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Township 1, Range 8, Section 17

Survey Contributed 27 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

From Killen, go north on US 43; turn right on AL 64 and go about 8 miles.  The cemetery is on the right.  It has a circular drive through the cemetery.  Section A is inside the circle and Section B is outside the circle.  Rows are numbered from west to east.  An * by an entry indicates correction of an  error in the earlier published survey. There are two Pettus cemeteries on the map of this area. This one is located in Section 17, Twp 1, Range 9. 

NAME                                 DOB           DOD       ROW   NOTES
GLOVER, George C.                 17JE1922       20JL1985    A01
GLOVER, Willie Duford             28SE1928       28AU1981    A01
GLOVER, George G.                 18NO1897       28AP1966    A01   h of BL; m 24AU1918
GLOVER, Bessie L.                 07OC1896       07AP1965    A01
GLOVER, Gus H.                    18FE1900       24SE1976    A01   h of ZP
GLOVER, Zelphia P.                30AU1903       02AU1996    A01
ADAMS, Hubert L.                  09SE1928                   A02   h of NR
ADAMS, Nellie R                   05OC1939                   A02
CLEMONS, Jerry Glean              24FE1944       02FE1970    A02
PETTUS, Jennie B.                   1905           1990      A02   w of TA
PETTUS, Thomas A.                   1899           1963      A02   m 13AP1924
THIGPEN, M. Bessie                15FE1904       02MY1980    A02   w of TF
THIGPEN, Talmage F.               13MH1899       15JE1959    A02
COX, Tony Ray                                    07NO1968    A02   s of James & Virginia
COX, Virginia L.                  13AU1937                   A02   w of JD
COX, James D.                     29AU1937       11JE1998    A02
SMITH, Hollis T.                  11JE1912       26JA1997    A03   h of PL
SMITH, Pearl Louise               10FE1916                   A03
SMITH, James (Bobby)              19AU1937       18SE1999    A03
SMITH, G.V.  *                    02AP1936                   A03   Mason
FRENCH, Herbert Wesley            04FE1908       05OC1992    A03   h of MM; m 1MH1930
FRENCH, Mary M.                   12AP1911       20MY2001    A03
DUKE, Clarence C.                 18JL1909       25OC1944    A03   USN  WW-II  PH
DUKE, Verando                     01DE1874       24MY1858    A03   h of Mary
DUKE, Mary Etta                   06FE1879       02AU1960    A03
BRIGGS, George T.                 25DE1896       20MH1954    A03   h of ZS
BRIGGS, Zona S.                   14FE1905       20JL1979    A03
WILLIAMS, Theo M.                 09MH1912       20SE2004    A03   USA  WW-II
WILLIAMS, Reba Campbell           16OC1912       24JA2002    A03   w of TM; m 4FE1934
CAMPBELL, William Fulton          06SE1922       30MY2005    A03   Mason
CAMPBELL, Rachel Blondell         01NO1922                   A03   w of Wm.; m 21AU1948
PETTUS, Ruby W.                   21AU1916                   A03   w of WS
PETTUS, Wayne S.                  08MY1918       07MH1975    A03   Pfc  USA  WW-II
CAMPBELL, James Mabourn           31AU1917       09MH2002    A04   EM1  USN  WW-II
CAMPBELL, Mamie Helen Parr        28JE1919       21JL1989    A04   w of JM; m 18MY1940
CAMPBELL, Dennis M.               28JL1947       18JL1949    A04   s of JM & MH
CAMPBELL, Emma Pettus               1890           1982      A04
CAMPBELL, James Cleveland           1887           1963      A04
JONES, Aurelia Campbell           27JE1932       18FE2006    A04   w of HH; m 23DE1951
JONES, Hubert H.                  18JE1929       27MH1994    A04   USA  Korea
TRUITT, Vernice C.                13NO1914       21NO2001    A04   w of HC; m 27NO1937
TRUITT, Hollis C.                 12MH1913       20JE1999    A04
RICHARDSON, Syble Campbell        09FE1920       09NO2004    A04   w of WP; m 22MH1944
RICHARDSON, W.P. (Woody)          30OC1919                   A04
GLOVER, Grady                     31JA1917       16SE1975    A05   Tec4  USA  WW-II
GLOVER, Mamie Lee                 27SE1917       06DE2003    A05
GLOVER, infant                                   12JA1954    A05   s of Grady & Mamie
ALLEN, Covell Owens               05JA1925       01MY1972    A05   w of WC
ALLEN, Warren Cortez              20AU1925       09AP1995    A05
ALLEN, infant                                    07DE1946    A05   d of DC & Bertie
ALLEN, Bertie                     06NO1910                   A05   w of Dalton
ALLEN, Dalton C.                  19FE1911       11AP1997    A05
TUCKER, William Herbert           24AP1932       13DE1974    A05   Cpl  USA  WW-II
TUCKER, Irene                     26JL1923       17MH1980    A05
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth                02DE1871       01MH1961    A05   w of George
GRIFFIN, George                   22DE1855       06NO1944    A05
PETTUS, Billy Ray                 16JA1946       21JA1946    A05
PETTUS, Betty Elizabeth           02AP1925                   A05   w of Buford
PETTUS, Buford Owens              15MH1925                   A05
ALLEN, Annie Joe                  16FE1896       30MY1984    A06   w of GC
ALLEN, G. Cleave                  12FE1893       22AU1985    A06
HUMPHREY, Carl L.                 11JL1964       12MH1984    A06
STUTTS, Willie T. Allen           21FE1919       17MY1964    A06
STUTTS, infant                                   19JA1944    A06   infant of JE
STUTTS, Judy Dale                 09JE1945       25AU1945    A06   d of JE
BRIGGS, Henry Glen                15AP1924                   A06
BRIGGS, Larry Wynn                10MH1938       13NO1997    A06   SP3  USA
BRIGGS, Josephine Herston         23JL1942                   A06   w of LW; m 25AP1959
BRIGGS, Mary                      01JL1914       18AP1943    A06   w of JM
MORRISON, John Spencer            07JA1912       25JE1945    A06
MORRISON, John Spencer Jr.        29OC1938       30OC2005    A06
PETTUS, Harold B.                 08AU1959                   A07
PETTUS, Dorothy Lee               30JA1932       17JL2005    A07
PETTUS, Dorothy Richardson        04JA1929                   A07   w of AR
PETTUS, Alvie Reeder              23NO1922       09MH2004    A07
ALLEN, Woodrow Wilson             21AP1915       19AU1998    A07   h of GL
ALLEN, Gracie Lurene              29SE1919                   A07
PETTUS, Laura E.                  16AP1928       22AU1951    A07   w of Alvin R.
