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aka Old Baptist Cemetery

Submitted April 2006
by Liz Moore

Surveyed Dec 2004 by Liz Moore and Judy Myrick Miller

     In December 2004, Liz Moore and Judy Myrick Miller visited the Pleasant Grove/ Old Baptist Cemetery to closely inspect headstones.
     They crawled around armed with white chalk, charcoal pencils, a brush and a camera while looking for signs of writing on headstones – and in the process found the headstones of Judy’s great-great grandparents. These are photos from the cemetery along with comments about who rests beneath the heads. Not all headstones found are in this collection.
     In the fall of 2005, Pam Hall Wright and Judy Myrick Miller visited the cemetery and planted bulbs where their great-grandparents rested.
     And in March of 2006, they were blooming – and Judy found that someone previously had planted a few paper whites immediately to the right of the headstones. Gone but not forgotten.
     This cemetery, was surveyed first by William Q. Hill in 1969. Liz Moore surveyed it in May of 1997, with the help of Edward Earl Myrick. Then Robert Ellington Torbert did another survey on Sept. 19, 2000. This recent survey was done in December 2004, on a visit to Lauderdale County, Alabama by Liz Moore, and Judy Myrick Miller. These burial records are a combination of all 4 surveys.

     From Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, go North on County Road 47 to just past Lone Cedar Church of Christ; Left on County Road 73 to its merge with County Road 34 and continue NW. The cemetery is on the Left, across the street from mailbox # 977 on County Road 34.There are numerous field stone markers in this cemetery. The cemetery is badly neglected, and needs much love and attention. Reportedly, at one time a Primitive Baptist Church stood near the cemetery. About 1911 the church was so decayed it fell down and then was destroyed. The last burial recorded was in 1940. The legal description is NW 1/4, Section 23, Township 1, Range 10.


    NAME                       Date of Birth         Date of Death
ROSS, Johnny D.                        1927                   1927
BRADLEY, Susan C.              July 5, 1835           May 19, 1913
    Susan C. Hamm married Francis Marion Bradley October 20, 1853,
    Lauderdale Co, Ala.
BRADLEY, William J.            Feb. 4, 1855           Nov. 3, 1916
    Son of Susan C. Hamm and Francis Marion Bradley

B. H. B   Beasley H. Bradley brother of Francis Marion Bradley
BRADLEY, J.W.                April 16, 1879           Dec. 8, 1918
     J. "Walker" Bradley, son of Beasley H. Bradley
STANFORD, Benjamin F.         April 5, 1844          Feb. 19, 1913
     Co B 19 TN Cav CSA   
     Husband of Sarah A. Anthony
STANFORD, Sarah A.            Oct. 28, 1838          Feb.  8, 1903
     Wife of Benjamin F. Stanford
STANFORD,4 children             no dates
SMITH, Reeta                   Aug. 3, 1899           May 22, 1900 
     Daughter of John C. Smith and Margaret E. Stanford. Margaret 
     was daughter of Benjamin F. Stanford and Sarah A. Anthony
SMITH, M.E.                            1876                   1942
     Margaret E. Stanford married John C. Smith April 8, 1894 
     Lauderdale County, Alabama
SMITH, J.C.                            1862                   1914
     John C. Smith husband of Margaret E. Stanford


OWENS, Sallie O.                       1760         April  3, 1863     w of T.
     Sarah “Sallie” Owens wife of Thomas Owens. 
     Grandmother of Curtis and Edmond Canerday.
DAVIS, Willie Ann                   no date         March  1, 1940
     Willie Ann Gooch married 1st, Lou Allen Foust who was the son of 
     John W. Foust and 2nd wife Mary E. Myrick
FOUST, T. A.                   stone broken               no dates
     Aaron Thomas, or Thomas Aaron Foust, son of John W. Foust and
     wife Terrie Matlida Smith. Another child of this couple, Hester 
     Foust married John B. Myrick

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