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Township 1, Range 8, Section 10

Survey Contributed 27 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Lexington, go north on AL 101 and turn right on CR 489.  Turn right again at the first paved road and go to its end.  The rows are numbered from west to east.  An * indicates a correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Many of the stones are very old and have faint inscriptions so I did not attempt to read them.

NAME                               DOB           DOD      ROW     NOTES
MOORE, infant                    13AU1914      13AU1914    01  d of Wm D & Martha C.
SPRINGER, Kenneth                21FE1927      21FE1927    01  s of Emmett & Frances
SPRINGER, Walter                 13FE1928      13FE1928    01  s of Emmett & Frances
SIMMONS, infant                    1932          1933      01  infant of Jesse & Vera Kilpat
MABE, James R.                     1872          1949      01  h of Sarah
MABE, Sarah Arbell                 1872          1960      01
BELEW, Thomas Odom               06AU1893      31MH1964    01  h of EL
BELEW, Effa Lee                  30AP1898      25NO1986    01
MABE, Lorine D.                  17FE1897      05OC1992    01  w of Geo.
MABE, George Albert              30DE1891      28JL1980    01  m 26NO1914
HAMMOND, Clyde W.                30JA1913      16JE1992    01  h of MN
HAMMOND, Mozell Newton           06AP1921      16DE2001    01
HAMMOND, Timothy Creston         20MY1951      09SE2001    01  h of JA; m 31OC1975
HAMMOND, Judy A. Barnett         02MH1950                  01
FRENCH, James H.                 11SE1879      12MY1957    02  h of Rettie
FRENCH, Rettie                   29JA1889      06FE1937    02
FRENCH, Sarah G.                 11DE1910      02AU1912    02  w of HT
FRENCH, Hurley Thomas            01SE1908      07OC1993    02  Cpl  USA  WW-II
HARAWAY, Johnny Bayless          25AP1900      19JA2003    02  h of MB
HARAWAY, Minnie Belle            30MH1906                  02
JOHNSTON, S. Fletcher            05JL1872      12NO1912    02  h of RE
JOHNSTON, Rebecca E.             29SE1879      01JA1972    02
JOHNSTON, infant twins                         16AP1913    02  s of JL
BAILEY, Donald Leland            17JL1953                  03  h of LM
BAILEY, Linda Mabe               24JL1953      08OC2005    03
MABE, Celestine McGuire          30DE1924                  03  w of Geo
MABE, George Earl                01DE1922      15JA2003    03
JOHNSTON, Mary S.                30AU1873      15AP1944    03  w of JR
JOHNSTON, James R.               14MY1870      19DE1963    03
WILLIAMS, Thomas P.                                        03  h of AB
WILLIAMS, Anna Bell              08AP1868      17DE1932    03
WILLIAMS, Mattie Bell            28DE1915      29DE1915    03  d of TP & AM
McGUIRE, Kathryn                 25AP1916      14JE1982    03
McGUIRE, Sintha E.               13AU1916      25SE1916    03
McGUIRE, Juanita                 02AU1922      27JE1924    03  d of RH & AV
McGUIRE, Anna Victoria           17NO1884      16AP1951    03  w of Robert H.
McGUIRE, Susie E.                10FE1872      18FE1912    03  w of Robert H.