PETTUS, Jerry Cahill              23AP1947       15JE1992    A07
ALLEN, infant                                    08OC1941    A07   infant of WW
PETTUS, George Lee                08JE1906       25SE1975    A07   h of EL
PETTUS, Elvie Lucille             25FE1916       24JL2000    A07
PETTUS, infant                    24DE1940       25DE1940    A07   d of George & Lucille
FULKS, Onus A.                    12AP1897       04JL1968    A07   h of LN
FULKS, Lera N.                    17SE1899       31MH1967    A07
FULKS, James Arnel                12OC1920       01DE1938    A07
GLOVER, Annie V.                  30AU1876       03AU1973    A07   w of OW
GLOVER, Oscar W.                  05FE1872       15FE1946    A07
GREEN, M.J.                       25MH1850       15OC1925    A08   w of John
GREEN, John                       23MY1848       17MH1941    A08
BROWN, Annie                      11AP1878       17OC1959    A08
MORRISON, Charles M.              01DE1883       22NO1927    A08   h of Evie
MORRISON, Evie Green              29AP1887       24AU1975    A08
PETTUS, Winston P.                21JL1850       08MY1935    A08   h of Julie
PETTUS, Julie                     10MH1848       29JA1927    A08
GREGORY, Sally Della              02AP1880       25FE1969    A08   w of Thomas
GREGORY, Thomas B.                27JA1884       02SE1931    A08
ROBISON, Billy Green              05MH1934                   A08
ROBISON, Billy Dewayne            03JL1969       25MH1997    A08
ROBISON, Jane N.                  06FE1933                   A08   only one date
ROBISON, Mary Ann                 11OC1938       27OC1938    A08
ROBISON, Clarence Author (C)      30JE1902       12OC1974    A08   C=Crusoe; m 30JA1932
ROBISON, Fannie Lillian Green     07NO1894       08JE1981    A08   w of CA
ROBISON, Carrie E.                11JE1911       08SE1997    A08   w of Rozy
ROBISON, Rozy E.                  02MH1911       26MH1978    A08
ROBISON, J. David                 16DE1877       31MY1950    A08   h of Etta
ROBISON, Etta N.                  10FE1881       04OC1958    A08
ROBISON, Mattie Lee               17OC1908       25FE1997    A08   w of James
ROBISON, James Grady              07OC1906       18JL1998    A08
MALONE, Annette                   22MH1930       15JL1986    A08
MALONE, Laura Bell                05NO1904       16FE1975    A08   w of NH
MALONE, Noble Harris              26SE1896       10OC1963    A08
MALONE, Dorothy                   02NO1927                   A08   w of NC; m 18MY1946
MALONE, Noble Cortez              03NO1924       11JA2000    A08
ROBISON, Eric C.                  15JE1975       18DE1997    A08
HAMMOND, Cornelia P.              10JL1926                   A09   w of NC
HAMMOND, Noah C.                  09JA1923       12SE1972    A09
PETTUS, Ernest A.                 02AP1905       20DE1974    A09   h of Cora
PETTUS, Cora E.                   27AU1905       16MY1958    A09
BOSTON, Nell (infant)                                        A09
PETTUS, H.D.                      09AU1881       05AP1956    A09   h of Callie
PETTUS, Callie B.                 13AP1884       10MH1962    A09
PETTUS, Mable                     25JE1921       17JL2004    A09
TRUITT, Charles C.                23SE1945       19OC1945    A09   s of CH & EE
ALLEN, infant                       1926           1926      A09   d of Nelson & Odell
ALLEN, Emma O.                    19DE1907       07JA1990    A09   w of HN; m 28JL1925
ALLEN, H.N. (Red)                 24AU1906       23JL1981    A09
PETTUS, Addie F.                  24NO1888       06SE1977    A09   w of Wm
PETTUS, William T.                27AP1885       18DE1966    A09
PETTUS, Jessie S.                 27JL1922       22JA1924    A09   s of WT & AF
CRAIG, Evelyn Killen              11OC1921                   A10
WISDOM, Oleta Hammond             08DE1915       20OC2001    A10   w of OG
WISDOM, Oscar Gentry              06MY1923       21AU2003    A10
CLEMMONS, Donna Marie             15FE1956                   A10   w of RS; m 19JE1976
CLEMMONS, Ronald Steven           19OC1953       22JA1996    A10
ALLGOOD, Stanley S.               09NO1909       16JL1977    A10
NEWTON, Robert J.                 09DE1890       27AP1950    A10   h of Neca
NEWTON, Neca V.                   18JL1908       05NO2000    A10
PETTUS, infant                                   17JE1926    A10   infant of RL
PETTUS, Dorothy R.                18SE1923       19AP1932    A10   d of RL & SJ
PETTUS, Sallie J.                 18SE1884       12AU1958    A10   w of RL
PETTUS, Robert L.                 18OC1884       13SE1977    A10
PETTUS, Arthur F.                 24MH1900                   A10   h of ND; m 1JA1922
PETTUS, N. Dona                   13SE1901       08MY1975    A10
PETTUS, infant                      1924           1924      A10   s of AF & CD
PETTUS, infant                                   10JE1931    A10   d of AF
PETTUS, infant                    24MH1934       24MH1934    A10   d of AF
PETTUS, infant                    24MH1934       03AP1934    A10   d of AF
GRIFFIN, Girchen Mitchell           1912           1999      A10   w of James
GRIFFIN, James Felix                1910           1956      A10
MITCHELL, Thomas B. [Benton]      18SE1884       21DE1953    A10  [Middle and maiden names 
MITCHELL, Oma Mae [Pettus]        28DE1888       14OC1975          per 
HOLLEY, Alfred E.                 12JL1921       18FE1945    A11
THIGPEN, infant                   25NO1923       27NO1923    A11   infant of E & BC
THIGPEN, Nolen A.                 06MH1925       12MH1927    A12   s of Early & BC
THIGPEN, Earlie                   11SE1900       20JE1969    A12   h of Bessie
THIGPEN, Bessie                   20NO1897       09AP1986    A12
PETTUS, Susie C.                  25JE1913       20JL1913    A12   d of TH & SC
PETTUS, Virgie O.                 08MH1915       24OC1918    A12   d of John
PETTUS, Loudie E.                 10JA1910       18OC1910    A12   d of JO & ME
PETTUS, John O.                     1874           1916      A12   h of Mary
PETTUS, Mary E.                     1875           1950      A12
PETTUS, Calvin F.                 24DE1924       12MH1945    A12   KIA near Linz, Germany
PETTUS, Alonza W.                 06OC1886       12AP1939    A12   h of Cora
PETTUS, Cora J.                   21AU1888       30MY1966    A12
PETTUS, infant                                   11AU1911    A12   s of AW & Cora
