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Township 2, Range 7, Section 31

Contributed 26 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Rogersville. The cemetery is on the north side of the highway by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Judy Mason & Avon Hagood and updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows in Sections A, B, C, E, & F are numbered from west to east.  Rows in Section D are numbered from east to west.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
PLOTT, Dwight Morgan             19FE1935      02JL1984     A01
PLOTT, Gilbert Bradley           30AU1898      16AP1951     A01  h of IM
PLOTT, Irma Matthews             24SE1906                   A01
GRISHAM, Bubba Joe               30JL1977      14AU1977     A01
DAVIS, Deboria Sue               13JE1954      15JE1954     A01  d of Bobby & Johnnie
BALL, Ernie E.                   29JA1915      26OC1985     A01  h of EM
BALL, Edna Merle                 27NO1914      22JA2004     A01
BALL, Jimmy Rex                  01AU1941      28MY1966     A01  Pfc TRP 8 Cav Vietnam
BALL, infant                                     1945       A01  s of Ernie & Edna
MURRAH, infant                                 08AU1953     A02  s of BF
MURRAH, Ora Lee                  21DE1892      26MH1979     A02
JASPER, Frances Murrah           07AP1921      11OC2002     A02
MURRAH, Minnie Lee               19JA1919      07MH2006     A02  sister of Frances
KING, Lutie M.                   05DE1907      16DE2001     A02  w of Leo
KING, Leo                        30DE1907      27DE1958     A02
LENTZ, Jeanette K.               13FE1929                   A02  w of EG
LENTZ, Ellis Goode               10JL1926      10OC1979     A02  MSgt USAF  WW-II Korea
WEAR, Auburne                    07JL1899      03DE1989     A02
WEAR, Oscar James                14SE1892      01JL1963     A02  Pvt 13 Prov Co WW-I
VICKERS, Sue D. Grisham          22DE1912      24JA1997     A02
GRISHAM, Percy                   04AP1905      30SE1958     A02
GRISHAM, Willie L.               28SE1892      11MH1969     A02  Pvt  USA  WW-I
GRISHAM, Mary Sharp              29JE1906      05AP1997     A02
BALCH, Louise G. *               03MH1917      26JL1964     A03
GRISHAM, Lester N. *             16MY1901      07MH1987     A03
BALCH, Herschel Michael          12MH1948      29DE2000     A03  RM2  USN
DANN, Theordore C.               17JE1890      22MY1962     A03
DANN, Mary Lee Warmack           15AU1911      30MY1981     A03  w of TC
HOLT, Gertrude                   16FE1906      23JL1958     A03  w of WN
HOLT, Willis N.                  04JA1898      23MY1978     A03
HOLLAND, Noel Clellon            07SE1899      01OC1968     A03
HOLLAND, Erline Bedingfield      01FE1903      19JA1973     A03  w of NC
DAVIS, Beverly Holland           21OC1936      25AP1975     A03
ROMINE, infant of Charles                                   A03  did not find
DAVIS, Ann Barclay               25JA1935                   A04  w of Bobby; m 8MY1954
DAVIS, Bobby Doyle               16AP1933      01MY1991     A04
PATRICK, Marsha Holland          31AU1950      10AP1992     A04
HOLLAND, Juanita J.              18JL1926      22MH2001     A04  w of DN
HOLLAND, Douglas N.              19AU1925                   A04  m 18SE1946
McELYEA, Ruby Lee                13MY1917      14JE2006     A04
REEVES, Hubert                   15SE1910      10JA1975     A04
REEVES, Rena                     04MH1889      27JL1961     A04  w of Forrest
REEVES, Forrest                  10AP1883      18MH1931     A04
TOWNLEY, Merritt C.              07OC1917      18AP1988     A04  double with Clayton
TOWNLEY, Clayton C.              02JA1917      18NO1991     A04
CHANDLER, Osie *                 22JE1892      04FE1971     A04  double with Asper
CHANDLER, Asper                  01MH1892      13JE1981     A04
BEDINGFIELD, Dona C.             05MH1885      21FE1979     A05  h of LA
BEDINGFIELD, Lillian A.          19NO1895      12SE1963     A05
RICHARDSON, Frank A.             22MH1904      18OC1980     A05  double with CB
