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Township 2, Range 7, Section 28

Submitted 11 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go east on College Street for about 3 miles.  The cemetery is on the left at the intersection on CR 555. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Muriel & James Barnett and updated in Oct 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from east to west.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
SPRINGER, Larry David            17JA1947                   01   h of BS
SPRINGER, Barbara Sue            10JL1945      26FE2006     01
WALLACE, Mabel Hendrix           25AU1923      09MH2006     02
WALLACE, James Henry             09SE1948      20NO2005     02
ROMINE, Clifton Alfred           17DE1958      04AU1999     02   2nd Lt  USA
WATSON, Charles Richard          28OC1963      07FE2002     03
ROMINE, Frankie Alice            06MH1909      09MH1985     03   w of WD
ROMINE, William Dewey            31AU1907      05MY1988     03
BLANKENSHIP, Timothy Neal        22SE1964      05AU1990     03
HENDRIX, Geneva A.               16JL1920      09DE1995     04   w of WE
HENDRIX, Winfred E.              29NO1908      24SE1970     04
HENDRIX, Peggy S.                28JE1947                   04   w of BJ
HENDRIX, Buford J. (Bud)         16JL1943      09NO1983     04   m 1MY1965
BUTLER, Jerry D.                 22AU1948      16AU1976     04   h of Joyce
BUTLER, Joyce E.                 14MH1949                   04   m 21FE1976
BUTLER, James Earl               15AP1945      27MY1996     04   SP4  USA  Vietnam
BIRDWELL, Dorothy Etsa           22AU1922                   04   w of John; m 26OC1940
BIRDWELL, John Edward            26NO1914      28FE1999     04
EASTEP, James Herbert            02MY1905      23OC1963     05   h of ID
EASTEP, Isadora D.               18MY1907      17MY1997     05
EASTEP, Jack Franklin            23AP1927      17SE1986     05   h of DD; USA  WW-II
EASTEP, Dorothy Delano           23SE1926      12JE2003     05
NEWTON, Lowell Donald            28AP1910      20MH1991     05   S1  USN  WW-II
NEWTON, Dorothy M.               27JA1912      01NO2004     05   w of LD; m 15NO1931
TUTEN, William A.                15SE1890      22DE1974     05   h of ME
TUTEN, Mollie E.                 17SE1888      24AU1968     05
JONES, Felix Edward              08MY1948      31JA1998     05   USA  Vietnam
BIRDWELL, Robert Earl Jr.        26OC1965      27OC1965     06
BARNES, Frances                    1933          1961       06
VARNELL, F. Arthur               24SE1905      04NO1980     06   h of HM
VARNELL, Hautie M.               28NO1910      05DE1985     06
JONES, Casey Lee                 28OC1915      25OC1963     06   h of AD
JONES, Allie D.                  24JL1917      01FE2003     06
HALE, Talma Rena                 16AP1898      26AU1974     06
HARAWAY, Elizabeth               23AP1913      04JL2001     06
RICHARDSON, Lola                 28AP1910      15AP1996     06   w of Lee
RICHARDSON, Lee                  13SE1908      17DE1998     06
RICHARDSON, Mary L.                1886          1968       06   w of John
RICHARDSON, John D.                1882          1959       06
SINIARD, Marguerite Tuten        08JA1932                   06   w of WE; m 13AU1949
SINIARD, William Elbert          01JL1925      31AU2004     06   S1  USN  WW-II
RICHARDSON, Ricky Lee            31MY1953      23AP1976     06   Sgt  USAF
PERRY, Tom M.                    08DE1903      07JA1982     06
PERRY, Tommie L.                 08JA1942        1942       06
PERRY, Dave                        1875          1940       06
PERRY, Mandy                       1882          1938       06   w of Dave
McGEE, infant                    29AU1941      29AU1941     07   s of Allen
REGION, Emmer Lettie             15JL1929      24JE2004     07
HENDRIX, Martha B.               21AU1917      13AP1998     07   w of AH
HENDRIX, Arthur H.               12MY1916      26NO1985     07
HENDRIX, Luther F.               28MH1920      21JL1920     07
