, Hautie                     24MH1909      03JE1981     09  w of Albert; m 27NO1931
PECK, Albert                     10FE1909      28AU1989     09
PECK, James A.                   21MY1934                   09  h of BJ
PECK, Barbara J.                 19SE1937      14DE1996     09
McCABE, infant                                              10  s of Carl & Ruby
McCABE, Carl B.                  30MY1896      12DE1951     10  Pvt 60 MG BN Div WW-I
McCABE, Ruby B.                  07JE1906      12AP1986     10  w of CB
YOUNG, Becca                     10JA1879      29AP1961     10
MORRISON, Mary Olavene           20MH1924      17AP1989     10
YOUNG, Roy A.                    13MY1908      30DE1968     10
SHIPLEY, Mattie Ann              24AP1926      05JL2001     10  w of RW
SHIPLEY, Ralph W.                03AU1928      10JE1971     10
McCABE, John Thomas              21MH1929      15SE1993     10  h of ML
McCABE, Mildred Lois             07MH1925      20OC1988     10
GIST, Otis Reeder                29AP1927      04NO2005     10  Sgt  USA  WW-II
GIST, Carolyn Sue                24JA1933      25MY1995     10  w of OR
HAMMOND, Debra Gist              22JL1950      17DE1996     10
HUNT, Jana Peck                  03AU1960      07AU2004     09

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