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Township 3, Range 7, Section 10

Submitted 16 Oct 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Rogersville, go east on US 72 and turn south on CR 77.  Then turn left on CR 70 and go about 1/2 mile.  The cemetery is on the right in a pasture, easily seen from the road. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Judy Mason & Faye Page and updated in Oct 2006 by Robert Torbert.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
EZELL, Charles L.                02MH1880      14AP1959     01   h of EL
EZELL, Elizabeth L.              04OC1887      06JL1933     01
EZELL, Aurden                      1917          1919       01
EZELL, Levi                        1911          1913       01
EZELL, Augusta                     1905          1907       01
DAVIS, Sarah Jake                25DE1883      16AP1930     01
JONES, John H.                   17JE1892      15JL1980     01   USA  WW-I
JONES, Bill                                                 01
JONES, Josie                                                01
JONES, John D.                   23OC1873        1949       01
JONES, Nina                        1875        24DE1950     01
JONES, Roxana                      1871        12OC1953     01
JONES, Jessie                    02FE1889      03OC1938     01   h of Mandy
JONES, Mandy                     06JE1887      12OC1929     01
JONES, James                     10AP1916      15AU1931     01
LAWSON, Augustus G.                1864          1941       02   h of DN
LAWSON, Dora N.                    1868          1959       02
LAWSON, Myrtle                     1901          1918       02
LAWSON, Lillie D.                11DE1893      09OC1915     02   d of AG & Dora
LAWSON, Elbert                   04JE1895      08AP1899     02   s of AG & Dora
NASH, Dud M.                       1870        15DE1906     02
NASH, Ida A.                       1871        04MH1944     02
GOODE, infant                                  27JA1920     02   infant of Calvin
GOODE, James E.                  01FE1918      08OC1920     02   s of Calvin
DAVIS, Harm                        1890          1956       03
CARTER, Oliver Perry             1816 SC                    03   Co F 46 Miss Inf CSA
CARTER, H.C.                       1870          1942       03
CARTER, Charlie W.               25DE1883      21JA1921     03   VFW
CARTER, Elix                     11OC1886      27JA1913     03   w of CW
BARR, Huldahe                    11OC1845      21FE1906     03   w of WE
CHANDLER, Verdie                 23SE1898      23AU1899     03   child of FO & SA
CHANDLER, Delmer                 18OC1900      28SE1901     03   child of FO & SA
EUBANKS, John T.                 23JL1857      08MH1932     03
McLEMORE, John W.                cir1822       cir1869      04   h of Clairrise Landman
EUBANKS, John Thomas             23JL1857      08MH1932     04
EUBANKS, Anna Watkins              1859        cir1890      04   w of JT
NASH, Rufus (Bunt)               17FE1901      27DE1922     04
NASH, Sallie                     13OC1840      13AU1912     04
NASH, Plum S. Sr. (Red) *        09AP1898      28AU1918     05
NASH, Leroy                                                 05   s of Marion & Ida; 11 mo old
NASH, Kate                                                  05   d of Marion & Ida; 11 mo old
McMEANS, J.L.                    10MH1869      04FE1909     05
MOORE, William David             04AP1932      31MH2006     05
MOORE, John Albert               29JL1929      22MH2000     05
MOORE, Ossie                     17AP1892      10JE1981     05
JACKSON, infant                  05JA1919      09JA1919     06   s of OE & Velma
WATSON, L.A.                     20FE1865      03JL1925     06   w of BW
WATSON, B.W.                     16MY1848      01MH1919     06
WATSON, Benjamin                 09AU1952      11MY2002     06
MOORE, M.H.                      20FE1840      20FE1895     07
MOORE, J.W.                      12JA1833      24JA1884     07
MOORE, Edward D.                 10JL1873      23OC1882     07   s of JW & MH
PERRY, Louiza C.                 15SE1858      13SE1882     07   w of JT
PERRY, J.T.                      16OC1850      04SE1881     07
PERRY, William F.                22SE1877      25AU1881     07   s of JT & LC
PERRY, John T.                   04MY1881      28JL1881     07   s of JT & LC
WATSON, Alter S.                 15JE1887      18SE1887     07   d of BW & LA
WATSON, Neder                    13JA1901      14JA1914     07   d of BW & LA
WILLIAMS, Hellen                 14AP1901      21JL1901     07
WILLIAMS, Sarah A. Bradley       27NO1842      27DE1935     07   w of John D.; m 27JE1860
WILLIAMS, Henry Swann            20NO1887      25MY1963     07   h of BB