McGUIRE, Robert H.               10MY1872      05SE1955    03
McGUIRE, Sherley O.              02AP1904      16MY1972    03
PORTER, G.W.                       1879          1946      03  h of SC
PORTER, S.C. (Mrs)                 1884          1949      03
PORTER, infant                                             03  infant of GW & SC
NEWTON, Hautie V.                30SE1906      04FE1972    03  w of EG
NEWTON, Ernest G.                03JL1903      02DE1964    03
GINN, Andrew J. Jr.              23FE1930      24AU2003    04  h of HJ
GINN, Hazel J.                   23AP1925      26NO2005    04
PIERCE, Roy G.                   15DE1920      13SE2004    04  h of KM
PIERCE, Katharine M.             11AU1927                  04
JONES, Cindy Pierce              01SE1955                  04  w of MA
JONES, Mark Anthony              11JA1952      10FE2005    04
HAMMOND, Carol Renee             15MH1968      13MY1973    04
HAMMOND, Nolen Wilson            01AU1964      02AU1964    04
TRUITT, Pearl W.                 14SE1917      06MY2003    04  w of DH; m 16NO1938
TRUITT, Doyce H.                 14OC1914                  04
WILLIAMS, Myrtle P.                1892          1970      04  w of MF
WILLIAMS, Matthew F.               1891          1956      04
WILLIAMS, Samuel Hobart          07MY1924      23AU1986    04
WILLIAMS, Virgil Hollis          04NO1930      27JL1950    04
WILLIAMS, Margaret Elizabeth     17SE1897      01SE1986    04
JOHNSTON, Rebecca                29MH1870      18NO1942    04  w of SH
JOHNSTON, Samuel H.              14MH1866      20SE1961    04
PORTER, Charles Wesley           31OC1925                  04  h of Ora
PORTER, Ora L. (Jerry)           21MH1928      11FE1986    04
PORTER, Martha J.                10SE1880      14JL1938    04  w of JW
PORTER, James W.                 22JE1874      06JA1952    04
PORTER, Walter P.                05JA1914      31OC1944    04  KIA in LaCrossette, France
TROUSDALE, Sue C.                12MY1949                  05  w of JR
TROUSDALE, Jerry R.              20MH1945      30JE1983    05
CAMPBELL, Nora Belle             30JL1917                  05  w of Tom
CAMPBELL, Tom                    07AU1913      21JL1970    05  Tec5 Cannon Co 27 inf WW-II
RITTER, Earl                     06SE1908      04OC1989    05  h of Madge
RITTER, Madge                    16JL1906      13NO1997    05
CAMPBELL, William Ernest         27DE1902      11DE1968    05  h of AM
CAMPBELL, Annie M.               09DE1904      13NO1997    05
CAMPBELL, Nora Belle             30JL1917                  05
McGUIRE, Lutie D.                27OC1909      05MY1999    05  w of James
McGUIRE, James C.                05JL1908      21OC1962    05
McGUIRE, Ida H.                  22AU1885      13DE1967    05  w of SR
McGUIRE, Samuel R.               16JL1883      01AP1958    05
McGUIRE, Fred H.                   1912          1916      05
PORTER, Odelle T.                28JL1895      04OC1996    05  w of Odus
PORTER, Odus Vernon              31OC1894      03JA1982    05
PORTER, Laura C.                 17FE1870      02FE1936    05  w of Charles
PORTER, Charles W.               30OC1866      13JA1922    05
PORTER, infant                   22JL1907      22JL1907    05  d of JW & MJ
PORTER, Mildred                  16FE1911      28AU1912    05  d of JW & MJ
PORTER, Allie J.                 19JL1886      05DE1971    05  w of WT
PORTER, William T.               11JA1873      14AU1947    05
JOHNSTON, Ida A.                 22JL1868      29MY1934    05  w of WT
JOHNSTON, W.T.                   25JA1864      16JL1909    05
PORTER, Yvonne Fields            08MY1935                  07  w of DB; m 24MY1957
PORTER, Donald Bradley           15JA1929                  07
PORTER, Bernice A.               09MY1899      11JE1973    07  double stone with Dessie
PORTER, Dessie M.                16MY1903      30OC1991    07
PORTER, Faye Bailey              14SE1923                  07  w of CG; m 14MH1942
PORTER, Charles Glenn            09DE1922      26AU1997    07
MITCHELL, Mary Louise McGuire    12NO1907      29JL1943    06  w of HA
McGUIRE, Mary F.                 29DE1873      14JE1949    06  w of WP
McGUIRE, William P.              27OC1871      19JA1956    06
McGUIRE, Della M.                14FE1901      10DE1997    06  w of HD
McGUIRE, Henry D.                11JL1898      04FE1988    06
HAMMONDS, Paul                   16JL1909      07DE1913    06
HAMMONDS, Minnie                 20SE1885      30SE1960    06  w of JM
HAMMONDS, J. M.                  26NO1875      19MH1965    06
HAMMONDS, Missouri Ann           02FE1929      27JA1983    06
HAMMONDS, Julia Ann              05MH1847      17SE1902    06  w of JJ
HAMMONDS, J.J.                   28AP1844      06NO1920    06
PORTER, Huldah C.                10JA1878      03JL1902    06  w of James W.
