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Contributed 12 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Elgin and turn north on AL 101.  Go about 3 miles and turn right on CR 76.  Go about 2 miles and the cemetery is on the left. This cemetery was surveyed by Traci Newton and Judy Mason in 1995 and was updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates a correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
CHANDLER, Charles Earl           09FE1946      20AP2002     01  h of GC; m 15OC1966
CHANDLER, Glenda Clemons         27OC1949                   01
GRAY, Addie E.                   26DE1929                   02  w of KE; m 28MY1955
GRAY, Kenneth E.                 11OC1928      16JL2005     02
SANDERS, Gerald Almon            23NO1934      20JL1995     03
SANDERS, Richard G.    *         18MY1898      05FE1986     03  h of Elizabeth
SANDERS, Elizabeth               05AU1903      26JL1979     03
SANDERS, Miss Emma               28OC1900      26NO1938     03
SANDERS, M.J.                    27AP1872      06MH1950     03
SANDERS, Mary Alice              10DE1871      24MH1968     03
COTTLES, Johnny A.               05NO1904      12SE1993     03  h of Ida
COTTLES, Ida O.                  12FE1905      30JL1996     03
COTTLES, Dillard B.              04SE1937      14JA2000     03
MERCKS, William Luther Jr.       04FE1923      05JA1991     03  h of DS
MERCKS, Dorothy Sims             28JA1925                   03
SANDERS, Salester                10JA1920      15OC1920     04
SANDERS, Theatus                 01NO1925      25MY1927     04
CLEMONS, J.W.                    10OC1891      17FE1968     05  h of KS
CLEMONS, Katie S.                01AP1896      03FE1981     05
CLEMONS, Dewey Lee               29NO1919      02JE1987     05
MERCKS, William Luther           07AU1900      21NO1970     05  h of ML
MERCKS, Minnie L.                05AU1903      20DE1984     05
RICE, Bob T.                     14AP1921      13MH1964     05  Pfc 560 Base Unit AAF WW-II
RICE, Helen Millene    *         10FE1928      11MY1995     05  w of Bob; m 25JA1947
CLEMONS, Eugene B.               31AU1917      02NO1978     05  h of AE
CLEMONS, Arnita E.               10MY1921                   05
STEWART, Haley Dawn              31OC2000      15MH2006     05
COX, Nadine                      24JE1934      17JL1996     06  w of James
COX, James E.                    23OC1931                   06
ALSUP, Minnie V.                 01FE1907      24NO1982     06
CAGLE, Gene A.                   14FE1937      14MY1984     06
PARKER, Corene C.                30AP1935                   06  w of DC
PARKER, Dolton C.                09SE1934      11AU1962     06
MERCKS, Bertha C.                24AU1896      23OC1963     06
MOORE, Rubin Jerrel              13FE1944      26JA1945     06
MOORE, Roy Charles               31JL1941      16JA1943     06
MOORE, James Thomas              28OC1938      22DE1938     06
MOORE, Arvil Drew                24FE1937      01DE1937     06
RICE, Huston C.                  08SE1879      16OC1964     07  h of Lula
RICE, Lula                       26JE1884      24AP1945     07
RICE, James M.                   04OC1919      02JE1960     07
CLEMONS, Calvin                                             07
PARKER, Emmet B.                 18JA1907      08MY1986     07  h of Annie
PARKER, Annie Mae                23OC1906      16FE1951     07
PHILLIPS, J. Cleo                11JE1906      20AP1951     07
PARKER, infant                     1959          1959       07  s of Dalton
PARKER, Dalton Lee               09SE1934                   07  h of BL; m 30JA1956
PARKER, Bonnie Lee               06OC1938      23JA1985     07
PARKER, Henry A.                 28JA1930      03SE1981     07  SA  USN
PARKER, Elizabeth                22JE1932                   07  w of Henry; m 10MY1952
PARKER, Dennis H.                25MY1963      18FE1973     07
THIGPEN, infant                                08SE1909     08  d of RL
GOODWIN, Callie Lou              22FE1888      04NO1971     09  w of Harvey
GOODWIN, Harvey                  12JL1874      02FE1952     09
GOODWIN, Henry D.                                           09
GOODWIN, Annie L.                04JE1896                   09  w of JW
GOODWIN, Johnnie W.              26MH1892      05SE1959     09
