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Contributed 9 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 to Elgin and go north on AL 101 for about 3 miles.  The church is on the right and the cemetery is up a lane behind the church. This cemetery was surveyed by Judy Mason in 1995 and updated in Sept 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates a correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD       ROW  NOTES
BERGIN, Eula Thornton            26DE1914      01OC1991     01  w of AC
BERGIN, Almon Clay               19DE1908      20OC1980     01  m 26FE1938
COTTLES, Margaret Valera         06OC1941      05OC1995     01  w of Dalton; m 22MH1958
COTTLES, Dalton (Tonice)         25FE1935                   01
COTTLES, Amanda Nicole           17DE1971      10AU1997     01
GRAY, Amber Gail                 07SE1970      10AU1997     01  w of Ricky
DAVIS, Wylodine H.               01OC1917                   03  w of GA
DAVIS, Gilbert A.                03FE1917      24MH1975     03
SLAYTON, Elizabeth M.            12DE1928      24FE2006     03  w of VA; m 12JL1947
SLAYTON, V. Arlin                02OC1927      10JL2006     03  Mason
ALEXANDER, Mary Joiner           05MH1907      31OC1983     03  w of WH
ALEXANDER, William Hershel       10OC1903      15OC1984     03
KING, Jane                       10AU1930      13AP2005     03  w of Douglas
KING, Douglas                    24JE1928      26OC1998     03
JOINER, Violet O.                12FE1925      12JE2003     03  w of ED; m 29AU1942
JOINER, Ezra D.                  10JA1921      13FE1998     03
WILSON, Judy Joiner              09NO1946                   03  w of ER
WILSON, Ernest Ray (Zeke)        15JL1946      16MH1998     03
GROSSO, Vincent Joseph           03SE1942      11FE2001     03  h of JS; m 27NO1965
GROSSO, Jacqueline Suflay        03MY1944                   03
SUFLAY, Theresa Carlos           01AU1915      09JL1997     03
PHILLIPS, Roy Nelson             17JL1925      04FE2006     04  h of Helen
PHILLIPS, Helen Davis            02SE1927                   04
WHITE, Chloe H. *                08JE1905      25JA1980     04
HAIRRELL, James M.               12NO1904      27DE1998     04  SSgt  USA  WW-II
HAIRRELL, Grace Harvey           25NO1915      20OC1994     04  w of JM
HARVEY, Robert W.                18AP1913      23MY1978     04  Sgt  USA  WW-II
HARVEY, Madgie J.                14FE1907                   04  w of RW; m 3JL1948
WHITE, Delmer C.                 23SE1924      30SE1969     04  h of Hazel
WHITE, Hazel N.                  02MH1924      04JE2005     04
SLOAN, Richard Bryson            25OC1910      21JA1998     04  S2  USN  WW-II
WALKER, John E.                  16JE1922      20JL1988     05  USN Sfc USA WW-II Korea Viet
WALKER, Lillie M.                20MH1926                   05  w of JE; m 18DE1945
McGEE, Nita A.                   14DE1953      03AP2004     05  w of WT; m 2SE1968
McGEE, William T.                05DE1945                   05
NIX, Estie M.                      1912          2005       05  w of VA
NIX, Void A.                       1909                     05
WRIGHT, Jessie D.                15DE1931      05JE2002     05  w of Thetus
WRIGHT, Thetus                   11MY1928                   05
PHILLIPS, Carroll D.             08AU1900      14NO1988     05
PHILLIPS, Thetus Lee             11MY1928                   05
PHILLIPS, Catherine June         27JE1952      10JL1973     05
WRIGHT, Josie                    06AU1890      24SE1976     05
SMITH, Glenda G.                   1945                     05  w of WT
SMITH, William T.                  1939          1976       05
SMITH, William Jesse Jr.         28MH1894      06FE1971     05  h of VR
SMITH, Virgie Riggs              29JA1899      23MY1989     05
SMITH, Bobbie                    03OC1918      09NO2000     05  w of Delsie
SMITH, Delsie                    20NO1917                   05