PORTER, Eliza Beth               28MY1825      31AU1862    06
PORTER, J.R.                     30DE1881      10OC1883    06
PORTER, E.A.                     30MY1827      17FE1903    06
PORTER, J.G.                     21JE1815      29JA1905    06
PORTER, S.C.                     07JL1845      05FE1934    06
DAVIS, Hanah                     25NO1794      08NO1884    06
JACKSON, T.N.                                              06  Co I 2 TN Mounted Inf
JACKSON, Cynthia J.              21MY1837      01NO1908    06
SHELTON, Maude Opal Roberts      10AP1894      11MH1920    06
ROBERTS, Marcia Brown              1836                    06  w of James Carl
HAMMOND, William F.                1903          1963      07  h of Leoma
HAMMOND, Leoma N.                  1906          1954      07
BELEW, Lena Caroline Idella W.   24MY1915      26OC1990    07  W=Wilbourn; w of JE
BELEW, J.E.                      20FE1907      15NO1957    07
BELEW, Eura Mae Hammond          27MH1912      28FE1936    07  w of JE
THORNE, Mary Frances             15DE1922      25DE1991    07  w of EA
THORNE, Edward Avery             23AP1920      12MY1993    07
PORTER, Johnny                   14MH1843      29AU1882    07
PORTER, infant of JG                                       07
PORTER, H.                       12JE1791      12FE1855    07
PORTER, Sarah Lucas V.           05DE1866       FE1867     07
PORTER, H.C.                     24MH1868      05OC1871    07
PORTER, A.E.                      OC1875        NO1875     07
PORTER, Maud Rebecka Lizbeth     12MH1884      15SE1884    07
PORTER, John F.                  21NO1830      26JA1920    07  h of NJ
PORTER, Nancy J.                 23AU1846      26JE1909    07
PORTER, A.B.                     11AP1877      06JA1933    07
UNDERWOOD, Kate                  16NO1888      28FE1945    07
PORTER, Madge Marie              06AP1906      12MY1950    07
PORTER, Elgar L.                 04JE1916      25AP1957    07
PORTER, J.W.                     11MY1865      26NO1891    07
ECHOLS, Margaret B.              31MH1883      20OC1885    07  d of WM & SE
PORTER, James H.                   1870          1959      08
PORTER, Florence                   1873          1948      08
PORTER, Fredrick                   1896          1899      08
PORTER, infant                                   1914      08  s of JH
GIBSON, Sarah L.                 17SE1854      26FE1894    08  w of TF; 39y 5m 9d old
DAVENPORT, Harriette Rebecca     16AU1850      06JA1855    08  d of T & S
BELEW, Rosa                      23JA1872      16MH1950    08
BELEW, J.A.                      05MY1861      02JL1941    08
BELEW, Laura                     14OC1864      24AP1900    08
BELEW, Willie Pearl              04SE1899      11NO1900    08
BELEW, Mary P.                   06JA1889      18SE1962    08
BELEW, Oliver Allvin             26JA1905      09AP1991    08  h of Mary
BELEW, Mary Alice *              05JL1905      03FE1990    08
HAMMOND, Horace G.               11FE1917      13AU1985    08  h of Ellen
HAMMOND, Ellen                   02FE1920      25AU1982    08
HAMMOND, Phillip M.              18NO1961      26MH2001    08  h of FM
HAMMOND, Freida M.               01OC1957      30MY1999    08
RANDLE, William H.               21JE1895      07AP1970    08  h of BB
RANDLE, Bessie B.                16MY1903      09MH1988    08
PORTER, Hershel                  23FE1900      14FE1978    08  h of Grace; m 03DE1922
PORTER, Grace                    03DE1901      15OC1991    08
PORTER, Archie K.                10MY1912      29JL1981    08  h of MJ
PORTER, Mary J.                  28OC1916      21MH1995    08
BAKER, John L.                   28AP1909      05JA1983    08  h of NJ
BAKER, Nola Jane                 23AU1910      07DE2004    08
SISK, Damien Zechariah           07OC1981      19MH2000    09
BELEW, Mary D.                   06SE1883      22DE1895    09  d of H & MS
BELEW, M.S.                      07NO1857      27NO1885    09  w of H.