HOLLEY, Larrey R.                 15SE1944       01JA1945    A12
PETTUS, infant                                               A12   infant of HD
BEST, Mary Johnson                14MH1939       09SE2003    A12   w of Jerry; m 22MH1957
BEST, Jerry Thomas                23FE1936                   A12
JOHNSON, John Hurley              26MH1900       13AP1974    A12   h of BE
JOHNSON, Bertha E. Belew          16OC1905       30MY1964    A12
COTTON, Spencer F.                  1880           1963      A12   h of Idell
COTTON, Idell T.                    1885           1954      A12
BRITNELL, Lela G.                 19MH1919       23AU1982    A12   w of Jimmy; m 19OC1957
BRITNELL, Jimmy M.                15FE1928                   A12
TUCKER, Mattie Salona             31AU1891       04AP1983    A12
SHOEMAKER, Lena Evalyn            16AU1907       06FE1984    A12   w of LI
SHOEMAKER, Lemuel I. H.           12NO1914       21AP1970    A12
THOMAS, Homer Arnold              22JA1921       10MY1983    A12   GM1  USN  WW-II
THOMAS, Odell B.                  09MY1921                   A12   w of HA; m 11JA1942
BELEW, R.T.                       04MY1892       10JA1973    A13   h of Bertha
BELEW, Bertha                     14JA1893       24JE1987    A13
HOLDER, Lena Belew                25OC1914       06AP1950    A13
HAMMONDS, J.M. Jr.                06JL1902       06JL1902    A13
BELEW, W.W.                       04SE1855       08JA1921    A13   h of HE
BELEW, Harriet E.                 05AU1856       15FE1936    A13
BELEW, W.B.                       02JL1889       02AP1891    A13   s of WW & HE
BELEW, Nina Smith                 03MH1880       19SE1946    A13   w of JH
BELEW, J.H. (Wheeler)             06SE1881       10JL1959    A13
JONES, J.K.P.                     05OC1854       14MH1903    A13
JONES, S.F.                       06FE1865       23SE1897    A13   w of JKP
JONES, G.C.                       10SE1888       19MH1891    A13   s of JKP & SF
JONES, C.O.                       17MY1895       28MH1896    A13
JONES, Emett R.                   11FE1891       17JA1901    A13
JONES, infant                                    03MH1918    A13
JONES, J.W. Jr.                   08JA1921       24MY1923    A13
JONES, Helen P.                   13MH1932       11NO1935    A13
JONES, Eula N.                    11JL1889       06JL1970    A13   w of John
JONES, John W.                    29AU1884       04SE1968    A13
PETTUS, infant                    21JA1912       13MH1912    A13   s of WA & BJ
PETTUS, Robert N.                 04SE1914       06AU1915    A13
PETTUS, Lilian                    06JL1922       09DE1922    A13   d of WA & BJ
PETTUS, Birdie W.                 09DE1889       25MY1974    A13
PETTUS, William A.                06AU1887       21SE1972    A13   h of BW
WILCOXSON, infant                 28AP1912       28AP1912    A13   d of AL & ME
BURBANK, Howard Lee               28JL1922       20MY2001    A14   USA  WW-II
BURBANK, Elva Lee                 28SE1923       23JA1997    A14   w of HL
HAMMOND, Bessie J.                22FE1904       20JE1979    A14   w of Simon
HAMMOND, Simon B.                 06JL1891       02AP1968    A14
HAMMOND, Betty F.                 28DE1932                   A14   w of WB
HAMMOND, Wallace B.               22JL1927       08MY2002    A14
KING, Wallace B.                  14FE1928       29MY1989    A14   Tec5  USA  WW-II
KING, Nancy Eleise                23SE1929                   A14   w of WB
PETTUS, Mary Ann                  05FE1860       14JA1911    A14   w of WW
PETTUS, W.W.                      14MH1856       01MH1918    A14
PETTUS, Lela L.                   03JL1880       04OC1880    A14
PETTUS, Mary M.                     1855         17JA1882    A14
PETTUS, W.W.                      20AP1853       11DE1936    A14
PETTUS, Mary E.                   11FE1854       25JA1936    A14   w of WW
PETTUS, Norah B.                  09FE1910       25OC1910    A14   d of GF & Callie
BRIGGS, Elizabeth J.                1918           2003      A14   d of Willie
BRIGGS, Willie E..                  1882           1961      A14   h of Emma
BRIGGS, Emma L.                     1888           1964      A14
BRIGGS, infant                    03FE1926       03FE1926    A14   infant of WE & EL
BRIGGS, Reeder                    20AU1922       21AU1922    A14   s of WE & EL
BRIGGS, Willie A.                 18AP1917       07MY1917    A14   s of WE & EL
BRIGGS, J. Robert                 19FE1915       08AU1915    A14
BRIGGS, D. Herbert                19FE1915       24MH1916    A14   twin
PETTUS, Ann                       18JE1844       03JL1926    A15
PETTUS, M.J.                      06MH1833       13OC1901    A15   w of WW
PETTUS, W.W.                      07JE1831       28JA1882    A15   2nd Lt Co E 27 AL Inf CSA
PETTUS, son of WP & July P.                      09AU1881    A15
PETTUS, Nancy A.                  15AP1862       22SE1864    A15   d of WW & MJ
PETTUS, F.E.                      23FE1860       01MH1861    A15   d of WW & MJ
PETTUS, Sallie * (Lancaster)      16JA1813       18SE1891    A15   w of HP; 11OC1833
PETTUS, Horatio P.                15AP1810       29AU1864    A15
PETTUS, John P.                   17AU1850       15MH1858    A15
PETTUS, Winston C.                17NO1840       18MH1965    A15   Pvt Co 1 AL Inf CSA
PETTUS, Martha J.                 23AU1847       05JE1914    A15   w of WC
TUCKER, Cathy D.                  03FE1949       04FE1949    A15
TUCKER, Jessie H.                 02FE1922       07MY1949    A15   TN Cpl 455 Coast Arty BN WW-2
TUCKER, William E.                05JL1887       10JE1971    A15   TN Pvt Co B 331 Inf WW-I
TUCKER, Maude B.                  15JL1895       18AP1977    A15   w of WE
DAVIS, Cora V.                    31MH1886       30NO1983    A15   w of Cross
DAVIS, Cross E..                  24SE1881       17NO1951    A15
DAVIS, d of CE & CV               03AP1916       03AP1916    A15
GREEN, William Ambers             03FE1935                   A15   h of EA; m 21SE1987
GREEN, Elizabeth Ann              22DE1947                   A15
PETTUS, negro families                                       A16
POSEY, Emma I.                    07AP1845       27AU1905    A16   w of FG
POSEY, Haris C.                   07JL1888       13JL1888    A16   s of FG & EI
POSEY, F.G. (Rev)  (Franklin)     18AP1834       07MY1908    A16
POSEY, Susan P.  (Rice)           02DE1834       06JL1885    A16   w of FG; m 31MH1853