GOODWIN, Susan N.                16AU1874      16AU1944     09  w of WL
GOODWIN, William L.              08JA1870      22FE1946     09
GOODWIN, Lillie J.               05JE1907      22JA1919     09
GOODWIN, Nettie L.               19SE1896      16AP1918     09
GOODWIN, James H.C.              05SE1902      08OC1902     09  s of WL & SN
GOODWIN, Jessie L.               26MY1900      10JE1900     09  s of WL & SN
GARNER, Lura V.                  14FE1894      22JA1928     09  w of Joe
GARNER, Joe W.                   09FE1895      02AP1066     09
RICE, W.E.                       30AP1871      30JA1897     10
RICE, Irvine L.                  30AU1840      16JL1890     10  Co H 50 AL Inf CSA
RICE, Amanda J.                  06AU1848      01NO1934     10  w of IL
RICE, Florence A.                05MH1880      29NO1886     10
RICE, Louiza M.                  19AU1888      08OC1890     10
RICE, Mollie Belle               06NO1899      29MY1901     10  d of JI & SE
RICE, Mattie A.                  25NO1903      25FE1905     10  d of JI & SE
HANEY, W.A.                      26JE1939                   10  only one date
BARNETT, Mary Virginia           25SE1859      28NO1929     10
BARNETT, Virgie Hunt             06JE1900      15JE1928     10  w of CL
BARNETT, Flossie                  MY1928        JE1928      11  2 stones
BARNETT, Gradie P.               20SE1906      20SE1920     11
BARNETT, C.L.                    09MY1879      17MY1930     11
BARNETT, Myrtle Lee              01MH1886      17MY1916     11  w of CL
BARNETT, Alvis Leon              24NO1913      18SE1914     11
BARNETT, infant                  28NO1904      28NO1904     11  infant of CL & ML
THOMPSON, infant                 23FE1904                   11  infant of TB
RICE, Louisa Gilbert             04JL1815      26JA1885     11  w of Tobias
RICE, Tobias                     06AU1812      15DE1882     11
GRISHAM, Milton Weaver A.        29JL1935      21DE1994     11  Sfc  USA  Vietnam
GRISHAM, Marie S.                12SE1946                   11  w of MWA
GARNER, Frances Gibson           02AU1931                   12  w of BE
GARNER, Brandon E.               07JE1930      21DE2003     12
GARNER, Roy Flint                12DE1905      30JA2000     12  h of RG; m 29SE1929
GARNER, Ruby Grisham             21JA1912      22SE1984     12
GARNER, Annie                                  16FE1907     12  d of WH & LE
GARNER, Mattie                   22NO1867      27JE1888     12  d of WH & LE
GARNER, Fletcher                 14MH1866      07JE1890     12  s of WH & LE
COVINGTON, William T.            08AP1867      04AU1869     12  s of WE & ME
THOMPSON, Aliza B.               04JL1836      23AP1902     12  w of TH
THOMPSON, Thomas H.              19SE1839      20FE1923     12  Pvt Co F 11 AL Inf CSA
THOMPSON, M.A.L.                 12SE1857                   13  question birth year
THOMPSON, Jim                    06OC1867      06OC1895     13
THOMPSON, Ondes                  08MH1895      13AU1896     13  s of Jim & EL
RICE, Ray Jr. (Bimbo)            20FE1953      30AU1976     13  h of Becky
RICE, Vadie                      26OC1918                   13  only one date
GARNER, James H.                 05JL1926      23NO1927     14  s of WH & BB
GARNER, Louise Elizabeth         12JA1844      04SE1910     14  w of WH
GARNER, W.H.                       1839        03AU1908     14  Confederate Soldier
DAVIS, Gladys I.                 10SE1926      05AU1978     15
DAVIS, Tracy M. *                12AU1971      14OC1971     15
GARNER, Coffie Idell             10FE1910      29NO1997     15
GARNER, Elizabeth Ann            02DE1931      21JE1942     15
GARNER, Susan E. (Bet)             1874          1967       15
GARNER, J. Riley                   1872          1949       15  h of SE
GARNER, Ofie Lee                 10JA1899      20DE1994     15
GARNER, Chrisholm L.             01FE1901      29OC1977     15  h of SH; m 21OC1923
JOHNSON, Jimmie Lou              06FE1934                   15
JOHNSON, J.H. (Fred)             05SE1919      31JL1985     15  h of JL; m 28JA1956
JOHNSON, Richard Stephen         20AU1957      26NO1993     15
JARRETT, Ursule Sue Fuqua          1914        24SE1995     15  did not find

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