RICHARDSON, Clayton B.           12AP1895      10SE2002     A05
MACKEY, Leroy                    08DE1895      27JL1971     A05
MACKEY, Kate R.                  16FE1900      25AP1982     A05  w of Leroy
WARMACK, Bernard Hugh            19NO1903      25DE1967     A05
WARMACK, B. Knox                   1874          1961       A05  h of VB
WARMACK, Vina B.                   1881          1969       A05
LATHAM, Clarence Edward          10SE1908      30AP1978     A05  h of RP
LATHAM, Ruth Penney              01SE1907      06JA1995     A05
BERNOS, Kyle                                   11NO1952     A05  s of Bill & Nita
GREER, James H.                  06JE1867      14OC1957     A05  h of EJ
GREER, Elsie J.                  04JA1884      27JA1966     A05
MORGAN, Vanessa Bedingfield      16AP1909      20MY1990     A05
BEDINGFIELD, Ada T.              09SE1878      21DE1971     A05
WHITE, Josie W.                    1902          1976       A05
WHITE, Glen K.                     1902          1949       A05  h of JW
HUDSON, Doris Rose               10AU1922                   A06  w of JH; m 3AU1945
HUDSON, James Hurn               16FE1922      03DE2000     A06  AVN  Cadet USA WW-II
ROSE, Mattie Greer               07SE1892      19DE1916     A06  w of TO
ROSE, Thomas Otho                14JL1892      02AU1980     A06
COMER, William Polk              01AU1951      17AU1951     A06  s of JH & Betty
COMER, Betty                     24DE1929                   A06  w of Harold
COMER, Harold                    08SE1927      05FE2005     A06
COMER, Dora                      11FE1906      19AP1970     A06  w of Polk
COMER, Polk                      01JL1902      17JL1995     A06
EZELL, Martha W.                   1925                     A06  w of DL
EZELL, Douglas L.                  1918          1961       A06  TSgt USAAF WW-II AM & 6OLC
COVINGTON, Robert Horace         28OC1919      13JE1996     A06
COVINGTON, Flora H.              23JL1919      24MH1976     A06  w of JH
COVINGTON, James H.              16OC1917                   A06
WILBANKS, Jomie K.               17OC1904      02SE1999     A07  h of RL
WILBANKS, Rosa Lee               27DE1905      25MH2003     A07
WILBANKS, Coleman (Goose Egg)    13OC1916      15JE1988     A07  h of MR; m 9NO1935
WILBANKS, Mable R.               10MY1919      17MH1995     A07
BRYAN, Linda W. (Nena)           03JE1943                   A07  w of DE; m 8DE1961
BRYAN, Daniel E. (Pepaw)         20SE1939      11MH2004     A07
DEAN, Thomas Bryan               24FE1901      06MY1968     A07  h of Beatrice
DEAN, Beatrice                   21AU1907      31JL1999     A07
PATTERSON, Orian                 12AU1920      26JL1996     A07  USA  WW-II
PATTERSON, Margaret Greer          1919          1995       A07  w of Orian
JOHNSON, Marilyn  *                            15JA1952     A07  d of LE & Lorraine
McCLUSKEY, Anne Thornton         11JA1932      08JE2004     A07
THORNTON, Naomi Easter           14SE1903      02OC1991     A07  w of BR
THORNTON, Bayless Reynolds       04JE1900      11NO1957     A07
PAGE, Tressie T.                   1911          1994       A08  w of Luther
PAGE, Luther                       1897          1978       A08  Mason
PAGE, Nancy E.                     1882          1974       A08
ROMINE, Stanley P.                 1912          1972       A08
ROMINE, James D.                   1884          1950       A08  h of KP
ROMINE, Katie P.                   1890          1961       A08
COX, William David               14FE1878      30MH1968     A08
COX, Mrytle Evelyn               31AU1903      22JA1993     A08
COX, Billy Joe                   05SE1931      19JA2006     A08
REEVES, Luther L.                07AU1908      25MY1962     A08  h of KM
REEVES, Kittie M.  *             10JL1911      27DE1994     A08
McKEY, Blondena Morris           12AU1920                   A08  w of TA
McKEY, Travis A.                 30OC1913      24JE1998     A08  S1  USN  WW-II
McKEY, Oscar D.                    1889          1957       A08