WILLIAMS, Blanche Budden         18MH1905      06MH1994     07
PAGE, Faye Williams              31OC1933                   07   w of JF
PAGE, Jimmy Foster               04SE1934      20JE1993     07
BARBEE, Wilburn                  09JA1892      14AU1927     08
BARBEE, Baldwin B.               17NO1867      14JA1942     08   h of Belle
BARBEE, Belle                    14DE1870      18AP1942     08
BARBEE, James S.                 12OC1898      01MY1958     08
WARMACK, W.J.                    06MY1837      10MY1878     08
BRADLEY, Lyda Kellin                                        09   w of Terry
BRADLEY, Terry                   28SE1788      10NO1852     09
WILLIAMS, John M.                10OC1862      17JA1863     09   s of JD & SAE
BRADLEY, Callie                    1811          1862       09   w of George
BRADLEY, George                    1847          1862       09
HOWARD, Ila                      31JA1909      20MH1909     10   d of AJ & ME
HOWARD, Lila                     31JA1909      14AP1909     10   d of AJ & ME
HOWARD, Charlie J.               16JL1897      18MY1906     10   s of AJ & ME
HANEY, Annie Moore                                          10   Native American
FUQUA, William G.                09OC1815      31DE1858     11
BARBEE, Alfred Asbury              1841          1870       11
HUGHES, Sarah Elizabeth          30JE1848      14JL1930     11
GOODE, Ruth C.                   20NO1894      26OC1897     11   d of C & MS
HANEY, John Gideon               18MY1833      08SE1900     12   Pvt Co F 9 AL Regt CSA
HANEY, Mildred Thornton N.       31MH1839      25JE1925     12   w of JG; N=Northern
HANEY, Harris H.                 09FE1905      05JA1907     12
HANEY, Leola D.                  13JL1893      15FE1896     12
HANEY, Octon Sidney              29NO1889      15MH1892     12
HANEY, J.W.                      07AU1868      09AP1920     12
GRAHAM, Hattie S. Haney          12MY1870      05FE1948     12   w of JWH
GOODE, C.O. (Donia)              17NO1880      02AP1963     13
GOODE, M.S.                      13JE1853      04AP1923     13   w of Charles
GOODE, Charles                   28NO1849      31JA1924     13
GOODE, Edna E.                   21NO1882      12OC1913     13
GOODE, Leslie P.                 14DE1891      19FE1912     13
SIRTEN, Robert H.                04OC1901      23FE1925     13   Pvt Co F 38 Inf
McCLOCKLIN, Rufus O. *           08JE1892      09JL1967     13   h of BM
McCLOCKLIN, Bessie M.            13NO1897      21JA1930     13
LAIRD, Claude W.                 09NO1920      14MH1928     13   s of Lucy & James S.
HAGOOD, Thomas O.                07JE1901      21JE1901     13   s of WD & LA
HAGOOD, Ludie A.                 07SE1906      02MH1919     13   s of WD & LA
HAGOOD, William D.               11JE1875      17DE1958     13   h of LA
HAGOOD, Laura A.                 21OC1877      11JA1965     13
GOODE, David                     01AU1924      15AU1924     14   s of CO & ML
McLEMORE, Clarice Lanmon                                    15
McLEMORE, John                     1822          1869       15
McKINNEY, Terry Lee              26NO1951      16JA1980     15   s of Buford & Kay
McLEMORE, Charles                22SE1930      09MH1933     15   s of WB & LB
McGREGER, William Henry          15JE1934                   16   h of MD; m 27OC1966
McGREGER, Marcia Dee             25NO1942                   16
McGREGER, Boyd III               15AP1968      15AP2003     16
TROUSDALE, Charles Almon         10MH1942      11MH1942     16
WALLACE, Andy                    08OC1881      30SE1961     17
NASH, O.G. (Steve)               15SE1906      12AP1995     17
POTTER, James Hubie              06DE1914      12MH1989     17
POTTER, Travis Paul              29JE1959      22JL1978     17
JONES, Doris E. Taylor           25JE1929                   17   w of LE
JONES, Louis E. (Bob)            17OC1925      07JL2002     17
JONES, Prince                    15SE1895      18FE1976     17   Pvt USA WW-I
JONES, Polk                      07MY1886      26AU1949     17
BEDINGFIELD, Nancy A.  *         03OC1844      10AU1936     17   w of SH
BEDINGFIELD, Stephen H. *        08DE1836      07MH1919     17
BEDINGFIELD, Montie              20AP1877      25OC1924     17
BEDINGFIELD, George              07FE1882      18AU1947     17
BEDINGFIELD, Sammy               28NO1919      08AU1922     17   s of Pearl & Henry
BEDINGFIELD, infant              13MH1916      25AP1916     17   s of Pearl & Henry
BEDINGFIELD, John                30OC1906      28SE1913     17   s of H & BP
BEDINGFIELD, Pearl               31AU1878      04AU1969     17   w of Henry
BEDINGFIELD, Henry               27AU1874      07FE1966     17

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