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aka Jack Phillips Cemetery

Contributed 5 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Center Hill.  Turn right on CR 33 and go about 2 miles.  The church is on the left and the cemetery is behind it. This cemetery was surveyed by Muriel Barnett and Judy Mason in 1995 and updated in Aug 2006 by Robert Torbert.  The rows are numbered from west to east.  An * by an entry indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
HAMM, Connie S.                  01OC1954                   01  w of JW
HAMM, Johnny W.                  07AU1954      23AU2005     01
DAVIS, Dennis Wayne              12JL1949      05DE2002     01  h of MP
DAVIS, Martha Pamela Marks       08AU1954                   01
DAVIS, Etta E.                   23JE1911      16AP1987     01  w of WH
DAVIS, W. Hershel                24JL1905      23OC1969     01
CAMPBELL, Arlene                 02JA1918      23MH1990     01  w of Melvin
CAMPBELL, Melvin                 05OC1912      02JL2002     01
YANCY, Hattie C.                 05JA1900      13MY1985     01  w of GP
YANCY, Grady P.                  07JA1898      11JA1989     01
YANCEY, Virginia F.              17JE1919      13JE1984     01  w of HM
YANCEY, H. Milton                16SE1919                   01
WILLIAMS, Maude Thigpen          10NO1899      20JA1977     01
YANCEY, Dossie L.                16JA1886      17SE1968     01  w of JT
YANCEY, James T.                 08OC1885      05MH1965     01
MASON, Martha Jo                 15DE1942                   01  w of Larry
MASON, Marty Joe                 04SE1960      28MH1987     01  s of LJ & MJ
MASON, Larry Joe                 18AU1941                   01
YANCY, Judy Gail                 10JL1941      14AP2005     01
WILLIAMS, Jackie Elmer           15JA1939                   01  double stone with Judy
ROBBINS, Ganes Hershel           03MY1949      23DE2001     02
ROBBINS, James Walter            03DE1908      08FE1995     02  h of AG; m 27JA1940
ROBBINS, Aldena Gray             08AP1919      14JL1999     02
TAYS, Jerry Don                  07OC1941                   02  h of JM; m 10NO1967
TAYS, Judy M. Ezell              20JL1948      18AU1996     02
COMER, Thomas O.                   1884          1967       02
GATLIN, William Odell            03AP1914       2006?       02  h of LB
GATLIN, Letha Bassham            09NO1918      16NO1996     02
HAMM, Ben                        22FE1902      11AP1975     02  h of VE; m 16SE1934
HAMM, Verta E.                   31MH1918      25NO2001     02
WATSON, Jeffery Almon            21SE1955      02DE1972     02
WATSON, Frances Yancey           05FE1925                   02
WATSON, James Almon              16SE1926                   02  h of FY
CAMPBELL, James Monroe           05DE1938      20DE2000     02  h of FA
CAMPBELL, Frances Audene         10DE1941                   02
HOLDEN, Raymond                  03MH1917      04DE1998     02  h of EM; m 18AP1936
HOLDEN, Elvie M.                 23AP1920      08JL2005     02
WALTON, Carol Ann                21MH1964      11JE1974     02
POWELL, Angel                     JL1982        JL1982      02
CANTRELL, Walter S.              02OC1934      16DE2002     02  h of MP
CANTRELL, Mary P.                31JA1933                   02  m 5SE1959
EZELL, Johnny Lynn               05AP1968      17JE1988     03  s of HH
EZELL, Hilton H.                 19NO1928                   03
HAMM, Phillip David              11MH1951      01NO2004     03  SP4  USA  Vietnam
HAMM, Essie Mae                  20MH1920      02MY1991     03  w of LP
HAMM, Lambert P. Sr.             11MY1915      28MY1974     03  Pvt  USA
HALL, Martha Ann                 03AU1939      16MH1997     03
FOUST, Billy H.                  28AP1897      21OC1967     03  h of BL
FOUST, Bessie L.                 02DE1900      05AP1979     03
FRITTS, Percy N,                 06FE1908      18NO1977     03
TAYS, Alton Henderson            14OC1904      27SE1989     03  h of MF; m 18NO1923
TAYS, Myrtle Fritts              27AP1904      09JL1986     03
HOLDEN, Hiram                    10NO1913      13AP1994     03  h of LP; m 3AU1935
HOLDEN, Louise P.                11SE1916      21AP1986     03
CAMPBELL, John Henry             06AP1933      06FE1987     03  TSgt  USAF  Korea
CAMPBELL, Frances N.             02JE1933                   03  w of JH
SNELLING, Hillard G.             22JL1904      04DE1974     03  h of CM
SNELLING, Clela M.               02NO1907      03AP2002     03
HITES, Thomas O.                 16MY1939      11DE1984     04  h of DE
HITES, Doris E.                  13JA1931                   04
EZELL, Johnnie E.                20JL1903      09JE1977     04  h of LS; m 12JA1928
EZELL, Lilly S.                  01OC1909                   04
MOORE, J. Robert                 11MH1905      08JA1995     04  h of BV
MOORE, Bessie V.                 26NO1909      19AU1970     04
STONE, James E.                  20MH1907      24SE1996     04  h of LW
STONE, Loucile W.                26MH1909      09MY1993     04
WILSON, Christine Stone          27JA1934                   04  w of JV
WILSON, Joe Vernon               27OC1922      12SE1991     04  Pfc  USA  WW-II
HICE, Herbert Hoover             09OC1913      24NO1997     04  h of Mary
HICE, Mary Levolen               31DE1927                   04
SMITH, Susie M.                  30JE1893      03JA1983     04
WHITEHEAD, Jesse Thomas (Tommy   03SE1941      17MY2002     04  h of JA
WHITEHEAD, Joyce Ann             02SE1942                   04
HOLDEN, William Donald                         27MH1927     04  s of Donald & Maggie
HOLDEN, Martha Cornelia          07AP1930      03FE1987     04  d of Tommie & Leadell Butler
WALTON, Ruth Anna Gist           21MY1918      24DE1999     05  w of Cecil
WALTON, Cecil R.                 01FE1918                   05
SLEDGE, Sandra Kay               11OC1956                   05  w of KJ; m 29JE1974
SLEDGE, Kenneth Jerome           23DE1954      29SE1991     05  Sgt  USA
HICE, Danny Franklin             04SE1949      16OC2001     05  SP4  USA  Vietnam
HICE, Gerald David *             27MY1951      14AP1968     05
HICE, Marie C.                   21AP1919      06JA1984     05  w of RM
HICE, Raymond M.                 20AP1916      18AP1993     05
ALEXANDER, Myrtle Jane           05AP1906      30MY1992     05  w of EE
ALEXANDER, Ernest Eugene         27DE1896      13NO1982     05
ALEXANDER, Janice Rose                         02JE1941     05
BOWEN, Dorothy Louise            02NO1923      04MH2002     05
HITES, Johna Olivia              15MH1989                   05  only one date
KELLEY, Hiram A.                 15OC1961                   06  h of Rhonda
KELLEY, Jacob McCoy              30MH1988      23AP1988     06  s of HA & JM
ROBERTSON, Wanda Dee             29FE1924      06SE2003     06

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