McKEY, Flora D.                    1893          1973       A08  w of OD
SLOAN, Lucille                   17FE1898      24DE1971     A09
PAGE, Kilmer J.                  27AU1909      15DE1971     A09  h of GF
PAGE, Grace F.                   13SE1912      12JA1994     A09
HANNAH, Edd Ross                 28FE1905      06JA1989     A09  h of EJ
HANNAH, Erma Joycelene           11MH1905      05MH1989     A09
HANNAH, Edd Ross Jr.             08JA1923      01NO2002     A09  Tec5  USA  WW-II Bronze Star
HANNAH, Suzanne                  27MH1952      26JE1982     A09
BEDINGFIELD, Brady               30AP1907      26FE2002     A09  h of Cazelle
BEDINGFIELD, Cazelle             21SE1910      16JA1977     A09
MORRIS, Arthur                     1876          1962       A09  h of Oasie
MORRIS, Oasie                      1891          1952       A09
MASON, Lewis H.                  09SE1929                   A09  h of JB; m 20MY1950
MASON, Jeannine B.               12FE1931      28SE2000     A09
BURKS, Luther L.                 08MH1907      12AU1947     A09
DeBUSK, Robert Ross              12JL1915      05FE1963     A10  ADE2  USNR  WW-II
DeBUSK, Flora Earline            29NO1886      12JE1964     A10  w of RE; Eastern Star
DeBUSK, Robert E.                03DE1880      28JE1963     A10  Mason
BIVINS, Corrine D.                 1913          1993       A10  w of MH
BIVINS, Mack H.                    1905          1978       A10
SHARP, Faye Foster               31MH1910      01JE1993     A10  w of VD
SHARP, Vesey D.                  04DE1902      28AU1953     A10
JACKSON, Martha                  19DE1889      16SE1962     A10  w of WT
JACKSON, W. Turner               27AU1887      22JA1955     A10
GRIGSBY, Icephene                04JE1912      18JA1958     A10  w of Winford
GRIGSBY, Winford                 13SE1910      10NO1996     A10
REEVES, Shona Ann                              01JL1963     A10
WHITEHEAD, Elsie M.                1898          1974       A10  w of ER
WHITEHEAD, Earnest R.              1892          1963       A10
JAMES, Hillard T.                  1907          1967       A11  h of EM
JAMES, Eula M.                     1909          1981       A11
GRADY, Inis M.                   08JA1912      19AU1981     A12  w of JA
GRADY, James A.  *               22AP1907      06JA1981     A12
POTTER, James Robert             10JA1943      24AP1965     A12
POTTER, Robert A.                21JE1915      19FE1963     A12  h of RK
POTTER, Ruby K.                  10AP1916      19OC1991     A12
RITHMIRE, James G.               14SE1897      12FE1965     A12  h of AS
RITHMIRE, Arie S.                26NO1898      08SE1975     A12
BARNETT, Jesse Oliver            01DE1887      04NO1967     A12  h of AR
BARNETT, Annie Rose              15DE1893      06AP1982     A12
ROSE, Neal Wood                  18JA1909      02JE1986     A12  h of DS
ROSE, Dassa Smith                15OC1910      30AP1967     A12
McLEMORE, Hassie Whitson         24AP1880      01JE1957     A12
GOAD, Essie McLemore             18FE1901      10NO1993     A12
McLEMORE, Annie B.               27JA1911       2004?       A12
SHARP, Jesse Thomas Sr.          10FE1901      19SE1990     A12  h of MB
SHARP, Maude B.                  26OC1904      09FE1993     A12
SHARP, J. Thomas Jr.             04JL1932      27AP1998     A12  h of Betty
SHARP, Betty Holden              22JA1937                   A12
WILBANKS, Addie Margaret Blair   15JA1926                   A12
BLAIR, Leslie W.                 04AU1898      04FE1985     A12  Mason
BLAIR, Cornelia N.  *            14FE1896      07JA1964     A12  w of LW; Eastern Star
ROBERSON, Lucille Braden         26OC1904      23JE2002     A13  w of JR
ROBERSON, J. Rex                 18AP1897      29JL1968     A13
HURN, Cora B.                      1877          1965       A13  w of TF
HURN, Thomas F.                    1876          1968       A13
DOWNS, Gladys Baggett            22OC1917        2006       A13  w of AC; m 3FE1934
DOWNS, Alonzo Cal (Tack)         04AU1910      02OC1990     A13