HENDRIX, Henry L.                04NO1894      18SE1943     07   h of Emma
HENDRIX, Emma L.                 08MH1891      18AP1969     07
ROMINE, Dona C.                  28DE1883      17NO1959     07   h of Ella
ROMINE, Ella M.                  16MH1894      25JL1936     07   w of Dona
ROMINE, infant                                 31JL1930     07   s of Dona & Ella
NELMS, William Jack              14JA1933      17NO1936     07
HOOIE, Faye Alma                 13FE1926      02AU1957     08
HOOIE, Lura F.                     1893          1973       08   w of PF
HOOIE, Peat F.                     1890          1935       08
TROUSDALE, Emma R.               24SE1891      26FE1980     08   w of JR
TROUSDALE, James R.              07MH1884      25DE1962     08
TROUSDALE, Eddie C.              25JE1924      17JL1924     08
TROUSDALE, James R.              03OC1948      04OC1948     08
ELDRIDGE, Mary Delphia H.        12MY1851      23JL1941     08   w of A; H=Hendrix
ELDRIDGE, Alfonso                 AU1847        MH1934      08   Pvt Co H 50 AL Inf CSA
TUTEN, James Kenneth             16NO1910      21SE1944     08
NEWTON, infant                                 17JA1948     08   s of TO
NEWTON, Millinea Tuten           06MY1921      09AU2002     08   w of TO; m 4JA1942
NEWTON, Travis O'Neal            10AP1920      13AU2003     08   SSgt  USA  WW-II
NEWTON, Reggie Neal              30DE1956                   08
NASH, Dee                        03OC1904      05JA1979     08   h of Reba
NASH, Reba                       13SE1910      15AU1990     08
McGEE, Eula H.                   10FE1892      04NO1938     08   w of AW
McGEE, Andrew Winston            10JA1890      10MY1976     08
RAMSEY, Annice M.                16MH1898      24MH1968     08   w of Sam
RAMSEY, Samuel C.                04JL1894      23JE1962     08
McGEE, Izora E.                  05AP1890      21JA1958     08   w of JE
McGEE, James E.                  11SE1886      10AP1959     08
McGEE, Versie G.                 21SE1914      26JE1997     08   w of HA
McGEE, H. Allen                  18JE1911      05JA1994     08
LAMAR, C.W.                      05MH1865      30OC1933     09
LAMAR, H.C.                      08JE1869      06MH1935     09   w of CW
LAMAR, Wilbury Delonia Lamar *   03SE1903      02JE1980     09   Pfc USA WW-II
BIRDWELL, infant                 29DE1913      09JA1914     09   infant of OC & ML
BIRDWELL, Odie F.                10NO1916      22JL1928     09   s of OC & ML
BIRDWELL, Clyde Collins          19MH1936      08AP1957     09
BIRDWELL, Oscar C.               01JL1889      31DE1967     09
BIRDWELL, Mattie L.              03JL1892      19DE1966     09   w of OC
POSS, John J.                      1858          1937       10   h of MD
POSS, Martha D.                    1874          1921       10
BELUE, J. Villard                24MH1923                   10   h of GM
BELUE, Gladys M.                 06MY1926      16SE1966     10
TODD, Pearl R.                   13DE1906      06JE1983     10   w of MC; m 4JA1922
TODD, Mose C.                    07MH1893      29MY1975     10
TODD, Harvie H.                  21DE1922      23FE1944     10
STAFFORD, infant                 05AU1898      10AU1898     10   d of AT & MJ
HENDRIX, William A.              09JL1905      15JL1906     10   s of JA & MA
HENDRIX, James A.                21MY1877      23FE1946     10   h of MA
HENDRIX, Maude A.                25AU1887      21JA1982     10
BIRDWELL, Lloyd Arnold           01MH1912      13AP1956     10   h of ES
BIRDWELL, Effie Sue              04JE1915      28FE2006     10
BAUGHER, Manville I.             26SE1904      10MY1906     11   d of FA
HENDRIX, M.J.                    10SE1850      11JA1888     11   w of JJ
HENDRIX, Joseph Joshua           19OC1845      11DE1933     11
HENDRIX, Robert L.               10OC1883      19MH1920     11
BAUGHER, Nancy C.                01OC1879      16FE1956     11   w of FA
BAUGHER, Frank A.                16FE1879      30OC1969     11
BEADLE, Hugh David                 190?                     11   s of Elwood & Amanda
