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There are many small cemeteries in Lauderdale County, AL, most
of which are for particular families. Some of them have only a single
marked grave. By grouping them by township and range it is hoped
that we will be able to put all of them on line.  Cemeteries with 50 or
less marked graves will be included in this category. If you know of
a small cemetery that has not been surveyed or put on line, please
 contact either Bob Torbert  or  Pat M. Mahan

William Hammonds

Township 1, Range 7, Section 1
Contributed Dec 2006 by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go north on AL 207 to mile marker 13 and turn right on CR 518.  Go about one mile and the cemetery is on the right in the middle of a field, next to a lone cedar tree. The cemetery is not marked on the Township 1, Range 7, but is located in the extreme northeast corner. This cemetery was surveyed in Nov 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey published in Cemeteries of East Lauderdale County, Alabama.

     NAME                   BORN        DIED      NOTES
CORNELIUS, Ruby H.        07MY1922    14JE1998
TOWNSEND, Caroline                      1971    infant
BAILEY, Kizzie J.         20NO1873    28JL1936  w of JT
BAILEY, Jones T.          08JE1869    07JA1944
BAILEY, Pinie             15JL1902    20JA1908
BAILEY, G.P.  *           17SE1834    23JE1909
BAILEY, Suson P.          02MY1838    15JL1899  w of GP
HULSEY, W.D.              07FE1894    11NO1935
HULSEY, Gracie Lee        08SE1897    08OC1977
HULSEY, Versie Lee        20AU1914    01JA1916

Township 1, Range 7, Section 30
Contributed Dec 2006 by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go north on AL 207 to Anderson, turn west on CR 52, continue west on CR 89, and turn north on CR 115. The cemetery is on the left, not visible from the road, but there is an arch over the entrance with the cemetery name on it. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Jimmy & Judy Mason. It was updated by Robert Torbert in Nov 2006. An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey. The rows are numbered from east to west.

     NAME                          DOB           DOD       ROW      NOTES
HAMMOND, Murray S.               04SE1921      19MH2000     01  USA  WW-II
LITRAL, A. Opalene               10AU1935                   01  w of JA
LITRAL, James A.                 16DE1919      10AP1975     01  Pfc  USA  WW-II
TAYLOR, Billie Harbison          24JL1930                   01  w of HG
TAYLOR, Harold Glenn             05NO1922      10JA2001     01  S1  USN  WW-II
HARBISON, James L.               07DE1921      15JA1974     02  Pvt  USA  WW-II
HARBISON, James William          26MH1895      30AP1976     02  Pvt  USA  WW-I
HARBISON, Mary E.                18NO1892      15MH1969     02  w of JW
HARBISON, Opalene                05SE1926      15DE1927     02
HARBISON, Octava                 20MY1925      16SE1926     02
HARBISON, Azile                  24SE1920      28OC1921     02  d of JW & ME
HARBISON, Colins                 04JA1917      01JL1917     02
NEWTON, infant                   10JL1906      10JL1906     03  s of AM
NEWTON, Aaron                    08NO1886      26DE1917     03
WELDON, M.M.E.  *                05JL1888      10AP1925     03  w of EJ
NEWTON, A.M.                     24OC1857      19JL1929     03  h of Octavia
NEWTON, Octavia                  04NO1862      02JA1937     03
NEWTON, Mae Belle                  1899          1949       03
CRAIG, Marvin E.                 17MY1907      31JL1991     03  h of EL
CRAIG, Emma L.                   12AU1902      06MH1987     03
THIGPEN, Eleanor E.              26JE1928                   04  w of CO
THIGPEN, Clifton O.              18FE1923      05NO1955     04  Cpl  USA  WW-II
PETTUS, Georgia L.               08NO1901      15SE1909     04
PETTUS, Arthur B.                04JA1898      12AU1907     04
PETTUS, J.W.                     13AU1872      11JE1907     04
PETTUS, Onus                     31AU1905      16JA1907     04
PETTUS, Willie D. *              08NO1901      21AP1906     04
PETTUS, infant                                 22JA1897     04  d of JW & MA
HAMMONDS, William                03MH1823      24JL1889     05  h of ME
HAMMONDS, Mary Emaline           01DE1831      21JE1913     05
NEWTON, infant                   24MY1918      24MY1918     05  s of RA & HE
HAMMOND, R.E.H.                  04JL1877      23OC1881     06
HAMMONS, G.H.                    27MY1883      13MH1884     06
HAMMONS, Frances Howard          08DE1853      24AU1884     06
HAMMONDS, F.B.  *                23JA1851      26NO1900     06
THIGPEN, George Bennie           25OC1898      23JE1975     06  h of Alma
THIGPEN, Alma                    13NO1903      07AP1975     06
THIGPEN, Edward Lee              18SE1924                   06  h of OL
THIGPEN, Mary Lee                18JA1950                   06  d of EL & ML
THIGPEN, Omie Lee                06AU1928                   06
THIGPEN, Milton                  04SE1921      31AU1979     07  GMZ  USN  WW-II
THIGPEN, Catherine G.            22MH1921                   07  w of Milton

Township 1, Range 7, Section 17
Contributed 21 Mar 2007
by Jennifer Zahnd

All photos of this cemetery were taken by Jennifer Zahnd.

Location:This cemetery is not marked on the map. Go east on 64 about .5 miles from the intersection of 64 and 89 near Grassy in Lauderdale County, Alabama. Turn right on CR-49 and go .7 mile and turn left on CR-511. Park at the red gate 100 yards up the hill. The cemetery is through the gate and in the cedar trees at the top of the hill past the barn. Ask permission at either of the two houses on CR-49 100 yards past the turn on to CR-511. There are about eight to ten graves there. The area is clean. It is in a cow pasture.

Howard, Nancy G.   born Nov. 15, 1822 {Died 1907}
Howard, Jason      born Nov. 5, 1823  Died Aug. 23, 1904
Sturgeon, E. B.    Jan. 18, 1784 - Aug. 20, 1846 
     (Elizabeth B. Harkness Sturgeon, wife of John Cooper Sturgeon}
Sturgeon, J. C.    Sept. 22, 1777 - Dec. 10, 1867 {John Cooper Sturgeon}
Sturgeon, E. C.    June 16, 1812 - Dec. ?, 1877
     (Daughter of J.C.& E.B.Sturgeon}
There are four or five rocks and stones with no dates or names.

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