WALKER, John E.                  16JE1922      20JL1988     06  USN/WW-II; USA Sfc Korea Viet
BARNETT, Leroy F.                06JE1922      12AP1994     07
McGEE, John C.E. (Pete)          25JL1922      03MH1987     07  Pfc  USA  WW-II
McGEE, Peggy J.                  09JL1931                   07  w of John
McGEE, Barry Alan                28NO1961      27AU1999     07
HOWARD, Mary Newton              01JE1939      08JA2000     07
NEWTON, Robert L.                01JL1915      02SE1985     07  h of Mary
NEWTON, Mary E.                  25SE1917      11SE1989     07
NEWTON, Timothy Ray              12AP1961      31OC1994     07
BIRDWELL, Jeanette Newton        16OC1952      01JA1999     07
DISON, William James (Jimmy)     10JL1931      05AP1997     07  USAF  Korea
DISON, Herbert W.                03N19070      01AP1968     07  Mason
DISON, Reba A.                   04AP1905      02FE1977     07  w of HW
TAYS, G. Earl                    26AP1902      23DE1970     07  h of Myrtle
TAYS, A. Myrtle                  10MY1906      28MY1970     07
EZELL, R. Jack                   08SE1897      16FE1965     07  h of JP
EZELL, Jonnie P.                 17SE1899      03AP1982     07
DAVIS, Lendon Aris               06JL1919      13MH1991     07  S1  USN  WW-II
DAVIS, Eloise Bailey             27JL1921                   07  w of LA; m 9AU1940
DAVIS, O. Arthur                 22AP1891      19NO1963     07  h of Lucy
DAVIS, Lucy B.                   20OC1890      19SE1976     07
GRIFFIN, Allen L.                07JL1908      22JA1979     07  h of Annie
GRIFFIN, Annie M.                24AU1910                   07
BERGIN, Clayton                  14AU1914      29MY1976     08  w of TM
BERGIN, T. Melvin                05MH1903      04FE1962     08
WHITE, Swanie E.                 20AU1904      01JL1963     08  w of Henry
WHITE, Henry F.                  27DE1892      22AU1975     08
WHITE, Corinne G.                14JE1927      05DE1974     08  w of YJ; m 6AU1949
WHITE, Yuell J.                  24JA1924                   08
MAYFIELD, Cleo Kelley            27FE1908      09FE1971     08  w of BL
MAYFIELD, Buford Lee             05AU1914      12SE1988     08
TERRY, Dorene Bond               10MH1930      15MH1996     08
SHELTON, Mary D. Mitchell        13FE1932                   08  w of VB
SHELTON, Vernon B.               09JA1930      08OC1987     08
MITCHELL, Thomas J.              01NO1905      27AP1992     10  h of WT
MITCHELL, Willie T.              09SE1911                   10
ALEXANDER, Bernard Alton         08MH1912      22SE1985     10  Mason; S2 USN WW-II
ALEXANDER, Inez Grisham          14DE1913                   10  w of BA
THORNTON, Lee Mancel             30JA1928      19JL2003     10  Pfc USA WW-II
THORNTON, Mae Alice              21AU1931                   10  w of Lee
GOODE, Sandra Thornton           31DE1948                   10  w of RT; m 30MY1969
GOODE, Royal Timothy             11JA1949      24MY1998     10
GOODE, Joseph Lee                05FE1971      05FE1971     10  infant of Timothy
THORNTON, Gartis G.              25JL1922      13AP1969     10  USA  WW-II
THORNTON, H. Lelon               14FE1898      29JA1981     10  Mason; Woodman
THORNTON, Bonnie                 21MH1900      13JA1969     10  w of HL
THORNTON, Royce Glen Jr.         19JL1959      26MH1979     10
THORNTON, Chapel                 06DE1910      27JA1966     10  h of NOra
THORNTON, Nora M.                06SE1918      20JE1996     10
THIGPEN, Henry L.                06JE1892      12JA1962     10  h of MB
THIGPEN, Mattie B.               02JE1884      20SE1971     10
THIGPEN, Robert L.               14MY1886      05AU1962     10  h of BB
THIGPEN, Bertha B.               21DE1885      27JE1969     10
DAVIS, Lillie Mae                11FE1911      07FE1990     11  w of HL
DAVIS, Herman L.                 16JL1906      04NO1994     11
DAVIS, Sue P.                      1940                     11  w of HL Jr.