BEADLE, Louis Elwood               1900                     11   s of Elwood & Amanda
BEADLE, Mamie Lucinda              1898                     11   d of Elwood & Amanda
SHARP, Birthay                   09DE1903      18MH1906     11   child of HL & ME
SHARP, H.L.T.                    25NO1872      29MH1907     11   h of ME
RITHMIRE, infant                               12JE1918     11   d of Jim
POSS, Arlie J.                     1918          1961       11   h of IJ
POSS, Idell J.                     1920          2003       11
McGEE, Ida L.                    27FE1914      15DE1990     11   w of CO; m 21OC1933
McGEE, Curtis O.                 10MH1913      31JL1941     11
McGEE, Douglas Gleen             02NO1936      24MH1937     11
TODD, Ethel Romine               08AP1906      19DE1979     12   w of JJ
TODD, Joseph Joshua              01D18952      2OC1978      12   Pvt  USA  WW-I
TODD, Sarah Lentz                03SE1869      07JA1941     12   w of PH
TODD, Patrick Henry              05JL1867      17OC1939     12
TODD, Martha Hendrix             01FE1835      27AU1907     12
TODD, Archie                     30MY1898                   12   child
BELUE, Reba E.                   09SE1912      22DE2001     12   w of AC
BELUE, Arnold C.                 28JE1909      05MY1939     12
GATLIN, Lizzie E.                  1864          1946       12   w of TC
GATLIN, T.C.                       1872          1939       12
BURCH, Eula H.                   26OC1906      08AP1985     12   w of JP
BURCH, Jesse P.                  22JA1904      04AP1975     12
BURCH, Helen Marie               25JA1944      22MH1956     12
PETER, Ruby                      30DE1924      17MY1999     12   w of Lazar
PETER, Lazar                     26JL1938      01OC1981     12
BERGIN, infant                   17JA1925      08FE1925     13   s of SD & LF
MATTHEWS, William C.             22NO1879      25AU1915     13
BERGIN, Lillie Matthews          21MH1882      21MH1948     13
ROMINE, Jess Brock               05MY1899      09MH1986     13   h of MS
ROMINE, Myrtle S.                08MY1898      15MH1984     13
ROMINE, Beauford                   1933        25AP1942     13   s of JB
E, T.E.                                                     13
ROMINE, James Harold             13AP1918      26SE1990     14
ROMINE, Pearl G.                 25SE1902      26SE1980     14   w of TE
ROMINE, Thomas E.                12MH1902      06MY1973     14
ROMINE, A.B.                     17AU1864      18JA1925     14   h of ME
ROMINE, Mary E.                  06MH1868      28AU1937     14
ROMINE, Gerald W.                17SE1899      03NO1908     14   s of AB & ME
ROMINE, Mary Loorilla            15OC1889      18OC1894     14   d of AB & ME
HENDRIX, Sarah Mills             24AU1812      24NO1896     14   w of Joshua
HENDRIX, Joshua                  26NO1809      03MH1897     14   m 23DE1830
HENDRIX, Aarah Abigail           30MY1843      18JA1877     14   d of Joshua & Sarah
B. B.                                                       14
B. J.                                                       14
WHITE, Pauline                   29DE1915      09JE1916     14   d of HW; did not find
WHITE, Rosie E.                  12NO1884      25DE1935     14
WHITE, Lee R.                    17MY1914      31DE1980     14
WHITE, Jewel Juanita Rice        10NO1927      02AP1984     14   w of WR
WHITE, William R.                08MH1919      18MH1965     14   Tec5 442 Ord Co WW-II PH
WHITE, Winfred Arlan             30JL1950      10OC1969     14   Tec5 442 Ord Co WW-II PH
WHITE, Henry W.                  19DE1888      25AP1975     14   h of PR
WHITE, Pearl R.                  10MY1916                   14
ELDRIDGE, John D.                10JL1871      08AU1945     14   h of Bettie
ELDRIDGE, Bettie Tuten           15MY1870      07AP1934     14
ELDRIDGE, Lucrettia Chandler     29OC1840      09JL1918     14   w of BF
ELDRIDGE, B.F.                   09SE1834      19FE1908     14   Pvt Co H 50 AL Inf CSA
ELDRIDGE, Avery E.               09MH1868      27JA1942     14   h of DS