POSEY, Mary W.B.                    1823           1885      A16
RICE, M.A.                        03J?1823       08A?1885    A16
RICE, H.G.   (Harriet Pettus)     09NO1802       16OC1883    A16   w of Nathan; m 24AP1820
FRENCH, Lissie                      1880           1976      A17   w of Ben
FRENCH, Ben                         1877           1956      A17
FRENCH, Lou Addie                 30AU1883       26FE1977    A17
FRENCH, Henry J.                    1848           1937      A17   h of Sarah; m 15FE1876
FRENCH, Sarah Rebecca               1846           1940      A17   nee Belew
McCLANAHAN, William               25AU1808       18JE1889    A17
McCLANAHAN, Nancy                 19AU1836       02AP1923    A17
RICHARDSON, Mary Ann (Pettus)     17AU1835       22NO1930    A17   w of JC; m 10FE1851
RICHARDSON, J.C. (James)          04MY1831       08AU1873    A17   2nd Lt Co E AL Inf CSA
RICHARDSON, infant                                JL1852     A17
DC  -  Richard                                    JL1868     A17
WILCOXSON, Pearlena               24JE1916       23AU1918    A17   d of WJ & VO
WILCOXSON, infant                 22MY1918       22MY1918    A17   infant of WJ & Viola
WILSON, Robert Odus               08OC1888                   A17   h of Mary Sue
WILSON, Mary Sue                  06MH1892       11FE1973    A17
WILSON, Clyde Norris              28JA1933       16SE1946    A17   s of RO & MS
WILSON, Paul Harris               03NO1913       30OC1917    A17   s of RO & ME
RICE, Rebeca                        1843          JA1888     A18   w of Horacio
WILCOXSON, Annie D.               28DE1901       23OC1918    A18   d of JG & MC
WILCOXSON, Catherine              13AP1861       10JL1939    A18   w of John
WILCOXSON, John G.                11OC1863       16JE1922    A18
DAVIS, Blanche M.                 26MY1923                   B01   w of ME
DAVIS, Malcolm E.                 12SE1922       08SE2002    B01   Tec5  USA  WW-II
DAVIS, Larry Keith                08AU1953                   B01
GREEN, Terry Don                  10AU1941                   B02   h of BN
GREEN, Bonnie Nell                22OC1941       27SE1995    B02
MICHAEL, Aaron L.                                            B02   h of AA; m 22NO1962; Mason
MICHAEL, Agnes A.                                            B02   Eastern Star
HILL, Jerry Dwain                 03OC1947       14NO1968    B03   Cpl TRP b 9 Cav 7OLC &  PH
HILL, William Thomas              20JA1918       21JE1997    B03   Pfc USA WW-II
PETTUS, Lisa Ann                  30OC1959       22MY1997    B03
PETTUS, Elaine King               04MH1924       22MY1997    B03
PETTUS, William H.                17NO1915       13MY1990    B03   USAF  WW-II
PETTUS, Homer R.                  22JA1920       06MH1979    B03   USA  WW-II
PETTUS, Vautres C.                13NO1925                   B03   w of HR; m 29JE1946
PETTUS, Tommie S. Sr.             17MH1947       14MH2003    B03   h of Joyce
PETTUS, Joyce M.                  08MH1952                   B03
SIMPSON, Cleavie D.               01SE1913       14MH2005    B03   w of WF
SIMPSON, Wilburn F.               18SE1914       12MH1986    B03
MOODY, Evonne                     05MY1935       25MH2001    B03
MOODY, Bobby K.                   22JA1932       18MY1988    B03   h of Evonne
NUNLEY, James Gregory             02MH1960       21JL2006    B04
THIGPEN, Buford Nolen             13JE1928       19SE1981    B04   h of DM; m 6OC1951
THIGPEN, Dessie Mae               20AP1932       13SE1990    B04
HOWZE, Joan Ann                   21AU1947       11DE1997    B04
PETTUS, William Clarence          12AP1906       15JE1992    B04   h of VE
PETTUS, Vaudie Eddy               11MH1908       21OC1992    B04
TROUSDALE, Buford F.              03OC1920       20AP1974    B04   Sgt USA WW-II
TROUSDALE, Lois F.                14NO1923                   B04   w of BF
MICHAEL, Johnnie D.               23SE1910       19SE1992    B04   h of EL
MICHAEL, Emma Lean                08DE1915       13NO1997    B04   m 28DE1935
MICHAEL, Kaden Jerome                            01SE1967    B04   s of Gerald & Frances
HOLDEN, Preslee Kane *                           10AU1993    B04
SPRINGER, J. Rufus                  1918           1968      B05   h of EE
SPRINGER, Eunice E.                 1922           1982      B05
SPRINGER, W. Andrew                 1894           1964      B05   h of Alice
SPRINGER, Alice H.                  1896           1976      B05
GRAY, Gertrude S.                 01JE1923       15AU1995    B05   w of HL; m 30OC1943
GRAY, Herbert Lee                 20AU1923       11MH2005    B05
FIELDS, Letha M.                  03FE1916       06JA1968    B05   w of RS
FIELDS, Ray S.                    07JE1914       05JL1980    B05
GORDON, E. Ruth                   12DE1934                   B05   w of CL
GORDON, Charles Lenard            05DE1934       27OC1971    B05
FRENCH, Ricky Lynn                25MY1958       04SE2001    B05
FRENCH, Nadine Hill               30JL1932                   B05   w of NW; m 30MH1956
FRENCH, Nolen William             11MY1924       24AP2001    B05
FRENCH, Willie D.                 21JA1908       20AP1979    B05   w of WH
FRENCH, W. Hershel                29NO1903       30MH1980    B05
FRENCH, Jean Lyles                07AU1937                   B05   w of JD; m 15JA1955
FRENCH, James Dalton              09AU1929       25AP1988    B05   SFC  USA  Korea
ROBERTSON, Jean Williams          15MH1928                   B06   w of Floyd; m 29OC1949
ROBERTSON, Floyd Glen             20AU1928       10FE2002    B06
BARNETT, Amanda V.                22AU1898       04JA1980    B06   w of AW
BARNETT, A. Warner                07NO1893       07MY1963    B06
JACKSON, Pauline B.               26MY1919       02AU1991    B06   w of ER
JACKSON, Eddie R.                 10OC1952       03DE1994    B06
JOINER, Geneva Bell               09MH1914       13JA1987    B06   w of HA
JOINER, Homer Arvel               24JL1905       06MY1966    B06   Pfc  USA  WW-II
HOLLEY, Lou Ella                  12AP1911                   B06   w of ML
HOLLEY, Miniard Lucian            29NO1899       11MY1979    B06
TAYLOR-JOHNSTON, Bonnie Marie     29JL1935       07FE1997    B06
TURPEN, E. Louise                 29JE1918                   B06   w of PL
TURPEN, P.L. (Don)                17MH1915       09MH1984    B06