FOSTER, Callie A.                  1875          1969       A13  w of AJ
FOSTER, Andrew J.  *               1877          1955       A13
STONE, Aline E.                  08OC1900      11DE1979     A13  w of Oscar
STONE, Oscar                     12NO1900      17NO1984     A13
DISON, Olean H.                  14JL1907                   A13  w of CC
DISON, Clarence Christopher      04NO1897      16JA1979     A13
HARAWAY, Ludie Mae               07JA1910      09MH1992     A13
HARAWAY, William Lee             18NO1902      07JL1962     A13  h of LM
HARAWAY, Lucy                    22JA1918      23FE1993     A13  w of Lowell
HARAWAY, Lowell                  20NO1911      07MY1978     A13
WILLIS, Derrell G.               16SE1939      04NO1977     A14
WILLIS, Glenda J.                01MY1942                   A14  w of DG
CARTER, Lizzie                   14FE1888      10OC1970     A14  w of RR
CARTER, Robert R.                10AU1891      13AP1968     A14
McNAIRY, Grady                   17DE1907      03JE1961     A14  Mason
McNAIRY, Dorothy Mae             13FE1919      23NO2002     A14  w of Grady; m 18JE1938
DISON, Walter Leland             22FE1900      23JE1990     A14  h of LS
DISON, Lela Snoddy               08DE1909                   A14
NIXON, Annie Mae                               09JA1911     A14
PATTERSON, Edgar E. (Pat)        19NO1921      26OC1998     A14  SSgt  USAAC  WW-II
PATTERSON, Mary Frances Ezell    24OC1924                   A14  w of EE
ELKINS, James E.                 31OC1917      27AP1978     A14  h of CL
ELKINS, Charlene L.              29MH1921      19NO1975     A14
EZELL, James B.                  09OC1895      26AU1955     A14  Cpl Co D 106 Sup Trn WW-I
EZELL, Lucille H.                22JL1899      04MY1968     A14  w of JB
WADDELL, Robert Haywood          11FE1890      13MH1964     A14  Woodman
WADDELL, Flossie Mitchell        31AU1896      23JA1990     A14  w of RH
MITCHELL, Nora M.                08FE1874      30AP1953     A15  w of JH
MITCHELL, John H.                24AP1866      26MH1948     A15
MITCHELL, Villard C.             09AP1907      09JA1971     A15
HOLDEN, Mary Ester M.            05OC1904      04AP1990     A15
HARAWAY, Sarah F.                  1883          1970       A15  w of CE
HARAWAY, Clyde E.                  1883          1951       A15
HARAWAY, Louis A.                28OC1910      07JA1967     A15  Sgt USAAF  WW-II
FORRESTER, Freider Haraway       15OC1917                   A15  only one date
BROWN, Renny                       1889          1967       A15  w of Ben
BROWN, Ben F.                      1877          1952       A15
HORTON, Nita V.                  31JL1922      14JL1982     A15
LOVELL, Mary Marie               26JA1921      29OC1974     A15  w of ON
LOVELL, Oel Noel                 22DE1916      16MH2002     A15  stone with MM & Nita
CHILDERS, Bernice Lee (Dory)     13MY1942      03AP2002     A15
BUFFALOE, Jacquelin F.           17OC1939                   A15
BUFFALOE, Ethel M.               05OC1911                   A15
McMEANS, William Delona          26AU1886      24AU1985     A16  h of OT; m 24DE1911
McMEANS, Othella T.              11SE1893      09JA1979     A16
HOWARD, William Buford             1913          1965       A16  h of ND
HOWARD, Nettie Dean                1915          1975       A16
HARDY, Charles Thomas            21OC1918      16NO2000     A16  h of MM; m 15AP1949
HARDY, Mabel McMeans             26MY1914      18MH2004     A16
BURCH, Noah L.                     1909          1999       A16  h of Helen
BURCH, Helen D.                    1912          2002       A16
EDDY, Lela Dollar                31OC1888      15AU1957     A16
EDDY, Roscoe A.                                09AP1976     A16
EDDY, William H.                 10JE1905      06MY1984     A16  h of ED; m 20JE1926
EDDY, Eula Dean                  21MY1908      05NO1985     A16
DEAN, Oscar                      06JA1873      23JE1964     A16  h of CH
DEAN, Cora H.                    06OC1879      17MH1955     A16