ELDRIDGE, Dorinda S.             31JL1874      22MY1958     14
ELDRIDGE, Bell                   14JE1875      27FE1953     14   w of Thomas
ELDRIDGE, Thomas E.              15AU1878      24OC1945     14
WALLACE, Gemina                  12OC1885      21JE1957     14
WALLACE, Bid                     06DE1867      09DE1953     14
WALLACE, Keron S.                19AU1900      14AP1968     14   w of CN
WALLACE, Claude N.               21AU1895      09MY1967     14
ELDRIDGE, Lula Mae               04OC1914      01MY1990     14   w of JJ; m 16OC1932
ELDRIDGE, James J.               16AU1904      13JA1972     14
ELDRIDGE, Charles Monroe *       13MY1935      12MY1995     14
PERRY, James D.                  17JE1888      09NO1964     14
PERRY, Odis D.                   22FE1908      10OC1974     14
McMEANS, Cora V.                 22SE1890      11AU1980     14   w of JJ
McMEANS, Jester Joseph           26FE1891      28AP1942     14
WHITE, Edith McMeans             30AU1920      11JA1985     14
HENDRIX, Julia A.                27JL1862      21MH1941     15
HENDRIX, Rena E.                 24NO1900      19SE1922     15
HENDRIX, infant                                19SE1923     15
ROMINE, infants                                             15   infants of JB
ROMINE, Zachariah Lafatte        19JL1862      28JE1908     15
ROMINE, Ellie Eastep             23JE1873      14AP1923     15   w of ZL
McMEANS, William Bennett         18AP1889      14JA1890     15   s of MF & DC
McMEANS, Nellie S.               08JE1896      22FE1914     15   d of MF & Ella
McMEANS, Milledge F.             06DE1862      09NO1944     15   h of ER
McMEANS, Ella R.                 06OC1868      23MY1956     15
MASON, Annie McMeans             20AU1902      07AU1945     15
ROMINE, James William            06JE1875      28SE1953     15
ROMINE, Mollie Ann               20NO1873      25FE1940     15   w of JW
ROMINE, Pearl                      1897          1968       15
ZAHND, Tina R.                     1906          1994       15   w of Arthur
ROMINE, Shirley A.               05SE1937                   16   w of Philip; m 25JA1957
ROMINE, Philip G.                17MH1934      24JA2006     16
ROMINE, Dorothy Z.               28SE1926      08AP1999     16   w of WO
ROMINE, William O.               12SE1926                   16
ROMINE, Ottis Brady              03MH1900      13JA1978     16
ROMINE, Virgiline Simmons          1901          1934       16   w of OB
ROMINE, Edna Onva                  1924          1926       16
BARR, Kisie A.                   05JA1871      07OC1900     16   w of WF
BARR, Columbus W.                10SE1892      30OC1892     16   s of WF & KA
BARR, K.A.                       25JE1871      17OC1900     16   w of WF
PERKINSON, Lafayette M.            1840          1919       16   Pvt Co I 27 AL Inf CSA
WALLACE, Velma Inez              06JA1905      28AP1942     16   w of BA
WALLACE, Bernard A.              02OC1899      09MY1965     16
WALLACE, Gerald E. (Jerry)       19MH1941      12SE1995     16
GATLIN, Dotson Glenn             26AU1896      19AP1969     16
GATLIN, Hattie Mae               29AP1927      27JE1927     16
GATLIN, Martha Eldridge           DE1856       25MY1925     16   w of Bud
GATLIN, Bud Stevenson              1852        Oct 1901     16
GRAHAM, Margie Parmenter         04JE1895      15AU1936     16   w of JG
GRAHAM, James G.                 04MH1887      14JL1974     16
MOORE, Lucy A.                   17DE1858      19MY1920     17
MOORE, Meredith G.               06MY1860      30JA1943     17
P, J.D.                                                     17
GRAHAM, M.S. (Mrs)               24AU1853      19SE1937     17   w of JD
GRAHAM, J.D.                       1847          1928       17
GRAHAM, Doria S.                 15AP1885      26MH1971     17
GRAHAM, Rachel M.                 JA1894       21JE1991     17
FAVORS, Reba D.                  21FE1920                   17   w of TD
FAVORS, Thomas D.                12OC1913      25AP1984     17
BURCHELL, Vader Lou Romine       11OC1904      03AP1999     18   w of James A. Sr.