TURPEN, Annie Moriarty            16SE1923                   B06   w of Wm
TURPEN, William H. (Jack)         10JL1923       17AU2001    B06
DAVIS, Neva J.                    26OC1936                   B06   w of AL; m 18FE1956
DAVIS, Alton L.                   29JL1934       14MH2001    B06
BRYAN, Regina Davis               05JA1960                   B06   w of JB; m 14JE1979
BRYAN, Jeffrey B.                 18DE1960       07MY2001    B06
TRUITT, Linda Newton              12JA1948                   B06   w of DF; m 16NO1968
TRUITT, Delbert Franklin          16NO1939       25AP1993    B06
McGEE, Charlotte Bryan            21NO1956       25MY1999    B06   w of DB; m 23FE1979
McGEE, Dennis B.                  23JL1955                   B06
SMITH, Johnny Glyn                12JA1958       22AU2005    B06
SLEDGE, Donnie L.                 07DE1952       14JE2004    B07   h of LK; m 4JL1997
SLEDGE, Lucrecia K.               03JA1964                   B07
JOHNSTON, Estella Marie           30AU1933                   B07   w of JK
JOHNSTON, James K. Sr.            07FE1934       06FE1997    B07
GIBSON, James Lester              18AU1940       05FE1993    B07   h of HM; m 25SE1965
GIBSON, Helga Mahlke              22NO1937                   B07
GIBSON, Juanita N.                30OC1943       20SE2000    B07
McADAMS, Henry Edsel              25FE1922       29AU1988    B07   Pfc  USA  WW-II
McADAMS, Vera Erlene              17AU1918       23DE2003    B07   w of Henry
LAYNE, Robert W. Jr.              25JE1928       15NO1998    B07
Stevenson, B. Ozroe               25JL1914       17DE1979    B07   h of HM; m 8MH1940
Stevenson, Helen M.               15AP1923                   B07
GESKE, Raymond C.                 08DE1914       09OC1978    B07   Pfc  USA  WW-II
GESKE, Myrtle B.                  14SE1915       19NO1989    B07   w of RC; m 5DE1936
NEWTON, Gardis D.                 04MH1926       21JL1994    B07   Tec4  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Effie White               20NO1924       18JL1995    B07   w of GD; m 14OC1943
McKEY, Stella M.                  18JL1930       02MY1982    B07
PETTUS, M. Leo                      1901           1966      B07   h of Mary
PETTUS, Mary Sue                    1902           1994      B07
KENT, H.J. (Jack)                 19NO1906       16JL1962    B07   h of Velma; m 1FE1930
KENT, Velma L.                    08OC1909       29MH1986    B07
MITCHELL, Lala A.                 16OC1891       18JA1964    B07   w of RW
MITCHELL, Robert W.               27OC1890       19OC1983    B07
MITCHELL, Henson Allen            30JA1915       25MH1971    B07
WILLIAMS, Henry Almon             11OC1916       10DE1983    B07   USA  WW-II
WILLIAMS, Esther Pearl Mitchel    09DE1916       26AU2003    B07   w of HA
FRENCH, James D.                  14JA1919       18MY1964    B07   Pfc 736 Mil Pol BN WW-II
FRENCH, Georgia                   20AU1925                   B07   w of James
WILLIAMS, Frank                   11FE1898       25NO1969    B07   h of Lula
WILLIAMS, Lula                    14DE1903       08AU1979    B07
WOODHAM, Ruby M.                  22MH1921                   B08   w of AT
WOODHAM, Arnold T.                03AP1919       28MY1991    B08   USA  WW-II
BAILEY, Susan Leigh                              16NO1962    B08   infant d of Orville
TRUITT, Timothy Charles           18DE1955       31OC1973    B08
SPRINGER, Della Mae               20JA1913       16JE1994    B08   w of GL
SPRINGER, Grady L.                24JE1908       14NO1960    B08
BURGESS, Julia I.                 02JE1902       18JL2000    B08   w of Thomas; m 15MY1921
BURGESS, Thomas L.                17NO1900       02MY1979    B08
BURGESS, Tanya K.                                15JA1966    B08   d of John & Doris
PETTUS, Reba J.                   29JL1918       19NO1994    B08   w of JA
PETTUS, J. Almon                  10JL1908       20AP1974    B08
PETTUS, Mamie Dee                 19AU1921                   B08   w of Onus
PETTUS, Onus Arvel                15MY1918       25MH1969    B08
McKEY, Raymond Wilson             29DE1961       09MY1982    B08
McKEY, Carl Austin    *           25SE1928       14JL1983    B08   SSgt  USAF  Korea Vietnam
HANSON, C. Mayo                   02FE1931                   B09   h of JK
HANSON, Jane Killen               03OC1935                   B09
KILLEN, James Dudley              16MY1900       03MH1996    B09   h of AP
KILLEN, Alma Pearl                06AP1904       04AP1987    B09
KILLEN, John Taylor               25AP1904       01JE1985    B09   h of RJ; m 25DE1926
KILLEN, Ruby Jane                 05FE1907       01NO1990    B09
LEDBETTER, Dalton Copeland        13JL1915       24DE1996    B09   h of LT; m 21DE1960
LEDBETTER, Lorraine Thomas        21MH1935                   B09
KILLEN, Alma P.                   06AP1904       04AP1987    B09
PETTUS, G. Herman     *           06OC1920       24JL1984    B09   S1  USN  WW-II
THORNTON, Vela C.                 10JL1896       24JA1969    B09   w of Bert
THORNTON, Bert B.                 11OC1896       06AP1966    B09
DONNELL, Vernon Leon              29MH1926                   B09   h of EB
DONNELL, Evelyn Briggs            05DE1936       21AP1962    B09
GRIGSBY, Joan Briggs              08OC1939       12SE2003    B09
BRIGGS, Hollis                    23JE1910       18FE1985    B09   h of Dortha
BRIGGS, Dortha                    29OC1918       07MY1984    B09
BRADLEY, Minnie Lou Hudson        10JA1890       19JL1969    B09
SHELTON, Tollie E.                26NO1923       20MH1982    B09   w of VT; m 28DE1950
SHELTON, Verna T.                 26AP1916       04OC2005    B09
JOHNSTON, William T.              30MH1891       27AU1961    B09   h of SE
JOHNSTON, Sarah Ella              15NO1889       25MY1958    B09
CHILDERS, James M.                28JL1918       31MH1992    B09   Pfc  USA  WW-II
CHILDERS, Willie G. (Trudy)       16DE1917       02NO1990    B09   Tec5  USA  WW-II; w of JM
HAMMOND, J. Herman                21AU1911                   B09   h of EM; m 2DE1933
HAMMOND, Edith Mae                02NO1912       13FE2000    B09
HAMMOND, James Charles            19MY1939       19JL2006    B09
THIGPEN, David Harrison           17AU1945       01JL2005    B09
PETTUS, Herbert D.                03MH1946       10JA1972    B10   TN Cpl USMC Vietnam
PETTUS, Lillian C.                28NO1918       10FE1998    B10   w of Herbert T.