DAVIS, H.L. Jr.                    1936          1961       11
BUTLER, Shirley P.               12MY1938                   11  w of LC
BUTLER, Larry C.                 23JL1936      04NO1962     11
HAYES, Billie M.                 11MY1931                   11  w of JW
HAYES, Johnny W. Sr.             22MH1929      14MH1971     11
WHITE, Linda Hayes               15JA1950                   11  w of Ned; m 23AU1980
WHITE, Ned Allen                 02NO1941      19N2004      11
LASH, Thetus M.                  02JL1923                   11  w of Morris; m 29AU1942
LASH, Morris                     07JA1923      02DE1986     11  Mason
THORNTON, Herbert Captain        19AP1920      05AU2000     13  h of Doris; m 15FE1950
THORNTON, Doris Grisham          16MY1924      28JA1997     13
THIGPEN, Junior Edward           02AU1940                   13  h of Mary
THIGPEN, Mary E. Moore           04OC1944                   13
MOORE, Richard Harris            14JA1911      28MH1999     13  Mason
MOORE, Mary M. Butler            14JL1917      06NO1980     13  w of RH
MOORE, Robert Gene               31OC1936      09MY1997     13
KING, Lunsford D.                  1902          1967       13  h of MB
KING, Maxie B.                     1902          1976       13
PHILLIPS, J.V. (Bill)            06MY1912      28MY1990     13  h of SE
PHILLIPS, Selma E.               26SE1921      11MH2006     13
LAMB, infant                                   11AP1964     13  d of Jimmy
LAMB, Larry Glen                 06JA1949      28AP1962     13
LAMB, James Alvis                10DE1919      25OC1990     13  S1  USN  WW-II
LAMB, Andora                     19JA1922                   13  w of James
BAILEY, Ollie K.                 30JA1903      15JA1988     14  w of James
BAILEY, James V.                 25NO1897      30MH1966     14
JONES, Edith Yvonne              26MH1936      28MY1971     14  w of ER
JONES, Elvis Roy                 25FE1929                   14
BAILEY, James Delbert            16JL1925      27MH1985     14  GMTC USN WW-II Korea Vietnam
McCAFFERTY, L. Adrain            07FE1907      10AP1972     14
McCAFFERTY, J. Dearwood          05AP1904      25MH1988     14  double stone with LA
McCAFFERTY, James Otis           04MH1926      08JA1989     14  h of DW
McCAFFERTY, Dorothy White        09JL1930                   14
WHITE, Betty Steen               14NO1932                   14  w of Edward; m 22DE1950
WHITE, Edward Harlon             01DE1932      28FE2005     14
STEVENS, Roy *                   04JL1929      06JA1986     14  SSG USA Korea Vietnam
ELDRIDGE, B.F. (Frank)           05AP1907      29OC1986     15  h of Mary
ELDRIDGE, Mary Belle             07NO1923      02AU2000     15
KILLEN, W.S. (Toots)             13DE1900      25JL1985     15  h of Rutha
KILLEN, Rutha S.                 12MH1905      28JA2003     15
BRACKEN, Pauline Killen          12NO1925      15JA1981     15
BRUMLEY, James Nathaniel (Jr)    13JL1927                   15  h of Mary
BRUMLEY, Mary Elizabeth Bailey   10JL1931      06NO2003     15
HAMMOND, Matthew Scott (Matt)    31JL1969      06DE1986     15
HAMMOND, G. Clay *               06JL1947                   15  h of Janice; m 20NO1982
BRUMLEY, Janice Shook            09JE1953                   15  w of JD; m 28MH1970
BRUMLEY, James Dwight            15JA1949      09AP1978     15
SMITH, Hattie Mae                11SE1922      14JA2000     16  w of WB
SMITH, William Bertus            10MH1916      30OC1978     16
SMITH, Shelia Mae                14DE1973      16DE1973     16
PHILLIPS, Osie J.                21OC1920      01OC1992     16  w of RM; m 29OC1937
PHILLIPS, Reeder M.              18MH1917      03OC1995     16  Pvt  USA  WW-II
SHOOK, Edna Newton               20MH1924      07FE2006     16  w of BH
SHOOK, Bufford Hollis            12FE1924                   16
BAILEY, Dorothy Killen           07AP1930                   16  w of JP; m 29DE1948
BAILEY, Jesse Paul *             07SE1929      01JA1993     16  Cpl  USA  WW-II
THORN, Sarah                     10NO1985      10NO1985     16  d of Stan & Susan
KING, Herman (Bunt)              27OC1933                   18  h of Helen; m 6NO1955
KING, Helen Lucille              17AP1940                   18
BARRINGER, William Stansell      21AU1912      21MH1989     18  Mason
BARRINGER, Mamie E. *            24JA1908      27JE1998     18  w of Wm.

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