ROMINE, Zona A.                  22AU1886      29SE1968     18   w of BO
ROMINE, Brock O.                 07SE1876      02AU1941     18
ROMINE, Mary S.                  04MH1866      27FE1919     18
ROMINE, Lucinda                  08JA1836      04ja1924     18   w of ZB
ROMINE, Zack B.                  03JE1830      21AP1910     18
HOWARD, Jesse                    19JE1900        1904       18
ROMINE, Sallie E.                                           18
ROMINE, Sarah E.                 20SE1860      05AU1863     18   d of ZB & Lucinda
WALLACE, Ettice                  13JE1915      16JE1915     18   d of FB & MB
WALLACE, Dallas                  05AU1913      13AP1918     18   s of Adie & Arie
WALLACE, Adie E.                 22MH1866      12JE1923     18   h of Arie
WALLACE, Arie B.                 04JA1875      07NO1967     18
WALLACE, Velma Inez              06JA1905      28AP1942     18
WALLACE, Charlotte Cheatham S.     1825                     18   S=Smith
WALLACE, William                   1802                     18
WALLACE, Mahala Satterfield        1807          1858       18
EUBANKS, Mollie Wallace          02JL1902      21SE1978     18
ROMINE, Otha D.                  06JE1909      12OC1967     18   Pfc  USA  WW-II
ROMINE, Thomas Edward            25JE1915      16NO1944     18   TSgt Co D 3 BN 1 Regt WW-II
ROMINE, Lillie V.                19FE1884      11AU1967     18   w of CW
ROMINE, Charlie W.               15MY1877      23AP1919     18
GRAHAM, J. Elmer                 28JL1909      26NO1941     18
GRAHAM, William Leona              1912          1928       18
GRAHAM, Ellen                      1887          1918       18
GRAHAM, William L.               05AP1883      17MH1953     18
GRAHAM, Ida Casteel              29OC1884      05MY1954     18
GRAHAM, Oodie S.                 15AP1885      26MH1971     18   h of RM
GRAHAM, Rachel M.                05JA1894      21JE1991     18
FAVORS, Reba D.                  21FE1920       2005?       18   w of Thomas
FAVORS, Thomas D.                12OC1913      25AP1984     18
SOUTH, Judith G. Favors          24JE1942      24DE1996     18
FAVORS, Peggy Ann Goodin         07FE1944      12JE2003     18   w of TE
FAVORS, Thomas Edward            06SE1944                   18   m 15JA1965
BOODY, Pauline McMeans           03DE1914      14OC1975     18
McMEANS, Magdalena F.            05SE1928      18NO1980     18   w of EF
McMEANS, Edwin F.                24FE1918      28JE1970     18   SFC USA WW-II Korea & Vietnam
ALEXANDER, Virginia McMeans      05FE1916      22JL1997     19   w of WW
ALEXANDER, William Wallace MD    18SE1906      24MY1974     19   Maj Med Corp
MOORE, David Buford              13MH1936      11FE1940     19
TRAVIS, Hazel R.                 05AU1947      28NO1968     19
MOORE, Charlie C.                07AP1898      05SE1977     19
MOORE, Michelle Nichole          14NO1981      16NO1981     19
ROMINE, Prentiss O.              19MY1919      06JA1998     19   h of SG
ROMINE, Sarah Graham             11AU1920      25FE2002     19
TUTEN, J.D.                      13AU1857      17JL1900     19   h of ME
TUTEN, W.M.C.                    06JA1832      18MH1865     19   h of P.R.
TUTEN, Parthena R.               17MY1833      07FE1888     19   w of WMC
MATTHEWS, Stephen J.                                        19   1st Sgt Co I 9 AL Inf CSA
MATTHEWS, Florence`              23AP1862      04MY1933     19
MATTHEWS, William M.             17NO1882      20MH1947     19
R, L.A.                                                     19
ROMINE, P.F.                     25JE1835      08FE1898     19   h/f Louvisa F. Overby 3SE1865
CLANTON, Ruby                    11NO1904      25SE1997     19
HOWARD, infant                                 08MH1910     20   infant of JP
HOWARD, Betty L.                 04DE1870      05DE1930     20   w of JP
HOWARD, John P.                  11FE1874       AU1938      20
ROMINE, James H.                   1850          1885       20
ROMINE, Parmelia A.                1828          1893       20
ROMINE, Andrew F.                  1854          1865       20
ROMINE, Elvira C.                  1852          1905       20
ROMINE, William Z.                 1852          1872       20
ROMINE, Susan F.                   1857          1868       20
BURCHELL, Mary Odell Romine      21JE1916      08AU2002     21   of James
BURCHELL, James Arthur Jr.       30MY1921      04OC1977     21
HOWARD, Lillie C.                09OC1905      07MH2004     21   w of JN
HOWARD, John N.                  31JL1902      09JE1976     21
WILLIAMS, Sarah R.               02DE1877      19AU1889     21