PETTUS, Herbert T.                26OC1914       19FE1968    B10
BROWN, Johnny Wayne                              30SE1959    B10   infant s of Harold
BROWN, Martha Lee                 17NO1938                   B10   w of John
BROWN, John Harold                19JE1936                   B10
TRUITT, Missouria B. *            15NO1893       25OC1970    B10   w of RH
TRUITT, Robert H.                 29FE1892       31AU1968    B10
BELEW, Etna Mae                   03MY1902       18MH1975    B10
BELEW, Villard E.                 16DE1899       04NO1962    B10   h of Etna
BELEW, Nora Lillian               30MY1900       06JA1986    B10   w of VG; m 28AP1917
BELEW, Virgie G.                  12MH1897       03AP1977    B10
GLOVER, Nora Pearl                28JA1904       05NO1994    B10   w of AL
GLOVER, Andrew Lee                09JL1910       25JA1974    B10   S1  USN  WW-II
GLOVER, Willard Francis           20JL1921                   B10   h of Lucille
GLOVER, Lucille McMaster          26JA1927                   B10
JOINER, Ethel L.                  18JA1895       17NO1980    B10   w of WA; m 16FE1916
JOINER, Willie A.                 25MH1895       29OC1972    B10
POE, Martha J.                    29NO1896       14MH1986    B10   w of JT
POE, John T.                      18MY1889       22NO1967    B10
DAVIS, Billy Gene                 06MY1929       18FE2002    B10   USA  Korea
DAVIS, Lillian E.                 22JL1907       10SE1998    B10   w of TM
DAVIS, T. Marvin                  15FE1908       14JE1968    B10
DAVIS, Clarence Leonard           30JL1932       22AP1973    B10   OH Maj USAF Korea
DAVIS, Ruth Vieve Dupre           27NO1965       28MY1996    B10   w of D. Victor; m 30DE1989
PETTUS, Herlon Thomas             21AU1919       24DE2004    B10   Pfc  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Blanche F.                15DE1907       01MH1984    B10   w of ND
NEWTON, Norman D.                 26MH1904       23OC1982    B10
HOWARD, Beverly K.                16SE1950                   B10   w of Don
HOWARD, Don M.                    11MH1942       09DE2004    B10
HOWARD, Tera Elsie *              22JL1916       21AU1995    B10
HOWARD, Andrew Woodrow            23OC1915       30DE1997    B10   h of Tera; m 22FE1935
SMITH, Margaret Ann               20NO1939                   B10   w of JR
SMITH, James Robert               31DE1934       03JE1991    B10
WALKER, Floyd O.                  27MY1912       27SE1998    B10   USA  WW-II
JOINER, Jewel R.                  02JE1929                   B10   w of WA
JOINER, Willie Arnold             15MH1923       16JA2006    B10   Pfc  USA  WW-II
CONN, Dan C.                      06AU1925       23AU1994    B11   h of Quida
CONN, Quida                       02OC1929                   B11
LEDOW, Hollis J.                  16DE1927       03FE1986    B11   USA  WW-II
LEDOW, Olean B. *                 06SE1925       17DE2004    B11   w of HJ
MASON, Astle Everett              04SE1908       25JL1987    B11   Mason; h of FW
MASON, Frances Walker             09MH1909                   B11
MASON, Boyce Lee                  17DE1945       21FE1988    B11
HICKS, Richard M.                 05AP1946       20MH2006    B11
NOLAN, Anita Lynne *              04MH1963       02NO1979    B11
BROWN, Millard                    20FE1914       29JL1973    B11   h of Beatrice
BROWN, Beatrice                   21MH1913       03FE1991    B11
SIMPSON, Willie D.                03NO1933       22FE2004    B11   h of Mattlean; m 7JA1956
SIMPSON, Mattlean                 20MH1920                   B11
SIMPSON, Janice Faye              14JA1962       21FE1965    B11
MICHAEL, Elwood                   02NO1896       03AP1981    B11   h of Emma
MICHAEL, Emma                     24DE1901       25MY1978    B11
WHITTEN, Nadean Michael           08FE1936                   B11
GARLAND, Delmer Jr.                              22AU1931    B11   infant s of Delmer & Barbara
CRAIG, Mable                      19MH1948                   B12   w of JE
CRAIG, James E.                   30JL1925       04AU1993    B12   USA  WW-II
THIGPEN, Leona                    09NO1911       01NO2001    B12   w of Onus; m 22AU1931
THIGPEN, Onus                     06NO1907       19FE1965    B12
THIGPEN, Lillie M.                05FE1914       12JA1970    B12   w of Wm
THIGPEN, William C.               20DE1907       01NO1990    B12
THIGPEN, Linda Kay                06JL1955       16DE1996    B12
THIGPEN, Dorothy Jean             06FE1935                   B12   w of AW; m 13JE1953
THIGPEN, Albert Will              20MY1930                   B12
THIGPEN, Cynthia Renee            29OC1961                   B12
MARKS, Joshua David               30SE1982       22NO1999    B12
COFFMAN, Mildred N.               18SE1938                   B12   w of BL
COFFMAN, Bradford L.              27SE1937       12JE1998    B12   SSG  USA  Vietnam
SHELTON, Katie Bell               13SE1913                   B12   w of Ernie; m 9FE1930
SHELTON, Ernie Lee  *             28AP1909       18JE1986    B12
PAYNE, Bobby D.                   05AU1963       13JE1990    B12
JOHNS, Reeder O'Neal              24AU1920       09JA1999    B13   h of MG; m 14JA1939
JOHNS, Mabel Glover               31DE1922                   B13
COTTRELL, Jessie G.               14AU1919       07JE1991    B13   h of CS
COTTRELL, Cleopha S.              26JA1922       22MH2002    B13
FLATT, J. Melvin                  01SE1928                   B13   h of PE
FLATT, Pearlene E.                17AP1934                   B13
PULLEY, Loyd                      17JL1918       20OC1980    B13   h of Pearlene
PULLEY, Pearlene                  19JE1925       30JE1996    B13   m 5FE1955
EDDY, Bobby Gene                  14JL1934       06MH2000    B13   h of DE; m 8DE1994
EDDY, Doris Evelyn                11JA1936                   B13
EDDY, Glenn Alfred                21JA1963       30AP1969    B13
EDDY, Susan Joanne                05MY1961       30AP1969    B13
EDDY, Ervin                       01MY1905       11NO1970    B13   h of Corene; m7SE1924
EDDY, Corene                      11JA1906       29OC1967    B13
WISDOM, Clarence                  26MY1912                   B13   h of Esther
WISDOM, Esther                    05JE1914       04OC1981    B13
CAMPBELL, Leva Irene              28OC1924       25JE1966    B13   Eastern Star
GREEN, Robert Rollie              08AU1880       19NO1965    B13   h of LE
GREEN, Lula E.                    12DE1891       23MH1972    B13
GREEN, Ora Vernise Davis          21JE1912       22OC2004    B14   w of AW
GREEN, Andrew Wesley              13OC1910       31JA1993    B14
GREEN, Harrison Robert            14JL1915       25MH1992    B14
GREEN, Ora Burchel                19SE1920       01FE2002    B14   w of HR
GREEN, Clara Mae                  15SE1900       25JE1982    B14
GREEN, William T.                 27AP1909       11AU1992    B14
SPRINGER, Shirley Ann Green       15DE1935                   B14   w of AL
SPRINGER, Almon Loyce             26NO1932       12DE2003    B14   A1C  USAF  Korea
JOHNSTON, Nettie S.               03NO1894       07SE1984    B14   w of RL
JOHNSTON, Robert L.               26AU1892       03JA1981    B14
JOHNSTON, Robert Lee Jr.          12OC1926                   B14