BELEW, John H.                   07DE1880      30OC1881    09  s of H & MS
BELEW, Robert A.                 18NO1878      28OC1881    09
BELEW, William R.                28JA1877      21OC1881    09
BELEW, John H.                   21OC1870      06MH1877    09
BELEW, James T.                  24AP1873      21FE1877    09
GREEN, Ida Elen                  07OC1872      08AP1875    09  d of J & MJ
BELEW, Catherine E.              12JL1822      19FE1907    09  w of John H.
BELEW, John H.                   13DE1824      20MY1873    09
BELEW, infant                    05MH1867      05MH1867    09  infant of JH & CE
BELEW, infant                    12FE1857      12FE1857    09  infant of JH & CE
McGUIRE, F.H.                    25JL1820      28JA1888    09  h of CE
McGUIRE, Cynthia E.              02AP1834      27AU1919    09
DAVIS, Sallie                      1870          1956      09
McGUIRE, Maude R.                04DE1886      12JL1900    09  d of JD & MF
McGUIRE, Lizzie                  05MY1874      07MH1920    09  w of JD
NIX, Lella May                   22SE1906      20OC1908    09  d of RH & VL
NIX, infant                      15MH1908      15DE1908    09  d of RH & VL
NIX, Thomas R.                   22AP1914      21MH1917    09  s of RH & VL
NIX, Verdie L.                     1888          1970      09  w of RH
NIX, Rollie H.                     1884          1956      09
SHELTON, Etta                    09JA1879      23SE1904    10
SHELTON, James T.                20JL1876      14FE1902    10  h of Etta
SHELTON, George W.               05AU1873      30JA1900    10  h of SB
SHELTON, Sallie B.               18OC1875      13JE1898    10
DAVIS, H.G.                      27SE1848      15DE1928    10
BARKER, Mattie S. Davis          06FE1880      04FE1897    10  w of WH; m 2NO1896
K., D.L.                         20JL1874      15NO1875    10
K., A.D.                         07JE1878      19JL187?    10
BELEW, E.T.                      25DE1856      25JL1884    10
BELEW, James R.                  07JE1902      12OC1904    10
BELEW, Lizzie                    05JL1884      25SE1884    10  d of JH & LT
BELEW, William                   23JL1877      27SE1888    10  s of JH & LT
BELEW, Mattie F.                 08FE1885      12MH1885    10
BELEW, Robert H.                 18OC1889      11DE1891    10
BELEW, Mary E.                   25DE1845      13AU1891    10
BELEW, Rainey H.                 06MY1846      06SE1921    10
BELEW, Rosa Catherine            09JL1874      29JE1930    10
BELEW, Ada M.                    19FE1890      30AP1974    10
JACKSON, Lizzy Maytiller         10JE1900      02SE1900    10
BURGESS, Elia P.                 01MH1888      26SE1967    10  w of Felix
BURGESS, Felix H.                16AP1883      20AP1960    10
BURGESS, John S.                 08SE1858      09MH1944    10
BURGESS, Elizabeth               01MY1865      21AP1956    10  w of JS
McGUIRE, Ellen D.                06JL1851      10JE1918    11  w of Henry
McGUIRE, Henry D.                25MY1848      02MH1898    11
PORTER, Rebecca J.               13FE1860      26FE1947    11
PORTER, Sarah M.                 07OC1862      20OC1894    11
PORTER, M.E.                     14FE1826      03DE1890    11
PORTER, Charles W.               31MY1828      03MY1901    11
DAVIS, Rebecca B.                26MY1819      22JA1908    11  w of GB
DAVIS, G.B.                      20MY1822      04MH1896    11
DAVIS, Martha Emly               21JA1883      03NO1893    11
McPETERS, Clarence H.             DE1895        MH1896     11  s of JT & NL
DAVIS, Hugh P.                   17OC1851      01AP1927    11  h of MJ
DAVIS, Mary J.                   10NO1851      11AP1906    11
DAVIS, Edgar                     03NO1892      09MH1937    11

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