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aka Jack Phillips Cemetery

Contributed 5 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 and turn left on CR 33 at Center Star.  Turn left on the first dirt road (Phillips Cemetery Road).  The cemetery is at the end of this road. It is behind the Allen Thornton School. This cemetery was surveyed by Audene Campbell in Oct 1980 and updated by Robert Torbert in Aug 2006.

NAME                               DOB           DOD      NOTES
PHILLIPS, Jack                   cir1800       06OC1868   died in 68th year
PHILLIPS, Puss C.                18MH1859      21JA1908   w of James C.
PHILLIPS, Richard L.             05MY1884      27AP1902
PHILLIPS, W. Allen               23JE1846      10AP1926   Pvt Co L 11 AL Cav CSA
PHILLIPS, Kate                   30AU1863      05SE1924   w of WA
PHILLIPS, Susannah Whitehead     cir1809       10JA1870   born in SC
PHILLIPS, Louisa Allen            AP1823       16MY1915   w of WC
PHILLIPS, William Carroll         DE1811       18MY1901   born in TN
PHILLIPS, Williamson             27FE1890      16JE1899   s of BB & IH
ALEXANDER, William Riley         20OC1825      20JA1908   Pvt Brook's Regt ARK Cav CSA
ALEXANDER, M.S.                  08JA1842      25SE1888   w of WR
ALEXANDER, Price M.              20AU1827      27AP1872
ALEXANDER, Arteimissie D.        21FE1867      04AU1870   d of PM & SC
ALEXANDER, William R.            02MH1862      18OC1865   s of PM & SC
ALEXANDER, Nancy C.              18DE1859      29NO1860   d of PM & SC
ALEXANDER, Jim Price             05FE1872      25MY1937
ALEXANDER, Mary S.               01NO1858      13DE1858   d of PM & SC
ALEXANDER, James Clyde           10MY1921      06OC1939
MITCHELL, William C.             11JA1871      30AU1877   s of JR & EC
MITCHELL, E.O.                   10FE1878      04MY1891   s of JR & EC
MITCHELL, Johnny Hoyt            04AP1917      26AU1917
MITCHELL, Dewey Canarah          23JL1898      29MY1899   d of JR & EC
MITCHELL, John Robert            31MY1835      02AP1909   Capt Co A 35 AL Inf CSA
MITCHELL, E.C.                   15MH1843      28JE1924   w of JR
FAULKNER, John K.                31MY1860      07NO1938
FAULKNER, Louise                 06NO1868      12DE1950   w of JK
SHARP, Fanny Elizabeth           25AU1862      15JL1899   d of WA & SA McPeters
STUTTS, Percy Sylvester          07OC1904      14OC1913
STUTTS, M.S.                     17OC1869      03DE1907

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