MICHAEL, Mary Ellen               19AP1924       28SE1986    B14   w of AD
MICHAEL, Arnold Dennis            06DE1924       05MH2000    B14   USMC  WW-II
PETTUS, Glen W. *                 04SE1951       29AU1952    B14   s of JA
PETTUS, Clethel Killen            17JE1927                   B14   w of James
PETTUS, James                     20FE1929       07FE1995    B14
SIMS, Hurley (Pete)               10OC1921       24MH2002    B14   h of RI; m 26JE1943; Mason
SIMS, Rachel Ivadel               10NO1924                   B14   Eastern Star
RICHARDSON, Linda Allen           09MY1941                   B14   w of Wm; m 1AP1961
RICHARDSON, William Coy           07NO1939       08MY2006    B14
BARNETT, Juanita                  21OC1920                   B14   w of Preston; m 24MY1943
BARNETT, Preston                  14DE1916       24JA2000    B14   Sgt  USA  WW-II
POWERS, Malinda I.                23AU1971                   B14   w of LD
POWERS, Lenny D.                  29SE1971       25JE2003    B14
LASTER, Holly Mae                 30MY1987       23OC2004    B15
JACKSON, Archie L. (Junior)       27FE1936       29MY1996    B15   h of Mable
JACKSON, Mable Pettus             02OC1932                   B15
DAVIS, Eric Shawn                 09JL1968       04AU1995    B15   h of Gwen
DAVIS, Gwen Pettus                31JL1967                   B15   m 22JL1994
BRADLEY, Leo Andrew               25AP1910       10OC1989    B15   h of LP
BRADLEY, Lillie Pettus            23MH1911       16JE2002    B15
BROWN, William (Hub)              06MY1922                   B15   h of WM; m 30OC1941
BROWN, Willie Mae                 08FE1923                   B15
URBAN, Evit Eldridge              06MH1927       10MY1990    B15   USA  WW-II  Korea Vietnam
URBAN, Tommie Lois                12JL1933                   B15   w of EE
TURNER, M. Catherine              27JA1955                   B15   w of RR; m 7JL1978
TURNER, Rickey R.                 30JA1958                   B15
BIVINS, Mary Lou                  12SE1934                   B15   w of PD; m 19JL1952
BIVINS, Pauley D.                 11SE1924       14JA1979    B15
KILPATRICK, Alvie V.              25JE1930       14FE1995    B15
LANDWEHR, Lawrence Joseph         05AU1934       18AP1969    B15   Pvt  USA  Korea
LANDWEHR, Lillian                 15AU1940       10SE1994    B15   w of LJ
JONES, Robert Owen                31MH1893       26AP1968    B15
JONES, Thomas W.                  05MY1886       19AP1970    B15   h of Lou
JONES, Lou                        19FE1904       20MH1992    B15
CAMPBELL, Nona F.                 04JE1892       16MY1975    B16   w of TF
CAMPBELL, Thomas F.               22AU1891       22SE1974    B16
CAMPBELL, Maggie B.               11AP1893       23SE1977    B16   w of WE
CAMPBELL, W. Edward               07AU1893       04OC1964    B16   Mason
CAMPBELL, Mary B.                 21NO1916       12NO1991    B16   USN  WW-II
CAMPBELL, Edith Marie             14AP1927       28MY2002    B16   w of James; m 26OC1946
CAMPBELL, James Elton             26JE1923                   B16   Mason
BELEW, Mettie J.                  16NO1891       23MH1984    B16   w of MR
BELEW, Marvin R.                  23DE1886       10AU1969    B16
McCARTHY, Laura Belew             11AP1914       17OC1971    B16
JOHNSON, Beman L.                 03JE1916       15MH1985    B16   Tec5 USA  WW-II
STONE, Mary Ruth                  02FE1927       27MH2001    B16   w of JL
STONE, Jannings Lee                 1917           1975      B16   GMGC USN  WW-II Korea
JOHNSON, Ellen Elizabeth          19MY1922                   B16   w of Beman
JONES, Wanda L. Mitchell          29AU1938       12AU1993    B16   w of RL; m 19AU1956
JONES, Robert L.l                 07JL1934                   B16
JOHNSTON, James Carson            21JL1915       02MH2000    B17   h of SB
JOHNSTON, Susie Bell Pierce       22AP1923       13MH1997    B17
BURBANK, Hurshel Henry            09FE1928       02JL2003    B17   h of MR
BURBANK, Mevalene Roden           09DE1934                   B17
WILSON, Ralph Odus                20MY1915       03AP1981    B17   Tec3  USA  WW-II
WILSON, Ida Mae                   09NO1915       15FE2002    B17   w of RO; m 24DE1947
HIGGINBOTHAM, L. Clark            26MY1916       09OC1982    B17   h of CW; m 20JL1935
HIGGINBOTHAM, Christine W.        11MH1917                   B17
GLOVER, Edward Winston            03AU1934       30OC2003    B17
WILLIAMS, Keither Carson          02JE1914       08JE1997    B17   h of LA
WILLIAMS, Lillian Allen           08NO1916       25SE1997    B17
PETTUS, Opal G.                   25MH1915       02NO2001    B18   w of WH; m 19MY1967
PETTUS, William Horace            20FE1913       09JL1984    B18   Tec5  USA  WW-II
EAKER, Mary M.                    17FE1916       30AP1998    B18   w of FD; m 23JL1948
EAKER, Forrest D.                 24OC1914       23JA1980    B18   MSgt  USMC  WW-II Korea
EAKER, John Lynn                  27JL1950       15AU1981    B18   2nd Lt  USA
BELEW, Annie Katharyne  *         30NO1930                   B18   w of RW; m 19AU1949
BELEW, Robert Walton              07AP1921       03AP1986    B18   PHM 2 USN  WW-II
FRENCH, Oren Dayton               23SE1908       18FE1992    B18   h of Kate; m 15FE1930
FRENCH, Kate Estelle              29DE1910       02JE2006    B18
PETTUS, Lee Roy                   27AU1912       28JL2000    B19   h of NL; m 23DE1938
PETTUS, Nora Lee                  13OC1914       18NO1997    B19
CALVERT, Bobby Dean               05MH1932                   B19   h of NR; m 25NO1955
CALVERT, Nell Robison             23DE1935                   B19
LIER, Jerolyn Glover              25OC1962       13DE2002    B19
PETTUS, Birdie D.                 01MY1917       05DE1992    B19   w of CA; m 24DE1940
PETTUS, Carthal A.                14NO1920       28NO1984    B19   Sgt  USA  WW-II
PETTUS, Miley Ray                 03DE1916       20AU1984    B19   h of CB; m 15OC1938
PETTUS, Corene B.                 19OC1921                   B19
PETTUS, Wilton Vayron             25DE1922       01JA1984    B19   USA  WW-II
PETTUS, Ruth K.                   05FE1926                   B19   w of WV; m 13NO1945
HUSKEY, Annie Bell P.             20SE1908       14AU1973    B20   w of AS
HUSKEY, Alfred S.                 24JA1906                   B20
PORTER, Maudie Ella               04FE1902       23JA1992    B20   w of AR; m 2MY1920
PORTER, Adolphus Roy              21AU1895                   B20   Pvt  USA WW-I
TAYLOR, Shannon Ray               08OC1976                   B20   s of Michael & Beverly
FIELDS, Nellie F.                 19DE1918                   B20   w of Gilbert
FIELDS, Gilbert                   04DE1916       11JE1980    B20
DZIK, H. Levonne                  08JE1941                   B20   w of EJ; m 20JE1981
DZIK, Eugene J.                   20JE1930                   B20
BARNETT, R. Herbert               25AP1921       13MY2000    B20   h of Edith; m 20NO1948
BARNETT, Edith                    13JE1928                   B20
PETTUS, Bryan                     19AU1925       15FE2000    B20
WILLIAMS, Verda Wynell            05JA1923       31MY1991    B20   w of CB
WILLIAMS, Charles Buford          24JA1920       31MY2000    B20