WHITEHEAD, Jesse Thurston        12SE1891      08FE1978     A16  Mason
WHITEHEAD, Clara Dean            12MH1897      26MY1983     A16  w of JT; m 22NO1914
BYARS, Samuel T. (Rev)           23MH1880      05JA1970     A16  Mason
BYARS, Novella H.                26SE1889      04JA1977     A16  w of ST
PEDEN, Aileen Kates              03MH1915      20MH1991     A16
KATES, Leona M.                  14AP1909      11JE1990     A16
KATES, Frank C.                  29MH1861      31MH1948     A16  h of BM
KATES, Betty M.                  20JA1876      18JA1956     A16
EDMUNDSON, Rilla Howard          14NO1904      02AP1949     A17
BARKER, Eddie C.  *              31MH1902      26JA1990     A17  double with Zada
BARKER, Zada W.                  28MY1902      16JA1975     A17
WHITEHEAD, Julia Ann             01SE1879      07MH1959     A17  w of WH
WHITEHEAD, William Henry         09FE1873      06DE1954     A17
COSBY, Sybil C.                  20OC1906      10MY2003     A17  w of EA; m 24DE1926
COSBY, E. Allen                  28FE1905      24SE1989     A17  Mason
COSBY, Julia E.                    1912          1987       A17  w of SF
COSBY, Samuel F.                   1899          1976       A17
POWELL, Ollie M.                 13OC1886      01JE1968     A17  w of JB
POWELL, James B.                 16FE1884      13FE1961     A17
HUDSON, Maudie Dean              25MY1909      03MY1998     A17  w of HB
HUDSON, Hearl B.                 05OC1896      15FE1980     A17
COMER, Edward Almon              25MY1913      29FE1988     A18  h of ID
COMER, Irene Dean                28MY1915      14OC1985     A18  m 26JL1934
OWEN, Kate Pettey      *         03AU1895      11AU1988     A18
ESTES, Doris Owen                04DE1929                   A18  w of JD
ESTES, John David Sr.            11MY1927      14AU1974     A18
WARREN, Ludie Mae                14JA1908      21DE1992     A18
TROUSDALE, Ben J.                  1880          1963       A18  h of PH
TROUSDALE, Pearlie H.              1887          1960       A18
TROUSDALE, Lela Belle            14JA1908      02MH1995     A18
WILKERSON, Horace E.             05JA1915      27DE1982     A18  MM2  USN  WW-II
WILKERSON, Dora E.               08SE1908      05FE1969     A18  w of HE
THORNTON, Maloy Earis            02OC1895      22JL1974     A18  h of LH
THORNTON, Lillie Hudson          27FE1895      02OC1974     A18
LAKE, Christine Thornton Belue   09MY1926                   A18  w of JHB
BELUE, John Herschel             12MY1918      04JL1953     A18  Sgt 339 Inf WW-II PH BSM OLC
BATES, Luke C. Sr.                 1901          1953       A18  h of OR
BATES, Odell R.                    1906          1993       A18
BATES, Luke C. Jr.               03AU1923      04MY1990     A18  Pfc  USA  WW-II
BATES, Martha L.                 23DE1920                   A18  w of LC Jr.; m 11OC1952
WARREN, Robert P.                15NO1905      22DE1967     A18
WARREN, William R.               31JL1932      19JE1949     A18  s of RP
WADDELL, Vivian Alice Hannah     11AP1914      08MY1994     A19
WADDELL, Charles Elston          01FE1918      15MY1981     A19  h of VA; PHSA USN WW-II
WADDELL, Mary O.                 11AP1895      26JA1975     A19  w of JR
WADDELL, John R. (Dr)  *         29DE1887      02DE1963     A19
WADDELL, Mary Cathleene          26AU1919      18FE2001     A19
WADDELL, John R. (Dr.) Jr.       30AU1929      14FE2003     A19  h of SS
WADDELL, Shirley Stone           10MH1936                   A19
GOODE, Francis O.                14NO1898      24OC1978     A19  w of OO
GOODE, Olis O.  *                13SE1893      12AU1973     A19  Sgt  USA  WW-I
GOODE, Mary Frances                            12JA1954     A19  d of Bruce & Edith
WARREN, Reba Goode               16NO1924                   A19  w of AD
WARREN, Auvin D.                 27MH1919      22SE1985     A19  USA  WW-II
PERRY, A. Mark                                 07SE1962     A19
TODD, Rita Kay                   18AU1963      15JE1994     A19
BELUE, Susan V.                  07MY1913      11JA1995     A19
