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East Lauderdale County

Updated Survey Contributed 27 Aug 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Killen, go north on US 43 and turn right on AL 64.  Go about 5 miles.  The cemetery is on the right just before you reach CR 36.The cemetery was surveyed by Sarah & Wendell Balch in November 1995. Map.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
STEWART, J. Duncan                 1780          1850       01
STEWART, Catherine W.              1780          1863       01
STEWART, Martha A.                 1822          1890       01
STEWART, James W.                  1821          1847       01
HARRIS, Mary E.                  12FE1888      04AP1907     01  w of Dr. WG
McGEE, Mary                      12FE1820                   02  stone broken
STEWART, Christian               15NO1805      23NO1892     02
JONES, A.                        21FE188?      21FE1895     04  stone broken
JONES, J.                                      18NO1831     04  hard to read
JONES, M.                                      06AU1840     04  stone broken
SIMPSON, Alan George             31JL1938      22AU1994     06
W.A., M.D.  1874                                            06  hard to read
B.N.D.                                                      06  carved on handmade stone
J.M.D.                                                      06  carved on handmade stone
SIMPSON, John Dee                06FE1922      27JA1987     07  Pfc  USA  WW-II
SIMPSON, Mit M.                  19AP1880      25JE1959     07  double with CP
SIMPSON, Charlie P.              26FE1886      17FE1931     07
SIMPSON, Melvin Lee              03DE1921      08DE1921     07  s of OL & WS
WISDOM, Albert                   27OC1890      26AP1920     08  h of MJ
WISDOM, Mammie J.                11JA1895      02JE1974     08
WISDOM, J.D. Wright              15FE1887      26JA1942     08  triple with Al & MJ
ALLEN, Bertha L. Simpson         23AU1894                   09  w of Tom; m 7MH1915
ALLEN, Tom L.                    12MH1885      14MH1938     09
ALLEN, infant                    28OC1925      06NO1925     09  infant of Tom & Bertha
ALLEN, Buford W. (Boots)         16DE1921      28JA1941     09  kicked by a horse & died
ALLEN, Hubert J.                 07SE1926      14JA2004     09  USN  WW-II
WRIGHT, J.D.                     15FE1887      26JA1942     10
WRIGHT, J.D.                     15FE1887      26JA1942     10

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