BALENTINE, Varnell M.             28SE1929       24NO1989    B20   w of JD
BALENTINE, Johnie D               02OC1924                   B20
SMITH, Patricia Ann               08AU1952                   B20   w of Jerry
THIGPEN, Melvin                   20OC1927                   B21   h of Eva; m 30OC1948
THIGPEN, Evan                     12NO1931       08NO1996    B21
ROBERTSON, Lenis Verbon           28DE1917       24MH1992    B21   h of VN
ROBERTSON, Virginia Nix           01JE1918       23AP1998    B21
PORTER, James Marshall            03FE1913       06JL2005    B21   USA  WW-II
PORTER, Imma Dean                 23FE1929                   B21   w of James
THOMPSON, Henry Corbie            18JL1919       06MY1982    B21   Tec5  USA  WW-II
THOMPSON, Dorothy Louise          01AU1930       27JA1997    B21   w of HC; m 12DE1946
JAYNES, Thelma B.                 07SE1906       05JL2005    B21   w of Jesse; m 6AP1924
JAYNES, Jesse                     22FE1899       10MY1977    B21
JOHNSON, Douglas A.               03SE1969                   B21
BURGESS, Roland Wayne             27MY1927       20MH1979    B21   S2  USN  WW-II
BURGESS, Louise                   19AP1932                   B21   w of RW
NOLEN, Audrey C.                  11MH1921       17AU1998    B21   w of AL
NOLEN, Arthur L.                  13OC1903       05NO1968    B21
LAMMERS, Coyle K.                 02NO1917       26JL1968    B21   ARK CM2  USNR  WW-II
GLOVER, Orville W.                14AU1913       21MY1992    B21   h of Ora
GLOVER, Ora Bell                  23OC1914       01FE1992    B21
BELEW, Mary Lila                  24AP1918                   B22   w of HE
BELEW, Hollis E.                  18SE1903       25JA1967    B22
SHARP, C. William                 04JL1877       26FE1910    B22
SHARP, Lizzie Gray                23DE1907       11JL1999    B22   w of CP
SHARP, Charlie Price              18JA1909       19AU1991    B22
SHARP, Letha Pearl                07MH1940       25NO1999    B22   w of CC; m 3FE1962
SHARP, Charles Clifford           13NO1937                   B22
PETTUS, Dora Allen                16MH1919       08NO1999    B22   w of RH
PETTUS, Reeder Harrison           30AP1912       28JE1999    B22   Pfc USA WW-II PH
PETTUS, Neder Mae                 16JA1920       03OC2000    B22   w of WT
ALLEN, Colby Garrett              02AU1994       02AU1994    B23   s of Cam & Tammie
PETTUS, Sedric A.                 07SE1924                   B23   h of Gracie
PETTUS, Gracie M.                 14NO1920       18AP1991    B23
THOMPSON, Wendy Dionne            14MY1973       05OC2002    B23
THOMPSON, Amanda Dale             14FE1979       15FE1979    B23   d of WH Jr.
THOMPSON, Jimmie Boone            30JL1927                   B23   w of Wallace
THOMPSON, Wallace Hubert          28OC1926       17JA2006    B23   SSgt  USA  WW-II
THOMPSON, Lura Belew              01AP1902       17MH1993    B23
THOMPSON, Dewey H. Jr. *          10JA1919       06NO1972    B23   CPM  USN  WW-II
ROBERTSON, Doyce Elton            14JA1924                   B24   h of MJ
ROBERTSON, Margaret Joiner        09MY1927       16DE2000    B24
JOINER, John Felix                19JL1903       04AP1989    B24   h of OP
JOINER, Odell Pettus              10MH1907       27DE2001    B24
CORUM, Henry Lawrence Jr.         29SE1946       30SE1993    B24   h of SH
CORUM, Sherry Howard              20JL1949                   B24
HOWARD, Edward Harrison           23JA1932                   B24   h of PG
HOWARD, Peggy Goodwin             06AU1936                   B24
HOWARD, Judge Almon               08AP1906       21MY1984    B24   h of HP
HOWARD, Hermie Pettus             23AP1910       24MY2002    B24
HOWARD, Andrew Dee *              25AU1929                   B24   Mason
HOWARD, Christine McGuire         05AU1920       29MY1988    B24
McGUIRE, W.C.                     28OC1930       23JA1969    B25
McGUIRE, M. Elease                01OC1912       19SE2001    B25   w of WE
McGUIRE, W. Ernie                 25MH1910       13SE1998    B25
HAND, Lenice S.                   12SE1920                   B25   w of WS; m 11JA1998
HAND, W. Spencer                  08AU1919       18AU1978    B25
PETTUS, Gladies Davis             30MH1921                   B25   w of Harvey; m 23JL1938
PETTUS, Harvey (Hobb)             24AU1917       18MY2001    B25
PETTUS, W. Sue                    25JA1934       27AU1984    B25   w of RR
PETTUS, Robert R.                 15MH1928       20MH1999    B25
NEWTON, Lori Ann                  08AU1968       27FE1987    B25
THIGPEN, Robert Lee               13NO1952       12MY2001    B26   h of JC
THIGPEN, Judy Carol               18DE1954                   B26
BALENTINE, Hasel                  03MH1922       04JE2003    B26   Tec5  USA  WW-II
BALENTINE, Alta                   16MY1927                   B26   w of Hasel
COLE, Reber T.                    15JA1915       10OC1989    B26   h of DF
COLE, Dona F.                     28FE1922                   B26
COLE, Armon Jefferson             16FE1921       24OC2003    B26   Pfc  USA  WW-II
COLE, Jose Aldegonde              17NO1919       26JL1991    B26   w of AJ; m 1945 in Belgium
COLE, Dollie V.                   20AP1887       06NO1980    B26
BELEW, O.A. Jr.                   19JE1941       19OC1990    B26
PEDEN, Harvey                     13JA1939                   B26   h of MO
PEDEN, Marilyn O.                 23NO1938       14AU1991    B26
GARLAND, Tessa Leigh              31DE1983       31DE1983    B26   d of John & Fonda
OLDHAM, James L.                  06NO1917       03OC1980    B26   h of Leta
OLDHAM, Leta Faye                 12DE1920       01DE1993    B26
HAMMOND, Floyd Hobart             17FE1908       27FE1985    B26   h of FM; m 21DE1935
HAMMOND, Floie Marie              14SE1909       10JE2005    B26
COX, Hollis A.                    05JE1890       06MH1969    B26   h of LS
COX, Leon S.                      22OC1907       29MY1991    B26
HAMMOND, Albert J.                17SE1890       24AP1978    B26   h of EV; m 28JA1915
HAMMOND, Emma V.                  09AU1894       01FE1989    B26
McCONNELL, James Vilous           10MH1924       22JE1995    B26   CM2  USN  WW-II
McCONNELL, Pearl Hammond          29DE1922                   B26
MOORE, Clarence Leonard           25MY1924       24AP2001    B26   Pfc  USA  WW-II PH
KILLEN, Rachel Olevia             14DE1909       26AU1999    B27   w of JB
KILLEN, John Benton               27OC1903       28JL1986    B27
BRYAN, Marcella Killen            03SE1932                   B27   w of RC
BRYAN, Richard Charles            24JE1932       15MY1999    B27   USA  Korea
BISHOP, Mary Agnes                10MH1918       20MY2000    B27   w of Fred; m 26JL1941
BISHOP, Fred Anderson             02SE1918       27FE1992    B27   Sgt  USA  WW-II
MITCHELL, Bradley Thomas          23JL1971       30OC1987    B27
HAMMOND, Ruby Mae                 01JE1918       11AU1985    B27   w of WL; m 25NO1937
HAMMOND, William Lawrence         25MH1915       24JA2002    B27
WALDROP, Richard V. *             11JA1924       20MH1991    B27   USAAC  WW-II
WALDROP, Jean Phillips            15OC1930                   B27   w of RV
HENDERSON, Hubert M.              08JL1930       20JE2002    B27   USA  Korea

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