BELUE, James F.                  18FE1907      07AP1962     A19  h of SV
KAYLOR, Lemuel Jefferson         29MY1892      01JE1981     A19
KAYLOR, Jonnie Hanson              1896          1962       A19  double with LC
KAYLOR, Lemuel Curtis              1918          1964       A19
JOHNS, Arthur S.                 13MH1891      15SE1962     A20  Pvt 3 Co MG Tng Cent WW-I
JOHNS, Buell E.                  01JA1926      06MY1999     A20  h of DM
JOHNS, Dorothy M.                30MH1928                   A20
TROUSDALE, Lorena R.             20OC1922                   A20  w of RC
TROUSDALE, Raymond C.            08FE1920      14JE1993     A20
PERRY, William Porter            03AP1899      17JE1981     A20  Mason
PERRY, Inez B.                     1901          1998       A20  w of WP
PERRY, Edsel Alvin               16AP1932      16AP1996     A20  CS2  USN  Korea
PERRY, A. Mark                   07SE1962      08AU2000     A20
BECKMAN, Mike H.                 25MH1894      27JA1967     A20  h of EG
BECKMAN, Etta Greer              02FE1897      29AU1963     A20
DAVIS, Luther L.                   1907          1957       A20  h of EF
DAVIS, Elsie F.                    1912          1988       A20
FAVORS, H. Walter                  1882          1972       A20  h of MC
FAVORS, M. Cora                    1884          1963       A20
SMITH, Harriett L.               02JE1880      17NO1957     A20
ROMINE, Henry B.                   1873          1953       A20  Mason
ROMINE, Susie L.                   1878          1965       A20  w of HB; Eastern Star
KELLEY, M. Willease              03NO1938                   A21  w of JA; m 23JA1960
KELLEY, James A. Jr.             05NO1938      13AP1977     A21
DAVIS, Thomas (Pete)               1912          1968       A21
LAYTON, Jessie D.                31MY1888                   A21  w of Dock
LAYTON, Dock                     24NO1887      01SE1967     A21
BALCH, Gilla P.                  09OC1896      26MH1968     A21  w of JW
BALCH, John W.                   27JL1890      03FE1969     A21
ROMINE, Anna Dean Greer          13MY1913                   A21  w of Wallace
ROMINE, Wallace                  11SE1911      11AP1994     A21  m 17NO1934
BLANKENSHIP, Christine           14NO1930                   A21  w of Clellon; m 29JE1973
BLANKENSHIP, Clellon             16AU1924      23DE1998     A21
PERRY, Grace Goode               19JE1928      03JL1995     A21
PERRY, Ishmael                   06FE1926                   A21  h of Grace
NEWTON, Deborah Perry            05AU1948      02AP1990     A21
JOHNSON, Trudy P.                15FE1922      16JE2000     A21  w of HL
JOHNSON, Henry L.                17SE1892      08NO1968     A21
EZELL, Becky C.                  27JL1944                   A21  w of OW
EZELL, Owen W.                   04AU1942      20OC2003     A21  SP5  USA
EZELL, Essie O.                    1902          1967       A21  w of CW
EZELL, Charlie W.                  1905          1985       A21
THORNTON, V.A.                   08AU1909      02JL1968     A21
CAGLE, E.F.                      13MY1920      15MY2006     B01  h of WT
CAGLE, Willie T.                 06MH1924                   B01
CRYMES, William T.               20JL1911      20SE1997     B01  h of SL
CRYMES, Sadie Lee                30AP1918                   B01
CRYMES, Tommy (TC)               30AP1948      25FE2001     B01
CRYMES, Jonathan William         21MY1980      27MH2005     B01
MOSS, Thomas Jesse               15MY1900      27MY1977     B01  h of VT
MOSS, Vila T.                    01JL1910      25JL1984     B01
JACKSON, Arvin                   23SE1923      24SE1999     B01  PHM2  USN  WW-II
JACKSON, Oma Todd                17JA1927                   B01  w of Arvin
TULLY, Billy Joe Sr.  *          02MY1936      07SE1990     B01  Chief of Police - Anderson
TULLY, Rebecca Joan              18AU1939      12JL2003     B01  EMT; w of BJ
DISON, Marveleen                 23OC1915      27OC1996     B02  w of JW
DISON, John W.                   25JE1915      01JE1987     B02