WILLIAMS, L.E.R.                 23AU1858      17NO1888     21   w of SM
SMITH, J.W.                      cir1817       15NO1882     21
WILLIAMS, Ada                    10DE1881      02JA1882     21
ROMINE, Sarah Rose                 1801          1897       21   w of Peter
ROMINE, Peter                      1795          1881       21   Pvt 2 Regt W.TN Mil 1812 War
WEATHERS, William J.               1834          1868       21   Pvt Co C 16 AL Inf CSA
THORNTON, Christine              25MY1937                   21   w of Carl
THORNTON, Carl E.                12AP1936      18FE1968     21
COX, Barbara K. Romine-Ezell     12OC1943                   21   one date
FORSYTHE, Birta Sue Romine-D.    14AP1945                   21   one date; D=Downs
SCOTT, Virginia M.               13FE1952                   21   one date
RICHARDSON, Henry Dale           09OC1946      24AU2003     22
MILLS, Robert S.                 08FE1938                   22   h of DJ
MILLS, Doris J.                  26DE1934                   22
STUTTS, Cecil James              01JA1913      05JL1976     22   h of BB
STUTTS, Bertha B.                10JA1910      04JA2003     22
THORNTON, James William          06DE1920      18JL1991     22   h of LM
THORNTON, Lillie Mae             09FE1920      09MY1973     22
HOWARD, Herschel A.              01DE1931      27MH1998     22   USA  Korea
HOWARD, Virginia S.              23DE1935                   22   m 22MH1952
ROMINE, Roland H.                23SE1916      31DE1992     22   h of Stella
ROMINE, Stella F.                08AP1919      21SE1996     22
HANSON, Mildred Romine           20FE1924                   23   w of JA
HANSON, James A.                 03JE1917                   23
HIPP, Altha G.                   18SE1912                   23   w of Felix
HIPP, Felix Don                  06OC1907      21JE1981     23
GLASS, Paulette                  22JL1953      19SE1976     23   w of Wayne; m 27AU1971
GLASS, Wayne                     27MH1949                   23
ROMINE, Delphia Vicars (Tad)      JA1919                    24   only date
ROMINE, Kathleen H.              21JL1923                   24   only date
ROMINE, John                     07MY1919      11JA1981     24
ROMINE, Mabel Hale               18SE1896      11NO1967     24   w of JS
ROMINE, John Solomon             16OC1892      19FE1967     24
ROMINE, Charles G.               07MY1922      16AU1989     24
THORNTON, Russell Romine         02JL1961      01JL1968     24
ROMINE, Lura Mae                 04MH1913      19MY1985     24   w of DE; m 28OC1928
ROMINE, D. Earl                  29DE1909      04MH1991     24
CHANDLER, Gertrude B.            25MH1903      17FE1988     24
CHANDLER, William Preston        10AP1902      25JA1967     24   h of Gertrude
ROMINE, Martha Ann                 1866        26OC1941     24   w of RR
ROMINE, Rite Rice                  1861          1928       24
RICHARDSON, Byron Glenn (Doc)    04NO1964      28MY1989     24
RICHARDSON, Matthew Wade                       10AU1992     25   infant twin
RICHARDSON, James Mark                         10AU1992     25   infant twin
ROMINE, Martha E.                09AP1833      25SE1852     25
GALLENDER, Demos                 18AU1936                   26   h of CN
GALLENDER, Randal Don            08SE1957      02JE2003     26   s of Demos
GALLENDER, Carolyn Newton        06NO1936                   26   w of Demos
NEWTON, William H.               24MH1908      03FE1989     26   h of Rose
NEWTON, Rose Mae                 01AP1910      22AP1986     26   m 17JL1927
ROMINE, Dee Franklin             25MY1902      26DE1980     26   h of Lola
ROMINE, Lola Simmons             31OC1905      18JL1986     26
WELLS, Will W.                     1855          1949       26   h of LP
WELLS, Lillie P.                   1888          1977       26
WELLS, Buford E.                 27AU1918      02DE1997     26   h of HM
WELLS, Hattie Mae                11AU1923      22JA1987     26
COSBY, Erdis Erlene *            08JL1910      12OC2000     27   w of James
COSBY, James H.                  24AU1896      28FE1980     27
COSBY, Marty Glenn               12JA1966      14AU2005     27   Treasury Agent
COSBY, Donna Richards            30DE1965                   27   w of MG; m 9NO1990
BARKSDALE, Leslie Ellen          10FE1946                   27   w of Jimmy; m 24JL1964
BARKSDALE, Jimmy                 20JE1943      03NO2001     27
SONAFRANK, Doris P.              15JL1909      07AP1999     27
HILL, Vera Graham Rogers         28JE1917        2006       27

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