WADDELL, Rhilla P.               14AU1900      15NO1992     B02  double with FD
WADDELL, Farris D.               08JA1902      27JL1974     B02
VINSON, Marie                    16OC1984      04AU2002     B02
VINSON, Henry  (Vince)           24NO1948      29AP2001     B02
VINSON, Leroy                    27MY1940      15NO1999     B02
ROBERTS, Inez P.                 20SE1915      18DE1996     B02  w of JP
ROBERTS, Jones Paul              23AP1915      22AP1973     B02  TN EM2 USN WW-II
PENNINGTON, Shannon Dewayne      16MY1974      04JL1990     B02
PENNINGTON, Ramona Nell  *       30AP1965      06MY1970     B02
McLEMORE, Nomer W.               10OC1902      04JE1984     B02  w of JM
McLEMORE, James M.               03SE1892      09JL1970     B02
CARTER, Cale B.                  13AU1912      03FE1970     B03  S2  USN  WW-II
CARTER, Fannie L.                20SE1913                   B03  w of CB
MOSS, Curry Wayne                              20NO1970     B03
VINSON, Eugene                   02MY1938                   B03  h of GN
VINSON, Gladys Nell              21FE1950      17JA2000     B03
ELLISON, John D.                 14FE1888      29JE1974     B03  h of FM
ELLISON, Frankie M.              22MY1894      06JA1977     B03
ELLISON, William D.              17SE1925      24MH2004     B03  h of WW
ELLISON, Wilma W.                18SE1928                   B03  m 17JE1950
BUTLER, General J.  (Rev)        04OC1922      14SE1992     B04  h of WD
BUTLER, Willa Dean               24AP1925                   B04
GOODMAN, L.V. Gerald             22MY1941      29SE2000     B04  h of BB
GOODMAN, Barbara Butler          04SE1943                   B04  m 24DE1958
POSS, Leo C.                     02JL1907      07NO1996     B04  h of LM
POSS, Lillie M.                  03DE1904      23JL1981     B04
VINSON, J.C.                     08DE1935      24JL1971     B04  A1  SFC USA Vietnam
VINSON, Belton H.  *             15MH1912      28JL1982     B04  h of ML
VINSON, Mildred L.               28NO1915      01MY1997     B04
FULMER, Jean Vinson              11SE1942                   B04  w of LM
FULMER, Larry M.                 17JL1920      17JE1996     B04
EMBRY, Minnie Lee                02OC1907      02FE2000     B05  w of CL
EMBRY, Chester Leo               05JL1909      04JE1987     B05
RICHARDSON, Lorene Elledge       07SE1911      13FE1992     B05  w of JT
RICHARDSON, John T. (Jack)       06DE1898      01MH1983     B05
RICHARDSON, Nela McMurry                                    B05  w of EO
RICHARDSON, Earl Oliver (Doll)   29JA1906      12AP1989     B05
TROUSDALE, Helen Howell          08AU1921                   B05  w of WH
TROUSDALE, William Henry         02MY1917      20MY2006     B05
KELLER, Marion M.                29JE1904      07MH1977     B05
KELLER, Ercy L.                  21JA1905      06NO1966     B05  double with MM
KENT, Marla Rae                  17AU1969      27MH1971     B06
SMITH, Warren J.                 18JA1927      04JE1969     B06  Mason
SMITH, Edna E.                   07FE1925                   B06  w of WJ
PRINCE, Donathan S.              23DE1903      19NO1996     B06
PRINCE, Bessie L.                09SE1906      22FE1979     B06  w of DS
HOLT, Billy N.                   11SE1927      23AU1994     B06
HOLT, Elizabeth D.               07JL1930      20JL2001     B06  w of BN
EMBRY, James O'Neal   *          23NO1930      28JA1993     B07  USAF  Korea
EMBRY, Olivia Butler             29AP1926                   B07  w of JO; m 18JE1955
BAYLES, Robbie C.                30MY1905      24NO1979     B07  w of AE
BAYLES, Arthur E.                26MY1889      27SE1976     B07  Cpl  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Athalee J.               14SE1914      11MY1977     B07
BARNETT, Claudell C.             26JE1933      15MH1969     B07
FAULK, Dustin C.                 05AU1985      06MH1999     B07
ALEXANDER, Eddie Nell            12MY1924      21FE2003     B07  w of Artemas
ALEXANDER, Artemas               27NO1922      19SE2002     B07

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